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Rule #1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.Rule #2: Never kiss a vampire . . .Rule #1: Never get involved with someone who won't be there for you when the sun comes up.Once bitten, twice shy, and sexy PI Jackie Morrisey wasn't going there again. Vincent Argeneau may be the hottest guy she's ever met, living or dead, but she's here to stop a killer from turning this vampire into dust, not to jump into bed with him.Rule #2: Never kiss a vampire . . . it can be a pain in the neck.Okay, so Vincent's had four hundred years to perfect his kissing skills, and he does look rather tempting when he runs around the house shirtless. He's also charming, protective . . . did we mention he can kiss? Jackie needs to be on her guard, or else she'll have to come up with a new rule: If you're going to fall in love with a vampire, make sure it's a bite to remember....

Title : A Bite to Remember
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A Bite to Remember Reviews

  • Jilly
    2019-05-31 07:44

    You know when you are reading a series and there is a side character that is really fun and cool and you're thinking, "Oh, I can't wait until he gets his book!" and then he does and suddenly he isn't so fun and cool anymore, but kind of a boring guy? And then you're all, "What the hell happened to the guy with the charm who was cracking me up in the last book?"Yeah, that.It wasn't terrible or anything. Just not anything to write home about. Or, a review, in this case.

  • CC
    2019-06-03 07:55

    I am pretty much sick of writing reviews for this series. I think that is a sign I need a break from it! This book sucked. It did not make me mad, hence the 2 stars for a sucky book. It was boring, the hero was a wuss, the heroine was supposed to be tough but ended up being a wuss too. They definitely did NOT act like they were life mates. He let another man kiss her!!!!! How is that ok - ever?!?! They did not pass out during/after sex (like every single other couple in the series). They were unsure of each other until the very end. There was a funny scene in the beginning with the hero going shopping but it was downhill from there. I listened to the audio version and the narrator made Tiny sound like a dopey, stupid lug. I have no idea if he reads that way. I would totally skip this installment in the series.

  • Anne
    2019-05-29 03:27

    It's an Argeneau book. They all seem to have basically the same sort of plot...ish. It's not a bad thing necessarily, but if you've read one, you've kind of read them all.Still, I'll be the first one to admit that I find them a fun way to pass the time, and A Bite to Remember is no exception.It's got a halfway decent mystery and a cute romance (although I did get a bit bored with the love scenes and had to start skimming).I'd recommend it for the beach, but not for a book club. Well, unless it's a Lynsay Sands' book club.

  • Natasha
    2019-06-13 07:26

    What a great book!A Bite to Remember is the fifth installment in the Argeneau series. The Argeneau's are turning out to be very interesting and fun!Honestly, I enjoy Lynsay Sands, but this book is my favorite by far.It has even more action, romance, mystery and suspense than the other books combined. The other books I've read by her are still great but I find they are a bit simple and straightforward. But she does have a interesting twist on the creation of vampires that hearkens back to the times of Atlantis. So let's get down to why this book was so good..Private Investigator, Jackie Morrisey is hired by Vincent Argeneau to help him out with a business problem that has turned critical. Someone disrupted the plays put on by his production company, and it's only the beginning. Vincent's present production, Dracula on Broadway (ironically), is turning out to be a nightmare. Several actors are injured in “accidents” and an entire cast is struck with contagious anemia.Nothing's going right and the opening date is getting closer. Vincent needs help tracking down the person responsible for the sabotage..but he didn't realize she would be human, and attractive. But she’s one of few mortals who know about vampires and is trusted by the Argeneau family. She's also amazing at what she does. What they both don't realize is the saboteur is about to get worse, and when people start getting hurt and it hits close to home they may very well be over their heads with this case. Jackie Morrisey and Vincent Argeneau are the main characters of this novel, but it also features Tiny(Jackie's partner and best friend, of whom is not tiny in any way, being way over 6 feet in height).The lovely Marguerite (Vincent's Aunt and Basien's very stubborn mother). Christian Notte, Dante and Tommaso. Vincent is one of my dream characters. He's tall, handsome, strong but also very caring and sweet. He's kind to everyone, even if it isn't deserved. I liked his character from the first chapter, even if he wasn't so sweet to start with. Jackie is also a strong character. She has a painful past that catches up with her in this book. And I'm happy to say she is a great protagonist. She's curious and stubborn and can be cranky as hell, but she was really fun to read and in ways is easy to relate to. Doesn't everyone have a ex they'd rather not see again?Sure, this is a very beautiful love story, but it's not constantly focused on that aspect, like in many others. It truly has a great developed plot and enough twists and turns that kept me wanting more!If you love Vampires, Romance, Suspense and mystery..this is the book for you! It's great for a summer day read!

