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Naoto hoes from high school nothing to mutant warrior in the blink of any eye. But what does it all mean? The town stirs with gossip when the Mayor's adulterous affair makes headlines. And his daughter, Ninamori, the class president and Naoto's friend, is having a hard time of it. So hard, in fact, that she turns into a giant balloon to challenge Naoto in battle. And HarukNaoto hoes from high school nothing to mutant warrior in the blink of any eye. But what does it all mean? The town stirs with gossip when the Mayor's adulterous affair makes headlines. And his daughter, Ninamori, the class president and Naoto's friend, is having a hard time of it. So hard, in fact, that she turns into a giant balloon to challenge Naoto in battle. And Haruko is closing in on the interplanetary foes she was dispatched to dispatch. And is there any saving Mamimi from her downwardly spiraling descent into madness? Plunge deeper into the dreamscape with FLCL Volume 2....

Title : FLCL, Volume 2
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ISBN : 9781591823971
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Number of Pages : 199 Pages
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FLCL, Volume 2 Reviews

  • itsmariachaaan
    2019-01-09 08:18

    The second book is way better than the first one. It made things a bit clearer, though there are still some unclear points. I may need to read some more about this via research. FLCL is not one of my favorite reads.

  • Sam
    2019-01-02 09:07

    You know, reviewing multi-volume manga sets can be tricky business - it's not like novels where each book has a distinct plot (or lack thereof), and you can review it on it's own merits. Manga series are one long story or series of stories that don't usually pay much attention to where the front and back cover of a particular volume are. Sure, the covers occur at natural scene breaks, but it's not like once you've read an entire series you can look back and pick out what happened in which volume, unless you're some kind of otaku nutter. If you are an otaku nut-job, you've probably just taken that as a compliment. Anyway, the reason manga series don't have individual plots in individual volumes most of the time is because the original manga was serialized in a magazine, ten or twenty pages at a time, and the mango volumes we get here in the west are collections of those serialized chapters. So it's hard for me to remember where FLCL vol. 2 started. I can remember how it ends - the series has only two volumes in it, which makes it a lot easier to distinguish between the two volumes. Anyway, volume two continues the saga that started in volume one, and more (or less) is learned about the characters as our protagonist, a pre-teen boy who's in love/hate with his dad's girlfriend/housekeeper who's also an alien that rides a Vespa struggles to contain the bizarre things that keep popping out of his head and going on rampages around the city. And then it ends, and it's quite lovely.The whole series for me is a completely random symbolic coming-of-age story that expresses with near perfection the horrors of growing up, falling in love with your older brother's girlfriend, every girl you know, and any older woman that smiles at you.

  • Rory
    2019-01-10 05:20

    One of the rare cases in which the film (or in this case, OVA) version is better. HOWEVER! That said, this still remains one of my favorite mangas to date. The manga's plot is much harder to follow than that of the animated version (believe it or not), but the art is so solid and so wildly different than anything out there that it really needs to be appreciated on its own merits. As a whole, the characters remain somewhat underdeveloped by comparison to the anime, and the tone found in the manga is much darker and violent. From what I have read, the manga (as well as a set of serial novels) were based off of the animated series. Though they can both stand on their own, I would suggest seeing the OVA first, as it is more coherent, and will help you understand some of the more obscure parts of the manga

  • Daniella Murillo
    2019-01-07 07:24

    I liked that Ninamori Eri had kind of a bigger part in the manga than in the anime. That was nice. Also, (view spoiler)[that her robot stayed instead of being destructed(hide spoiler)]was awesome. But I get the feeling that this one didn't feel as FLCL as the first one did. Maybe because it wasn't as funny as the first one, or maybe because some parts confused me so much. But hey, a good thing was the Canti/Naota relationship, and how it developed. Because Canti is fantastic, and (view spoiler)[he protected Naota and (hide spoiler)] AWWW THE FEELS.Great book(s), but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who hasn't watched the anime because it would be pretty freaking confusing.

  • Coco
    2018-12-25 06:09

    Most people would be completely lost reading this (as I was the first time I read it back in the day!). A boy with robots coming out of his forehead, an alien girl on a moped who bashes kids with her guitar, a chick who starts fires... It's all very confusing, but if you stop trying to make sense of it, then you start to understand the underlying story--about idleness during childhood in a decaying society and the blur of fantasy (dreams/video games) and reality. Though even knowing that, it's still a messed up and crazy story that leaves you wondering what the heck just happened. (February 2009)

  • Linkchoo
    2019-01-08 07:19

    I hear that FLCL in its entirety is a metaphor for pubescent angst, but even with that in mind I really didn't understand what was going on. I know some people really like FLCL and others don't, but both sides seem to find it confusing. The only difference is that those who like it are the ones who just "sit back and enjoy the ride" if you will. Personally, I liked the art style and I admire the zany-ness of it, but I definitely didn't love it. If you like it, I understand, but I just thought it was okay.

  • Casseroll
    2018-12-17 04:14

    Awkward and frustrating to read. Kinda boring. There is action but more of just the weirdness. I didn't get what all was going on within the manga. I thought of things happening to the main characters were due to them not handling the stress around them in a healthy way. Did Naoto really kill his dad? And then there's the girl who's been starting fires all over the town. No one has caught her yet. Headache inducing.

  • Gwen
    2018-12-20 02:27

    Sure most of this comic ends up making no sense, but that isn't really the point. It's about how confusing becoming a teenager is, and few works show that as well as FLCL. The art work is top notch and the writing is free and gleeful. I you loved the show you'll love this, and visa versa.

  • Julie
    2019-01-12 04:24

    I love the show on which this is based. It makes no sense, in the very best head-spinnin way. The manga, with its erratic artwork and nonsensical plot, makes no sense either, but somehow it's easier for me to take with the anime than the manga.

  • Fernando Andrade
    2019-01-15 03:27

    Aún más confuso y delirante que el volumen 1. Si dejas de buscarle sentido, más tiene.

  • Kathryn
    2019-01-09 09:19

    two stars for the really nice art. nice as in intriguing. it fits the story well. this probably would've been a more favorable view if i'd known what was actually going on most of the time...

  • Captain Mason
    2019-01-03 02:25


  • Jordan
    2018-12-17 02:23

    I, uh, well this book might more sense if you drop some acid or something first. It's good, but probably crazy confusing, especially in the second half of this volume, if you haven't seen the anime.

  • Fernanda Ribeiro
    2019-01-11 07:14

    Não gostei, o OVA é melhor.

  • Jennette
    2018-12-19 02:17

    This series is funny but kinda hard to follow because it's so random!!

  • Michelle Bacabac
    2018-12-24 05:16

    I liked it although it was confusing on some parts, actually on many parts. But maybe that's the beauty of it.

  • Benjamin Thornton
    2019-01-07 10:24

    Fooly Cooly . . . wow. If you want the definition of a psychedelic manga, this is it. I wish people wrote/drew more of them.

  • Rosa
    2018-12-22 08:12

    Honestly the descriptions sounded so interesting but I the panels were impossible to follow. I always felt confused. I give up on this series.

  • furious
    2019-01-08 06:23

    medical mechanica has advised that i not review this material.