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While on business on Florida's gorgeous Emerald Coast, Wendy Carnes spots a woman who unknowingly changes her life. "White Bikini Babe" is the personification of sex, clearly ready for action. Watching her makes Wendy wonder whether, by putting on a sexy bikini and getting a new attitude, she could land a hot beach guy of her own. Armed with a daring bikini and a new attiWhile on business on Florida's gorgeous Emerald Coast, Wendy Carnes spots a woman who unknowingly changes her life. "White Bikini Babe" is the personification of sex, clearly ready for action. Watching her makes Wendy wonder whether, by putting on a sexy bikini and getting a new attitude, she could land a hot beach guy of her own. Armed with a daring bikini and a new attitude--along with the journal in which she records her secret thoughts on the whole adventure--Wendy soon finds herself engaging in a wild and naughty affair with her perfect fantasy man, who pushes her to sexual extremes. But at what point does the game become reality? When does the person she pretends to be become the person she really is? And worse, what happens when her private diary falls into the wrong hands?...

Title : The Bikini Diaries
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The Bikini Diaries Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-04-07 16:54

    There's no question that The Bikini Diaries is a scorcher of a book--probably the hottest book in terms of sexual activity that I've read in a long, long time. But at times I felt that it was maybe too much of a good thing--there were moments when I thought "Okay, what haven't these two done yet?"--that I started to get a tad bored--it was a little sexual overload for my tastes. But boy oh boy, the scenes were explicit, graphic, some might say a little crude, and this is definitely one book where you'll need a pitcher (or should I say a bag) of ice nearby! Wendy and Brandon were two of the most oversexed (and over endowed) couples you're likely to read about. But the book wasn't totally about the sexual hijinks of the H/H--there was a plot and point to all the activity, and it did have a really, really sweet HEA.Wendy works as an assistant to a wealthy Chicago real estate investor. She's on a solo trip to scout out a possible investment for her boss, an upscale Florida property called Emerald Shores Beach Resort. While laying on the resort's beach, she notices a beautiful woman in a white bikini stroll by. Wendy's always considered herself kind of average, and wonders what it would be like to be like bikini girl--one of the "beautiful people" and an object of sexual desire. Wendy's 34 years old, and figures time is running out for her to be with a guy for pleasure's sake only, no feelings involved, and sets out to see if she can become an object of desire and land herself a hunky beach guy. Armed with a new attitude, a few new clothes and a daring black bikini that looks fabulous on her voluptuous figure, she decides to hit the resort's night spots for some job-related research and some possible pleasure. Wendy's got her heart set on finding a guy who will set free her inner bad-girl. Someone she can be 'nasty' with, someone who will inspire her to let her inhibitions run free, someone who she can be a sex goddess with for one night. And then she lays eyes on tall, blond and studly Brandon, and BINGO! This guy is exactly what she's looking for, and it doesn't take long for the two of them to connect physically. After an exhilarating night in a beach cabana where Wendy acts out fantasies she never knew she had, she realizes that she wants more, as does Brandon. As Wendy details her adventures in her journal, she makes sure to remind herself that she wants sex for pleasure only, that no feelings will be involved.Alabama boy Brandon Worth is a self-made millionaire, part owner of a resort that he conceived and built from the ground up. But now the resort is hurting a little financially, and he's looking for new investors. While he may have a few financial worries, his personal worries are few. There's been no shortage of women in his life, and while he's never committed to any or fallen in love, he likes his life just fine. Until he meets sexy badgirl-wannabe Wendy, he's never wanted to be with a woman for more than one night. But something about Wendy's good girl/bad girl personaltiy, and her intelligence and the fact that he feels so right when he's with her, makes him want her even more. Even when he finds out why she's at the resort, he still wants to see more of her. So they fall into a sexual relationship where he dares her to be the bad girl she wants to be, and she readily complies. But when Brandon starts developing real feelings for Wendy, then accidentally reads her journal, he ends up hurt for the first time in his life. Can Wendy make him understand that she was not toying with his emotions, but really on a journey to discover what kind of woman she wanted to be? And can she convince him that her feelings for him are sincere?This book was smokin' hot, and it definitely moved at a brisk pace while Wendy explored her sexuality and discovered her inner bad girl. Brandon was just the right guy to encourage Wendy, and I swear there was nothing these two didn't try, including a sexual encounter with a cucumber. Yep, a cucumber. I know that was supposed to be erotic, but I couldn't help laughing during that scene. But about half way through the book I started to get a little frustrated with Wendy (or Bunny, as Brandon liked to call her). Yes, it was good that she was having so much fun with Brandon, exploring her sexuality and all that, but I wanted to see her developing some feelings for the guy. I just didn't think she was being true to herself. She started out as this sweet, average girl, who never had sex with anyone unless she was in love, and she turned into this wanton sexpot who was practically willing to have sex with anyone who showed any interest in her. I was starting not to care for her, especially when it was obvious that Brandon was having feelings for her. I wanted to tell her WAKE UP before it's too late. And it almost was. So I was a little disappointed in her. Luckily the author had her wise up in the nick of time, I just wish she would have done it a little sooner.All in all, if you're looking for an ultra hot read, this is it. If you're looking for a whole lot of plot, this might not be it. As a combination of the two, for an erotic romance it works pretty well. A solid 4 stars.Warning: This book has explicit sex, including oral and anal and use of a vegetable, spanking, a menage scene (m/f/m) that comes close to having a m/m moment, a f/f encounter, sex in public places, and explicit language. Definitely NOT for the faint of heart!

  • Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R
    2019-04-21 18:47

    Hmmm... What do I think?This book was steamy mentally and physical. I thought all the steamy sex was never gonna end. Thank Goodness it did, because it was a lot to handle.The couple in this book Wendy & Brandon are very daring. Wendy wants to let loose and prove to herself she can be just like many pretty woman who flaunt themselves and love the thought of men/women who eye them & make them feel sexy. So Wendy wanting to try something new for a change gets curious for a week while away on a business trip at a Beach Resort. So that's where Brandon comes in this story.He's more of a one night stand kinda guy till he meets his challenge Wendy. This is where the stories hotness heats up! They were both wrong thinking they could have just a one night stand, cause it leads to more nights with hot, sticky, naughty sex! Which was totally insane. There wasn't one position or naughty thought they didn't do! Along with m/f/m & f/f action and of course the famous cucumber-turned sex toy scene.....Crazy stuff! *still trying to get a grip*All in all, I enjoyed this book. It did have a sweet plot to the story.(when they weren't having mind blowing sex.) I suggest it to readers who are interested in a challenge to read something outta the ordinary that they would never pick up on their own. Go ahead challenge yourself. I Dare you! Ahahaha......

  • Miss Kim
    2019-03-23 12:12

    I really loved the 'love story' in this one, even though it is classified as erotic vs. romantic. There is a whole lot a lovin' and experimentation between the sheets (and multiple other locations), that's for sure. I just loved the HEA.

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-14 14:07

    If I could give this book 4.5 stars, I would. I thought at first the character development was a little shallow, but I was wrong. The author gives you a very indepth view of Wendy. I think she feels what most women feel. We perceive ourselves in a certain way and that is how the world sees us. Wendy is somewhat of a wallflower who feels that if she can transform herself into a wanton sex goddess she will be happy. In the end she just really needed someone to bring out what was already inside her. Brandon is just the man who fits the bill.This book is filled with very explicit, descriptive sex scenes not for the faint at heart. No vanilla sex here, and that is the point. I felt that at times some of it felt sort of uncomfortable, it was still very well written. I really did like this book and will read other things written by this author.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-02 13:00

    I Loved this book. It was a quick easy read that had me interested all the way through. Let me tell you it was SCORCHING HOT!!!! The hero was so darn YUMMY! The story was really cute and nicely done. There was some really kinky sex, just a small hint, cucumber, lol!. The ending made me sigh and I closed the book with a smile on my face.

