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Deet's world turns upside down when his father is arrested for drug use. It doesn't seem possible that kind, caring Dad could be a criminal! After all, he only took the pills to stay awake so he could work two jobs. Now what will happen? How will Deet be able to face his classmates? Where will they get money? And most importantly, will Dad be okay in prison? Hurt, angry,Deet's world turns upside down when his father is arrested for drug use. It doesn't seem possible that kind, caring Dad could be a criminal! After all, he only took the pills to stay awake so he could work two jobs. Now what will happen? How will Deet be able to face his classmates? Where will they get money? And most importantly, will Dad be okay in prison? Hurt, angry, and ashamed, Deet doesn't want to visit his father in jail. But when Mom goes back to work, Deet starts visiting Dad after school. It's frightening at first, but as he adjusts to the routine, Deet begins to see the prisoners as people with stories of their own, just like his dad. Deet soon realizes that prison isn't the terrifying place of movies and nightmares. In fact, Dad's imprisonment leads Deet to make a few surprising discoveries -- about his father, his friends, and himself. With moving realism, Kirkpatrick Hill brings to light the tumultuous experience of having a parent in jail in this honest and stirring story of a young man forced to grow up quickly....

Title : Do Not Pass Go
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Do Not Pass Go Reviews

  • Tyler Haney
    2019-06-08 15:03

    Having a law-abiding father in jail. You'd probably think it would never happen. In this book, yes, it happened. The protagonist, Deet, is like every ordinary child. Happy. Having fun. That is, until his father is arrested for using drugs. But he just took 2 pills to stay awake at work! To most, it seems hardly fair. This fiction book details how a boy has to go through life after his is arrested for drug use. P.S. This is a GREAT book. ****SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK**** The book starts off in a Garage, with Deet in the process of cleaning/working on a new Mercedes, belonging to a possible family friend. His dad (This part of the book is before the arrest.) comes in the garage, and has a conversation with Deet, who says the garage isn't a "Mercedes-type garage," but a "garage for old trucks." After the conversation,(Please note: this is a Third-Person Point of View book.) there are some comments made about Deet's father. One of them is, he hates bumper stickers. It also tells some parts from the past: When Deet was younger, he'd go into the garage to help his father. Also, needless to say, there was a calendar which was never taken down because companies don't "make calendars like it" anymore. (If you read this book, you'll figure out the pictures on the calendar soon enough...) After Deet leaves the garage, he works on his homework for Mr. Hodges, where he has to pick a quote, and explain why he chose it. (No, not from an AR book, but various quotes spoken by various famous people, i.e. Winston Churchill. Also, you explain it in an essay.) After doing his homework, Dad asks Deet to hold a ratchet...which is 75 lb. He briefly did more homework, he ate dinner with his family, fixing a picture stack, (Someone spilled Kool-Aid on it.) it moves onto the next chapter. After Deet is on the bus, and the first one to be picked up, (I can relate to this...) the driver picks up Nelly, whom is Deet's friend. After this, the book explains the places Deet lives in, and their history: His family used to own a log cabin, but before they owned it, they had a trailer. When P.J. and Jam (Deet's sisters.) were born, Dad built a frame edition to the side of the house, which ruined the "log cabin" feel, and Dad never got around painting it. The book comments that Deet was glad you couldn't see the cabin from the road. Once Nelly, who is like a friend, is on board the bus, (For his home, needless to say, it's in the middle of his father's junkyard...)he and Deet had a little conversation, which Deet says he didn't do his math homework...luckily, there was an assembly during math class. According to the book, after Deet and Nelly's house, all the houses were better than the last, with each backyard looking like a "picture from a magazine." Later after, at school, According to the book, Deet's locker is right next to his homeroom, which is, as it appears, Mr. Hodges. He didn't like talk, like small talk, like, "Hey, how's it going?" "How are you?" "Hi, man, what's going on?" Those things. Though his mom kept urging Deet to make friends, Deet is... a loner. At least, that's what his Dad says. However, in Deet's mind, he didn't nessecerrily know if he was a loner or not. It's just that none of the kids were interested in the things he was interested in. Which is a big problem for his Mom, probably. And Deet wasn't interested in their lives, either. Also, the book says that when Deet comes home, you never know which book he comes home with. Maybe he'll bring a 39 Clues book home. Maybe Ranger's Apprentice. Maybe even the Magic Thief. (All not commented in the book.) Who knows? After a short little thing about how people in town checked out books, and Deet asking himself why he never meets them, the books says Deet is just different. That's all. Soon after the book comments on this, Nelly asks if Deet if take the 2nd bus to help with math equations, but Deet unfortunately said no. However, he said he'd go on the phone and talk him through it. I forgot to mention one thing: When Mr. Hodges hands back quotations homework, it includes a comment made by him. On the way to Grandpa's house, he looked for quotes, and it reveals that Grandpa's face looks like. (Without a picture...sorry if you had your hopes up about that...) His face was "rock hard, and there weren't many wrinkles." That's all I'll say. It also explains that his grandpa can make sarcasm-like comments, like "Born in a barn?" So, after a few short conversations, Deet leaves the house, and we go onto the next chapter. I'll leave off here. This was a fascinating book to read. 5/5 because, well... it was unlike one of those First-Person POV books, being Third-Person. (Despite my first review being a book from First-Person POV, if you remember Prisoner B-3087) I'd recommend this book to, well, people who are probably used to third-person POV books. Now, this is probably an obvious statement: Do not do drugs, even if you want to stay awake.

