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Der zweite Pippi-Band – hinreißend illustriert von Katrin Engelking Mit Pippi Langstrumpf ist jeder Tag voller Überraschungen. Wenn Pippi in die Schule oder auf den Jahrmarkt geht, dann stellt sie alles auf den Kopf. Und niemand erzählt so tolle Geschichten wie sie – vor allem von früher, als Pippi mit ihrem Vater, dem Kapitän Efraim Langstrumpf, über die Weltmeere segelteDer zweite Pippi-Band – hinreißend illustriert von Katrin Engelking Mit Pippi Langstrumpf ist jeder Tag voller Überraschungen. Wenn Pippi in die Schule oder auf den Jahrmarkt geht, dann stellt sie alles auf den Kopf. Und niemand erzählt so tolle Geschichten wie sie – vor allem von früher, als Pippi mit ihrem Vater, dem Kapitän Efraim Langstrumpf, über die Weltmeere segelte …...

Title : Pippi Langstrumpf geht an Bord
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ISBN : 9783789118524
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Pippi Langstrumpf geht an Bord Reviews

  • Brad
    2018-11-22 04:49

    I happened to be reading this with my daughter at the same time I was rereading the Culture novel Consider Phlebas and I couldn't keep the two separate. Pippi just seems like the perfect member of the Culture, decent, headstrong, hedonistic, in love with her post-scarcity living, and a bit too flaky for her own good. All that led to this:9. Pippi Goes Aboard*Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking closed the door to her cabin aboard General Contact Unit Villa Villekulla and hung her red ribbon from her custom door stud for the last time; then she lifted the horse drone down from its pedestal. It was completely capable of using its anti-gravity forcefield, but it preferred to have Pippi set him down –- so for the last time she lifted him down off his pedestal. The primate shaped drone, Mr. Nilsson, already hovered over her shoulder, projecting simultaneous auras of importance and annoyance. He understood that something special was going to happen.“Well, I guess that’s all,” said Pippi.“Tommy and Annika nodded. “Yes, I guess it is.”“It’s still early,” said Pippi. “Let’s walk; that will take longer.”Tommy and Annika nodded again, but they didn’t say anything. Then they started walking toward the town, toward the harbour, toward the Cliff Class Superlifter Hoptoad. The horse, forced to use his anti-gravity now, floated along slowly behind them.Pippi glanced over her shoulder at her cabin door. “Nice little place,” she said. “No bugs, clean and comfortable, and that’s probably more than you can say about the hovels where I’ll be living in the future.”Tommy and Annika said nothing.“If there are an awful lot of bugs in my Drezen hovel,” continued Pippi, “I’ll train them and keep them in a box and play Run, Medjel, Run with them at night. I’ll tie little bows around their antennae, and the two most faithful and affectionate I will call Tommy and Annika, and they shall sleep with me at night.”Not even this could make Tommy and Annika more talkative.“What on earth is wrong with you? asked Pippi irritably. I tell you it is dangerous to keep quiet too long. Tongues dry up if you don’t use them. On Vavatch I once knew an Eater who never said a word. And once when he wanted to say to me, ‘You look yummy, dear Pippi, come let me eat you,’ he opened his mouth and can you guess what he said? First he made some horrible faces, for his teeth had fallen out and he needed metal ones, and then a sound came out: ‘U buy uye muy.’ I looked in his mouth, and, imagine! there lay his tongue like a little wilted leaf, and as long as he lived, which wasn’t long I admit, that Eater could never say anything but ‘U buy uye muy.’ It would be awful if the same thing should happen to you. Let me see if you can say this better than the Eater did: ‘You look yummy, dear Pippi, come let me eat you,’ or at least, ‘have a nice mission, Pippi.’ Go on, try it.”“Have a nice mission, dear Pippi, and thanks for your visit,” said Tommy and Annika obediently.There was the Smallbay; there lay the Hoptoad. Captain Efraim stood near the ramp, shouting his commands, the drones hovered back and forth to make everything ready for departure. All the people on the GCU had crowded into the Smallbay to wave good-by to Pippi, and here she came with Tommy and Annika and the horse and Mr. Nilsson. Pippi nodded and smiled to the left and the right. Then she took up the horse, who obediently shut down his force fields and carried him up the ramp. The poor old drone cast a suspicious aura, for old drones don’t care very much for Contact missions. “Well, here you are, my beloved operative!” called Captain Efraim. He folded her in his arms, and they hugged each other with all the power that their hyperactive adrenals could muster. They nearly cracked each other’s