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Bailey, who is usually so nice, Bailey, my neighbor, my friend, my buddy, my pal for my whole life, knowing me better than anybody, that Bailey, that Bailey I am so mad at right now, that Bailey, I hate him today. Twelve-year-old Rosie and her best friend, Bailey, don't always get along, that's true. But Granny Torrelli seems to know just how to make things right again witBailey, who is usually so nice, Bailey, my neighbor, my friend, my buddy, my pal for my whole life, knowing me better than anybody, that Bailey, that Bailey I am so mad at right now, that Bailey, I hate him today. Twelve-year-old Rosie and her best friend, Bailey, don't always get along, that's true. But Granny Torrelli seems to know just how to make things right again with her interesting stories and family recipes. It's easier to remember what's important about love, life, and friendship while Granny Torrelli makes soup....

Title : Granny Torrelli Makes Soup
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Granny Torrelli Makes Soup Reviews

  • Malbadeen
    2019-02-26 10:45

    could i put a bazillion kids books on here? yes. do I?'re welcome.But Sharon Creech is worth pointing out.Her books are diverse in style and kick ass in story but mostly I love that she respects kids enough to speak in ways that are less than orthodox for kids books.I LOVE that she writes in away that teachers would be mortified to see their kids write.I LOVE that while teachers are beating their kids over the head with the lame-ass "First, Then, Next, Finally" format and "Topic Sentence, 3 paragraph essay", they might pick up something by Creech and see some paragraphs like these:"Wanted to do everything in one day. Sit! Heel! Stay! Mutt wold not listen.""Locked him in the garage. Snuck out in the morning and fed him more meat loaf. Took him out to do his buisness. Made him a bed out of my pillow and and old blanket"."Went to school""Came home. Pillow in a thousand, thousand shreds. Blanket peed on. Poop by the lawn mower.""Took him out. Sit! Heel! Stay!"and the chop chop of the words will seep into their brain and they'll begin to see that "tell me more" isn't the only way to revise a piece of writing and a little of the "what i did over the weekend essay" will seep out and they might actually pick up a book when it's not "required reading".

  • Shima
    2019-03-11 02:37

    مادربزرگم می‌گوید «وقتی از دوستی عصبانی هستی، آن‌قدر عصبانی که فکرهای زشت به کله‌ات می‌زند، آن‌قدر عصبانی که می‌خواهی سر به تنش نباشد، به چیزهای مثبتش فکر کن، به حرف‌های قشنگش فکر کن و ببین اصلا چرا دوستش داشته‌ای!»و حالا من به جای انجام دو پروژه‌ی ناتمام نشسته‌ام و کتاب کودک می‌خوانم و دلم می‌خواهد فکر کنم دوستی بیلی و رزی، دو شخصیت اصلی داستان «مادربزرگ سوپ می‌پزد!» هیچ وقت تمام نمی‌شود. اما می‌دانم دلخوشی فایده‌ای ندارد. تمام دوستی‌ها یک روزی تمام می‌شود.

  • (NS) Brea M
    2019-03-09 06:35

    In the book, Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, Sharon Creech offers a story of strong characters and meaningful relationships through good old fashion cooking. Rosie is a high spirited 12 year old with a best friend Bailey. The two grew up next to each other and did everything the same until it was time to go to school. That’s when Rosie realized Bailey was different, he was blind. Rosie’s attempt to help Bailey anyway possible, at times gets a bit overwhelming to him. When Rosie gets upset with Bailey’s reactions, she can always rely on Granny Torrelli to talk her through it. Together, they make soup (zuppa) and Granny tells stories of her childhood friendship with Pardo, which closely resembles the relationship Rosie has with Bailey. Through cooking and storytelling Granny Torelli helps Rosie realize that making up with Bailey is the right thing to do. Granny Torrelli and her cooking are needed again when Rosie finds a new neighbor girl threatening her relationship with Bailey. Granny, Rosie, and Bailey make pasta together as Granny Torrelli tells more familiar stories of her and Pardo back in Italy. It’s not long before Rosie and Bailey see the connection between their lives and Granny’s lesson. They realize that friendship is what matters in life. Creech’s characters are lively and realistic. Granny Torrelli’s patient and reasonable exterior yields a feisty and lively past, which is what connects her so much to her granddaughter. Rosie’s passion for life and relationships gets her in trouble at times but readers are drawn to her loving heart. I listened to this story on audio CD and was extremely entertained. Donna Murphy does more than read the text, she acts out the part of each dynamic character. Rosie, being an excitable child often rants with short repeated phrases. Murphy does a beautiful job showing Rosie’s burst of emotion, her childlike voice getting progressively higher and louder. Whatever emotion it may be, Murphy is able to adjust her voice to pinpoint exactly what Rosie might sound like. As for Granny Torrelli, I can still hear her low, calm Italian accent subtly giving advice to her granddaughter. The audio version of this story was amazing.

