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Breast cancer survivor Edie Williams is ready to live.Divorced. Mother of two. She’s planned the vacation of a lifetime for a reboot, only to encounter an awakening adventure—Tommy Carrigan.Manager of the band Collision, Tommy Carrigan has his plate full. Independent. Carefree. He’s on an annual holiday with his band family, when the unexpected happens—Edie Williams.Love mBreast cancer survivor Edie Williams is ready to live.Divorced. Mother of two. She’s planned the vacation of a lifetime for a reboot, only to encounter an awakening adventure—Tommy Carrigan.Manager of the band Collision, Tommy Carrigan has his plate full. Independent. Carefree. He’s on an annual holiday with his band family, when the unexpected happens—Edie Williams.Love might be just what the doctor prescribed, but can it survive the world of rock-n-roll?+ + +If you enjoyed The Sex Education of M.E., you’ll love After Care, another romance for the over-forty from L.B. Dunbar. Continue the adventure previously published in Love Notes, the newsletter of L.B. Dunbar....

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After Care Reviews

  • Leonor
    2019-04-29 10:32

    It seems like I'm again a minority here. I was excited to read this, I always want to read about older MCs.. I'm tired of reading how the 18 year old girl fell in love/lust with an older man, sadly I spent rolling my eyes during the whole book.Who lets a man finger f*ck her after the second time seeing him? And she gave him a hand job what does she do? She said she did what any self respecting woman do... She ran, yep that's what apparently any self respecting woman do, they let themselves get finger fuck*d, they give a man a hand job, act like a groupie and then they run. I was so damn annoyed with this heroine. Women can have ONS or have hook ups, have FWBs, I'm not shaming her for that but OWN IT!!! I wanted her to owned it, dont act like you did something wrong that's what I'm shaming her for, she acted like 18 year old running because she thought she did something wrong and her jealous moments when he talked to young groupies or if the groupies got close to him were pissing me off. He always told her the color green looked good on her meaning he liked her jealousy. 🙄This girl Ivy befriended her and she had a husband, she sees this young couple kissing and she grew wet seeing them kiss, I was like how pathetic can she be that she grows wet when she sees this young girl (who's almost her daughter's age) kiss her husband. Does this sound like a woman who's 43 years old? I'm tired of authors writing the heroes as the most beautiful specimen in the world but they write heroines with flaws, with fat on their tummies, stretch marks, saggy boobs, flat hair, some of these things are not written in this book but the heroine is so insecure while she sees the hero as the most beautiful man with abs and beautiful salt and pepper hair with a nice c*ck while she sees herself with fat in her tummy. I'm really tired of this, this may be real to some authors but if you're going to be or write as realistic as you can be then please write a real hero. No man after 45 is that flawless.I thought the hero was the band's manager who turned out to be a former rock star, who was married to a super model once upon a time. (Cliche, a rock star with a super model).This hero kept secrets that the heroine finds out by herself and he wanted her to trust him? He jumps to conclusions and he didn't let her explain, breaks things with her, doesn't go after her for months, they only see each other because Ivy is his niece and was labor and the heroine goes to the hospital to see her, IMO he wouldn't have gone after her at all. He apologized and she forgives him. I wanted more grovel, that half ass apology wasn't enough for me.Overall thoughts: Way too disappointed in this book.

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-05-10 11:31

    Favorite Quotes:I was forty-three. I should have been in the prime of my life. Where was that sexual libido return everyone promised me would happen? Oh, right, it walked out the door with a younger model—blonde, thin, and cancer-free under her skin.Marriage was hard work. One in two marriages still ended in divorce. I wasn’t a statistic; I was a trend.When leaving the hospital, aftercare was always part of the experience. What you did after—the procedure, the treatment, the incision that cut deep. However, nothing could have prepared me for how I’d take care of myself after Tommy Carrigan. There was no list, no instruction manual online at patient dot com for matters of the heart. I just want to be close to you… No one’s ever talked like that about me, and I just want to capture it for a little while. I want to hold onto it, if I can. For just a little bit.I bet you’re used to leather and lace, and I’m one-hundred percent cotton.You’ll never be an excuse, darlin’. Always my reason.My Review:Being an, ahem, mature woman on the plus side of forty, I couldn’t help but notice that bookstores have a rather limited selection of engaging offerings featuring vibrant and appealing main characters within my demographic of a platinum-haired goddess. Interesting female characters of my age tend to be written as secondary players, and most typically are the younger heroine’s indulgent or eccentric auntie. With this in mind, I found L.B. Dunbar’s After Care to be a refreshing and welcome change of pace and have a deliriously gleeful urge to erect an altar of pink typewriters in her honor. Not only were her characters highly appealing and alluring, they were smart and well seasoned. The premise was unique and relevant while the storylines were multi-layered, well-crafted, and wily. However, the writing wins the blue-ribbon prize as Ms. Dunbar’s word-craft was delightfully textured and insightful, witty, thoughtfully observant, hit all the feels, and sizzled and snapped with sensuality. I was quickly invested in the tale and remained happily engaged throughout. Ms. Dunbar has a new fangirl.

