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A Week in The Hamptons can be Murder Sleuth Regan Reilly is hired as a bodyguard for singer Brigid O'Neill, a rising country star who has been receiving threatening "love notes." Brigid also possesses a "magical" Irish fiddle said to be cursed-whoever takes it out of Ireland will have an accident or face death. Still, Brigid brings it to the Hamptons, where her band will pA Week in The Hamptons can be Murder Sleuth Regan Reilly is hired as a bodyguard for singer Brigid O'Neill, a rising country star who has been receiving threatening "love notes." Brigid also possesses a "magical" Irish fiddle said to be cursed-whoever takes it out of Ireland will have an accident or face death. Still, Brigid brings it to the Hamptons, where her band will perform at a Fourth of July concert. Chappy Tinka, heir to a thumbtack fortune, and his ditzy wife, Bettina, are their hosts. Regan joins them at "Chappy's Compound," an oceanfront estate where they encounter Bettina's guru Peace Man, Chappy's bumbling sidekick Duke, a feng shui specialist obsessed with rearranging furniture-and a party guest found floating face-down in the pool. Is the curse of the fiddle real? Is there a murderer in the house? As the concert nears, the menace to Brigid grows, and Regan must discover the truth before it's too late......

Title : Twanged
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Twanged Reviews

  • Josie
    2018-12-04 21:31

    This is probably the wordt mystery novel I've ever read

  • Christyn
    2018-12-06 22:37

    Twanged is the fourth in the Regan Reilly series and though it has improved slightly it's still not the best I've read. It was a passably entertaining mystery but it still suffers from the same pitfalls of it's predecessors - too many unnecessary POVs, mistakes on Regan's part that you don't expect from an experienced P.I. and of course the fact that Regan seems to be constantly on vacation (which isn't so much a pitfall as it is a slight annoyance for me personally). In this particular mystery we find Regan (on vacation, again) playing bodyguard to an up-and-coming singer with a blessed/cursed fiddle, mix in an obsessed fan with a craving for eggs, a wealthy actor/singer wannabe coveting the fiddle, and a whole slew of kooky characters and malicious mischief and you have Twanged. There were just too many POV's some of which had really nothing to do with furthering the plot of the story or revealing anything relevant. Regan's mistakes are the type of mistakes you'd expect from someone who isn't experienced - like leaving the charge she's supposed to be guarding. Don't get me wrong she does some investigating but honestly the real big clues are often simply handed to her without much effort on her part. I would like to see her actually working at her place/state of business instead of all these cases that she has while on "vacation" often with her parents and her best friend, Kit. It's not that I'm not happy to see them, I just wonder why on earth she's taking so many vacations (and so many of them with her parents) I guess it just makes her seem more juvenile to me (like she's a high school/college student or something). Four books into the series and I just haven't really bonded with her - we don't spend enough time with her and honestly I wonder sometimes if she's just incredibly lucky. What really knocked this one down for me was the ending. It's a fairly evenly paced book until the end where everything starts happening in a rush. Especially the confrontations. One paragraph is the extent of one confrontation - blink and you'll miss it. Seriously. And that confrontation is so fast you're head will be spinning trying to fill in the gaps. Not to mention the lack of realism, I mean seriously? Brigid was being suffocated (and she presumably stopped breathing) then went on to perform in the concert in a matter of minutes (hour or two at the most) of this happening (Lets not forget just prior to the suffocation attempt she was almost kidnapped and had her head smacked against a steering wheel)? Pushing even the boundaries of my ability to suspend disbelief. Oh and there's the other baddies. There are a whole host of them, some mildly amusing and annoying, one rather pitiful and two that were more "able" criminals and one that was clearly manipulative and psychotic and really bad. I figured out who had it out for Brigid about halfway through - it was the only person that made sense because they had reason and opportunity. Three were revealed early on because they had their own perspective's included - two of these three are the kind you expect to end up on some kind of stupidest criminals show. The other two, I didn't know about - I figured something was off about the two of them but didn't know what, but it wasn't surprising what they were up too. What was surprising was how quick they gave up on their plot - this confrontation was also extremely rushed. But I wasn't hating on the whole story. I liked Louisa Washburn, Brad and Chad from the radio station and uh…Tootsie (the dog). Brad and Chad had more personality in them then I've seen in Regan. Regan is still a skeleton to me - we have the basic structure down but we don't know of any of the flesh or scars ( the things that make her interesting - characteristics, likes/dislikes, etc). I don't mind slowly getting to know a character in a series but this is really slow. However, Regan did show some better investigative skills, and common sense than in previous books (though there were some times…). Their were definitely some quirky characters, some more interesting than others and the setting was well done. Most of the book was also well paced (until we came to the end). It was an okay, relatively pleasant and easy read but nothing outstanding. 2.5 stars.

