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The saga of the new Captain America continues! He's doing his best to carry on the legacy of Steve Rogers, but things go from bad to worse for Bucky Barnes when the Red Skull makes an unexpected move for the very soul of America!Collecting: Captain America 37-42...

Title : Captain America: The Death Of Captain America, Volume 3: The Man Who Bought America
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ISBN : 9780785129707
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Captain America: The Death Of Captain America, Volume 3: The Man Who Bought America Reviews

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-04-21 07:28

    Sharon Carter is pregnant with the deceased Captain America's child. A presidential candidate is in the pocket of the Red Skull and his allies. Bucky Barnes is struggling to adapt to his role as the new Captain America when someone appearing to be Steve Rogers appears...Brubaker's epic run on Captain America continues as Bucky Barnes steps up and proves he deserves the Captain America mantle. Sharon Carter finally shakes off the mind control and the Red Skull gets what's coming to him in a fashion. The Death of Captain America arc comes to a satisfying conclusion.One thing that I like about Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America so far is his sense of pacing. One gripe I have with most comics these days is that they are slow paced, written with being collected in trade paperbacks in mind. Bru's issues, while geared toward being longer stories, are more satisfying individually than a lot of the comics on the racks today. I also like that Bru mines a lot of Captain America's past, like his relationship with Hawkeye, lesser used villains like Dr. Faustus, and the Captain America of the 1950s to give us stories that aren't just rehashes of old ones. Another thing I like is the new Captain America's relationships with the supporting cast, namely Falcon, the Black Widow, and Sharon Carter.Any complaints? Not really. It was a good story but not earth-shattering. I'm still waiting for the Bucky-Red Skull clash to rival Hulk Hogan-Andre the Giant from Wrestlemania III. Looks like I'll be picking up more of Ed Brubaker's Captain America run.

  • StoryTellerShannon
    2019-04-01 11:07

    In Act Three the nefarious plans of the Red Skull are revealed which include several strategies chief among them bringing backc some twisted version of Captain America and creating an economic crisis. The usual crew shows up to fight against and for the Red Skull.I found Act Three to be the best of all three though I would say the first which detailed the death of Steve Rogers (the original Cap) was arguably the most moving.“Captain America #25 which depicted Steve Roger's death was the highest selling comic of March 2007 with preorder sales of 290,514 which was double the sales of the Mighty Avengers #1 in the same period. The Death of Captain America was reported in ABC News, where Bryan Robinsons paralleled the events to the Post-September 11 World and Iraq.” (Wiki)The former two tales to this three part story were titled: “The Death of the Dream” and “The Burden Man Who Bought America”. All three tales were written by Ed Brubaker. Artwork by Steve Epting, Mike Perkins and a few others.There's a script in back with some former designs of how the new Captain America would look.ARTWORK PRESENATION: B plus; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B plus to A minus; STORY/PLOTTING: B plus to A minus; ACTION SCENES: B plus to A minus ; CAPTAIN AMERICA FOCUSES: B plus to A minus; WHEN READ: mid September 2012; OVERALL GRADE: B plus to A minus.(view spoiler)[SPOILERS: a nice temporary setback for the Red Skull as he had to live in the inside robotic parts of Anim Zola.Nice crossover between the girl on girl and the Cap on Cap and I enjoyed the three part epilogue.(hide spoiler)]

  • Greg
    2019-04-17 10:24

    As the story went on I got into it a lot more. I still can't say that I'm a fan of Captain America, but the twists that the third part of the Death of Captain America took were more interesting than the set up in the previous two books.