  • C Joy
    2019-04-02 17:46

    I don't know where to start. All I know is the novel would soak the girls' panties and tent guys' shorts. Extremely hot, carnal, everything one could expect - you name it, they did it. Don't forget, it's hedonistic like all her other novels.I'm constantly amazed how each novel, while having the same formula (short-time romance, 90% scorching hot sex, insecure heroine, hot guy, self-exploration, heroine gets to lose her inhibitions, conflict, the make-up, happily ever after), Ms Alexander manages to pull it off. The characters' backgrounds for one, and how they still spend "couple time" just hanging out with each other, enjoying the moment, until they feel the urge to be in each other again.This was primarily written using Wendy's point of view, which reminded me of Bridget Jones's Diary. Later on, the second person's point of view (Brandon) was inserted from time to time.At 34, one might say Wendy is an accomplished woman. She has a career, a job that she happens to love; not surprisingly, Walter, the boss assigned her to check out Emerald Shores, a luxury resort in the Gulf coast, to see if it's worth investing into. Then, a vision of White Bikini Babe, and she's inspired.She formed an ideal out of WBB and imagined what it would feel like to be that woman, whom in her mind has the power over men with her sexuality. I like some of the things she wrote and you'd realize it's her own self that chose to change her image, be more confident, and just go out there. She has the right physical equipment, it was time she put it to good use. It's her own positive thinking and acting out the things she wants that transformed her into whom she became - someone sure of herself, about her sexuality, beautiful, smart, wickedly sexy, and sweet at the same time. It was a little personal experiment that worked out when she met Brandon, it backfired somewhere along the way because she denied having feelings for him. She felt the connection but fought it thinking if she fell for him, it would defeat her purpose. In the end, it takes the right man to be loose and wild with, to be kinky with, to engage in public sex with, and to share a big part of yourself with.Brandon is hot in all aspects. At first glance he's just another good-looking guy who could have any woman he wants with a crook of a finger. In a nutshell, he's a catch and a great one at that. What I loved about him is his how down-to-earth he is. He never boasted about his achievements, always looks back to his humble beginnings, he's self-made and downplays it, he's willing to wait in a restaurant just like the others, and he's really sweet - very easy to fall in love with. And of course, he's the perfect sex partner, no matter how crude and porny they both get, he still respected Wendy. She's his personal porn star.As for the sex, I've mentioned lots of times how sinfully hot it is. There's M/F/M, F/F, balcony sex, sex in a cabana, lots of dirty talk, and other carnal pleasures. I still prefer reading her erotica than watching porn, it's unexpectedly more stimulating. Her writing arouses the mind, not just the body.On a final note, the happily ever after was constructed well. Wendy represented all the women out there who think they're not sexy enough, at one point in their lives they finally start to liberate themselves in their own ways, some might stop obsessing about their weight and just be comfortable with it, others spend lots of money for cosmetic surgery, and others would change their lifestyle. Whatever it is, the goal is to be happy and content, or maybe get a lot of sex for a change haha!

  • Kristen
    2019-04-09 18:56

    5 Stars!!!I LOVED this super hot and steamy erotic book.Dirty- check...check...double check your tolerance. m/f>f/m/m>f/f>f/m/f/m>>>m/f=HEA :-)Setting- fantasy beach resort. Enough said there.Characters- Super Hot...Brandon is yummy. Loved him.Story- Surprisingly AWESOME as it progresses. Straight up dirty develops into a love story...keep reading if you can handle the spice factor. This book was supposed to be a mindless erotic story about one girls sexual awakening and self discovery. I was shocked to find much, much more than that. I really love reading Lacey Alexander's books. I could not put this one down and glad I got to devour this one yesterday without interruption.

  • ♥ Beth
    2019-03-29 13:57

    Lacey Alexander always delivers when you're in the mood for some seriously down and dirty erotica! Whew! The sex in this one is classic LA... it is H O T! But my favorite of hers is still Seven Nights of Sin. This one is very similar and if I'd read it first I may have given it 5 stars, but to me it's just not quite as good.

  • Karla
    2019-03-24 12:46

    Holy Crap!...yep, that's my review. I can't type, because my fingers were singed on the pages of the book, eyes are still smoldering, so I can barely see, and my brain is about to explode from sex over load!

