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Alyssa Locke is no stranger to dealing with danger. As team leader of the nation's number one personal security company, Troubleshooters Inc., she's seen more than her share of action, survived plenty of close calls, and holds her own with the best of them-and against the worst of them. Guarding lives is her game, and no one plays it better. But her toughest challenge willAlyssa Locke is no stranger to dealing with danger. As team leader of the nation's number one personal security company, Troubleshooters Inc., she's seen more than her share of action, survived plenty of close calls, and holds her own with the best of them-and against the worst of them. Guarding lives is her game, and no one plays it better. But her toughest challenge will be protecting herself from a serial killer she's been after for years-known only as The Dentist-who is determined to make her his ultimate trophy. The assignment was supposed to be an easy one: teach self-defense techniques to a newly elected assemblywoman and her chief of staff after a political controversy generates a blizzard of hate mail-including death threats-from hotheads and cranks. But as soon as she mobilizes her squad of moonlighting Navy SEALs in New York City, Alyssa begins butting heads with the hard-case cop who thinks that the Troubleshooters are chasing shadows. Until they discover a dead body. And then another. Now Alyssa really has her hands full-bodyguarding two independent, busy women, managing a murder investigation, and trying to find time for her husband, Troubleshooters operative Sam Starrett, and their infant son. Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a Troubleshooters operation without romantic sparks and heated rivalries-and any time the SEALs of Team Sixteen are involved, there are plenty of both. But then, while investigating a suspect, Alyssa is ambushed and suddenly finds herself imprisoned by The Dentist. Cut off from everyone she loves and relies on, Alyssa must call upon all of her strength and skill to survive this final confrontation with the sadistic monster, meanwhile trusting that her Troubleshooter teammates, led by her beloved Sam, will reach her before it's too late....

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Hot Pursuit Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-01-05 02:06

    Loved it! I'm doing a happy dance here, because I'm already anticipating the next book in the 'Troubleshooters' series. Ms. Brockmann left a couple of storylines wide open in this one, but said in her author's notes that she will be following up on those couples who haven't gotten their HEAs in this one. I guess maybe they haven't suffered enough yet, but that's okay because one of the couples is Izzy (who used to irritate me) and Eden, and the other is Eden's brother Dan (Gillman) and brand new girlfriend Jenn. Dan and Jenn were the romantic equation of this romantic suspense, and they were firey hot together! Who knew that SB could get down and dirty like she did with them? Whew, but they were passionate together, but there's much more to explore in that relationship, and I can hardly wait!The suspense part of the story reminded me of something that Karen Rose (who does diabolical killers so well) would write. Kudos to the talented SB for weaving such an interesting suspense plot about a gruesomely twisted homophobic serial killer (nicknamed "The Dentist") who likes to extract the teeth from his victims. Creepy.The basic plot (which takes place in one week's time) is that Troubleshooter Alyssa Locke is called by her friend Savannah ("Out of Control") to help teach some self defense techniques to Savannah's good friend, newly elected New York state assemblywoman Maria Bonavita. Maria's been getting some hate mail and death threats (which for some reason doesn't overly concern the NYC cops), and Savannah thinks it would be a good idea if Alyssa and her husband Sam (and a team of moonlighting SEALs) look into the situation. What looks like an easy assignment guarding Maria and her friend and assistant Jenn, turns into something much more serious when dead bodies start turning up. Someone's out to get Maria--or is it Jenn? Or is there another possibility? Alyssa, Sam and her team soon have their hands full, and it's not long before the services of the F.B.I. are needed (cue Jules Cassidy). Things get mighty complicated, as Alyssa, Sam and Jules try to put their heads together and come up with a list of possible suspects. It's not until late in the investigation that they know who they're dealing with (thanks to Sam's clever thinking), and why. Looks like Alyssa's old nemesis wants a final showdown with her...That about sums up the suspense part, and there's plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader occupied. We get to hear the killer's thoughts, and why he became a killer, but we don't know who (out of the possible list of suspects) he is. SB tosses out a couple of good possibilities, but I had him pegged early on. But she still leads the reader on a merry chase all the way up to a nail biting conclusion (complete with a little gore), and I swear if it wasn't for the heroics of Sam Starrett (who out-thought everyone) that the body count would have been a lot higher.While I enjoyed the suspense part, what I really enjoyed was the romance that blossomed between Maria's assistant, Jenn, and Navy SEAL Dan Gillman. I never paid much attention to Gillman before--he always seemed to be one of those characters who was in a perpetual bad mood, kind of humourless, and always fighting with fellow SEAL Izzy Zanella. But wow, SB gave him a bit of a backstory, complete with a totally dysfunctional family, and the reader gets to see why he's the way he is. I loved reading all that, and I loved the chemistry he had with Jenn. Although I thought he was a bit too calculating in his seduction technique, I somehow knew that Jenn would be able to handle herself with him, and maybe teach him a thing or two.I loved Jenn. She was not your typical romance heroine. Size 14, attractive but not pretty, tall, bad dresser, smart, hard working but not as successful, rich, or beautiful as her friend Maria...I was rooting for her all the way, and wanted her to get the hunky guy! I wasn't too happy with Gillman at first (even though he was wildly attracted to Maria, he thought he had a better chance of 'scoring' with average girl Jenn), but I knew (even though he didn't) that he would lose his heart to her. I loved that she brought some 'humanity' out in him, loved the conversations they had, and oh boy, their sex that kitchen scene...But, being a SB SEAL, you know he's bound to do something stupid, which he did (which made me tear up). Now the question is, is there a future for Dan and Jenn? Jeez, I hope so!Thankfully, the reader gets to check in with some previous characters, including Izzy (as amusing as ever, but hiding his pain), Lopez, new SEAL Tom (with a surprising secret), Robin and Jules, and there's an update on the families of a lot of previous characters (lots of name-dropping) in the series--love to read about who's having kids and who isn't. And oh yes, I almost forgot adorable baby Ash--Alyssa and Sam's 10 month old--he also gets a lot of face time in the book, and has lots of male babysitters! Brockmann also makes her usual case for gay rights (which fans have come to expect), but nothing too heavy handed here.I loved this book, and thought it had the perfect blend of romance and suspense, with some very witty dialogue. It moved very quickly, and I was reluctant to put it down, yet I wanted to savor it-- that's a keeper in my book. I doubt that fans will be disappointed. 5 stars

  • Wendy
    2018-12-21 09:08

    Loved this 15th book in her Troubleshooter series!!!Loved Re-Reading this book!!!

  • Robin
    2018-12-31 07:27

    Troubleshooters Team Leader Alyssa Locke thinks her next assignment is going to be a piece of cake. She, along with some Navy Seal friends who are currently on leave, are traveling to New York City to teach self-defense to an Assemblywoman and her staff who have been receiving threatening letters. Alyssa has even asked her husband Sam to go with her and bring their eight-month-old son as a sort of working vacation. But there is no vacation when dead bodies start turning up outside of the Assemblywoman's office. It's all hands on deck when the Troubleshooters must protect the Assemblywoman and her Office Manager, while helping the FBI catch a killer.It's nice to have Sam and Alyssa featured in this book. They are my favorite couple in the whole series. Even though they popped up throughout several books in the series, I can't get enough of them. Along with Sam and Alyssa, we also have a romance between Navy Seal Dan Gillman and Office Manager Jennilynn. I thought Jenn was a great character. I still haven't warmed up to Gillman. Maybe it will take a couple of books. There is a lot of action and a long list of suspects in this one. It's another solid entry in the Troubleshooters series. My rating: 4.5 Stars.

