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Superstar writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash, Action Comics, JSA) unleashes a spectrum of adventure in this tale, which sees an all-new, all-evil Red Lantern Corps let loose on the galaxy!As a prelude to the highly anticipated 2009 Green Lantern storyline Blackest Night, this collection sets up the events that Geoff Johns has been leading to since he relaunched tSuperstar writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash, Action Comics, JSA) unleashes a spectrum of adventure in this tale, which sees an all-new, all-evil Red Lantern Corps let loose on the galaxy!As a prelude to the highly anticipated 2009 Green Lantern storyline Blackest Night, this collection sets up the events that Geoff Johns has been leading to since he relaunched the Green Lantern franchise in 2006!Plagued by an age-old prophecy from a prison planet on the far side of the galaxy, Green Lantern Hal Jordan searches for answers about the fate of his Green Lantern Corps. But when a primal being named Atrocitus emerges from that hell planet, he leads a Red Lantern Corps against Jordan and his brethren in a campaign to spread rage across the cosmos.Collecting: Green Lantern 26-28, 36-38...

Title : Green Lantern, Volume 7: Rage of the Red Lanterns
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ISBN : 9781401223014
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Green Lantern, Volume 7: Rage of the Red Lanterns Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2019-01-20 09:35

    The Spectrum of colors expands!This TPB edition contains “Green Lantern” #26-28; #36-38, and “Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns” #1. Featuring the “Rage of the Red Lanterns” event.Creative Team:Writer: Geoff JohnsIllustrators: Mike McKone, Shane Davis & Ivan ReisTASTING BLOODThe Sinestro Corps War was supposedly a victory to the Green Lantern Corps……but a new law in the Book of Oa had to be approved……Lethal Force was enabled against any member of the Sinestro Corps.The Guardians of the Universe feared the affirmation by Sinestro that the GL Corps were an “empty threat” since they couldn’t kill, while the Sinestro Corps were doing literally a massacre against the GL Corps.Only killing Sinestro Corps members was possible to win the war……but once blood was tasted by the GL Corps……it’s hard to retreat from it.And now the things are getting worse since the Guardians of the Universe in “full panic mode” are activating the second new law in the Book of Oa: Enabling Lethal Force against any enemy of the Green Lantern Corps.Yes, Sinestro is laughing from his science-cell. Green Lantern can kill anybody seen as an enemy of them. The universe will have fear of the Green Lantern Corps. His Sinestro Corps War was won by him and the Guardians of the Universe don’t know it.However, for a couple of bad ideas……nothing like an even worse idea!Enter: The Alpha-Lanterns.They will be the “Internal Affairs” equivalence in the Green Lantern Corps. Having the “best qualities” of their two previous peacekeeping forces: The sentient impulse and thought process of the Green Lanterns, combined with the efficiency and logic of the Manhunters (hey, and the silly of me thought that if the Manhunter truly were logical and efficient, they wouldn’t be deactivated in the first place, ha!)The universe is changing and the Guardians are the guilty ones for it.MORE THE COLORS, MORE THE FUNIn the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, now there are more colors to get in the galactic picture…Atrocitus, deadly enemy of Sinestro and Hal Jordan, is founding the Red Lanterns, recruiting all those in the galaxy who embrace rage……yes, the recruiting line will likely collapse with so many contestants!The Red Lanterns power rings overwhelm so badly all the rage feelings in their members that they barely are able to speak, much less to make coherent structures with their red lights, but certainly they are dangerous and only thinking about unleash their rage!And rage is quite infective!But……not all new colors are bad!Ganthet and Sayd, the expelled Guardians found the source of the blue color in the spectrum and now they are forming the Blue Lanterns, representatives of the hope in the universe, and while their power rings can’t work on their own, if they are around at least of a Green Lantern, they can increase the power reserves of the GL power ring in more than the double of the usual maximum charge and also the Blue Lanterns can use the sentiment of hope of everybody around to perform real miracles!Willpower, Fear, Love, Rage, Hope,……the universe is getting full of colors, feeding from the best and the worst of the feelings of the inhabitants in the galaxy……and there still more to come!