  • Sassafrass
    2019-03-31 12:55

    full review to come later (no pun intended)...but, I LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT. it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!Reread 7/18/12THE BIKINI DIARIES is an erotic journey into one woman’s sexual self-discovery that tempts, titillates, and teases you, all while delivering on it’s sensual and romantic promises.Wendy has no idea when she sees the “White Bikini Babe” that her life will change forever. She’s supposed to be working at a resort in Florida, she sees the bikini clad goddess and wishes she could be more like her: hot, self-assured, turning the heads of men and women alike. Deciding to make her wishes a reality, she sets off to make her adventurous and alluring.After getting sexy new clothes, underwear, and a barely there bikini of her own. She meets Brandon at a bar. He’s exactly the kind of man she’s looking to get, gorgeous, sexy as all get out, and confident. They end up having amazingly hot sex right after they meet, and she loved every minute of it. However, Wendy didn’t expect for feelings to become involved, and when she realizes they have, it may be too late.Wendy is such a great character. She sees herself as average and wants to find that inner vixen. And she does and it makes her see her world in a whole new light. Watching her take charge of her sexuality and her experiences was quite liberating.Brandon, let’s face it, is a every woman’s fantasy--gorgeous, successful, great in the sack, plus humble and down to earth. Also, he was secure enough in himself to help Wendy experience those sexual fantasies that she had, and even some that she didn’t know she’d actually enjoy.The plot was great and had a bit of mistaken identity in there, that although you could see it coming a mile away, made the story more interesting. The world-building in the story was fantastic as well. I could actually envision myself at this ocean-side resort, sitting under the beach umbrella, drinking fruity rum drinks.Well, this is an erotic romance, so I must say that this author did not disappoint. This story was so hot and steamy, that I was sure I was in Florida a few times because the temperature in my house raised several degrees a few times. Brandon took Wendy on an unbelievable sexual adventure. The two of the them together were explosive, but there were also some M/F/M scenes and even a short F/F scene that added to the steam factor. And, I will say that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make a salad again without blushing (that’s all you’re getting out of me about that!).THE BIKINI DIARIES was an erotic romance that was so much more. With a great plot, fantastic world-building around an absolutely perfect locale, steamy sexual encounters, and a sweet and romantic HEA, it is a definite hit. I know that I’ll be reading this one again, as it was the perfect escape--a sensual getaway without having to leave my living room.

  • ൠSinful
    2019-04-16 13:02

    Erotica. But an easy one if you aren't too into the genre. Wonderful love story with HEA. one F/f scene (with dates as voyers). one M/f/m scene. A couple of anal scenes. There is a lot of sex, clearly. That beind said it is way more of a character story. Wendy is sent to evaluate a resort as an investment property. On her first day she sees a woman strut the beach in a white bikini. Guys swoon. Girls swoon....Wendy swoons. She wonders what it would be like to be this woman, so she seizes the opportunity that being on vacation presents and goes shopping for more sultry clothes to show off her curves. That night at a bar she meets Brandon and descides to go for a wild one night stand. Throughout the story she is constantly asking herself "What would white bikini babe do?" Brandon only does one night stands, until Wendy. One night turns into seven, but they both know Wendy lives in Chicago and Brandon's life is in Florida. This is a week for Wendy to live out all her fantasies and discover her inner bad girl.

  • Tiffany
    2019-04-06 16:55

    Lacey Alexander is my favorite guilty pleasure author. For me, there is no one who writes a hotter romance, and this book did not disappoint. While on a work trip to a fancy beach resort, Wendy decides to let go and lose all the inhibitions that have held her back. She meets Brandon, and they strike up a white-hot love affair, which gets more and more complicated as their lives are suddenly entwined in ways they couldn't imagine and as they find themselves falling deeper for each other. Lots of fantasy, lots of sex as Lacey Alexander always does best. The greatest thing is she always manages to write a heartfelt, moving love story at the core of her books, and this one does not disappoint. Loved it!

  • Emiko Rei
    2019-03-27 15:04

    Hands up if you ever have makeover before a summer holiday to an exotic place? oh, there's a lot of you there :Dthe great thing about this story is that you could relate to the main character some way or the other, and the hero is not bad in the eyes either, what more could the girl ask for?heroine is send by her company to review a resort they would possibly sponsoring. While there, she have a little inspiration from the beach which make her to a more vamped character. Little does she know what the hero hide behind his easy going chill-out character.Does the hero get his much needed sponsorship form her?does this Vamped up heroine stays with the heart after the big surprise or does she close herself with work?