  • Shawna
    2019-01-01 06:03

    5 stars – Romantic SuspenseThis features one of my top favorite romantic heroes and all-time favorite romantic duos, Sam Starrett (aka Hot Cowboy Dad) and Alyssa Locke) from Gone Too Far, as one of the story's two main profile couples, which made me all kinds of tickled pink! Sam and Alyssa are now happily married with an active 10-month-old bundle of joy, son Ashton, and are trying to juggle and balance the 'married with a kid' life with the demands of their stressful, dangerous careers as agents with security firm Troubleshooters, Inc.This time around, a seemingly routine security briefing op for a New York assemblywoman turns into a search for a maniacal killer known as "The Dentist" (very Karen Rose style creepy!), who's possibly targeting Alyssa for his ultimate victim.There's also a hot secondary romance between SEAL Danny Gillman (who I haven't really cared for that much in previous books since I tend to be Team Izzy in the Gillman vs Zanella feud) and the assemblywoman's office/campaign manager, Jenn LeMay, whom he's been assigned protective detail for. Brockmann leaves some character relationships unresolved that she's assured will be addressed in the next TS book, TBT #16, which will finally give us Zanella's story (YAY!) when it comes out in Feb'2011. Hot Pursuit is another thrilling installment in the amazing Troubleshooters series that is truly one of the very best in romantic suspense. 5 stars!Here's a touching scene that demonstrates why I love Sam and Alyssa so much as a romantic couple."Ah, God, Lys" he breathed, and she opened her eyes to look up at him. She was the love of his heart, his true partner in both work and life, and the idea of losing her to the violence of the world they lived in scared the living shit out of him.But her smile lit her eyes, her face, and he pushed the darkness away and let himself grin back at her like the damn fool that he was. This moment-now-was perfect, and he wasn't going to let his fears interfere.Especially since it was only 2100. This perfect night was still ridiculously young.

  • jenjn79
    2018-12-17 09:07

    Rating: 2.5 / 5I had a tough time deciding what to rate this book. My opinion of it seemed to go back and forth. So in the end, I settled for middle ground at 2.5 stars. In this fifteenth installment of the Troubleshooters, author Suzanne Brockmann brings two past characters back into focus: Sam & Alyssa, along with a host of other recurring characters. The Troubleshooters and a few moonlighting SEALS from Team 16 travel to NYC to help Assemblywoman Maria Bonavita with security measures since she has gotten a few threats. Alyssa heads the team with her husband Sam as her second. They bring baby Ashton with them, thinking it will be a quick, low-intensity mission and a bit of a vacation for them. Joining them from the SEALS are Izzy Zanella, Dan Gillman, Jay Lopez, Dan Gillman, and Tony Vlachic.Once they arrive in NYC it's not long before they realize that the threat is much more serious than they previously thought. A heart is found in Maria's assistant's (Jenn's) desk drawer. It turns out to be a human heart so now the team must scramble to figure out what it going on. FBI Agent Jules Cassidy gets the case and he brings his husband Robin with him.The investigation commences and the various characters interact with each other. Sam worries about Alyssa, Alyssa worries about Sam, Gillman pursues Jenn for a two-week fling, Izzy and Gillman clash, etc. It all comes to a head when Sam realizes the killer they are looking for is actually The Dentist, a serial killer Alyssa has been looking for for years (and who was featured in a Sam/Alyssa short story a while back). And now he's got his sights set on Alyssa.So...what did I think of this book? didn't entirely work for me on several different levels. I'll start with the simple ones first.Dan Gillman and Dan/Jen: This one's pretty straightforward. I can't stand Gillman. He was a total asshole in prior books and my opinion didn't change in this one. He completely manipulates Jenn into a two week relationship because he wants to get some. And he goes for her because she's the "chunky" friend of a beautiful woman, therefore probably desperate for attention. So wrong. Then he cries on purpose to get sympathy and to keep her from second guessing sleeping with him.Really, this is the kind of character I'm supposed to like? Brockmann, I suppose, tries to soften him and make readers sympathetic to him by giving him a very dysfunctional family and currently suffering from a head injury and/or PTSD, but that didn't change the fact that he was a world class jerk. At least to me. Jenn deserves much better than him.Because of all that, I didn't have much interest in the chunks of the book featuring him. It was kind of like watching a train wreck.Sam/Alyssa: Okay, I didn't really have any problems with them or how either were presented. I did enjoy getting to catch up with them and "seeing" them together. They're one of my all-time favorite H/H's and so I never mind reading about them.At the same time, with them being the focus of the book and no new H/H (Dan and Jenn don't count), the level of romantic anticipation really went down for me. I missed there being a new romance with an HEA at the end. Which is, I suppose, why I've never really been interested in those Eve Plumb, JD Robb running series with a single heroine or H/H.Robin/Jules: Again, I was okay with this part. I think those two are so sweet together. Maybe you could say Jules doesn't have utter and complete trust in Robin and baby's him a bit...but ya know what, it's warranted. Robin is a recovering addict who could very easily slide back into past habits. If Jules has take actions to keep that from happening then I have no problem with that. But aside from that, I enjoy reading about those two. Jules is a fantastic character and one of the best things about reading the Troubleshooters series.The suspense plot: Honestly, it was just okay for me. A little to low-intensity, not enough detail and a bit too secondary in the story. I just thought it could have been a much stronger element of the book.Now, moving on to the more nebulous reason that I felt sort of disconnected from this book. I guess you could call it a lingering hangover from what was the Sophia/Dave/Decker fiasco in Dark of Night. Or maybe it's that I've lost some faith in the author because of DoN and some of the author's comments. I fell into the camp that had been fully expecting a Sophia/Decker pairing, that the things I'd read in previous books were leading up to that point. I know not everyone felt that way, but that's the way it came across to me. And so now I find myself utterly leery and wary of any multi-book romance that the author is writing. Because how can I get invested in a couple - as I did with Max/Gina and Alyssa/Sam - when the author has so recently shown that she'll go whatever way suits her fancy, even if it goes against earlier writings?That's how I felt while reading the sections of this book dealing with Izzy and Eden. I really like those two together; they seem to suit each other. So I'm hoping they'll be able to work things out. And there were parts of this book that appeared to be very pro-Izzy/Eden...with Izzy saying he loved her, wanted her back, had gone to try to see her, etc, etc. Which made me happy, and yet I kept thinking back to Sophia/Decker and what the author did there. It left me with little faith in believing what direction the author was going. Especially when Brockmann added the awkward scenes between Izzy and Maria. It just left me envisioning a book where Izzy and Eden part ways and the author later stating something along the lines of 'how could you expect those two to stay together when they married for reasons other than love, when Eden was barely 18, and went through what they went through' as she did with the whole Sophia/Decker thing.And all that fosters that disconnected feeling I had while reading because I no longer have faith in where the author is heading with the multi-book romances. It's a disappointing thing, for this reader, because I've really loved this series up until the previous book. Gone Too Far and Breaking Point are two of my all-time favorite books, and Max/Gina and Sam/Alyssa are two of my all-time favorite romance couples. So to end up at this point, where I'm so disappointed with what's going on with the series, it just really disappointing.Will I read the next book, which will be the last Troubleshooters book for a while? Probably. I've come this far, might as well read one more. After that, who knows?

