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Mark Grayson is just like everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful super-hero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards? Now the Guardians of the Globe are dead. The super-hero community is abuMark Grayson is just like everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful super-hero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards? Now the Guardians of the Globe are dead. The super-hero community is abuzz with the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Unbeknownst to him, Invincible is at the center of the most dramatic event to hit the super-hero community in decades. Collects Invincible #9-13...

Title : Invincible, Vol. 3: Perfect Strangers
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ISBN : 9781582403915
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Invincible, Vol. 3: Perfect Strangers Reviews

  • Sam Quixote
    2018-09-24 08:17

    With the Guardians of the Globe dead, we’re gonna have tryouts for a new superhero team! Also, Mark discovers the shocking truth behind his dad - he was never “Superman”, he was more like “Zod”!The main part of this third Invincible volume is a ton of exposition from Mark’s dad, Omni-Man, a reveal I thought was pretty good - until I tried to follow the reasoning behind it all and, wow, was it confusing! So, unlike Superman whose powers change with different suns, Viltrumites’ (Omni-Man and Invincible’s people) powers work anywhere in the galaxy? Alright. Weirdly, Superman's explanation for his powers makes more sense but whatever, let's go with this lazy assumption. So, about the explanation: the Viltrum people want to expand their brilliant eugenics-type empire across the galaxy by force but only by targeting worlds that are less developed than their civilisation. Anyone stands in their way, they’re killed. If they become part of the empire then their race takes a massive leap forward with the help of Viltrum’s shared technology. Earth is less developed – Viltrum want to bring us up to speed. What’s bad about that? Nothing I can see! So what was Omni-Man doing on Earth? Well, he’s there to research and protect Earth for 500 years until Viltrum invades and they see if Earth will become part of their empire. Ok - why not just invade straight away? Why wait 500 years? And why that number – why not 10 years? And is that Earth-years or Viltrum-years or is an Earth year a standard unit of measurement in the galaxy? Because our version of time is only really suited to humans on Earth! Robert Kirkman’s increasingly convoluted and crap explanation continues to trip itself up. One minute Omni-Man is saying he made certain major choices because he fell in love with Mark’s mother and his feelings made him act differently - then, mere pages later, he’s saying that she means nothing to him. Zero consistency. And apparently the death of the Guardians was Omni-Man’s way of preparing the way for Viltrum to invade by wiping out Earth’s defences - but if they’re all like him, and it takes only one of them to effectively cripple Earth in a minute, why even bother with a pre-emptive strike? A handful of Viltrumites, let alone who-knows-how-many, would easily defeat anything Earth could possibly throw their way! It just makes the last book completely contrived. There’s a kernel of a good idea amidst this incredibly messy exposition but Kirkman’s incapable of finding it. He just throws in pretence after pretence for no reason! Despite the superhero tryouts being as boring as they sound, I had thought that, following Omni-Man’s actions, this book would be the turning point in the series where Invincible stops being a crap superhero parody and becomes its own thing but re-reading Kirkman’s garbage about Viltrum changed my mind. Oh and look, in case you missed seeing that place in this volume, Mark’s going back to high school in the next book... yay...On a related note, Tom Cruise read this volume and instantly became a believer in the Viltrum race, giving millions of dollars to his new idol, Robert Kirkman!

  • Maryam
    2018-09-26 08:36

    I loved turn of events in this volume.

  • James DeSantis
    2018-10-15 14:41

    This is when my love for this series truly began. Up until now it was fun, cute, coming of age story. we get into the drama. The dark side of it all. And damn is it sweeeeeet! "Dad?" UGH that part gets me every single time. This is the issue Omni-man finally shows his true self. Mark at first listens, tries to grasp it all, but in the end refuses to see it the way his father does. Humans are not to be slaves, they are to make their own future, and Mark will fight for us. Even if it means going against his father. His dad's thoughts? Well he about to fuck shit up. Including his own son. This volume has some fun moments leading up to the final showdown. It also is heartbreaking to see Mark getting tossed around like a weakling when his father goes on his rampage. However, it hits even harder with Mark trying to reach his father through the entire fight. So yeah, this is it, this is the turning point, this is when things get real good. If you were unsure about enjoying this series in volume 1-2, check this out, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • J.M.
    2018-10-15 07:26