  • Bekah
    2019-03-31 16:57

    This was probably a 3.5 star read for me. I really read it rather quickly, and unlike other books in this genre I found it had a lot more depth to it. I liked the entries into her diary where she was questioning who she was and what her actions were doing to her. I found that really realistic. It was a very very hot book, however, as I read more and more in erotica I find that I want my erotica without a menage. I have a hard time equating that action with romance. I'm a woman in love and I don't want to share. Maybe someday in the future a book will change my mind about it, but I'm not so sure since I'll try to avoid books that have menage in it.

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-04-12 16:55

    FANTASTIC! I haven't read what I categorize as 'cute' smut in a while and this was IT! I loved them BOTH and I'm almost positive that not a single sexual experience stone was left unturned! HIGHLY recommend it ... HIGHLY! :) PS ...... DAMN, but I want a getaway like THAT! lolol

  • Holly
    2019-04-17 16:02

    I really enjoyed this book, a great story of a woman on a mission of self discovery with ALOT of sex!! Very steamy, but overall a good love story!

  • Julie
    2019-04-12 13:08

    Beach read! Dirty so hide from kids...

  • Shannel
    2019-03-31 12:57

    So, I’m fairly certain that Lacey Alexander is my new favorite smut author.Holy smut on a stick.Wendy is on assignment in Florida to evaluate a set of resort buildings for her boss. While laying out on the resort’s beach, she’s taken aback by this woman in a white bikini. She finds this woman completely confident, epitomizing sexy and lust and just like that…she wants to be her.Deciding she wants to be the White Bikini Woman, she buys some new, sexy clothes and hits the club.Enter Branden. The gorgeous, sex-on-a-stick man she meets and decides on a whim that this is the guy she’s going to test her new limits with.And then the real fun begins.I’ve read my share of smut books but these hit it out of the ballpark. Alexander skims along the line between holy-hot-sex and oh-lord-this-is-uncomfortable-reading-this. You get just enough of the story—two people trying to look past what they are (a good girl trying to find her inner bad girl and a big-shot CEO trying to tame his wild streak and open up his heart to one woman at a time). Mix in some kinky (and I mean it when I say kinky) sex and wham! You’ve got a hit on your hands. I really connected with Gwen in this story. She’s so torn between being the “bad girl” and being her responsible self. She has a hard time shutting off her emotions with Branden and as much she wants to just have sex without connections, she has a hard time detaching.“I think part of me wanted to feel empty, to be that intimate with a total stranger. Maybe on some level I wanted to find out that sex meant more to me than just the physical pleasure of it. I wanted, deep down, to discover it was about the connection, the emotion. But that’s not what happened-that’s not what happened at all.”I can’t wait to read more of Alexander’s work, I’m officially hooked!

  • Cindi
    2019-03-23 14:10

    I bought this book because Lacey Alexander writes such cool HOT books, but this one also taught me a lesson. On her first day visiting a luxury beach resort to determine if it would be a good investment for her boss, dowdy Wendy (one-piece Wendy, I called her)sees White Bikini Babe strolling in the sand, collecting her due idolation for her perfect body and perfect hair and perfect beauty and perfect confidence. Wendy journals to herself, wondering what it would be like to BE WBB? Could she become WBB? She thinks she would like that, as she's tired of being average Wendy, a Wendy who does not dress to draw eyes like WBB and who doesn't take sexy risks like WBB and why shouldn't she JUST THIS ONCE put herself out there and see what happens? This thought leads to a new Black Bikini with sarong skirt, a tangerine halter dress, new lingerie and f*ck-me pumps to complete the picture. All of this is heartiuly approved of by a sweet young sales clerk who compliments Wendy and convinces her she's got a great bod under those dowdy clothes and she deserves to have a hot guy fall at her feet tonite. This is the most important part, the part where I learned something:1. Attitude works. Get it, use it, believe you deserve it. Others will believe it too.2. Hold out for what you want, ask for what you want, be honest about what you want. Men will give it to you. Just remember, you asked for it.3. We all can be White Bikini Babe to some extent, but maybe it is better to be Black Bikini Babe - the real you, grown out from underneath all the trappings of life we think we need to carry around.There is lots of hot sex in this book and in Wendy's mind and now in mine. Lacey Alexander writes very hot erotica that pushes the boundaries and explores sexuality, but her heroines always end up in a monogamous relationship. Alls well that ends well!

