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In this bestselling and much-loved chronological presentation of the NIV Bible, God’s story unfolds before readers each new day, giving a new appreciation of God’s plan for their lives. Reading the Bible becomes a fresh, living experience.The Daily Bible® offers these helpful features:* The New International Version…the most popular modern version of Scripture, a highly reIn this bestselling and much-loved chronological presentation of the NIV Bible, God’s story unfolds before readers each new day, giving a new appreciation of God’s plan for their lives. Reading the Bible becomes a fresh, living experience.The Daily Bible® offers these helpful features:* The New International Version…the most popular modern version of Scripture, a highly respected and understandable translation.* Chronological/Historical arrangement of every book of the Bible…lets readers easily understand God’s redemptive plan as they read from creation to Revelation in the order the events actually occurred.* Devotional commentary…leads smoothly through Scripture, painting the scene for what is about to be read with historical and spiritual insights.* 365 convenient daily reading segments…arranged so all of God’s Word can be read in one year.* Topical arrangements for Proverbs and Ecclesiastes enables readers to focus on specific aspects of God’s Wisdom....

Title : Daily Bible, with Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God's Word: NIV
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Daily Bible, with Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God's Word: NIV Reviews

  • Dean
    2019-05-19 10:22

    This is a very precious daily Bible....I tell you why!!!First of all it renders the NIV version, one of my favorites....Then it is arrange chronological, and this means that you read the Scriptures in a very peculiar but interesting way!!!!Also you have for every day a devotional commentary available...For me this Bible was a great deal that has helped me trough the year!!!I'm happy to have had so much blessing available just in this book, and that daily.....Great daily Bible, and wonderful elaborated.My full recommendation...Dean;D

  • Caitlin
    2019-05-14 12:26

    I am so proud of having completed this. (more later, perhaps)

  • Derek
    2019-04-22 07:03

    If anyone has ever wanted to read the whole bible from cover to cover and has an interest in the time line of human history, this is the bible for you. I had tried several times in the past to do this very thing, Genesis and Exodus are compelling, but making it through Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy is a bit more of a challenge. This version however, breaks up the dry recitation of Law, with the stories that are pertinent to, and are an example of, the blessings of compliance and the curse of defiance, of the Law. This method, simultaneously provides a more insightful as well as more digestible reading experience. The Psalms and Proverbs are intermixed with the stories of those who wrote them, at a time in the story that would be congruent with events that could have inspired them. Other books and stories are inserted into the time line of Chronicles as close to when they most likely occurred. The same is done with the apostles letters of the New Testament intertwined into the Acts. In addition, it also breaks the whole thing into 365 daily reading sections to help in a goal of reading it in it's entirety in a single year, which I found useful. P.S. It was only a coincidence that I finished it on December 21st 2012. (the end of the Mayan Calendar) However, reading Revelation at that time, made me quite certain that the world was not going to end. However, AN end is in sight. Is it THE end? I don't know, but if we do not heed God's warnings and we do not heed the warnings of history, than it very well may be...

  • Jessica
    2019-05-23 14:31

    My husband and I started reading this in January. Basically, there is a Bible reading for every day of the year and at the end of the year, we'll have read through the whole Bible. I am really enjoying it so far, even though some days it can seem like a lot of reading. I love the commentary. It really makes the Scripture come alive.