  • Simona
    2019-04-24 15:14

    Rating: 3/5Nu sunt o mare fană a Căpitanului America, pentru simplul fapt că acesta nu m-a atras în mod special până acum. Primul film din seria CA (The First Avenger) a fost singurul care m-a prins, povestea în sine fiind una interesantă, iar actorii jucându-și bine rolurile.Revenind la oile noastre, nu știu bine ce să vă zic despre acest album pe care l-am citit. Nu a fost chiar pe placul meu, tematica războinică/politică neatrăgându-mă de fel, iar ceea ce s-a întâmplat în cele șase benzi desenate nu a reușit să mă impresioneze în mod special.Noul Căpitan America este Ed Brubaker, zis și Bucky, este cel care duce mai departe spiritul de luptătorul al căpitanului, alături de acesta mai aflându-se și personaje precum Falcon și Black Widow. Niciun personaj nu m-a marcat, simțindu-le pe toate parcă la fel. Pur și simplu nu am reușit să mă mulez pe aceast comic, lucru de care îmi pare rău, căci partea grafică aratăCu toate că am avut parte de destul de multă acțiune, nu am simțit-o pe cât de mult mi-aș fi dorit, cromatică maronie (de cele mai multe ori) a cadrelor dându-mi senzația de monotonie.Nu știu sigur ce anume a lipsit, dar am simțit că a lipsit ceva, iar acel ceva ar fi putut să mă facă să devin interesată de acest album. Poate fi tematica, traducerea sau faptul că nu am avut toată povestea cap-coadă la îndemână (cu toate că editura a pus la îndemână un rezumat al întâmplărilor anterioare), sau altceva.Sunt curioasă dacă voi sunteți fanii lui Cap' și dacă ați citit benzi desenate cu acesta. Aștept părerea voastră. ^_^

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-04-10 10:25

    You've probably read some of my reviews where I tell of my history with comic books/graphic novels. I'm a long time Marvel fan and a long time Captain America fan.So I find these books sad...not just sad because of the subject matter, but sad because of the low quality of the story. I am disappointed with what has been done here with Cap...Even Cap's death was set up as an anticlimax. In the Death of Superman there's a Donnybrook of a fight that leads to the climax and Superman's death. Cap, who's fought every super villain imaginable to a standstill and lifted Thor's hammer (view spoiler)[ is killed by a sniper (hide spoiler)] in the book that sets this series up.I'm simply disappointed in how Cap has been handled in a lot of the recent books.So, 3 stars here. A sad weak story with some superb art.

  • Amy Lawrence
    2019-04-24 13:20

    4.5** i loved the bucky/nat so much more than i was expecting - might write a proper review soon

  • Aaron
    2019-04-06 12:07

    In volume one, (view spoiler)[Captain America is assassinated on the courthouse steps following his arrest concluding Civil War. The perpetrators are Crossbones and a brainwashed Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter, and the masterminds are Doctor Faustus, Arnim Zola, and none other than the Red Skull. Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier, begins his roaring rampage of revenge by gunning for Tony Stark but ends it in the clutches of the Red Skull. Sharon's involvement is uncovered and she subdues Falcon and Black Widow, who are also investigating the assassination. (hide spoiler)]In volume two, (view spoiler)[Bucky and Tony reconcile somewhat and Tony assists Bucky in becoming the new Captain America as per Steve Rogers' wishes. Bucky begins uncovering a plot that would place a puppet as President of the United States under the control of the Red Skull. Meanwhile, Sharon begins to break out of her brainwashing and discovers what looks like the preserved body of Captain America in the hands of the Skull. (hide spoiler)]In volume three, (view spoiler)[the body is revealed to be the Grand Director, the Captain America of the 1950's now controlled by Cap's enemies. Bucky halts the Skull's plans to control the country and shuts down Sin, the Red Skull's daughter. Sharon apparently kills the Red Skull, who ends up uploaded into a robot body. (hide spoiler)]Very good pacing and plotting by Brubaker in what ends up being a quintessential Captain America story without actually having the original Cap involved. Most of Cap's primary supporting characters and enemies are involved and the story only relies slightly on knowing the significance of some characters. Really satisfying, and a good story to adapt to film if Chris Evans ever exits the role.

  • M
    2019-04-12 11:32

    Ed Brubaker continues to set up his Captain America run as a legacy title. With Bucky now adopting the Cap costume and shield, the Red Skull seeks to put his plan to discredit the new Captain America into motion. As Bucky teams with Falcon and Black Widow to confront a corrupt political platform, Sharon Carter must try and escape from the Skull's clutches in time to prevent a government conspiracy from overtaking America. Weaving through complex layers of plotting, paying homage to - and improving upon - classic continuity, and tackling contemporary issues, Brubaker's series feels like it could actually happen on the streets. Seeing Bucky and the new costume takes a little getting used to, but the saga continues to show how the symbol of Captain America is one that continues to to resonate into today's world. Fantastically done.

