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In 1943, America thought it had rounded up all the German spies on its soil. Now Germany's greatest weapon - a woman with special talents, both for tradecraft and for death - is headed home with critical information about the still-developing atomic bomb, and the Allies chief hope for stopping her is a British agent with agendas of his own. Originally recruited into MI5 toIn 1943, America thought it had rounded up all the German spies on its soil. Now Germany's greatest weapon - a woman with special talents, both for tradecraft and for death - is headed home with critical information about the still-developing atomic bomb, and the Allies chief hope for stopping her is a British agent with agendas of his own. Originally recruited into MI5 to pose as a double agent, he's been telling Germans that he'd do anything to free his wife, a prisoner of a Polish concentration camp. This happens to be true. The question is: how much would he really do to set her free? Where are his loyalties exactly?As the two spies play cat-and-mouse across three countries, the ambiguities deepen, each figure showing new sides, each action providing new twists, until at last both agents are swept into a series of climaxes as breathtakingly unpredictable as they are inevitable....

Title : A Gathering of Spies
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ISBN : 9780515131109
Format Type : Paperback
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A Gathering of Spies Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-02-14 21:46

    I was looking for a good spy novel and this fit the bill. John Altman in this book reminded me of Ken Follett, especially his "Eye of the Needle." Once I sat down to read it, I was reading it as fast as I could- I finished the 321 pages in record time! The story involves a German woman spy in America during WWII who learns about the Allies' biggest secret--The Manhattan Project (to build the atomic bomb). To me, it was amazing that the Germans did not discover that the Allies were working on such a secret project (the Soviets knew all about it!). In this story, the German operative learns about the project but has to find a way to pass her info on to the right people ( the British were masters at using double agents). It becomes an intense race to stop the German before she can get the word out to Berlin.... a great thrill ride. I will look to see what else Altman has written.

  • Suzan
    2019-02-08 18:53

    I like fiction about WWII spies, but this one was just ho hum. I liked the setup, but the last part of the book was skimmable action where everyone is shooting and stalking everyone else. I liked the inclusion of Canaris and the infighting between the SS and the Abwehr. There is loads of shooting, throat slashing, head beating, and forging on with bullets inside one.

  • Larry
    2019-02-12 18:38

    Katarina Heinrich is a German spy who is so far undercover in the U.S. she's barely even spying anymore. That is until, after years of boredom, her American husband is recruited to work on the Manhattan Project in New Mexico. Now her old training kicks in. She discovers enough A-bomb stuff to realize she's got to get back to Germany with her intel. In England, Henry(?) Winterbotham is recruited by MI5 to pose as a Nazi sympathizer. The idea is to cozy up to German intelligence and pass along misinformation concerning invasion plans while learning whatever he can about their operations. He hopes his cooperation will lead to the release of his wife, who has been held in Nazi-occupied Poland for several years. I found the story compelling, the action fast-paced and violence aplenty. I like the way Altman used the infighting amongst the Nazis as a main plot point. My only complaint, no really great twists or surprises. Still, overall a darn good spy novel.

  • Christian, Kelanth, Scala
    2019-02-15 20:42

    Autore che probabilmente ha stampato solo un paio di romanzi qui in Italia, ci presenta una spy-story ambientata nella seconda guerra mondiale: un libro leggero, scorrevole e molto intrigante che lo rendono un'ideale lettura disimpegnata.La trama è interessante: Katarina Heinrich è una spia di Hitler e della Germania nazista, ovviamente bella, esperta di arti marziali, ed è infiltrata in America sotto copertura. Sposata con un ingegnere nucleare del laboratorio di Los Alamos (dove si portavano avanti gli studi sulla bomba atomica), intercetta la famosa lettera di Einstein a Roosevelt con i piani per la produzione della stessa. Katarina dovrà trasmetterla a Berlino e per farlo ovviamente non esiterà a lasciarsi dietro una scia di sangue; gli inglesi però non staranno a guardare e arruoleranno una persona con il compito di scovarla e fermarla a tutti i costi. Bella trama con sotterfugi, doppi e tripli giochi con un'ambientazione quella della seconda guerra mondiale che si presta molto a questi tipi di romanzi, che divertono e si lasciano leggere in poche ore. Inteso che non ci si deve aspettare un capolavoro della letteratura.

  • Monique
    2019-02-21 14:47

    This is a WW2 story about spies from Germany and England. The story unfolds with interesting twists and turns and keeps the interest high throughout. The fact that the main protagonist is a woman adds to the interest. The writing is terse, appropriate to the time period and the conclusion is unusual and interesting.I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  • Mario J.
    2019-02-21 18:35

    Got halfway thru it and realized that I'm a bit long in the tooth to be wasting my time in something I wasn't enjoying.