  • ShabbyBookBistroBlog
    2019-05-16 06:19

    When Edie Williams meets Tommy Cardigan in Hawaii, it's the most unusual of settingsThey're both older, with family baggage and both survivors in their own lives. I'm so glad someone wrote about a woman's love story , yanno. A woman who's over 40, who does NOT have the perfect body, who's life has two adult kids, an ex and fake boobs (Fuck Cancer) in it. A woman who's confident yet so vulnerable. She's lost herself in taking care of her family, her kids, her career, her husband. Now when she eventually survives two major disasters on her life, Cancer & Divorce , she's finding her feet in the late sunshine in her life. More power to her !!! She discovers herself, through the eyes of Tommy, the eternal bachelor !"I hadn’t been me in so long, I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. When I smiled at my reflection after my time with Tommy, the tinges of a new me appeared, and a hint of the old me dusted off cobwebs. Where you been?""Waiting for that explorer, returned from the sea with his new ways of thinking, to show me what he had discovered. Through sharing his learnings, I found me. I was drowning before, but now I could swim, or at least be brave enough to wallow in the shallow end."The story is quite ordinary, in the sense, woman meets man and they have instant attraction and mind blowing sex later fall in love. The EXTRAORDINARY things are the characters, in their personalities, sensibilities and premises. Dunbar has very courageously dealt with the topic of desirability in older women. Her complex regarding her breasts, her "should i / shouldnt i " dilemma. Her ironic similarity between Edie and her daughter Masie's crossroads on life.I loved the story, I'd have loved to see the problems of older women more.Life's too short to delve on risks and diseases and social constraints, go for what your heart desires at ANY AGE. Older women are not dead, I loved the concept and Eddie's bravery. #WomenPowerwhy always settle for wine, when some days call for champagne?And champagne my fellow women, is good any day 9f the week4.5 "Family Loves Unconditionally " stars#BookBistroBlogApproved Follow us onFB - -https://bookbistroblogcom.wordpress.comBlog -https://bookbistroblogger.blogspot.comTwitter - -

  • K.Ramjohn
    2019-05-03 08:17

    This book was amazing. After Care by L.B. Dunbar was real, emotional and delightful. This story about an over 40 couple held my interest from start to finish. These two complex characters Edie and Tommy were so different and from completely different backgrounds yet they just fit together perfectly. While this was a romance between an older couple, I loved how the author balanced it out by showing relationships with the younger couples in the story and it goes to show you can find love at any age.Interesting storyline, amazing characters and steamy scenes, this story was a roller coaster of emotions and will give you all the feels. Apart from romance, it was a story about family, about surviving cancer and living life to its fullest.This fascinating page-turner was a phenomenal read and I would highly recommend it. I absolutely loved this novel. *I voluntarily reviewed and ARC of this novel.*

