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The Jolly Postman brings a batch of wonderful letters for Christmas, including notes from the Big Bad Wolf and all the King's men....

Title : The Jolly Christmas Postman
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The Jolly Christmas Postman Reviews

  • Ian
    2019-02-17 13:20

    Ho Ho Hope you all read this book and love it like I do.Lets get this out of the way first, I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love everything about it! I love the idea that at Christmas we can forget this busy technology driven world, with it’s fancy electronic mail, and go back to the finer things in life. Like sitting down and writing a letter to far away family, or watching a child’s beaming face as they post that letter to Santa, knowing he will read it and get to work making that toy with his elves.That’s where this book comes in, that’s how this book makes me feel. Happy and joyful, it makes me think of my childhood and how special it was. I continue to this day to read this to myself every Christmas and one day I will read it to my children, hopefully one Christmas to theirs too.The "Jolly Christmas Postman" is a simple picture storybook, a timeless gem that just gets it right. Beautifully illustrated with letters and parcels for the children to open and touch. It tells the tale of a postman delivering his Christmas post, along the way he encounters classic children’s story characters such as “Mr. Wolf” and “Mr. H Dumpty”.One of three Jolly Postman books this never ceases to make me smile, it also means “It’s Chriiiiisssssstttttmmmmaaaaaasss”.

  • Mariah
    2019-02-27 16:48

    LOVED this book growing up! I would read it all the time around December :)

  • Lucy Banks
    2019-03-03 13:49

    One of our very favourite Christmas books! I love all the little surprises in the envelopes, and the illustrations are gorgeous.

  • Jessaka
    2019-03-08 19:23

    “The Jolly Postman cycles on:He sees three fiddlers playing;The fast-eloping dish and spoon;The mighty beanstalk swaying;The seven dwarfs upon the hill;The jolly snowmen sleighing.”What a wonderfully, delightful book. I wish I had a child to read it to every year. What I decided to do with this book is to give it to our mail lady who has small children in order to pass on the joy.The colored drawings in this book are wonderful too, and you can look at them all day and every day and never grow tired of them. The book is about a mailman delivering cards at Christmas time, and each page is a poem, and every two pages there are pockets with cards in them that are so delightful to see and read.What more can I tell you about this bookI really do not know,But if you are not in the Christmas spiritThis book will warm your soul.

  • Pamela
    2019-03-15 16:40

    Charming, Witty, Delightful, and Festive!!I loved the "cards" and "letters" eluding to famous fairytale characters. I also loved the clever "book within the book," and the wildly imaginative, storybook game - all part of this holiday tale for young readers and those young at heart. And really, isn't just about everyone young at heart at Christmas?I do wonder, however, just how many wee ones will get the references to the more obscure storybook/fairytale/fable characters referenced? There were a couple I had to look up, myself. Plus, do children in today's tech saturated world really comprehend what it means to send actual cards and letters? Or the joyful anticipation of waiting for the postman to deliver the mail to see if there's an envelope just for them? Hmm..... Anyway, I enjoyed the story-evoking memories. A delightful reading experience. A fun book to gift and share. FOUR **** Three Dimensional Christmas Activity Book and Story **** STARS

  • Jessica
    2019-03-11 17:32

    A delight for kids who love to engage with books. As the postman bring Christmas tidings, the reader is invited to open letters, read postcards, assemble a puzzle, and more!

  • Fiona Hill
    2019-03-03 13:47

    What a gorgeous Christmas book! It celebrates what Christmas is all about. The resources and presents in the letters are wonderful; jigsaw, board games and a pop up Christmas cards all which children can complete themselves. Children could create their own pop Christmas card, links to DT.

  • Liz
    2019-02-22 13:49

    A Christmas tradition, read every year when the kids were younger.

  • Marion Abbott
    2019-02-16 17:38

    Stunning! Joyous! Creative! Sensitive! I can’t praise this particular gem of a children’s book enough.

  • Helena Spiteri
    2019-02-21 20:26

    The Jolly Christmas Postman is an amusing tale that follows the journey of a postman doing the rounds on his bicycle on Christmas Eve. On his back he carries a sack bursting full of letters, cards, and presents that he delivers to all sorts of well-loved characters from different traditional tales and nursery rhymes. Each letter comes in a different size and shape, and can be taken out of its stamp-addressed envelope and read out aloud in class. I had lots of fun with this book, which I used over several days in Reception for Literacy. The first letter we open is from Goldilocks and it is addressed to Baby Bear at Three Bears' Cottage. As he travels along, he delivers letters to Humpty Dumpty, the Big Bad Wolf and the Gingerbread Man. Along the way he stops and chats to lots of other well known characters including the Seven Dwarfs and the Dish and the Spoon from the Hey Diddle Diddle nursery rhyme. This book presents itself with lots of of different learning opportunities from recalling character names and the stories and rhymes they come from, to writing Christmas cards, Christmas lists and letters to Santa Claus.

