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In this action-packed conclusion to the Starcatchers trilogy, Peter and Molly find themselves in the dangerous land of Rundoon, ruled by the evil King Zarboff, who takes great delight in watching his pet snake, Kundalini, consume anyone who displeases him. But that's just the start of the trouble facing our heroes, who once again find themselves pitted against the evil shaIn this action-packed conclusion to the Starcatchers trilogy, Peter and Molly find themselves in the dangerous land of Rundoon, ruled by the evil King Zarboff, who takes great delight in watching his pet snake, Kundalini, consume anyone who displeases him. But that's just the start of the trouble facing our heroes, who once again find themselves pitted against the evil shadow creature Lord Ombra, in a struggle to save themselves and Molly's father - not to mention the entire planet - from an unthinkable end. Meanwhile, back in Never Land, a tribal war is under way, and while Peter is off fighting to save the world, a young Mollusk princess has no choice but to join forced with sinister pirates to save her island from the vicious Scorpions.Peter and the Secret of Rundoon is a wild desert adventure - with flying camels, magic carpets, and evil shadows - that literally zooms toward an unforgettable and unimaginable climax. Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have teamed together once again to pen a story with unrelenting action and adventure that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages....

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Peter and the Secret of Rundoon Reviews

  • Krystal
    2018-11-13 09:01

    A great finish to the Peter and the Starcatchers series! I've really never been a big Peter Pan fan but these books made me love Peter. I always thought Peter Pan was too arrogant but these books shed a light on Peter's vulnerable, sweet side. I love how they set up the story because all the classic things about Peter Pan (his shadow, Tinker Bell, the clock in the crocodile, Captain Hook) are explained and it gives you that "ah-ha!" moment. All the books were very enjoyable and I still get a giggle in when they talk about the pirates. I'd say these were some of the best books I've ever read.

  • Thomas
    2018-11-18 04:42

    If you’ve read the previous two books in the Peter Pan prequel trilogy, then you ought to take the time to read through this last book in the series. It follows the other books pretty logically, and it maintains the same sense of whimsy, adventure, and imagination that the previous books had. Unfortunately, it’s a little dense with detail, and more than a little overlong in its presentation.Let’s be honest for a moment: Peter and the Starcatchers was really the only book necessary as a prequel to explain why Peter became the flying, ageless boy that we all know from fairy tales. My guess is that the story was originally planned as a standalone book, and after it proved to be popular, the publisher asked the authors to write the prequel into a trilogy. Think of how Star Wars was a nice, complete film in and of itself, and how The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi seemed a little … well, not tacked on, but at least produced based on the first movie’s success. The way the story develops over the course of the novels suggests that the Peter Pan prequels were written in much the same way.To carry the Star Wars analogy a bit further, reading Peter and the Secret of Rundoon was a little like watching Revenge of the Sith — by the end, the authors seemed to be struggling to connect everything from the first two books to everything that followed after, resulting in some plot tangents that probably wouldn’t have existed in a standard book. It’s like they were trying to cram as much as possible into the final volume, making the end result a little messy. There seemed to be three major plots going on in the book, and each one resolved itself more or less independently from the others. In that sense, it was a little like watching the end of The Return of the King, with the viewer wondering when, exactly, the movie was going to officially end. And I probably should stop comparing the book with movie trilogies, lest I lose my point entirely.So, it’s a good read, and reminiscent of the previous two books in the series. If you can divorce yourself from the fact that the last two books in the trilogy really aren’t necessary, and don’t mind the meandering cross-wise plots, you should enjoy the book. At they very least, they’re entertaining and compelling.