  • Kris Patrick
    2019-03-03 10:51

    When a group of 4th grade girls ask you to read a book with them even though you've already read it. Well... you do. Still a Sharon Creech fan.

  • L12_danielle
    2019-02-22 06:27

    I listened to "Granny Torrelli Makes Soup" and truly enjoyed it. This story features Granny Torrelli (an excellent zuppa, or soup maker), twelve-year old Rosie and her neighbor, Bailey. The friendship of Rosie and Bailey has its ups and downs. Rosie can change from good friend to sassy girl to ice queen in a matter of seconds. Bailey bounces through his reactions to Rosie and plows through his own challenges as a young blind boy. Through it all, Granny T. tells stories, makes the two friends laugh and challenges their thinking about their own challenges. Sharon Creech, author of "Walk Two Moons" has written another wonderful tale of family, friendships and overcoming obstacles. "Granny Torrelli Makes Soup" is a must read!

  • Beth
    2019-03-15 07:26

    I wasn't diggin' this book in the beginning, but once I got about half-way through and started to develop some empathy towards the characters, I really enjoyed this book from then on. I think the characters of Rosie, Granny Torrelli and Bailey are what make this book so endearing. I wasn't crazy about the style of the writing, but the actual story and development of the characters I thought was really sweet and easy to relate to.

  • Bebe Haase
    2019-03-17 07:22

    One of the only books that I had to read for school and enjoyed!xoxo,Bebe

  • Gwynette Koch
    2019-03-13 04:22

    Personal Response: I give this book four out of five stars. I really enjoyed reading this book; it was really fun. The author, Sharon Creech, created a good story line and didn’t try to extend it into a long book. I have read most of this author’s other books, and I recommend her books. I liked how the author was able to incorporate a good life lesson while keeping the book itself very simple. I definitely recommend this book. Plot:Granny Torrelli Makes Soup is a realistic fiction book about a young girl, Rosie, making soup with her grandmother. Rosie’s best friend, Bailey, is blind, and this book tells the story of their close friendship. They work through the new girl on the block trying to butt into their friendship, and come out even closer in the end. During the entirety of this book, Granny Torrelli, Rosie, and Bailey are making soup and pasta for a big pasta party at the end of the book where everyone comes together. Characterization: Rosie is just like her grandmother; she is extremely stubborn and has the best friend in the world. She is very close with her grandmother, and enjoys spending time with her in the kitchen. Bailey is a tall, strong, young man who was born blind. He took this struggle and overcame it humbly and powerfully. Rosie and Bailey are truly best friends. Setting: The majority of this novel takes place in present-day Pickburr Street. The time setting of this book is important because of how advanced our medicine and technology is today, so Bailey, who is blind, can still live a somewhat normal life. The setting to the story is important because Rosie and Bailey grew up living next to each other, but if they didn’t then they probably would not be friends. Thematic Connection: The theme of this story is that all of life’s obstacles cannot overcome the powerful bond of lifelong friends. Rosie has to deal with the new girl fawning all over Bailey, but in the end they stay just as close of friends as they did before, if not closer. I can relate to this because I have a few really close friends, and we have had to endure many difficulties in the years of our friendships. Audience: The novel would be appropriate for audiences of all ages. This book would be helpful to both genders because it tells of the importance of having a good friend in life. Everyone needs a friend, and somebody to be there for them; everyone needs love.