  • Joyce McKune
    2018-11-26 21:27

    Regan was hired as bodyguard to a up & coming country singer who had an Irish fiddle which was cursed!

  • Debbie
    2018-12-16 18:39

    This is such a fun series. I love the short chapters and quick characters. I'm ready to move right along.

  • Carole
    2018-11-22 00:31

    Private detective Regan Reilly lives in California and is coming to visit her parents and her best friend Kit in the Hamptons. Her plans are changed though because a rising country music star, Brigid O'Neill, has been receiving frightening "love notes" and needs a body guard. Brigid is performing in the Hamptons so Regan can do both, see her parents, Kit, and help Brigid. Mysterious things continue to happen, and Regan tries to figure out just why and who is doing these things. One clue is a very old and precious fiddle that was originally a most prized possession of Ireland.

  • Marie
    2018-11-21 21:17

    Slow but good ending

  • Sheila
    2018-12-11 02:35

    A magic fiddle stolen from Ireland is the center of this cozy

  • Tina Marie Perkins
    2018-12-14 00:33

    Another villain bites the dustI just love Carol Higgins Clark. Also love her mother's books too. I like Regan Rielly as her main character.

  • Conni Harness
    2018-11-29 00:34

    Good Read. The redeeming quality of this book is the character Reagan Reilly.

  • Catten
    2018-11-21 18:36

    Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of Mary, has seized on the serial character concept with her Regan Reilly books: Decked, Snagged, Iced, and Twanged. In this fourth book, Reilly gets involved with country singer Briggid O'Neill, an Irish fiddle, and an heir to a fortune made on thumbtacks."Acclaimed for witty dialogue, eccentric characters, and trendy settings," says the book jacket. The characters are indeed odd and the settings are well-done, but the witty dialogue must have happened when I wasn't looking. Writers have a true challenge in trying to make their characters sound real and Clark falls a little flat, if you ask me.Also, I have to point out that this book insulted my sense of reality.Why?A woman has a plastic bag over her head and gee, she's suffocating."Regan lunged across the room and threw herself at Pammy as Louisa's nails dug into the bag and ripped it open. She pressed her mouth against Briggid's and began to perform CPR." Briggid goes on to give a concert immediately following this event.Yeah, right. That's on page 189; this book has 198 pages. If that'd happened earlier, I'd have tossed the book and read something else. (My biggest problem is the irresponsibility of the author, but we don't need to go into that here, do we?)To credit Clark, though, the book is relatively short and easy to read, and as I said before, the characters are interesting: The lady who ends her statements with "hnnnn,"for instance, would probably be very annoying in person, but she's kind of funny in the book. The descriptions of the Hamptons and Ireland are believable (can't argue - I've never been to either) and the story itself isn't bad.Looking for the crime? There's a party guest suspiciously drowned in a pool and a stolen fiddle with a curse on it. This part (the cursed fiddle) gets a bit silly in my opinion, but Clark has made the New York Times Bestseller list and I haven't, so who am I to say what people like to read...?

  • Marie Hanley
    2018-12-05 01:29

    Irish Folk LoreWhat a wonderful story. Especially when some of the story takes place in Ireland. Great story about fork lore and family.

