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The Biggest Season of her Career…America’s sweetheart Tabitha Turner is on track to win figure-skating gold in the Winter Games. Her family has sacrificed everything for her career, but the pressure is taking its toll. Burned out and living a lie, can Tabitha let off a little steam without melting the ice?The Last Chance of His…Russia’s bad boy of skating Daniil Andreev isThe Biggest Season of her Career…America’s sweetheart Tabitha Turner is on track to win figure-skating gold in the Winter Games. Her family has sacrificed everything for her career, but the pressure is taking its toll. Burned out and living a lie, can Tabitha let off a little steam without melting the ice?The Last Chance of His…Russia’s bad boy of skating Daniil Andreev is determined to prove the toughest thing about him is his competitive fight. When Tabitha tempts him to help her take a secret walk on the wild side, he gives her a taste of the freedom she craves, never expecting that one unforgettable night could turn into something more.Two Hearts on Thin Ice…Chicago, Vancouver, Paris… the international figure skating season unfolds. Tabitha and Daniil compete and fall in love, but as the pressure mounts in a make-or-break season, can they set aside their painful pasts and spiral into a shining future together… or will their dreams shatter like thin ice?...

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Shining Through Reviews

  • Books, Coffee & Passion
    2019-05-01 07:42

    Books, Coffee & PassionShining Through is the fourth book in the Red Hot Russians series but it can be read as a standalone. I’ve read the second book in this series (you can read my review of Turning it on here) and honestly, after reading Shining Through, I think I need to go back and read the complete series!Tabitha is America’s golden girl, some call her The Ice Princess and she has a high chance of winning a gold medal on figure skating. The ultimate dream of any athlete. But Tabitha is starting to slip, after all everyone’s expectations are high, her trainer, her family, her country, but the highest of them all – her own. She wants to make it up to her family, after all that they sacrificed for her career, but she can’t seem to find her passion while performing, she’s struggling to connect with her inner self and to let her emotions shine in the rink. Even though her technique is flawless, she finds herself at odds with her program and she knows she has to get it all together to really have a chance to win gold. She’s aiming for perfection but she feels she is still far from it.Daniil is the hottest bad boy in the rink, a figure skater too, he’s known to get in trouble from time to time, oh well – most of the time. But Daniil is determined to succeed, he wants nothing more than to compete at his best level yet and to get a place at the Winter Games. He knows he’s far from perfect but his competitive nature, his anger, his passion sets him apart from his competitors. He takes it all and leaves it all, flawlessly executed, in the rink. And he absolutely loves to prove people wrong!Tabitha watches Daniil practicing and loves his passionate and emotional performance, she knows Daniil has in his program what she’s been lacking and she’s drawn to him even before knowing who he really is. Daniil watched one of Tabitha’s interview during a troubling moment in his life and thinks she is stunningly beautiful, he actually hopes he gets to meet her and when he does… sparks are flying and their chemistry is undeniable. But… can they have a future together?I loved how Elizabeth Harmon characterized both Daniil and Tabitha physically and emotionally. I have both of them perfectly pictured in my mind! There were a lot of secondary characters which some times could be a little distracting, even though I really enjoyed Tabitha’s sister and the coaches/choreographers moments. Daniil and Tabitha’s love story is unique, I loved the figure skating world: the pressure, the hard work, the competitiveness, the hopes and expectations. And mostly I loved how two strong characters that were fighting to reach their dreams, deeply needed one another to achieve something even more important than that: their true selves. Absolutely delightful!If you love a heart warming romance I highly recommend Shinning Through: with hot Russians, intense chemistry, well developed characters, a not so glamorous figure ice skating world and a Winter Games competition, you won’t be able to put it down.