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2018-12-29 10:29

    Overall a great reunion book staring many fan favorites. You get a romantic suspense story that includes a blossoming new romance featuring Dan Gilman, plus a super-sized eeeeeeeeevil villian that hides in plain sight, and the brilliant sleuthing and lots of tender moments between Sam/Alyssa and Jules/Robin. First off, who is in this book? This book reunites fans with Sam, Alyssa, their 10-month old son Ash, Jules, Robin, Izzy, Danny G, Jose 'Jay' Lopez, and Tony (the new gay SEALs team member.) You will get a brief update on other members such as Nils (leading a new SEALS team 12), Max, Gina and their two kids (Emma now 2, and a new baby boy), and Sophia who is now pregnant. Savannah is the glue that brings everyone together, but she is only a minor character. (Her husband, name escapes me as I type, recovers just fine from the accident he received in the book DON.) We are also introduced to two of Savannah's friends, the ultra-beautiful Maria, a New York assembly woman, and Jenn, Maria's plain-Jane and a bit plump assistant. Plus there is a slew of secondary characters who all become suspects, leaving the readers to struggle while guessing which one of them is the dentist. The UPS guy? The cop? The intern? The brother? The homeless guy? The campaign donor? Since I guessed all of them during one time or another, I was just glad when he was finally revealed! I couldn't guess anymore. While this will not go down as my favorite in the series, it was a really good read. Sam, Alyssa, Jules and Robin felt like old familiar friends, so it was great to have them back leading the suspense part of this story. The romance part of the story involved Danny G and Jenn. From previous books we know that Danny G is Izzy's brother-in-law and not always a nice guy. Danny does become a likable standup kind of guy in this book, but Brockmann keeps him in full character so he does turn into a jerk in one big scene. However, without giving any spoilers he redeams himself the best we could possibly expect so I was more than happy with his storyline. I hear the next book will (finally!!) star Izzy, and include more of Danny and Jenn. I can't wait.

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2018-12-31 07:32

    Reviewed at Cross My Heart Writings & ReviewsAn "easy" assignment & a mini-vacation turn into a desperate search for a serial killer when Sam & Alyssa, with baby Ash in tow, head to NYC. Alyssa has been asked to teach some self-defense classes to a newly elected congresswoman who is receiving threatening notes - piece of cake, right? While there, she plans to enjoy some get down and dirty time with her sexy husband, Sam. But things are never that simple, are they? As dead bodies begin to stack up, Sam strongly suspects that someone other than the congresswoman is the real target of this sadistic serial killer. If he's right, the ones he loves most are in serious danger. An obsessive, homophobic serial killer from the past makes a return visit in Hot Pursuit. This time, he won't stop until he gets the one he wants most. Intense suspense builds as the story unfolds - impending danger around every corner. Believing the congresswoman to be the target, Alyssa has brought in some of the other Troubleshooters/SEALS (Izzy, Danny, Jay, Tony) to help protect the congresswoman and her assistant Jenn. As things spiral out of control, she also calls for FBI Agent Jules Cassidy who also brings along his mate Robin. As always, multiple support characters and their relationships are masterfully developed throughout the story. The volatile dynamics between Izzy and Danny are explored taking an interesting twist. But it's the "side couple" of Danny and Jenn that I found most intriguing. Brockmann has a way of taking on social issues and weaving them beautifully into her storylines. In the case of Jenn, it's a weight/size issue . . .the perception that a "large" woman is desperate for attention from a man and thus "easy" to manipulate for sex is expertly portrayed. Yes, it makes Danny come off as a bit of a sleazeball at first as he plays on the sympathies and insecurities of Jenn. But man - does he have a lesson to learn! Well done, SB! I can't wait for their story to continue.Hot Pursuit is an intriguing story featuring the best of the series! Gorgeous, hunky SEALS protecting ladies and babies - Yes, please! I'm a goner! A Must Read!

  • Arch
    2019-01-13 09:08

    Warning: I am not trying to make people avoid reading this book. A person should never go by my reviews to determine if they are going to read a book, because we have different opinions and what I may not like, the next person might and what the next person likes, I might not like. So please read the book and make your own judgement.I think that Suzanne Brockmann is a good storyteller.Sam and Alyssa gets 3.5 starsI have a lot to say about this book, but where should I start? I don't know, but maybe it's just me, at times it didn't seem as if I was reading about the same Sam and Alyssa that I have fallen in love with in Gone Too Far. That was the first book that I have read by Suzanne. Even the Sam and Alyssa from Defiant Hero and Over The Edge didn't seem to quite match the Sam and Alyssa in this book. I understand they are married in this book, but whatever happen to the prior Sam and Alyssa?I'm sorry but I honestly don't believe that the Sam from Gone Too Far would have allowed a man to talk to his wife crazy in the front of him and definitely not let him insult her behind her back. Sam would have put this man in check right off the bat, but in this book, he waited until after the man made a few insults, before he did something. Not only that, Sam allowed a detective to break one of his ribs. In this scene, I've found Sam to be soft. That's how he was written in this book. I know someone probably disagree, but we see things differently.Another thing that I didn't like in this book is that Alyssa didn't have much scenes with her son. She only held him once to breast feed him. Unless I have missed something. Someone can correct me. Ash was basically in Sam's care and I honestly don't see why, because he and Alyssa were staying at the same hotel. Ash should have been shared between both parents. Even in Dark of Night, Sam spent more time with Ash than Alyssa. She only held him once, when they went to that safe house. In this book, Ash spent more time with Izzy and Robin than his mother. Come on! I don't believe that Alyssa was that busy that she couldn't have more book time with her son. Another thing that I don't like and that is, Alyssa is going to go do an assignment for the president. Yes, I've said that she's going to go do the assignment, because according to this book, it's has been written in stone. Sam would be left behind to babysit, because he's not needed on this mission. Alyssa is going to be going for a month. She thinks it will be less than that. I know that Alyssa and Sam are fictional characters, but I couldn't help but think about divorce or even separation. Yes, I have thought that about my favorite couple, period! I know that their love is stronger than that and Mrs. Brockmann would never write that. I wouldn't even write that. I just hope that they don't spend too much time apart on any mission. Too much time apart can put a strain on a marriage.Marriage between a woman and a man is serious. That's all I am going to say about that.I really wish that Sam or Alyssa was the one that help aid Ash into walking and not Robin. Ash called to Sam in the book, by saying "Da" - not once did he called out to Alyssa and called her "Ma".You can tell that Alyssa doesn't spend a lot of time with Ash. When Ash stood up in his crib, she asked Sam if that was his first time doing that. I wish that he had more book time with Alyssa. Maybe in another book.I've read that Suzanne plans on writing more about Sam and Alyssa. Okay, they are married people and I know that they are fictional characters, but how much more can you write about a married couple, without getting into reality. All romance books have a touch of reality in it. A HEA is a reality. That's not make believe. Now how some come about can be unrealistic, but still love or lust is real.I can't see how Sam moved around like he did with a broken rib. He didn't want to go see a doctor. What's $50 to go get checked? I'm sure that Sam has paid more for booths or something else. Not once did I read him taking any aspirin for his pain. Oh, and I don't understand why would Sam and Alyssa leave Ash with Jules and Robin if anything happens to them, when he could go stay with family. Alyssa's sister (Tara)and Sam's cousin Noah. I would think that family would be chosen first and not a friend. Moving along. I've laughed how Sam was making fun of Max and his children and how Jules said that he had a picture of Ash, when he was a few weeks old, looking like a sumo wrestler. Ash was a big baby. He weighed 9 pounds. He's still a little chubby. Sam can't get it out of his head that Alyssa use to see Max and have kissed Max, in the front of him. Gillman is in love with Sophia. He really did fall hard for her, but too bad, because she's with Dave and Jenn is a sweet person. They seem like they would make a good couple.Izzy is in love with Eden. She needs to get her act together, if she's going to be with Izzy. He might just wind up with Maria or someone else. Unless I have missed something about Carol, for some reason I'm picturing her with Lopez.Okay, I'm finished.Wait! I want to make it known that Alyssa and Sam are one. They can speak to one another without saying anything and that's what I like about them. They very much compliment one another. I was only expressing what I didn't like in regards to them. They have showed how much they love each other. Teasing was present between them. They made time for connecting time. I know that I don't have to say what connect means. - I love them!Date Started Book: 08-06-09Date Finished Book: 08-09-09

  • Teresa
    2018-12-31 02:24

    I pretty much devoured this one. Being back with my favorite characters Sam, Alyssa, Jules, and Robin, plus an intense plot... and I was guaranteed to be happy. Add in other, newer, interesting characters and story, and there wasn't one POV or story arc I didn't love in this book.

