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A runaway wifeAlix North had fallen in love with Rhys Stirling the first time she had met him. Now Mix's dream was about to come true--Rhys had asked her to marry him.Rhys Stirling was an ambitious man, and the only thing that stood between him and a directorship was his single status. Of course, that was easily remedied. He'd known Alix all his life--she was the perfect cA runaway wifeAlix North had fallen in love with Rhys Stirling the first time she had met him. Now Mix's dream was about to come true--Rhys had asked her to marry him.Rhys Stirling was an ambitious man, and the only thing that stood between him and a directorship was his single status. Of course, that was easily remedied. He'd known Alix all his life--she was the perfect choice.Alix isn't going to accept anything less than his love. It's only after Alix leaves him that Rhys finds that he's fallen in love--with his own wife!...

Title : To Have and to Hold
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ISBN : 9780263141313
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 283 Pages
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To Have and to Hold Reviews

  • StMargarets
    2018-11-25 17:24

    The plot: Heroine falls in love with boy next door when she is four and he is fourteen. Fast forward 16 years and the heroine begins her pursuit of the hero in earnest – even joining his company and working as a PA to his boss. When they do get engaged (over the phone) the hero keeps putting off the wedding date because of work commitments. Finally, 18 months later, he agrees to let her set a date, but is unhappy that he has been taken off of a project so they can have a month off for the wedding/honeymoon. The hero actually takes a work call on his wedding night and agrees to attend an emergency meeting the next day. Heroine realizes her hero is a selfish pig and leaves him. It is only after she leaves that the hero realizes he loves the heroine. (Something he’s never told her). All of his efforts to woo her back don’t work until he tags along on a work trip to Alaska and the plane crashes, making the heroine realize she still loves him.The hero, as you can see, is a bit of a cold fish. The heroine, as you can see, is a bit TSL when it comes to the hero. SW did a good job of setting up the impending doom for the heroine – but it went on for too long. An indifferent hero isn’t that compelling. The cold fish trying to win his very angry wife back was more interesting than the heroine’s wide-eyed adoration. The plane crash was way too convenient, but I kind of loved it because it felt very HP. These two are going to have a boring life of duty to the company, so I’m glad they had a bit of excitement.

  • Claire
    2018-11-21 22:16

    I don't kick puppies but...I actually liked this book because it has a very stupid girl and she deserved all the diss that she got from her graven idol until she has learned her lesson. The author deserves kudos for:-establishing sympathy right away for the precocious then-four year old child asking the fourteen year old hero to marry her. One couldn’t help but root for the heroine Alix and her single-minded pursuit of him. Even when the guy was so certain that she’d grow out of her “love,” her rose-tinted spectacles made her envision only the day he’d grow in love for her. -painting the hero totally black. He has to to be totally black-hearted. The heroine wouldn't get her comeuppance if the hero was a teensy-weensy bit more decent.You see, had the heroine more self-regard and less hero-worship, warning bells should have alarmed for his questionable actions, like 1) his reluctance to commit, 2) his tacky over-the-phone proposal, 3) his refusal to name a wedding date even after a year of engagement, 4) his expressed ruefulness for losing his “bachelor holidays” once married, 5) his prioritizing work over the wedding and honeymoon, 6) his tardiness and flippant disregard for her anxiety on their wedding day, AND 7) his choice of engagement ring. (Duh! as an engineer, how can he NOT know that an opal is a very soft stone and won’t survive prolonged wear-n-tear? If a betrothal ring is supposed to symbolize lifelong commitment, then his choice is one colossal Freudian slip.) These examples are merely a partial accounting but they all signify one thing: he’s faking it. -making the girl resist for longer than a week his dumb pleas and silly excuses. Words came too easily with this guy. When she asked how she could believe his sincerity again, what she really needed from him was a grand geste to prove that he’d stop exploiting her and that he’d so treasure her forever. ( I guess, this is why Mr. Darcy is such an ideal hero -- because no matter how proud and arrogant he was, he was not above embroiling himself with the sordid affairs of his future-in-laws if that would afford Elizabeth Bennett some comfort and ease.) The author deserves rotten tomatoes for:-the deux ex machina plot ending instead of a creditable resolution. One plane crash et voila! all issues are cast aside; the hero is forgiven; and the heroine is put upon again. The hero needs to do penance, not confession. He need not cut a carotid artery or self-immolate but actions do speak louder than words. And the heroine needs to grow up.The finale is extremely unsatisfying. Rewrite, please!