  • Elaine
    2019-04-30 08:40

    Whilst this is part of the Red Hot Russians series, I believe it works well as a standalone and you don’t need to read the others to appreciate and enjoy this story.Sometimes what you dreamed of and worked so hard for just gets to be too much. Tabitha Turner is nicknamed Miss Perfect. She’s America’s golden girl, hoping to win gold in the Winter Olympic Games figure skating competition, the Ice Princess . . . Whilst she’s still determined to succeed, she’s also had enough of the expectations and pressure. She’s ready for her own bit of ‘me time’. Contrastingly, Russian Daniil Andreev is also just as competitive but he also has his wild side and rarely conforms. Can two such driven skaters find each other behind the glitz and glamour of the skating world? Can they trust each other and overcome the pressures to give their mutual attraction the chance to grown into more?This is another brilliant book in this series, this time featuring two characters fighting against the odds to achieve their dreams. Watching their relationship develop through the story is great. The story provides lots of behind the scenes action and glimpses, putting the world of competitive figure skating under the spotlight as the story progresses. There are a multitude of secondary characters, from family to coaches, choreographers and so many others, all making their own contributions to the atmosphere and events. This is a fun read and I have no hesitation in recommending it and the other stories in the series! I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.

  • Tracy- OMGReads
    2019-05-11 04:26

    Tabitha, an American figure skater, meets Daniil, the bad boy of Russian figure skating while out on the circuit. The two have an instant chemistry, both knowing of the other prior to meeting in person. Tabitha is a worrier, she's focused and set on her path to the games. Daniil is determined to make it to the Winter Games as well. Their story, and watching their relationship develop over time was so cute. Their personalities suited each other well, both drawing strength from the other. The story was well written, and paced well. I found the story to be unique, and a sport that you don't read much about these days. The technical aspect of figure skating went a bit over my head at points, but it did not distract much from the story. The characters were well developed and relatable. Shining Through is the fourth book of a series, but it can be read as a standalone or as an introduction to the series. *Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads*

  • Elizabeth Harmon
    2019-05-05 06:16

    One of the best parts of being an author is sitting down to read your just published book as a reader. Though I've read through the manuscript dozens of times while writing and editing, it's a different experience to get lost in the story, just as I would with any other. While I know what's coming next and how it all ends, it's extremely gratifying to see how all that hard work came together in a story I can be proud of.If you love nice guys heros, slow burn romance, and figure skating give Shining Through, or any of my series books a try!

  • Isha Coleman
    2019-05-03 09:16

    The career of her dreams has become the life of her nightmares. Perfection is the goal and Tabitha is determined to deliver the goods, even if her heart is no longer in the sport. Shining Through is an up close and personal look at the drama behind the glamour of ice skating. There's grace, heat and romance. Ms. Harmon spotlights two characters working their way back, in an atmosphere that is as cold as the stage on which they perform. The excitement of competition has nothing on the sparks that heat up the connection between Daniil and Tabitha.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-23 08:40