  • Alice
    2018-11-09 04:43

    I'd been taking these books out on audio from the library. But I enjoyed them so much, I went ahead and purchased this one. They're fun, entertaining, and the narration is excellent.This is the third book about the origin of Peter Pan, which posits that he got his ability to fly from a long exposure to "star stuff," a glittery powder that can bring about all kinds of miracles. In this, he's kidnapped to Rundoon, where the bad guys (the Others; why they call themselves that is beyond me) have a base. There, he learns more about the mysterious forces opposing the Starcatchers, finds out who his parents were and why he wound up in an orphanage, and sails a flying ship. By the end of the story, it feels like a logical progression into the events of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.The book doesn't tie everything up neatly. There are still questions remaining. What happened to Peter's parents is implied, but there's a lot of room to further explore. We learn what star stuff is and why it keeps falling from the sky. We learn where the creepy shadow creatures like Lord Ombre come from, and what their purpose is. Peter deals with the ones in Rundoon, but there are lots more of them to contend with, all over the world. There are aspects of the Starcatchers that deserve further exploration, too.As in previous installments, the pacing is quick. It takes place over a period of weeks, but it never feels like that much time has passed. The narrative follows several threads, and switches over to the most exciting ones when the others sag. There is no good time to put the book down. The urge to know what happens next is strong with this book.There's also a healthy dose of humor. Some of it is the physical or repetitive humor that would entertain the book's intended audience, but there are also plenty of wry comments that might make a grownup reader laugh. The series is clearly written to be read aloud by parents, who'll enjoy it just as much as their children.Despite the lingering questions, I'm not sure if I want to read the next book. The description implies it's a rewriting of Barrie's story, and I feel like the series' strength has been in how easily it's fit with the original work.We shall see.As I mentioned, I read this on audio, narrated by Jim Dale. He has a delightful voice, well-suited to reading bedtime stories to kids. I don't know how much he plans in advance, but he keeps the voices unique enough that one can always tell who's speaking. Two characters who sound similar are never in the same scene together, which helped a lot with keeping them straight. I highly recommend the audio edition of this book, as well as anything else Jim Dale narrates.

  • Charlyn
    2018-11-10 02:51

    Peter's quiet life on the island is changed when the island is attacked by a murderous tribe. When Peter tries to come to the aid of the peaceful Mollusk tribe, he is downed by a poison arrow from the Scorpions. His weakened state allows him to be captured by the evil, reappearing shadow Lord Ombra who takes Peter to Rundoon. Peter's magical abilities to locate starstuff fall, a quality that he himself didn't even know he had, is needed for nefarious purposes by Ombra and the dark side he represents. Peter is not able to help rescue the Mollusk or himself and things begin to go from bad to worse very quickly when Leonard tries to intervene and is captured, too, along with his accomplice Bakari, and Molly and George have to fend for themselves after having stowed aboard her father's boat.Following more than one plot line may deter some readers, but those that stick with it are in for many plot turns, death and destruction (and possible annihilation of the world), a touching conclusion and the humor of Peter's constant mistranslations of Tink's statements about anything having to do with Molly.

  • June
    2018-11-09 02:42

    I read this in one day. I really enjoyed this series and I don't know that I ever read Peter Pan. I don't consider myself a Peter Pan fan. They are great adventures and I love the concepts behind the story: star stuff, shadow stealing and how they work these in to explain parts of the original story. A really fun read.

  • Melissa
    2018-10-31 07:56

    I loved this trilogy to set up Peter Pan - the authors were meticulous in addressing details I'd even forgotten about (the ticking clock, the name Pan . . ) I wish I could live in this world a bit longer. I was sad to see this series end but loved ever minute of it!

  • Kyra
    2018-10-29 01:56

    I think this one is the best in the series! It is absolutly posotivly an AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy Davie
    2018-10-25 06:43