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-18 02:29

    YAY! Another book that was hard to put down. This book centered around Vincent Argeneau whom we were introduced to in the last book. He is an actor and heads his own production company to oversee all his plays. When one too many accidents happen that force him to close down play after play - he realizes these might not be accidents after all. He contacts his cousin Bastien who sends out the P.I. his company uses on a regular basis. (I assume Vampires need P.I.'s more often than us normies - so I cut this a little slack here.)Much to Vincent's surprise - Bastien sent him Jackie Morrisey and her partner Tiny. Vincent opens the door and not only finds a woman but a mortal! OHMYGOSH! It's the perfect set up for this book and the tango Jackie and Vincent dance with the background noise of a genuine mystery kept me enthralled. Also - I love that Tiny is built like a mac truck but has a tender heart and loves to cook. Ahhhhhh. What a fun read. Makes me wish for a rainy pajama day to curl up with it. On to book 6!

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-06-07 06:28

    Someone is sabotaging Vincent Argeneau's business and each act sabotage is getting more violent. He reaches out to his cousin Bastien, who hires Tiny and Jackie Morrisey. What Vincent does not realise that the private investigators are human. He is not exactly open to the idea but Bastien assures him that both of them know all about vampires and are skilled at what they do. Vincent know has to deal with mortals in his home, a saboteur and his aunt Marguerite, who has decided its time for Vincent to find a life mate because he has become despondent. Jackie is a typical paranormal heroine and so of course has a tortured past. Both of her parents are dead and her mother died when she was just a child. Jackie has been in one relationship with a vampire and it didn't end well. Essentially from the moment she met Cassius, she was enamored with him and even dated him behind her fathers back. This went on until she learned had been toying with her and was taking control of her mind and body, forcing her to do things against her will. Sands took great care to point out that this was a violation of Jackie's person, but she never explicitly labelled the sex that occurred rape. Sands even compared when Lily took over Tiny's body briefly to what Cassius did to Jackie.One of the more interesting characters in this book is Tiny. He is Jackie's partner and we are constantly reminded that his name is a misnomer because is in fact a very large man. I don't know about you, but a large man with the name Tiny didn't actually read as creative. Tiny absolutely loves to cook, but Sands often used this fact to emasculate him.Tiny had taken a gourmet cooking course years ago and she'd often caught him leafing through women's magazines over the years, looking at recipes. She suspected Tiny was a very small woman in a large man's body, which was probably why they got along so well. Her father always claimed she was a big tough guy in a little woman's body. (page 33)Paranormal romance often sticks to extremely binary gender roles and as you can see from the above passage, performing one's gender is absolutely essential to the story. Despite his size and identifying as male, Tiny is not masculine because he enjoys cooking. It's absolutely ridiculous given the rampant sexism in the food industry which constructs all good chefs as men, even as it blocks avenues to success for women. In this case, Tiny cooks as a way to nurture and it is the fact that he does this for no pay that Sands felt comfortable using this skill to assert that he is somehow subverting traditional masculinity.Quite a few times in A Bite to Remember, Jackie asserted that he body is not perfect because she has not been able to loose 10-15 pounds to fit into our current idealized body size for women. After she is turned into a vampire, Jackie is shocked that the nanos didn't take care of this for her. In a heart to heart Marguerite explains: "The nanos do see you are at your peak condition . So, if you haven't lost any weight, this size is your peak. It's the healthiest weight for you." She tilted her head."And you look a perfect weight to me, dear. I'm afraid your belief in what is attractive has been coloured by Hollywood's Twiggy-type figures. That isn't a natural weight for most women ... Including you." (page 166)I loved this passage. I loved that Sands took on the idealized shape and form women are pushed to conform to and declared unequivocally ridiculous. How many women are walking around starving themselves to fit into a standard that is natural for them? I think that this is a very important passage and I am glad that Sands made this point. We don't all have to be the same size and shape to be sexy and beautiful. In a book geared to women, written by a woman, this is an extremely important point to make.The Argeneau series continues to be incredibly erased. All of the characters have been straight and White. For the first time, we have a same sex interaction in this series and it us fraught with problems. Jackie is approached by a woman in the bathroom for sex and given the erasure of GLBT people in this series, her response is absolutely horrible.Nothing on God's green earth could have stopped her from whirling to face the girl with a look of abject horror and disbelief. Jackie even almost blurted, Do I look gay to you? before catching herself back, but it was her first thought. A Stupid one, she acknowledged. You couldn't tell someone's sexual preference by their looks. (page 130-131)Read More