  • Melanie♥
    2018-11-15 19:15

    Well, it was either 1 star or 4stars.I really hated the hero, but the book kept my interest and generated some real emotion, so I'm going with the 4.

  • EeeJay
    2018-12-08 19:14

    Rating: 3.5:I loved that the heroine puts the hero down and sticks to her guns...The problem: She spent 8 chapters mooning over him so it's a lil hard to stomach. Plus: I had trouble believing the hero when he said he'd fallen in love with her cuz how could that be? They didn't even talk that much...Still SW wrote angsty goodness.

  • SallyB
    2018-12-09 19:32

    A story about a deer showing up on the hunter's doorstep, quartered and packaged, thus ruining the thrill of the hunt for him and she wonders what went wrong when he is not very enthusiastic about his kill. She involves everyone (including the 'rents) in their drawn out sex-less courtship and wedding and goes coockoo when he takes a business call on their wedding night. Yes, he was an ass but I think I felt more empathy for him than with her. Nothing is as big of a mojo killer than the parents being involved in every aspect of your love life. Yuh! I just found her really selfish. After numerous amounts of money,work and time poured into her self involved wedding, she suddenly realizes what an ass he is and wants a divorce on her wedding night. It took her that long to clue in. Really. If you lay yourself out like a carpet, you will be walked on.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-11-17 18:22

    Hmmm, this one had some great potential. But I gotta say the middle really dragged. The heroine fell in love with the hero when she was 4 years old and he was 14 and she spent the next 20 years begging him, the boy next door, to marry her. I didn't need a play by play of all those years. So she finally wears him down only to realize on her wedding night that he didn't really love her. And he didn't. The man admits later that he had put off the wedding so long because he was waiting for the great love of his life to show up. So on his wedding night he takes a few work calls and actually pulls out of her to answer his phone. He makes plans to leave and deal with a work situation. It will only take a couple of days and he doesn't understand why she is so upset. It is only when she leaves his ass that night that he falls in love with her. By this point we are 3/4ths of the way through the book. So then she runs and he chases her and I think in the end the explanations and groveling were a little too short. I'm glad I read it but it won't be a reread I don't expect.

  • Lucimar
    2018-11-26 19:14

    Personagens poucos carismáticos. Mocinha imatura e mocinho chato e de sentimentos ambíguos. Mudava de humor de uma hora para outra. Ela gostava dele desde criança. Mocinho se aborrecia porque praticamente o forçaram a noiva e se casar. Pensava mais no trabalho e enrolou adiando o casamento. E na lua de mel, abandonou-a para resolver problemas da empresa...Se gostava dela, não havia motivos para adiar o casamento...2,5 estrelas

  • Melinda
    2018-11-23 18:15

    Some reviewers seem to feel the hero's suddenly falling in love with the heroine when she left him was unconvincing. It was weak, but I found the heroine's love for him to be equally unconvincing. I never believed her feelings for him were anything more than hero worship.

  • Roub
    2018-12-08 17:22

    it started off really well ! Alix was mad about Rhys while it was obvious he treated her wid amused indulgence. this cud have been so much more if the author had added some spice by adding a Machiavellian OW bent on mishchief and, I wished they had separated for some years after the marriage as Rhys deserved to suffer for using Alix when she deserved so much better. she was devoted to him and he let her believe he was in love wid her when he never was. it was ridiculous he suddenly realised he was in love wid her!

  • Christy
    2018-11-25 00:23

    When Alex North realizes that the man she's loved forever only married her because of a job, she is devastated and determined to leave him. But now that his marriage is in jeopardy Rhys has figured out that he really DOES love his wife. He now just has to figure out a way to convince her of that fact.This is a very entertaining story where we get to follow what had been a young infatuation, into disillusionment, but ultimately an adult love. Well done studies of both the male and female leads.

  • Stacey (Sassy Book Lovers)
    2018-12-06 17:27

    This for me is a keeper. I've read this story over and over again and it's one I'll keep reading over and over. It's such a lovely story of first love and the real troubles life can bring.It's one that's stuck with me.

  • Elektragedia
    2018-11-21 18:38

    entretenido, aunque todo el tiempo la protagonista esta detrás de su chico ideal, pero en las ultimas dos paginas la autora salva la patria con un accidente, bien rebuscado como pa pasar el rato, y la portada del libro es horrible

  • GuisBell
    2018-11-28 21:27

    Rhys me desagrado un mónton vaya cretino :C Alix debio hacerlo sufrir más, aunque no creo que haya sufrido... :#

  • Nicole
    2018-12-03 23:40

    Read it yesterday. Already forgot most of the story. Disappointing.