    Third in the Peter and the Starcatchers children's fantasy-adventure series based upon the Peter Pan of James Barrie fame. My Take We learn a tiny bit about Peter's parents as well as a wee bit about Peter himself. The important part of the story is saving the world from Lord Ombra and his Darkness and eliminating the slave trade between Rundoon and St. Norbert's even as Peter fears the watchfulness of his own shadow. Is it even his own?I do love how Barry and Pearson manage to tie in bits and pieces form Barrie's Peter Pan from the clock inside the crocodile to the boys' hideout from the pirates, the flying ship, and Molly's darling future. Using fanciful parts of other tales such as the flying carpet just keeps the fun alive. The authors really have a handle on the gross humor of children—wait'll you read how Hook trims his toenails---yuck!Full of hazards and perils and a bit of seat-of-your-pants terror, you can't help but gasp and laugh as you enjoy the adventure and remember a bit of your lost childhood as you read Peter and the Secret of Rundoon! The Story It's a two-pronged attack with the Scorpion tribe scouting Never Land to invade the Mollusk people and Lord Ombra anxious to make up for his losses against Peter and the Starcatchers with his plan to snatch Peter. For it appears from what Molly and George Darling discovered, that Peter is a lot more than he seems.New clues have risen up and the Starcatchers are concerned about the lack of communication from the Watcher. Never before in the history of the organization has the Watcher not warned them of a starfall and it takes Molly and George to discover why. Armed with this information, they hurriedly make plans to bring Peter back to London only to have everything go cockeyed.The triumphant invasion by the Scorpions. Peter, the Lost Boys, and Hook get kidnapped. Still, there are some bright notes when Shining Pearl escapes her captors and hooks up with the remaining pirates. Lord Aster sets sail for Rundoon to rescue Peter with a couple of naughty stowaways, Molly and George. And Peter has Tink following him.A Tinker Bell who can talk to animals and flit about unseen even as Lord Ombra meets his compatriots at the Jackal out in the desert. Capture and rescue and repeat until George and Peter each manages to steal a ship and confound everyone.The Characters Peter whose last name turns out to be Pan is the son of a Watcher. A special breed designated to pinpoint starfall leaking through the cosmic pipeline. After overdosing on starfall, Peter became much more than he was. He'll never grow old. He can fly and he heals quickly. At first, Peter was jubilant about his fate. Now, he watches those around him grow older. As he watches Molly mature, he realizes his place is not with them.The Lost Boys are getting older and becoming impatient with Never Land; Thomas, Prentiss, Tubby Ted, and James display some of that maturity with their kidnapping and the rescue of other boys sent by St. Norbert's to be slaves for King Zarboff III: Slightly, Curly, Tootles, Nibs, and the twins. Fighting Prawn is the leader of the Mollusk people and Shining Pearl is his very resourceful daughter leading Mr. Grin in a sneak attack.Molly Aster leads George Darling, her neighbor across the square in London, into more mischief than her father, Lord Leonard Aster, can handle even if it does create unexpected opportunities of help. We finally get to meet Bakari who managed to get the "beware the shadows" message out in the last book.Lord Ombra struggles to rematerialize after his zapping in Peter and the Shadow Thieves. He must redeem himself in the eyes of his fellows for losing their diverted cargo of starfall. King Zarboff III is a nasty, little, despot of a king using his gigantic snake, Kundilini, to keep everyone in line. Hah! He who laughs last... The Cover The cover is gorgeous with a touch of the Russian lacquer box style with Peter and the Lost Boys in the flying carpet escape scene as King Zarboff the III screeches on his throne, the great snake, Kundalini, poised to strike while Molly and George Darling shout encouragement from atop their flying camel while a golden green swirl of holographic ink marks Tinker Bell's trail. A deep red metallic holographic effect creates the names of the authors, the borders and the book title.I'm not quite sure what Barry and Pearson believe is the secret of Rundoon as there seem to be so many. And, no, I'm not telling. It might give the game away!

  • Nancy85
    2018-10-23 09:04


  • Brandon Miller
    2018-11-19 02:43

    Altogether this was the least put together of the first three Starcatchers books. Two completely different storylines that hardly intertwined gave it something of a hodgepodge feeling. But it still had lots of the same fun, swashbuckling feel of the first two, and also a few good laughs. Every once in a while, the villains did some actually evil things, which honestly helped the story pop a little more. (I still think Lord Ombra could have been scarier if he'd said many less words.)In the end though, I didn't expect a Starcatchers book to try and make me cry.I also didn't expect a Starcatchers book to explain how Peter went from this loveable, adorable kid Dave and Ridley wrote to Mr. Barrie's selfish, narcissistic, adrenaline junkie.The last couple of pages here did both.Wow. Don't be immortal, guys. It's bad for your soul.(Also, don't put on any clothes that belong to Captain Hook.)(Very glad that they didn't forget about the clock though!)

