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Naota is a lonely boy in a lonely town living a quiet life amidst utter chaos. His father's a perv and his grandfather a nut. His brother left to seek riches playing baseball in America, and now the brother's ex-girlfriend won't leave Naota alone. Then, from beyond the stars drops an impish defender sent forth to stop alien robots from destroying the Earth. Where do the alNaota is a lonely boy in a lonely town living a quiet life amidst utter chaos. His father's a perv and his grandfather a nut. His brother left to seek riches playing baseball in America, and now the brother's ex-girlfriend won't leave Naota alone. Then, from beyond the stars drops an impish defender sent forth to stop alien robots from destroying the Earth. Where do the alien robots come from? Well, from Naota's forehead for starters. From the twisted mind that brought us End of Evangelion comes this bizarre tale of adolescence in a futuristic, fantastical world....

Title : FLCL, Volume 1
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ISBN : 9781591823964
Format Type : Paperback
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FLCL, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Logan Freedom
    2019-01-14 06:16

    this is an amazing series not for the easily confused or weak of mind, i think. it is without a doubt strange and fast paced as is the anime series. some people just can not seem to grasp what is going on or what meaning there is behind this. most of these of whom i have met or spoke with seem to be younger viewers so it is understandable. i was at first caught off guard by it all when i first came across this book. but i was also hooked as soon as i started. unique artistic style illustration. it varies slightly throughout the book and just about everything i say about it also carries over to the anime. ive met people who really dislike the style of the illustration but i see that as a bit closed minded. it is clear that the illustrator was very capable and the style accentuates the ridiculousness of the story. he captured the story so well in this and i admire Hajime Ueda's quirky style as one of my favorite manga illustrators. it really brings something extra to a story. all together i have watched the anime somewhere around 8 times and i read the 3 volume novel series and 2 volume manga. i really connected with the characters and this story and i have to say that i am very biased when it comes to coming of age stories about insane girls and strange events turning some innocent seemingly introverted boy's life upside down. this has so far in my life been my favorite anime and manga. as far as the story and meaning being confusing i do agree some parts simply do not make since but it seemed clear to me that was just a tool that made it so out of this world and mind blowing. it was part of the crazy ridiculous exaggeration of things.

  • Taylor
    2018-12-20 05:16

    FLCL the manga isn't bad but you should really watch the anime first. The anime is fantastic [but really warrants several viewings in order to really understand what's happening]. The anime is hard to follow but not in a frustrating way. However, the manga is almost impossible to understand. Also the entire story is crammed into two volumes which doesn't help [just so you know the anime came first]. However, Hajime Ueda's artwork is fantastic. So, seriously, the anime is really great so take a look at that first and just enjoy the artwork in the manga.

  • furious
    2018-12-20 08:25

    medical mechanica has advised that i not review this material.

  • Justin
    2018-12-22 02:34

    Generally I prefer manga over anime (just because I can get into the story faster). But this is the exception for me. It was very difficult to follow even though I knew as much of the story that was told via the anime. I really can't believe they made the anime so well out of this. I really wanted to enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy watching the anime, but sadly I did not.

  • Sarah Hayes
    2019-01-03 03:24

    Ugh. What a horrible, no good, confusing, visually appalling, poorly told adaptation of what is considered an anime classic. I could have just rewatched the series! But no! I'm honestly debating if I should put myself through book 2, even though that would finish the series. I wonder if the light novel is better?

  • itsmariachaaan
    2018-12-30 10:14

    I am not really a fan of FLCL. Maybe it isn't the kind of story for me. I like how unique the illustrations are, but story-wise, I got a bit confused. Maybe I am a simpleton for being confused, but that's me. I can't really relate to the characters one bit and it took me too long to finish the book. I always find myself lost while reading the first book. I will give the second book a try. It might help clear some confusions... I hope...

  • Eckohns
    2019-01-03 03:27

    I've seen the first two episodes of the TV show, and while that show is a strange show, it's still decent and I didn't get completely lost with those episodes. This manga on the other hand is such an all over the place clusterfuck that while reading it I had absolutely no idea of what is happening. The art isn't anything special, I'll give it points for creativity, but it's not really something I'd like to look at.

