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Alternate cover edition for B01KS8I3IEThese highly detailed, short, to-the-point, stories are narratives of one couple's actual sex sessions as written by the woman. They're written b the wife for her husband to learn what goes thru her head when they're having sex. The stories area a form of communication between the couple. In honest and painstaking detail, the wife sharAlternate cover edition for B01KS8I3IEThese highly detailed, short, to-the-point, stories are narratives of one couple's actual sex sessions as written by the woman. They're written b the wife for her husband to learn what goes thru her head when they're having sex. The stories area a form of communication between the couple. In honest and painstaking detail, the wife shares her thoughts, actions, comments, conversations, and sexy feelings, before, during, and after their sex sessions. It's Mummy Porn at its sizzling best. The stories are so hot that they can make the reader feel like an animal. They're laugh-out-loud sexy funny - not in a funny joke way, but in a sexy, OMG, I'm-too-red-in-the-face, way. This is where the reader finds herself fully immersed in the stories. The stories engulf the reader in such a way that the reader becomes fully heated and aroused. This super-racy book is too hot to read in one sitting. It's a steamy, hot, dirty, naughty bundle of erotic sexcapades of real-life taboo sex sessions between a happily married, adventurous couple who both love pussy and anal sex with each other. That might seem odd in today's society, but these stories are first-hand descriptions of mind-blowing sex at its finest. The sultry thoughts that fill the woman's head during foreplay, sex, orgasm, and post-orgasm are beautifully illustrated in these stories. This is the complete must-read unabridged version. Well, there's no abridged version, everything's in here. The abridged version would be one empty page. You want the full version. Read the book for some great entertainment....

Title : Sex and Sushi: Sessions of Great Married Sex
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ISBN : 36672301
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Sex and Sushi: Sessions of Great Married Sex Reviews

  • Melissa Copeland
    2019-06-10 02:56

    ARC generously provided by author in exchange for my honest review:This is a book about sex. And sushi. Mostly sex. Sometimes sushi.I thought I had an idea what I was getting into. Then I read the introduction. Okay, I think to myself. "She likes to f*ck her husband." Got it. Understood. Let’s do this. Then we get to Chapter One.This is the most sex I’ve read in a book in quite some time. What’s more, there is a very different vibe to it, as other readers have noted. It’s very intimate, as though we’re reading something we shouldn’t. I feel like I’ve just read the author’s journal. I’ll never actually know this woman, and yet I know about this. Huh.As a piece of erotica, I’d say this book would also have quite a bit of appeal with the voyeur crowd. Stylistically, it’s not a passionate bodice ripper, nor is it a heated connection taking place after a sloooow burn. This is an established married couple getting it on like bunnies, with graphic descriptions that leave very little to the imagination. And for a snippet, we’ve essentially been invited to watch.Should I...should I look now? The “dickie meets pussy” thing was the only bit that was a little unsettling to me. Reminded me too much of those friends with kids we all know that constantly refer to themselves in the third person. “Mommy needs a nap! Daddy needs a snack! Dickie needs pussy!”All in all, gotta say this was different, raw, and empowering. It's a quick read that is to the point, and DAMN. Hope my sex life is that exciting in 25 years! Get that dickie!

  • J. Saman
    2019-05-29 09:46

    Actual rating 4.5 stars. This book was actually different than some other erotic novels I've read. Not the hot sex mind you, but the fact that it was about a happily married couple who have been together for 25 years. I absolutely loved that! This book was a very quick read, but it was full of very steamy sex scenes that were nothing short of enjoyable. The husband may in fact be my favorite character. He's loving and compassionate and very attentive to his wife's needs. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of erotica.I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