    This edition of INVINCIBLE has picked the story up a bit. It's still moving really slow for being 13 issues deep into the series, and I'm still perturbed by the use of repeating panels, but finally some of the plot is revealing itself to the reader, and I can honestly say Kirkman dropped a pretty darn good and unexpected surprise in "Perfect Strangers." After having fallen to two stars with the last collection ("Eight is Enough"), this series is now back up to a solid three stars. One of the reasons I've been struggling with this series is because I don't find the main character all that believable. He seems very flat. But finally Kirkman gave the kid a pair of kuyons. He's standing his ground against a major life-changer and for that alone I'm starting to at least become somewhat more interested. I think I only groaned with contempt maybe once while reading this, which is better than last issue, consisting of at least two groans and an eye roll.After reading three graphic novels in two days, can I recommend INVINCIBLE yet? Hmmm...I really don't think so, but perhaps more of the plot will unfold in INVINCIBLE vol. 4 "Head of the Class" and I can recommend the series as a whole up to that point. Let's see, shall we?

  • Caroline
    2018-09-25 07:25

    To be truthful, the reason I keep reading this book is that the hardcovers are really pretty and easily available at the library. I do tend to like the supervillain plots, but find the relationship stuff to be tedious ashell. WHICH personality-less girl should the self-centered hero get with?There's a lot to admire about this book. Unfortunately, I kept getting distracted by the way that the author is running a clinic in how to fail the Bechdel test (two women having a conversation about something besides a man, at SOME POINT in the book). I resorted to flipping through the book to find the (few) pages with more than one female on them, and if they weren't talking about The Hero, they were talking about *how many calories were in their food*. I wish I was kidding.This isn't a situation where I feel like the author's never met a woman, but it is one where I feel like he's never thought about what they are saying or thinking when he's not in the room.(I'm still finishing the book, it's fairly engaging, I just had to get that rant out. I *like* these women, I just wish they got a chance to exist in some way besides their relationship to The Hero.)

  • Maria Kramer
    2018-10-10 11:27

    And here comes the twist! I like it a lot - it elevates the story above the usual teen superhero drama.

  • Paz R.M.
    2018-10-04 10:30

    4.25 Stars.First reaction: Well... shit! shit shit shiiiiiit.I want to write so much about this volume because it was amazing, because it changed the whole direction of the story, but I won't 'cause it'd ALL be spoilers. So what I will say is this: What happened in these five issues were such a contrast to the first two volumes. This opens so many doors for what's to come, the dynamics and view of our heroes and beloved characters are going to change from now on and I can't wait to know what's gonna happen. This is why I started reading Invincible, for this moment and let me tell you... Perfect Strangers doesn't disappoint. Please, please, if you're planning to read this series you have to read the first 13 issues. Like I said before, everything changes here, it is painful and shocking. It is surprising and quite graphic. What happens in these issues will affect you and it will because Kirkman made an excellent job with the first two volumes of introducing the characters and their dynamic, of letting you knowing them, of letting you appreciate and care for them. Like I said in my previous reviews, the greatness and the strength of Invincible lie in the characters and the relationship between them and that's why this revelation was fantastic and so powerful. Good job Kirkman.I'm really getting used to the artwork, I'm enjoying it and appreciating it so much more now. Because there were so many dark and dramatic moments, there were a lot of graphic, bloody scenes and those panels were as powerful as the dialogue was. The action and fight scenes were great, but the last issue, with my favorite alien, was beautiful to watch. The art by Ottley adds so much to the tone of the comic as a whole.(Also, can we talk about the great and hilarious moment at the beginning of the volume where Mark meets his favorite graphic novel writer? What a funny, meta moment. I was laughing so hard and, of course, it was too a nod to what was to come, a lot of panels were ''recycled'' in this volume and I personally loved it. It was much more impactful that way, learning the truth through familiar panels, taking what you already knew and shattering that illusion, bravo for that amazing storytelling choice.)