  • Sheena
    2019-04-05 18:45

    Plot: 4starsSteam factor: 5 stars ( Hot as hell!)story length: 4 starsAnother perfect book by Lacey Alexander. This book was a wow for me. What i love about this book was that the scenes was not only at the bedroom but everywhere else. After coming to the vacation resort for a job. Wendy realised just how much she neglected her sexual life. Soon, she embarked on a mission in trying to fulfill all het fantasies. This story is basically about her wanting fulfill her desires and become bolder and more demanding. Brandon is totally HOT! A successful man at a young age. He surprises Wendy with his kinky tactics. ( he also has a huge cock) which the author never fails to emphasize on which is just hot. The plot really good. However, i would have prefered a little more feelings as well as talking about the company. It was also a little bit rush. The author could have build up the plot a little more. The sex scenes were reallllllyyy goood. It was really explicit. My most favourite thing was she included outdoors as well. But even though it is good i think the plot and sex scenes are still not proportional.Even though i don't mind the scenes. ;)I really like Wendy a lot. She grew more confident of her body and herself as time passes and she is also not afraid to show her bad girl side.

  • I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
    2019-04-06 16:53

    Holy cow! I thought I had read an erotic novel before, but boy was I wrong! This was hot! hot! hot!The story begins with a woman named Wendy who is on a business trip-sitting at the pool doing her paperwork when she spots this hot babe sporting a teeny weeny white string bikini and she feels a stab of jealously at the imagined life this woman must have. As a results she decides that she has nothing to lose by reinventing herself--even if only temporarily, because what happens at the resort, stays at the resort...right?After purchasing a sexy new wardrobe, her confidence is booming, so she decides to test out her new look at a local club. She decides to totally abandon all the boundaries of her comfort zone--which she does and meets a hot little freak named Brandon who proceeds to turn her life as she knew it inside out and upside down. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a very descriptive, erotic read about freaks in the sheets and losing all inhibitions. ______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic Enchants

  • Victoria Pond
    2019-04-16 18:09

    The best part of this novel was the cover. Now, don't take that to mean that the book was awful. It was okay, with a great hook that felt sloppily executed to me...largely because I couldn't wrap my brain around the protagonist's characterization; she was almost like me, but then completely incomprehensible.That's all irrelevant.I want to talk about the cover, designed by Peter Kang, because it is brilliant!The cover art shows some palm trees and some moody, travel-lighting with the title written in a modern font. Sure, there's the couple kissing at the top, but it's a chaste, cheek-kiss AND you can barely see it on the edition I read. Likewise, the back-cover gives you the marvelous hook to this novel -- 30-something woman sees super-hot beach bunny while on working vacation, decides to be just as outgoing and self-confident, and snags herself a better life. But the jacket doesn't mention the kinky sex, the threesomes or foursomes. You'd have no idea this was an erotic novel unless you scanned way down to the bottom and noticed that it's published by HEAT, an erotica imprint of Penguin.And that's perfect because the sex is fun, but beside the point. The draw is the concept, and the well-placed sex just keeps you there from the very first uber-erotic spanking. (That first spanking pulled me in. I needed more of this visceral sexing.)

  • Dana (aNovelAllure)
    2019-04-05 20:13

    Ok, I'll admit it. I delayed reading this book for ages. Judging from the title alone, I assumed this would be another fluff piece -- all cheesy summer vacation kind of sex (not that there is anything wrong with that) and no plot with substance (which I prefer). However, I was pleasantly surprised. Wendy's boss sends her to do some research at a beach resort in which the company is considering investing. While she is on the beach, Wendy spots a woman who is seemingly everything that Wendy desires to be -- sexy, confident, and powerful. Making a vow to herself, Wendy sets out to become a new, improved woman. The diary that she keeps, records her innermost thoughts during her time at the resort. There is sex. Oh boy, is there ever! There is vanilla sex, not-so-vanilla sex, threesomes and even some girl-on-girl action. Even though that is the intended focus of the main character, it seems that it wasn't the focus of the author. Her characters are well-developed -- each with a unique personality. As the reader, it was easy to empathize with the heroine when events take an unexpected turn.