  • C.M. Arnold
    2019-06-15 07:51

    This was…different. Reading this was similar to reading “All The Dirty Parts.” Not that they’re that similar, I just had similar reactions to them. Like…what was that? Was that a book? Actually, it’s a chronicle. A chronicle of a married couple’s sex. After a sex session, the wife recaps the entire thing in writing. And I do mean the entire thing, play-by-play, second-by-second, sensation-by-sensation. I’m talkin’ every sphincter clench. The drawn out “Oooohhhs” and “Ahhhhs” are a little much for me. And the instances of “Wowee” and “Yikes.” And the cutesy words like “dickie.” But that’s just me. Some words throw me totally out of reading and into an eye roll. I like the concept. I like that she shares her recaps with her husband, letting him in on her inner most ideas and her personal take on the session. Her recaps open up a dialogue they might not have otherwise had. As a form of expression, I love it. It’s how it transfers to a book that I’m unsure about. The author bio at the end kind of changed my mind, though. She makes mentions that their sex life was not always as lively as what’s depicted in the book. But they worked on it and are now having even better sex (as depicted in the book) than they were before kids and the subsequent drought. And I thought…you know what…that’s pretty awesome. Who am I to judge that? There’s plenty of reading material out there about sex lives that fizzle out and never get restored…where affairs take over and resentment sets in. Why can’t there be this, too?If you do decide to read it, I’d recommend breaking it up into two days. It’s only 88 pages, but it gets pretty repetitive in one sitting.

  • Anne Holster
    2019-05-30 04:39

    ANDWell, Tassa Desalada promised stories that were honest with painstaking detail and she definitely delivered in that department – and then some! Sex and Sushi follows the sexual escapades of an approaching middle-aged married couple who have been together for twenty-five years and are parent’s to young children. That’s about all the personal details we know about the couple other than their voracious sexual appetites (and their love of sushi restaurants for lunch). The woman seems to have sex on her mind 24-7 and the man seems happy to oblige most of the time. The book is not really a story per se, as it reads more like entries in a diary skipping blocks of time in between. It was definitely unique and most certainly held my interest from beginning to end. I would have liked to have more personal details about the couple (what they looked like, where they lived, how they got together) but I think I understand the author’s reasoning behind this and I think it works well. Sex and Sushi was like nothing I’ve ever read before and I found it to be an entertaining (and enlightening!) quick read. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a quick (and hot!) read!

  • Connie Lafortune
    2019-06-12 02:56

    Sex and Sushi is a very erotic and detailed novella about one married couples insatiable appetite for sex. No matter what situation they find themselves in, they can't keep their hands off of one another. Which makes for a very arousing read to say the least.The author, Tassa Desalda, assumes the role of narrator for this passionate tale. Every scene is hot, steamy and chock full of delicious orgasms and mind-blowing sex that will surely ignite a fire deep inside each and every one of us. It's honest, raw and right to the point!If you love eroticism at its best, then Sex and Sushi is sure to please all of your seven senses...

  • Ravenna Young
    2019-05-22 03:05

    This naughty read feels more like an autobiography than anything else. It is sexy, raw and details the sexual escapades of a happily married couple. I love the intimate details and sexy conversations between the couple. It was nice to read that after 25 years of marriage this couple is able to keep things exciting and are clearly very much in love. The texts were cute, and NOTHING was left to the imagination in this erotic collection of trysts.

  • Seth Levens
    2019-06-05 06:39

    This was a confusing reading experience. Is this work a spot-on parody of a sex journal or a deeply earnest yet ultimately misconceived erotic diary?The confusion begins with tone. It reads similar to an article by THE ONION contributor Smoove B, the text alternating between sensual descriptions and highly specific yet mundane details. Word choice is also perplexing as the author amply inserts un-erotic terms like “butthole” and “dickie.”The sex scenes themselves are repetitive and offer little titillation. They’re simply straightforward accounts of the logistics and sensations of the couple’s copulation. There is no tension or drama aside from whether the author will orgasm sooner than she’d like.The overriding question becomes who is the audience for this work. It’s too silly to be considered erotica but doesn’t betray a point of view to definitively indicate it’s satire. In the end, these entries are most reminiscent of one of the few sexual acts not recounted: masturbation—that is, a brief escape signifying nothing.