  • Richard
    2018-12-27 09:34

    In this follow-up to The Sinestro Corps War, the increasingly paranoid and fearful Guardians have not only granted the Green Lanterns permission to use lethal force against any enemy of the Corps, but have also formed the Alpha Lanterns , an internal affairs division of the corps. Geoff Johns begins to really deepen the Green Lantern mythology and continues to move steadily toward the fulfillment of the Blackest Night and War of Light prophecies by introducing more colors of the Emotional Spectrum and different lantern Corps. A tortured prisoner named Atrocitus has discovered a way to harness the energy of Rage and form the deadly Red Lanterns while renegade Guardians Ganthet and Sayd have begun to form the Blue Lantern Corps of Hope. It's been cool to see how the world of the Lanterns is expanding in fascinating ways and to see Hal and John Stewart struggle with whether to execute Sinestro or protect him from the Red Lanterns as well as struggle with the direction that their Corps is going in. The centerpiece sequence in this one, where a Green Lantern convoy transporting Sinestro to execution is ambushed by both the Red Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps, brings together all the new colors in an epic space battle. It's pretty epic, and one of the best sequences I've seen in a Lantern story so far.

  • Bradley
    2019-01-13 04:47

    I find myself fascinated by the whole emotional light spectrum, and the Reds really turned out some freaky characters. Of course, nothing beats messing with Hal when it comes to story time. I think the Blues hold the best promise, and the Violet's the greatest danger, but this is just too obvious, all considering.Fun stuff. ;)

  • Sesana
    2019-01-09 07:46

    Probably knowing more about the Green Lantern Corps than I do would be helpful here. Certainly knowing what the Sinestro Corps was all about would have been nice. But I didn't really need that to enjoy this trade. There are seven issues here. The first three detail the founding of the Alpha Lanterns, surgically altered Green Lanterns that serve essentially as internal affairs. Necessary now that the rings have been authorized to use lethal force against all enemies. The last four issues are about the Red Lanterns, wildly creepy blood-spewing villains driven by unthinking rage and hatred to destroy both the Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps. Did I mention that they're creepy? It also introduces the Blue Lanterns, which run on hope.Rage of the Red Lanterns was positioned at least partially as a tie-in to Final Crisis, but it's really much more about setting Blackest Night. And after reading this trade, I'm actually interested and looking forward to reading it.

  • Rafael Gimenes
    2018-12-29 03:32

    Acabei de ler esse LAcrE. Me julguem, mas é por isso que leio lanterna verde. Não sei direito como explicar. Mas toda a trama que existe no universo de lanterna verde me intriga muito. Seus superiores corruptos, um vilão sempre 1km a frente do herói, o espectro emocional das cores. Ai, enfim. Esse quadrinho me lembrou de tudo de bom que os quadrinhos de heróis super comerciais ainda tem para nos oferecer <3

  • Damon
    2018-12-31 10:27

    Quite interesting and very colourful.

  • Michael (Mai)
    2018-12-30 08:26

    This was pretty good actually. I still really feel like I need to read an origins story about Hal Jordan in order to fully appreciate the Green Lantern series but I thought this one was really interesting. I guess that normally there are only two colors: Green (Willpower) and Yellow (Fear). But in this one I got to see Green, Yellow, Blue (Hope) and Pink (Loss maybe?). My husband recommended it to me for two reasons: (1) Because Green Lantern is his favorite comic series and (2) Because he likes seeing the variety of colors.I’m going to admit that the whole idea of the Green Lantern universe seemed pretty lame when I heard about it. Super powers based on emotions? Lame. But it turns out that it’s not. I actually kind of like it. Not like how I like Batman man but still, it’s pretty good.If I had to recommend one of the two Green Lantern’s I’ve read, I would recommend this one over Tales of the Sinestro Corps because the story isn’t as halting and you feel like you learn more about the characters so you can connect with them easier. Plus there is more about the main character (I guess he’s the main character), Hal Jordan.As for the art I thought it was really cool. There was even a cute kitty cat that spews blood. You don’t see that every day.

  • TJ Shelby
    2019-01-12 05:28

    Wow, we had green lanterns, then sinestro corps (yellow lanterns) and now red lanterns (led by Atrocitus and powered and find out) and blue lanterns (powered by...ditto).I can't wait for Blackest Night...Geoff Johns may just make Green Lantern a DC mainstreamer. Big Three beware (okay, Batman is probably safe but after the Superman Returns bomb and Wonder Woman unable to sustain any amount of profit in any medium) Green Lantern is on the rise.Aside from maybe the Bendis/Brubaker current run on Daredevil and Brubaker's run on Captain America...I can't think of a better superhero series to be reading right now...this is top notch.