  • Greg
    2019-05-14 07:07

    (PLEASE NOTE: I am reviewing this only as a work of literature, one of history with stories and characters and plots and revelations.)This is certainly an epic literary work which spans from the beginning of our universe as we know it to revelations as to the end of it all. The characters are sensational: Adam, Eve, Moses, David, Solomon, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Judas and finally the heroic Jesus, refusing to back down from his critics. The events are often thrilling, the battles huge in scale, the small and personal stories lovely. Much of this work is beautifully written, and I particularly enjoyed poetry in the book of Psalms. I also like very much Solomon's universal advice to his sons: "Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding." (And that understanding includes the reading of this work in its entirety, not just one or two favorite verses or chapters/books. That would be like reading only the first half of "Anna Karenina", because you really need the big picture, or reading only the first half of 'Atlas Shrugged' as you have to know the answer to the novel's opening line, "Who is John Galt" because without that answer, the book is meaningless.) F. LaGard Smith's annotations are, in general, fascinating, but sometimes are often much too lengthy and interrupt the flow of the story: I'm reminded of Tolstoy's incessant interruptions by stepping into the story and virtually stopping any and all dramatic scenes. There are cases where footnotes come after a certain word/term has already been mentioned many times: no doubt the responsibility of the editors. Overall, Smith's effort is commendable, and he certainly seems to know the subject matter, but he is much like some researchers who have a tendency to include all of their research in a work just to strut there stuff and a reader might be distracted from the actual story. And because of Smith's over-annotations, it took me well over the 365 daily readings stated on the front. All in all, a very enjoyable work that's a bit under-edited and a bit over-annotated (leading to what amounts to Smith's own opinions in some cases).

  • Teresa Phillips
    2019-05-18 11:19

    When reading through the Bible in chronological order, you gain so much more of an understanding of the history within the pages. F. LaGard Smith does an excellent job of adding short commentaries throughout the Books and chapters of this Bible. I read this Bible the first time in 2001 and I am now reading it again (2012) and going more in depth with the study by reading other commentaries along with my daily readings. Chapter & verse references are printed in the margins. Otherwise, you will not see them beside each verse. It reads more like a history book this way. There is a convenient index in the back of the Bible if you want to look up a particular verse and the Scripture is the NIV (New International Version). This is not a Study Bible and it is not the type of Bible you would take to church to read along with the pastor's sermon, etc. But I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read the Bible all the way through with success at not only accomplishing their goal for the year, but to gain a true understanding of God's Word.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-11 14:26

    This Bible is different than any other because someone actually tried to put it in order! Unbelievable! I'm not sure how accurate the ordering is because scholars don't always agree on where to put books like Job. However, I think it really helps reading through the historical books and understanding the place of the prophetic books in their historical context.

  • Brandon Buerkle
    2019-04-30 08:07

    On the whole my understanding of Scripture has benefited greatly from the chronological reading. I also greatly appreciated the historical interlude filling the gap between the Old and New Testaments. While some of the notes (especially in Grnesis) I take with a grain of salt, I would highly recommend the Daily Bible to anyone.

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-25 15:32

    What I like about this book: daily readings are set out for you every day. Great insights which help explain the passages better.The only downfall I see to this system is that you don't even reach the New Testament until you are midway through October.

  • Maria McBride
    2019-05-17 14:29

    This was a very easy read the way the author has it laid out. You read one section each day. At the beginning of the chapter is a summary of what you will read. I found it real easy to read the summary first...then was able to understand more of what i was going to read.

  • Chuck Engelhardt
    2019-04-27 13:27

    I used Daily Bible, with Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God's Word: NIV for my daily readings through 2016. I did find it valuable and helpful in many ways. So why only 4 stars? After all it is the Bible, right? Yes, it is, however, I have several reasons for not giving it a BIG OLE 5. First; although I know that it is extremely popular, the NIV has never been one of my favorite translations. That's a personal preference, not a comment on its legitimacy as a translation. Next, the daily readings were not very equally proportioned. Longer readings were easily three (3) times the length of shorter readings. Finally, I didn't feel that the chronology was consistently applied. For instance, some Psalms were inserted into the narrative representing a time when they presumably were written, but others were not treated in the same manner. Moses' Psalm 90 didn't show up in Exodus, but in a rearranging of the Psalms by topic. The Psalms that were placed in the narrative often were plopped into the text in a way that I found to be disruptive to the flow of the story. Obviously I'm not a fan of how that was done.I do want to say that a couple specific instances did impress me. Drawing the Prophets to their place in history was helpful in understanding their message. I especially liked how Paul's letters fit into the book of Acts. Being reminded of the trials Paul faced in Thessalonica and then reading how he addressed them in his letter to the Church there added a valuable dimension to my understanding. In addition, no, the NIV is not one of my favorite translations, but I found that reading a different translation than the one I most commonly reference (NASB) made me pay more attention to the reading. Several times I caught myself thinking, "I never read that before." I would then compare what I just read to the NASB and in every instance find that it did indeed say that or at least something very close to that.Daily reading of the Bible is a valuable discipline for Christians and this provides a good tool to work with. I found the dated daily readings to be incentive to keep up and stay on course.

