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Autumn 1908 finds Caroline Fremont Jones and her partner in love and work, Michael Kossoff, traveling incognito, riding the rails from San Francisco to Boston. The railroad hired the sleuthing couple to investigate a series of accidents. But before they can solve the mystery, they become victims of the worst mishap yet when their train blows up near Salt Lake City. Was itAutumn 1908 finds Caroline Fremont Jones and her partner in love and work, Michael Kossoff, traveling incognito, riding the rails from San Francisco to Boston. The railroad hired the sleuthing couple to investigate a series of accidents. But before they can solve the mystery, they become victims of the worst mishap yet when their train blows up near Salt Lake City. Was it a callous act of vandalism-or something even more sinister? Michael isn't about to let his injuries slow down his search for answers...or for Fremont, who has not been seen since the accident-dead or alive.Fortunately, the badly injured Fremont was rescued from the train's wreckage. But her unlikely savior, the leader of a breakaway Mormon sect, has hidden her away in his remote wilderness community. It seems that Melancthon Pratt has big plans for Fremont...not the least of which is for her to become his sixth wife. Now Fremont's only hope is that her genius for artifice will help her devise an escape. That is, unless Michael, shadowed by an old nemesis and a mysterious stranger, can find her before a heartless killer claims both their lives....

Title : Death Train to Boston
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ISBN : 9780553580556
Format Type : Paperback
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Death Train to Boston Reviews

  • Cindy
    2018-12-25 09:28

    First of all: did she have to make the wierdo a Mormon? Are they just too trendy? I am a Mormon, and I was bothered by that whole angle. What purpose did it serve, really? Just to show that some Mormons are wierd religious fanatics. Well, so are some Catholics, some Baptists, some Adventists. But you knew if Fremont was crossing the country on a train, it would have to run into trouble in Utah, and rather than get rescued by a normal, average Mormon family it had to be the fundamentalist self-styled prophet who claimed she had been sent by an angel to be his fifth wife.OK, got that out of my system. All that aside, I was still disappointed by the book. Like another reviewer said, the bad guy was sort of tacked on at the end. There was no hint that he was even around. Where did he come from? I liked bringing Mei Ling back. That whole spiritual angle could have been played up a little better.Overall, a disappointment. I read the next one, Beacon Street Mourning, and it was better, although still not as good as the first two in the series, which were really outstanding.

  • Janifowose
    2018-12-27 04:16

    SO far this was the worst book in the series. So they are on a train that gets blown up Freemont and Michael separated. Ok. What I did not understand was where the whole Mormon thing came in at. She was held captive for a few months as a potential sister wife and all of a sudden the other wives decide to set her free? I thought this was the whole makeup of the story? So she sits in another town for a few weeks gets rescued, captures the guy who blew up the train and that's it.

  • Vannessa Anderson
    2019-01-02 04:14

    Dianne Day is masterful in creating romance around mystery. What Michael doesn’t know is that Freemont has been kidnapped by a Mormon fundamentalist who has decided to make her one of his many wives. Michael enlists the help of Freemont’s best friend, Maylene, to help him find her. While Michael and Maylene search for Freemont, she focuses on the one wife, a fourteen year old who doesn’t look pleased to be there, to help her escape.Death Train To Boston is a great read. Annie Fields tells this story with passion making readers identify with and care about each character.

  • Lynne Tull
    2018-12-31 10:35

    This is one of those books that you need to read at least 50 pages before you are hooked. It is a most interesting situation for Freemont. She is stationary while trying to solve the latest mystery in her life. If you will remember, there are two mysteries in each involving her life and one involving her business. In this book there is always a nagging thought that the two may be connected. I will not spoil it for you. In the meanwhile, Michael, her life and business partner, is busy with her best friend trying to solve the business mystery. The solution to these mysteries just eases in. Before you know it the mysteries are solved and the book has ended. I liked it and think you will, too.

  • Cherilee
    2018-12-29 09:18

    I have enjoyed all of the other books in this series but this one had too many things I didn't like. The first was the authors portrayal of Mormons. A main part of the book is about an offshoot sect known as the "True Angels" but the overall tone towards Mormonism in general was not complimentary at all and at times bordered on the absurd. My next issue was the amount of profanity - for the most part the profanity has been pretty minimal in previous books but it felt like 10 times more in this one. Lastly, one of the best things about this series is the interaction between Michael and Fremont and there was only like 5 pages of interaction in this book. Made me just skim through whole pages and sections. Overall not a great read.

