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Holly and Jeff are so much in love.... Then Holly tells Jeff she's going to have a baby. What can they do? Their parents are furious and can't agree about anything. Jeff is so confused he hardly seems to care what happens! Holly doesn't know which way to turn, so she runs away to find her own answers--and a decision she can accept with her heart....

Title : Too Much in Love
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ISBN : 9780590321990
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Too Much in Love Reviews

  • mdt
    2019-05-19 18:43

    Holly and Jeff are so in love that when Holly tells Jeff she's pregnant he avoids her and flirts with other girls and when he does finally talk to her it's to urge her to have an abortion so his life isn't ruined. Holly's mother wants her to get married, and that's what Holly thinks she wants too. Jeff's father wants him to get some of his friends together and claim they slept with her as well so Jeff is off the hook.It's all resolved in 136 pages.

  • SouthWestZippy
    2019-05-04 01:47

    Very good young adult book. Quick read.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-14 19:36

    good story that fits the time it was written in. fast paced and easy to read. good ending.

  • Nattie
    2019-04-26 18:33

    The story moves at a very fast pace and I finished it up in a few hours. It was one of those good books that are highly irritating.This book was written in 1979, and I'm not going to make that sound really old because I was born in 1979, mind you in the last few days, so it was practically the 80's. In 1979, and of course many years beyond that, there was no way to prove who the father of a child truly was. A guy could deny that he had sex with a girl, or say she slept around. Thankfully when DNA came along, that was no longer possible.Jeff wasn't a bad kid, but his father was disgusting. He was the first one to suggest that they say Holly was loose, his stance was that nobody could really be sure Jeff was the father, all they had was Holly's word. I was so glad when his wife told him that that's all he had to prove that Jeff was his son.Nowadays kids don't immediately jump to feeling they need to be married because a child is on the way. I couldn't understand why Holly was so hot on the idea, it was like she thought she wouldn't be seen as a slut if Jeff married her, and the kid would have a name.It's really sickening that in some places it was illegal to give a baby the father's last name if he was not married to the mother. A baby doesn't need the father's last name, but making it illegal was absurd.Holly and Jeff both do a lot of dumb things as the story plays out, and Holly in particular shows that despite being pregnant of her own doing, she really didn't know anything about sex or anything else. Obviously she and Jeff were both idiots because they didn't use protection and acted like consequences were impossible.This is a Wishing Star book, so the ending was predictable.