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Cell has fused with android #17, becoming practically invincible--but not for long! Training in the Room of Spirit and Time, where a year passes for every day outside, Vegeta and Trunks have gone beyond the Super Saiyan, reaching a level of power even greater than second-stage Cell! Now Cell is the one who is outmatched--but Vegeta hates a boring fight. Succumbing to his pCell has fused with android #17, becoming practically invincible--but not for long! Training in the Room of Spirit and Time, where a year passes for every day outside, Vegeta and Trunks have gone beyond the Super Saiyan, reaching a level of power even greater than second-stage Cell! Now Cell is the one who is outmatched--but Vegeta hates a boring fight. Succumbing to his pride, Vegeta agrees to help Cell fuse with android #18, the last element he needs to become "perfect," so he can have the honor of defeating the strongest being in the world!...

Title : Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 16: The Room of Spirit and Time
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ISBN : 9781591163282
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 16: The Room of Spirit and Time Reviews

  • Travis
    2018-09-09 11:44

    Okay I know I said a while back that Vegeta is one of my all time favorite Dragon Ball Z characters ever. And he is but let me tell you this had to be one of the stupidest decisions he has ever made in the series, letting Cell become perfect. Now that isn't to say it is all on him because Krillin is also stupid for destroying that remote control that would have put an end to Android 18.

  • Matthew
    2018-08-27 16:27

    To find all my reviews: http://dancinginth3dark.blogspot.comPreviously on Dragon Ball Z(I) This evil creature named Cell has appeared creating havoc in the world as he is trying to absorb Androids #17 & 18.(II) Trunks who is the son of Vegeta and Bulma come from the future and help Goku in order to guarantee a better future.(III) Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks head to the Room of Spirit and Time to train and surpass the Super Saiyan level in order to beat Cell.That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!This volume was fascinating between the epic fighting sequences and how the storyline will develop for the upcoming volumes. I personally did not care much about the androids storyline because it is ridiculous the concept that robots can kill Goku who is practically Superman. The good thing is that for Akira Toriyama's redemption is to kill these androids to serve a greater purpose.As Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks are training at Kami-Sama's place, the rest of the time has to fight in order to help delay time for their arrival to come and kick ass. Vegeta and Trunks are the first to train inside the chamber and when they come out, Vegeta and his pride has reached a new level as they leave the chambers and head towards the fight. Vegeta surpassed the Super Saiyan level which will later be known as Super Saiyan 2 (Yes I know how original) and a big surprise later on which is Trunks has achieve that same level too but in power he has surpassed his father which he is embarrassed because he doesn't want to hurt his father's pride.Vegeta takes the first chance to fight Cell and Vegeta is actually whooping some ass which I am extremely glad about but he becomes ignorant halfway into the fight because he wants to fight Cell in his true form. The androids are in hiding for a long period of time but Kuririn blew their cover when he discovered their location. Bulma was able to create a remote control that will disable the androids leaving them available for the attack and when Kuririn finds them he is unable to use the remote because he has fallen in love with Android #18 so he personally sabotages it.Meanwhile that encounter Cell and Vegeta make the connection of the androids presence and Cell was lucky enough to reach his true potential. With all the countless transformations he has made in these volumes I will abmit that I love him in this final one because he reminds me of Freeza and how polish his character looks. I feel like the more these villains look less hideous, the more deadly and powerful they truly are. Now that the score is even, Vegeta is trying to defeat Cell but he is no match for him and almost dies in the line of battle.Trunks in the end realizes that he is the only one who can save his father but he needs to transform to Super Saiyan 2 without his father presence. I did not like that before Vegeta was knocked out unconscious, Trunks was a wimp because he didn't want to hurt his father pride and I understand where he is coming from but Vegeta could have easily died and then we would had this long dialogue of Trunks couldn't save his father and etc.We won't see Trunks potential until the next volume and this storyline is becoming very familiar for me especially with Trunks transformation and the Cell games that will come in the next volume. Other than that I believe that Akira Toriyama is getting better in his storytelling in each volume and while he brings familiar elements in this series, I for one will agree that I love every minute of this series and I cannot get enough of Goku and the gang. Stay tuned for more until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