  • Abby Lyn
    2019-04-25 07:08

    It's only March- and given that this is a Bible with readings for each day of the year to help you tackle the entire book in 365 days, I'm less than half way through it- but a few months of daily readings provides me with enough insight to rate this. This is an excellent approach to Scripture reading because the daily load is very reasonable (I'd say about 25 minutes max). It's important, if you are as busy as I am, not to skip days (like I did on a recent vacation!), because catching up can be difficult, but diligent nighttime reading will get you through the Bible within the year at a manageable pace. My favorite aspect of this edition is that there is an introduction to each day's reading that walks you through what you are about to encounter. This is not an application Bible with reflections on the passages or insights applying what you have read to your own life or the modern era etc, but it would be easy for those with more time on their hands to combine a Bible like this with another that does provide such text. My one suggestion is that this compilation would benefit from the inclusion of maps of the ancient world, particularly in the Old Testament when the Israelites begin to conquer Canaan and other areas of the promised land. I have had to refer to my Life Application Study Bible to understand the geography because otherwise the place names are bewildering.

  • Sue
    2019-05-02 11:11

    I have just started reading this Bible, and I really like it. It will be on my current reading list for a year, because it is set up to go through the entire Bible in a year. It is unlike any other Bible, in that it is arranged chronologically, which gives a better feel for the history of the times. It would not, therefore, be appropriate to use as your only Bible, because the chapters and verses are not necessarily in their regular order. But it is better for relating the events to one another chronologically, which can sometimes be confusing in the normal way of studying the Bible book by book or by topic, etc. There are also brief introductions to each small section, which help explain what will be happening in that section and give some background information to help in understanding. One very nice thing is that there is a Devotional Journal that you may purchase to accompany the Bible, and this journal asks the same questions each day to help you understand the reading and apply it to your own life. This journal helps to assure that it is a spritual experience and not just a daily reading assignment. I find that doing the reading and the journal usually takes me just a little less than half an hour. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new approach to Bible reading.

  • Deb
    2019-05-23 14:11

    I'm breaking the rules by starting this in September instead of January, but I don't think it's a sin. :)I can give only 4 stars. Not, of course, because of the scripture part. The commentary is pretty good at keeping the flow of events coherent in this chronological adaptation of the Bible. Where it fails is in it's lack of depth of true historical insight, often opting for shallow and trite observations based on today's cultural norms. Also, the repeated use of "fortunately" and "unfortunately" is, from a Biblical point of view, uh, unfortunate. How about happily? Blessedly? Providentially? Regrettably? Sadly? Okay, I'm a little picky about not wanting pagan terms used in my Bible commentary.Other than that, I've found this a fresh way to experience the old testament and gain a better overall picture of the time-line of events.

  • Terri
    2019-04-24 13:24

    I have read the Bible threw many times. And, have study it, In saying this, my comment is not about the word of God, But how it was translated. I did find often in reading this book that sometimes the translation was a bit questionable. And maybe could have been expressed in another way. I would often have to stop and think, "Is that what the word of God says""??? And then go to one of my other Bibles to compares scriptures. Now that I have said this, I am glad that I took time every day over the last year to read the Bible threw.

  • Curtis
    2019-05-07 12:14

    I've always wanted one of these. Maybe it will give me more motivation to keep up my bible study and get through the whole Book in a year. . . . Later: I'm having a hard time getting used to this version. Maybe it is because I started in the middle (June). This is not your standard bible, but a chronological version. That means that the books of Kings and Chronicles (which are pretty repetitious) have been sliced up and moved around to be in chronological order. The various prophets are inserted in the middle of these histories in their historical context. In some ways this is helpful, but I get disoriented from having my familiar landmarks moved around.