  • Mariyam Hasnain
    2019-05-29 08:57

    Sex and Sushi begins with the desires and longings of a woman and then smoothly transforms into a fun ride full of passionate sessions of foreplay and intense lovemaking.A happily married couple whose desires are still burning even after 25 years of living together is the subject of the book. The book depicts how the couple enjoys an exciting married life by having their nights and days or whenever they get a little of their time out to have a quickie or a detailed session of tremendous sex.A quick yet detailed read, I think Sex and Sushi is the best book that shows how to spice up things and keep the spark alive with great sessions of oil messages, extended foreplay, and understanding each other's demands culminating into a blissful lovemaking even after several years of wedding.The book is just not an erotica but a diary of a woman who is truly, deeply, and madly in love with her husband and communicates her feelings to him in the form of text messages - writing down her experiences and desires. This serves as a passive mode of communication between the couple resulting into more passionate, more intense and more memorable encounter each time.Sexy, unvarnished, and humorous, the book is an interesting short and hot read. The book shows how both the partners can understand and address each other’s feelings and demands and make their married life more exciting and happening.

  • Brett Stadelmann
    2019-06-05 06:59

    Tassa shares with us the very personal pages of her sex journal. Nothing is left out. We're invited to see her innermost thoughts, feelings, hopes, and sensations, and when the journey is over we are left not only wholly satisfied with the pleasure that she and her husband give one another, and wishing that our own marital sex lives were a little closer to the perfection they embody, we also experience the love they hold for another, which is as tangible honey and many times as sweet.

  • Brett Stadelmann
    2019-05-23 06:56

    Tassa shares with us the very personal pages of her sex journal. Nothing is left out. We're invited to see her innermost thoughts, feelings, hopes, and sensations, and when the journey is over we are left not only wholly satisfied with the pleasure that she and her husband give one another, and wishing that our own marital sex lives were a little closer to the perfection they embody, we also experience the love they hold for another, which is as tangible honey and many times as sweet.

  • Sarotica
    2019-06-02 05:46

    This is quite a unique book. Kudos to the author for portraying such an intimate look into the sex lives of a very happily married couple. So many couples lose their spark for each other after years together. This author shows how to keep it hot! This book could be a manual for heating up your relationship. Quite a read!

  • A.D. Herrick
    2019-06-07 03:52

    Mouth wateringAn absolute page turner!! Very juicy. This book proudly displays the love shared between a husband and wife during their most intimate moments. Even after four children the couple still has the spark that burned since they first got married and it burns even hotter still.

  • L.N. Denison
    2019-06-14 03:49

    A very in depth sexual diary!What can I say? This was a very explicit look into one couples love life. Very graphic in detail to say the least, even down to the texts they sent each other...very erotic indeed.

  • Goracer T
    2019-06-21 08:50

    This sex is hot hot hot!!!! It’s just enough information in a very unique book. Every word of this book is deliciously true. There's no doubt about it. It's truly a non-fiction sex book. It's saucy, sexy, and delicious. It's memorable and highly recommendable.

  • K.C. Willivee
    2019-05-24 08:46

    Rating 4.5A series of vignettes of one woman’s extremely satisfying sex life with her husband of 25 years.These stories, told exclusively from the woman’s point of view, sizzle with the bold sexual exploration and undeniable affection of a committed couple; the discussions of that commitment add an endearing quality to this erotic work. There is just enough attention to the competing pressures of work and the children to add depth and authenticity without destroying the sensual escapist vibe. At one point, the husband indicates that he simply isn’t in the mood for sex. That scene (and the subsequent sex, natch) was just one of the ones in which this couple’s love for each other is strikingly evident. I generally don't care for double exclamation points and repetitions of anything, including how good something feels and how much someone loves it. In this case, however, it feels so genuine that it is not a major detractor.I should note that this couple is very experienced with anal activities, so readers who are squeamish about that may want to find another book. Readers who find that appealing will find this book HOT!

  • M.A. Levi
    2019-06-19 07:53

    Sex and Sushi was an undeniably interesting read! Instead of being an erotica with a fictional story line, it was more like a non-fiction sex diary! It was sexy, unfiltered, raw, honest, and often times, giggle-worthy. Filled with passion and love between a married couple who are insane for each other, it was written was incredibly descriptive, and primitive-in a good way. Primitive meaning, it underlines the common form of communication when couples engage in sexual activity, the thoughts during such intense acts can become very basic. For example, More", "Harder", "Like that". It's all sensory and reaction, and mixed with love- Well it's an experience for sure, and this book shows just that. Overall Sex and Sushi was an enlightening read and gave an intimate perspective boldly presented in this 'session' filled book!

