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Title : Killing Color
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ISBN : 9780934971188
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 107 Pages
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Killing Color Reviews

  • Aubrey
    2019-02-24 17:42

    The history of race and gender ingrain these stories as much as a pretense of the universal are ingrained into white male works by the host of pandering critics. It makes the stories an easy target for the sort whose fragile status quo complexes make them snuff and snort at the bloodbones of Beloved, even more so when considering these stories don't have Morrison's spinal cord of bare life. Agamben, for those not in the theoretical know, but that's besides the point. What matters is which trends of influenced and influencing have been preserved, and which have been glossed over as inconsequential to the greater interest. An advantage of this is I'll go out looking in the margins and often find something closely twined with the center, but if this kind of hierarchical discovery was anything more than a cold comfort, I wouldn't bother with this review and all the rest.We could talk of magical realism if we acknowledged that its converse in all its objectivity is little more than dead knowledge, splintered lust, and holistically overwhelming fear. It's the only explanation for why the latter covers topics such as faith and menstruation in as silent or fetishizing a way as it does rape, for if subjects don't concern the status quo in any measurable sense, what's the point of paying them heed? Thus you get the 'magic' and the 'ism', qualifiers for realities that are boycotted in theatres and massacred in churches, and if you think I'm being metaphorical to a fault over here, try the mainstream discourse on Sandra Bland on for size. Sherman's stories move through such charybdis points of view rather than circling forevermore, but they still take the time and effort to explicate these events rather than cut them off as 'political'. Or 'sentimental'. There's a new search engine for kids out there that's more comfortable talking about love in terms of guns than realms outside the heterosexual, which sums up the inevitable result of all this numbfuckery better than I ever could.There are moments in this text where I could have done with less explanation and more emphatic conciseness, but these worlds are not ones meant for me. What I can say for certainty is that the landmarks, however historically informed, are much more concerned with the children living and breathing and binding to them than the names and dates and geographical locations. It is a matter of color: the times it is killed, the times it kills, and the times when the parsing of the phrase means that, while this is a popular course of action, it never was and never will be a universal truth.