  • Amyiw
    2019-05-23 08:54

    Sad, sad day. I always could rely on Sands, always, always... but this was a disappointment.Wow, I really hate to give a book of Sands a bad review and maybe it should get one and a half stars for the quick story at the end but this was bad, and I don't understand the 5 star reviews.1. The Private Investigator is incompetent. (view spoiler)[She never goes over the background of all the employes that she meets. Doesn't even ask about the closest ones to Vincent. Does put safeguards into place after the first break in so that a mortal guards the door? You have 6 vampires and the mortals answer the door? (hide spoiler)]2. As some of the books go, the hero, Vincent, drags his feet to test whether he can read Jackie and find out if she is his lifemate. Too bad because if he had, maybe there would have been more sex and dreams, etc.. to make up for...3. the lack of... everything, sex (not enough), plot (view spoiler)[(Vincent keeps on getting attacked and they never learn anything, nothing they do helps in the investigation, and the only reason they catch the bad guy in the end is because of a fluke of spotting someone in a passing car? Then the reasoning behind the attacks is told and it is a total out of the left field reason) (hide spoiler)].4. The story line doesn't hold up to explanations on how things work for immortals. (view spoiler)[OK, immortals get stronger as they get older, so how does the 'bad guy' have so much mental control? Why in the end, with 5 old immortals, could they not just take over the other's mind?(hide spoiler)]5. Sex, I kept waiting as Sands can really put sex scenes out but... (view spoiler)[one OK scene, one rushed sex scene and a scant dream scene. None of the orgasmic sex bites, really none, and no fainting from the first immortal orgasm. Even Lucian passed out after his first with his lifemate because he had abstained for so long. I've read 'A Quick Bite', 'Love Bites', 'Single White Vampire', 'Bite Me If You Can', and 'The Accidental Vampire', of Sands' vampire series and all had the fainting/ love bites, and pretty good to great sex. (hide spoiler)]6. Fun, where was the laughs. When I want a fun read, at least some laughs, I pick up a Sands. Some of her books are more serious than others, but she always infuses a little humor. I think I laughed once and it wasn't the 'I can't stop laughing, I'm crying' that many of her novels have inspired but a chuckle.7. An unresolved occurrence in the book, (view spoiler)[the guy who gets turned doesn't have any of the cramps and thrashing, screaming, etc... They never talk to him again and you never hear about whether he is alright with it. You never find out why it didn't hurt him like turnings do. (hide spoiler)]OK, so is there any good? Well we meet some European vampires half way through and they have some character so further stories probably will be made. Then there is Tiny who is a mortal character. And we get to see who Marguerite leaves with to Europe. The only reason to read it would be for this, not a good enough reason. I would say to skip this one.I cannot believe I just said that about a Lynsay Sands book. Wow. And I don't know why the other reviewers rated this one so highly.