    Shining Through was a bit of a masochistic choice for me to read right now as I’m still dealing with sadness and disappointment stemming from the outcome of this year’s US Nationals Figure Skating Championship. Although in a way, it ended up being a cathartic experience as I got to bask in the HEA of the leads which helped to quell any lingering heartache on my end. Well, that was an overly dramatic way to start a review. Let’s get to the actual book, shall we?Tabitha Turner, like many real life Olympic hopefuls, dreams of making it to the Winter Games. Known as the ‘ice queen’ of figure skating (I know, how original right?), Tabitha has always strived for absolute perfection. But with a fresh crop of talented young skaters nipping at her heels, stressful family drama at home, constant pressure from her coaches, all while the world watches and waits to see her either triumph or fail, Tabitha loses herself along the way. Gone is the passion and drive that has fueled her skating for as long as she can remember. Though her technique is virtually untouchable, inspiration has abandoned her and as figure skating is part athletic sport, part art, Tabitha knows she can’t win this way. Somehow she has to find the place where perfection ends and the real Tabitha begins. Enter one Daniil Andreev aka the ‘bad boy’ of figure skating. Bet you already know where this is going.Mix one supposed ice queen and one alleged bad boy, two polar opposites in every way and you’ve got a fun, albeit predictable setup. I loved it though. Sure, the romance between Tabitha and Daniil was more than a little insta, but it was also very sweet. And I really felt like they had made a connection, especially when it came to skating. Whereas Tabitha was caught up in maintaining her perfect image on and off the ice, Danill held nothing back and skated directly from his heart. They were well matched, even in their stark differences. Each offered the other an escape from the pressures of their chosen profession, while at the same time were always encouraging of each other’s goals and dreams. There were no roles to be played, no masks to wear when Tabitha and Daniil were together; only their real selves. That’s very special when you find someone you don’t have to hide from and who you can just be yourself with. I loved this aspect of their relationship so much.Something else I thought Elizabeth Harmon handled really well was her ability to believably convey just how difficult life is for professional, competitive figure skaters. It is not easy. In fact it’s nearly impossible when you think about it. The combination of physical strength and mental fortitude someone would have to have in order to do what they do is hard to imagine sometimes. Going out there time and time again, throwing your body into the air atop a giant ice cube and praying you land a jump cleanly without gravely injuring yourself in the process. Add that with performing in front of large crowds of people, picky as hell judging panels that keep track of every little flaw they may or may not see, all while you must execute a perfect routine of athletic ability and artistic awareness. Couple ALL THAT with the knowledge that it could all come to an end in a single moment. As much as I love to watch figure skating, I know it’s not an easy sport. And that’s putting it mildly. And yes, IT IS A SPORT. Naysayers be damned. Back to the point at hand, the author tapped into something real with Tabitha’s doubts, fears and dreams of gold. Her emotional journey was the heart of the book. I enjoyed watching her rediscover her passion for the sport that had dominated much of her life, all while falling in love with a really hot Russian. That said, I do feel like the writing itself could’ve been sharper as it read as a little too cheesy at times. But that’s just a minor nitpick I suppose.I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys figure skating and is looking for a breezy romance to enjoy. It wasn’t 4-star worthy in my opinion, but definitely worth the read.

  • Becky
    2019-04-27 07:41

    As someone who can't stop on ice skates without using the boards (that's why they're there, surely?) I've always loved watching other people skating, whether it's competitive figure skating or hockey. (Those are the only two sports that compete at the winter Olympics, right?) So reading about figure skaters and hockey players? Totally right up my alley. So when I heard that there was a new Red Hot Russians book, my response was, "Yes, please!"Shining Through was a solid addition to the series. Tabitha and Daniil are the couple who shouldn't work at all but somehow totally do. She's "America's Sweetheart" who's trying to finally bring home Olympic gold in her last competitive season, the girl whose family has made sacrifices for her to be able to skate her whole life. He's the son of a Russian oligarch who's rebelled against...well, pretty much being the bad boy of ice skating, so much so that his own country's program won't sponsor his career. They shouldn't work together, yet somehow they do. Until they almost don't...I liked both Tabitha and Daniil--it was easy to root for them, both in their skating and in their relationship. Things were a tad bit rushed toward the end of the book, but as I was anxious for them to get to their HEA, I didn't mind too much. (Still--no actual page time for their Olympic routines was a bit of a bummer...)Shining Through is the fifth book in the series, but could absolutely be read as a standalone--some of the other series characters make appearances, but it's not necessary to have read their stories (yet!) to enjoy this one.Rating: 4 stars / B+I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-05-04 04:38