  • Catherine
    2019-01-03 06:05

    *** 2.5 Stars ***Well.Let me start by saying that I loved the opportunity to catch up with Sam, Alyssa, Jules, and Robin. They are still some of my favourite characters from any M/F series ever, so getting to see how far their relationships and lives have come over the last eight or nine novels was lovely. I also thought that the suspense angle of the book was pretty well written - it certainly kept me guessing at The Dentist's identity until the very end (so many red herrings and likely suspects!). Unfortunately, this wasn't even close to my favourite installment in the Troubleshooters series. I think the main reason for my ho-hum reaction to this book was that I've never liked Dan Gillman's character in any of the previous books in the Troubleshooters series, and I couldn't care less if he ever got a HEA. As far as I'm concerned, Danny's a smarmy, me-first douchebag whose treatment of Izzy and Eden has always rubbed me the wrong way. As for Dan's relationship with Jenni in Hot Pursuit? Well, the whole thing was so... calculated (e.g. bang the chubby chick with the pretty friends; she won't have enough self-esteem to say no, and she'll take whatever scraps of attention and affection you give and be thankful for it). It was disgusting. He cried on cue to get her to sleep with him again, for Christ's sake! Now, I'm not saying that Danny's thoughts, feelings, and, um... seduction tactics have never been employed by men before (you can pretty much see this in practice during last call in any bar in any city on any night of the week), but romance novels are supposed to offer up a little bit of escapism to their readers. They're supposed to tap into a fantasy. How does this slick, manipulative blowhard earn leading man status in a romantic suspense novel aimed at female readers? What's the message being sent here? Why am I, as a chubby chick myself, supposed to root for Jenni to fall in love with someone who would look down on her but sleep with her anyway? #SorryNotSorry, but I just don't have it in me. So, when the book ended the way that it did, I didn't know whether to rage or cry or gag. One thing I did know for certain is that I wish that I could unread the author's note at the end of the book in which she promises to follow up with Dan and Jenni in a subsequent novel. I really wish she wouldn't. I really wish that she'd just relegate these two to the back burner of her series as a failed experiment and move on - preferably with more Alyssa, Sam, Jules, and Robin. Note about the rating: The mystery aspect of the novel completely deserves a 3 or 3.5 star rating, but the romance and leading characters were each only 2 star-worthy for me, so I've averaged it out to give an overall rating.

  • PepperP0t
    2018-12-28 07:03

    More maniacal than a James Bond Villain. Able to convince himself that his prey desire death by his hand. He's insane! He's obsessed! It's the Dentist! The Dentist has plotted and committed multiple murders across the country in an effort to bring TSI's number two into range so that he can fulfill "her" ultimate desire and raise her son as his own. Not likely with the delectable Sam Starrett and some of SEAL team sixteen's finest looking out for each other and Alyssa Locke Starrett is definitely one of theirs. The team takes a field trip to New York to help a newly elected assemblywoman and her chief of staff Jennilyn LeMay shore up security and get to the bottom of the malicious threats. Adding heartburn to this mix is New York Detective Mike Callahan, whose charm is all in his mind, keeps popping up to ensure everyone is clear that he is in charge. Jules puts in an appearance to flex the necessary FBI muscle as the seemingly simple assignment devolves and spins out of control on multiple levels as the Dentist captures Alyssa, several dead bodies begin to appear, overlapping jurisdictions, Jenn & Dan begin a shaky romance, anatomical clues and all with baby Ashton and Robin on this "simple assignment" as well. I liked that there was a bit of SEAL interaction with the team members that are generally in the background. This was a really full installment with a lot happening and a lot I really liked, but I wasn't necessarily pleased with the pacing including the rushed feeling ending. There was so much set-up in the beginning and we went so long without The Dentist having a name I wanted to hurry through those pieces. I liked Jenn's wit, humor and multi-layered personality and thought she made a really good match with Dan Gillman. Gillman's still the immature, petulant jerk he's been in past installments but maybe this relationship will help him mature, I rather liked that their relationship was unresolved here and Jenn's resolution was great. Another high note was when The Dentist' identity was finally revealed and "SEAL-ed", he was a great villain - sufficiently deluded. I know this series is going on hiatus and there's a long break between the next two installments, but I'm already anxiously awaiting the return of Troubleshooters, Inc & SEAL team sixteen-there are so many yet to be partnered off!

  • Michelle
    2018-12-19 06:25

    I really had resigned myself to not liking this book. There have been so many negative reviews and longtime Brockmann fans have criticized it (and her), especially after she didn't write the Dark of Night (Dave/Sophia/Decker) storyline/romance the way people expected. And while I have loved all of the Troubleshooters book, I am a romance fan first and foremost, and her books are high on intensity and suspense and sometimes lacking in romance. This one was no different. In fact, aside from a love story emerging between Dan Gillman and a new female, there's not much in the romance department. For me, though, this whole series is like a big, warm family that I love to come back to. Sam & Alyssa and even Jules & Robin were pretty prominent in this book, and even though they've been done and overdone and done some more, I really, really like returning to their lives, so having them involved in this plot wasn't exactly a hardship for me. There are two things that impress me about Suzanne Brockmann. Number one - her characters are REAL. Every heroine isn't the picture perfect supermodel wannabe girl next door. And her heroes are awesome, but very diverse and very flawed. Gillman (in this one) is a jerk - completely. This series has older men with younger women, older women with younger men, mixed-race relationships, short SEALs with even shorter women, plus-sized women, etc. All of the relationships are different. Number two - while the "formula" for her books might be the same, every single one of them (for me) works. The intensity builds and the plot thickens and sometimes they are insanely unbelievable and sometimes they are grisly (like this book), but each book lures me in and creates a world of action and intrigue and romance that makes it impossible for me to put the book down until I see how it ends.I was fully expecting to be disappointed with Hot Pursuit and I wasn't. At all. I loved it, and I'm almost sad that the next book (Izzy's) will be the last Troubleshooters book. I know some say that Brockmann has written this series to death, but IMO, you can't have too much of a good thing.

  • Colleen
    2018-12-24 10:08

    I absolutely loved the latest in the Troubleshooters series. You get to catch up with many of your favorite past characters and there are a few new characters thrown in the mix as well. Jules/Robin had me cracking up at several points in the book. Alyssa/Sam still have their dream relationship in check and it's great seeing them as parents to little Ash. We get to also catch up with Izzy and all he's going through with Eden. Then there is the romance between Dan Gillman and Jenn. I loved their relationship, even though Dan initally plays some serious games just to get in her pants, but he comes through in the end. Of course their story is sort of left with a cliffhanger - do they stay together or not?!? I cannot wait until the book comes out to see what happens between Dan & Jenn and Izzy & Eden.It's not all about relationships though and there is a great suspense plot concerning the Dentist. Total psychopath who has targeted Alyssa. Lots of twists and turns in this one!