  • L Bon~
    2018-12-19 02:10

    Seemed more like a story board for the anime than a manga. Should watch this one not watch it if you're intrigued it's alot of fun.

  • Andrew Backs
    2019-01-09 10:16

    1Q 2P JSFLCL is about at young boy named Naota who lives in Japan with his father and grandfather. His brother left him a few years back to follow his dream and play baseball in the United States. While his brother is earning fame as an athlete, Naota is suffering from the tedious and boring days in his home town. The story turns as he is followed by a girl riding a Vespa and wielding a guitar. The girl blasts Naota in the head with her guitar and sends him into a dazed and confused new world. Naota wakes up with a severe rod sticking from his head. As the story progresses, we learn of all the events leading up to this fight between the two characters eventually leading into a final battle between the Vespa girl and a robot that is seemingly alien and is looking to destroy the Good on Earth.Wow! The plot of this manga was all over the place. It was very difficult for me to follow. The art work added a little to the storyline, but the action sequences were heavily darkened which made it difficult again to recognize what was going on. Not only was the story difficult to follow, but it bounced from current events to back story, back again to current time without any real indication. Most major scenes where split by chapter markers, but within each chapter there were moments of jumping back and forth. It is difficult for me to place the audience for this title. On the back of the book, it has a rating of "T" meaning teenage 13 and over. From what I understand, females tend to like this type of literature. Perhaps I am just familiar enough with manga writing, the art for it, and the Japanese culture involved. Admittedly this was my first manga title, so this review should be taken with a grain of salt. I would not recommend this title to young adult readers.

  • Cindy
    2018-12-24 06:18

    I hadn't picked up a manga in quite a while, and felt the need to after seeing Alison's Manga Monday post week after week. I'm not sure if FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly) was the best place to start because...well its a weird story. There isn't too much to say about the actual characters. There's plenty but they didn't really stand out too much, although they all seemed different in their own way. Naota was a quiet sort of boy, and I thought he was cute. The other characters are drawn simply and similarly, so at some points I got them a little confused.Then comes the actual plot. If you read it, you won't really understand what the heck is going on because it jumps from past to present in no particular order and with no real explaining. So after a few pages you're all sorts of confused. The dialogue is kept simple, but like the plot it sort of seems to be everywhere as well, and it pretty much just adds to the confused.To be honest, I can't really say what it was about it, but I did like it. The drawings aren't all that special or unique, the plot is terribly incomprehensible (really, the only way I knew what was happening and where the story was really going, was because of the summary at the beginning of the book,) but the characters all seemed unique, and I couldn't help but like the crazy girl who rides the Vespa and has a guitar for a weapon.Thankfully, this manga only consists of two volumes, so I won't be terribly confused for too many books. Just one more and hopefully some understanding. I know it is based on the anime, which I have not yet watched, but I am excited to because the dialogue is different, although I've heard its just as difficult to understand.

  • Ben
    2018-12-23 03:21

    Wished I could of given it five stars due to the anime being one of my Favourite series, but unfortunately 3 is the best its gonna ever be. Now I am usually not the kind of person, to rate something before I have read through its entirety, however I am over half way through this volume and find that reading it is becoming such a drag. The reasons for this are simply that this manga has not lived up to its expectations, for instance the art style although it somewhat works for the story, can be too scruffy and unfinished at times and therefore makes it hard to appreciate what is happening in certain frames, and when you compare it to the anime the manga is based on, it looks so terribly bad in comparison(That is if like me, you are a big fan of the animated series). I also find that another problem is the manga does not really add anything to the story, just alters certain scenes and at some points the effect is good, such as there may be a different joke in the same situation although the scene is slightly altered but for the most part I would say that the edited/different jokes although providing the manga with a bit of originality from the anime are in comparison for the majority not as good,although the scenes are till in their own way funny. There are some merits to this manga, such as the drawing style in parts as although it is hard to get used to a believe for the most part it works but like I mentioned earlier detail is lacking in key scene's. Overall a disappointment and I am sad to say that i would not recommend someone read this unless they were a hardcore fan of the series and even then I would caution them to be prepared for disappointment.