  • Pixie
    2019-06-04 10:39

    I believe I read this in 2007 or maybe early 2008? I can't remember exactly, so I've just left the date to "not set". I know it's been a few years since I've read it. Haha. But the interesting thing is... I didn't forget that I did enjoy this book. I believe I've already stated in one review before that I don't read much erotica in general. It's not much my genre type. I don't have anything against it... I just have never been a huge fan, with the exception of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series (and even with that series, I'm not a huge fan of the erotica elements, and more fan of the storyline). Anyway, normally when I pick up an erotica, it's because a friend has loaned it to me or recommended it to me so much that I've went and bought it to see if it's really that good. In the case of A Bite To Remember, it was something a bit different. I saw it sitting on the bookshelf and the cover was interesting. I was out of material to read at the time and the blurb caught my interest enough to where I purchased it on a whim. A book that was in a genre that normally doesn't appeal to me, just out of nowhere.At the time, I had no clue that it was actually a part of a series, either.And even while reading it, I didn't know. I didn't learn about the series until later after finishing the book. I thought it read very well as a stand-alone piece. And that in itself was good for me. I thought the characters and action were well thought-out and structured. I also liked the fact that there was an actual storyline there, too, and not all about just sex. That's what I dislike about a lot of eroticas. The lack of a true story. But this one had a story, so that earned bonus points there. And while it probably was not a "wow" piece or some great, amazing piece of literature, it entertained, and I enjoyed it. I have yet to read anything else of this series... but thinking back now on how I did enjoy this book after all... well, I may just have to start looking into them sometime soon. :)

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-06-01 03:26

    3.5 StarsEven though I feel this book was better than the last one, I did not get the same feeling I was expecting from this series. There was an ok connection between Jackie and Vincent, which was completely lacking in the last book, it just wasn't anything special. I still like Margarite. Tiny was a cute character too (please tell me that's not who Margarite will end up with!).The plot development felt like it was just going around in circles, nothing ever really happening! And I missed the humor! I don't think there was one funny memorable moment in the whole book. One thing I was happy about was the fact that there was no storyline about the wedding of the couple that got together in the previous book! What a relief, I was starting to worry that would be the theme of the whole series. I also liked that the turning of Jackie was dealt with in a new way. And I really wasn't expecting the end result of who the saboteur was, so I was pleasantly surprised, even though the motive was a bit silly.

  • Kinga
    2019-06-10 03:40

    Vincent, the easy going funny and smily vampire and Jackie, the serious immortal-hater kind of detective. I love the pair. She's an amazing woman and matches Vincent well and they make quite the lovely couple. But then again I might be biased. I like the earlier couples more than those around the 20th book.