  • Ann
    2019-02-26 10:35

    I remember reading this book in my book club (at 5th grade). It was a pretty good book that all of the members in our book club liked. We thought that this book had so many hidden themes that could change the thought of children and adults. The character were all so cool and unique, especially Granny Torrelli. I recommend this book to you!!!I thought that this book was certainly imaginative!

  • Sarah
    2019-03-23 08:22

    Grandma torrelli passes on life and love wisdom to Rosie through storytelling as they cook Italian food together.

  • Sophfronia Scott
    2019-02-21 06:25

    When Tain says, "Mama, you've got to read this!" I do. His recommendations are rare and always on target. He brought this home for me and I read it in one sitting. Yet again Tain is right on the money. This brought me to tears. It's the story of a 12-year-old girl, Rosie, and her friend, a boy named Bailey. They've been friends from babyhood, but they're getting older and new feelings Rosie doesn't understand are making things difficult. Her grandmother, while making soup with Rosie, and then pasta with both, gently guide the children through the rough patches. A sweet read.

  • Josiah
    2019-02-28 02:35

    Who does this kind of book any better than Sharon Creech, really? The voice that she creates for a young girl like Rosie is ceaselessly comforting to the deep-down hurt feelings of readers because it reflects our own inner voices in so many ways, honestly bringing to the forefront the kinds of puzzling emotions that real people feel, emotions that are so often obfuscated by our carefully constructed protective walls.Granny Torrelli Makes Soup is the gently humorous, intimate portrait of a twelve-year-old girl named Rosie, her best friend Bailey, and Rosie's Granny Torrelli, who has a way with helping Rosie see the big picture in the smaller—as well as the more serious—arguments that she has with Bailey. Granny Torrelli has life experience in the form of anecdotes from her own childhood that help clarify the events of Rosie's life, giving Rosie insight to realize how much Bailey's friendship means to her, and that such a rare bond as they share should never be let go of because of misunderstandings or angry feelings. A relationship like the one she has with Bailey doesn't come along often enough, and it is precious. It is so, so precious, as Granny Torrelli knows from personal experience... The emotion of this story is unexpected, always seeming to crop up at times unforeseen. We see the true affection that Rosie holds for Bailey, and the love of Granny Torrelli for her own childhood friend, Pardo, back in old Italy. The passage of time has left Pardo back long ago in Granny Torrelli's past, but the specter of his influence steadily remains in the wisdom that she has attained through the years, and the love and encouraging support that she has to give to Rosie.Through the preparation of delicious Italian meals in expectation of a rich banquet at which the family and their many friends (both old and new) will be able to get together all in one place, the savory sweet and painfully sad memories of Granny Torrelli's past intermingle with the experiences that Rosie is having now with Bailey to sew a larger a tapestry of love and hope for the present and future, which will buoy the hearts of readers just as it does for Rosie's spirits. One never can tell how the intricacies of the future will unfold, but one can hold on to dear ones like Bailey, and look forward to the future with the determination to appreciate everything and everyone that one has in the here and now, for as long as those people are still with us.I have to admit that Granny Torrelli Makes Soup is one of those books that I really can't find a way to do justice to in a text review. It's impossible to fully explain the overall emotion of the story that bleeds through like liquid in a sponge. This is a tremendous book, though, with the perfect balance of humor and melancholy remembrance. I think that it has to be considered one of the finest stories that Sharon Creech has written, and I would give it a three and a half stars that would tend toward the high end of the scale.