  • Anna
    2019-02-20 16:49

    This book is a follow up book to the Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.This is a magical Christmas tale following the journey of the Jolly Postman delivering his letters at Christmas time. The book is written in rhyme and tells you about the people he delivers the letters to, all of whom are fairy tale characters such as little red riding hood and humpty dumpty. This book would be a great follow on to the teaching of traditional tales in Key Stage One as it shows what might have happened to these characters e.g. Goldilocks sending the three bears a Christmas card.The book ends up with the postman visiting Santa Claus and receiving a special Christmas card for himself.The illustrations are fantastic and fit perfectly with the text.My favourite part of the jolly postman books are the envelopes containing the letters, cards and games which he delivers which you can open and read making the book fun and interactive.

  • Jules (Never enough time to read)
    2019-03-17 19:44

    Definitely a new favourite in our house and I am sure it will be a story that makes an apperance every December for a good few years to come.

  • Katie
    2019-03-18 13:28

    I love Christmas and I love this book, especially that closing picture!

  • Jenny
    2019-03-04 14:42

    I love the Jolly Postman and his fun deliveries..this Christmas edition is filled with humor and fun surprises.

  • katie
    2019-03-17 16:20

    Is there anything as sweet and lovely as the land of the Jolly Postman? I doubt it. :) I loved the "peeper"!

  • Emily
    2019-03-14 17:21

    One of my favorite Christmas books! Fun to share with Rose this year.

  • Jamie
    2019-02-16 14:42

    Meh. It wasn't as lovely as the original non-holiday one.

  • Samantha Westall
    2019-02-28 16:23

    A great little rhyming Christmas tale about the post man delivering letters to fairy-tale characters, complete with a little game, booklet, and other letters.

  • Jo-anna
    2019-02-16 18:41

    As a child I loved this book and still have my own copy which I'm sure I will have for many years to come.This story is a story about a postman who rides his bicycle around a town to deliver letters to people just before Christmas. His deliveries are to well know children's characters including, Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty and the Gingerbread Boy. Each of the deliveries are something that the reader/audience can read/play with, for example when you look inside Humpty Dumpty's envelope there is a simple puzzle to do, Little Riding Hood receives a board game. The story ends with the Jolly Postman getting stuck in the snow and making a very exciting discovery.I enjoy this story as it is very colourful and having the deliveries within the book make for a great surprise when you are reading it. As an adult it makes me think of Christmas and the magical feelings I had as a child. This story is a rhyming story so there is a nice rhythm when reading it. I think this story can be used for Children from Early Years to Lower KS2 with the lessons/activities based on this book changing depending on the age/ability of the children. I think this book would be a good book to read to the class with children coming to the front to open/share the presents inside the envelopes with the rest of the class. It could also be used to read to a smaller group, possibly of children who find listening to a story more difficult as they can interact with the book by opening the letters. One activity that could be planned based on this book is for the children to write their own versions of the story, and creating their own presents for the characters in their version. This would be a love cross-curricular was to link literacy and art and the children can have a book that they have created at the end of it.

  • Barrett
    2019-03-12 18:28

    **Picture Story Book:Janet Ahlberg's "The Jolly Christmas Postman" is an very heartfelt and warming tale about a postman who delivers mail to our favorite storybook characters. As the story continues, he delivers a Christmas card to the Three Bears, a board game for Little Red Riding Hood, and even a puzzle for Mr. Humpty Dumpty at the hospital. There is a letter the Postman would rather not deliver to Mr. Wolf, but it turns out he is well and merry and means no harm to the Postman. Once the Postman reaches the end of his route the snow gets worse and it is becoming dark out. He ends up in Santa's workshop where he shares a cup of tea with Santa. By the end of the book, Santa gives him a ride home in the sleigh where he then rests by the fireplace with his dog. The illustrator was able infiltrate the reader's attention with their amazing watercolors and colored pencils. While reading through the book, I felt the illustrations helped expand the plot of the story. I also thought the illustrator did a great job showing the Postman's (and the other characters')feelings when they received a letter from the Postman, because everyone loves to get mail from a friend. I absolutely love this book because I read "The Jolly Good Postman" as a child. The book includes the actual letters the postman delivers to all the characters, even the tiny letter to the gingerbread man. This give students a very good visual representation of the book. This book would be useful in teaching 3rd-5th grade students about writing as well as reading/listening. This would be a great story to tell if your students were practicing their writing process. I would recommend this book to other teachers and can see myself using it in my classroom too.