  • Quentin Wallace
    2019-01-23 07:29

    Another volume in whats probably the greatest Green Lantern run ever. In this volume we see a Green Lantern tried for murder in a situation that makes one question just when lethal force is authorized for the Lanterns. Sinestro is on Death Row, but his sentence is interrupted by the Red Lanterns, an event which also heralds the first appearance of the Blue Lanterns. The Violet Lanterns are also lurking on the fringes, so this volume is pivotal as far as character introductions go. The art is great also, as well as the coloring, which really helps bring all of the various alien races to life. I am a little curious as to how all of these new rings are suddenly appearing, and also how these characters are ending up in possession of them.

  • Lissibith
    2019-01-22 10:48

    Oh, Hal Jordan. You and I have such a terrible relationship, and it was not improved by Rage of the Red Lanterns. To be sure, there is some interesting stuff here, including the birth of a new Corps. and the creation of a new division within the Green Lantern Corps. But the focus of the book - and this sucks if you're not a fan - is on Hal Jordan, how awesome he is, and on his ever-evolving relationship with Sinestro. And that other stuff can't save this book for me because Hal is Just. So. Whiny. I can't blame the authors on this. I think this is how he's usually written, with this massive ego and irritation at everyone around who doesn't react to him in just the way he thinks they ought. But if you don't like Hal, steer clear - I suspect this won't improve his standing in your eyes. Overall, it's nice to get to see more of the red lanterns, though we don't get too deep into them. They're angry, they have reason to be, RRRRAAAAAARGH! Also, the blue lanterns spend the trade more or less being made fun of, which is a shame since Saint Walker and Warth are enigmatic and a bit fascinating to me in this book.

  • Anne
    2019-01-06 05:36

    Very cool. I can't wait to read Blackest Night!

  • Bryson McCheeseburger
    2019-01-09 03:40

    This is my first Green Lantern graphic novel ever and it was pretty damn cool. I know he gets a bad rap, but the Corps seem pretty cool. The only reason I got this was I read it was a good lead-up to the Blackest Night series I just picked up. I haven't read it yet, but I think this was good to help me understand the different characters and rings as I head into the series. Even though it's not the start of the series, this was a cool run, and the Red Lanterns are freaking awesome! Blue... meh. Way too good for my liking. Sinestro is cool and I'm interested to see more of him as well.

  • Edward Davies
    2019-01-24 10:36

    Now I see why the issues were skipped. Why on earth DC decided to lump that 7 issue origin story in the middle of the Red Lantern story line is beyond me, but at least they made it make a little more sense in the trades. This was action packed and interesting, reading in hindsight with the knowledge of what these stories are leading up to.

  • Jake
    2019-01-05 09:40

    I loved everything about this. The introduction of the Alpha Lanterns, the Red Lanterns, and the Blue Lanterns (my favorite corps), and also kind of Agent Orange. It's just...super well written, with Hal's rage toward Sinestro and all that stuff. Love it.Also this is some of Ivan Reis's best work tbh.

  • M.i.
    2018-12-29 07:49

    It ups the ante and introduces aspects of the GL universe that I was previously unfamiliar with

  • Ernest
    2018-12-31 09:51

    This book is one of my favorites.

  • JamesLove
    2018-12-31 10:48

    The first of four prequels to Blackest Night. Enter Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns.Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light.A different version of the Guardians of the Universe attempt to create an Orange Lantern.Green = WillpowerYellow = FearRed = RageBlue = HopeThe First Law in the Book of OA - The use of lethal force against the Sinestro Corps is authorized.The Second Law in the Book of OA - The use of lethal force against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps is authorized.The ever expanding emotional spectrum will eventually extinguish all forms of light leading to the... Blackest Night.