  • Yvonne
    2019-01-10 07:03

    When your main new romantic pairing involves a guy, Dan Gillman, who had this to say:"You find the, I don't know, the chunky girl with the really pretty friends...She's low maintenance and low drama, plus she's wired to believe you're too good to be true. She expects to be dumped, so when you do it, she let's go immediately." it's pretty much hard to work up much enthusiasm for said pairing, despite all subsequent protestations of affection. After all, he's still the guy jerky enough to put those thoughts to words.This author is a little old fashioned in the romance department. She's even got the gay couple into their gender roles with Robin playing the little woman, babysitting & needing to be babysat as well as appropriating exclaiming how strong his man Jules is.Nevertheless, It was nice to see the old gang again in this chapter featuring Alyssa and Sam even if I found the murder plotline a little weak.

  • إيمان
    2019-01-08 09:33

  • Sheila
    2019-01-06 09:05

    The team is guarding an assemblywoman.

  • Peridot_Lyoness
    2019-01-03 06:06

    Fantastic book and great characters, per ush. I love this series so much and these characters are so familiar, it's like hearing your friends tell you how they met and all the adventures they've had together..... except they were in mortal danger and prevented horrible things from happening. Alyssa and Sam are awesome, and Jules and Robin are simply amazing. Jules' and Robin's relationship gives me peace. It's like some of my friends' marriages- with some couples, not all, I feel like they are going to make it, like their relationship has a good foundation and I feel at peace because they are really going to make it as a couple. Like they'll be 70 with white hair and wrinkled faces, still holding hands, still kissing behind doors and having adventures together. The more I get to know Zanella, the more I love him and the more I want to get to know him. Same with Maria, she is intriguing. Gillman got on my nerves, but I think he may have gotten it at the end. Writing a character like Jenni, the girl who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the "fat" friend, takes guts and an incredible sensibility from the author. I mean, I know Brockmann has guts, that is obvious, but she could have pissed some people off or written a cartoonish character. Instead, she wrote a warm, sassy, smart girl who knows her value and wouldn't settle for less. Thanks, author.

  • Michelle
    2019-01-15 04:21

    Suzanne Brockmann always writes fantastic characters, and I love her dialogue because it sounds exactly like people actually talking. Her last few books have been really pushing the bar higher for excellent fiction. Perhaps that is why this book fell a little flat for me. It was still a great book, but not quite up to her normal standards. First, Brockmann usually pushes her political agenda in books, but she does it in the context of the story. In this book, she spends a little too much time on the soapbox for it to fit seamlessly into the story. However, I happen to agree with her causes, so that didn't bother me too much.A bigger issue was that the main romances was between Dan and Jenn, and I was furious at Dan through the whole book for being a sleazy, disingenuous player. And then when Jenn finds out what he did, she just forgives him! I guess others might like this storyline more than me, because I wouldn't have forgiven him. Also, this could be just me, but I thought Alyssa was a little condescending to Sam. They were billed as having an equal partnership of a marriage, but it seemed more like Alyssa was in charge of everything.Most of those flaws were overshadowed by my two favorite parts of the book: Izzy (who is my new favorite Troubleshooters character, hands down)and the awesome way the serial killer dies! I enjoyed this book, but it just barely misses a five star rating.

  • Wendy F
    2019-01-13 04:10

    I don't have a whole lot to say about this book unfortunately.Mostly it was very disappointing. I'm not sure I think it was a great idea to revisit Sam and Alyssa in a MC capacity. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had been more secondary. The thing is, even though I HATED Gillman, I cared more about his story in this one than I did about the Sam/Alyssa story. Every time it was pulled away from Gillman and back to The Dentist I wanted to put the book down and do something else. Any reader knows that's like the statement of death.I'm giving it 3 stars for the little bit we got of Izzy, and for Gillman's growth in this book. Did I think he was a dick? Oh yeah, but I think that sometimes guys are dicks and I think that he also redeemed himself quite a bit.Book 16 is about Gillman and his lady love, and it also gives us back Izzy and Eden, so -fingers crossed- I'm hoping to really love that one.2.5 stars

  • Barbara ★
    2019-01-04 03:03

    This book was merely just okay. I honestly didn't think the suspense plot was well put together. I figured out who the culprit was about halfway through the book and kept waiting for it to actually get suspenseful. It never did. And WTH was up with the whole Dan and Jenn thing? What an asshole Dan is! I got to the point where the minute the pages turned to their story, I flipped right through it without reading a word. I understand a book dedicated to them will be forthcoming. Well that's one I won't be reading. In fact, I hope Jenn pitches him into the Hudson River. I did enjoy seeing all the Troubleshooters again especially Alyssa and Sam. Though honestly I could have done without the whole politician thing which was incredibly boring. Oh well my fault entirely for not reading the blurb before picking up this book.

  • Leea
    2018-12-17 02:32

    2.5 stars... Oh it pains me to write that. I really didn't like this book at all. I was looking forward to more Alyssa and Sam moments and there we're those but the rest was left me wanting more. Almost like Brockmann had too many story lines going on to really focus my attention on one couple. I did enjoy reading about Danny Gillman changing and seeing him in a new light. He still had his moments that had me shacking my head and rolling my eyes.Izzy... he was there too. What a cutie and I cannot wait for his book.Other than that, the 15th book in the Troubleshooter series didn't progress the stories at all. I ended up skimming the stalker POV parts. The ending wrapped everything up so fast and I was left wanting more.

  • Amy
    2018-12-28 09:32

    I loved this book. I loved revisiting Sam and Alyssa after all this time. I especially appreciated, on a personal level, reading about Alyssa trying to juggle breastfeeding and her job. That struck home for me.I also like how there were lots of probable suspects for the big bad guy. I figured it out, but there were definitely other possibilities.I also love the non-resolution of the Jen/Danny relationship. That struck me as true to life. And it makes me look forward to the next book. . .although it never takes much to make me look forward to the next Suzanne Brockmann book.Izzy broke my heart in this book. I have always loved him, and now I love him even more.

