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Biography of Doris Day with 36 pages of photographs and filmography. This unusual collaboration in the form of an autobiography brings together a highly skilled professional writer and the film superstar who never enjoyed being thought of as Miss Goody Two-shoes. For the first time, Doris Day tells the story behind the headlines of her private life- three marriages, real aBiography of Doris Day with 36 pages of photographs and filmography. This unusual collaboration in the form of an autobiography brings together a highly skilled professional writer and the film superstar who never enjoyed being thought of as Miss Goody Two-shoes. For the first time, Doris Day tells the story behind the headlines of her private life- three marriages, real and rumored affairs, and professional triumphs countered by personal tragedies. At thirteen Doris was in a car hit by a train, and for a while she expected to be crippled for life. At sixteen she was earning her living on the road signing with bands. At seventeen she married a man who turned out to be a psychopathic sadist. She talks of many other things she never told anyone before, and her book is as compelling as it is honest. Mr. Hotchner, the author of Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir, has enriched her story with candid interviews with her son, Terry Melcher; her mother, her friends, and many of the people she has worked with including Bob Hope, James Garner, and Jack Lemmon. In this perceptive book, "the girl next door" turns out to be an inspiring woman of unique courage and strength....

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Doris Day: Her Own Story Reviews

  • Lorna
    2018-10-12 16:33

    I've been a fan of Doris Day ever since I discovered "Pilllow Talk" whilst channel flicking. The blurb on the back of this book promises to shatter the image of Doris as the virginal sunshine girl we see on the screen.To be honest, although I kew that to be Doris' image I could always see an element of mischief in her eyes, especially in her comic roles and it shows itself most plainly in the three films she did with her good friend Rock Hudson. I think the reality this book really shows is the drama behind the showbiz.All Doris ever wanted was to settle down and be a good wife and mother. Although she seemingly effortlessly glided into music and films in Hollywood this one thing that she had always wanted seemed to elude her. She settled for the wrong man for a variety of reasons a multitude of times.This book left me with even more admiration for Doris than I'd had before. Her strength, her unquestionable natural talent and most of all her unfailing optimism endeared her to me tenfold. I find I have a less than Secret Love for Miss Day. :D”

  • Samantha Glasser
    2018-09-26 12:54

    I love Doris Day. Among my collection of autographs, the personalized photo she signed for me is one of my favorites. Her movies never fail to put a smile on my face and give me a role model to look up to. At the time this book was published, Day wanted to shed the wholesome goody-two-shoes image from her films and give insight into the pitfalls in her life. It is a candid recounting of a life far from perfect. Her first husband abused her, her second abandoned her and her third squandered her money. She found joy in her work and the people who became her friends. Day talks extensively about her deep love for Christian Science, which may put some readers off, but I found these segments to be fascinating because they clarify her motivations. She also talks about her passion for animals, especially dogs; Day continues to work for her dog charity today. This book also includes memories from people who knew her including Les Brown, Bob Hope, Rock Hudson, Terry Melcher, and Gordon MacRae among others.I found myself relating to Day many times while reading and I love her more consequently than I did before. "From the time I was a little girl, my only true ambition in life was to get married and tend house and have a family. Singing was just something to do until that time came, and now it was here--home and marriage was the only career I wanted. And the only career I have ever really wanted."

  • Matt
    2018-10-08 10:43

    "I was somewhat leery about this autobiography. It seemed too bland and Pollyannaish, but now that I’ve finished it I can understand why it was a best seller upon its publication in 1975. Doris Day writes about her life, films, marriages and affairs with a candidness that helped dispel her virgin-next-door image, but it’s her engaging optimism and good cheer in facing life’s problems that comes to the fore throughout these pages. She does dwell too much on her religious beliefs and the bankruptcy court case following the death of third husband Marty Melcher (who comes across as a complete user and a slimebag). I like her earthy attitude towards working and movie stardom, and her love of animals is something to admire. Even the housewifey tips on beauty and fashion she includes in the book’s coda are fun." - review, October 18, 2009.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-04 12:50

    One of my guilty pleasures is reading celebrity autobiographies. People are just so fascinating! I enjoyed this one, Doris Day was very frank and honest I felt. Somehow it is always sort of interesting to know that people who look so sunny and somewhat perfect have challenges too. I could have done with a bit less on her legal woes but I am sure when that has been a big part of your recent life you would tend to dwell on it.

  • Rachel
    2018-10-20 14:37

    Like most everyone who has reviewed this book, I too am a Doris Day fan and was intrigued to learn more about her life off the screen. It was a bit repetitive and preachy at times, but the mix of perspectives and approachable tone kept me turning the pages quickly. There are also some inspiring sections with useful tricks of the business included here and there. Worth the read!

  • Maria
    2018-10-01 13:02

    She seems a little insane...or maybe it's me.

  • Mel
    2018-10-11 13:57

    I don't normally read bios, but I came across this in the library one day, and since I love Doris Day I couldn't help myself. Her life seems so tragic. It's hard to believe that someone so cheerful naturally has had all this happen to her and yet she doesn't seem angry about it. She just accepts it and moves on. As a book it was interesting because I didn't know anything about Doris Day prior to reading it. However, I was looking forward to learning more about her relationship with Rock Hudson. I was shocked that there wasn't really much to learn about them. This book has inspired me to read more bios.

  • Frances
    2018-09-29 10:43

    As a fan of Doris, I enjoyed reading about her life. The person I felt the most compassion for was her son Terry. Marty Melcher was horrible to him and Doris should have protected her son. He was sent to military school in the same town. It's a miracle he survived his upbringing and became as successful as he did. The whole Christian Scientist thing I could not comprehend. But I love Doris from her singing, to her movies, and her love of animals. Still a fan.