  • Educating Drew
    2019-06-14 15:04

    Do Not Pass Go is a real quick read. The print is large, the chapters are digestible, and the main character is a boy named Deet. Three reasons that make it a good book for reluctant readers, especially boys.Deet has a great relationship with his family, even if he tends to be the mature one. His mom and dad are both pretty impulsive, living moment to moment, paycheck to paycheck. And his two sisters are really two young to be anything but kids. Deet's pretty okay with all of this because for the most part things always gets taken care of, one way or the other.But then, Deet's dad gets arrested for drugs. Evidently in order to keep up with his two jobs, Dad began to rely on uppers to stay awake. Living in a small town, Deet is terrified his peers will tease him - everything is published in the town paper. Plus, his father was the only source of income, how will they survive.Everyone in the family has to make changes: Deet understands what it's like to be in his parent's shoes, his folks learn that they have to make some changes in budgeting, and Deet's friends realize that sometimes a bad decision is not the end of the world.I think that this book was trying to be poignant but bit off more than it could chew. The moral, that just because you make a bad decision doesn't mean you're a bad person, was a little too black and white when we're dealing with people going to jail/prison. I think that it's a heavy topic that needs more substance than what this book was able to give. With that being said, I do believe that some of my students will really love it because their age prevents much abstract thought.

  • Sara
    2019-06-15 10:52

    Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill is another one of our state award nominees. I'm down to two books now, and I really need to finish them. I really enjoyed Do Not Pass Go, but I think it will take a special kind of student in my kids' age group to really appreciate it. Very philosophical and with a little bit of heavy material, some students will find the book out of reach. Deet's family is a good-hearted family. Their financial situation is not the best, but his Dad works hard to provide. Working two jobs has been difficult on him and he begins to take some pills a coworker gives him in order to stay awake. A broken headlight draws the attention of the local police and Deet's dad is arrested on drug possession charges. Deet struggles with all the different feelings that would overcome a 13-year-old boy in this situation. Deet is a bit more insightful than I would expect most kids that age, and certainly more responsible, but story touches you emotionally, and I think it is a good book. It might have been better in the YA category, instead of the Intermediate, but I still enjoyed the book.

  • Tina
    2019-06-26 12:53

    This is the book for your reluctant readers. Deet is in High School, but is considered a "loner" - doesn't like to be noticed for anything. Deet's father is caught using drugs and sent to prison - Deet must deal with this at school and his home life is changed dramatically. The loss of his father's paycheck and his mother having to go back to work forces Deet to accept responsibilities he didn't have before. Deet soon realizes that his parents weren't as terrible parents as he used to beieve they were - it takes a lot of effort to keep a household organized. One of the major influences in Deet's life is his English teacher, Mr. Hodges. He introduces Deet to quotes and Deet soon discovers that no matter what he is facing in his life, someone has faced a situation almost like it. Great story - lets you see another side of having a family member in prison.