  • Rachel G
    2019-02-22 03:39

    Rachel Gedies 74Granny Torrelli Makes Soup The book I read for my book review was Granny Torrelli Makes Soup. The story is funny, heartwarming, and deserves a five star rating. I strongly recommend this book to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders because the story is about two life long friends, Rosie and Bailey, who are learning to deal with issues in their friendship. The story also involves Granny Torrelli, who helps her granddaughter Rosie, and Bailey ‘’Boy’’ learn how to resolve their issues when she brings them together to make ‘’Zuppa.’’ One reason why I recommend this book is because Rosie and Bailey are dealing with relationship problems, which is something that most twelve year olds have to deal with. Rosie and Bailey have known each other for a very long time, ever since kindergarten, and have never really fought until now. Bailey, who is blind, gets mad at Rosie for learning to read his Braille book. Bailey doesn’t like that Rosie learned to read the one book that only he could understand. This was the one thing that he could do that she could not. Adding to the problem, tension rises when a new girl moves into the neighborhood, a girl Bailey seems to like a little too much, maybe a little bit more than Rosie. Rosie describes her as a girl who is ‘’ too friendly’’ and who ‘’ smiles all over the place.’’ Although Bailey may not understand Rosie’s feelings, Granny Torrelli does. The support and wisdom she provides is another good reason to read this book. Granny Torrelli purposely brings Rosie and Bailey into the kitchen to make ‘’Zuppa.’’ She shares stories with them about her childhood friends and the hurt feelings that she learned to deal with when she was Rosie and Bailey’s age. Granny Torrelli understands that time is precious and should not be wasted on unimportant things. She shares with them the story of a sick baby she once cared for. Granny Torrelli tells Rosie and Bailey, ‘’ I felt as if I was ten years older… I felt as if my life was bigger now.’’ (p. 136) Granny Torrelli understands the importance of connecting with one another. The kitchen is the perfect place to connect and find comfort through food. Through her stories, Granny Torrelli helps Rosie and Bailey work through their own hurt feelings and mis understandings. Granny Torrelli helps Rosie and Bailey understand that jealousy is normal and that the best friendships will last no matter what they face. As they all join together to enjoy the feast they have created in the kitchen, Granny Torrelli exclaims, ‘’ Tutto va bene!’’ All is well!

  • Amanda Harris
    2019-03-22 06:52

    Rosie gets some great advice, from her granny Torrelli, about life in general, but more specifically about her best buddy/pal Bailey-the boy who lives next door. Bailey and Rosie have literally grown up together and have been separable ever since. Bailey developed a condition early on that left him blind, making Rosie feel like she wants to protect Bailey. Now that they are older, Rosie realizes that her feelings for Bailey are more than just friends, however, she is unsure of herself and where her relationship with Bailey stands when Janine-the new girl, moves in down the street. It takes granny Torrelli and her heart-warming stories to help both kids realize that Tutto va bene "All is well"Just like granny Torrelli, this book is heart-warming. Creech, takes the reader, if you're an adult, back to the age of innocence, when first crushes are realized and life seems easier. If you're an age appropriate reader, it helps you sort through some of those tough feelings that plague every adolescent during this stage of life. This would make a great movie!This is realistic fiction, fast paced, and has a good amount of characterization-in regards to the characters themselves. I would recommend this book to reluctant readers in 3rd-5th grade.Read-a-likes:"Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech, because it is realistic fiction and seems to be another book by Creech that helps kids figure things out in regards to close relationships."Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the family" by Steven R. Schirripa & Charles Fleming, because it is also about an Italian-American family. (However, I would never really recommend this book to wasn't very good!)

  • Terryann
    2019-02-23 02:49

    Questions and disucssion for my penpal:Did you like Granny Torrelli Makes Soup? I liked it a lot. I especially liked the way that Rosie describes her feelings. Sometimes she is a tiger girl and sometimes an ice queen or sly fox. Some of my feelings are fierce like a bear, or sneaky like a snake or hard like stone. I also liked the way that Granny Torrelli imagines her family having a big pasta party in the sky. I think that is a nice way of thinking about your family members after they are gone. I thought the ending was really great too. Bouncy Janine and the new neighbors and Bailey's family and Rosie's family all having a pasta party; what a great way to make new friends!On page 27, Rosie rips Bailey's book. What do you think she was hoping would happen? Have you ever been really angry and broken something? How did you feel afterwards? On page 83, Granny Torrelli wants Bailey to crack the eggs without Rosie's help. Why do you think she does this? Wouldn't it be easier for Rosie to just do it for Baily? Why do you think Bailey was mad at Rosie for learning braille? Why do you think Bailey decided to help Janine learn braille after he was so angry with Rosie about her learning braille? On page 128, Bailey has the ice king voice. Why do you think he would be upset about the new boys moving in across the street?Granny Torelli says "Tuto va bene" in the book. Out here in Phoenix, we say "Todo es bien". It means the same thing except in Spanish. I really like being your pen pal! And I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Tychrishia
    2019-03-23 03:34