  • David A-S
    2019-04-24 10:17

    A spiritual practice which has stayed with me over the years is scripture reading that takes me through the bible in a year. I also like to vary the translation year to year. This year I tried this one. The chronological idea is interesting. Smith's arrangement doesn't consider redaction history, rather it tries to put the narrative in order. I have found it especially helpful when placing prophets in their historical and scriptural context. Definitely, worth a try if this is your thing.

  • Timothy Sewell
    2019-05-10 08:13

    A fantastic tool! I've read through the scriptures several times, but this arrangement gave a flow to the story that made it easy and revealed new insights. It also opens the door for those who struggle through some passages and have given up in the past (Lamentations and Leviticus spring to mind) because you immediately get context

  • Danielle Sullivan
    2019-05-22 07:32

    I really enjoy learning about the context in which any book was written. For me, this also applies to the Bible. I've been reading The Daily Bible (compact edition) since January and it has really helped establish historical, cultural and spiritual context for each book of the Bible. What a great way to read through the Old and New Testaments and understand the relevance for our lives today.

  • Erika
    2019-05-08 11:12

    Read from January 01, 2008 to June 07, 2010: Took me 2 and a half years but I finished. Had a bunch of typos, but a nice way to read through the Bible.Decided to start over, not trying to follow the specific days, just reading through it over time. I want to know how long it takes me so I'm documenting it here.

  • Sally Beaudean
    2019-05-21 12:06

    Chronology provides additional understandingI found that reading the Bible "in order" was truly helpful. In addition, the commentary for each day's reading provided more insight. Next time, however, I want to read a "hard" copy. The e-book version makes it difficult to use the notes to full advantage.

  • Amy
    2019-05-07 11:33

    Quite like this arrangement of books in consecutive order. Not great for taking to church, though, since you can't really look anything up except by guessing the date at which a passage might appear. It's organized by date, with brief summaries / explanations to contextualize the day's reading.

  • Jess Stockman
    2019-05-01 12:09

    Great book already seeing as it's the word of God, but putting passages in order is so nice. The commentary is really helpful especially if you aren't familiar with historical or cultural things of the time. It's nice to have facts as such.

  • Wayne
    2019-04-29 08:26

    This is a decent enough approach to reading thru the entire bible in one year. I wish you could get into the New Testament earlier than mid-October.

  • Honesty
    2019-04-24 08:25

    An explanation of my rating: The Holy Bible itself deserves 5 stars, but the format and translation choice of The Daily Bible earns 4.5.

  • Ross
    2019-05-21 14:30

    The format of this Bible helped me read through the entire Bible in one year. I failed in previous attempts to read through the Bible in a year. This Bible provided me a way to sit down and read the day’s prescribed reading without looking at a traditional albeit complicated Yearly Bible Reading plan. I used the Kindle version so that if I failed to make time in the morning I could catch up with the Kindle app on my phone throughout the day. Some days the readings are long and you do not hit the New Testament until mid-October; however, I encourage you to stay the course. I highly recommend this Bible for someone who needs structure. I will definitely use it again!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-28 12:23

    This is not the entire Bible! I thought when I started reading it that at the end of the year I would finally have read the entire Bible--not the case. The compiler/author chooses what passages to include for the event and just puts the other books chapters and verses in parentheses. They also include a lot of there own beliefs in the "explanation" portions. I was pretty disappointed all in all. If you want to read the whole Bible and just have factual information about the times during the writings this is not the book you want. Pick a different chronological version.

  • Anne Burgess
    2019-04-22 10:14

    This was an enjoyable and unique way to read through the Bible. The editor has organized the Bible in chronological order and divided it into daily readings that get you through the whole Bible in a year. He has a few paragraphs of commentary interspersed to explain time gaps or flesh out other pertinent factors. I highly recommend giving it a try as it really helped organize timelines and made it manageable to read through the Bible in a year.

  • Susan Salmon
    2019-05-09 07:03

    I'm attempting to read through this a third time now. Hope to finish it this time. I love the way the Bible is arranged in this and the bits of information throughout. Would love to find an ongoing discussion group for each days reading.

  • Josiah
    2019-05-23 13:33

    Fantastic! Divided the laws into manageable sections and also divided the Bible into days!