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Containing the remnants of humanity from the planet Snowglade, the spaceship Argo hurtles toward its uncertain destiny, the bold and brilliant Captain Killeen at its helm. But he has grown increasingly isolated and anguished in command. The ship’s gardens are failing, its voyagers face starvation, and there are dark whispers within, talk of mutiny. Killeen’s will, however,Containing the remnants of humanity from the planet Snowglade, the spaceship Argo hurtles toward its uncertain destiny, the bold and brilliant Captain Killeen at its helm. But he has grown increasingly isolated and anguished in command. The ship’s gardens are failing, its voyagers face starvation, and there are dark whispers within, talk of mutiny. Killeen’s will, however, remains as strong as ever, his determination to reach the True Center of the galaxy bordering on obsession.Amid a mad swirl of incandescent suns and ghostly blue clouds of galactic dust, beset by hostile worlds controlled by the mechs—a vast and violent artificial intelligence whose only meaning, only mission, is the complete extermination of the human race—Killeen pursues his desperate search, convinced his people’s one hope of survival lies in the True Center. The crew has followed him this far on faith, a faith now being tested to the limit. Even his own son Toby, groomed for leadership, is beginning to question his father’s command.As the Argo undertakes a perilous quest into the unknown, Toby faces his own journey into the mysteries of adulthood. Like the others in this Family of voyagers, Toby’s spine contains microchip implants holding the memories—the legacy—of his race. But just as the technology designed to save his people may tear Toby himself apart, so his father’s desperate gamble to save the Argo may plunge the ship and its inhabitants into a cosmic pit of all-consuming fire....

Title : Furious Gulf
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Furious Gulf Reviews

  • Mouldy Squid
    2019-04-06 08:00

    Book 5 in the Galactic Centre Saga continues the journey of the Family Bishop, now allied with the alien Myriapodia, as they pilot their way to the True Centre of the galaxy. Here they encounter a strange and enigmatic structure called the Esty (ST), the last safe refuge of Humanity.Benford changes tack here, focusing on Tobey, Killeen's son, rather than Killeen himself, and succeeds magnificently. Benford tells a coming of age story that is true to life; Tobey's understanding of and realtionship with his father questioned as all sons and fathers must. In addition to the pressures of a son becoming a man, Tobey must also grapple with the consequences of carrying the personality of Killeen's dead lover, who herself is exerting increasing control over Tobey's own sense of self. This very personal story is told against the background of increasing complexity and wonderous sights that Tobey only begins to comprehend.Escaping from the bizarre and heavy-handed actions of his father, Tobey becomes lost within the strange structure of the Esty where compressed space and time mimics matter and can be shaped into uncounted pocket universes. Here he discovers his new emerging identity as he desparately flees a new intrusion of the Mechs, who, surprisingly, seem to be searching for Tobey himself.Benford once again deftly doles out servings of mystery and answers. The plot deepens as we follow Tobey's adventures and the reader is given new clues as to the ultimate nature of the Bishop Family, Tobey, Killeen and the future of mankind.What sets this particular installment above the proceeding volumes is the believable telling of Tobey's transition into adulthood. Any son will recognize the particular issues of this period of life and the inherent conflicts it causes in their relationship with their fathers. Benford's prose is evocative and heartfelt, and realistic. This is storytelling of the highest calibre.Benford's weird construct, the Esty, which cicles the massive black hole at the galaxy's centre, is one of the most intriguing in all of S/F. Here time, space and matter are interchangable, leading to bizarre vistas and tiny universes where mankind seeks refuge from the Mechanical Civilization bent on their extinction. Time itself becomes so compressed that it becomes matter, Time Stone, which can be manipulated into all manner of physical phenomena. It is strange and wonderful.Furious Gulf is, so far, the highlight of the series. It almost makes up for the hefty reading that should be done beforehand, and it would be a better novel if it could stand alone. Sadly, it cannot. The conflicts detailed in it cannot be separated from the characters and their history. More than any of the other books, this one requires that the whole series be read previously. It remains, however, one of the best S/F novels of its era. If you have already slogged through the rest of the series, do not miss this installment. Furious Gulf is a touching and rousing adventure of a young man becoming an adult set in a future of incomparable strangeness.[author's note: Since Good Reads doesn't allow half ratings I have given this one a 4. Really, it is a 4.5 out of 5.]

  • Bruce
    2019-04-06 02:10

    Gregory Benford seems to have gotten back on track with this book, restoring a sense of direction and destiny to the series.The story does get pretty trippy towards the end (something I suspect is hard to avoid when projecting normal human perception of reality into the theorized physics and environment in-and-around a black hole), but this is not a bad thing in my view.

  • Michael
    2019-03-25 07:04

    Truly the worst book in the series so far.The vast majority of the book was spent in what felt like one trippy addled world after another.I get it, the characters are in an alien environment and Mr. Benfold wants to reinforce that the environment that they are in is so alien, but the story was drowned out by the descriptions of how alien the world is.The plot of the entire series moved along, but it was hidden by the acid trip that most of this book felt like.