  • Julia Wickenden
    2019-03-19 15:45

    This was the first book that I read from The Jolly Postman series. I really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the book, along with the illustrations. It makes the book seem very inviting and exciting. In some ways it was even more accessible than 'The Jolly Postman', as mail is decreasing in popularity, but Christmas is still a time where post comes streaming through the door. Although the book is several years old, the choice of classic characters for The Jolly Postman to encounter means that it is still equally relevant and accessible for children today as it was when it was written. The one concern that I have with this book, is that the envelopes could very easily get damaged. The Jolly Postman is on his rounds again. This time he is delivering the Christmas post. He once again encounters familiar characters and we are invited to read their mail. As with the other two 'Jolly Postman' books, this could be used either in the book corner or as a whole-class reading book. It is slightly larger than 'The Jolly Postman', so it would be easier for the children to see the pictures were it a whole-class book. It does still suffer from the issue of losing or damaging pieces if it were in the book corner, but perhaps there is a valuable lesson for children to take care of books in that. It would be a good book for Early Years children to enjoy, though the reading level is probably more suited to Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2.

  • Donna Davis
    2019-03-14 20:50

    As you may (or may not) have noticed, I adore children's stories by Janet and/or Alan Ahlberg. At some point among my parenting of four tiny people, I learned just to head for the "A" section at the public library or book store.This one is a completely different level than the Baby's Catalog or Peek-a-Boo. It carries with it assumptions about children's knowledge of Christmas. It has a lot more text (mostly in the form of removable letters from one Christmas individual to another). So this isn't for babies, but more for the K-3 set, based on maturity. Also, about the letters...if you don't want them scattered to where you can't find them, or they are ruined, you will have to make a choice as to whether this book goes UP when not being read. We keep all of our children's books (over the course of 5 children, 4 birth children and one adopted in adolescence), in two good-sized boxes that get put away in a warm, dry location with the other Christmas things. That way they don't get stale through Easter and into the summer. They are a happy little breath of joy when we pull them out (counting the grown-ups). This is one of many wonderful children's books that I use instead of cedar and holly to decorate our home during the season. (Hmmm...if no one already has one, maybe we need a Christmas book shelf, for those of us who celebrate it)?

  • Sarah Seasor
    2019-02-18 18:27

    "The Jolly Christmas Postman" written and illustrated by Janet Ahlberg is an interactive read aloud book about a postman who rides on a bike a delivers mail to different people during the Christmas season. He first stops at the Three Bear's house with a letter for Baby Bear from Goldilocks and makes his way all the way to Santa. Each place the postman stops at their is a pocket in the book that looks like an envelope where an actual card is kept. I think children will enjoy this part of the book because they are able to look at each of the letters individual and be able to psychically touch them. Books that allow you to participate in the story engage young children far more than regular books typically would. The story also rhymes which makes it a good choice for a read aloud because children can pick up the pattern of inflection in your voice. The book incorporates a lot of other stories that are familiar to young children, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Gingerbread Man, which made me enjoy the book a lot more. The book primarily used light colors in their illustrations and stayed away from outlining to avoid anything looking bold. The illustrations flowed together nicely although their style looked a little dated. I would use this book with children ages 4-8 and read it during the Christmas season because it is a holiday-themed book.

  • Kate
    2019-03-06 17:32

    The Jolly Postman is on his rounds and it is Christmas Eve so, of course, he has to deliver a large number of letters and parcels to the characters who share his world. Among other things there is a card for Baby Bear from Goldilocks, a board game from the Wolf for Red Riding Hood, and not one, but two, books for The Gingerbread Boy. At each stop the Jolly Postman always takes a little time to talk with, and sometimes snack with, the characters whose homes he visits.Everywhere he goes the Jolly Postman sees famous and well loved storybook and nursery rhyme characters enjoying the pleasures of the season and, as the day draws to a close, he discovers that he is much appreciated by all the characters who live on his round. Children will have a wonderful time spotting the characters, opening the letters, and enjoying the presents that the Jolly Postman delivers.Parents will also enjoy this book for there is plenty of tongue in cheek word play and clever humor throughout. It is easy to see that the creators of this marvelous book have a deep appreciation for our favorite storybook characters, for not only are they all wonderfully drawn in expert detail, but they are also given lots of depth and character. This book is lovely and Christmassy! :) xx