  • Lisa (A Life Bound By Books)
    2019-05-11 05:22


  • Tammi
    2019-04-30 10:15

    I don't even know what to say about this story. I am blown away! It was AMAZING! It was real life and so absolutely perfect!Edie was a mother, a divorcee and a breast cancer survivor. A once in a lifetime vacation to Hawaii threw a curveball in her simple life. A sexy silver fox named Tommy Carrigan ROCKED HER WORLD! They were HOT! I absolutely loved watching her come out of her "mom" shell and enjoy life with him. He made her feel sexy, feel wanted, feel like a woman. He just made her feel.Their story was romanticTheir story was sexy and steamyTheir story was Insta-lust, Insta-love, Insta-family.They fit, her family, his family, they just fit!But it was a vacation and those end and you go back to real life on opposite sides of the country. That brought me tears, it had to get worked out. They were a family!! And I still had half a book left!!The rest of the story just made me love this couple more. Their good times were good but long distance love is HARD. I was rooting for them, loving them then my heart dropped and I gave up when they gave up. Misunderstandings, lack of trust and hurtful words did them in. And I was so sad a bit of a mess actually.BUT in the end I smiled because Family always says I'm sorry and Family loves unconditionally!I would love to see more, I think some of the characters have stories to tell. There is definitely a young love story blossoming.I do believe this my favorite by LB Dunbar!!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-26 10:39

    Although I’ve been familiar with L.B. Dunbar and her books for a while now, I have to admit After Care is the first novel of hers that I’ve had the opportunity to read. Simply put, I found the premise of this second chance love story irresistible.After Care is the story of Edie Williams, a woman whose 20-year marriage ended at around the same time she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having come through the most challenging time of her life, Edie and her children have decided to celebrate her remission with a Hawaiian vacation. And this is where Edie’s life takes yet another unexpected turn. While relaxing at the pool, Edie meets Tommy Carrigan. He is similar in age to Edie and, as manager of the famous rock band Collision, he is the epitome of the sexy silver fox. Tommy is barrel-chested, gruffly voiced, thickly armed, and covered with salt-and-pepper facial scruff. Within hours of their introduction, an intense attraction ignites between the two.Unable to resist one another throughout the tropical vacation, Edie and Tommy convince themselves that they are enjoying a fling. But as the return to real life looms larger and larger, the two discover they’re not quite ready to let each other go even as they’re both determined to return to the lives and routines they’re deeply rooted within. Falling in love with Tommy was not anything Edie was planning on but having embraced a new appreciation for that precious thing called life, Edie finds herself willing to toss old fears and insecurities aside to pursue new happiness. What’s left to be seen is if Edie and Tommy have the determination and the patience to work through the hurdles of maintaining a long-distance relationship. After Care is a great introduction to the writings of L.B. Dunbar. I really enjoyed Edie and Tommy’s story and came away with a fondness for the author as well as a new appreciation for the Darlin’ endearment. This is a romance featuring characters in their forties – individuals with a wealth of experiences, regrets, undying dreams, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to be happy. I happily recommend this story to those looking for a fun escape to a warm setting with mature characters.

  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    2019-05-19 06:40

    After CareBy: LB Dunbar4.5 StarsDid someone say, “Silver Fox”? That was all it took to hook me into this book! Longing for a book that wasn’t about a 21 yr old virgin, this book nailed it. Edie has fought the battle against breast cancer. While fighting for her life, she gets informed that her husband of 20 plus years, wants a divorce. Now in remission and recently divorced, she has taken a much-needed vacation to Hawaii with her 2 children. A vacation that she really couldn’t afford. One that she justified because her kids are adults now, one going to graduate from high school this year and one who is in college already. Plus to celebrate beating cancer.Tommy is the manager of the band Collision. They are in Hawaii on a much-needed break before the next tour starts. Living with the band is never a dull moment. But what Tommy has come to love is that they are his family. With all the drama, they are there for each other. Even when the going gets tough, ‘Family always says they are sorry.’Leather and cotton do attract. But will the two manage to stay connected even though they are now back at their homes and vacation is over? Tabloids, Jobs, Bosses, all are getting in the way for these two to enjoy themselves. But when one wears leather and the other wears cotton…they will figure out how to overcome the obstacles. #BookBistroBlogApprovedFollow us on:FB – -https://bookbistroblogcom.wordpress.comBlog -https://bookbistroblogger.blogspot.comTwitter - -

  • blog~
    2019-05-23 11:31

    Review coming soon

  • Karie Gibson
    2019-05-01 05:24

    I have been waiting for this book for months. I was so happy to get my hands on Tommy and Edie's story. Their story is hot, romantic, and real. I could relate to this couple more than any other I've ever read. Edie got a second chance at life and Tommy shows her how she wants to live it. Neither were looking for long term, a vacation fling at most, but sometimes the attraction and chemistry is so strong you can't deny it. This book is super sexy ladies so get ready. I'll never be able to hear the word darlin again without thinking of the super swoony Tommy. He may be a silver fox but he is an alfa at its finest! I highly recommend this book! I freaking loved it !!!!