  • Anna
    2019-02-15 15:41

    Really bloody book!

  • MaryAnn
    2019-02-08 15:35

    A fast-paced thriller and first novel by this author. Those of us who enjoy WWII fiction will love it--and hope for more to come!

  • Toni
    2019-01-31 20:52

    I hope the author will feature Katrina in future books -- she's a great femme fatale!

  • Robert LoCicero
    2019-02-12 23:03

    I enjoyed this first outing by the author. His character development was quite good and the setup for action was imaginative and realistic. A good yarn regarding World War II intrigue. I am looking forward to reading his newer material.

  • Dianne C. Bumgarner
    2019-02-21 15:39

    Slow start---Fast pace endingThe book starts slow but then pick up. It becomes a page turner. I enjoyed the surprises and the action

  • Vinoy Dalal
    2019-02-16 16:49

    a really interesting read with a good premise though the ending left a lot to be desired..

  • Lesley
    2019-02-21 18:54

    From the moment Katarina Heinrich, a German spy, kills Catherine Danielson and assumes her identity, I was caught in a web of thrills that kept me turning pages as Katarina, now Catherine, marries a Princeton professor, and moves to Los Alamos where she discovers AlbertEinstein's 'secret'letter toFranklin DelanoRoosevelt detailing a secret,the development of the A Bomb. Altman takes you through a plot of spy and counterspy which keeps you glued to the page. Will Katarina deliver her secret to the Germans? A subplot involving an English spy whose wife in interred in Dachau provides excitement while the reader learns if a man will do "anything" to get his wife out of a concentration camp. Hitler and his cohorts that run the Nazi machine come to life as real, manipulative and vulnerable. Reading A Gathering of Spies until six thirty in the morning was worth the loss of sleep.

  • Sergio ruocchio
    2019-01-31 16:49

    La bellissima Katarina Heinrich è una spia nazista e vive in America sotto copertura. Sposata con un ingegnere nucleare del laboratorio di Los Alamos, la donna intercetta la famosa lettera di Einstein a Roosvelt con i piani della bomba atomica. La sua nuova missione è trasmettere questi piani a Berlino e per raggiungere il suo obiettivo si lascerà alle spalle una lunga scia di sangue. Per fermare l'implacabile spia i servizi segreti inglesi arruolano un professore, il quale accetta solo per portare a termine un suo piano privato. Intende servirsi della nemica nazista per riuscire a liberare la moglie ebrea, deportata a Dachau. Un thriller che intreccia personaggi inventati e veri protagonisti della seconda guerra mondiale.

  • Macjest
    2019-02-01 22:44

    I have mixed reactions to this book. It wasn't what I hoped it to be. It took too long for the action to begin and it hopped around characters too much at the beginning. I had a hard time getting a handle on any of them. Once things started to happen I found it more interesting. But then at the end it just wrapped up too quickly.

  • Tara
    2019-01-31 20:03

    Typical spy novel filled with all of the best genre cliches. The historical setting is the only unique thing about it. But, if you're looking for an easy, entertaining read, it is quite enjoyable. Just don't expect too much.

  • Gabriel Espinales
    2019-01-26 21:56

    This was a book i came to own, not sure how, and enjoyed it when i finally decided to read it.

  • Linda
    2019-02-16 20:52

    I liked it, easy to read, somewhat believable.

  • Adrienne
    2019-02-23 15:34

    not what i thought it would be... was so so.

  • Pam
    2019-02-02 20:47

    After finally finishing this book by reading it and listening to it on my Ipod, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you like espionage.

  • Betty
    2019-02-14 14:49

    Quite intriguing - well worth the read.

  • Doreen Dalesandro
    2019-02-06 14:56

    Genre: thriller, spiesRating: 3.75I read the eBook.Fast paced; kept my interest.

  • Trisha
    2019-02-08 22:56

    Very engaging and quick read.

  • Mark
    2019-02-06 22:36

    I'm a huge fan of fictional WWII stories. Enjoyed the read, yet it was lacking--especially the ending.

  • Jenifer
    2019-01-26 17:34

    WW 2 novel. Women as spies, secrets of the space shuttles/airplanes.

  • Ed
    2019-02-14 19:37

    A WWII spy thriller well worth reading. Fast moving and suspenseful.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-12 21:41

    I was enjoying it until about the 12th or 13th graphic killing scene. Too much for me. Strained my ability to suspend my disbelief.

  • Shirley
    2019-01-31 17:54

    Good, but left me hanging. I wondered if the guy finished the book or just decided to quit.

  • Maria
    2019-02-19 14:52

    Decent. A fastpaced read with tons of action.