ribs -- captain and operative -- and it took a moment to catch their breath. That was when Pippi noticed Annika’s tears and Tommy’s frustration. Pippi came running down the ramp and rushed over to them. She took their hands in hers. “Ten minutes left,” she said. Then Annika threw herself against the force field of Mr. Nilsson and cried as if her heart would break. Tommy clenched his teeth and looked murderous. He would not cry for anything.All the people of GCU Villa Villekulla gathered around Pippi. They took out their bird whistles, manufactured by the GCU for the occasion, and blew the farewell tune the GCU had composed for her. It sounded sad beyond words, for it was a very, very mournful tune. Annika was crying so hard she could hardly catch her breath, and Tommy was so tense he had to think to engage his endorphins just so he could calm down.The people crowded in from all directions to say good-by to Pippi. She raised her hand and asked them to be quiet.“Hereafter,” she said, “I’ll only have little Drezeni savages to play with. I don’t know how we will amuse ourselves; perhaps I’ll actually have do some work. Perhaps I will teach them some pluttification. I suppose we’ll manage to pass the time some way.” Pippi paused. Both Tommy and Annika felt that they hated those Drezeni Pippi would know in the future. “But,” continued Pippi, “Perhaps a day will come when their planet is a part of the Culture, a long dreary century from now, when I will have taught them all to pluttify, and then I could come back here, to the GCU Villa Villekulla and everything can be just like it is now all over again.”The people blew a still sadder tune on their bird whistles.“Pippi, it’s time to come aboard,” called Captain Efraim.“Aye, aye, captain,” called Pippi. She turned to Tommy and Annika. She looked at them.“Close the ramp, Fridolf” cried Captain Efraim to his knife-missile. Fridolf did. The Hoptoad was ready for her mission of Contact. Then -- “No, Captain Efraim,” cried Pippi, watching the crowd in the Smallbay -- watching Tommy and Annika -- through the viewscreen, “I can’t do it, I just can’t bear to do it!”“What is it you can’t bear to do?” asked Captain Efraim.“I can’t bear to see anyone in the Culture crying and being sorry on account of me -- least of all Tommy and Annika. Put down the ramp again. I’m staying on Villa Villekulla.Captain Efraim stood silent for a minute. “Do as you like,” he said at last. “You always have done that. And so you should too.”Pippi nodded. “Yes, I’ve always done that,” she said quietly. “You know, Papa, Efraim? I think it’s best to live on a decent GCU and not disrupt my comfort on some stinky, backwater planet -- don’t you think so too?”“You’re right, as always, Pippi,” answered Captain Efraim. “It is certain that you live a more ordered life on GCU Villa Villekulla, and that is probably best for you. Fridolf anticipated your decision, and your replacement is already onboard.”“Just so then,” said Pippi. “It’s surely best for me to live and orderly life, especially since I can’t order it myself. Pippi said goodbye to the drones on the Hoptoad and hugged Captain Efraim once more. Then she lifted her still grounded horse and carried him down the ramp. Mr. Nilsson floated along beside her with a content aura. The Hoptoad was cut off by a force field generated by the GCU and vented out of the Smallbay, leaving Pippi with the people of Villa Villekulla where she would always be happy. *freely adapted from Chapter 9 of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Goes On Board with Iain M Banks' Culture novels in mind.

  • MsAprilVincent
    2018-11-10 11:00

    Pippi Longstocking was my hero when I was a little girl. Come on: the strongest girl in the world? who's richer than God? and lives by herself? with a horse? and a monkey?I LOVED HER.This is the book where Pippi goes on a picnic, gets shipwrecked, and is reunited with her father. I always get a lump in my throat at the end, whether I'm nine or twenty-nine ... or older.The more I think about it, the more I realize that Pippi is a real feminist icon. She takes care of herself, she doesn't rely on any man (well, at nine years old, she's a little young to be a trophy wife anyway), she's generous but not a doormat, and she does pretty much whatever she wants. On the other hand, she's not really a model of educational excellence, as is proven when she writes herself a letter. However, I too have found that "pluttification" is not a necessity in my real life.She is just, but not cruel. In this book, Pippi rescues a horse from its master's whip, but she doesn't whip the master (like I would have). And she makes a horrible man pay for ruined hot dogs after doling out her special brand of justice.So I guess the truth is right here: I STILL LOVE PIPPI LONGSTOCKING.