  • Jgrace
    2019-03-14 16:39

    The Jolly Christmas Postman -Allan and Janet Ahlberg5 starsThe Christmas Postman is a spin-off of the original Jolly Postman book. Both books concern a postman making his rounds on a bicycle through an unusual English village. This village is inhabited by fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters. The postman has Christmas mail to deliver to the likes of Baby Bear, The Big Bad Wolf, The Gingerbread Man, and Santa himself. Each time the postman makes a delivery, the actual item can be removed from an envelope page included in the book. This is one of the best book/toy combinations that I’ve seen. Even though there is a small puzzle and a folded paper board game inside this book, the toys do not overwhelm the literary content. The intricate hidden details of the book are delightful. It’s great just to sit and discuss the pictures.I’ve found that even children with limited English or experience of books enjoy this one, but those who are very familiar with fairy tales and nursery rhymes are better able to appreciate it. There are lots of little items to examine and touch so the book works better for 4 year-olds and older.

  • Joseph Seo
    2019-03-07 18:25

    This was an awesome children's picture book. This book follows a postman through his deliveries and you start to notice some of the different characters. I like how the author decided to add famous children story characters into this book. This book also rhymed! That was pretty cool. This is a good book to read to children, especially around Christmas time. It even has different little things to look at and play with like a board game and letters. It helps the children to be busy. The illustrations are pretty good. It shows different characters from folk tales to children's stories. Some of the illustrations have envelopes that has letters and things inside with the address of the person it is going to. Overall, I think that children would love this book, especially around the holidays. I think that this book is also geared towards the younger aged groups. One thing that disappoints me is that the cover is blank. It's just a hardback book that is red. Also for this book you have to keep up with all of the different letters and puzzles and the copy I have are missing a few which is also disappointing.

  • Riven
    2019-03-19 17:27

    Another book from my childhood I managed to dig out is 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. This wonderful book, the last book Janet and Allan Ahlberg wrote together and the last of three in the Jolly Postman series, tells the story of a postman delivering Christmas cards to a range of fairytale characters.The story is brilliantly and humorously written poem and offers children excellent insights into various literary skills such as poetry, setting, characterisation and intertextuality. I feel The Jolly Postman is a book that can be enjoyed by all children regardless of their reading level however it could be especially beneficial to children who struggle to concentrate while reading. Every character the postman visits receives their own card which may offer amusing insights into their lives, a game or even another book! The way this breaks things up keeps it very interesting and this style is sure to keep most children entertained and wanting to read more.There are many lessons that can be built around 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' whether in literacy or art and it is an excellent value children’s book. I cannot recommend this more highly!

  • Ashleigh
    2019-02-26 21:20

    ifteen years ago, long before anyone else thought of tucking actual letters and notes inside a book, Little, Brown published The Jolly Postman by Allan and Janet Ahlberg. This wonderful book gave children a chance to read letters sent from one fairy tale or Mother Goose character to another. Among the funny notes was one from Jack, who lolled on a sun-drenched island, thanking the Giant for the gold that let him afford such a nifty vacation. All this amusing correspondence was deftly illustrated and the book attracted hordes of eager readersThis is such a fun story! I think this is a great book to help early writers think about letter writing, audience, and presentation. It is a book that could be enjoyed by K-1st graders, but could truly be an inspiring text for writing your own piece for children a bit older. To understand this story you also have to have some background knowledge of mother goose rhymes and some of the classic fairy tales. It is a funny story that makes jokes based on these stories and uses many of these characters.

  • Joe Steward
    2019-03-11 18:37

    Janet Ahlberg's "The Jolly Christmas Postman" is an very heartfelt and warming tale about a postman who delivers mail to our favorite storybook characters.The story continues from the original 'Jolly Postman', book which I reviewed late last year, he delivers a Christmas card to the Three Bears and other exciting letters to our favorite story book characters, featuring again are the scary Mr Wolf and Red Riding Hood.Again the genius in this book comes from its classy illustrations and envelopes with letters and other exciting objects for children to open and read for themselves, including the Puzzle for Humpty Dumpty.I absolutely love this book, from my own childhood and experience of reading this books as a child. I also find that this is generally a highly engaging text with a good story, which also makes a fantastic Christmas display if being used in schools.

  • Sana
    2019-03-11 21:47

    As a child, I enjoyed reading the book ‘Jolly Postman’ the book gives children an experience to receive letters through the story as the book is very interactive for children. The author has set up the book with flaps as envelopes with letters inside, postcards and magazine articles. The book is about the jolly postman who delivers letters to different characters from children’s story books such as the three bears. The children get to learn about the different things you can receive through the post and who a postman is, and what their job. I feel that the appropriate age for this book would be in KS1. The book could be used in an English lesson and used as a guide and an inspiration for writing a letter to a friend or story character. The children will be able to use their imagination whilst writing.