  • Sam Quixote
    2018-09-15 18:27

    It’s probably because the androids are wiped out in this volume, but I’m starting to like Dragon Ball Z again! Vegeta and Trunks emerge from the Chamber of Spirit and Time, fully levelled-up, to take on Cell. Vegeta fights Cell alone but, even though he’s able to best him easily, he allows Cell to remain alive to absorb Android #18 and assume his final form. Because he’s a dumb Saiyan Warrior who only wants to fight extremely powerful beings! Actually it’s not totally Vegeta’s fault that the world might be doomed; Kuririn had his shot too but he didn’t take it because #18 kissed him once and he fancies her now - aww! Noseless boy loves the robot girl! For the most part, Akira Toriyama’s writing is perfect for this series, but the dialogue he gives Trunks is among the clunkiest I’ve read in modern comics. Every single thing he says is a massive load of exposition that reads like Toriyama’s notes for the story rather than remotely realistic dialogue for a teenager to say. Son Goku and Son Gohan enter the Chamber of Spirit and Time to begin their year of training (which, outside the chamber, is just a single day) with Goku training Gohan to become a Super Saiyan. Their only major plot development is Goku cutting Gohan’s hair, which is the right thing to do - Gohan’s hair looked like a freakin’ giant black porcupine perched on his head! All of the Saiyan’s hair styles are all totally bizarre but his was the strangest! That’s pretty much the whole volume. Lots of enjoyable, frenetic fighting between Cell and Vegeta, small advancements of the other plot strands, and the androids are all gone - hurray! Please let them stay gone! With his many transformations and lizard-like appearance, Cell does seem very reminiscent of Freeza, so maybe that’s why I’m enjoying this arc more - it’s the kind of storyline Toriyama can do really well so that’s what he’s going back to do. Volume 16 is an improvement but given the overall poor quality of the Cell arc, that’s not saying much. I’m hoping Goku beats Cell soon and we can get to the next, hopefully much better, villain. 3.5 stars

  • Gustavo
    2018-08-26 11:37

    Cell continúa persiguiendo a los androides, mientras los saiyajines entrenan en la Habitación del Tiempo para intentar detenerlo. Otro tomo que es práctiamente todo peleas, a excepción de alguna que otra escena, como Krilin con #18 y cosas asi. Las peleas de este tomo son cmo ya es usual, muy buenas y el manga se lee rapidísimo de lo entretenido que es.

  • Sharon Mariampillai
    2018-08-29 16:36

    Actual Rating: 4.55 This was a fantastic read. The story just gets better and better. Also, the characters are amazing and I love reading about the heroes that are in the Dragon Ball franchise. In the volume, Semi-Perfect Cell continues his quest to reach Perfect form. I finally got to see two new Super Saiyans to accompany Goku and Vegeta. They are also trying to find a way to win the android threat as well. It was very interesting to see Kuririn so affected by Android 18. Can't wait to see him get defeated. This was another amazing installment to the series. I can't wait for Volume 17. Overall, an incredible read.