  • Laura
    2018-11-22 09:14

    Tämä oli ihana. Edellisosaansa hauskempi, satuhetket meni ihan kikatteluksi kun tälle nauroin niin minä kuin lapsetkin. Lempeän tärkeä kuitenkin, ehdoton helmi lastenkirjallisuudessa. Jos sitä nyt joku ei muka jo valmiiksi tiennyt.

  • Katri
    2018-11-18 08:10

    Kyllä vain Peppi Pitkätossu on ihastuttava, tässäkin. Vaikka Peppi on ollut itsellenikin tuttu jo lapsuudesta, niin en ole jotenkin oikein osannut samaistua häneen tai saada ihan kiinni näistä tarinoista. Peppi on välillä tuntunut jopa hippasen ärsyttävältä. Mutta näin "aikuisen" silmin viehätyinkin tästä tosi kovasti. Aion lukea Peppi Pitkätossu Etelänmerelläkin heti kun uusi suomennos julkaistaan.Olen muuten pitänyt näistä suomennoksista kovasti, mutta toisaalta enpä voi väittää muistavani kovinkaan hyvin millaisia aiemmat suomennokset ovat (ellei joitain sanavalintoja huomioida). Erityistä tunnesidettäkään minulla ei Peppiin ole, joten uudet suomennokset uppoavat siinä, missä varmaan uppoaisivat vanhatkin.

  • Fairynee
    2018-11-05 08:07

    Jelas sekali meski buku ini bergenre anak-anak, tapi membacanya mesti dengan bimbingan orang tua. Tingkah dan cara bicara Pippi yang aneh (dan bagi pembaca terasa lucu) akan menjadi tidak lucu bila ditiru anak-anak.Namanya, Pippilotta Viktualia Gorden Tirai Permen Efraimputri Langstrump, putri dari kapten Efraim Langstrump yang dikenal setan laut, dan kini menjadi raja orang hitam. Pippi tinggal sendirian di pondok Serbaneka. Dia tidak mempunyai ibu, dan Ayahnya terdampar di negeri Taka tuka. Tetapi Pippi tidak benar-benar sendirian. Dia ditemani Tuan Nillson, seekor kuda yang selalu digendongnya dan benda-benda aneh yang diletakkan tidak pada tempatnya. Thomas dan Annika, dua anak-anak yang senang bermain dengannya.Pippilotta meski aneh karena mengenakan sepasang kaos kaki yang berbeda, berambut merah yang dikepang mencuat ke atas, tidak bisa mitamitik dan wajahnya dipenuhi bintik-bintik warna coklat, tapi sesungguhnya dia teman yang menyenangkan. Dia membeli satu lengan, 18 kg permen, ditambah 18 kg lagi, memborong seluruh isi toko mainan dan membagi-baginya kepada seluruh anak-anak kecil yang tidak mampu membeli semua itu. Pippi juga membantu ibu guru membuat acara berpesiar menjadi lebih menyenangkan dengan bermain hutan ajaib. Pippi yang selama hidupnya mengunjungi berbagai tempat di seluruh dunia, kerap berbagi cerita yang menarik kepada teman-temannya.Buku ini berbeda dengan buku Astrid Lindgren yang lain, semisal Madicken, atau Emil. Bila kedua anak itu hanyalah anak biasa yang selalu merepotkan orang dewasa, Pippi adalah anak ajaib yang biasa mengatur dirinya sendiri, dan dia sering berbagi kegembiraan dengan anak-anak yang lain dengan cara yang aneh. Sepertinya sejak saat ini, saya mesti mengaku kalau menggemari buku-buku penulis asal swedia ini.

  • Tukunjil Nayeera
    2018-10-23 07:15

    Well, well! Captain Longstocking, the cannibal king is back! What a pleasant surprise!!However, this book is not nearly as good as the very first book of Pippi Longstocking series. I’m a little bit disappointed actually.

  • Lydia
    2018-11-11 10:58

    It was good

  • Gretchen
    2018-11-21 09:53

    "It's surely best for little children to live an orderly life, especially if they can order it themselves." This sums up Pippi's philosophy of life as she continues her adventures in a second installment. Not as good as the original Pippi Longstocking, but it still entertained my children and captured their imaginations. While the adventures in this book lack some of the hilarity of the first book in the series, Pippi's compassion and generosity are highlighted, which adds a more personal touch to this superhuman little girl. Also, I felt like the underlying current of children being thwarted by their parents was not as strong in this book, which I appreciated.