  • Camille Hoffmann
    2018-10-31 04:50

    Like the first two, an easy read that's fast and enjoyable. You find out a lot more about Peter's history- though we never find out what actually happened to Peter's parents, which in my mind is a huge oversight! I also wish there was a better explanation about how Peter "detaches" from this shadow. Also, I'm not gonna lie- Molly gets on my nerves. You would think after ending up in a bind SEVERAL different times by thinking she can handle things on her own, she would learn! I was pretty ticked at her for choosing to free her father instead of helping Peter with the rocket like her father advised- and then of course she just ends up captured anyway. But despite her stubborn ways ;), I still enjoyed this book :). You get to meet Tootle, Nibs and the other classic Lost Boys as well as learning why they never grow up; and you find out why the Crocodile "ticks" :).

  • Cassandra
    2018-11-03 04:45

    My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***Borrowed the audiobook CD’s from the libraryThe cover is definitely a magical adventure that grabs your attention and says read me :)I really do love that Jim Dale has continued as the narrator :) I love when there is consistency, and my son feels the same way. We listened to this book to and from school. It makes our ride enjoyable, and I get to share my book addiction with him.This adventure was just as epic as all the other Peter and the Starcatchers books. This book links in even more of the Peter Pan nuances and story traits that you know and love. Peter is an amazing boy with so much courage especially when it comes to saving his friends. I love that my son gets to hear these lessons as we listen to the books in this series. Peter and his friends are all present in this story, and then we meet some new friends that I was excited when I heard the names. There is so much action and stuff happening in this book. It kept both my son and my attention throughout the whole thing. I can’t wait to start the next book with my son :)I highly recommend this series to Peter Pan and Tinker Bell fans who want a new take on old stories especially if you are an adventure loving boy or someone who loves one :) The audio version is a fantastic way to share the story together :)

  • Tara
    2018-11-03 03:40

    This book was SOO good! I loved it, how the characters changed from the first book to this one, how Ombra's true purpose was finally explained, and exactly who "His Highness, King Zanbroff the Third" is. It filled in all the plot holes of the classic story of Peter Pan(except Tiger Lily. . .), and I liked how everything about the classic story was finally explained in a way J.M. Barrie never did.SPOILERS:I was sad to say that I HATED the ending!!! I hated that James, and who I thought the Lost Boys would be, left, to be among the adults of the world, and to grow up. I hated the way it was left with Molly, and how she left her (who I think is) her one true love, for GEORGE!! I mean, I started liking George in this book, but when Molly chose him over Peter, who I think she liked a lot, it made me EXTREMELY angry!!! I knew it had to end that way, though, but I still was mad! Anyway, it's a fantastic book, and I think it's a classic that should be as famous as Harry Potter or Twilight, because I think it is and could be just as good!!!

  • Amy
    2018-11-06 05:04

    I am going to review all three of these ("Peter and the Starcatchers" "Peter and the Shadow Theives" and "Peter and the Secret of Rundoon" in one review.I loved all three of these books. They make wonderful prequels to the original "Peter Pan" story and set up how Peter became, well, Peter! There are little hints that refer to things to come which are enjoyable (oh that's how Neverland became magical, that's how Captain Hook came to be and hates Peter, etc) So as a fan of "Peter Pan" these three books were lots of fun, and have a nice story in of themselves to tell.I will add - DO NOT read any of the books past the 3rd ("Secrets of Rundoon") because the 3rd book wraps up everything nicely and leads into the original "Peter Pan" just so. The fourth book breaks all of that and messes up all the canon and timelines and is simply not a good book! I was disgusted with it that I haven't ventured past book 4 to see how the other in the series go. So - do read this if you like Peter and Neverland, but STOP at book 3!

  • Sarah
    2018-11-11 02:08

    While this was still a very good book; it was as good as the first two in the trilogy. It dragged on in placed and was a little longer than it needed to be. The events also seemed more random, and while they tied together at the end it was a bit of a stretch. is the history of Peter Pan, so I guess a stretch should be expected. I may have also not liked this book as well because I did not have as much time to read it as quickly as the first two(vacation, sickness, etc); and I tend to get bored with books that I have been reading for awhile. I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a fun read.