  • Tiblu
    2019-05-02 12:34

    Not bad, is the best I can say....Not bad is the best I can say....I started out soo soo hopeful but by the end I was ready for it to be over....I hate that this book wasn’t better, I kinda hacks me off a bit that with romances where they couple aren’t in their teens or early twenties or even in their 30’s even ( which, sighs, you don’t see enough of sadly) that separately and together these two are two of the most insecure ppl iv3 even freaking met!!!That’s definitely something you should get in an older couple is some simple self assurance in themselves, confidence in themselves and if they are going to be pining for someone and telling them they love them and having sex w/them ever chance they can get by dang have some trust and faith in each other ...Edie drove me abso freaking crazy through out the book w/how deeply insecure she was,she never really seems to grow into herself ,never seems to grow to love herself , to own who she is,accept who she isn’t , she never really trusts Tommy because she never lets go of her past and can’t seem to really assert herself where it matters and just have one good deep conversation w/him...Sadly he’s just as bad....Here are two possibly wonderful ppl who until the very end, don’t let go and stop letting their past dictate their present and future ...I spent most of the book wanting to smack the hell out of Edie, needing her desperately to get a damn clue but by the end I just wanted to smack them both ...Ok,Edie’s had it rough I get that,but she’s a survivor ! She’s survived a bad marriage,an alcoholic, that left its mark mentally and emotionally on her, survived breast cancer, raised two great kids probably more alone than anything else,has a good job and supports herself, that’s a hell of a lot to be proud of!!!!But does Edie ever OWN any or all that truly and grow from it ?Does she find a way between all that and the love a new man to grow stronger and better and lemon scented ? ( I know not lemon scented, just in a roll ;) ) No!No she does not ..... Heck both her and Tommy seem to stay fit by jumping to conclusions about each other ...Edie, seems to look for things to be suspicious about and soo does Tommy, I don’t know how they say they can love each other because neither seemed to trust each other at all..Heck Edie never seemed to trust Tommy when he said she was beautiful,after months and months together she’s still questioning what he sees in her...Seriously ?!?Ok, I’m gonna be facing divorce at some point, I’ve never been blessed with kids,thankfully no cancer but I have my own health problems,need to lose almost two hundred pounds and I’m 5 years older than Edie , soo I want a book about an older woman where she’s facing her fears and kicking them to the curb...A book that leaves me thinking Heck yeah! I can do it!No over 200 pages of a timid,tepid ( yeah,that’s what I called her through most of the book) woman giving* into her fears and practically having a pity party thru.most of the book ...Soo what you don’t like some parts of your body, You. Are. A . Survivor!Own your battle scars! This woman kicked cancer back and won,don’t have her looking for reasons she should feel less than ...Sadly Tommy never had a p.o.v and he turned out to be just as bad at jumping to conclusions and when the formulaic break up “had to happen” ( as it seems to in books like this ) with all the mounting insecurities it seemed to be ripe for it to happen but at the same time, it also just seemed more of an excuse for a break up than anything else ...Two ppl who claimed to “love” each other but at the same time held back their trust in reserve were bound to “break up” but Tommy waited over 4 months after he pushed her away to even begin to try to do something and then he expected her to come to a concert to make up ?Seriously ? She’s supposed to come to your bands concert after you kicked her to the curb ?WTHThis was a good premise, but two deeply insecure 40 something who say they love buy don’t trust is NOT a fun read...We all deserved more,the characters and the readers....I wouldn’t care is both of the MC’s still liked cartoons and Capt.N Crunch ,( Hey I do !) but I want them to be mature when it comes to stopping and talking about what they want from each other and asking questions instead of constantly jumping to conclusions...I leaned a thing or two about myself thru them I think,but I’m grateful this was KUI couldn’t make myself read this again

  • Monica Murphy
    2019-05-04 08:30

    Included in this book:1. Rockstars2. Fun in the sun3. Steamy times4. A hot man over the age of 40This is a great story about Edie, a 43 year old divorcee, mom and breast cancer survivor. She is on vacation in Hawaii with her kids, celebrating life. She happens to make friends with Ivy, not knowing she is married to a rockstar. And she meets Ivy's uncle - Tommy (a hot silver fox). There is an immediate attraction between Edie and Tommy. She is on vacation for ten days. Can she have a fun fling and return to her regular world afterwards? Is Tommy being truthful with her? Could they possibly have something worth fighting for?I love this story so much. There are not many romances about characters over the age of forty. And guess what? They do the deed just as much as a younger couple would! I need a Tommy in my life, and you do too. He is so sweet and caring. He does not mind that Edie is not skinny and toned. I also love all of the music references in the story.Get this book! Make Tommy your new book boyfriend!