  • Tina
    2019-01-11 07:19

    In the back of Flashpoint published in 2004, there is a short story that first introduces us to Alyssa' Locke's pursuit of the serial killer known only as The Dentist. At the end of the short story he gets away and that left the door open to the possibility that we'd not seen the end of that particular character.Well fast forward to 2009 and we get Hot Pursuit. A full on suspense thriller/mystery story that focuses on Alyssa's - Hot Pursuit -- of The Dentist. For those not in the know, this book stars Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke, arguably Suzanne Brockmann's most popular couple form her long running Troubleshooters series. They first meet as very minor characters in book #1 Unsung Hero and it is disdain at first sight. Throughout the next four books in the series, they begin a secondary character romance arc that is both wonderful and agonizing to watch. Until finally they get their own book with Gone Too Far and all the angst of the previous books culminates (in true Sam and Alyssa's fashion) in a dramatic and final ending where they get married and begin to settle in married and professional life. We get more glimpses of the happy couple throughout the following 8 troubleshooter books, including three mini-short stories. As an unabashed Sam & Alyssa fan, I was always happy to get those small glimpses of them in the other books but with them being front and center again in a book I am over the moon.This book starts out with us learning pretty early on that The Dentist has developed something of an obsession with Alyssa. In the typical bat-shit crazy way that books have with dealing with serial killers we learn that he has a need to kill and now a lot of what he is doing is completely because of and focused on Alyssa. So much so that, through a byzantine series of machinations, he manages to lure Alyssa to NYC. Alyssa, for her part, doesn't know that she's on the trail of The Dentist at first. She thinks she is doing her friend Savannah a favor by helping out a newly elected Assemblywoman Maria Bonavita (who has received some vague threats) with security set up and self defense. To that end, Alyssa brings along Sam, Ash (their 10 month old son) and a group of Navy SEALs as visible muscle. It is supposed to be a quick two week easy assignment, a vacation of sorts for all involved.But from almost the moment they arrive things start to go downhill. They are thrust right into the middle of a murder mystery with a slew of suspects and lots of questions. Added to that, two of the SEALs, Dan Gilman and Izzy Zanella (old foes from previous books) continue on with their dislike of each other. Zanella is also dealing with the aftermath of his break-up with his wife and Dan is dealing with possible PTSD from a recent stint in Afghanistan. Dan also embarks on a brief romance with Jenn, Maria's Chief of Staff. And although it seems like containing the threat to Maria is one of simply trying to figure out the who and the why, for Sam it doesn't quite fit right. Slowly the threads of all the various stories (red herrings abound) come together and the group is stunned to realize that they are in fact chasing the serial killer known as The Dentist and that Maria may not be his real target at all.I enjoyed this book immensely. Like I said above, whenever I can get a Sam & Alyssa fix, I am happy (and we also get plenty of face time with Robin and Jules). But I do believe I would not categorize this story as true romance novel. I think Brockmann has moved firmly into the Suspense category with this and in fact this almost reads like a whodunnit in places. While the reader knows exactly what is going on (except for the actual true identity of The Dentist), Alyssa and her team are completely in the dark until almost the end of the book. What romance there is (aside from the gushingly happy couples Sam/Alyssa and Robin/Jules) is not within a normal romance framework. Dan and Jenn are ostensibly the main romance couple here. However, their ending isn't what regular romance readers would consider a typical HEA. First, Dan's pursuit of Jenn is ,imo, somewhat manipulative with some less than wonderful motivation. He does redeem himself to the reader because through his inner dialogue we understand that he truly is emotionally involved with her, but he damages her trust in him through some hurtful comments she overhears. And while she accepts his apology, she doesn't let him off the hook easily. These two don't ride into the sunset HEA in the end. Don't get me wrong, they are in love and we have every right to assume that they will be ok, but I think the ending will leave some romance readers who like a written in stone HEA, a bit put off.Which brings me to Izzy. The interesting thing about this story is that while the suspense plot is resolved, it is the romance elements that end in cliffhanger. In addition to Dan and Jenn, there is Izzy. For anyone who has followed the series, Izzy is married to Dan's sister Eden. As far as marriages go, it has a very rocky foundation. Eden isn't in this book at all, but Izzy's thoughts are on her a lot. However, another woman has her eye on Izzy. The reader is left with the suggestion that if things don't work out with Eden this woman may be the one in the wings for Izzy? I am sure Brockmann left that suggestion out there intentionally. For myself, I wouldn't mind. I couldn't stand the Izzy/Eden pairing and would find this new Izzy pairing quite intriguing.And finally, there is a lot of inner dialogue of The Dentist himself. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. I actually found his inner dialogue a little tedious. I think my love of the suspense novel works against me here because I've been in the head of a lot of fictional psychos. LOL! Rather than being scary, it was more been-there-done-that.But even with that little quibble, this book was a very, very good read. I enjoyed it immensely and the ending was really awesome. No wonder Sam Starrett is in my top three favorite fictional heroes of all time.

  • Lori McD
    2018-12-24 08:19

    3+ starsRECOMMENDED FOR: Troubleshooter fans, Sam & Alyssa fans, Jules & Robin fans, and Izzy fansOK, so this wasn't my favorite book... there's a lot good in it and about it. But I've never been a Dan Gillman fan, and he didn't impress me in this book AT ALL. Plus, I'd somehow missed "The Dentist" short at the end of "Flashpoint", so I didn't have any bearing going into this book.I also wasn't thrilled with Alyssa. We *know* that Alyssa is a capable woman and a great team leader. But we also know that Alyssa is married and has a baby - Ashton. Did Alyssa even pick up Ash once in this book? Did she tend to him at all? As I looked back, even on the previous book, it seemed as if everyone else (mostly the men) were taking care of Ash. If Alyssa was thinking of her baby in this book, it was because she was leaking breast milk or would need to feed him or pump. But I don't recall her every spending any quality time with her son. And that's just sad. Is it Alyssa? Or is it Ms. Brockmann, wanting to show that Alyssa's made it in a tough, male-dominated world?Her interaction with Detective Mick Callahan was good. She held it together, despite Mick being a complete and total ass. Sam's actions were completely warranted. How Mick got away with what he did (not being held accountable for his police brutality of Sam) is... beyond me.The mystery of WHO The Dentist is was... good. There were plenty of suspects and twists and turns, so that the reader had a lot of options to choose from. Unfortunately, Ms. Brockmann gave away too much in The Dentist's monologues before his identity is known. That's what cemented who he was, although, I admit that I knew almost immediately, based on the descriptions. But I'm also a mystery fan and avid Clue player who could handily beat adults at the game and the whodunnits at age 9.Sam and AlyssaOther than my issue with Alyssa not really being what I'd consider a mother to her own child, I loved Sam & Alyssa. It's obvious that they're still trying to balance everything - work, their time, family time, but the key is that they're actively working on it. And while Sam does go "caveman" more than once in this book, it's always warranted, IMO. He's actively protecting his wife and his family. 'Nuff said. But between the two of them, there's a cozy, warmth; the angst and "will they last?" is gone. They're SOLID.Dan Gillman and JennilynTough for me... I've never been a Gillman fan, because I really don't get his issue with Izzy. It seems like jealousy, to me, because Captain Perfect (as Eden would call him) doesn't get all the attention that he thinks he's due. Especially when Izzy's around, because Iz has the sense of humor and joie de vive that people like being around. As opposed to the calculating, scheming, manipulating Dan.And I really, really didn't like his "philosophy" about how to get the sex that he wanted. Not just the "chunky" or "big girl" stuff, even though that was ABOMINABLE. (Especially being the shorter, chunkier girl all my life - the one who fights her weight and has a hard time accepting her curves.) But just Gillman's ARROGANCE to think that 2 weeks is enough. That any girl would give it up for a 2 week relationship where he supposedly "gives his all" and then it's done. But the odds, on the other hand, of Dan nailing Jennilyn LeMay, and having a hell of a two-week vacation with her... That was definitely do-able. He knew he could be exactly what she needed, exactly what she wished for and dreamed of, exactly what she never got with her classically beautiful boss always hanging around.She was actually kind of pretty, in a supersized way. Not taht she was fat. She was just... sturdy. Strapping. Statuesque. goddess-like--if there was a Goddess of Awkwardness.Really? Seriously? This guy was just asking to be taken down more than a few pegs. And while I knew that I was supposed to be sympathetic towards him for his PTSD issues, I just thought he was pathetic. I waited for when Jenn would discover his perfidy.Despite Dan really getting in to Jenn and slowly realizing it was more than just sex, I had a hard time stomaching him. His "It's different this time. With you." bit had me gagging, as she was. And when she did kick him to the curb by telling him exactly what she thought (although I wouldn't have given him even the slimmest possibility of a second chance), I openly cheered!IzzyMan, our Izzy's seen some rough times. And I wondered if he could be the Izzy we know and love. He does manage to still be Izzy, but definitely toned down. I love how, even when Dan is being his worst, Izzy still listens... still gives him a chance to be a good guy. And I also love how Izzy calls Dan's bullshit.The stuff with Maria... hmmm. Izzy's quite the guy, no doubt. And I get there's something about seeing a strong, tough man being so good and so gentle with a baby. That's a strong, strong draw, especially for a woman who wants and "needs" a family. But her whole vibe thing with Izzy was just... uncomfortable. Because Izzy really isn't her type. Or maybe she's not his? I just don't see Izzy being a house-husband to a major elected official. He'd have to tone down so much of who he is. His humor would never go over. And so Izzy would have to give up Izzy; and I didn't want that to happen.JulesThere are some seriously tense moments with Jules. I wasn't sure he'd make it out of this book. And while I had my doubts about Robin and how he seemingly became the perfect man after deciding to be openly gay and in love with Jules... Robin finally won me over once and for all in this book. (OK, he probably won me over 2 books ago, but I acknowledged it in this book.) It is a bit wearing for Jules to be what seems like overprotective of Robin, always needing to make sure he's got a "sitter" handy. But at least Robin seems to be OK with it and doesn't always fight it.It was interesting to find about about Dolphina and Will, too. Just a few mentions, but enough. Thank you, Ms. Brockmann!