  •  ♥♥Mari♥♥
    2019-06-15 05:44

    The cover of this edition, published by Gollancz, is somewhat misleading; this is by no means a creepy novel, in spite of that unfortunate little trickle of blood running out of the guy's mouth. I had already read this years ago, and really enjoyed it. So, I bought this edition (because of the good-looking guy on the cover) and dove in again, with the intention of reviewing the book this time around.Most people unfamiliar with the paranormal genre would most likely assume that vampires and humor really don't mix at all. They would be totally wrong. First of all, there's a difference between the paranormal romance vampire and the vampire of traditional horror stories. These romance vamps are not bad guys at all. In the case of Lynsay Sands, they can be funny, as well. Sands' vampire world has a very unique origin, too; her characters are descendants of the ancient Atlanteans, who, with their advanced science and technology, created miniature mechanisms known as "nanos". Their whole function is to keep their host in peak physical and mental condition, totally free from disease and the aging process. Since these microscopic gadgets live within the bloodstream, they need blood in order to perform their work. Thus, the vamps in this series are really scientifically-enhanced humans who need to consume blood for the nanos to perform their duties. However, these vampires are not soulless monsters who suck their victims dry. In these modern times, they don't bite people at all, unless there's some very rare reason for it. Instead, they consume their liquid food from bags provided by blood banks. In this particular novel, which is the fifth in the series (it was the first one I read, though), the reader again encounters the lovable, easygoing Vincent Argeneau, a four-hundred-year-old actor who decided on his career after meeting Shakespeare at the age of 10. Currently owner of a play production company, he needs help finding out who is sabotaging his productions, and why.Vincent first appeared in the previous novel in the series, titled Tall, Dark and Hungry. A new character, Jackie Morrisey, detective, is introduced in the present novel. Together with her giant-sized assistant, appropriately named "Tiny", she is hired by Vincent to nab the elusive saboteur.This is a fun and lighthearted read, in spite of a murder and some other pretty serious criminal events. The dialogues between the characters are very witty, however. Vincent and Jackie are perfect together. Jackie is a very active, independent person, constantly coming up with ideas on how they might find the saboteur, while Vincent is very endearingly sexy, laid-back, and as sweet as can be. Although he's a very wealthy man, there's not an ounce of arrogance in him; instead, he's very down-to-earth, and his concern for his employees is exemplary. Jackie slowly warms up to him, as she discovers that not all immortals are as bad as her ex, who totally abused and controlled her. As determined as she is to stand on her own two feet, she can't help but be enchanted with Vincent, and consequently, some of her long-held emotional armor begins to chip away. Their romance is full of some totally hilarious twists and turns.The mystery is developed very well throughout the novel; I was sure at first that I had the right person as the saboteur, only to be totally surprised in the last few chapters. Throughout, Sands skillfully maintains the suspense, as well as the increasing sexual tension between the main protagonists. There are several scenes in which the interaction between Vincent and Jackie is totally adorable, and not "cheesy" at all.I also like the characters Tiny McGraw and Marguerite Argeneau, who is Vincent's aunt. These two became platonic friends way before the novel's conclusion, and I loved the way they cared for Jackie, giving her emotional support when necessary. Marguerite, in fact, became like a second mother to Jackie, something I found very endearing.There were other interesting minor characters as well, such as Christian and Marcus Notte, and their cousins, Dante and Tommaso, who were even taller than Tiny, and loved to scarf down half a pizza each (yes, these vamps eat regular food, too), with the expectation that seconds were on the way. The villain was convincingly, if also very sadly, evil. I never would have thought this person would ever have committed the acts of sabotage described in the novel, nor would I have expected this same person to go as far as to kill someone. Kudos to Sands for effectively hiding the villain's identity as long as necessary! I did think that the end of the novel was a bit drawn out. The villain engaged in the frequently-used technique -- which I believe is more common in films than novels -- of describing and explaining their previous crimes to the potential victim before they actually proceed to kill them. This type of thing is a little too overused. Besides, it's obvious that real criminals would never act this way.There are a couple of things I dislike about the vampires created by Sands; one of them is their ability to take over the minds of humans in order to control their behavior. They can also "wipe" the humans' minds, so these unsuspecting folks will entirely lose their memories of certain events the vampires might not want them to remember. Of course, in the hands of a an evil vamp, these powers would be used to harm humans. Vincent would never do that, but I'm still uncomfortable with the concept. I just don't like the whole idea of mind control. Mind reading, which is another power these characters have, is somehow not as disturbing to me. The ethical vamps, like the Argeneaus, don't read humans' minds without permission. Although this novel kept me engaged all the way through to the end, the above points brought my rating down to four stars. It was very well-written, though, and was otherwise a very enjoyable read. The title of this novel is also a rather witty one; it reminds me of the old Cary Grant film, "An Affair to Remember".As vampire romance novels go, I would definitely recommend A Bite to Remember, in spite of the negative aspects mentioned above. Besides being a fun read, it could even be categorized as "a cozy mystery". Also, there's little to no profanity in it (with NO "F bombs"), and the love scenes are very sweet, instead of raunchy. This is the type of book for a romance lover to curl up with, on any night of the year! For more of my reviews, please visit my blog, A NIGHT’S DREAM OF BOOKS.