  • Lauren
    2018-11-22 01:40

    This is definitely stronger than the first three Regan Reilly novels. The dialog flows better, Regan's inner monologue is a little less snarky and annoying. What this book lacks is clarity. Character and location descriptions are lacking. I find myself confused at the layout of the properties mentioned because they haven't been adequately described earlier. The same goes with some of the characters. It's an enjoyable little mystery story. I guess "cozy" is the word to describe a very PG mystery with no sex, violence, or coarse language. I do feel that it, like some of the others I've read of the younger Clark's, take place in a very charmed world, where everyone is incredibly self-absorbed and doesn't understand why other people aren't like them. The "working class" characters feel like cariacatures, not like real people. For the main characters, there's no sense of the lives they lead. Regan Reilly feels kind of like a grown up Nancy Drew, where I don't feel like I know Nancy Drew any better at the end of the book. I will continue with the series, hoping that it continues to get better. Hopefully these early works are just having some growing pains!

  • Robert Scott
    2018-12-01 20:25

    +++ Regan has been hired as a bodyguard for Brigid O'Neill a country music artist who is to appear at a music festival in the Hamptons before going on tour with her band. R & her friend Kit had met B while in Ireland and they became friends. They are all staying at Chappy's Compound until the concert on July 4. Kooky and weird characters abound. There is the owner, Chaplain Wickham Tinka, his shopaholic wife Bettina, his assistant Duke, Brigid's uncle Malachy, B's guru Peace Man, a local country diva, two country music radio station owners, a stalker that eats meals only if they contain eggs, 2 high teenagers from Nebraska, a motherly girlfriend of a band member, Nora, Luke and a self invited long term houseguest. All in all a lot of fun and mystery. +++I've read this book long ago. Also although the ISBN number ends the same, the book I just reread was published by Warner Books and was first printed inMarch 1998.

  • Jenny Darden
    2018-12-08 18:24

    I received this one in a stack of used books from a relative. The description on the back of the book sounded so ridiculous and contrived that I felt compelled to read it, just to see if the author had managed to pull off a win. The answer is a resounding hell, no. The whole thing is ridiculous. The elements of the plot seem totally thrown together, and the characters are completely lacking in emotional depth. The author repeatedly has characters making inane comments that are supposed to sum up their motivations. Why is this device even necessary when the plot is already in third person omniscient????!!!!! My boyfriend picked it up one day, read the back cover, and said, "I can't believe you're actually reading this!" I replied, "I can't believe it either." The only light at the end of the tunnel is that at least it wasn't yet another overly graphic so-called suspense novel about some serial killer raping girls and hacking up their bodies. Yeah, at least there's that.

  • Ellen Moore
    2018-12-20 01:23

    This was an exciting mystery featuring a new, successful country singer who had been given a valuable fiddle in Ireland. The story is primarily set in the Hamptons where Brigid, the new country singer, is doing a concert. There are several incidents where thieves attempt to steal the fiddle and also when threats are made against Brigid for taking the fiddle out of Ireland, causing it to be cursed. She hires Regan as her bodyguard, and Regan and her parents and some friends visiting with them are also staying in the Hamptons. A stalker who fancies himself in love with Brigid and various reporters and talk show hosts who interview Brigid are also important. Regan is rather sarcastic and negative about things--not one of my favorite characters in mysteries. However, this story was interesting. I think the author is improving as this series progresses.

  • Beth - ;)
    2018-12-02 21:33

    I found this book in my pile of unread ones; it had been there for some considerable time so I decided I should read it and then give it away. This was one of the author's early books featuring Regan Reilly and it was not as interesting as her later ones, although it did pick up as the story continued. Regan is a private detective hired as a bodyguard to an up and coming country singer who has just come into possession of a "magic" fiddle from Ireland. Brigid has been getting threatening notes and also has a stalker after her. She is invited to a gathering in The Hamptons by someone who plans to steal the fiddle.

  • Laura Beasley
    2018-12-02 02:12

    Another real good story about Regan Reilly the private detective. I like her character and her family. This book was full of characters and at times it could get a little confusing why they were a part of the book but then it all came together. A good mystery that gets you from the beginning and you do not want to put the book down. Brigid has been given a fiddle that is believed to be cursed if taken out of the country and she does and all kind of problems begin. The story takes place at the Hamptons where they are all staying at Chappy Tinka's compound. Who wants to hurt Brigid and why? Can Regan protect her?