  • STPetrovich
    2019-06-26 19:05

    Summary: Deet used to be normal, but then his dad went to jail and Deet's world changes for better and worse.Passage from page 229: "Sometimes when it is raining they called Nelly to come over. He taught them to play poker, which was a lot of fun, and somtimes they played Monopoly. The first time Deet got the card that said, "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200," he and Sheena looked at each other, but it didn't hurt like it used to. They knew jail wasn't funny, and maybe they would always wince when people made a joke of it, but they were a lot tougher than they used to be. Jail wasn't the end of the world."Response: This passage is my favorite part. It is because it is meaningful and taught me a lesson, that jail is not the end of the world. You can adapt to anything.

  • Josh Newhouse
    2019-06-10 17:00

    I wish 3.5 stars was an option... slooooooooooowwwwwwww start... at times the book got too precious in its language.... I never felt the main character was a real kid... but in the end something about the book won me over... yes it was a little simplistic at times, and the main conceit that this father would be in jail as long as he was for what he was arrested doing without being bailed out or released to me was a stretch...But in the end it humanized jail in a small town and gave readers the sense that some mistakes can be overcome...Sad thoughts about people revisiting jail as a pattern... also some dated things like cassette tapes and snail mail...Interesting read in some ways...

  • James Hoch
    2019-06-02 11:02

    "Do Not Pass Go" by Kirkpatrick Hill. I really enjoyed this book. The chapters were short and weren't hard to understand. The first few chapters are kind of slow, but I was quickly drawn in. Deet is the normal kid at school. After Deet's dad goes to Jail for drug use, Deet has to take on new responsibilities. He realizes how important his dad was to him and how much the word "Jail" has changed to him. I would recommend this book to teenagers and younger readers, because it was a short, easy read.

  • Laura
    2019-06-14 17:02

    While I enjoyed Deet's quotations project, it felt like a device upon which to hang the story when it should have been more of a "snip it." I never quite felt that Deet was real, he seems very passive here, while the other characters are just ciphers.

  • J. Taylor
    2019-06-08 12:57

    Aw just a cute and enjoyable read.

  • Adam Sauer
    2019-06-10 10:52

    This book is about a kid named Deet and his father that goes to jail for using drugs to stay awake at work. Deet has to protect his siblings from this since they don't understand why their dad is gone. My favorite part of this book is when Deet has to hide the fact of their dad getting arrested from his sisters P.J. And Jam and he says that their dad hade a burnt out headlight and then a family friend comes to visit and says that she had the same thing happen to her and then the girls ask her if she had a burnt out headlight too and she gets very confused but sees Deets plan and goes along with it. Overall its a good book and if you like non-fiction books you'll like this book by Kirkpatrick Hill. 4/5

  • Christian
    2019-05-26 15:05

    i really think this book was good it was addicting i really liked the main character deet he was funny and really really really smart. this book was about a kid that was mechanic he was 17 years old and he had rough goals to go through. His goals were to go to collage as a mechanic and run his dads job. and it turned out pretty great. and he it was a good ending the it wasn't what i expected but it was a pretty good book to read.

  • Tacoma Malloy
    2019-06-03 13:10

    Do not pass go was about a boy named Deet and one day something goes wrong with his family. Deet lives in a small town. His dad works two jobs and his mom stays at home and takes care of everyone. till one day it all gets taken away. When his dad gets arrested every thing is ruined. Deet is embarrassed to go to school and ashamed of his dad. now what do they do, he misses his dad and wants to see him but is to scared to go into the jail. Deet does it and sees his dad. running on a tight schedule they work it out. i think this book is a 5 star because of how real life and detailed it is and showing how Deet is feeling is very good dialog.