  • Mark
    2019-04-04 08:13

    The Red Skull plots to have his man elected into office with the help of Faustus.Bucky, the new Captain America, struggles to uncover the deception.He is thwarted by a third Captain that is not Steve.A complicated but enjoyable read.Good for those looking for the transitional period between Captain America's.NotesDr. Zola plays a role.Learning CurveModerate: Some knowledge of Captain America would be helpfulReading OrderAfter Civil War

  • Steve
    2019-03-31 08:29

    I liked the conclusion to this arc with what happened to the 50s Cap, the Red Skull, and Sharon's pregnancy. as always I enjoyed the characterization of Bucky/Cap (in regards to his difficulty living up to Steve's reputation) and his interactions with Hawkeye and Falcon too.

  • Dorin
    2019-04-23 13:26

    Povestea e bună, problema mea majoră este cu traducerea, care e una din cele mai proaste traduceri posibile - și cam ăsta ar fi aportul important al editorilor români. Povestea în cele din urmă o salvează, dar, să fim serioși, voi evita toate volumele traduse de Mircea Pricăjan de-acum încolo.

  • Scarlett
    2019-04-14 07:12

    Protect Bucky at all costs, please.

  • Sesana
    2019-04-15 07:28

    A really good close to the storyline. Obviously there had to be some threads left dangling, but nothing irritating. Definitely interested to see where this leads.

  • Al Gritten
    2019-03-28 11:26

    This was a pretty good story but what really carries these three volumes is the artwork, it is very well done. The story line was intriguing but for me the ending left too many questions unanswered. I realize the intent is to keep you reading additional issues, but I was looking for a self-contained story line and this was not. Still it was worth reading and again, the art was very good.

  • Adam
    2019-03-29 15:11

    Captain America (a.k.a. Steve Rogers) may be dead, but his friends and foes from all the periods of his career still find themselves in the same orbit. Bucky Barnes, his old partner from World War II, thought deceased but actually kept in suspended animation by the Soviets except when they needed him for black ops and assassinations, which he performed under hypnosis, is all better now and has taken on the role of Captain America with a new uniform that's sort of like the old uniform, but shinier. Bucky is teamed up with Steve's old partner from the '70s, The Falcon, who was one of Marvel's first black superheroes. And Cap's old girlfriend Sharon Carter and The Black Widow (a.k.a. Natalia Romanova) are both key players.The loony collection of supervillains is ultimately a more interesting bunch. The nutjob who so idolized Captain American in the '50s that he had plastic surgery to look just like Steve Rogers shows up (that was all retconned by Stan Lee when he decided the real Bucky died in World War II and the real Cap was frozen in a block of ice, since Captain America's HUAC-inspired work hunting down Commies was distasteful to the '60s sensibility). This fake Captain America, who is manipulated by The Red Skull, Dr. Zola, and Doctor Faustus, squares off against Bucky, which makes for an exciting few pages, but doesn't really deliver a payoff.The story arc in this collection concludes the story of The Red Skull (who is in the body of an evil CEO who mostly wears a rubber Red Skull mask in his private time) manipulating American politics through a charismatic third-party puppet candidate. Each issue is well-paced and exciting, but overall I thought there were a lot of opportunities for political satire that were missed. And the resolution to this potentially fascinating story feels too rushed. Also, I thought it was a bold choice to give Bucky, the new Captain America, a pistol and a knife in addition to the famous shield, but nothing comes of it. In the six issues in this collection, he never draws either. Bucky is even drawn in a way that makes him look more like Steve Rogers than he ever did before, which makes the whole thing feel more inconsequential than maybe it should be.Overall, though, I really enjoyed reading this, and I like Ed Brubaker's writing.

  • Arno Callens
    2019-04-06 08:18

    Oddly enough for such a big fan of the series, I have never given five stars to a Captain America-comic. Then I look over every volume since Ed Brubaker and frequent penciller Steven Epting took over the series, and I see nothing but four star ratings. Which made me realize how infinitely more difficult it has to be to write a consistent and dependent book over a long time, compared to writing one amazing mini-series.So I'm not going to worry about grades too much. The Death Of Captain America-arc is another strong entry into the series, closing out the Death Of Captain America-arc. Few surprises here, but then again Brubaker is not about that. He is about structured storytelling: careful set-ups, and clean pay-offs. Plus he does wonders for his characters. It's been ages since Steve Rogers has been on the page, and in his absence Brubaker has built up Bucky as the perfect replacement. Not because he was Rogers' old partner, or a skilled soldier, but because Brubaker has him work for it, fight for it, and ultimately deserve it.Captain America is an inspiration, the man we all wished we could be. To see someone struggle with being anything less than perfect, is what makes Bucky's transformation so gripping. God knows Steve Rogers didn't always have it easy, even though it appeared to be so, but with Bucky every emotion is right there. He's a bleeding, pouring Cap, which makes him more human than the often distant and introvert Steve. In the end it's all about the symbol, and what it represents. Steve Rogers may be gone, but that legacy lives on, until his inevitable return.