  • Kim Carter
    2019-05-12 08:30

    4.5 Stars! ARC kindly provided for honest review. “You’ll never be an excuse, darlin’. Always my reason.” Bats eyes and swoons...I want Tommy Carrigan!So my my first introduction to L.B. Dunbar was The Sex Education of M.E. and I friggin’ loved it! I haven’t found many authors who write romance for the over 40 club like me. Edie, breast cancer survivor and single mom on vacation to celebrate...chance meeting with Tommy Carrigan....former singer/songwriter, now band manger and father figure to his beautiful niece Ivy. Instant attraction between these two...Tommy is no stranger to cancer, and he puts Edie very much at ease...being a bit self conscious with her reconstruction after having mastectomy.Tommy is a lover ladies...he’s a sexy, sensual and tatted silver fox....and he likes sex and lots of it! Edie, after being divorced for some awakened sexually....phew!I will say this....Gage pissed me off A LOT...but totally redeemed himself at the end. I am kind of hoping to get more of the supporting cast of characters, not sure if that is in the cards, but I will cross my fingers...hint hint...West and Maisy? Overall, very good read, I can’t say again how happy I am to read a romance involving the over 40 generation.

  • Karen
    2019-05-22 06:29

    What a really good premise to a well written story!! I loved that it was a manager of a rock band and an older guy. I can't remember if we got his age told to us. He was a star when he was younger and the explanation of where he is currently works.Our female lead is a strong woman and I love a strong woman story. She's 43 and has two young adult children who are close to her after her divorce and breast cancer fight. She survived both and is watching her children take wing. They meet up with rock band in Hawaii where both groups are vacationing for Christmas break. She is unaware of the rock band and befriends one of the star's wife. She still doesn't quite understand their ways but manages to catch the attention of the band's manager. He's very much the alpha rockstar but all grown up. It reads as if he's experienced and this only one man prior gal reads as "not experienced". He does introduces her to some passion, that's for sure.It's all a lot for this Midwest woman but she's pretty taken by both the manager and Ivy, the niece.There are plenty of walls, both physical and emotional between her and him. He lives in California and tours with band and her work is in Chicago.So I really liked a grown up rockstar and a strong lady. You will too!!

  • Karen Komarinski
    2019-05-20 10:14

    After Care is an amazing emotional roller coaster that you will want to keep reading 📖 over & over. Edie is starting a new chapter in her life with a family vacation to Hawaii with her son Caleb & daughter Masie. Edie is celebrating several milestones in her life; surviving breast cancer, a divorce & watching her children spread their wings & fly. She was befriended by a young mother name Ivey who was wife to the lead singer Gage Everly of the Band Collison; which had her children over the moon & laughing with her because she was clueless. Then Tommy Carrigan happened & Edie feeling things that she thought disappeared after turning 43. Can this romance survive her insecurities & Tommy’s Rock Star life style & secrets. You’ll just have to join the tour & find out what life has in store for Edie & Tommy 💖 Make sure you put After Care on your TBR list. Thank you L.B.Dunbar for another beautiful and touching story.

  • Misty Sorg
    2019-05-08 11:24

    Wow. This is the first book of L.B. Dunbar’s that I have read and also the first time I’ve read one with the MC’s being over 40...where have I been?? I have seriously missed out on a wonderful writer and a great genre.I started After Care yesterday and found myself sneaking ways to quickly read more about Edie and Tommy’s story. I couldn’t get enough! The attraction that these two characters have for each other pulls readers into their world. You find yourself hoping for a HEA and when you get to a part where there are problems you find yourself with slight trepidation that it can’t be over. Readers find themselves falling in love, not only with, Tommy and Edie but with their families.Definitely worth reading!!!

