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Chronicling the history of anatomical illustration from the Renaissance to the digital Visible Human project, this survey of five and a half centuries of visual description by anatomists and artists is useful to artists, art students, doctors and those interested in the history of science....

Title : Human Anatomy: Depicting The Body From The Renaissance To Today
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ISBN : 9780500512999
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 344 Pages
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Human Anatomy: Depicting The Body From The Renaissance To Today Reviews

  • Lilja
    2019-04-24 10:09

    A brilliant look into the history of anatomical art. It's easy to ready and easy to get into. You don't need to be an art historian, an anatomist, a surgeon or an artist to understand each of the easily digestible chapters. I never realized how steeped in politics, religion and philosophy medical drawings could be. It's a fantastic insight into how artists and medical practitioners acquired their vast knowledge and it's a great way to marvel at skill of centuries of devoted artists and craftsmen. Also, the human body is super cool and it's just so amazing to learn how it's all put together.

  • Richard Bellis
    2019-05-08 13:25

    An excellent way to be introduced to the major changes and advancements in anatomical drawing from Vesalius onwards. It's absolutely packed with pictures and has plenty of information for the reader too. The only fault was that some of the biographies of individuals mirrored the main text a bit too much, but generally they did add to main text as well, so it was certainly forgivable. All in all, a very good book.

  • Aygen
    2019-05-15 07:34

    Antik çağlardan, Vesalius'a, Da Vinci'ye, Metter'e ve günümüz bilgisayar çağına kadar anatomik çizimlerin, medikal illüstrasyonunun tarihçesini anlatan güzel bir akademik kaynak kitap. Lisans tezimi yazarken sıklıkla kullanmıştım. Ayrıca Robinson Crusoe 389'dan aldığım ilk kitaptı; anısı da var :(

  • Jane Baker
    2019-05-04 10:26

    It was really interesting to see how medical illustrations have changed over history. How there was a connection between science, art and religion. How the early illustration had the dead morning their death or cadavers that help by peeling their own skin - a holy pentace for humanity.

  • Stephen Hampshire
    2019-05-22 07:12

    Not for the squeamish. Brilliant illustrated history of how surgeons and artists have tried to depict anatomy since the renaissance. Fascinating stuff, and lots of pictures.