  • Katy Kat McKatums
    2018-12-30 08:32

    A few years ago, when our local book store was having a going-out-of-business sale, I saw FLCL #1 on the shelf, looked through it, and considered buying it because I thought no one else would want it, with its quirky art and strange-sounding story. Little did I know then that this is a very popular series. I was fortunate to find it at the library, and I finally got to read it.One thing you should know before reading/watching FLCL: this series is weird. Really. REALLY. Weird. Apparently the manga was made after the anime, but I read the manga first, not knowing this. There were points where I had absolutely no freaking clue what the heck just happened. Like, one minute everyhing's fine, and then the main character dies, and they bury him with his feet sticking out of the ground. But it's all good, because he's not really dead and soon robots start coming out of his forehead. This is all in the first couple chapters. Yeah, I told you; weird. (I read these a couple summers ago, so sorry if that timeline or info in general wasn't exactly accurate! But that's the gist of what happens) But the thing I loved about this manga was 1.) Haruko is awesome, 2.) the fighting is awesome (they fight with GUITARS. How could that not be awesome?!) and 3.) the art style is cool and unique. I've never quite seen a quirky, unrefined, crazy (yet cute) style in manga such as in FLCL, and I really like it.In short, this series is really short, and REALLY weird, but its cool. I've also heard there's lots of symbolism. I didn't notice it the first time, but then again I wasn't looking for it, so that might be interesting to look for.

  • Sinai C.
    2018-12-24 08:10

    I's FLCL, what do you expect?We're watching this in anime club now...and's FLCL.What is Fooley Cooley? No one knows. No one except for the person who created this world REALLY knows what this anime/manga means. Like, wow. It's not that I don't like it, but just...I'm not getting wheregrowing up is coming into this with the robots and the fires and aliens...and it's all so weird!!One Star for drawing: It's...not that I don't like the drawings even though they're SO weird andunpolished-looking, (for a good reason I suppose, it's the perfect manga to use that drawing style)but I mean, in the anime, it's even weirder, so I forgive it. I think the fight scenes are unclear though. Like, really, it's like: I know what's happening even LESS than in the anime. Good fight scenes can be hard to draw. Two stars for the actual story: It was humorous(references to Star Trek for example), expressive(even in the text font), and downright weird. Don't expect anything less than that in FLCL. Ahhh...two lost stars >.> FLCL... <.< Why must you be so odd!!! I can never tell what's happening and what's not! And when this is happening!! He ends up in the ground three times! Which time is the real one?

  • Sam
    2019-01-11 06:11

    FLCL defies most descriptions. At the basest level: It is a manga. It is two volumes in length. It involves characters, one of which is a boy, another of which is his insane father, and a third of which is an alien that rides a Vespa and plays a guitar that has a rip-chord on it like a chain-saw. Vespa girl uses the guitar to fight just about everything, and it's totally awesome. (Did i just say 'totally awesome?' I think I did. Because it is.)FLCL is one of many manga that has an anime equivalent, and for the most part the anime does great justice to the manga. But the thing about FLCL, either manga or anime, is that it takes about three readings/viewings to really get into the flow of the thing (I won't say "understand" because that's just not going to happen, ever). The first time you read FLCL, you might conclude that the universe is chaos. The second time, you will most certainly decide that chaos is an illusion, and that there is a secret order inherent in all things. But the third time through, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that both chaos and order are illusions.

  • Rory
    2018-12-24 07:19

    One of the rare cases in which the film (or in this case, OVA) version is better. HOWEVER! That said, this still remains one of my favorite mangas to date. The manga's plot is much harder to follow than that of the animated version (believe it or not), but the art is so solid and so wildly different than anything out there that it really needs to be appreciated on its own merits. As a whole, the characters remain somewhat underdeveloped by comparison to the anime, and the tone found in the manga is much darker and violent. From what I have read, the manga (as well as a set of serial novels) were based off of the animated series. Though they can both stand on their own, I would suggest seeing the OVA first, as it is more coherent, and will help you understand some of the more obscure parts of the manga.