    Tabitha's figure-skating career would be complete if she'd win the Olympics. Tabitha has worked towards this goal her entire life. She has an impeccable reputation and has made a lot of sacrifices to get where she is today. The same goes for her family and Tabitha desperately wants to win to give something back to her mother and sister for what they've done for her. However, the pressure is immense and Tabitha has already failed before because of too much stress. Will she be able to handle it this time?When Tabitha meets Russian bad boy skater Daniil she realizes she should have some fun for the first time in her life. He's just as determined as she is to win and they have a lot in common, so he understands where she's coming from. Unfortunately Daniil also has a reputation. Should Tabitha believe everything that's being said about him? After one magical night a tempting invitation follows. Should Tabitha accept? Would spending time with Daniil harm her career or will she get a boost through skating together? What will happen to them when the season is at its peak, will they both win at the games and in love or will they end up with a broken heart and shattered dreams?Shining Through is a fascinating romantic story. I love ice skating and really enjoyed reading about Tabitha's career. She's a driven person, but she's also someone who doesn't always follow her dreams. Tabitha and Daniil come from different backgrounds and can learn from each other. Tabitha never takes anything for granted and has to work incredibly hard for every achievement. Daniil managed to get in trouble a few times, he never has to worry about money and he can do whatever he wants to do. He doesn't know what it's like to be loved though. He teaches Tabitha how to loosen up and she shows him how to take responsibility and put in as much effort as possible. Besides their common professional interests they have plenty of sparks and they are a good intellectual match as well, which is a great basis for a story.Elizabeth Harmon writes about competing, winning, losing, passion, love and dreams in a great descriptive way. It's easy to understand her main characters. I enjoyed reading about the movement on ice, the choice of music, the being part of something and the creativity of the athletes and their trainers. I liked how Elizabeth Harmon combines this with a wonderful love story. Shining Through is a terrific book filled with unexpected twists and turns.

  • Blue Falcon
    2019-05-19 08:17

    This review is of “Shining Through”, book #4 in the “Red Hot Russians” series by Elizabeth Harmon.“Shining Through” begins with an introduction to the heroine of the book, Tabitha Turner, 23. Tabitha is an American ladies singles skater who is hoping to win gold at the Olympics. We also learn about the dichotomy between Tabitha’s carefully cultivated-by her coaches-image and her real background, which bears some resemblance to another former American ladies singles skater. In Chapter 3, we are re-introduced to the hero of the book, Daniil Andreev. (Daniil appeared in “Red Hot Russians”, #3, “Getting it Back), and was an obnoxious bastard. He’s only slightly better here, as he is on trial for stealing a motorcycle. Once that issue is resolved, he travels to Chicago, where he meets Tabitha. (They share the same coaching teams). Tabitha and Daniil are immediately attracted to each other.As Tabitha and Daniil spend more time together, he teaches her about passion-on and off the ice-and she lets him into one of her career wishes. They fall in love, become lovers, then break up, then get back together again, all the while trying to fulfill their Olympic dreams.When Daniil finds himself in legal hot water at the Olympics, Tabitha puts her career-and reputation-on the line to save him. Daniil is exonerated, Tabitha fulfills her dreams and she and Daniil have their Happily Ever After.Upside: Ms. Harmon has written two really strong lead characters. She does a great job of exploring her characters emotions, both on and off the ice. I really hope Ms. Harmon continues writing about figure skaters, as I could see at least one character in this book getting their own story. Downside: Ms. Harmon goes to the well again in “Shining Through”; by that I mean that this is yet another book featuring characters from broken homes. While I understand that people come from these circumstances-I have first-hand knowledge of this subject-this shows to me a lack of foresight and imagination on Ms. Harmon’s part. Sex: Two relatively mild-to warm sex scenes.Violence: Daniil is accused of assault and battery at the Olympics. The alleged assault occurs “off-screen”.Bottom Line: “Shining Through” is not a 5 star book, but is a very good 4.8 star one.

  • LadyTechie
    2019-04-26 11:35

    Shining through is the fourth in the Red Hot Russians series which I received a copy in exchange for an honest review from Barclay Publicity and Netgalley. Daniil is an amazing, gorgeous, Russian skater trying to make the Russian team for the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, however, he also always has one foot in the neighborhood of trouble. He also is the son of a well-known Russian gangster. Tabitha is America's darling who is also trying to make the USA Olympic team for Grenoble. This is her last chance because she is now 23 years old. Despite the fact that she is extremely gifted and still young, her competitors are teenagers. For ice skating, she is considered too old. Danill has his eye on Tabitha and he hopes when he has a chance to meet her that she will be interested in him also. His hunch is right but there is so much against them. Russia and the US are not exactly friends and the Russian ice skating team is not exactly friendly with the US skating team. They also live in two different countries and Tabitha's public skating career is coming to an end while Danill's skating career continues. Tabitha is worried about her future and it makes it hard to focus on their relationship. Failing to make the Olympic team and win gold will mean an end to some of her more immediate dreams for helping her family. Shining through is a sweet love story for more than just Danill and Tabitha. It is also a great story about perseverance, dreams, goals and looking forward to the future. Review can also be seen at