  • Jeffrey Howard
    2018-10-25 09:58

    A fun, fast-paced adventure that young readers will love. The villain, Lord Ombra, is reminiscent of a shapeless, and similarly-frightening Lord Voldemort. He is almost omnipresent as a literal shadow character out to rid the world of light--he is bent on destroying the universe. Cap'n Hook's villainy pales in comparison to him. He makes a few appearances and maintains a minor role.Barry creates an interesting, magic-infused alternative history of the world based around Starcatchers and The Others (Lord Ombra's evil transcends both groups). More mature readers who are fans of juvenile literature will want to learn more about the history of the conflict--wanting to know how this long conflict has impacted other great world events, or historical figures.The Secret of Rundoon did well building up the conflict. The Starcatchers and The Others are small characters playing out a much grander-scaled conflict between light and darkness. Unfortunately, this series deviates from the original book in key ways. These books are writen to a much younger reader, focusing too much on external events and action rather than the inner thoughts of characters--or assume young readers to not smart enough for the original. The biggest flaw is the lack of a strong narrator. The original narrator was a character himself, who colored the world with charm, and wit. Without the narrator, we are left in a world that doesn't express the nostalgic and melancholic joy of childhood-- the hard choice between never growing up or never getting to make adult choices. Lastly, Rundoon shows little to no character development. The characters have other worldly experiences, and remain unchanged. Peter's friends growing up and being replaced by a new batch of 'Lost Boys' is the exception. We hardly see Peter come to terms with his old buddies growing up while he must stay a boy forever. He chooses to stay, but the action distracts us from feeling his internal struggle. Put simply, they have a grand adventure, and we move that much closer to knowing the full story of Peter Pan's origins (including the identity of his parents).The Starcatchers books lack the magic of the original, but today's young readers will love them as action-packed quests they are.

  • Kayla
    2018-10-31 08:09

    I love this series so much, and I'm sad to see this trilogy end! Peter and the Secret of Rundoon is a fast-paced, wonderfully humorous, incredibly creative conclusion to a beautiful rendition of how Peter Pan could have come to exist.All of the characters in this book are wonderfully thought out and set into the plot. From Molly's Starcatcher father to Captain Hook himself, each plays their role wonderfully (or sinister-ly, if referring to the pirate). I couldn't stop flipping the pages, wanting to know what would happen to them next, and if things could possibly turn out okay when everything seemed to be against them.What I really enjoyed about this book is how everything is adding together to set up for Peter Pan. As this is supposed to be a prequel of sorts for the classic-while it takes great liberties with the plot and things like that-the ways important details of the beloved book fall into place are so interesting to see, I loved spotting each one. From giant crocodiles and ticking clocks to Lost Boys and Peter himself, how everything came to be meshes together in this novel.The settings of this book were so vivid and easily pictured. I could imagine Neverland, or Mollusk Island, with its lagoon, waterfalls, and mountains. And then I could see Rundoon, a land of sandy desert and grumpy camels. They added an extra something to the plot, which I really liked.I give Peter and the Secret of Rundoon 5/5 stars. This is a book I literally couldn't put down, and I'll be reading this over and over! It was fantastic, and I recommend it to any fans of Peter Pan, or people just looking for a good book. It's worth picking up.

  • Laura
    2018-10-22 04:54

    I can't say it enough: I really, really like this series. I like Peter so much better in this series than in any other incarnation of Peter Pan that I've known (I've not read the original book yet, so I'm pretty much relying on other stories and movies). I feel like in those he's rather one-dimensional; no depth. But in this series he's a real person! He has feelings! Thoughts! Not just a devilish imp who enjoys taunting pirates and never growing up. I like having the insight into his past, and how his character develops. The same goes for all the characters, really. I found many plot points quite predictable, but I didn't mind. As I've said in other reviews of similar books, these stories weren't written for adults; they're written for children, and predictability is a good thing for that age! It helps with making connections and inferences, which builds reading comprehension. (Okay, I'll get off my teacher soap box again.) Another reason that I didn't mind it being predictable is that it's a prequel. We're familiar with the story of Peter Pan, and we know the ultimate outcome for these characters. There are two more stories in this series. I look forward to them, and hope I enjoy them as much as the first trilogy!