  • Melissa Delatorre
    2019-06-08 12:08

    Well, you might think that just because a father is a kind and loyal guy, you can't always be right. In this book Deet's dad was a kind and loyal man, but actually his dad went to jail because his dad was actually took drugs! This book was great especially for how Deet had to deal with everything. This book takes place in many places. This book starts off with Deet cleaning hi family's friends car. Well they had their small talks. Then days passed and well cops arrive to arrest Deet's dad just because his dad takes 2 pills at work to stay awake.After Deet didn't know what do do because he had. father in jail and he thought classmates would make fun of him. Well days passed and Deet started going daily to jail to see his father, which he started getting used to.The conflict of this book is person vs. self because Deet is very confused about life because of what happened to his dad so, now he has to challenge himself to go see his father in jail. I felt bad for Deet in how he thought that just because his father is in jail his friends will probably laugh at him. Well first of all, people who don't respect you, then those persons aren't reallly your friends. Also, Deet could of been even more scared which would mean that he wouldn't want to go to school anymore. None of that is nobodys business, so nobody should be making fun of him. I wish that Deet's dad never went to jail. Poor Deet is suffering just because his dad is in jail and he thinks classmates will probably make fun of him. Deet's dad shouldn't have gone to jail if it was a huge mistake he made. Why would classmates make fun of someone who is having a really hard time? I.would really hate the especially because then Deet won't want to go to school. Also, people that would make fun of Deet are just bullies, which that would interfere with Deet's education even more. The major event that changed Deet just because his father ended up at jail for a mistake he made. That whole problem made it worse for Deet and his education. Then if Deet doesn't want to go to school than he won't be able to become someone in life. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because I loved reading how Deet survived everything that was going on even with his dad in jail. I recommend this book to people who like reading a life story of others. Also remember dont judge others just mind your own business and everything will be ok.

  • marcy marshall
    2019-05-30 14:52

    Have you ever had a time where something so shocking happen to you that you where so scared to even talk about it? Well in this case a young boynamed Deet has already been through this but his backstory just might be a little to shocking to hear.This is a fiction book .The story starts off at a garage where Deet is cleaning a car for a family friend . Then a major events start starts to happen Deet father gets arrested just for taking 2pills a day just to stay awake....The conflict of the story is either person vs self because deet had to deal with his emotions about his father being in jail or it could be person vs society because deet also had to face his class mate who might have made fun of him or might not (you need to read to find out) ........ The conflict of the story is that big dramatic part about deets day getting arrested.(The reason why I don't want to tell you the person vs .... is because I want to make you curious for you to go an read the book your self.)What I did really enjoy about the book was the conflict I feel that the more dramatic and shocking the conflict is it will make the reader be wanting to continue reading which could as be the attention grabber. Now I'm not going to use the word "what I didn't like about the book" because that wouldn't be true I enjoyed every second of reading this book so instead I'm going to say what the author could of done better with the book is not put to much problem one deets back and what I mean Is that after is father went to jail deet had the thought that his friends would laugh at him which I guess is no that I think of it is kinda not a bad thing that the author put too much on his shoulder because it could be showing us who deet is and what I mean is like is he the type of person who will break down or will he fight his way through this (read to find out ).I Would rate this book a 5 because I loved reading every second of this book beginning to end this book took my breath away. I would recommend this book to any one who love a good dramatic book to read that will have you at the edge of your seat .

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-23 18:05

    This is one instance where I feel the above description does not do the novel justice. Most readers realize that these blurbs are meant to get your interest without giving away everything, but there are many more elements to this story that are more interesting than Deet visiting his father in jail. Don't get me wrong, the approach the novel takes to this subject is very compassionate and could be helpful to someone who's parent/other relative/friend has landed in jail for a non-violent crime. The novel is set in a small town in Alaska, so when someone gets arrested everyone recognizes the name in the paper. This is something Deet is terribly afraid of, but Deet is terribly afraid of quite a few things. Deet's introduction actually establishes him as being a bit OCD and critical of the way his parents manage their lives. As the story progresses, Deet learns a lot about what it takes to keep up a household while keeping up with school. One of my favorite elements from this book is the conversation between Deet and his English teacher. Throughout the novel Deet keeps a quotations notebook for class. He selects quotations and writes about that quote, and his English teacher responds. It's is through this "conversation" that Deet reveals what the experience has taught him. As might be noticeable from my disconnected thoughts above, I'm having trouble writing about this book. I really enjoyed it. It's a book that I want to tell all about so to not ruin it I'm trying to keep my fingers in check.This is a 2010-2011 Sunshine State Young Reader's Award nominee.

