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Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, class hero, schools rugby star and all-round legend, joins his friends at college, where he is attracted by the education possibilities; where else can you learn about Judge Judy and laminating fake IDs?...

Title : The Teenage Dirtbag Years
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ISBN : 9780862788490
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 271 Pages
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The Teenage Dirtbag Years Reviews

  • Kieran McAndrew
    2019-06-04 19:27

    The story of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly's youth continues as he spends his first year at university hard at work getting seriously drunk.A bitingly savage look through the eyes of privilege at a changing Irish society.

  • Wes
    2019-05-29 18:52

    Some really funny moments but just a shade not as good as book one.

  • Michael Ward
    2019-05-26 18:27

    A bit juvenile, would have enjoyed it more if I had read the series in order.

  • Tien
    2019-06-02 18:25

    This book is very funny, this is why I gave it four stars.Ross, the main character in which the book is centered around got into UCD on a sports scholarship, he doesn't care about the actual college just partying with his friends, getting girl friends and generally getting up-to mischief.Ross is from a well off South Dublin family and has his opinions on everybody which are usually quite critical , even if they're his friends . He always seems to get into trouble , on one occasion he stole a statue from UCD and held it for ransom , a bounty was quickly put on the culprit, but of course he gets away it . At one stage he was jailed for drunk driving , and try to talk his way out of it , while incarcerated he comes across a different type of character all together and a totally different conversation takes place which two totally different of people have a conversation and neither of them understand each other . The writer is very funny , especially when he uses words and writes them they way the character "Ross" would pronounce them , example "Roysh" when he says right . I found the book to be extremely entertaining and enjoyed reading it ,and the way it expressed the two very different sides of the same city . I actually think i'm going to start the squeal this weekend and am looking forward it .

  • Emily
    2019-05-20 18:27

    Ross is a compete twat that is completely full of himself, but yet you find yourself wanting him to succeed. The book is written in first person from the point of view of Ross and follows him through his first year in college and a summer in the US. He is crass, arrogant and rude.

  • Amber
    2019-06-07 18:27

    I bought this book for my teenage daughter as joke, just based on the title.there were a few funny things in the book, but I think its definitely for teens.

  • Kate
    2019-06-12 18:54

    funny like the first, looking forward to the third. Roysh!

  • Alan
    2019-06-06 14:54

    Better than the original I felt, and what a good ending. As with all the ROCK books - they are only funny if you know people like ROCK and his gang in real life.

  • Gillian
    2019-05-23 17:44

    I want to read them again! I just think they are hilarious. Laugh out loud on the train to work funny, you just can't help yourself! But Ross much I can't stand that boy!