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Arriving in the squalid, seething port of Genoa, Harry Ludlow and his partner and younger brother, James, find it a tinderbox of tension, fed by the discovery of a hanged British sea captain and packs of English and French sailors at each other's throats....

Title : The Dying Trade
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ISBN : 9781590130063
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 384 Pages
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The Dying Trade Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-02-19 23:26

    This is the second in the Privateersman Mystery series by David Donachie.The novel begins with the hanging of a British navy captain in on the backstreets of Genoa. At the request of Admiral Hood, a close friend of the Ludlows, Harry Ludlow agrees to find out who murdered the captain. Several days later, Harry and James Ludlow along with Harry's servant, Pender, arrive in Genoa, only to be immediately attacked by unidentified men. They are saved by a group of sailors off a privateering vessel. The next day, Harry goes about identifying a ship to buy so that he can begin his own privateering activities. This leads him to the Principessa, a ship owned by Count Toraglia, one of the leading nobles of the city, who himself is blind and deadly sick. When the Ludlows with Pender go out to the Principessa to take a look at her, they find one of the privateer captains dead in the ship's main cabin. They are then set upon by a gang of men, who are dressed the same as the ones who attacked them the night before.From here, the novel twists and turns as its plot develops. There are a number of excellent descriptions of naval battles. There are also more than an ample series of kidnappings, attacks, etc., that keep Harry Ludlow in jeopardy of his life.The solution to the death of the captain as well as other deaths is not revealed until the very last pages of the book. Up until then, the reader is caught up in Harry Ludlow's pursuit of the truth as well as his efforts to take revenge on his attackers.This is a good and fun read.

  • Jean Poulos
    2019-02-24 00:47

    This is a series about the dying trade of privateerman. This is book two. I have not read book one.Privateerman Harry Ludlow and his partner and brother James arrive in the squalid, seething part of Genoa. They find it a tinderbox of tension, fed by the discovery of a hanged British sea Captain. The story is set in late 1700 and early 1800 when the British and French were fighting during the Napoleonic War. Admiral Hood assigns Harry to investigate the death of the British officer.Donachie tells about smuggling boys and young girls from Eastern Europe and Russia to sell as slaves to the Ottoman Empire. There is some sea action toward the end of the book but mostly it is a murder investigation or murder mystery story. The book is well written and the characters are interesting. I read this as an audio book download from Audible. Peter Wickham narrated the book.

  • Bettie☯
    2019-02-28 00:47

    workaday mp3Read By: Peter WickhamYear of Recording: 2008Year Book Published: 1993Genre: Historical FictionPublisher: Soundings AudiobooksAbridged: NoTotal Duration: 13hrs 25minsSynopsis: From FF: Part naval swashbuckler, part mystery story, "The Dying Trade" tells the story of smuggling and death in the Mediterranean at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Harry Ludlow and his brother James find themselves in Genoa where Harry is commissioned to investigate a British officer's death.How is it that David Donachie is not better known - injustice! I enjoyed the Ludlow brothers so much I have ordered the next book. Literature this isn't but adventure it most certainly is - high adventure of the privateers. 4.5*

  • John Youngblood
    2019-03-21 19:44

    I approach these books as a bit of a history lesson that's delivered within a story that's usually compelling, even if the characters may be somewhat exaggerated. This one gives you a look at life aboard a ship in the 1790's that's not with the royal navy with a captain that's a privateer, unlike most of this genre. And while there is naval action aplenty, the main story runs along the lines of the classic english mystery with surprising revelations of guilt at the end. If you've enjoyed other authors of this genre, Patrick O'Brian etc., I think this work represents an interesting variation.

  • Cecelia Hightower
    2019-03-15 19:30

    The setting for this story was the late 1700 and very early 1800 when the British and French were fighting over trade on the European coast and all countries used privateers (i.e. basically pirates, but sailing under official letters/orders from some country). As with all adventure stories there were intrigue, double-dealing, and sea battles. All in all a fun light fun read with a very surprising ending.

  • BridieKnight
    2019-03-12 02:17

    Started off a bit meandering but picked up when the action got going.