  • 76Tinkerbell34
    2019-06-08 13:46

    The main characters in this book are Deet, his two sisters, his dad, and his mother. This book takes place in a rural area where there aren’t that many people and it seems that the riches live in one place and the poor lives in another. Deets father works to jobs and by the end of the day he is extremely tired. One day Deets dad was driving to his second job with one of his headlights out and the police had pulled him over. When the police pulled him over they looked in his car and they happened to find pack of marijuana in the back. Deets dad confessed and said that he was taking them to give himself energy to go back and forth to work each day, and that he kept doing it because it worked. Afterwards Deet thought that his life was going to be different forever, but that wasn’t the case. He found out that as time passed things got easier, and that the same thing has happened to two of his class mates. Now Deet has to do all the house work and take care of his two sisters while their mother is at work. Another important thing about this book is Deets homework. For homework everyday they are given a “quotation book”, and they have to respond to a quotation. Everything that happened in his life he found a quotation for, so he would write about it and his teacher would respond. Month’s later Deets father was released from jail and everything was back to normal! I think that the author’s point of writing this book is show that everybody has troublesome times in their lifetimes even the rich people. And that it will be over soon. So real all you have to do is keep your head up and live your life the way it is. :)

  • Barb Keltner
    2019-05-31 18:40

    This wonderful book is about a nice family that's struggling to make ends meet, the very kind and loving dad is working 2 jobs, and then he's arrested for drug possession. He had just started taking some drug a friend recommended to help him stay awake since he was working so many hours. So here he's caught -- has to work 2 jobs to try to make ends meet but can't stay awake to do it so he uses the illegal drug to try to help that and now is in jail where he's making no money and his family is in a worse situation. I think this is the first book I've read about this situation. But the interesting thing is that when the middle school age son visits him each day, he learns from the stories his dad tells him that many of the prisoners are just regular people who did something they shouldn't have done to try to make a bad situation better. Even the guy who murdered his father -- his father had been beating and abusing his wife and all the kids for years, even when they were grown, and this guy finally made it stop. And the boy also gets to know the families of other prisoners as they spend time together in the waiting room and is very understanding of their situations too and even comes to think of some of them as friends. One additional neat thing the author did was have the boy have an English assignment where he was supposed to pick a famous quote on a particular subject and then explain what it meant to him, so those quotes and their explanations are a very clever way the author lets us get inside this main character's mind.

  • Travsssss!!!
    2019-05-28 14:08

    So the book starts out pretty basic, Deet is a kid with no friends who pretty much runs his family because his parents are to busy. Deet's dad is actually his step dad, he's never met his real dad. But his step dad is dad to Deet. With the economy so bad his dad has to work two jobs to take care of the three kids and his wife. When you don't expect it, the book get a lot more involved and his dad goes to jail for using drugs to keep himself awake for both job. At first Deet was really scared about visiting his dad, but once his mom goes to work he decides to make it part of his after school schedule. He starts to realize that these people all have stories just like his dad, and that prison is nothing like it is in the movies. I really like this book because it keeps you guessing and you never expect what happens. I like that it is written so Deet comes right out and says how he feels unlike other books where people deny their feelings all the time. Kirkpatrick Hill makes it really easy for me to relate to the book. I'm not saying everyone will, but I definatly knew exactly how Deet felt! I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle it. It's kind of a more mature book. The only thing I didn't like was the last two pages. I'm not gonna tell you what happened, but I thought that there were a million other ways the book could have ended and that wasn't the best choice.

  • Kiwi
    2019-06-11 14:01

    This was one of those books that I was told to read because it's "really amazing" and that's just what it was. Deet and his family are struggling to make ends meet. So to be able to do so, his dad takes two jobs. So, to keep himself up to the task his dad starts using drugs. Deet doesn't really find this out until his dad gets pulled over for a busted headlight and they find drugs in his car. So, that's really when the book sort of takes off. (Not that it wasn't good from the beginning, but this is really when the wheel starts rolling full speed, you know) At first, Deet is worried what other people might think when they find out. (view spoiler)[ He later soon learns that not everyone is going to judge him because his father is in jail.(hide spoiler)] He is scared to go visit his dad in jail because mainly of what he has seen on television and in the movies. But when he does, he finds that everyone has a sory to tell, whether it's a good one or if it's one that ends in jail. This story really moved me, to see how Deet deals with everything and to hear the stories of all the other people his dad meets while in jail. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read where you get to see things from both sides through one person's eyes. I'm going to end this review by saying that this is just an amazing book that you need to read.