  • Ruthie Taylor
    2019-05-11 04:27

    ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~This is the fourth book in the series - and whilst they are definitely linked, you could read this first and enjoy it in its own right (then go back and read the rest!).This installment gets us situated within the competitive world of singles skating, and the way that a 23 year old woman is basically passed it already in that world. Tabitha however has a mission to retire on a high and repay her family for their dedication to her career. As her routine does not incite passion in her, she fears that her technical skills will not be enough. I love how much sport there is in this book, and once we get Daniil's story woven in too, it is easy to get completely engaged and want them to do every routine perfectly. The issue of sponsorship, costs and coaches, as well as the requirements of diet and early nights all contribute to the story. But don't worry it is most definitely not all early nights! The relationship between Tabitha and Daniil is intense from the very beginning, and fits the way that they live. Inevitably it is not smooth as the ice they skate on, but then nothing worthwhile ever is...

  • Ana T.
    2019-05-09 09:17

    I'm really enjoying this ice skating series. Looking forward to the next one

  • Jas
    2019-04-25 12:16

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book in the series that I have read. It works as a stand alone. I will definitely be going back to read the previous books because I liked this one. I liked Harmon's writing and the world of figure skating. It was a new to me and interesting setting for a romance novel and I found it refreshing. I liked Tabitha and Daniil. Daniil was not really a bad boy but the pressures he faces were compelling. Tabitha is a very sympathetic character. I would not last a minute being stuck in the perfect persona she needs to portray to the world. The conflict in their relationship seemed unconvincing (their argument seemed so forced) and honestly unnecessary but it was dealt with quickly. On the whole I found this a fun book to escape into for an evening and would recommend it to others looking to do the same.