  • Emma
    2019-04-03 14:28

    So this kind of changed my mind about Sharon a little? Not much, but. Whenever I've read her in things before she's never really had much of a personality, she just seemed so bland, and the only reason why I knew who she was in the first place is because she had a thing with Steve. But in this she seemed to show a little more of something, not much, but it shows why she makes a good agent if nothing else. But then it seems like she's portrayed as weak? I don't know. She just isn't the kind of character I can really enjoy reading about. Natasha, on the other, I absolitely love. She's badass, she's got a colourful mouth on her, she, you know, loves Bucky and is the only one who really gets him, and she does her shit without letting anything get in the way. I don't know, I just love her. Okay? Okay. And Bucky, god, struggling with taking on the shield. I like to think Steve would be proud. I know he's fictional, but I am so invested it's ridiculous. I just love how he struggles with it, the constantly comparing himself to what Steve would do, would think, but yet he still deals with things in his own way, just, taking on Steve's advice as he goes.My favourite part? Natasha and Bucky cuddling on the sofa watching telly and discussing their day like any other couple. Forget their Russian spy past and their superhero present, and everything between, they're still portrayed as human beings we can all relate to trying to get through another day. I just love them.

  • Amber Ditullio
    2019-04-16 15:12

    This is the conclusion of the Death of Captain America series, and I've got to admit, it went places I wasn't expecting.S.H.I.E.L.D. finally knows what's really going on, and they do their best to stop it. They succeed, though partly due to Faustus helping Sharon Carter escape from Red Skull's programing and partly because Red Skull's daughter is too eager to prove herself to Daddy. There is a climactic fight at the end in Red Skull's headquarters, though Skull is one of the few that seems to escape... it's just not the way he was expecting.As I said above, there were a few places that this story had gone that I just wasn't expecting. Why Sharon Carter was important, the loss of her child and what ultimately became of Red Skull were just a few of the things that widened my eyes as I read. Of all the characters, Sharon was the one that I felt the worst for by the end. While Faustus was doing her a kindness in erasing some things from her memory, I wish she'd had the chance to grieve.All said, this was a fantastic series and it reads well for those that are fans of Super Hero comics but not necessarily familiar with the ins and outs of the Marvel universe.

  • Writerlibrarian
    2019-04-07 15:29

    This is a review for all three volumes of the Death of Captain America.A strong narrative that plays a lot on guilt from Bucky, Sharon, Tony, Sam. Each character has its own brand of guilt. Natasha is excellent and her part in the Winter Soldier redemption journey is well done. We even get a cameo from a certain archer. The villains are quite over the top (as it should be) but the whole arc with Sharon is quite uncomfortable. Was Red Skull really contemplating what I think he was? If so ... ewww.. Moving on to the next volume. The graphics were beautifully done. The new Captain uniform a good blend of old memories making it possible for Bucky to wear the uniform and still be himself in a way.

  • B. Rule
    2019-04-08 13:07

    This was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy that tells the origin story of Bucky as the new Cap. There's some good action, high melodrama, and decent characterization along the way, largely focused on Bucky, Sharon Carter, and to a lesser extent, Falcon and Black Widow. Not the greatest story ever told or anything, but decent. Nazis get roughed up but in true comics fashion will live on to fight another day. The one downgrade from the previous volume is the quality of the art. Most of the heroes here look like 80's action stars, 'roided out and indistinguishable in their hugeness. I don't think Clint Barton needs to look like an extra from Predator, although I suppose it doesn't detract too much from the story.

  • Jessie
    2019-04-21 09:33

    So I read this because we own it and never realized it was the third volume. Suffice it to say, I hardly think it mattered. Similar to an Iron Man single issue I read a few months ago, I felt like I was jumping in when the action was finally starting. The storyline had so many of the things I hate about comic universes--too many people supposedly dead and back, too much soap opera love, and too many plots to dominate the world that just don't hold up. The art was sometimes redeeming as was the effort to acknowledge that so many people have inhabited the persona of Captain America. I was never a Captain fan in my childhood, so I'm sure that feeds into my complete disinterest, but I am a comic book lover and this story just reinforced my current negative feelings about the Marvel Universe.