  • Carol
    2018-11-12 04:43

    This book never slows down.Molly and George are busy trying to find answers to some difficult questions, Mollusk Island is about to be invaded by the Scorpion tribe, the pirates are busy being pirates. Then there are poison arrows, underwater ships, Lord Ombra, Hook, Rundoon and it's horrible king Zarboff the Third, snakes, flying camels, monkeys and rockets, more "lost boys", way too much olive oil and flying ships with Captain Hook at the helm - it is great.When our heroes make it back to Mollusk Island they must find a way to free the Mollusk tribe from the Scorpions. Fighting Prawn's daughter Shining Pearl had avoided capture and joined with some of the pirates. As they led Mr. Grin down the mountain at a furious pace, the porpoises, mermaids and those aboard the ship help rout the Scorpions. (As they frantically swim away, the Scorpions know they will never come back to this strange magical island). This last battle could easily frighten children along with the state the Mollusk tribe is in - beaten, starving, dying. It fits the series but is still very graphic so parents should be aware.Really enjoyed this trilogy. Now to Book four!

  • Amy
    2018-11-21 09:03

    There really aren't many things I can say about this book besides I adored it. As with all those before it, it masterfully turned the Disney Peter Pan story into something even more magical.In this book, we learned why the crocodile that follows Captain Hook (named "Mister Grin") has a clock inside it, why people don't seem to age in Neverland, and that it really is possible to make a boat fly.The way that Lord Ombra explained the beginning of the universe was very interesting. Light versus dark, a crack in the Starstuff current, life springing into existence... It was also brilliant how Ombra and his cronies (or bosses?) planned on making the universe cease to exist. Isn't it funny how there is always a struggle against darkness in stories? Darkness is evil because it is nothingness; that's the idea proposed. The authors of this story were very good at making the agents of darkness properly cold, powerful, and sinister. Not overdone, not underdone. Excellent.Oh, and Zarboff the Third met a fitting end, I think.I've already started reading the fourth book :D

  • Brigham Inkley
    2018-10-22 09:41

    I thought that this book was really good. This book was the start introducing book of all of the Peter Pan characters that we know of such as the Darlings. It also had the same main villain, who I thought was to be dead. That was a real, but somewhat pleasant surprise. Also, as you would think, Peter is back. There is one more really cool thing. The lost boys, the lost boys in all of our child hood memories and in the Walt Disney movie were introduced and took over for the old ones. So overall I would really recommend this book but only if you had read the other two before.

  • Katrina
    2018-11-20 06:02

    I was really bummed with this one. THere were so many different things going on, and with the short chapters everything just seemed really disjointed. The last two books both got 5 stars from me, so I know this could have been so much better. I didn't understand the whole plot woth the Scorpions. It just seemed really random to me and I really don't think it needed to be there. I'm still planning on finsihing this series, but I really hope this book isn't a reflection on what's to come because the first two books were really amazing.

  • Jaap Akkermans
    2018-11-18 02:46

    Peter had just solved two big mysteries. He wanted to be left alone, but as always, the mysteries and problems came to him. Because of this, he reunited with his friend in England called Molly and they went on a ship to somewhere called Rundoon. They found a great mystery there and were determined to solve it. They just found that this mystery was greater than imagined and if they didn't solve it the whole planet would suffer. This book is about hope, friendship, and mystery.

  • Brittany Hayes
    2018-11-02 05:53

    It was a spiffy book; very unpredicable!I like how the Starcathers trilogy incorprates the backstory of different elements of Peter Pan that the book doesn't go in depth about, into the story like how Never Neverland and every one upon the island stays the same age forever because of the starstuff that leaked throw the hull of the ship as Captain Hook flew it in the sky that was very clever!

  • Jennifer Girard
    2018-11-07 04:54

    What I love the most about these books is the way it explains so many questions I didn't have about Peter Pan. Like how the lost boys are the lost boys or Why the croc ate a clock. I can't wait to read the other ones!

