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The Birdsville Track is one of the best-known tracks in Australia, and for 20 years Tom Kruse was the mailman, battling searing heat, floods and mechanical breakdowns. He made the run every fortnight and was a lifeline to the isolated settlements and stations along the way, delivering everything from letters to essential supplies....

Title : Mailman of the Birdsville Track: The Story of Tom Kruse
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Mailman of the Birdsville Track: The Story of Tom Kruse Reviews

  • Garry Griffin
    2018-10-20 20:54

    In the May school holidays in 1975 I went with some friends on an XL250 Honda trailbike up the Birdsville Track. A few years before (1971) I had gone as part of an expedition across the Simpson Desert, so I had been to Birdsville before, and knew a little of the countryside.I went with some teacher friends that I was sharing a house with at the time - Bob Easther and his wife Jo, and two others. I did not know how to ride a bike in sand when I left, but I did when I got back.The Track was an easy two-day ride for the Honda. I can recall swimming in one of the bores, and camping under the stars, and loving the vast expanse of everything.When I read Kristin Weidenbach's biography of Tom Kruse many of the names were very familiar - Clifton Hills, Mungerannie Bore, Goyder's Lagoon, Marree, and others. Likewise, when the bikes left Birdsville to go back home via Cordillo Downs, Innamincka and the Strzlecki, before rejoining the Adelaide road at Copley, familiar names and places reappeared.Tom Kruse made this part of South Australia his patch for 30 years, mainly delivering mail, but also carting water to Coober Pedy, digging dams and carting anything that needed carting to the stations and work camps throughout northern South Australia.When I was little I can recall the name of George Ding being mentioned. To me he was just someone that Mum and Dad knew who lived in a tiny town called Yunta, which had the distinction of being the coldest place in South Australia. We went there once, and I couldn't see the attraction. It just seemed to be a big service station, where lots of trucks would pull in. Mailman of the Birdsville Track fills in the background to George Ding, his brother Harry Ding, Harry's employee Tom Kruse, and the reasons why the Dings were such an important family in that vast area where SA, Qld and the NT meet.Mostly, though, Mailman of the Birdsville Track is about the determination and ingenuity of the second and third generation settlers of the furtherest reaches of European settlement - places like Marree, Clifton Hills, and Birdsville itself. Tom Kruse took almost everything in his stride (except, eventually, the mighty Cooper) to deliver the Royal Mail. His story is fascinating and inspiring.

  • Brenda
    2018-09-25 21:55

    An absolutely amazing man, Tom Kruse! He typifies everything Aussie, and is certainly an icon in this country. A few quotes from the letters he received at the end of the re-enactment of the mail run from Marree to Birdsville, in October 1999, after his famous 1936 Leyland Badger truck was lovingly restored:'a legend to inspire future generations of Aussies''a living part of Australian history'he epitomised the 'Aussie spirit which can get the job done, against all the odds''May we prove that we deserve the great accomplishments of our pioneer generation and the courage and success of such a splendid man as Tom Kruse!''Ride well big fella and God Bless.'I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the history of the Birdsville Track. The hardships of the people who lived in this era, from the mid 1930's and beyond. I also found out my husband remembers being taken with all his school class to see the movie made in the early 1950's calledThe Back of Beyond about the history of Tom Kruse and the mail run. It won the title of best documentary at the 1954 Venice Film Festival.All in all, a wonderful book, one I would recommend to everyone, not just Aussies!

  • Belinda G
    2018-10-07 20:51

    A fascinating man, I'm amazed at the strength and the effort he had to deal with every day. He's truly a real Australian.

  • Janelle
    2018-10-11 22:14

    I didn't get far into the first chapter. Maybe I'm too much of an impatient reader, but I was very bored.

  • Growlcat
    2018-10-15 01:05

    Very interesting - good description of the tough life in the red centre during the first half of the 20th century. A bit hard going at times but worth it.

  • Nicole Hodges
    2018-10-06 02:58

    An important book for every Australian to read

  • Peter Langston
    2018-10-19 19:49

    Interesting but very dry ... much like the setting for the book. I found behind the scenes descriptions of the film "The Back of Beyond" intriguing. What comes across clearly is the extraordinary life this plan ordinary bloke has led. Living outside a major city for such a long time, I've met many blokes like Tom Kruise.

  • Frank
    2018-10-14 01:53

    Loved it! An excellent documentary about an extremely resilient and ingenious Australian character that stamped his place in our history.

  • Any Length
    2018-10-11 02:05

    It takes one back to the times when people worked very hard for a living and considered selling their well trained sheep herding dog for 3 pounds.

  • Denise Tannock
    2018-10-05 02:02

    I think this book is fabulous. Tom Kruse epitomizes the true Australian spirit.

  • Goldenwattle
    2018-10-05 23:12

    An interesting read, bringing to life the Birdsville Track and surrounds. Tom Kruse was a very capable ‘bushy’.