  • Maddy
    2018-12-18 10:28

    PROTAGONIST: Fremont Jones and Michael KossoffSETTING: UtahSERIES: #5 of 6RATING: 3.75WHY: Fremont Jones and Michael Archer Kossoff are traveling undercover on a train when it explodes. In the aftermath, Michael is unable to find Fremont. Driven by an angel in a dream, Mormon Melancthon Pratt has abducted Fremont and taken her to his home where he has 5 wives and plans to make Fremont his sixth in order to provide children to the group. She is basically a prisoner, as she has broken both legs. Michael is aided by their friend Meiling Li in finding Fremont. The book was interesting, but I didn't find the conclusion satisfying.

  • Val Sanford
    2018-12-30 10:27

    Freemont and Michael are undercover. Posing as strangers on a cross-country train, their flirting turns to fear when the train trestle is blown up and Freemont's car goes crashing into the canyon. Michael is left to determine if she is alive or dead. With the aid of their friend Meing Li, Michael rescues a badly damaged Freemont, but only after she escapes being held captive by a religious extremist who wants to force her to marry and bear children.

  • Dory Codington
    2018-12-25 07:39

    First, this was the first Fremont Jones I have read and I had no trouble figuring out what was happening. It is an intriguing mystery, that involves odd but believable people if you understand the history of the west. In all, it was a good snowy day read that kept me interested and ready to read more. I consider it a lucky find at the bookstore.

  • Sandy
    2019-01-10 04:20

    Not nearly as interesting or captivating a yarn as The Strange Files of Fremont Jones which I read a short while ago.... I'll try another, but if it is also in this less interesting vein vs the former, I'll probably look for another author!

  • Rhonda
    2019-01-15 07:14

    Oh those evil MormonsDelightful private investigator fiction in the pattern of Agatha Christie. A great little popcorn read that may send the reader on more Fremont Jones adventures.

  • nimrodiel
    2018-12-31 07:32

    I wish that I had realized this was the middle book in a series before I started reading it. It took a while for me to get into the plotline, and was confused a bit when past events were mentioned. This didn't grab my attention very well at all.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-13 03:12

    Another fun read by Dianne Day. This one takes us from the familiar setting of San Francisco into the wilds of Utah. A little less action in this book and hoping the final in the series will return to a bit quicker pace.

  • Carol
    2019-01-14 08:34

    Fremont and her lover/business partner Michael are traveling by train cross country when an explosion at a railroad bridge in Utah causes many injuries,and Fremont goes missing. Mystery series set in early 1900s.

  • Amyem
    2019-01-02 08:23

  • Catherine
    2019-01-11 10:34

    Loved it!

  • Jessica
    2018-12-24 04:21

    Dragged a little. A little anti-climatic. I expected a big showdown, but the end was kind of rushed.

  • Roberta
    2018-12-28 08:18

    I enjoy the adventures of Fremont Jones. Only one book left to enjoy.

  • Alexandra
    2018-12-26 09:21

    5th in series.

  • Melanie
    2019-01-04 03:37

    started out with a bang...interesting subject matters. became kind of dull. but again, very intereting subjects were noted. i enjoyed that.

  • Sian Jones
    2018-12-19 09:30

    Train explosions! Fundamentalist Mormons in the middle of nowhere Utah! A city that Utah refused to put on the map! And -- NO BAD ROMANCE NOVEL SEX! Yay!

  • Lesley
    2018-12-30 09:33

    Dragged a little, Held captive by crazy Mormons? Really? I hated this book don't bother to read this book a waste of time.

  • Melanie
    2018-12-19 05:20

    Oh, Fremont, you do entertain.

  • Karen
    2019-01-07 02:36

    Oh my, a train wreck and Fremont is badly injured on her way home to Boston. Very thrilling in parts.

  • RachelAnne
    2019-01-13 03:39

    I enjoyed the writing and I like Fremont, but I was deeply troubled by the stock stereotypes of crazy polygynous Mormons, and the mystery construction was less than I could desire.

  • Laura Lee
    2018-12-18 03:38

    Interesting series, pretty entertaining.

  • Sherry
    2019-01-14 10:39

    One of her best. Michael and Fremont are in a train explosion. Michael is safe but Fremont is nowhere. So goes the journey of finding Fremont. Great story.

  • Belinda
    2018-12-17 02:16

    Excellent !

  • Dawn
    2018-12-28 03:29

    This was the only book I had access to at the shore one day, so I read it. I had already given up on the series. The only parts that weren't utterly boring were unreservedly offensive.

  • Lara
    2018-12-25 07:34

    Ugh. SO my least favorite in the series. Held captive by crazy Mormons? Really? Blerghhhhh.