  • J.B. Trepagnier
    2019-05-31 06:38

    I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into reading and reviewing this. I knew it contained sex, but I thought it might be a non fiction work of maybe a few months out of basic necessities of a couple. Boy, was I wrong! This is an intense, non-stop sex diary. There's very little plot, it's just different sex sessions between a married couple with a few dates thrown in here and there when they go out to celebrate different martial and sexual anniversaries.It was a pretty hot read and if intense sex and various sex plays offend you, look elsewhere. If you're looking for ideas to spice up your bedroom, this would be a great read for that, as the couple tries many different things to spice up their bedroom and are quite adventureous

  • Page Larue
    2019-06-17 10:59

    This is something different- a short journal of Mrs. DeSalada’s monogamous sexcapades with her long term husband.This couple was adventurous and enthusiastic but back to back, blow-by-blow descriptions of sex sessions can lose something in the translation. However, the book was pretty much described as being that. Whether it’s sky high peri-menopausal hormone surge sex, kids getting older and the parents having time to re-discover each other sex, or... well, who really knows for sure why when it’s hot, it’s hot…In any case, here’s a little education for those who believe “married sex” is synonymous with “boring married sex.” Not always!

  • Callista Cox
    2019-05-28 10:02

    Sex and Sushi is a detailed compilation of the sexual desires between a couple trying to find time to be together while living a busy lifestyle with work and children.The book goes into graphic detail of how they have sex, with anal sex being a major part of it. The sushi takes a bit of a back seat, sending the sex to the forefront of the story. It's a fairly long read and took me a few days to get through the book. Being a well documented book.The underlying theme to the story is the sex between the couple and how much they love each other, and also highlights how much the husband loves to please his woman.

  • Ashley Pullen
    2019-06-17 07:52

    Well, my review was going to point out the obvious the book jumps right into sex and finishes it with sex, but it was the author's notes at the beginning and the end that made all the difference. I noticed throughout the book her husband kept asking her what she wanted, and it seems as if he enjoys pleasing her, and by pleasing her that makes him happy. What a triumph to go through not just 25 years of marriage but the loss they both endured and the way her husband makes her feel beautiful inside and out. What a selfless husband he is, and I must admit I am jealous. Well done!

  • L.A. Brown
    2019-06-08 08:02

    Sex and Sushi was a very interesting read. This novellas is a unique detailed compilation of the sexual desires with their busy lifestyles. It was very detailed in description that it felt like i was reading a couples journal and who doesn't secretly enjoy that trill. The author was not exaggerate in the author notes. This novellas is all about sex, from start to finish, and is ideal for any erotica fan.

  • Rose Collins
    2019-06-06 02:52

    A very naughty read!Sizzling hot diary of a woman's marital shenanigans and insatiable appetite for sex 24/7.Intimate, sensual, raw, humorous, intense, 110% uncensored and very graphic.The author and her husband have been together for 25 years and have 4 kids, this is one couple who will never lose their spark. A very in depth sexual diary- 99% sex & 1% sushi.

  • Jenn
    2019-06-21 08:53

    I won a copy of this book.Jumps right to married sex stories. It's great that a wife and husband can hit it off so well, and still want each other after children and life get in the way.

  • Diana Drakulich
    2019-05-25 04:42

    Book Review - Sex and SushiIf you want to know what great married sex can be like and get more of the nitty gritty mechanics as to how men and women please each other - this is a good book to read.Instead of fictional Romance which is often built on dreams of what sex could be - this is the real deal between a husband and wife with 4 kids and married 25 years. That gives the reader a sense of reality which is exciting. And the author’s husband is some kinda man!I gave `Sex and Sushi’ 4 stars because of its original format AND it held my interest the whole way through. (Not an easy task).However the book drastically lacked colorful, enticing description. Endless repetitions of the same words for sex get old. Fast. I highly recommend the author use a thesaurus to enrich her word choices.