  • Vanessa
    2019-01-13 09:52

    And this is where the Green Lantern universe, newly rebooted under Geoff Johns (and thus not included in the DCnU reboot in fall, 2011) got crazy complicated. Do you have anger management issues? There's a lantern for that. Do you think the problem with Robocop is he was just too human? There's a lantern for that. Big fan of Autobiography of a Yogi? You get the point.Let's try to break it down for the people in the back row: before the Lantern Corps, the Guardians had robots called Manhunters to do the policing of the universe. But the Manhunters malfunctioned and wiped out a whole sector except for 5 survivors. One of whom was Atrocitus who then killed Abin Sur in an escape attempt (thus allowing his power ring to find Hal Jordan who then became the Green Lantern.) After being captured by Sinestro and returned to the planet where he lives in exile, Atrocitus used some kind of black magic mojo and formed the Red Lantern corps whose power is rage. Atrocitus makes a great anti-hero because he has a genuine reason to hate the Guardians and the Lantern corps. His red lantern rings look for the most roidy ragebot in their proximity to be their bearers. But unlike the ring bearers of other corps, they are little more than mindless killing machines, more victims of the rings than wielders of them. This chapter of the story (set between Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night) also sees the creation of the Alpha Lanterns, the internal affairs department of the Green Lantern Corps who are creepy humanoid/Manhunter hybrids and Ganthet's formation of the Blue Lanterns (emotion: hope.) The art is all well done and bright and colorful, if a little corporately slick in places. There is a cool crossover cameo from another DC storyline's villain (think Arkham Asylum.) We also learn the average life expectancy for a Green Lantern is 4 years and some change. It must be a bitch getting life insurance.If you are following the current War of the Green Lanterns story, this along with Blackest Night are essential back story. It's also a good starting place if you plan on reading the Red Lanterns comic coming in the fall. It's probably obvious at this point that I will be adding it to my pull list, for a few issues at least. Damn you, DC.

  • Wing Kee
    2019-01-17 09:36

    The world building is the shits!Man I am loving Johns' run on GL, the world building is amazing and the scope and stories are great roller coaster rides. So yes the Care Bear Lanterns are coming!World: Reis' art is great, I've said it many times. His rings look powerful and his framing and poses are full of motion that I can't imagine anyone else drawing this series. The world building this time around is the same as it ever was, meaning it's bloody fantastic. We get more pieces put into place for Blackest Night and continual change to the status quo of the GL world. The Alpha Lanterns and the Red Lanterns both offer something fun to the mix and writing is done in such an organic way that you don't really question whether they are good ideas or not, because in this world that Johns has created they make sense.Story: 2 wonderful and creepy stories. The Alpha Lantern story is just messed up and give me goosebumps. It's also a great way to acknowledge the new laws and how they will shake up the GL Universe. Red Lantern is also amazing as it opens up the floodgates of the spectrum, but more importantly I think it gives us a whole lot more insight on Sinestro and what his true end game is. The writing is brisk and the pacing breakneck but man you learn a lot and there is pay offs aplenty. Great writing!Characters: This is the part that keeps surprising me, with the pace of the series I always think that this would be the thinnest area of the book but that's not the case. The Sinestro stuff and the Alpha Lanterns stuff was deep and also complex. There are genuine discussions to be had here on the motives and the ideas behind these actions. Sinestro is no longer just a mwaa haaa haaa villain but something deepder because of the wonderful writing. Hal is still Hal and I find that he reacts as he is want to do but he is a great sounding board for all the other interesting characters that are being introduced. Great!This was another wonderful arc that was all about characters and world building. It's insane how good this series is.Onward to the next book!

  • Rusty
    2019-01-06 07:34

    Again, a stack of these graphic novels were given to me to read. This one, I learned early in this story, really took place before the events of the last one I read. Of course, that's the risk one runs when there are several crossover stories, I really wish they'd just put them in chronological order of the STORY, and not of the title of the original book they appeared in. That way, reading a story that was from 'Green Lantern Corps' that really continued in 'Green Lantern' would have been great if it had been in a single volume. Whatever though, I'm still dealing with the rainbow of Lanterns that are everywhere. Apparently, emotions = colors = universal power. I have no idea what the hell any of that is supposed to mean. I think this is blending science fiction and fantasy in all the worst ways. Probably because I tend to accept a purely fantastical tale on it's own merits, but the sci fi part of my brain keeps trying to figure out HOW things are supposed to work, and in this case, I can't, because my brain is screaming the whole time how stupid all of this is. despite my frustrations, there is a story being told. Yellow vs. Red vs. Green, with Blue and Sapphire (is that a color?) lurking around the edges and bragging about how their colors are better. The powers behind the Green think that emotions are ripping the universe apart, and so must be contained, or stopped altogether. Something something prophecy, blah blah blah it's okay to kill now if you're a green lantern, so this lady does, and is immediately kicked out of the green lanterns because even though she CAN kill as was specified earlier, apparently you really shouldn't... yada yaya yada, now Hal Jordan is Red, blue and green.Sigh. It keeps sounding stupid. What I'm trying to say is that I am liking this. Not very much, mind you, but enough to keep reading. On to the next one.