  • Nicolas
    2019-03-22 07:57

    Dans la grande épopée galactique de Gregory Benford – Le Centre galactique – voici encore un tome qui nous rapproche de ce fameux centre. En effet, les profondeurs furieuses nous narrent, à travers les yeux de Toby, le fils de Killeen (si, si, Killeen, souvenez-vous, le héros de La grande rivière du ciel), la suite des aventures de ces peuplades humaines déracinées, ballotées dans un univers où la guerre entre les êtres biologiques et mécaniques fait rage. Et celles-ci sont d’un autre tonneau que les précédentes, puisque toute l’aventure (ou presque), se passe cette fois dans un vaisseau spatial poursuivant sa route à la recherche de ce mythique centre galactique. Bien sûr, en chemin ils rencontrent des créatures bizarres (comme celles vivant dans l’espace) et affrontent des dangers peu communs, mais le voyage reste magnifique. Malheureusement, ce voyage magnifgique reste gâché par la plume assez médiocre, il faut bien l’avouer, de l’auteur. En effet, si les merveilles astronomiques sont décrites avec moult détails, il n’en va pas forcément de même avec les personnages, avec lesquels on a beaucoup de mal à avoir une relation normale de lecteur. Ceux-ci, y compris le héros, sont en effet plats et fades à un point rarement atteint. Pire encore, il en va de même pour l’intrigue, qui subit ici les pires traitemments possibles. Elle perd ainsi toute unité, oscillant au début, entre une quête initiatique sous forme d’exploration de l’univers (ce qui, je vous l’accorde, est loin d’être mesquin), avant de devenir une espèce de plongée dans des univers parallèles déchirés par la gravité. Bref, c’est complètement n’importe quoi. Et si les tomes précédents (comme l’assez réussie grande rivière du ciel) pouvaient encore être sauvés, celui-ci touche les limites de ma bonne foi de lecteur, au point de m’en vouloir d’avoir acheté le livre (enfin, presque, je suis quand même content de l’avoir lu, parce que j’ai pu mieux apprécier mmes lectures précédentes et suivantes). Et je trouve ça très malheureux, car je pense que Benford tenait, avec son exploration de l’univers et du centre galactique, un bon thème (quoi qu’également utilisé dans Un feu sur l’abîme, mais d’une manière très différente. Finallement, ce roman confirme la piètre opinion qu’on peut avoir des romans de hard-science : souvent écrits par des scientifiques, leur qualité littéraire est parfois très loin du minimum requis, non ?

  • Mario García
    2019-03-29 07:14

    I enjoyed the story which is focused on Toby, captain Kileen's son. It was nice to see things from a different point of view. There isn't as much action as in the previous two novels, and it seems that this book is more about a personal journey than a space opera. There are more bits of history revealed about humanity's glorious past and the origin of the "families" such as the Bishops.In this book, family Bishop is still on the Argo running from mech pursuers. Along the Bishops, we have the myriapodia Quath and others who have allied themselves with the humans. As the Argo gets closer to the galactic center strange things start happening, and this is where the book lost me a bit. Although my education was in the sciences (applied mathematics), I am not a theoretical physicist. Many of the concepts in the latter part of the book are difficult to understand and you probably have to take the author's word that it makes any scientific sense at all.Of course it sets things up for the final entry in the series, and I will definitely be picking that up soon.

  • Linda
    2019-04-14 04:07

    The fifth book of the series shifts to Toby, the son of the protagonist from books 3 and 4. This one isn't as strong as the fourth book was though it isn't bad. Toby is certainly far less annoying than Nigel from books 1 and 2. But though Quath is present through much of the book, she isn't nearly the focus that she was in the last book and that's a shame. I'd love to know more about her and her species but that isn't explored further. There are some really fascinating concepts explored here and we get a bit of a glimpse into the mech point of view but nothing that really explains why they are so antagonistic to biological life.Overall, the book felt transitional, setting up for the climax to come in the final book.

  • Nathan
    2019-04-15 03:05

    Number 5 in a series? Dammit! I hate that about SciFi. Nowhere on the cover does it say it's part of a series. And the ending just dumps you off with no real conclusion until the next book. I guess this explains all the useless mentions of past events. Very frustrating. This could have been a good standalone book (even as part of a series) if they had just ripped out some of the extra fluff and put a real ending on it.

  • Paul
    2019-03-29 09:21

    I agree with Matt and Nathan in the comments below, I only found out it was part of a series near then end, and the last part of the book did melt my face!There was some awesome futuristic stuff in this book, enzymes in peoples blood that turned alcohol into fuel, magnetic creatures, creatures that eat solar radiation etcIts pretty out there.

  • Devon
    2019-04-06 08:14

    Fantastic read. Benford takes the Galactic Center series on another turn, introducing us to the events at the heart of the galaxy for the final showdown between the remnants of humanity and the indomitable might of the machine intelligences.

  • Paul Trott
    2019-04-11 06:13

    The last quarter was proper weird.Not a bad book though.

  • Michael Schulz
    2019-03-28 05:13

    Good moving on to the last book.

  • Tom Britz
    2019-04-05 06:53

    The last remnants of humanity searching for the true center of the galaxy. Far future SF by a master.

  • Scott Flowers
    2019-04-09 07:55

    I liked it the most of the last three books I the series, but there was too much acid trip in the last few chapters, and then it just ended.

  • Mike Franklin
    2019-04-12 05:03

    Started off well but the last part became very surreal with numerous scenes which seemed to contribute nothing to the story.

  • Nick
    2019-04-01 06:06

    This should be a 3.5. I did enjoy Toby's coming of age story, and the series seems to be building to a conclusion.

  • Vincent Stoessel
    2019-03-23 04:56

    I liked this chapter of the seres but the last third began to fray at the edges. Hoping that next book, the last in the series, will validate the journey.