  • Jeannine
    2019-05-03 04:27

    I say yay for another over 40 book. There were a couple of things that made me scratch my head a time or two. Holy moly cow was Edie ever a runner. That lady should have a good medal because in the beginning, she was running from Tommy as fast as she could on several occasions. It was almost like whoop, there she goes again. Also for a woman that has survived so much, she’s very insecure. I think that part drove me the craziest. Tommy had a moment or two with that, but I felt like it was the same thing over and over again with Edie. I wanted her to grab her life by the balls and be a warrior! I mean she’s 43, not 73. Girl, you’re still young! Overall, the rest of the story was pretty good. Those two had a lot of fun between the sheets. Get it, get it!

  • Charlene
    2019-05-25 05:18

    A totally different kind of romance about a much more mature couple who have had their share of life experiences, good and bad. The fact that they were older and at certain points in their lives made this story so much more relatable, but no less sexy *fans self*. Tommy's the manager for a hot rock band and was once a rock star in his own right, while Edie is recovering from breast cancer and a horrible marriage. Could two people and two lives be any more different? After meeting while on vacation, it doesn't seem possible that their attraction and fling could ever carry on after. Tommy calling Edie "darlin' " completely made me melt. He's a tough guy with a hard exterior but is incredibly soft and sweet on the inside...totally swoon worthy!

  • Donna Martin
    2019-05-06 12:38

    L.B.Dunbar gave me a book hangover! I stayed up till 5am to finish this book. Couldn't put it down at all!I won't put any spoilers in here cause i'm not that mean. The instant love between Edie and Tommy is off the charts! Like all great love stories, time and space (and their own big mouths) get in the way of a HEA. Finally they catch a break. whew, i didnt know if that would work or not! lol Edie's daughter finds romance as well....but that is another whole story! lolThis book tells of a woman who beat the odds against Cancer. She is now living her life to the fullest. Granted she started out slow but it always takes time to figure things out. A whole new attitude towards the world is just what we all need. If you dont read this book.....your missing out!

  • Luetta
    2019-05-12 07:30

    "I knew Tommy Carrigan was going to break not just my heart, but all of me" Wow. The truth in this early statement is insane. Edie knew from the get go the change that Tommy would have on her life. After getting a second chance at life, as cliche as that may sound, Edie eventually opens up to the idea of something different. I loved how flawlessly two completely different families become one. It worked at first meet.Now Edie and Tommy. These two. There's jealousy. There's misunderstanding. There's more jealousy. Sometimes I wanted to yell at Edie to smarten up and quit it.I'm so happy with this story. So happy ❤

  • Kathy Aronoff
    2019-05-18 09:28

    "You'll never be an excuse darlin'. Always a reason" - Ok so how can you not melt when Tommy Carrigan tells you this? - Sigh!! I loved this line and I was totally sold on Tommy, ex-rock star, current manager of the rock band Collision. Where I had an issue was with Ivy, I wasn't convinced her thoughts matched her actions. She does something so out of character in the beginning of the book based on her lamenting about other more trivial things throughout, that I was confused about where her head was. I do love the premise of the book and considering the seriousness of what Ivy went through I am happy with the HEA. Loved the supporting characters, well except for Gage. Would love a follow up on West & Masie.

  • Sue
    2019-05-13 10:18

    Hot romance stories for the over 40 crowd are few and far between but LB seems to be able to bring them beautifully to us and the story of Edie and Tommy captivated me from the beginning. What's not to love...Tommy may be over 40 but that hasn't stopped him from being a successful band manager and the hottest thing on two feet (yes there are younger but holy hell he is a beautiful silver fox -- at least in my mind...and Tommy spent alot of time on my mind lol). Edie is going through her own personal hell. She is a breast cancer survivor and divorcee with two adult children. Learning to care for herself is not always the easiest thing for her and trying to consider herself desirable is even harder. The fact that Tommy even looks her way seems foreign to her. She can't seem to see what others see. Throw in a younger mom who seems to just adore her, and ex who is a complete jerk, a boss who tries to help and secrets...way too many secrets...and you have a recipe for a story that will keep you guessing, cheering, swearing, swooning, fanning yourself and hoping for an outcome that will work for all involved. I loved the analogy that Tommy was so fond of using about fine wine waiting to breathe and needing to be uncorked. Family always says I'm sorry...but does family always forgive?