  • Tally
    2018-10-06 15:38

    Probably wasn't worth my time to read. About half way I skimmed through. Partly because she had such a terrible life. I mean really bad stuff happened to her and I guess her goal (as she states) and the way she gave it was she was trying to shock the audience and get rid of that goody goody reputation she had. Well, sadly it does that. Again I'm amazed at the stars' lives.

  • Clayton Bye
    2018-10-13 15:39

    I read this book many, many years ago and would sincerely like to read a follow up (this one was released in 1975). It has always seemed to me that despite her disastrous off-screen life, Day found a healthy place for her to be--and I'm not just talking psychologically, making her one of the few mega stars to successfully withdraw from a lifestyle that has ground so many other into the dust.

  • Christee
    2018-09-30 16:56

    I was amazed at how many movies she made - 17 in 20 years. I liked learning she dated Ronnie Reagan back when he was a liberal democrat. I was disappointed in her mothering style. And I was surprised to learn her son, Terry, dated Candice Bergen and was indirectly involved in the Manson murder trial.

  • Ashley
    2018-09-26 15:39

    Very interesting read. If you know enjoy Doris Day in the slighest bit you will enjoy this book. It is filled with nearly every aspect of her life, but is not boring like some biographies can be. it reads like a fun fiction book, keeping the pages turning. Her life entails so much more than i ever expected.

  • Sharon
    2018-09-25 13:55

    Who doesn't love Doris Day? What a life she lead. And she arrived supreme, regardless of the many adversities thrown in her way. Well written, doesn't bog down in details, just a quick overview of ups and downs. She's an amazing individual, strong, smart and positive. Excellent role model. Quick and rewarding read.

  • Tracy
    2018-10-21 08:44

    I loved this book. I learned so much about Doris that I never knew. She is honest and direct and doesn't sugar coat a thing. This was a wonderful book.

  • Roseann
    2018-09-28 08:59

    Wonderful book with insight to Doris Day's life. It showed her talent as well as imperfections. I highly recommend this book to her fans.

  • Nancy Loe
    2018-10-12 17:01

    Pretty dishy account - how else would we know that once a week she covers herself in Vaseline and sleeps on rubber sheets?

  • Carolyn F.
    2018-09-24 13:48

    I remember I enjoyed this book. She had to sacrifice a lot to become successful. Financially screwed by a husband (just like Debbie Reynolds).

  • Polly
    2018-10-10 08:50

    This was the very first hardcover book I purchased. The bookstore in my small town had to put it on order for me, and so I had it very soon after it was released. I've read it many many times, and have extra copies in paperback that I lend out to friends. I'm a huge fan of Doris Day, and this is the very best book written about her as it really has the inside scoop. It's the only book about DDay that had her full participation and endorsement. I will say that there are other books about her that add some detail that perhaps she didn't want known in the mid seventies. The black baseball player that she had an affair with - Maury Wills. THAT would have certainly been a scandal in those tumultuous times!I'll try to write reviews on some of the other books I've read about her. The quality varies considerably. This is the best though - if you're interested in Doris Day start with this on.

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2018-10-17 08:40

    I got this from Amazon US for $0.01 + shipping. What arrived was a well read, very yellowed copy of the book from when it was first published. I usually hate books in this condition, much preferring a brand new copy. But being a massive fan of Doris Day I was willing to overlook that and I am glad I did. I grew up watching Day on video and then DVD and loved her films all through my childhood. It was only when I got the Internet that I realised that her life wasn't exactly the same as her film characters and that she led one hell of a life and is now a recluse. This book is a fantastic read for fans of Doris Day.

  • Amber
    2018-09-22 15:38

    I love watching old Doris Day movies. She always has such a bubbly, fun personality, and this book was co-authored by her so it's a pretty accurate biography; although an old one. It was sad to read though what a terrible personal life she's had. Still a good read if you like Doris Day. I really enjoyed it.

  • Carrie
    2018-09-22 10:39

    I liked this book in that I learned about a real person with real problems. I like getting behind the movie screen to know the person. However, this book just made me sad because her life was so full of pain and disappointment. I ached for her as I read it. So, it was good, but a bit depressing.

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-27 11:57

    I gave this book a four, but it's more from an interest factor than from a well-written one. It was fascinating to see inside the actress's mind, but the writing was repetitive and awkward in places. Very interesting, though.

  • Nancy
    2018-09-28 15:45

    I was very much surprised when I read this book. For someone who made such sunny movies, her life off screen was difficult at best. But she is very much to be admired for her resilience. Good book.

  • Dawn
    2018-10-18 14:02

    I really liked this autobiography. Although, it was written so long ago that it doesn't contain the last 15 to 20 years of her life. But I learned a lot about her that I didn't know. Things like her religion, abusive husbands, and movies she hated making. All in all, a very good read.

  • Alistair
    2018-09-22 16:38

    What can I say? I love Doris Day, so I was always going to be completely hooked reading her life in her own words. OK, yes, she does leave stuff out, and it's far from a kiss and tell book, but there was plenty going on in her personal life that she bravely reveals here.

  • Laurajane Barber
    2018-10-11 11:55

    She's a bit kooky. Her life has been nothing like I would have ever imagined. This girl next door has had a hard knock life.

  • Mackenzie
    2018-10-10 12:35

    Very interesting lady! Don't think I'll ever see her movies the same way now that I know what her behind the scenes life was like.

  • carltheaker
    2018-10-15 09:52

    At the time I belonged to the Literary Guild book club and I wenton a run of celebrity bios. Day was always in the movies I sawas a kid, things aren't always rosy behind the big screen.

  • London Litchfield
    2018-09-30 10:41

    After watching some of her films, I was curious and picked this up to read. A woman who always found a way to make lemonade out of lemons!

  • Terry
    2018-10-17 12:37

    When I read in