  • Dr Rashmit Mishra
    2018-10-03 14:41

    What I Liked :It's strange that I always start with "what I liked" , what to do when you only have "things you liked" to talk about ? because this is it ! This IS IT! The Issue where I can't find any thing that I "didn't Like".Up until this point in the Invincible comics , the story was all about a coming of age story for the titular character , with a satirical look into the world of superhero comics . It was all a fresh , joy filled new representation in the superhero comics genre .Then this comic arrived and everything changed.A massive reveal in this book that really changed everything . The fun is discarded for the sake of a dark turn in the story , and while we did expected this moment to come , after all the events started out in the Vol.2 , the execution was top-notch. With really awesome action and emotional turmoils for the readers to enjoy at the same time and man I just can't stop feeling sorry for Mark's Mom .Even towards the end the whole response of the Super-secret-S.H.I.E.L.D-esque people was very refreshing and different (even logical) . The art really grew on me and I got the confirmation that indeed the improvement and consistency in the art style was due to the change in the illustrator .Conclusion:Honestly I just can't find anything wrong that this book did , absolutely enjoyed the hell out of this book . I already was in love with this book , but this book with the MEGA CHANGED STATUS QUO . This is probably what a perfect comic book looks like - ABSOLUTELY BUY IT!

  • Fizzgig76
    2018-10-22 06:18

    Reprints Invincible #9-13 (February 2004-May 2004). The truth is out! Mark learns his father is the killer of the Guardians of the Globe and isn't the man who he has grown up believing he is. Revealed to be a race called the Viltrumites, the Viltrumites are a warring conquering race that moves planet to planet to infiltrate and overpower. Now the strongest man on Earth has only one person who can challenge him, and it is his son. Invincible must face off against his father or join him in his quest.Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Ryan Ottley, Invincible 3: Perfect Strangers follows the events of Invincible 2: Eight Is Enough. The series continues to be well received by critics and fans and is also collected in the larger Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume 1 (along with the previous two trade paperbacks).This collection of Invincible really did it for me. While Mark’s father Omni-Man had been shown the killer of the Guardians of the Globe in the previous collection, the reason was unclear. In most comics, the “bad guy” is obvious from the on-set. Omni-Man’s true motives takes the series in a completely different direction and changes the series.Another big theme that starts in this collection is some serious blood and guts killing. The slaughter of the Guardians of the Globe was shocking in Invincible #7, but here, the beating Invincible takes from his father is shocking and bloody. Invincible continues to take beatings and there is plenty of shocking killings from this point on.With Omni-Man's actions, Invincible gets new direction. He has to replace his father as Earth's hero. He gets a new supporting cast with his government liaison Cecil Stedman and his mother Debbie and costume designer Art also begin to take a more prominent role in the series.If you only read the first few issues of Invincible, you need to try to get to this point in the series. Invincible continues to evolve and change. The series is very soap opera-like with major themes tying the issues together more than major events. With Kirkman stock at its highest with The Walking Dead gaining more and more popularity, check out his first hit comic. Invincible 3: Perfect Strangers is followed by Invincible 4: Head of the Class.

  • Christopher
    2018-10-10 11:16

    Wonderful in every way. A killer twist halfway thru.

  • Vittorio Rainone
    2018-10-15 07:34

    Continua bene Invincible, sempre in attento equilibrio fra la dimensione privata e familiare (scuola, ma anche rapporto fra genitori) e genere supereroistico classico: un racconto di formazione all'eroe che è semplice, ma è costruito bene. Peccato forse che i disegni di Cory Walker siano troppo semplici, giocando probabilmente a proporre il fumetto a un pubblico adolescente. Il confronto con Bellegarde è a completo favore del secondo: la storia sulla nascita di Rex Splode è divertente, con i tempi giusti e la giusta dose di violenza adolescenziale, ma soprattutto i disegni sono molto ben calibrati. Insomma: Invincible è una bella serie.

  • Ryan Werner
    2018-10-10 06:35

    Mark is kind of a boring dude whose moral center and desires I can't quite pinpoint. That said, I'm enjoying the story and I hope it gets more violent and complicated as it goes on. Kirkman's proven with Walking Dead that he can tell a great story, so I'm hoping he eventually uses the bullshittery of the super hero format to really go wild.

  • Robert
    2018-10-05 09:19

    Well here we go, this is the volume that completes this charming series' transition from great to greatly great.All is revealed re: the deaths of the Guardians of the Globe, and Mark is forced to grow up pretty fast. As always the character design and colour palette make for delightful visuals to accompany a compelling story.If you haven't started in on this series yet, I highly recommend jumping on board from the start so this volume's emotional payload hits home.

  • Belinda (TheBookBuddies)
    2018-10-05 14:25

    Overman’s true intentions are finally revealed, and shit goes down. I feel pretty bad for Mark’s mom. Meanwhile, there is a new Guardians of the Globe. Tryouts were pretty funny. I’m excited to see where this is going to go, especially with Mark’s new role.