  • Taylor Hull
    2019-06-11 03:42

    "Never judge a book by its cover." We have all heard that saying before, and it's true! You never truly know a person until you take the time to know them. Another great read by Lynsay Sands. It's my 2nd time reading this series, and I love it even more than the 1st time. You won't be disappointed with these books!

  • Francais Parker
    2019-06-13 04:27

    World-building: AMythology: A-Suspense: B+Plot-Twists: AGirl Power: AGuy Hero: A-Love Interests: AFeels: A-For you clean-readers: this one DOES have mature content. Some scene-skipping/self-editing will be needed to read this one.

  • Coral
    2019-05-18 06:39

    Plot: 3/5Characterisation: 3/5Prose: 4/5How much I enjoyed it: 3/5

  • Jenn
    2019-06-06 07:28

    It's been about four years or so since I've read Lynsay Sands. I was going through my boxes of books this past weekend in advance of our upcoming move and I rediscovered her books. Instantly, I was reminded how much I'd loved her world and vampire mythos — one of the most unique I've come across — and quite eagerly purchased the ebooks for A BITE TO REMEMBER and BITE ME IF YOU CAN.I was a little worried, truthfully, that four years away from the world she'd created would dampen my enthusiasm for it. I'm thankful to report that wasn't the case.Though I forget a lot of the details about the previous books, A BITE TO REMEMBER is written so you don't need to have encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the world. I found I was easily able to jump right back into it and get absorbed in the story.An actor who's been in the biz for about 400 years, Vincent Argeneau is also a successful businessman. When a series of escalating 'accidents' occurs at his plays, he turns to his cousin, Bastien, for help. Bastien, in turn, hires Jackie Morrisey, a private detective who knows all about immortals. As the incidents continue to increase in seriousness, Vincent and Jackie realize that they're dealing with an immortal who is proving impossible to stop.One of the things I've always loved about Ms. Sands' books is that her vampires are not the stereotypical dark, brooding, tortured monster. For the most part, if I recall correctly, they're actually pretty average. Rich, of course, and with concerns that go beyond the average person's, but they're fully rounded individuals with a full spectrum of personalities. Vincent is no exception. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy, despite being one of the few vampires that needs to feed from living hosts rather than blood bags. His family is concerned that he's begun to succumb to boredom — an immortal's worst enemy — though he doesn't see it in himself until Jackie arrives. Through her presence, he clearly finds the light and colour in the world again, and that's a fantastic development arc for him.Jackie was just my sort of heroine. Bright, sharp, and spunky, I loved her introductory scene. I had a huge smile on my face as I read it. I found her eminently likable and enjoyable to read. She was strong without being hard and unchangeable.On the downside of the book, I found the early revelation of why Jackie dislikes vampires to be a bit clunky, but it didn't detract from the overall story. The pacing, otherwise, was quite good. I would have liked to see more internal reaction from Jackie and Vincent to particular major events. Again, it didn't affect my enjoyment of the story to any great extent.I'm quite eager to dive into the next instalments of Ms. Sands' Argeneau series and very glad I've rediscovered it!

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-06-03 09:37

    Plot:Someone is sabotaging Vincent's plays and to his rescue comes a female PI, sexy, mortal, and with a bit of grudge against immortals. Then his aunt shows up too afraid that he is lonely and depressed.My thoughts:Shall I state my do not worry OCD peeps message again, ok. I read book 1 and now I read this one. Were there books in between yes, Vincent's aunt mentioned that his cousins had found life mates but that was it. And the nano thing was explained again and some other things. This book was a perfect stand alone novel. Trust me on this.Vincent then, an actor, 400 years old, and a bit tired of the hunt, and even sex. He has a disorder that the nanos can't fix. He needs to feed from a source, not bag of blood. He is a hottie, nice and cheery around others. Jackie is all business, good at what she does, and she has been bitten before and doesn't have happy memories of her old lover. But there was chemistry between this couple, even if it took some time for them to act on it.There is saboteur, and the hunt for this person. I kept wondering who it could be, and things will happen. That is all I am saying.This series is still very light, and with subtle humour here and there. Some romance, passion, danger, and interesting vampires. There was also one great side character and that was Jackie's associate Tiny, this huge guy who loved to work in the kitchen. I could just see him baking his muffins.Recommendation and final thoughts:I like this light series, and the Argenau family. They have a rich history and there are sure certain members of the family whose stories I would like to read. I also liked how easy it was to just jump into this series.