  • Nilsson
    2018-11-21 03:45

    Tommy and Annika are two kooky individuals.Pippi makes sense to me, but her neighbours are the ones I can't wrap my head around. Haven't they any imagination? Haven't they ever done anything fun by themselves? Why are they always so uptight and easily impressed? It's a good thing they know somebody like Pippi who cares enough to take the time to show them how to enjoy their lives. Otherwise they might have never learned how to be normal, and always been so strange. The townspeople ought to stop being so nosy about a good person like Pippi, I think, and pay more attention to the bizarre things about the other children.

  • Becca Garber
    2018-10-23 03:48

    Delightful, as always!

  • Hudson
    2018-10-22 05:02

    A CRAZY UNBILEVEABLE AND COOL BOOK! i was waiting for this book she meets her father! and has hour after hour after hour of craziness and unpredictable things

  • Emily Mellow
    2018-11-08 06:48

    Good, but didn't love it as much as the first book. My kids are still excited about the final Pippi book...

  • Nevada Libert
    2018-10-30 02:57

    pipi is soo funny i love reading about pipi and her adventures.

  • Marna
    2018-11-17 06:46

    I absolutely love these.

  • Barbara
    2018-11-07 09:08

    I used this book as a read-aloud. Students often chuckled at the antics of Pippi, and seemed to enjoy the book. One student who recently came from another country asked “Is this girl real?” It was a great opportunity to talk about exaggeration, tall tales, etc.A fun book for kids!

  • Asagi
    2018-11-03 03:48

    It was really funny and cute. It was a gift from a classmate after she saw me with a tee with Pippi saying "I want to be a pirate" one of my favorites.

  • Antje
    2018-11-14 08:50

    Obwohl ich den zweiten Teil der Pippi-Reihe zunächst schwächer als den ersten empfand, gefielen mir die Kapitel über Pippi, Annika und Tommy auf dem Jahrmarkt und wie die Drei Schiffbruch erleiden derart, dass ich erneut vier Sterne vergebe.Pippi nervte immerhin weniger, sondern glänzte vielmehr mit ihren herausstechenden Eigenschaften: Großzügigkeit und Freundschaft. Darüber hinaus fand ich die Szene im Theater herrlich zum Lachen. Ich genoss die Momente, wenn Pippi selbst die ärgsten Bösewichte in die Knie zwingt oder eben dieses wunderbare Insel-Abenteuer für ihre beiden Freunde initiiert. Da werden Kinderträume wahr.Mein Lieblingssatz: "Manchmal redest du so klug, dass ich fürchte, es wird etwas Großes aus dir."

  • Monique
    2018-11-07 08:50

    In this story Pippi's character progresses a lot. At the start she is her usual self: Saving people from tigers and bad men, making school days chaotic, treating all the kids to mounds of lollies and enjoying being shipwrecked with Tommy and Annika. Everyone automatically feels safe around her as there is nothing she can't do. It is when she goes to a fair that a little more about Pippi is revealed. (view spoiler)[ It is when she is at the fair and watching a play that it is revealed that she might also suffer from being so different from everyone else, being orphaned, living alone and making all her own decisions. In the play she watches there is a women whose children and husband leave her so that she is all alone. Pippi bawls at this fact.The turning point for this character comes later in the book when father returns. He has indeed become a cannibal king just as Pippi predicted. He wants Pippi to come with her and sail the seas and be his princess on his cannibal island. However, Pippi decides that she would like to stay where she is and lead a slightly more normal existence than he can provide. She implores him to visit often though and he says he will. Pippi as a character had always been very non-conformist. She does not care what people think of her or of her actions. She does whatever will make her happy - social etiquette be damned. This was an odd decision for her character that what makes her happy is conformity - having the stability of a constant place to go home to every night.(hide spoiler)]There are some things about this character which are just so very 'Pippi' and that did not change in the book. Pippi has become so well loved for her uniqueness that is very fitting with all that Pippi stands for. People love her quirky ways so much, they would be lost without her presence. It was this that touched me. We all have the capacity to be a Pippi if we don't lose our lust for life and our childish ways which can see the beauty, fun and nonsensical ways of our society.