  • Blakef
    2019-06-17 18:59

    I read Do Not Pass Go, in this book the main characters are Deet and his family. They were living the happy go lucky lifestyle, but Deet was mad at how disorganized the rest of his family was. He just knew something was going to happen. Then it did happen...(This would be a spoiler if I told you). I think the scariest scene was when Deet walked into his house and his mom looked very glum and sad talking to someone on the phone . Deet knew something was wrong after she was off the phone because she was crying and crying. She told him what happened and it was very bad and he never even though of that person to do something like that. I really liked this book for a number of reasons. I liked it because of how the author made this sound so real and that the author herself had an experience like this and also had to cope with what was going on around her. Another thing that I like about this book is how Deet started meeting people in the same situation and knew that he wasn't alone and that he could talk to people about what had happened. In general this book is very good but it is also very sad and makes you feel sympathy for other that are in Deets situation. It teaches a life lesson that you shouldn't judge people by how they look because they could have just had something terrible happen to them.

  • Jacob
    2019-06-03 14:54

    Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill is about a boy named Deet whose Father is in a jail. His Father was sent to prison for three years for drugs being found in his car. The first time Deet goes to the jail to visit his Father he has the perspective that all the criminals are extremely bad people. After several visits with his Father, Deet later realizes some of the prisoners were unlucky and were innocent like his Dad. Over the course of Deet's Father being in prison, he had to grow up pretty fast. The kids in school distanced themselves from him and he had to help his Mom take care of his two younger sister's. The story is about a twelve year old boy growing up with an imprisoned Father.I personally thought Do Not Pass Go was a good book. The book had the same level of intensity throughout and told the story from a child's perspective. This book caught my attention when Deet's father was found guilty of having drugs in his car. I would recommend this book to kids who like feel good stories. The book is captivating and fast reading. Do Not Pass Go is fiction. This author has a great imagination!!!

  • West Region,
    2019-05-29 12:58

    Do Not Pass Go, by Kirkpatrick HillWhat does it mean to you when you hear the phrase “Do not pass go”? The game of Monopoly? And what happens when you get the card that says, “Do not pass go”? You go to jail. And you might say some sort of joke – “We should throw away the key!” Well, that is what happens to Deet’s dad in the book, Do Not Pass Go. His dad was working two jobs and took some drugs to help him stay awake, and he was arrested for drug possession. The things that Deet knows about jails are what he sees in the movies, and it seems like a very scary place. As Deet struggles with the shame and the scared feelings, he also has to take on much of the care of his two little sisters as his mom goes back to work. And he starts to visit his dad in jail and learns what it is really like. And he learns that jail is full of people that have made mistakes, but also, that they could be anyone, that some of the people there are from the best neighborhoods. Read, Do Not Pass Go, and go along with Deet on his journey of discovery.Grades 7 and up, Realistic Fiction, AHE-9664Submitted by Jocelyn Mullen, 12/11/07

  • Kienie
    2019-05-27 12:42

    Hill normalizes prisons by showing that anyone from any background can go into prison. She tries to take away the shame a child may feel at having a parent incarcerated. And it's for drugs, which is the most common reason people end up behind bars. Then the throws in moments and situations that shatter the illusion of normality and remind the reader that prison it a different world. She also the same time she questions the whole system by questioning the laws that put people in prison in the first place.This is all told through Deet's story in a third person omniscient POV. That seems to be Hill's default writing voice, but the more I hear it, the more tired I am of it. Everything is laid out, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. Everything is clear, accessible, and passionless without being emotionless. It's not bad writing by any means, but I keep hoping for more complexity in the prose. From a reader's perspective, there are no low or high points to correspond to the events of the story.

