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One night shattered her life—a horror fifteen years couldn’t erase. Rachel Caldarone hides the memories of the night she was sexually assaulted in a locked compartment in her mind, but when a letter arrives notifying her of her attacker’s request for early release from prison, the past threatens to unleash the horror.Miles Malone, local veterinarian and SAR volunteer has nOne night shattered her life—a horror fifteen years couldn’t erase. Rachel Caldarone hides the memories of the night she was sexually assaulted in a locked compartment in her mind, but when a letter arrives notifying her of her attacker’s request for early release from prison, the past threatens to unleash the horror.Miles Malone, local veterinarian and SAR volunteer has never forgotten the woman he comforted the day her husband went missing five years ago, whose image guides him through his own nightmares of Iraq and a senseless loss. Nor can he untangle Rachel’s daughter—the little girl everyone calls Ladybug—from his heart. An audacious adventurer by nature, Miles is used to taking risks—but he can’t compete with a ghost. As Rachel’s fears deepen, so do her feelings for Miles. With Miles by her side, Rachel gathers the courage to see the man who assaulted her remains behind bars. The horrible memories unleash at the prison, but Miles vows to protect her and keep her from disappearing into the past, and from his life.Rachel is a survivor, but surviving the aftermath without losing Miles may be more than either of them bargained for....

Title : A Song for Ladybug (Whisper of the Pines #3)
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ISBN : 37482232
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A Song for Ladybug (Whisper of the Pines #3) Reviews

  • Rachel
    2019-03-01 15:35

    After losing her husband when he was skiing in the Rockies five years ago, Rachel focuses on her career as Nursing Director at The Villages retirement community, her daughter, Bug, and her grandpa who's her only remaining parental figure. She does her best to ignore the fact that the man who raped her fifteen years ago may be getting out of prison. The pain of her past clouds her days and overshadows each tomorrow, so that she’s going through the motions of each day, merely existing. The local veterinarian, Miles, has built his animal practice, volunteers with the local Search & Rescue team, spends time with his ailing father at the retirement community and the children in the day care center there, and acts as a friend to Rachel and her daughter while denying his true feelings. With a little supernatural nudging and circumstances intervening, Rachel cracks the door of her heart and begins to let Miles in. He becomes her rock, fortress and strength, and “with a kiss for healing" helps her piece back together the shattered shards of her soul and heal the wounds from her past.The advance copy I read of this book is my first by this author and my eighteen years of education have left me woefully inept to write a review that can begin to do this book justice. This one ripped out my guts, shredded my heart and left jagged tears in my soul. Going through the vile, toxic trauma of Rachel's past was beyond gut wrenching but I could only admire and rejoice in her courage and bravery. Miles was so patient, selfless and amazing, in spite, or because, of his own wounds and was the perfect hero for Rachel. What they shared was so much deeper than love it seemed to defy human emotion, and their eventual consummation was far more sacred than mere wedding vows. Ms. Haught's words are so poetic and emotional they’ve left an indelible mark on my soul. The characters and their relationships are so rich, full and complex, and her vivid imagery brought the book alive. I could picture every scene as clearly as if it were transpiring in front of me – Miles and Bug blowing giant bubbles while the lumbering Newfie and tiny Yorkie chased and popped them as Rachel and Grandpa sat watching and quietly talking, the ladybugs, the sunsets and the fireflies. Rachel and Miles certainly touched my heart, but Miles and Bug stole it. Bug giving Miles a hug was described as, “A little arm wrapped around him in a hug meant to circle his neck, got all tangled up in a detour, and circled his heart along with it.” With lines like, “Your tears are proof of your love and are never wasted,” and “Love is the essence from which all is bound and is the life force that shall outlast time” my heart is deeply touched and forever changed. And I’m pretty sure my highlighter is broken.Then there’s the actual song for Bug, which encompasses these three meeting and their labored path to find happiness together, written from Mile’s perspective by his brother in arms, Shep. Pure poetry, encapsulating the pain of loss, the trials of the journey and the joys of love, and devastatingly, heartbreakingly beautiful! The words, sentiment and emotions in this book filled my heart to bursting. There are so many moments in this book – poignant, painful, joyous, tender, happy and humorous. As can only happen with the work of a profoundly gifted wordsmith, I found myself tearing up and laughing at the same time. This is one of those books I never wanted to end. I wanted to watch Bug grow up and fall in love, and see Rachel and Miles on their 50th wedding anniversary.Although this book deals with a dark topic, it’s a story of self-discovery and reclaiming what was lost. A story of tender, compassionate, careful healing. A story of hope, joy and fulfilment. Have no doubt. This author gives everything to her work, diligently researching each piece, carefully crafting and reworking the story, infusing it with the voice of experience, and most of all, writing from her heart – a heart I suspect is as big as the Rockies themselves. This is a book you'll want to read again and again, each time discovering new wisdom, insights and precious gems. I can easily put this in my list of top ten books of all time and urge you to run to the 1-Click button and start reading immediately. And, keep reading after “The End" for lots more read-worthy bits.

  • Arlene
    2019-03-03 09:40

    I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of this book, and I can honestly say I loved it. It's not always easy to read—in fact, some parts are next to impossible to get through—but it's definitely worthwhile.A Song for Ladybug picks up where A Thousand Butterfly Wishes left off, continuing nurse Rachel Gowen's story. I was happy to see Rachel again, because she's a good woman who deserves the happily-ever-after previously denied to her. We quickly meet Rachel's sweet daughter, Nicole, and veterinarian Miles Malone. There's only one word to describe Miles: YUM.Those who've read Butterfly Wishes know Rachel is tormented by her past. Miles has his own demons to fight—but Rachel and Miles are better together than they are alone.A Song for Ladybug might not be an easy, breezy fun read (my favorite kind). At various times, you'll laugh, cry and quite possibly want to throw up. But the payoff is worth the occasional discomfort. This is another wonderful story from Ms. Haught that evokes all the feels. It also plants seeds for more pairings, so I hope Haught keeps writing. I'd like to see more of nurse Molly and Miles' war buddy Shep (but not together).

  • Rose helg
    2019-02-27 08:13

    I received this as an ARC. Let me tell you I honesty couldn't put this book down. This is a MUST READ Book. This book is Fantastic. You will cry, laugh, cheer for the couple, want to beat someone up, then cry and laugh again. This book had a Fantastic ending.

  • Nancy Freedman
    2019-02-25 12:17

    I was given an advanced copy and am voluntarily leaving my review. Susan Haught has written another AMAZING BOOK. This book hit close to home for me and took me on an emotional rollercoaster but just as Nurse Rachel I got closer. I'm not one to give spoilers so I will tell this. Go one-click because it is a MUST READ AND ONE-CLICK NOW Series. Susan Haught I truly love your writing but I must say this was your best one yet.

  • Kim F
    2019-02-23 13:16

    Extremely entertaining and captivating read. I want to read more from this author. Well written with great plot and strong characters. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Exclusive Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Pat
    2019-03-18 07:40

    Wonderfully written storyline with a well planned out plot captured my attention from the very first page! The characters are so well fleshed out that as I turned each page I felt like I was being drawn in deeper and deeper as the story unfolded flawlessly between Rachel and Miles!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Susan Haught
    2019-03-07 14:14