  • Bunga Mawar
    2018-11-19 09:59

    Saya tidak bisa ingat kapan pertama membaca kisah Pippi. Yang jelas saya ingat adalah saya belum pernah memiliki buku ini sendiri.Baru minggu lalu, di meja obral Gramedia (yang saat itu belum rusuh diserbu gerombolan GRI yang brutal).Hal lain yang saya ingat, saat itu saya berpikir bahwa Pippi itu benar2 anak yang aneh. Aneh walau lucu.Sebagai "anak yang tidak aneh", kala itu saya tidak bisa menemukan padanan Pippi pada teman2 yang ada di lingkungan saya. Dan kalau ada, saya mungkin akan berjarak dari "anak aneh" itu. Saya takut tertular jadi aneh . Ikut2 tidak mau tidur malam sebelum jam 9. Main terus sepanjang siang. Pakai kaus kaki beda warna. Tidak mau sekolah karena takut ketularan pintar mitamitik.Semalam, sekian belas tahun sejak kenal Pippi, Jarak itu makin lebar tentu. Saya sudah tidak seumur Pippi lagi.Namun jarak itu yang membebaskan kini.Semalam saya terpingkal-pingkal saat Pippi tekun mendengar penjelasan Bu Guru mengenai bagaimana perilaku yang tepat bagi seorang Wanita yang Sangat Terhormat.Dan seorang Wanita yang Sangat Terhormat yang sekarang juga menjadi Bu Guru ini tentu boleh dong terpingkal-pingkal membaca bagian itu.:)

  • Kathy Roderer
    2018-11-09 04:47

    Pippi lives at Villa Villekulla, her home in Sweden. She lives alone, without adult supervision, with only her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and a horse who lives on the front porch. Her father had been a sea captain with whom Pippi had sailed, until he was blown overboard. While certain that he would one day return, Pippi, a very strong and independent child, has no problems living alone. Tommy and Annika are her neighbors who live next door. They are in awe of Pippi's experiences and sense of adventure. They love being with Pippi, and the reader, too, will enjoy reading of Pippi's unique antics and adventures. Eventually Pippi finds out that she has an opportunity to return to her father's ship and continue traveling with him. The children wonder how they will get along without Pippi as their friend. Will Pippi say goodbye to her friends and return to the ship to be with her father? This would be a fun read aloud book, or enjoyable book for independent reading for young, but high level readers. The fact that there are a number of books in the series adds to the appeal.

  • Ciara
    2018-11-16 09:55

    this is the one where pippi takes tommy & annika on a trip to purposefully get shipwrecked! that's my all-time favorite pippi story. i have a tattoo of pippi from this chapter, where she is holding the bag of supplies in one hand & a comically over-sized revolver in the other. she packs an empty bottle so they can write a message in a bottle when they decide they're sick of being shipwrecked. she asks tommy to write, "help, we're shipwrecked & we haven't any snuff." tommy doesn't want to write it because "people will think we use snuff." "what's sort of people are more likely to be without snuff?" pippi asks, "those who use it, or those who do not?" a classic example of pippi logic. & at the end of this one, captain longstocking returns to the villa villekula & they have a big party, & i want that to be my second pippi tattoo. & he wants pippi to come away with him, back to the island where he has become king. but she can't bear to leave tommy & annika. awwwww. i love this book!

  • Irene
    2018-11-01 06:59

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that I rather enjoyed this book quite a bit more than the first. In this book, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika have all sorts of adventures that really showcase Pippi's generosity, loyalty, and kindness. Her heart is as big as her physical strength! I liked that when Pippi spent a day with Tommy and Annika's class, their teacher used the opportunity to instruct her in proper behavior (finally Pippi gets some guidance!), and Pippi really seemed to want to learn to be good. And when the three children basically took off on their own 2-night camping trip, I was impressed with Pippi's foresight! She brought all the necessary provisions, took good care of her friends, and even thought to leave a note for their parents. But, again with the pistols and the talk about cannibals! Okay, I'll read the next book in the series.