  • Misa Niranon
    2018-12-19 08:08

    I read this one and the second one while I was in the library, too. I think that I watched the anime, too. Maybe there were only four episodes? At first I kept getting this series confused with 'Excel Saga' for some reason. HAHAHA. It might be because of the randomness. My favorite character in this was the television head. For some reason, a lot of people like to cosplay it. All sorts of different colors, too! I think that it's pretty creative and always adorable. I wonder if the tv is heavy on their shoulders? While I was reading this manga, the anime was slowly coming to me. It was so confusing. Now, I think that they are going to be making more in the upcoming year? I don't remember but I read something about it somewhere. So confusing. There was the brother's girlfriend that I didn't particularly like but oh, well. HAHA.

  • Matthew
    2019-01-13 08:18

    FLCL Volume 1 sets up all of my favorite characters in an alternate story from the anime. It bubbles over with electrifying questions that are philosophical and yet still hold their nonsensical charm.The first volume doesn't pack too much punch by itself, but when you spill over into the conclusion, it all becomes part of the allure of FLCL. Having both the special edition and the regular edition, though ... I have to warn those that are thinking of picking up this volume as well. There is nothing different except the cover! Seriously, not a single frame is different. I was a bit upset by this, but hey ... I'm such a fan, that I'll overlook it when regarding my collection as a whole.FLCL may be a bit confusing on the first read, but then again, so is the anime on a first watch. I guarantee that a second read will be worth your time!

  • Zoie
    2018-12-17 04:15

    This manga is completely useless when it comes to trying to understand the plot. Why? Becuase it almost has no plot. In this manga, they jump back and forth through time, reviewing the past, then present, etc. The anime was released before the manga and trying to sum up this anime into a two book manga.... no. You will NOT understand this series upoon reading it through the first time. It will take you a while before you understand it. A long time. I had to eventually watch the anime before I got what was going on. The randomness and wierd things that go on are just that..... random and wierd. I love the anime, but the manga is messed up. Through all the random things, it does have a point. The story is about growing up if you can find it...

  • Dave Johnson
    2019-01-07 07:07

    i love the TV show FLCL, so i was interested in the manga to see if it was any better. sometimes that's the case. not this time. this seems like it was made after the fact. it's short, doesnt make ANY sense--and that's saying a lot, since the show made little sense to start with. FLCL is a very popular anime. the tv series hit it big, the soundtrack hit it big. so it only makes sense for them to try to make a manga and expand to a different audience. but it doesnt work. and it seems like they just through it together with the intention to make a quick buck and not to make something of quality. i'm going to read volume 2 and just see. but i wont get my hopes up this next time.

  • Ryu
    2018-12-28 06:35

    What makes this series amazing is that it is so off the wall to anyone who doesn't know what the show is actually about. FLCL is all metaphors for puberty. It seems strange at first to whoever starts viewing/reading this anime/manga, but it becomes more enjoyable once you realize what's actually going on. Everything is a metaphor/innuendo for puberty. The main character, Naota, is going through that period in his life where things are changing with his body. This story tells about the birds and the bees a bit differently than the usual sex ed class.I very much love this series. The two mangas seem so short, I wish there were more to it.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-17 10:36

    The anime this is based on is brilliant. Unfortunately, the randomness, humor, and frenetic energy that made me love it didn't transfer well to manga form. Perhaps the scratchy, messy, penciled-in style of the art is done purposefully in an effort to capture and emphasize the insanity of Fooly Cooly, but half the time I could barely make out what was happening - granted, that could be the whole point, but I just found it distracting. The story and dialogue didn't flow very well, making it more confusing (yes, it's possible) than the anime, and the jokes felt pretty flat, as did the characters. Overall, I was pretty disappointed by this.

