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This classic five-volume set is being reissued in hardcover by popular demand with a sixth volume- the index compiled by the Gurdjieff Society of Washington, D.C.PSYCHOLOGICAL COMMENTARIES have their own special value that a more polished writing would not have retained, for they are concerned with the immediate processes of applying certain deep ideas in daily life....

Title : Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky
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ISBN : 9780877289012
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 1226 Pages
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Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky Reviews

  • Srividya
    2019-04-19 08:14

    This book is a holistic and synchronizing work for life.The level of detail is really spellbinding .Well.. i am not very good at connecting timelines but it should have been during Gurdjieff's time the electron , neutron discoveries were made but the level of detail in explaining the hydrogen tables and digestive process shows the depth of his knowledge.The commentaries bring science and spirituality very close and that all this was disemminated so many years back makes all other east meets west books primers.

  • Dannye
    2019-04-13 11:13

    These 5 volumes provide much food for thought if you are interested in your spiritual psychology. The information is taken from Nicoll's lectures. As is the case with any spiritual teaching, there are layers here that will reveal themselves to you as you deepen your own understanding. It is not something you read and put away. It is something you keep close for the rest of your life. As you grow spiritually, you will find that you can pick up any volume, flip to a page and find something that relates to circumstances you are currently struggling with. These 5 volumes have been on our shelves since 1986. We actually have 3 sets, and two of them are barely hanging together from the wear and tear!

  • Satyajeet
    2019-04-25 15:14

    I will not recommend this book to anyone who is not familiar with what it is about. This is not foundational. It requires not one, but a set of pre-requisites from various streams. It took me 5 months to complete this mammoth! *Review coming soon*

  • Lucinda Winslow
    2019-04-01 13:09

    A must depth and practical work with the Gurdjieff system, astute, inspiring and humbling by turns.

  • Chris O'connore
    2019-04-19 11:02

    a fabulous series. Nicoll is for me the most lucid communicator of Gurdjieff's ideas. Nicoll's other books The Mark, and Living Time, are brilliant as well.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-12 10:16

    All the volumes...been reading these for don't just Read these.....

  • Wanvisa
    2019-03-30 07:19

    For me, it will be A Journey of a life time to really get from this amazing teachings from this book.

  • Marvin Woodside
    2019-04-01 11:02

    Outstanding collection!

  • Sandeep
    2019-04-22 12:11

    perfect read.............

  • Sue
    2019-04-25 10:08

    I've been hooked on this series since page one, vol. 1. I'm now finishing up volume 4. So glad to own each volume in hardcover because I'm looking forward to reading them over again and again. I love Nicoll's clear style while delving into hard-to-pin-down ideas in spiritual psychology. And I so appreciate G and O's practical advice on how to help yourself break free from mechanical life at least briefly.

  • Gregory
    2019-04-17 15:16

    What a beautiful book, M Nicoll discusses many topics and WOW, any Author listed I would love to meet, But to have a chance to speak to M. Nicoll on the teachings of Ouspensky and Gurdjieff would be very interesting. I really enjoyed the second view too.