  • Lucy Dosch
    2019-05-18 10:41

    I didn’t realize that the Winter Olympics started. What perfect timing!Shining Through was a wonderful balance of characters, locations and the backstage hardships of competative figure skating.Shining Through was one of those $1.99 offers which came up on one of the many, many emails I receive every day about discount books. It caught my eye and I purchased a copy. Normally, I never actually read the books I purchase since I already have so many review books to read. It is more an obsessive behavior. Books are good, more books must be better. But this story popped up at just the right time and I decided I was in the mood for a nice figure skating story. I hadn’t read anything by Elizabeth Harmon before, but I grabbed it off my virtual shelf, crossed my fingers and hoped it wouldn’t disappoint.I am happy to tell you that this book far exceeded my expectations. At 367 pages, the author took her time building a captivating tale of a budding romance between an American “Good Girl” and a Russian “Bad Boy.”Tabitha Turner is the favorite to represent USA in the upcoming Olympics but she tries to hide the fact that her bio is a complete sham. She isn’t enrolled in Harvard, except a free online course. She isn’t engaged to one of her fellow skaters, she’s helping him cover up the fact that he is gay. She wasn’t a late comer to figure skating, her family couldn’t always scrape together the money for rink and coaching fees, so she would have to keep taking a break from her training. At an ancient 23 years old, this is Tabitha’s last chance to make the Olympics. Everything is riding on these next few performances to make the team so the last thing she needs right now is a distraction in the form of a hot Russian skater.Daniil Andreev was originally thrilled with the bad boy moniker ascribed to him in the press until he came face to face with the fact that everyone presumes the worst of him. He missed his chance at the prior Olympics by failing a drug test for using marijuana, but everyone just presumed it must have been for performance enhancing drugs, and no one, not even his coach, would come to his defense. The story starts off where Daniil is in Baltimore facing a charge of stealing a motorcycle for a joy ride while he contends that the man’s girlfriend told him to take it for a spin.It is while his is frantically waiting for the Court’s determination, knowing jail time will cost him his last shot at the Olympics, that he sees the TV tuned to a skating exhibition featuring the lovely American Tabitha Turner. As he watches her skate, he starts to calm down and then hopes that not only will he make the Russian team, but that his path will cross with Ms. Turner’s. He wants a chance to know her. When he sees her in Chicago, he beelines to introduce himself and the attraction between them is instant. But her coaches aren’t excited about the Russian bad boy hanging around their golden girl when she should be focused on winning gold.Tabitha admits that she has limited practical knowledge of men, except for her mother and sister’s bad choices. She has spent all her adolescence skating instead of dating. So she and Daniil take their time getting to know each other while supporting each other in their skating. But with each competition, the pressure mounts toward the final goal of Olympic gold. Can a blossoming relationship between a Russian bad boy and an American good girl withstand the building pressures from outside forces and within themselves?Of course, since I over think these things, I can’t help wonder why in stories such as this, why our main characters can’t just agree that they really want to give a relationship a try, but we need to hold off for just a few more months. Let’s just get to know each other by text and emails until this whole Olympic pressure is done and then let’s see where things go. It might be the difference between being 23 and being…not 23 anymore, and the fact that there wouldn’t be a story if they did that.What really made the story so engrossing if the fact that we really get an understanding of how much pressure they are under. Tabitha is fighting to get back her love for skating. Her technique is perfect but her performance has lost its shine. Daniil is fighting to get on a team that doesn’t want him. If he doesn’t dominate, they will shut him out. Even though their lives are so different, they want so much to be together, but an implosion is almost inevitable. We see the differences in how their marketing affects who they are when they are subjected to a rather horrible and mandatory random drug testing. When they arrive for Tabitha, the testers are apologetic to her; while the testers are outright nasty to Daniil and presumptuous that he will probably fail it anyway.The author find a happy balance in introducing the secondary characters so that they aren’t flat or stereotypical characters. For example, Tabitha’s mother at first glance seems like a neglectful mother and her sister seems like a typical rebellious teen looking for trouble. But it is more that her mother is horrible at relationships, a not-so-former rock groupie, she keeps making bad decisions about men, and ends up getting them kicked out of their home every few months, but she is also loving and supportive to Tabitha and her skating aspirations. The same can be said for her sister, she isn’t looking for trouble so much as looking to find her own creative niche. The other skaters aren’t true teammates since they are all competing for three spaces on the Olympic team and then they are all competing against each other for the Gold medal. Tabitha isn’t friends with any of them, and while they are cold to her, they aren’t introduced as evil or malicious. They are all just as dedicated as Tabitha to reach their dreams.Okay, this was a lot of words just to tell you that this lucky find turned out to be a really engaging story which I finished in a day. I was so pleased with the writing that I have also picked up a copy of Book 2, Turning It On (Red Hot Russians). While the skaters from Book 1 show up in Shining Through as coaches and they might have a great story too, I want to read about the Russian skater turned stripper and the reality show contestant first. This story was definitely worth the time and the $2 investment.