  • Daniella Murillo
    2019-01-13 08:26

    This is FLCL, so the randomness, the drawings that I had to look at for a few minutes to get an idea of what was happening, and the entire what-is-going-on-this-doesn't-make-any-sense-oh-wait-it-kind-of-does feeling were very welcome.It's a bit different from the anime, but that's a good thing because, I mean, I wouldn't want it to be the exact same thing, because that would be totally boring.Anyways, this was very fun to read, very entertaining. Also, hello Harry Potter reference! That made me happy.I still kind of hope I could get a background of Mamimi's life, but I'M PROBABLY NOT GETTING IT BECAUSE HELL THIS IS FLCL.Also, sexual references everywhere (• ‿ •)

  • Adam
    2019-01-13 05:21

    I'm a big fan of the anime. I've never been much into manga, but I've read a few. I've enjoyed them. I enjoyed these in fact. But good gravy was the action hard to follow. I had an idea of what was happening because I'd seen the show. But I don't know how anybody unfamiliar with the series could get into it without totally playing it off. I'd really have to say if you aren't a fan of the show you probably didn't like this manga. And if you say you like this manga, that it was the greatest thing ever, yet you've never watched the anime then your nose is about three feet long and roasting marshmallows in hipster hell.

  • Coco
    2018-12-30 04:28

    Most people would be completely lost reading this (as I was the first time I read it back in the day!). A boy with robots coming out of his forehead, an alien girl on a moped who bashes kids with her guitar, a chick who starts fires... It's all very confusing, but if you stop trying to make sense of it, then you start to understand the underlying story--about idleness during childhood in a decaying society and the blur of fantasy (dreams/video games) and reality. Though even knowing that, it's still a messed up and crazy story that leaves you wondering what the heck just happened. (February 2009)

  • B.d.
    2019-01-01 10:27

    In an effort to make some extra money off of the cult hit FLCL, this happened. I picked up the first volume from the library and found it to not make much sense at all. Not in a "haha FLCL doesn't make sense and it's funny" kind of way, in a "this doesn't make sense even if I try to laugh at it" kind of way. I find it very unlikely I'll be reading more, because this was a chore to get through. Watch the anime instead. It's only six episodes, the DVD set is cheap and it's regularly played on TV.D+

  • Kayla
    2018-12-22 07:15

    How much you like FLCL depends a lot on how much you can understand it. Obviously if you don't understand something you probably won't like it, even less so if you force yourself to finish. It won't take you long to figure out if it's for you or not. And even if you do understand it, you might not like what it's about. There is an Anime of FLCL too, so you might want to give that a shot if you (a.) Didn't like the Manga(b.) Did like the Manga(c.) Like Anime better anyway and don't want to bother reading the manga.

  • Devyn Kennedy
    2018-12-28 10:13

    This is the sort of thing that I can't really put into words. This series, be it the graphic novel or the anime, holds a certain emotion. That feeling is like being lost and not know anything about yourself. The confusion is easily shown by the chaos of everything else going around. Honestly, it is a beautiful coming of age tale, but what makes it better than that simple term is that you come of age with it's character. It isn't quirky like Micheal Cera or serious like Jessie Eisenberg, it is somewhere in between the two and that's something special by itself.

  • Matt
    2019-01-01 08:24

    It's strange to give anything FLCL such a low rating, and I'm probably being harsher than I should be. But this 2-part manga adaptation just doesn't match up with the series. The elements area all there, sure, but they just don't add to the awesomeness that was FLCL. They're an interesting read nonetheless, if you wanna see where the show could've gone, but ultimately it'll probably just make you realize what the anime did right by seeing what the manga does wrong.

  • Luula
    2019-01-10 02:27

    I tried.I just could not make head or tail of this manga. The storyline didn't seem to exist, and the artwork was funny. Not in a bad way, but not really my style. I read most of the first volume, and it wasn't for me. I'm assuming it makes more sense if you've already watched the anime, but I don't think I will be. I'm not big on anime.If you want to read this book, take my advice, watch the anime first. Idk if it will help, but it'll probably be better than going in blind.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-20 03:36

    I really really like the FLCL anime, but I am not nearly as big of fan of the manga. The frenetic surrealist story that works beautifully when animated in full color, becomes very (oh lets face it-even more) difficult to follow when on a black and white page. The art style is very free and sketchy, but to the point of obscuring the action. FLCL is an interesting read, but the anime just has more style.