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Title : Learning about Fairness from the Life of Susan B. Anthony
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ISBN : 9780823924226
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 24 Pages
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Learning about Fairness from the Life of Susan B. Anthony Reviews

  • Hana Sm.
    2019-05-05 13:22

    I like the title of this book, "Learning about Fairness..." If someone from a foreign country had trouble understanding why women need to be treated with the same respect as men, then the best word to explain why is the word "fair."This book is small in size but I love the fact that the pictures are large, photographs from that time period. At the back of the book is a glossary that has the key words & how to pronounce them, typed in bold. The story is the real-life biography of Susan Brownell Anthony. (Already, I have learned something new about her--I never knew what her middle name was.) Susan was born in 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts to a Quaker family who believed in equality for both genders. In 1826, the family moved to New York where Susan observed that girls and boys were not treated equally. For instance, her teacher refused to teach her long division because he felt like girls didn't need to know that since they were "supposed" to stay at home. What I got out of the book was that if someone won't let you join their group, start your own group! That's what Susan did because non-Quaker men would not let women join their groups! What is mind boggling is that some women fought against Susan! I didn't realize that "American women were granted to right to vote...100 years after Susan was born. Susan didn't live to see the results of her work. She died in 1906." So she died 24 years before women got the right to vote!--------------------I would have students write about their thoughts if they were Susan B Anthony. Specifically I would have them write from a first-person point of view. The male students would write from a third-person point of view--how do they feel about women getting the right to vote?

  • Erica Johnson
    2019-05-11 13:03

    This is a biography book about Susan B. Anthony and the fight for equality. This book starts off with a little bit of biographical information about Anthony such as her date of birth and the type of family (Quaker) she was raised in. The book moves into her education and how girls in school were treated unfair compared to boys in the classroom. Susan B. Anthony grows up and becomes and teacher and is able to see how unfair women are treated compared to men even as adults. Women are paid less and are unable to hold white collar jobs such as doctors. Susan began to fight for human rights along with her father who was an abolitionist. Susan created a women's group work and fought for women's suffrage. As she begin to grow as a woman she appeared before Congress asking lawmakers to change women and human's right laws. Many people didn't agree with Susan's work and she become ridiculed by the public. In 1872 she was allowed to vote in the presidential election but was arrested soon there after. Her arrest brought women's suffrage to the public attention and at last people started to understand the importance of women having equal rights and the right to vote.Overall this is a book about Susan B. Anthony, her life, and what she's done for our country. This book is recommend for young children roughly grades 4 and higher. It teaches a lesson about fairness and equality. I could use this book in a civil rights history lesson with young children.

  • Jaimee Huskins
    2019-05-05 09:13

    This book is very easy to read. THe pictures are all real photographs which is cool for children to see. In the last few pages it talks about the voting right. Then there is also a glossary that has some of the more important words. It has great facts and history for young children.