  • Kylie
    2018-11-12 08:47

    When Peter suddenly gets sucked into a strange metal ship while trying to escape from Captain Hook, there’s no one to help him. The Mollusks are enslaved by the Scorpions, a group of natives that invaded the Mollusk Island. They are left, chipping away at rocks, washed over with hunger and thirst; Molly is all the way in England, with no way to learn about what has happened. Peter, along with James, Ted, Thomas, and Prentiss, are taken to the dangerous, feared land of Rundoon, where they are locked under the watchful eye of palace of King Zarboff lll, his hungry snake, Kundalini, and Lord Ombra. Molly and George coincidentally go with Molly’s father to Rundoon, where they wind up in missions to save themselves.Peter and the Secret of Rundoon deserves four stars because it showed how much Peter and Molly grew [Peter doesn’t grow because he will stay a kid forever :) ], but it wasn’t quite as interesting as the first two books, where we were just getting to know Peter and all of the characters. Because Peter and Molly live in two seperate places, the book switches back and forth from their perspectives but is still in third person. If you have read the first two book in the series though, I definitely would read this book and also finishing the rest of the series. I recommend this book to fourth, fifth, and middle schoolers. Even though it wasn’t quite as interesting, I still really enjoyed Peter and the Secret of Rundoon.

  • John
    2018-10-23 04:40

    If you haven't read the first two of these books, you're unlikely to be convinced by the third one. I found it very entertaining though not quite as exciting or unexpected as the first two. My recollection from the first two Peter and the Starcatcher books is that there was more of what I think of as Dave Barry's style of writing than I was able to glean from this volume, which is not to say that it was less well-written or enjoyable as a consequence. Ridley Pearson is a very capable writer (at least, based on this series, I've not read him outside of these books). It's been difficult for me to fully detach from the lore of the original novel/play/musical, which I quite like, but it's also interesting to see how Barry and Pearson (and possibly Disney and the Barrie estate?) have chosen to interpret how those stories came about and have done a commendable job making them slightly more appropriate? to modern audiences (specifically, I'm thinking of Tiger Lily and the other Indians).

  • Selena
    2018-11-13 04:04

    The final book in the trilogy!...So the box claimed. I see here on Goodreads that there are more books in the series, which is A-OK with me. This would have been a good way to complete things, but I'm glad to hear that there are more adventures.The Secret of Rundoon ties up some loose ends from the previous two books, loose ends that we may not have noticed until reading this and going, "Oh yeah, I was wondering about..." That tells you how good Dave Barry is as a story teller.If you read the first two books, you already know what you're in for. It's definitely worth reading if you read the first two books.Also, the audio book is narrated by Jim Dale, the voice I fell in love with from the Harry Potter audiobooks. His voice lends itself so well to this, that I'll probably listen to the next book as an audio book as well and am I tad disappointed I didn't listen to the audio books sooner. :)

  • Melissa
    2018-10-28 02:51

    At first, this seemed so much like book #2 but as the story unfolded there was much more excitement and suspense! "In this action-packed conclusion to the Starcatchers trilogy, Peter and Molly find themselves in the dangerous land of Rundoon, ruled by the evil King Zarboff, who takes great delight in watching his pet snake, Kundalini, consume anyone who displeases him. But that's just the start of the trouble facing our heroes, who once again find themselves pitted against the evil shadow creature Lord Ombra, in a struggle to save themselves and Molly's father - not to mention the entire planet - from an unthinkable end. Meanwhile, back in Never Land, a tribal war is under way, and while Peter is off fighting to save the world, a young Mollusk princess has no choice but to join forced with sinister pirates to save her island from the vicious Scorpions."

  • Justin Domnitz
    2018-10-30 06:07

    Excitement abounds in the third book in this children's Peter Pan prequel series. A prior villain returns for an encore. More tribal savages do battle. Flying camels, carpets, and rocket navigating monkeys take to the sky. Evil kings and flesh hungry snakes and crocodiles create danger! It's all wildly entertaining. I enjoyed this as much as the first in the series and much more than the second book. I'm immediately on to the fourth book.