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Title : Monsignore
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ISBN : 9780440157526
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 410 Pages
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Monsignore Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2019-03-18 00:24

    An awful reading!THE “FORREST GUMP” BOOK SYNDROME AGAINI am a bookworm in the same way that I am a filmfreak, so, I don’t believe in those so called axioms (in direct contradiction): “The book is always better” and “Why reading the book if I already watched the movie?”.There are enough examples where it’s clear to realize that there are indeed cases where the book is better than the film adaptation but it’s not always like that, also while you can increase your positive experience with the story presented in the movie when reading the original book but not always it’s a good idea.I learned that with Forrest Gump by Winston Groom (whom doesn’t deserve to walk the same floor than Robert Zemeckis) when I read it and all those wonderful moments for I fell in love with the movie, well there weren’t (at all!) in the book. It was like the “anti-matter” version of the story, told in some evil twisted wicked parallel universe.And guess what?It happened again here!!!All the greatness of the movie isn’t (at all!) in this awful book.MONSIGNOR…WHO?It’s no wonder (and not your fault neither) that many of you never watched the movie Monsignor, starring Christopher Reeve (Yep, the same guy that make us to believe a man could fly), since it was premiered in 1982 and it wasn’t any popular then. However, to me, and each time that I ever have the great luck of watching it again, it’s a wonderful movie, telling a strong story, about a priest who had to do the “dirty work” of the Vatican to keep it in business. He wasn’t perfect, he was human, and he committed serious sins, like fooling a naive novice and having an affair with her. However, while a flawed man, he wasn’t really evil, he was good-natured deep in his heart, whom fell into the dangerous politics’ game of the Vatican, and always trying to do what he thought best to keep going the religious institution.Instead in the book, the main character is truly evil, corrupt and cynical (I think that in the movie, wisely they separated the action of the book character into two, the priest and his civilian friend with family ties to the Mafia). But besides that, the book isn’t well written neither. A slow pacing narrative, with an unclear and confusing path, and even an inconclusive finale.TO RATE OR NOT TO RATEWhile everybody is entitled to rate any book with their own personal opinion, since this is a really obscure, not known, novel, I can only conceive that any reader who decided to read this book, it was indeed because they love (in the same as me) the movie, but maybe, just maybe, they didn’t really read the book, since I honestly can’t believe that anybody (who watched the film) would give a positive rating to this awful book, that even without having watched the movie, as I told you, still isn’t a well done novel. So, it’s quite unfair (and kinda dangerous) giving a positive rating to a book, just because you loved the movie, in the same way that it’s unfair (and kinda dumb) to give a negative rating to a book just because you hate the movie, without actually reading the novel in any of both cases. If, and only IF after that you read the book, you honestly still think that the book is really bad (not matter your opinion about the movie) then, and only then, you would be really entitled to give your own personal rating to the book. You have a power in your hand when you give a rating to a book that may well influence the future decisions of others about reading or not that book, so you need to use that power in a responsible way.I don’t enjoy to give negative rating to a book, but when the sad situation comes, I don’t hesitate to do it, since I am sure that it’s a honest decision without looking to do any harm but instead to help fellow readers.Books and films are equaly worthy forms to tell a story, both with their own advantages and limitations. In the same way, there are the TV series and music songs. Don’t hate any of those formats, embrace them, don’t limit yourself.My final thought?Well, sadly, in this case, I honestly think that you have to keep away from the book, and try to look for the movie.

  • Il Di alby
    2019-02-27 18:35

    Ho registrato un libro su!