  • Marisa
    2019-01-04 08:05

    Short Review: Hot Pursuit t is the latest book in the Troubleshooter series. For me that was enough to go out and buy the book. What? That’s not enough for you? OK then, read the long review.Long Review: I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann’s romantic suspense books, particularly her Troubleshooter Series. I will also say that while I eagerly await each new book in the series (I purchase the hard covers), I read each book with extremely high expectations and however unfair that might be, I expect these books to be great. There, I said it out loud, that’s what I want. So, after picking up Hot Pursuit, I sat down and read it cover to cover in one sitting, and it was great. In all honesty I’m not sure if it was great because, well, I love the way Ms. Brockmann writes, or because the book is centered on two beloved characters – Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. What ever the reason, and I suspect it might take me a re-read to discover the answer, I fell in love with her characters as I always do. For me Hot Pursuit, as in all of Brockmann’s books, is about the characters; the characters drive the train. The mystery to be solved is interesting, yes, but again, its how the characters relate to each other and how they attack the ‘mission’ that is intriguing.In Hot Pursuit, we find Alyssa Locke and her husband Sam Starrett in New York for an easy assignment. Both Alyssa and Sam are employees of Troubleshooters Inc., one of the best private security companies in the world. It seems a New York State Assemblywoman has been receiving serious hate mail and it’s up to Alyssa and her team to teach the Assembylwoman and her staff some simple self-defense techniques and beef up their office security. Sounds simple. In fact Sam and Alyssa take their young son along thinking perhaps they’ll get in some sightseeing in New York while they are there. Of course sightseeing is definitely taken off the menu when an old serial killing nemesis called The Dentist goes gunning for Alyssa and young women are being murdered.Hot Pursuit brings back many characters from this much beloved bestselling series, in particular Navy SEAL’s, Izzy, Tony, Lopez and Gillman. Jules Cassidy and his husband, actor Robin Chadwick, are also prominently featured. Ah, it’s like coming home, the joy of getting re-acquainted with much loved characters. And that is the beauty of this series, as a reader, you can always go home again, and it’s a welcoming place. Ms. Brockmann has a unique way of allowing her characters to grow and change and we still end up loving them, warts and all. With each new book, with each new character, we still want to know what’s happening to the rest of the Troubleshooters and Navy SEAL’s she’s introduced to us over the years. So yes, Sam and Alyssa, two characters that have been with us almost from the beginning have gone from an adversarial relationship, to lovers, to partners, to husband and wife to parents. And we’ve had the great good fortune to experience their journey. In each successive book you see the respect and love they have for each other and the work that goes into their relationship. Being able to have this relationship evolve book after book while keeping the characters interesting, the story line fresh and the suspense suspenseful is the work of an author who not only knows her characters but knows how to tell a great story.As per usual, it wouldn’t be a Troubleshooter’s book without the introduction of new characters. Ms. Brockmann invariably has at least two romantic story lines going at one time, with 2 different heroes and 2 different heroines. She always appeases us by giving us at least one happy ending. Thank goodness. Of course, that leaves us with one Hero and Heroine who have unfinished business. And Ms. Brockmann is never predictable, because you never know when or if that hero or heroine you’ve come to know and perhaps grown to love will get their happy ending. (For you fans, need I mention Decker and Sophia in Dark of Night? – wasn’t that both a shock and a delicious, unexpected, well worth the wait surprise?). In Hot Pursuit we get to meet Jenn, the Assemblywoman’s assistant. She’s not your drop dead gorgeous heroine, she’s a regular size 12 gal, who’s a bit too tall, most likely shops at Marshall’s and wears glasses. Her hero is the unlikely and very handsome Navy SEAL Gillman. With his own internal issues and struggles he’s all about expiration dating, that his until The Dentist gets in his space and it gets personal. Both story lines, Sam and Alyssa the established couple that have a child, and Jenn and Gillman the new couple out for 14 days of great sex, ring true – the dialogue between them and the words left unsaid give all four of these people a believability. Giving them this believability gives you a desire as a reader to know more about them.So, if you’re looking for a romantic suspense that is filled with characters that are not only personable but down to earth real, with great dialogue and a sense of coming home to characters you already love or will meet for the first time and begin to love, with a spot on narrative and a suspenseful mystery, might I suggest Hot Pursuit.