  • Brad
    2019-04-20 08:20

    A good resolution to the "death" storyline that began with that fatal gunshot. Bucky Cap (as Spider-Man calls him in New Avengers) teams up with the Falcon to track down Sharon Carter. She's still captive of Dr. Faustus, Red Skull, and Arnim Zola. All that, and the Kronas Corporation's third-party presidential candidate, gets wrapped up nicely by the end of this book. There's a great reveal and shift in the Red Skull/Aleksander Lukin shared body syndrome. All in all, Ed Brubaker and co. keep putting out a great spy-tinged superhero drama that's survived the death of the title character.

  • Praxedes
    2019-04-12 10:28

    A knockout conclusion to this wonderful trilogy, 'The Man Who Bought America' is filled with surprise twists. Superhero fans know that rarely does a deceased character remain dead, so I expect a Steve Rogers re-birth trilogy in the future. This story contains equally shocking sub-plots: Rogers' death is barely discussed, Black Widow spends most of the time behind the scenes (but not really), and the extremely long timeline Red Skull engages in to wreak havoc are all worthy of their own trilogies. The artwork has the feel of a moving storyboard, bringing movement and balance to life. A terrific work!

  • Jeff Lanter
    2019-04-17 07:11

    This is a really satisfying conclusion to this long story arc. There was a nice surprise that led to the conclusion of Red Skull's plans. The last panel is really great because it is fitting and humorous at the same time. I really liked seeing how each character fared by the end, especially Agent 13. Bucky is starting to grow on me as Captain America finally and the new character (who I won't spoil) will be very unpredictable in the future. There was a fill-in artist with a slightly less realistic style, but that didn't bother me at all. It seems as if the story will be going in a slightly different direction in the next story arc and I'm ready and looking forward to that.

  • Stefan Fergus
    2019-04-06 08:31

    3.5*, really. A good story, overall (including Vols. 1 & 2), but I struggled with Red Skull, Armin Zola, and even Faustus - they are cartoony villains, really. One of the reasons that Captain America may never enter my top five favourite comics, despite really liking what Brubaker's managed to do with his first run so far (I started with Winter Solder, and have been reading in chronological order, and will finish this and the pre-Marvel NOW). Will be interesting to see how things develop in the next book (which I already have).

  • Sunil
    2019-04-08 11:28

    The post-death saga concludes by throwing yet another Captain America into the mix, right when America needs someone to save them from the Red Skull, the titular man who [is trying to buy] America with a presidential candidate. The seams in the Skull's alliances—and his plans—begin to crack, and Sharon Carter continues to be awesome. I love Captain Bucky's relationship with the stars and shield, trying to do right by Steve while still trying to be his own person. There's lots of punching and kicking and shooting and exploding in this book, which is all right by me.

  • Nick
    2019-04-11 11:16

    This was a good wrap up for the Death of Captain America run. As always, love Bucky, Falcon, and Natasha. Still not sure how I feel about Sharon Carter's pregnancy thing. I wanted to see her kick more butt honestly. Still, she came through as a badass in the end. Hawkeye's appearance was sort of random and I don't completely understand what happened there but oh well. Maybe that'll get explained more later. Still really enjoy this series and looking forward to more.

  • Sara (sarajanereads)
    2019-04-14 15:19

    I loved this story, it was action packed and intriguing and i was quite happy with how it all wrapped up in this final volume. More than anything I loved the characters. This series I feel was very character driven and it was done so well. All the characters had their moments to shine and we got to see from each of their points of view and I loved that. The buckynat at the end got me though I loved it so much *heart eyes*

  • Kemper
    2019-04-12 11:10

    Brubaker continues to write a great storyline about Bucky Barnes as the new Captain America following the death of Steve Rogers. If Steve Rogers remains dead, and they continue to build on this idea of a damaged former soldier trying to fill the shoes of Captain America, it's going to be a classic comic storyline. If Marvel ever gives into the temptation to bring Cap back, then it's just a pretty good read, and that'd be a shame because Brubaker is doing some great work here.

  • Silas
    2019-04-09 07:23

    A fine conclusion to an excellent story, where Bucky finally finds his legs as Captain America (while facing up to another Captain America from the past), and we resolve Agent 13's captivity. There are definitely ups and downs, but the storytelling is top-notch. I recommend it highly, along with the other two volumes.