  • Jody
    2019-05-10 08:39

    Readers are once again pulled into the competitive world of ice skating in this fourth installment in the Red Hot Russians series that gives us a romance between the Golden Girl of skating and the bad boy just coming back from suspension. It’s a sweet and sexy tale of opposites attracting that vividly details the ups and downs of skating, the sacrifices and mental pressures associated with a sport known for its artistry. Add in a bit of melodrama that came out of left field and readers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see if Daniil and Tabitha win gold at the Olympics as well as get their HEA.Tabitha Turner’s road to gold has been a tough one from childhood. The daughter of a single parent meant money was tight and the sacrifices many for their entire family. Numerous moves, begging for ice time, and devoting herself to being the best made for a lonely life for Tabitha. While her sister got to be the Wild Child, Tabitha constantly honed her craft and kept her reputation pristine in hopes of gaining endorsements and keeping her benefactor happy. Seeing others living lives she longs for is starting to wear on her though and just as the most important year in her skating life begins she decides to take her own walk on the wild side. The moment she saw Daniil Andreev on the ice she was obsessed. He was every decadent delight she always wanted to sample and when one clandestine night of fun leads to friendship, he’ll be her guide to living life to the fullest. With Daniil, Tabitha can finally be herself and fully express all her hopes and fears. As their relationship takes a more sensual turn, she finds that love quickly becomes a distraction...but is it a distraction worth sacrificing her future for or will she let Daniil take the fall when vindictive individuals try to sabotage his chances of winning? Tabitha’s a likable character who knows how much her family has sacrificed for her and is desperate to be successful so she can repay them for all they gave up for her dream. Though her image of being the Golden Girl of skating will lead to endorsements she becomes resentful of that image as she longs to do more than just skate. She wants to be like other young women and Daniil is just the person to help her experience everything she’s always wanted to try. She knew of Daniil’s past and seemed to accept it, but when a disastrous performance has her lashing out she throws his questionable past in his face which left me disappointed. Her decision to keep their relationship secret started off with a reasonable excuse but as time went on I started to get annoyed with her for it. For all the love and support Daniil gave her she threw his feelings back at him in a heartbreaking moment that she was able to luckily redeem herself from courtesy of a Grand Gesture. For all the hard work she put in, for the admirable reasons she wants to succeed, I was left rooting for her every step of the way both on and off the ice to reach her HEA.Daniil Andreev has a colorful past as the son of a model and a mafia don. He started out playing hockey but started ice skating to embarrass his father. There wasn’t a lot of love from his parents growing up, but there was lots of money which made things easy for him. With money, and the need for attention, Daniil quickly came to be seen as the Bad Boy of the ice with lots of partying and women surrounding him. It all eventually catches up to him though with a suspension and being cut loose from the support of the Russian Federation. Wanting to be taken seriously he works his way back to the ice with a goal of getting Olympic gold. The moment he sees Tabitha though he’s obsessed and becomes determined to make himself worthy of America’s Sweetheart in a journey of cutting ties with his past and finding HEA despite all the roadblocks that get in the way. Daniil’s oh so sexy and surprisingly sweet. He doesn’t rush Tabitha when it comes to his feelings for her, he’s happy to start off as her friend. As they grow closer, heartfelt talks lead to secretive encounters as she has her own reasons for keeping him as her dirty little secret. Those reasons saddened him and frustrated me which caused big problems later on in the story. That wasn’t the only bump in the road late in the story for Daniil as a crime he’s charged with came out of the blue and felt a bit melodramatic. It invaded the lovely romance brewing between the two of them and felt unnecessary to the storyline as there was already plenty of emotional angst weighing on the both of them. On a whole I found myself enamored with Daniil and his bad boy persona that hid a heart of gold, who just wanted to be loved, and who I was cheering for from the moment I first saw him.Daniil’s love of skating shines through in this story, and he’s just the thing Tabitha needs to find joy in skating once again. This made their time on the ice together combustible in scenes teeming with sexual tension and happiness. It’s clear Ms. Harmon knows a lot about ice skating as she vividly depicted all the ins and outs of competition and being in the spotlight. Her love of the sport is more than obvious and kept me fully invested in these character’s outcomes in scenes that left my heart pounding each time they took off from the ice until they landed. I enjoyed seeing skaters from past installments in the series and the feeling of family this sport engendered in all of them. The romance between Daniil and Tabitha was sweet and sexy and was nicely balanced with the obligations of being an ice skater where it’s not always glamorous and people aren’t who they always appear. This is another satisfying addition to the Red Hot Russians series and I hope that the author has many more books on the horizon as it’s a compelling series full of appealing characters and action-packed scenes on and off the ice.