  • Allison
    2019-05-30 04:52

    I just started this book and so far. I don't like Jackie very much she is a bit of a jerk. She thinks she is better than any the vampires for some reason. I can't see myself liking her no matter what her reason is for acting like an a**.UpdateI know now what happen to Jackie and I must say it was terrible. But as an African-American woman I don't like prejudice in any form. While I would guard my mind around vampires I wouldn’t automatically be a jerk to one just because they are one. That is like me automatically being rude to a white person because one person did something horrible to me. You take a person as they are not based on the actions of someone lease. I would stop reading, but I like Vincent and would like to see him happy though I think he can do better.3/1/2011I took a very long time finishing this book. I kept stopping and starting again. I still must say I didn't care for Jackie. Although she changed in the end I already had a bad impression of her. I liked a little more then I didn't at the beginning but I still think Vincent could do better. The side story about the saboteur was very interesting. I really wanted to find out who it was and why. I loved Vincent's sacrifice for his friend he is such a good man. I also loved Tiny. He had me when he told Jackie that she was being a bitch he took the words right out of my mouth. Tiny is really sweet and I loved him. I book overall was pretty good. I was glad to see Vincent happy even if I didn't really care for the preson he was with.

  • Robin
    2019-05-19 06:44

    Very good entry in the series. While I've enjoyed all the books so far, the previous books were starting to feel very similar, i.e., the heroes and heroines after the first book were all alike and interchangeable, and I was feeling just a tad bored by the end of Book 4. But Book 5 shook it up a little bit. Our hero this time, Vincent, is a cousin to the previous heroes, and he's much less serious than they are, and more at ease in dealing with mortals and their world. The heroine is a mortal, but she's known about the immortals since she was 19 (though she doesn't like them), so in this book there was no need to go through the whole "oh my god there really are vampires" stuff. My only beef with this volume is that Jackie, the heroine, does not faint after having vampire sex the first time, whereas in the previous books, all the heroines did, and it was explained to them that all females do in the beginning. Not that I care if she faints, and I'm hoping that maybe the author just decided to "forget" about that part of the mythology, as I thought it was kind of ridiculous.Anyway, I very much enjoyed this, and it's made me excited again to continue the series

  • Bernadette
    2019-06-02 09:35

    I've been reading the Argeneau Series for 2 weeks now and I love the series but it was not exceptional, I love the concept of a new vampire breed... This is the 5th book and by far this is the book that really caught my attention. I also dig the 3rd book maybe because I'm a book lover by heart. In the 4th installment, Vincent made me laugh so I'm expecting so much for his story and it did not disappoint...Vincent is a happy-go-lucky vampire but deep inside he is losing everything, the love of life, food and enjoyment but that is until he met Jackie Morissey, the PI Bastien recommended to help him in his problem - someone is sabotaging his stage plays.I love that Jackie is an independent and a strong woman though she has an aversion to Vincent's kind due to her past experience with one. I also love how the H/H interact with each other. I also love Sands' wittiness and her books do not fail to make me laugh due to the fact that this family may be considered as an immortal's dysfunctional family. It was a good read and I almost did not sleep while reading the book it got me hooked... Waiting for Margueritte's story and Thomas (love Thomas!)

  • Jess
    2019-05-25 08:35

    This was the book that introduced to me Lynsay Sands. From the moment I opened this book all those years ago and got my first taste of her writing I haven't been able to to stop reading her books. She is one of the very few writers that can make me embarrass my self in public by making me laugh out loud at her characters. It is a Paranormal Romance with Vampires. She has a very different, more believable, take on the Vampire which I found extremely refreshing. In the story Vincent Argeneau has had to hire a private investigator because someone is trying to sabotage him. Of course we all know how the story is going to go. Guy meets girl, girl doesn't trust or like guy all that much, guy wins girl over in the end, throw in some humor, vampires, and sabotage, and BAM! You have this story. But don't let this overdone formula fool you. Lynsay does an excellent job of pacing the story that it keeps everything fresh and intriguing.