  • João Lourenço
    2018-09-24 09:16

    Oh man, what a twist! So cold! This saga have so suprises that is one my favourite.

  • Darius
    2018-09-29 10:15

    4.5 stars. THE PLOT THICKENS. This comic is so great and unique. I didn't expect that twist at all!

  • Sebastian Song
    2018-10-14 14:21

    What a relevation! The truth behind the origins of Omni-man and Invincible!

  • Nate
    2018-10-10 10:36

    This is the best volume in the series so far. The first volume seemed predictable, but it's definitely mixed things up.

  • Glenn Burnside
    2018-10-22 09:26

    A well-laid plot twist, well-executed.

  • Raymond Lewis
    2018-09-28 07:44

    End of act one.

  • Elliot Huxtable
    2018-10-07 08:36

    Holy shit. The twist in this story is jaw droppingly good - it puts the whole story on its head. Genius storytelling.

  • Michael Church
    2018-10-04 12:22

    THIS! This is the reason I picked this book up, apparently. I had friends raving to me about how much I would love it and...I do. I'm hooked now. The way the reveal is done is excellent. The aftermath, the battle, all of it is the right level of intensity. I think Kirkman really portrayed the difficulty of the situation quite well. Each is convinced the other is wrong based on their own history. Each believes the other disagrees only because they haven't had enough time to see it from the other side. Like any fight, things are said and done which will cause regret and will leave damage and pain far more reaching than desired. Volume 3 is the catalyst for what's to come. It changes Mark's role in the world, shakes up his family dynamic, changes the world's view of heroes. It does a lot of really serious, important stuff. But it's still fun. One of my favorite gags is Mark meeting his favorite comic book author at an impromptu signing at his comic shop. They exchange some lines about the cheapness of repeating panels that have already been used...and then proceed to stare at each other for six panels. Some may find that frustrating, I found it hysterical. It's actually even MORE appropriate when it comes into play a little later while a new origin story is revealed. A lot of previous panels from the first origin are recycled. I think this is exactly the opposite of lazy. Did Kirkman know when he had Walker draw those panels that he'd be recycling them for this exact reason? Who knows. If he did, damn that man can plan. And kudos for how well they fit into both stories so well. If not, then damn that man can adapt and kudos for how well he was able to make them fit into the second story. This is the part of the series that made me get excited for the book. I love what's happened so far and can't wait for the rest to unravel. It's another book that, even though there's so much payoff with the main story, sets up a number of subplots. It's like any great mystery, or story for that matter: the real payoff doesn't come from seeing the main central storyline come to a close. It comes from seeing every little loose end find a way to weave into one another and finally finish off with something meaningful that adds to the overall narrative. That is where Invincible and Kirkman find their strengths. I also love many of the little nods to themselves and to what they love. Science Dog is everywhere. Bulletproof (the original concept for Invincible) is introduced as a supporting character. The forward, again, talks about Kirkman unabashedly as an author throwing himself at every project that will have him and KILLING IT. I knew I would like this book because my friends haven't steered me wrong yet. I had no idea how much I would like it. Peaking at some of the current issues and goings-on, I know there's only more awesomeness to expect.

  • Drew Patrick Smith
    2018-09-29 11:37

    Review from the PFS Book Club...What I Liked: I love a good twist. I mean, that's why fans loved Lost, right? Those first two seasons were filled with the craziest twists on television. It's the same short of idea that is propelling Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries to popularity. And while the serialized comic book form is known for their dangling cliffhangers, designed to bring back readers every issue, the twist here is so shocking, so amazing, that it changes the entire premise of the book in a way that still makes sense.The first two volumes of Invincible are alright, but this one is amazing. In fact, it's probably my favorite installment of the series ever, simply because the twist is more than just a twist for bombast's sake. It fuels the issues that come later - defining our title hero and several of the supporting cast members - and changes the tone of the book. It's simply that huge.Even better, I believe this is the volume where Ottley really gets a grasp on the characters and Invincible's world. The fighting scenes here are big and ugly, just as fighting should be (all that blood! in a superhero book with a classic look!), and the new characters introduced, including my favorite Monster Girl, give this book its own look, despite the primary colors and old school costume designs.What I Didn't Like: This has more to do with the series as a whole then this particular volume, but my major gripe is Why didn't this happen sooner?. In serialized comics, yes, there was about a year between the first issue of the series and when the final issue in this collection came out, but seriously, this had to have been the big idea that got this book published. Why did Kirkman wait so long to execute it?Last Thought: Amazing moments and one of the best comic twists ever.