  • Kathie
    2018-11-21 03:56

    I wanted to revisit the character Pippi as it is mentioned in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (in an interview with author Stieg Larsson)that she was created as an adult version of Pippi Longstocking (by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren written in 1950s). As a kid liked Pippi stories so thought I'd read to my granddaughter (age 6); she didn't seem interested so I read it. I can see why kids would like Pippi since she doesn't have to live with parents and has a chest full of gold coins and can buy 72# of candy for all the kids in town and goes to bed when she wants. Seemed a bit outdated to me though. Think I'll tell Gillian the story and see what she thinks. Interesting contemplating parallels with Lisbeth in Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

  • Johnny Bennett
    2018-11-14 03:53

    Pippi Goes on Board is the second book in the Pippi Longstocking series by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi owns a home that her father bought for her but her father is away and so Pippi makes all the rules. And Pippi has supernatural strength meaning she gets to make ALL of the rules. But she is really a nice kid who doesn’t like bullies so logically she isn’t a bully.I’ve owned this book since I was a child but haven’t read it many times. Reading it now, for what I hope is the final time, I realize why. I don’t like the story. It isn’t much better than the first book. Pippi is rude, a liar, and only able to be friends with her village because she is exorbitantly wealthy and the local freak show. I’m not impressed.

  • Anne
    2018-10-29 08:08

    CIP: noneSummary: Pippi lives by herself and has wild adventures with the children next door and from the village. One day an unexpected visitor arrives and offers to take her on an exciting voyage.Review: Pippi lives every child's dream life: no parents, no bedtime, no school. She can do whatever she wants. And she does. This book will appeal to children ages 6-10 for all the reasons listed above. Their is excitement and silliness galore. However, as an adult going back to re-read it, I found myself much less enchanted with it than I had been as a kid.No editorial reviews to be found. Customers on Barnes & Noble said:"Another great adventure for children about everyone's favorite strong girl"and"This is a great book for readers all around the world"

  • Farah
    2018-11-09 08:50

    Gue ngga kebayang apa jadinya dunia kalo beneran ada anak ini. Si Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump (atau di Indonesia, dikenal juga sebagai Pippilotta Viktualia Gordentirai Permen Efraimputri Långstrump).Buat gue, Pippi ini, unik. Bold, brave, idealis juga, pemberontak, liar, pokoknya, begitu hidup. She's so lively. Dan gue ngga tau, apakah jiwa seperti ini sudah ada dari sananya (bawaan genetis), atau pengaruh lingkungan? hahaha..Bener-bener anak ini bikin gue terkesan dengan segala macam kelakuannya yang ajaib.Bisa dibilang, cerita tentang Pippi Longstocking adalah cerita yang paling gue suka dibanding dengan cerita Astrid Lindgren lainnya. Mungkin karena gaya terjemahannya juga ya..

  • Chris
    2018-10-24 06:10

    It was a more intense read than the first Pippi for the kids. The chapters were just that much longer it was hard to get through one in our usual space for chapter books over lunch. The dread that was building in the last three chapters was palpable, and the jokes breaks where fewer then. I think we'll wait a while before we get the next book in the series, since Pippi is getting older and we aren't.Oh, and why was the title translated as "Pippi Goes on Board" when the chapter was translated "Pippi Goes Aboard"?

  • Katarina
    2018-11-07 06:02

    Slightly different than the original, but still wonderfully fresh and zany, I found Pippi geht an Bord to be a delightful read. I thought Pippi's antics were even more entertaining, and perhaps slightly more real (though still absurd in a way only Pippi can be). The end chapters fell a bit flat for me(view spoiler)[-- I wasn't a thrilled with Pippi's father as I was with other characters; maybe I was just feeling Thomas and Annika's view point too much-- (hide spoiler)] but the ending was wonderful.

  • Ashley Lahr
    2018-11-21 10:54

    This book is the second book about Pippi. Pippi has no parents so she can do whatever she wants. She likes to treat her friends Tommy and Annika to her adventures as well. This would be a good book to talk to students about good and bad choices. At one point Pippi treats her and her friends to ALOT of candy, theres another part where she mixes medicine together. Her fun doesn't last for long though. Pippi's father returns! Pippi does not want to leave Villa Villekulla, her father decides it is best that a child have a suited home though and not be sailing all over.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2018-11-21 06:06

    I enjoyed the book thoroughly. I'd loved the films as a child (okay, still do as an adult) and it was so much fun to finally read one of the books. I have the other two books which I will read when my current ring and ray TBR pile goes down.Pippi is the sort of child that anyone would want as a friend. She's head strong, delightfully silly and wonderfully over confident. Plus she owns a horse and a monkey!