  • Barbara
    2018-12-24 07:41

    In this collection of GL stories, we witness the birth of the Lantern Corps internal affairs department (beings known as Alpha Lanterns, who undergo specialized surgery and have direct connection to the Central Power Battery) in the wake of the Sinestro Corps War, which resulted in the deaths of many of the Lantern Corps. We also learn of the color-coding of the universe as respects the Lantern Corps: Greens run on willpower, Blues on hope, and the Reds of the title on rage and hatred. Sinestro's Yellow Lanterns run on fear. The plot revolves around Atrocitus, whose burning rage against Sinestro causes him to become a Red Lantern. This rage also infects Laira, whose justifiable homicide of Amon Sur (murderer of Laira's lover's family) presages the creation of the Alpha Lanterns. Laira is tried and convicted of murder and stripped of her Lantern credentials and power ring. John Stewart is offered the change to become an Alpha, but declines. Hal Jordan meets Saint Walker, a Blue Lantern (who are guided by hope) and is told that he will be the leader of the Blue Lantern Corps. Hal himself in turn becomes a Red Lantern and then a Blue-Green Lantern during an epic battle against Atrocitus's Red Lanterns. It's a somewhat interesting story of the Corps. Reading the Sinestro Corps War beforehand helps.

  • orton41290
    2019-01-01 11:39

    Although they've been laying the groundwork for Blackest Night, ROTRL starts building the frame. The guardians have enacted their first new rule, the authorization of lethal force, and intend to carry it out in the execution of Sinestro, following the events of the Sinestro Corps War. Of course, Sinestro is to cool to kill so things go array. The guardians start a new branch of the corps that merges the Lantern's body with Manhunter technology to create the ultimate soldier (There is no way this could go wrong, right?). The plan is to take Sinestro back to Korugar, his home-planet, for a public execution, but both old and new enemies have different plans. This volume was full of action and some of the most exciting art work that I've seen. As much as I've grown to love Green Lantern, I've been having mild reaction to the last few titles I've read, but ROTRL takes the story back in the right direction. Obviously, we get to meet the Red Lanterns, who are some of the most Bad Ass villains(?) yet. By the volume's end, we have four lantern corps ready to fight it out. I am excited to see where this goes.

  • Colby Pryor
    2018-12-29 11:41

    In Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns, as a writer, I found the work to contain several intriguing items that I would want to use in my own work. First of all is the fact that what we are dealing with at the core of work is a science fiction book that deals with several large cosmic concepts and huge space battles. So like with Annhilation and Annhilation: Conquest, they make these conflicts matter to the characters involved. They ground the battles in such a way that helps us relate to it. Another key idea that I found very intriguing work is that in the work there is a feeling of threading, a lot of different plot threads being woven into the main plot of the work. Items that while not being handled in this particular work will be dealt with in later works. The last item this comic is the perfect example of how to make a work fun. Not everything had to be radically dark, matter in some profound way, or change the landscape of fiction. A work can be fun, can be a rewarding, fun read that honors what came before it while going in new directions.

  • Matthew
    2019-01-08 08:25

    I give this a HIGH three stars. I enjoyed it much more than the previous three installments (Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Wanted: Hal Jordan and The Sinestro Corps War.) The story was not only back to being coherent, but it was actually great fun.In this volume, The Guardians continue to amend the book of Oa by adding a new law, a member of the Green Lantern Corps is arrested for overstepping her authority and a new rank of Green Lanterns is established by The Guardians. There are actually two story-arcs included here, but they run together so seamlessly and are so directly linear that the really feel like one. The Red and Blue Lanterns introduced in this book are extremely silly, but its handled well enough that it just comes off as great fun. I'm a fan of Geoff Johns' work (such as The Flash and Hawkman), but I'm also a detractor of his when he goes too big (Infinite Crisis). This isn't Johns at his best, but it's good stuff.