  • Barrett
    2018-10-18 07:41

    I'm just not a fan of this series. The twists don't really surprise me, the art and panel work is blah, the humor feels dumb to me... Not going to pursue another volume after this one.

  • John Mccubbin
    2018-09-26 13:34

    This was a phenomenal volume, and the series has a whole has certainly risen to new levels. Robert Kirkman delivered one outstanding story here, as although so far the series has been very fun, and entertaining, as well as exciting, this volume has really taken it to the next level, having some very gritty, and dramatic developments, turning this from fun to serious very quickly. Kirkman has also did an excellent job of the continuing development of the characters in this volume, as I'm really starting to like them as individuals, and even though they're in a superhero world they feel very realistic. The dialogue also helped with this, as with it being very natural, and dramatic, it helps give tone, and atmosphere, helping give more depth to the characters. The action in this volume was also amazing, being very exciting, and explosive, as well as entertaining.Read the rest of my review here:

  • Christopher Mclean
    2018-10-04 09:24

    This is probably my favorite Invincible volume yet but I am still not sold on this series.Perfect Strangers delivers some excellent fall out regarding the revaluations about Omni-man from the previous volume, including a reasonable explication for this actions. Unfortunately while I am enjoying this book for it's satirical gibes at both the superhero genera and comic books in general it still hasn't delivered a particularly strong plot and most of the characters are very flat. The satire was good in this volume but it's not enough to carry the series.I still have a few more volumes available from a Humble Bundle, and it's a very light read, so I will continue working through it but I'm not yet at the point where I would recommend picking this up.

  • Arminzerella
    2018-10-16 07:30

    Mark starts dating Amber, a normal girl. Eve, although she seemed a little hostile toward Mark while she was dating Rexplode, is a little sad about this. The truth about Omniman comes out – that as the Viltrumite guardian, he is to weaken it in preparation for it to be conquered. He asks Mark for his understanding and help, and when Mark refuses, he says a lot of unforgiveable things, then beats Mark to a bloody pulp (and flies into space weeping). Cecil, the government official who dealt with Omniman, takes Mark and his mother under his wing and protects them, makes sure they’ll be ok, and then offers Mark his dad’s position as superhero on-call. Mark accepts.

  • Sean
    2018-10-01 10:15

    Robert Kirkman has such a wicked sense of humor and this book is such the perfect vehicle for that. The ting about this book though is that panel to panel and page to page, this book changes completely. Humor, action, drama, & mystery can be found in each book. There are so many emotions in this volume particularly. The revelations revealed here were huge. It was hard to read, empathically. You actually could feel for these characters. The art by Ryan Ottley is extremely bloody and, pun intended, bloody beautiful! I really enjoyed it but still wish there was a little more detail in the backgrounds. Overall, an amazing collection. I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Aaron Kleinheksel
    2018-10-14 11:29

    Spoiler alert: this 3rd volume turns the entire storyline upside-down! Great writing. The protagonist (Invincible) discovers that his superman-esque father's origin story is NOT what he and his mother have always believed, but was a complete lie. The seriousness of the story arc is increased at the expense of some of the lightheartedness of the 1st 2 volumes, but not at the expense of the overall mood (there is still plenty of humor to go with the grim). The issues now introduced for the hero and his mother to work through are very interesting in the context of the superhero genre. Again Robert Kirkman breathes fresh life into Hero comics. Recommend.

  • Feather Mista
    2018-10-15 08:14

    Este libro no espoileará desde la tapa pero sí desde la primera frase de la descripción: Los Guardianes de la Tierra están muertos. Menos mal que eran personajes que apenas llegan a aparecer para morir, porque si no tanto la descripción como la reseña tendrían que ir con cartelito de spoiler y todo. Sin duda alguna un tomo bisagra, hay que ver cómo sigue la cosas después de las carnicerías de esta historia. Punto a favor por la charla con la que cierra el libro, que dice más o menos así:Allen: ¿Y ahora que descubriste la verdad sobre tu padre qué vas a hacer?Mark: Primero, terminar el colegio.