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-04-27 08:22

    Shining Through is the very first book that I've read by Elizabeth Harmon, and once again, I find myself late to another awesome party! This is book 4 in the Red Hot Russians party, and I find myself cheated that I missed so much at this point, as I LOVED this story a ton! Tabitha Turner is known as the Ice Queen in her world of figure skating, and she's on track to win gold in the Winter Games. She knows this is her last chance, as her age is considered old, but for whatever reason, she's not feeling the passion. Enter Russia's bad boy, Daniil Andreev. He's on his last legs as well, especially since his former antics will never be forgotten, so he must walk the straight and narrow while winning. He finally meets Tabitha, and there's something about her that he is drawn to, so he's determined to give her a walk on the wild side. As their worlds collide, they find themselves falling in love, but with the pressure mounting, will they have a chance at a future together? As I said above, I absolutely LOVED this story, and devoured it in one sitting. Tabitha was a great good girl, while Daniil was mouth watering addictive. Together the sexy times shot sparks out of my kindle. With a colorful cast of secondaries, and a few twists & turns, this story was sweet, intense, sexy, and just fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • JoAnna G
    2019-05-26 04:31

    This is book four in the Red Hot Russians series Since I had never read this author before and saw that it was about figure skating and since the Olympics is just around the corner I decided to give it a go. I love all things on the ice. I liked this book too, but I must admit it was a bit slow in the beginning. The pace picks up then I whole heartily enjoyed this cute romance. The writing is good and you get a good feel for figure skating which is good as well. You have Tabitha and she is nearing the end of her career. She is lost and my heart was saddened for her. She is called the Ice Princess and has a reputation to uphold. Tabitha is on the path to win. She doesn’t want anything stopping her taking her mind off what she needs to do for her family, even though her heart isn’t in it anymore. She questions everything.There is so much more to her than meets the eye. She meets Daniil and he has a bit of a reputation as well. Just not a good one to have. He is the bad boy on the ice and off.We all love a bad boy. Well, I know that I do. Boy, let me say he is a bad boy but then he isn’t. I really liked him and he was sweet to Tabitha. He pushes her and makes her see what is really in her heart. Daniil doesn't really have the support of his country behind him to compete. These two together are great and exactly what the other needs. Daniil is there for her. He supports her and listens. I found myself rooting for these two from the get-go. They have great chemistry on and off the ice. When they skate together and I was reading I felt like I was there watching them. I was pulled in from that point on. They will melt your heart and draw you in and laugh at times. Then you may hurt for them. Shining Through had all the feels. I liked the secondary characters especially Daniil coaches and Tabitha’s sister.I really enjoyed this story even though I had not read the others in the series I was not lost at all.

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-05-10 08:15

    One sweetheart and one rogue. . . together they make more of life for each other. They allow there worlds to collide and this season will be their season to show the world what they can do. Tabitha and Daniil had me wanting to read so much more of their Red Hot connection. I want more of the other from the series. Tabitha needs to find her passion. She needs to open up and live. She needs to find what makes her burn. She was not anticipating Daniil. He was a whole lot of bad. Competitive. Bad. Passionate. He the fire she needs to make her better. Together they are more and not what the world wants.My first read from Ms. Harmon and I found a connection to these to young, talented athletes. Shining Through was warm, strong, intense, great characters, amazing scenery, a real page turner.

  • Lassarina Aoibhell
    2019-04-25 04:35

    I can't quite decide what I think of this book. I see shades of the Tonya Harding story in Tabitha--disadvantaged and working hard to appear like she's not. I liked Daniil and the little glimpses he gave into past couples from this series. I loved the way the plot came together at the end, the way both of them changed throughout the story.That said, I was thrown by little proofreading errors in the book, and some of the conflict felt either pasted-on or, alternately, a little too on the nose in trying to make a point about modern sports, and I wasn't entirely comfortable with that.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-25 08:19

    4 Stars

  • Catherine Stein
    2019-05-16 06:24

    Nice sports romance with great characters.