  • Will Robinson Jr.
    2019-01-03 08:43

    Geoff Johns expands the Green Lantern mythos in this volume of the popular Green Lantern comics.Volume Seven opens with the end of the previous Sinestro Corps. War. Sinestro I must say is a great villain here. Geoff has made Sinestro into quite the puppet master who's actions make our heroes the Green Lanterns start to question there new found ability to use lethal force. The excitement builds in this volume as we are introduce to the rage filled Red Lanterns led by Atrocitus and the newly formed Blue Lanterns, led by Saint Walker. Okay I know it is a bit cheesy that we are getting devery color in the rainbow with the Lanterns. But I assure you Geoff's narrative is fantastic not to mention I enjoy Ivan Reis artwork. This book has lots of action and drama is superb as well. You feel there is a lot at stake for the heroes. I am looking forward to reading Blackest Night. This is a must read for any comic fan or scifi fan.

  • Caitlin
    2019-01-12 09:34

    Rage of the Red Lanterns continues the inevitable progression towards the fulfillment of the Blackest Night prophecy that the Guardians of Oa are desperately trying to prevent. In this volume, Atrocitus breaks free from his prison and creates the Red Lanterns to challenge both Sinestro and the Green Lantern Corps. This is the first volume where we really get to see the lines that will be drawn in the war amongst all the Lantern colors that is supposed to bring the Blackest Night and it was absolutely fascinating to see how the different rings functioned and interacted with one another. The artwork continues to be top notch and the story got a little crazy towards the end but I loved every second of it. The Guardians also continue to be complete jerks and I almost find myself actively rooting against them. Another addition to an already fantastic series and I can't wait to see where it leads!

  • Shawn Fritsche
    2019-01-05 08:23

    I've stopped buying monthly comics and now wait for everything to come out in collected editions. In anticipation for the release of the Blackest Night release next month, I've been getting up to speed on the Green Lantern. Rage of the Red Lanterns is one of the preludes to Blackest Night, setting up events yet to come. Overall, I enjoyed it. I especially liked Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns (think 28 Days Later zombies with power rings) and the introduction of the GL Corps own internal affairs dept, the Alpha Lanterns. The artwork was mostly solid, if not a little inconsistent. The story felt incomplete, but that's to be expected as this is a setup for Blackest Night.Overall, I enjoyed it, but I think it's far from Geoff Johns best work. Still, I look forward to finally reading Blackest Night next month.

  • J.
    2019-01-09 07:44

    Second Reading, January 2014: Reading this in order makes a big difference. The book is still certainly building towards Blackest Night, but is certainly a solidly entertaining read. The aftermath of SCW, the war crime, the trial, the new corps. All solid. The Red Lanterns and such is slightly less solid because the whole thing is starting to feel a little too much like we're just going to keep getting new colored Corps forever. (You know, the Chartreuse Corps [judgmentalism], the Ecru Corps [ennui], the Taupe Corps [schadenfreude], and so on--the jokes are too obvious.) There's a bit of a jarring jump in the middle, because of the odd order in which these were collected. But I certainly appreciated this volume much more this time.First Reading, April 2011: Solid, but really just a bridge to Blackest Night. 3 stars.

  • Luke
    2019-01-06 10:43

    It's been a while since I've read any comics, stopped collecting when my son was born and I was a bit shorter on the spending money.I'd read all the single issues of the Sinestro Corps war and I'd been lokkooking forward to picking up where I left off. Gotta say I haven't been disappointed. ROTRL picks up in the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps war, follows the rebuilding of Coast City, the trial and fate of Sinestro and the emergence of several new facets of the emotional spectrum, in particular the Red Lanterns who draw thier power from thier rage. Overall this is a great read and sets up several plot points that will be explained further down the line. A must for Green Lantern fans

  • Fizzgig76
    2019-01-08 04:25

    Reprints Green Lantern #26-28 and 36-38. The Green Lantern Corps deals with the new killing parameters of their rings and are face d by a new threat in the Red Lanterns. Geoff Johns did have a goal with the new Green Lantern series and he carried through with it by introducing the color spectrum. I wish he had spread out the introduction of the Red and Blue Lanterns (which are tied together) because it felt like they didn't get as much time as some of the other colors. The Red Lanterns are one of the least interesting colors and just seem like bad copies of "Mr. Furious" from Mystery Men. The Blue Lanterns are interesting (if not preachy) but are sidelined since the title is Rage of the Red Lanterns.