  • T.S. O'Neil
    2019-06-15 08:04

    Sex and sushi – My first thoughts when reading the title of this tome is that it reminds me of when George Costanza on Seinfeld combines sex with food and finds himself getting hot and bothered over Pastrami—well, it is the most sensual of the cured meats. It’s got a very descriptive sexual theme—the author describes different vivid sex encounters with her husband. I must say, she writes about sex very well—all kinds of sex. I’ll just leave it at that. I would give this book to my wife to read, but then she would probably raise her expectations. The author is certainly fancy-free and footloose. It’s pretty much eighty-seven pages chocked full of all kinds of sex. If you’re looking for that type of titillation, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Ivan Baublitz
    2019-05-22 07:38

    Okay...I dived in a little more than I wanted to in this one. First and foremost I had to ask myself how in the world does anyone function in their daily lives when Sex is like Sushi so many varieties but never enough in the end. I felt a little odd when my teenage daughter asked me what I was reading and I said how to make sushi!?! Toss Salad has, or had, or imagines or...hell I don't know an amazing sex life. So, as a piece that describes sex, this one does, but that's absolutely it, no plot, no character development, and well no story. But, it does describe sex a lot of it and toss the salad is good at describing that. Really good she made me wonder why I am still single! I also thought it was funny how at one point Toss Salad wonders if all people are having great sex. I wish I could survey some folks on that one in Indiana here, would be interesting for sure. Finally, I appreciate writers who write books. I truly do, but I also know that writing a book is a craft beyond words on a piece of paper. Sex and Sushi felt more like journal entries. I do appreciate the effort and hell I may have learned a couple things but it's 3.5 stars for me. I hope to see the author take her work and add some drama that might spice it up a bit more. Sort of like adding a spicy tuna roll in place of a California roll, you know what I mean?

  • Marto Mugss
    2019-06-14 03:08

    The author, Tassa DeSalada is unabashed when talking about what goes through her head when she is having sex with her husband.She perambulates her thoughts, actions, comments, conversations, and sexy feelings, before, during, and after their sex sessions with him( i would call it naughty mom porn at its scorching best). The sultry thoughts that fill the woman's head during foreplay, sex, orgasm, and post-orgasm are aptly elucidated. The stories will engross any avid reader in such a way that he/she becomes fully heated and aroused.It's a steamy, hot, dirty( in a sexually good way), a naughty bundle of erotic sexcapades of real-life taboo sex sessions between a happily married, adventurous couple who both love conventional and non-conventional sex! To the moral puritans, the book might seem a little over liberal but to the open-minded lot, this is a complete unexpurgated version.

  • Maria
    2019-05-27 05:50

    This book is an absolute trip. If you're looking for nasty, dirty, deliacious sexual exploits, Ms Desalada provides and then some! Story wise, the collection of sessions leaves much to be desired, but it doesn't matter much. I may not read it again, but I recommend it to those who just want some good, messy erotica! Be advised, it reads as a journal so it isn't formally written. There are typos and excessive punctuation, but it doesn't distract from the reading.

  • Ian yarington
    2019-06-03 07:03

    I have admittedly not read a lot of romance or erotica books but this book was rather enjoyable. The difference between this book and other romance or erotica books is that the main characters are happily married and have been for 20 plus years. It's not often you see people writing about a happily married couple, especially in romance books, usually the romance is centered around new love or new lust for someone. Refreshing to see that maybe romance is possible later in a relationship.

  • T.L. Clark
    2019-06-07 03:05

    Good point; this is a quick read.But I'm sorry, that's about all the good things I can say about this book.It is a series of sexual episodes between a couple who have been married for 25 years.They go into great detail, and contain a lot of anal sex.But there's no story at all. What happens in between sessions? There's a brief explanation of a dry spell over the Holidays. Having a long period between how much has the desire built up? As well as the lack of plot/fillers, there are many grammatical errors.If you want to name your husband's member it becomes "Dickie" not dickie, and it goes in "Pussy" or "my pussy". The weird lack of capitalisation is frankly annoying.There's very bad formatting as well. Add all this together and I just didn't find this book appealing.I can read erotica very happily, so that's not my issue. The scenes are actually quite clinical. I don't feel the excitement.Sorry, but this one's not for me.