    Thanks to the wise grand mother granny torrelli. Her ganddaghter was named rose. her best friend was blind at the age of four his name was baily.Baily an rosi was raised next door to each other.They were like brother an sister.And they were the same age, 12 yers old but baily was one mounth born after rosi. But when it came to school were Rosie had a fit over her best friend, it was time for granny torrelli to solve the problem.If you were blindwould you like to go to the same school as your bff? stand up for the orgument thats coming like a wild tornado.I think i would hate to leave my bf alone .Beacause what if he or shefind another friend whos just like them. Right it will hurt you Deep down in side.But granny torrelli. MadeHer grandaghter to have trust in Baily.granny- torrelli was like a grannyas your personal therpy Instead of ms/mr grumpyTalking about your relationship

  • Cristi-Lael
    2019-03-16 07:45

    The first time I read this, I read it by myself and I gave it four stars. This time I read it with my girls and that enhanced the experience greatly. Turned a good book into a great book. I loved it so much more this time, and that's saying something because I liked it a whole lot when I read it last time.

  • Chloe Pearl
    2019-02-24 07:46

    Good. It plays with emotions, because you're not sure if Bailey's good or if he's bad. Sharon Creech is my third favorite author.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-25 10:34

    Read this for our elementary school's Battle of the Books. It is a cute story about friendship and family all connected by Grandma Torrelli's soup and pasta. A heartwarming story.

  • Yoonmee
    2019-02-23 10:32

    An easy read, probably great for reluctant readers. I loved this book. Heck, I even teared up a bit while reading it. A wonderful book about family and friendship.

  • Pilar
    2019-03-07 02:28

    i thought this book was sad book because it is about a boy who is blind and his friend that is a girl tries to help him.

  • haley
    2019-03-10 09:52

    Read for 5th grade English

  • Rebecca Dishmey
    2019-02-25 04:25

    Granny Torelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech is a very interesting book it should especially catch the attention of children literature and cook book readers. I liked how the author used Granny Torelli. As the grandmother of the main character she gave great advice and help the protagonist unfold her story. I also liked how Creech brought some of Italian heritages into this book by making Granny Torelli cook Italian cuisines. Granny Torelli Makes Soup has Rosie, the main character and narrator of the book. She’s very cheeky and stubborn. But when it comes to hang out with Bailey, her best friend and also her next door neighbor it’s a different story. Rosie loves Bailey cares for him so much and practically wants to be just like him. Bailey was born blind but that doesn’t stop them from being BFFs. He also cares for Rosie and is always kind. Granny Torelli is sassy also like her granddaughter and is always in the kitchen ready to tell childhood stories of her own to help Rose with her current situations. The story mostly took place in Rosie’s house, where her grandmother was and their neighborhood, where Rosie and Bailey spent their time.The obvious theme that Creech was trying to show through Granny Torelli Makes Soup is that even though friends can have their differences they can still overcome them. Sharon Creech divided this book into two, telling different stories. It tells the story about how Rosie was just trying to help her best friend Bailey but something went wrong and they ended up in no talking terms. The second part is about how another girl moves into the neighborhood and uses her charm to make Bailey her best friend, making Rosie jealous. Each time something happens between Rosie and Bailey, Granny Torelli always knows how to fix things up with her stories and family recipes. Granny Torelli Makes Soup is the book you all have been looking for. Read it!