  • Anna
    2019-05-19 06:16

    She did it again! One of my favorites authors! Thank you!Such a wonderful book, amazing H and h!Since i'm almost very close to h age, a understand her sooo sooo much!She is a suvivor, she is such a great mom, strong heroine, like i love them :)And H was sooo scorching hot, melting-drenching panties!

  • Nicole
    2019-05-15 04:17

    Over 40 and FABULOUS!!Another stunning novel written by L. B. Dunbar. Great characters. Great dialogue! AMAZING story! Sexy, hot, steamy scenes. There was absolutely nothing to complain about in this book. 5 - 40+ - STARS!!

  • Sheila Kennedy
    2019-05-23 11:20

    12 stars. As a person who has a form of CP, I smiled at the end of this book. I am blessed. Thanks for the beautiful words you shared with us.

  • Liz
    2019-05-11 11:38

    After Care by L.B. Dunbar was a breath of fresh air. An over forty love story with laughter and all the feels. Two forty-somethings trying to navigate a relationship on their terms with all the baggage that comes with age. You would think it would be easier, but really, it is not. Edie Williams has survived a divorce and breast cancer in her forties. Almost simultaneously, but now she is ready to live again. First step? A vacation with her children to celebrate and recharge before things change again. What she did not count on was Tommy Carrigan and the affect he would have on her life. Tommy Carrigan has been through so much loss in his life, even so, he lives the carefree life only someone who is in the world of musicians can. He manages an up and coming band that keeps him very busy. Nothing matters more to him than his family and his band. Then Edie enters his life and throws him for a loop he never expected. Edie and Tommy meet while on vacation and have an instant attraction. Edie would not normally walk into something so out of her comfort zone, but like she promised herself, she is ready to live again. But what should have been a vacation fling turns into more. But with so many responsibilities, distance and trust issues, can they find a way to move forward together? What I loved about After Care was dealing with issues faced by forty-somethings. I loved how Edie worried about her age, her body, her disease, her children, her past and so on. It was not all roses. Tommy had his own responsibilities and no matter who much they wanted to make it work, they had to find a way to make it work, because life never works as you want or expect. I loved Edie and Tommy and watching their relationship blossom. This was a great story and I see another story in the works as well! Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading!

  • LaDonna
    2019-05-09 04:24

    5 Amazing Electrified Guitars for After CareI have to admit that it isn't too often these days that I truly look forward to a new release. That's not to say that I don't enjoy them or the hype but I have stepped back enough that I often don't even know my favorite authors have new books coming. After Care is an exception - I first read the basis of this in LB Dunbar's newsletter what seems ages ago and I have not been able to let the idea of Tommy and Edie go ever since. And I have to say that they have absolutely been worth the wait.Yeah, I am getting to be an old lady, I will begrudgingly admit, and the appeal of an over 40 romance truly cannot be overstated. For me, the fact that this involves a rockstar is more than icing...this is kind of my holy grail of balancing real life and fantasy. Tommy delivers on every level.Edie is adorable. That seems weird to say about a heroine, especially an over 40 one, but she really is. She's a fighter and has a deep strength that sometimes gets lost in her insecurities. She's relatable to many of us in her age range, I am sure. Married fairly early because of her pregnancy, lost herself in her kids and out of a marriage that was never what it should have been. Trying to find herself again without the titles of wife and mother as her kids are pretty much grown. Plus Edie has just ended up in remission from breast cancer.Honestly though, I have to say my favorite female character in this book is Ivy. Something about that girl is just endearing, and I truly hope in one way or another we get to hear more about her someday.I shed more tears over this one than I expected to, but I think that's a good thing. I ran the full gamut of emotions as I read this, and that is definitely a good thing. I am also left wanting more - not wanting to let any of this family go. Very highly recommended.