  • Kristen
    2018-12-04 18:31

    In the 4th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI cozy series, Twanged, Regan returned to solve another scintillating and puzzling murder. When she was hired as a bodyguard for country singer Brigid O'Neill in the Hamptons for a concert, she possessed a magical cursed Irish violin with her. As her concert drew near, Brigid continued to receive menacing threats, when they stayed at the oceanfront cottage. Regan discovered an interesting array of characters, when she found a party guest who drowned in the pool. Now it was up to her to discover who's the culprit and who threatened Brigid.

  • George
    2018-11-30 23:36

    Another in the Regan Reilly Los Angeles private detective series. Regan takes on an assignment to look after an up coming country and western singer because of a threatening letter. This takes her to a Long Island estate where the singer is staying before a concert. As usual, the story contains humor, and multiple plot lines: a possible cursed violin, someone threatening the singer, someone trying to steal the violin, and a stalker. It all comes together at the end.

  • Margaret
    2018-12-08 22:20

    This one was not as good as Decked. I started this once, couldn't get into it but decided to start it again (not really sure why, I have so many books TBR that I don't usually give a book a second chance!). Once I got into the story it was fairly fast, easy reading. I thought the plot was fair - although I give Regan credit for being smart, she is also extraordinarily lucky with the results from some of her risky actions. I thought the ending was a little too smooth.

  • Wanda
    2018-11-21 01:34

    I enjoy all of C H Clark's books. They're light, suspenseful, and have quirky characters. The reader doesn't always know who all the 'baddies' are. At least I'm sometimes surprised. This was a cute story where Regan Riley is a bodyguard to an up and coming country western singer who has been given a "cursed" violin from her relative in Ireland.

  • Carol
    2018-12-20 01:31

    I'm becoming a fan of "mystery lite" where there are puzzles to figure out but there are no grusome murders just criminals to catch. Regan Reilly is like Nancy drew for adults. I don't know how the author keeps cmng up with the peculiar characters she does.

  • Peggy Huey
    2018-12-08 00:27

    Subtitled "A Regan Reilly Mystery", "Twanged" mixes country singers, an Irish fiddle, and a vain Hamptonite who lusts after the fiddle with hilarious results. A good read for anyone interested in any of these aspects!

  • Sandra
    2018-12-19 21:34

    Twanged is vintage Carol Higgins Clark. Lots of villains and hard to choose which is the worst.The only disappointment I have is that the characters lacked depth and strangely, the only one who evoked much sympathy was Chappy - one of the villains!

  • Missy
    2018-11-24 20:19

    This book was a slow start but ended up getting better as it finished up. I guessed the "who done it" part and so in that way it was predictable but it was what I expected and wanted, an easy no thinking kind of read.

  • Diane Wachter
    2018-12-14 22:21

    Twanged, Regan Reilly, Bk 4, Carol Higgins Clark, HB-B, @ 1998, 2/01. When a rising country star is given a "magical" fiddle with a curse on it, Regan Reilly is called upon to keep the singer and the fiddle safe. Okay.

  • Ilean
    2018-11-23 22:40

    WOW, this book really gave a wild ride . Just when you thought you had a bad guy totally pegged it turns out he wasn't so awful after all but that there were four others who were totally bad people that one had not been considered as evil just weird.

  • Heidi
    2018-12-11 01:37

    This wasn't as good as previous books by the same author. I was able to predict some of the ending (and I don't usually try to do that). Also, some of the dialog was trite and elementary. The target reading level for this book must have been about 8th grade.

  • Brian Howard
    2018-11-19 23:18

    I only got a few pages in before pulling the plug; I don't do anything smacking of the occult or paranormal, and it looked like some Irish crapola was coming up. Violin with a curse! Screw that! Plenty of other good stuff to read.

  • Serena
    2018-12-20 01:38

    My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.