  • Adam Berhow
    2019-06-23 14:58

    I thought the book was alright. It was more informational than anything. It was basically just telling the story of Deet and what he had to go through with his dad in jail. It wasn't really action packed. Just about the only thing that kept me reading this book is that I was curious about the real story. About how jail really is, and how I have always imagined it. I thought at first that jail was a bad, dark, scary place. But it apparently isn't all like that. In the book it describes how jail isn't a scary place. It is just boring. And all the people in jail don't don't really beat up the new guys. In the book it describes how the people laugh, and act like jail isn't such a bad place. And that even a murderer in jail can seem like a normal guy. And that some people in jail have been there basically their hole life. But if you were to pass them in the street, you wouldn't think that they would be a bad person at all.

  • Lana
    2019-05-31 14:45

    A lot of internal struggle from a kid who's trying to play a parental role because his parents are often too flighty to do it themselves, I don't think I got as much out of this one as some younger readers will. I spent most of the book wanting to shake said parents until their teeth rattled.The book does, however, give a good struggle over the idea of a family member in prison, what that's like, and how bad (and not bad) it can be. My only real concern with it is that it seems like it makes the ordeal into "no big deal" at points and while I'm sure that's comforting to someone going through the experience, I'm not sure that i want folks thinking of that situation as something to be blown off and the book isn't really clear on its impressions on that topic.Then again, I suppose that topic isn't black and white at all.

  • MRTrausch
    2019-06-11 17:50

    Deet's life changes when his father is sent to jail for drugs. Now he has to go through serious change."Sometimes when it is raining they called Nelly to come over. He taught them to play poker, which was a lot of fun, and somtimes they played Monopoly. The first time Deet got the card that said, "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200," he and Sheena looked at each other, but it didn't hurt like it used to. They knew jail wasn't funny, and maybe they would always wince when people made a joke of it, but they were a lot tougher than they used to be. Jail wasn't the end of the world." I chose this passage because it was a good part. It sort of summarizes the book and shows the meaning of the title. It shows how much Deet and Sheena's life changed and how much they have grown from the expierence.

  • MMPetrovich
    2019-06-10 18:08

    Summary:When Deet's dad goes to jail, his life changed for the worse, but Deet realized that jail wasn't that bad.Passage: "Sometimes when it was raining they called Nelly to come over. He taught them to play poker, which was a lot of fun, and sometimes they played Monopoly. The first time Deet got the card that said, "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200," he and Sheena looked at each other, but it didn't hurt like it used to. They knew jail wasn't funny, and maybe they would always wince when people make a joke of it, but they were a lot tougher than they used to be. Jail wasn't the end of the world."I chose this passage because it is when deet realized that jail wasn't the end of the world. He could overcome anything.

  • David Arko-Mensah
    2019-06-24 13:58

    The book Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill tells the story of an independent boy whose father went to prison. Overall I thought the book was very compelling. Although it was on a simple topic the novel still brought me deeply into the story. My favorite character in the book was Deet's mother. This is because of how fun and free willed she was at the beginning of the book but then became a bit colder towards the end. If I could change anything about the book it would be how his father got arrested and how it was in prison. I would add a bit more action just to pull the reader in a bit more. I would recommend this book to anyone. I have an engaging plot that I think most readers would enjoy.

  • Avianna
    2019-06-24 18:02

    This book was super boring. It's about a middle school boy named Deet. His family has a terrible tragedy. Deet's father Charley was caught doing drugs. Deet's family gets flipped upside down when this happens. They don't know what they're going to do with the house, the kids, Charley's lawyer and much much more. Deet is in charge of taking care of his younger sisters P.J and Jam. He has to take them off the bus and do a lot of the cleaning and stuff. He visits his father in jail everyday after school. His father is due to be let go in 6 months and then there family can go back to normal. His teacher Mr.Hodge's used to work at the jail so he knows everything about the jail and the whole inside it. His father eventually gets out of jail and they come home.

  • Sethkelch
    2019-06-13 11:00

    I think the book Do Not Pass Go is a very good book because it has good morals. I like this book because it brings in quotations and the main characters thoughts ans feelings. I would recommend this book to anyone that is going through struggles and depression during there life. I would also recommend this book to any kid that has a parent, sibling, or relative in jail. I would recommend this book to these type of people because it shows them there not alone and it will be fine. And that they can get through it. Overall I think this book was a good 4 stars because it could have had more people involved so people going through struggles in their life no different points of view. My main thoughts on this book was it had some humor with some sad parts but was really good