  • Pansy
    2019-05-25 08:35

    They’re 40 but act like 20. When I read the blurb for this book, I was so excited. There are very few authors who write books that have older characters over the age of 40. So this book intrigued me. Edie, divorced mother of two young adult children and breast cancer survivor. Tommy Carrigan, over 40 rock and roll bassist who is now the manager of an up and coming band. Edie and Tommy meet in Hawaii. Edie and her children vacationing after months of chemo, losing her hair and now “cancer free”. Edie meets Ivy who is the wife of lead singer Gage of the rock group Collision. Ivy, Tommy’s niece, immediately likes Edie because her mother died of breast cancer a few years ago. Edie’s kids are not much younger than the band members and they spend time together. Tommy also gravitated to Edie but he wants more than a friendship and Edie and Tommy find themselves in an unbelievable romance. But with only 10 days for vacation, what happens next. Beautiful story, right? Well, it could have been. This is my first novel by this author and I was truly excited. As I continued to read I started to get a little annoyed. I realized Edie had been through so much. She divorced her husband,(3 years earlier) and struggled with cancer and treatments. When I thought of Edie, I kept thinking of a 60 year old woman. Even though the author said she was 42. But that is how Edie acted. I thought okay, she will become more positive but it was so slow to happen and even when it did it was very small. I thought Edie was going to be more go getter. 42 is young. She kept referring to herself as old. Where were her girlfriends? Not one. She talked to her doctor but that was it. I have never seen a couple have so many misunderstandings. Every conversation they had I was nervous because Edie became upset and second guessed everything. Then Tommy started to do it. This was through the whole book. How did they fall in love? The secondary characters were amazing. The budding love of Edie’s daughter and a member of the band was adorable (hope to get their story). Ivy and Gage were great. Gage could be annoying. The back stories were so informative. But the misunderstandings just drained me. I could see some but every conversation ended up being an argument because of a misunderstanding. So annoying. No singing from Tommy. WTH! He sang to his nieces but come on. Edie’s favorite song was from his band. I wanted to love this book. So I give it 3 stars. I liked it but I wanted to love it. I want more mature romances. I will continue to read this author because I do like her her idea of mature love.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-04 07:24

    *swoon* Tommy is definitely swoony goodness. I mean, with lines like - "You'll never be an excuse, darlin'. Always my reason." - can you blame a girl for swooning?! I had a little trouble connecting w/ Edie. Tommy tells her she needs to be uncorked, and boy is he spot on! She's only two years older than me, but she presents as much older. This is part of the wonderful writing, as that's how she thinks of herself. She thinks of herself as ... OLD. And that was hard for me to wrap my head around, because I think of myself as soooo NOT old. I don't think of my friends & family who are 10 years older than me as OLD. So to have a character who is essentially my age think of herself in that manner... Yeah, I had a hard time connecting to her. I wanted to shake her, many times, and tell her to OPEN HER EYES! And again, I think feeling that way toward her is part of what the author was going for. Because Tommy has his work cut out for him, getting her to loosen up, to take back her youthfulness, to LIVE. There are some really great things to love in this story - the relationships, the banter, the overall feeling of love and hope. The one thing that kept this from being 5++ stars as far as a rating goes was the amount of back & forth, mostly in Edie's head, that was just a little too much for me. Everything else, though, from the overall plot, characters, and - AGAIN - writing... thumbs way up!! I enjoyed the story a lot!! : )

  • Sarah/DragonflyReads
    2019-05-16 08:40

    3.5 starsAfter Care is a standalone romance by LB Dunbar and centers around a 40-something couple. Sometimes I really enjoy reading "older" couples and this did not disappoint!Edie Williams is in Hawaii with her two children for the trip of a lifetime. She's in remission from breast cancer and wants to enjoy her new life. What she's not expecting is to befriend the wife of the singer of an up and coming rock band as well as catch the attention of their manager, Tommy Carrigan.Tommy Carrigan manages the band Collision and is on an annual Hawaii holiday with the band and his family when he meets Edie and can't get enough of her. Tommy is mostly a loner, never having serious relationships, and Edie changes all that in the blink of an eye. Sparks fly, love happens and it's a really sweet story. Did I mention he's a silver fox? Good lord, Tommy was everything!I really enjoyed this book! I loved Edie's insecurities, and Tommy's reassurances. LB Dunbar definitely writes from the heart and you can tell in After Care. One thing that left me wanting more (or less depending on how you look at it) is the sex scenes. There was so much sex in this book. It's not erotica, they're well written, but in place of sex in almost every chapter, I would have loved to read some of Tommy's point of view. I feel that it would have greatly added to the story. That's the only thing that I didn't completely jive with in After Care. Otherwise, I enjoyed this book greatly!