  • Anna Ryckman
    2019-03-16 10:40

    Twelve-year-old Rosie and her best friend Bailey, were peas in a pod and did everything together. It wasn’t until they went to school when Rosie realized Bailey wasn’t like everyone else, as he is blind. Just like any friend, Rosie wanted to help Bailey in every way she could, which makes Bailey overwhelmed. Sometimes the two didn’t get along and Rosie would ask her Granny Torrelli for advice. Granny Torrelli tells wonderful stories as she makes wonderful food. The theme of friendship is so strong in this book and I think it’s a perfect read for any kid in elementary school who may be going through similar problems. Each character’s emotions are played out very well in this book, making it enjoyable to read. I would have this story available in my classroom library. It can also be used to help younger students practice explaining their feelings, just like Rosie does throughout the story.

  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    2019-02-27 08:27

    A decent book, spoiled in the presentation. I get the need for short chapters in children's books, but when a "chapter" is just a couple of paragraphs, and each "chapter" is a separate page, starts to look an awful lot like "I don't have enough actual story for a real book, so let's spread it out with wide margins and make it look like more." It also tries a leetle too hard to be all heartwarming and heartstring-tugging and Lifetime TV After School Specially.Rosie is as opinionated and approval-hungry as she faults her new neighbour for being. She is also possessive and jealous of her lifelong friend Bailey. Granny manages to get through to her by sharing her own past stories of being a lot like Rosie herself, along with some good homemade food.

  • Charbear
    2019-03-12 04:36

    I love Sharon Creech so much!! I have read a lot of her books, not all but most, and this one did not disappoint. The writing style she chose for this one reminded me of The Boy on the Porch. It's very short, I read it in under and hour (however I am an adult, it would take longer for kids I'm sure). The story covers a particular evening in Rosie's life, yet also covers her friendship with Bailey and her Grandmother's life in Italy. The entire feel of the book was fantastic. You walk away from this book feeling good. I definitely recommend this book for kids, but honestly I think every adult needs to read some juvenile/kids literature once in a while, and Sharon Creech is one of the best.

  • Katherine Rose
    2019-02-25 07:34

    The story goes through the process of cooking. Soup and pasta. During the story it talks about two best friends and the new neighbors that move in causing conflict with the main characters friend ship. Their story is exactly like granny Torrelli's. This book was a very fast read. I read it in a hour. I wouldn't read it again though because it didn't really have a point. It was just a cheesy story.

  • Brady
    2019-03-20 03:50

    The book “Granny Torrelli makes soup” by Sharon Creech is about an Italian grandmother who gives advice to her granddaughter (Rosie).Granny Torreli talk about when she was a kid like Rosie and the stories helped Rosie with the problem that she was in. Rosie wants to be just like Bailey. Bailey is Rosie’s next door neighbor and they were born only a week apart.Bailey can’t see very well, he lonely sees blurs.He can’t read things so he uses brain Rosie learnt braille herself to be like Bailey and she thought that he would be happy for her but he was actually very mad at her.When they were in the kitchen with Granny they didn’t have the tension that they would somewhere else.Rosie cared so much about Bailey because when Rosie invited people over for a pasta dinner she said”I don’t care if the whole town comes,as long as you come,Bailey boy.”Granny Torrelli uses allusion when she would talk about her stories.The author uses diction when Granny Torrelli talks, some words are in Italian and that makes the reader more involved in the story.Some examples are molta bambini and bene those words can be found in pages 12, 15, and page 36.One example for when Granny Torrelli gave Rosie life advice is when the author wrote“my Granny Torrelli says when you are angry with someone, so angry you are thinking hateful things, so angry you might want to punch them then you should think of the good things about them, and the nice things they’ve said, and why you liked them in the first place.” This helped Rosie out a lot because she was very mad at Bailey one time and when Granny Torrelli told her that rosie calmed down and didn’t do anything that she shouldn’t have.The them of the story is to alway talk to an adult with your problems

  • Sophia Small
    2019-03-13 06:34

    Sharon Creech always tends to surprise me with her books. Her characters are always beautifully created, and her writing style is always poetic and strong. I loved the way that this book was written. It was a short, but wonderful read. Read my review here:

  • Brianna
    2019-03-07 04:33

    Good book for a fourth grade book club. Easy read. A lot of short chapters. The words do not quite fill up each page, so it is not overwhelming. Good life lessons that are taught in it. Also a mix of Italian words are used within the text, making it a little bit multicultural.