  • Mai w
    2019-04-13 18:44

    I LOVED IT!!!!I am a fairly new fan to this genre, but I can already see that a lot of these stories are fairly similar and in some cases over the top. I do not have a big issue with that, the stories are fiction after all. This book however was like a breath of fresh air. The heroine Wendy and the storyline was believable. She is a woman in her mid 30’s looking to add some adventure to her sex life. She also deals with some “real woman” issues when it comes to her body image and self-confidence. I love that she was able to go out and seek what she needed/wanted. She did not need a man or men to bring it out of her by controlling her, bounding, spanking and tormenting her sexually while telling her that it was more about her than them him/them. There was a lot of sex in the book, but a book about a woman looking to explore her sexuality should have a lot of sex. The sex scenes were vivid and HOT HOT HOT. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the cucumber incident though. LOL

  • Anita
    2019-03-31 20:00

    This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.Lacey Alexander does a great job of writing kinky romantica - I'd put her right after Emma Holly on my favorites list for this kind of book. There's always a happily-ever-after, the character development is believable, and the sex scenes are very hot. In this book, our heroine Wendy is sent by her investor boss to evaluate a Florida resort community. While there, Wendy decides she wants to be as sexually confident as the "Bikini Babe" she sees strolling along the beach garnering tons of male attention. She sets out to trasform herself, and on the first night of her experiment, stumbles upon Brandon, the CEO of the resort. The chemistry between the two of them immediate and they end up spending all their free time together, sometimes with Brandon's friend Pete and his girlfriend Stacy. (Yep, you guessed it: menage.)

  • Camie
    2019-04-19 12:13

    Spoiler Alert *** Take a plain nice girl( Wendy) , who decides to see if she can make herself over as an irresistible bad girl while on a business trip, throw in some steamy ( or vulgar ) sex scenes , with a very handsome mysterious man (Brandon) , who just happens to turn out to be the CEO of the tropical Florida resort she is scouting out as an investment property for her employer , and you get The Bikini Diaries. A mix of a sugary sweet storyline , which includes poor Brandon being heartbroken when he reads Wendy's diary and finds out she has been just using him for sex ....what ?) combined with raunchy sex scenes which make the whole thing about as farcical as it can get ! I paid 1 ¢ for this book thankfully , as it's destined for the round file. Sorry I'm just LOL : )

  • Jess
    2019-04-18 19:50

    There's no doubt that this was a hot book. I definitely was fanning my face throughout, but I had a little trouble with the storyline. There was almost TOO much sex in comparison to the story. Now don't get me wrong, I like reading erotic romances, but I also like a little bit of something besides sex from one scene to the next. So while I enjoyed this book, I think it would have been even better if there had been a stronger plot line than what there was. If you are just looking for a really hot book, pick this one up, the characters pretty much do everything that can be done. But those of you who like a little more story combined with the sexy bits, you may not enjoy yourself as much.

  • Cindi
    2019-04-04 20:13

    Lacey Alexander is my guilty pleasure. I really liked this book though it went beyond crude at times. While it actually seemed to have a real story, I agree with some of the other reviewers who state that it had too much of a good thing. And here is my real issue with the book: There's Wendy who is doing an experiment. Repressed and basically unsexual Wendy. Suddenly she is willing to try and do anything and anyone without really a second thought. Oh she has momentary thoughts and then gets over it. Not only gets over it but gets vocal. Okay, enough of that. I liked the book. I love Lacey Alexander. Good read.

  • Taryn Elliott
    2019-03-31 13:13

    i loved the sexual awakening aspect of this story. it seems to be an ongoing theme in Lacey Alexander's stories. she does it well, and the sex scenes are very well done. she knows how to titillate without getting too raunchy. it's a very fine line in erotica, imho. this is the 2nd book i've read from her in the same week and i see how much she's grown as a writer. i'll be looking for more from this author.and bunny definitely became a bikini babe throughout the telling of this tale. the journal aspect of the story only made it that much more interesting.i'd totally recommend.

  • Kay
    2019-04-09 16:51

    In this latest scorcher from Lacey Alexander, Wendy tries hard to convince herself that the hot anything goes action between the sheets she shares with Brandon is strictly no strings. Of course, she's fooling herself ... the reason it's so good between them is that their connection reaches beyond just the physical. Though the heat in this one is off the charts, it's appropriate for the developing bond between Wendy and Brandon. If you like your romance hot, you'll love this one!