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In shocking and frequently hilarious style, Piers Morgan milks his newfound fame as the “nasty Brit” on a US TV series to gain access to celebrities on both sides of the pond, from the Queen to Donald Trump and Paris Hilton, from Tony Blair to Jay-Z....

Title : God Bless America: Diaries of an Englishman in the Land of the Free
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ISBN : 9780091913939
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God Bless America: Diaries of an Englishman in the Land of the Free Reviews

  • Katrina
    2019-01-15 08:06

    I genuinely enjoy reading Piers's opinions on the economy, politics, celebrities and sports. That's why I have bought and avidly read all his diaries. He's a very insightful writer with a lovely sense of humour and endearing family values. I must admit there's a soft spot in my heart with Mister Morgan's name on it.However, his religious conversion to America as depicted in his last volume is as revealing as annoying. He goes on and on about the revolutionary days America is living since Obama first announces his democratic candidacy until he wins the November 4 presidential elections (his last diary entry). Nothing wrong with that. Everyone would pretty much agree with Piers - the last presidential election was crucial to the history of the US of A and, consequently, of the rest of the world. On the day that the western superpower realigned itself with its "land of opportunity and land of the free" mantra by electing an inspirational and charismatic black leader, whose middle name is Hussein, a new politcal chapter opened in world politics. However, what makes Piers somewhat annoying is how he claims from the beginning that America is a true democracy. Contrary to what he thinks, actually, America's electoral system is possibly one of the least democratic in the democratic world, wherein a president is elected by an electoral college rather than by popular choice, rendering some of the presidential elections outright undemocratic with candidates winning the popular vote but losing the collegiate vote and therefore the White House (e.g. Samuel Tilden, Grover Cleveland, Al Gore). How this makes the USA a true democracy is beyond me, but then this coming from someone whose staunch support throughout the book for the current (unelected) British Prime Minister verges on the nauseating is actually unsurprising.Furthermore, the way Piers gushes about America's unique qualities as opposed to Britain's faults - apparently the latter should learn from the former how to set an example on undisguised patriotism, third sector efficiency and heartfelt pride of other people's accomplishments - is wearisome and condescending. One only has to bear in mind that by the same three standards, so do the Portuguese think they have a lot to learn from the British and the Cape Verdians (probably) from the Portuguese. It's the mentality of those who in the face of a more powerful country are immediately thrown by an (un)justified complex of inferiority. And it's sad to see Piers falling into such a petty trap.Apart from that, Piers Morgan proves to be, once again, in good shape. He's an hymn to anyone who refuses to give up and be defeated. His self-effacing humour and his resolve to follow his (American) dreams are an inspiration, even if his revengeful tantrums make him sound a bit immature (e.g Jonathan Ross, etc). I look forward to the fourth volume of his life adventures and in the meantime I wish him all the best.

  • Mark Farley
    2018-12-20 02:05

    As salacious and pleasurable in gossip-laden terms as his first two collections of diaries, this book is surely more than that as not only does Piers have the golden backstage pass to some of the most interesting fly on the wall scenes, but he was in a unique and fascinating position to witness the United States go through a historic period of change. Sure he's arrogant, yes he's annoying and deeply narcissistic and invokes the sort of envy in people that makes you want to cause him serious harm sometimes, but what he does achieve with 'God Bless America' is a deep and profound study of the attitudes of Modern America and specifically, it's relationship and difference with it's friend, Great Britain. He perfectly acknowledges the failings and clever aspects of the people on each side and never once lectures or bores you, making this book definitely the better if not the most intensely readable of the three volumes. He really does hit the nail on the head with the observations that he makes but with the diary format, you do sometimes wonder whether some of his views and predictions were 100% of that particular day and not written with some element of hindsight. But apart from that, i really enjoyed this.

  • Melanie Cusick-Jones
    2019-01-07 06:30

    It's funny reading a book like this (with diary-like entries) several years after the events. The run up to the election of Barack Obama as President features regularly and Morgan's commentary is interesting now that we know he gets elected twice. His interview with Trump, which touches on politics is interesting given the recent election results. I know some people find these books very 'name droppy', but I really don't mind that, in fact looking through the eyes of someone else into that type of celebrity world is quite interesting and revealing. Seeing the circle sometimes from the inside and sometimes from the outside shows how strange the world can be. And I like cynical sometimes, which he delivers regularly. Overall, enjoyed this and found it a quick read.

  • Garth
    2018-12-22 07:18

    Don't let the cover convince you that it will be sharp, witty observations on the difference between the US and the UK.Piers Morgan's "Insider"Insider was an interesting enough account of UK tabloid wars to tempt me to put $30 down in exchange for "God Bless America", but I wish I hadn't.This time Morgan offers in effect a diary of his interactions with "celebrities" (many unknown to me) without the apparent benefit of a back-story. Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn. Morgan is a "celebrity f***er". If you get off on celebrities, go for it......

  • Neil Cake
    2019-01-12 02:32

    It doesn't seem entirely fair to call this "read" given that I didn't read all that much of it, but given that it is just a monotonous series of diary entries, you can see it is going to continue in the same vein. As unfair as that might be, it also doesn't seem fair that this book should now besmirch my bookshelves, but there you go. I tried it, Mr Morgan confirmed he was a bellend, I decided I wasn't interested in his dull adventures. If you like Piers Morgan, take a look at your life. If you don't, this book isn't going to change your mind about him, nor is it going to make you laugh at him as much as you might like. Best just left alone really.

  • Louise
    2019-01-09 08:18

    it is still witty and funny. I picked this up dirt cheap in the janurary sales. It was worth every penny. A book to re read again and again.

  • Caitlin
    2018-12-19 03:32

    Not as funny as the Insider, but I did laugh out loud in a few places. I'm not proud of it, but it seems I can't resist Piers, I've found his books extremely entertaining.