  • Denisa
    2018-09-02 13:28

    Another rating: 9/10

  • Kurami Rocket
    2018-09-25 17:42

    This was such an enjoyable read!! In this vol, Trunks and Vegeta have finally emerged from their training in the Room of Spirit and Time. As confident as ever, Vegeta right away heads to confront Cell, as the bio-android search for #18 who successfuly escaped thanks to Tien's intervention.What really shined was the characters personalities and interactions with one another. They had me grinning and giggling on certain parts. It is really quite interesting to see the relationships certain characters have with one another and their views of each other too.Another thing, which I really loved and also shined in this vol, was the use of psychology and pride in this battle against Cell. Cell was shown to have quite an understanding of saiyans, given he shares their cells, and he uses that to his advantage! Vegeta as well, uses good methods in this fight. His experience as a warrior really shows as he quickly overpowers his opponent and uses good tactics to try and win.All the while, Goku and Gohan start their own training in the RoSaT. I really liked the detail and information about the room Goku gave us. It gave us a really good idea of what training in that room is like and what conditions must be endured in there.Meanwhile, Krillin struggles with the idea of destroying #18. He has undoubtly fallen for her. And I love how this did NOT come out of nowhere. Since her debut, there were a lot of hints pointing towards this!And finally, really loved Trunks!! Clearly the conditions in which he grew up in, shaped him as a person and warrior. He will do whatever it takes to prevent the hellish future he grew up in from happening again, even if that means killing the father he loves! I also enjoyed seeing how despite, Vegeta's faults and arrogance, Trunks' really does care for him and greatly understands his father, that Vegeta's pride and honor is just who he is and he respects that.Oh, one more thing! U know how in anime/manga characters stand around doing nothing while the enemy transforms or powers up into a more powerful being? Well, forget that here!! This does NOT happen in this vol!! Trunks' straight away rushes to stop Cell's transformation from happening!! And u will see and understand why this does not happen more often in Dragon Ball!!All in all, a wonderful vol, with good battle tactics, much details, info, character interaction/understanding, psychology, and pride! Definitley a must read!!

  • Eduardo Méndez
    2018-09-04 17:36

    No cabe duda de que con este tomo Akira Toriyama le enseña a sus lectores que el orgullo puede llegar a ser la perdición de aquellos que poseen uno muy grande, en este caso Vegeta es un buen ejemplo de ello. A este queridísimo personaje se le ocurrió darle a Cell la oportunidad de que este alcanzara su forma perfecta, ya que para el era decepcionante y hasta innecesario pelear con alguien tan débil. No cabe duda de que esta fue una pésima acción por parte de Vegeta, ya que con esto solo consiguió que Cell casi lo matará. Este saiyajin es la prueba de que nadie debe dejar que su orgullo lo ciegue, ya que eso provoca que uno ignore el hecho de que siempre habrá alguien mejor.

  • Adriana
    2018-09-05 10:32

    The fight with Cell is all I could have hoped for and more only because of Vegeta's need to fight the strongest and best. This volume reminded me how much Vegeta's pride gets in the way of everything. I'm happy to see that Trunks didn't inherit his dad's stupidity. In this volume the father and son go beyond super saiyan which basically means longer hair and even more power than before. I'm loving the fight with Cell. I'm not bored even a single minute.

  • Angel Cejin
    2018-09-18 10:29

    i think this book was really good in showing how the character vegeta's personality is, because this book was mostly based on that.Also i think its just good because it shows in how the others are getting ready to fight the new threat named cell.

  • Dony Grayman
    2018-08-30 10:54

    Edición argentina impresa en España: Cell alcanza su estado perfecto. El índice lo escribe Gohan en la arena.Traduce los capítulos 374 a 385 y la Gran colección de portadas XXXI.

  • Dony Grayman
    2018-09-14 15:36

    Edición española espejada. No trae índice ni numeración interna o separación entre capítulos, pero los que incluye son del 374 al 385.

  • Frahorus
    2018-09-03 10:27

    Vegeta contro Cell.

  • Patrick
    2018-08-31 11:29

    So many factions.

  • miha ha
    2018-08-28 15:51

    Mah so grozni pretirano nabildani, bljoha.Mal se mi že zdi da se zgodba na silo nadaljuje.Sam kok je pa avtor dober da to tedensko zriše, spiše in objavla.

  • Logan Simpson
    2018-09-22 13:30

    I admire Vegeta for being brave enough to help Cell reach his perfect form, but, I was glad to see Cell beat the crap out of him afterwards.

  • Kereesa
    2018-09-06 10:38

    Yep. Totally awesome. 5/5

  • Felipe
    2018-09-17 16:40

    Vegeta, you proud idiot.

  • Brennan Gerstenberger
    2018-09-13 12:25

    a good book with good action

    2018-08-28 15:45

    this book is good