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog
    2019-06-08 10:36

    I adore Vincent, funny, quirky one of the Argeneau's best heroes to date.Description:The bestselling author of "A Quick Bite" continues her popular vampire series. Sexy private eye Jackie Morrisey admits Vincent Argeneau is the hottest guy she's ever met--dead or alive--but she's supposed to protect him from a killer, not fall in love with himMy Thoughts:LS stepped outside of her nucleus of the Argenteau family has introduced a whole new cast of characters and I for one find them more entertaining than the original. Vincent is awesome, sweet, funny, caring, but you can feel a bit of steel in him. Kate is a fire cracker and no one's fool. The suspense in the story gives it a new feel and the Italian connection adds more spice to the plot and gives the other characters a new flavour. Solid 4 stars from I"m anxious to read the next:)

  • Megan Altorfer
    2019-06-07 07:34

    Vincent is hard NOT to fall in love with! Smart, funny, and creative how can you not?!? But someone in Vincent's life is sabotaging his business and his cousin Bastien sends out Jackie and Tiny two P.I. To work on the case. They are one of the few mortals who know of these vampires. Vincent has been looking long and hard through his 400 years for his lifemate but hasn't found her until his aunt Marguerite suggests that Jackie MIGHT be the one he's been waiting for. Now that the possibility is there he is scared to find out for sure and to make matters worse Jackie has been hurt by a vampire before and because of that and her attraction to Vincent is being well rather bitchy to him.

  • Julie Paugh
    2019-05-23 04:42

    Vincent was a fun and upbeat character which is a welcome change from most of the brooding vampires we meet. Overall an okay read but I'm growing tired of the series...all the plots follow the same formula and the story tied up without me caring much one way or the other. I already know how it ends-happily of course. I swear, by the end, if I'd read the word, "sabotuer" one more time, I would have happily cracked my own head. And once you've read a few of these in the series, the repetitiveness gets on your nerves.

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-05-22 04:51

    This was a nice read! I like author Lyndsay Sands writing style. There is attraction, mystery, crime, passion and always I am relatively mystified until the end. I swear she is the queen of red herrings. I have developed quite a fascination with this series and even though I started reading them for the Wobble Reading Challenge I am going to have to read them all!

  • a &
    2019-06-03 08:36

    Vincent is a refreshing characters after reading all about the brooding, serious Argeneaus. He is unable to drink bagged blood which is a refreshing change from the usual. Jackie to me seems kind of annoying because she is unable to get Vincent's fun personality and seems kind of drab. I connected to Jackie's friend Tiny the best. I gave it a 5 but honestly you can skip this.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-07 09:55

    Sooo in this book we read about Vincent and Jackie, Marguerite is there for a long time and we meet Tiny, Christian, Marcus, Dante and Tomasso, who by the way are awsome!! I enjoyed this book inmensly and can't wait to read the next one. Bite me if you can. With Lucian yes!!!!!

  • Raina
    2019-06-15 03:32

    I just love how all of the books in this series are so intertwined you feel as if the stories are almost all occuring simultanously...or at least pretty darn closely so you really aren't missing out on anything.

  • Brenda (b)
    2019-05-28 08:34

    I liked that the plot wasn't just revisiting the same premise as the previous books in this series. Jackie and Vincent were likeable characters and I enjoyed meeting Tiny and the Notte cousins from Italy.

  • Lydia
    2019-05-19 08:33

    So predictable! I also found that i skipped a few pages because it went into too much lengthy detail about the saboteur.

  • Nicholle Fournier
    2019-05-27 10:36

    Awesome. I love all her books. I plan to go buy the rest asap. I would recommend her books to everyone I know.