  • Erin
    2018-12-29 07:20

    This one was kind of a disappointment. Maybe I had high expectations—the previous book totally blew me away, most of the best series regulars were to be in this one—but this one just was not as good. It was still a really enjoyable read, but not one of the better Troubleshooters books. The problems were these: I think the book would have benefited from a tighter edit. The ebook had a bunch of typos, first of all, but there's also a lot of redundant information. In the first half of the book, there's a lot of series recapping. Some of it is good—we haven't seen Izzy in a couple of books and I'd forgotten that his wife had left him—but some of it is not good—if, after 14 books, you don't know who Sam, Alyssa, and Jules are, there's a problem. Especially since I don't know if this works as a standalone if you're unfamiliar with the Sam/Alyssa backstory. (The funny thing is that the things we all know—that Jules is an FBI agent, that he and Alyssa used to be partners, for example—is the stuff that gets rehashed, but some other relevant stuff gets glossed over.) On top of that, which I already found annoying, was that Brockmann explains everything. Every bit of military or police lingo gets explained, every pop-culture reference is put into context and totally spelled out, and it became distracting. (For example, one of the characters says, "Not now, Cato," and there's a whole paragraph explaining both how it's a reference to the Pink Panther movies and who Cato is.)So I wish someone had cut all that out. Also I didn't like Maria much, which is a problem since she's the person they're all there to protect. The suspense plot was problematic, too. I knew who the bad guy was almost as soon as he was introduced, which made it annoying when Alyssa got it so tragically wrong. Also, Brockmann uses a mystery trope that I hate: the scenes from the unnamed villain's POV where he stalks our heroes. So we know immediately that he's a serial killer that Alyssa's run into before, and we also know early on that he works in Maria's office and sometimes disguises himself as a homeless man. It takes the Troubleshoosters team most of the book to figure that out. So that was frustrating because we all knew but the team didn't, and it took the suspense out, too, because we knew more than the characters did. So the only mystery here is which suspect is actually the killer, but he's obvious, first of all, and the red herrings are so obviously red herrings that they're easy to rule out. There are also way too many POV characters, and I felt it was our loss because we didn't spend as much time with some characters as I would have liked. And I can't figure out Robin's role here in particular. I guess he's the outside observer—there's one in every Troubleshooters book (Decker in Hot Target is the best example I can come up with OTOH). Here's what worked, though:Robin's alcoholism treated as an ongoing problem, not one tidily solved. In the series timeline, Robin has been sober for a couple of years, but he'll never be cured. Although this is all done in one scene in the beginning where Robin tells Jules his show just went on hiatus and Jules tells Robin he has to go to Afghanistan, and there's some concern that Jules' absence plus Robin's idle hands will lead to a relapse. This is never addressed again in the book, except obliquely by Sam who offers to take Robin on vacation while Jules and Alyssa are in Afghanistan. Tony the Gay SEAL! I'd be worried about him getting axed by Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but then he'd just get hired by Troubleshooters, so he'll be fine. I love that he keeps sneaking off to meet with his unnamed boyfriend, and then Brockmann put a line in the author's note that the boyfriend is exactly who you think it is, and I screamed a little. Brockmann is sometimes subtle with the recapping. We know Robin's TV show is successful because Jenn (our new character) thinks when she meets Robin that she's overwhelmed to be sharing a hotel suite with an Emmy winner, for example. We know that Mary Lou is doing all right because Sam can't call her in to babysit because she's going to give birth any day. And then there's that point in every Brockmann novel where you just cannot put the book down, and the last third was pretty tight. And I love also that some of these characters have been around in the series for such a long time that they reference things twelve books ago and have that history together. Izzy and Gillman and Lopez all call Sam "Sir" all the time, like he's still their commanding officer. Gillman still thinks about the airline hijacking that happened in Book 3. So not the best entry in the series, but still entertaining.

  • SheLove2Read
    2018-12-24 08:24

    I admit it: I'm a total Sam Starrett stalker. So when I heard there was another book with Sam and Alyssa as the main characters, I was gung ho to read it, and I wasn't disappointed.Just a quick note: potential spoilers ahead.This book's main storyline is about Sam & Alyssa but there's also a good romance between Danny Gillman and Jennilynn, and the continuing saga of Izzy and Eden.Savannah (Kenny's wife) and Jenn (or Jenni, as Dan calls her) are friends with a NYC Assemblywoman with big political aspirations. Unbeknownst to everyone (still!) is that Savannah has a stalker called the Dentist, who coincidentally, is someone Alyssa has been after for years. The Dentist's plan is to kill Savannah and have Alyssa investigate, thereby putting him in direct contact so he can also kill Alyssa. However before he can put his plan into motion, Savannah races to San Diego because Kenny has been badly hurt. The Dentist revises his plan and I admit, its a good one, although kind of convoluted, and if you had tried to put this plan into motion in real, there's just so many variables it would never have come to pass. But this is a work of fiction did. ;-)Alyssa, Sam, and their team find themselves investigating a gruesome murder that is linked to the Assemblywoman's office. As part of the security detail, Dan Gillman is paired to bodyguard Jenn. Dan being the playboy he is decides he's going to score with "the chubby friend" Jenn. And he does, he just never counted on actually falling for her. Jenn is one of those characters you instantly like. She's a size 14 (which I'm sorry Hollywood, is NOT fat!), tall and a little gangly, doesn't dress well and really could use a haircut. But she's solid and dependable and she's whip smart and really cares about her friends. How could Dan the Man NOT fall in lust with her? Their relationship is scorching hot and emotional and you just know Dan is going to screw it up.....and he does - royally.That screw up leads to the "it" moment in which all the storylines converge. Its scary and its edge of your seat and you just know the team won't get there in time to save ...... (not gonna tell ya!) And that's the only thing, for me, that keeps this book from being a 5 star read. The HEA for Dan and Jenn doesn't happen. Their story arcs into the next book, just like Sam and Alyssa's did. I'm glad Dan is getting his comeuppance, which he sooooo deserves. What he did to screw up his budding relationship with Jenn almost made me cry. (yeah, I'm a curvy girl too, and words can hurt) Jenn hasn't said the final goodbye, but she's making him work for it BIG TIME. You see, Dan is on his way to Afghanistan for the next several MONTHS, and Jenn isn't giving an inch of leeway. (Go Jenn!)Overall, I loved revisiting Sam (ok, ok and Alyssa too) and the team. I wish there wasn't an arc and I wish that the "big save" had been a longer scene, and I wish that the almost-kiss-off by Jenn to Dan was a bit more....more. I'm looking forward to the next book, as always.A-

  • Christi Snow
    2018-12-26 02:04

    Review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blog...My Review:This is a wonderful book with some awesome suspense. This is book #15 of the Troubleshooters series. I have been saving this book for when #16 came out. This book had everything that I hoped for in the final just wasn't the final one.The ongoing relationship/love story between Sam and Alyssa remains to be one of my favorite story lines and this one did not disappoint in that aspect. I liked to be able to see Sam and Alyssa as their relationship has matured and they have matured with it. They share responsibilities. They respect each other and their fears and concerns for each other...what they do is dangerous business for both of them. It was good to see that even when they don't agree, they still respect the other's concerns. It was awesome to see this really healthy, loving relationship. I love Sam and Alyssa...and I still love Robin & Jules- another example of a really strong long-lasting relationship in this book.A new relationship in this book is Jenni & Dan. This one was different. Dan is gorgeous and can get just about anyone he wants, but he's not a guy that likes one night stands. He likes relationships that last a week or two...long enough that there is some ease and comfort to the passion, but not too long for this commitment-phobe. I really enjoyed this story line. Jenni calls Dan out on his bs....she usually capitulates, but she lets him know that she's aware of the games that he's playing. Dan, on the other hand, ends up being really blown away from his unexpected attachment to Jenni. It's a fun story!This is a great suspenseful novel. There is no secret from the very beginning to you the reader as to what the bad guy has planned...the suspense comes from not knowing when it's going to happen and who exactly is the bad guy that we keep seeing. It keeps you hooked from the very beginning and the climax is amazing!!! LOVED this book!!! It was great fun to see all the teams in action again.

  • Anita
    2018-12-31 07:17

    At the end of the paperback a couple of books back there was a short story about Alyssa and the Dentist. It was chilling and I hoped that it never would become a book plot. I lost. This is a really hard book for me to read. Serial killers are so not my thing and to have one of my favorite characters caught up with one is terrifying to me.The Dentist has be obsessing about Alyssa since she and Jules almost caught him some years ago. He has researched her and devised an elaborate using plan to trap her and kill her Then he is going to kill Sam and kidnap Ashton and raise him as his son. Very sick and all because of... who knows what in the mind of a psycho. A friend of Savannah von Holf, Ken (Wild Card) Kamondy's wife has won an State Assembly seat in New York, NY. The Dentist worked in the campaign and it looks like he has manipulated events to bring Alyssa, Sam and a backup group of SEALS to do bodyguard duty and security work for the Assemblywoman, Maria. Danny Gillman connects with the chief of staff, Jenn, and sparks fly.Hot, Hot Hot! This book is a real page turner and the romances are off the charts. Gilman is looking for a 2 week leave lay. Jenn is smart, funny and not the most beautiful woman, but, Then he mucks is up.Izzy Zanella is with the team also. He is still driving Dan crazy, but I think al lot of that is to hide the pain that Eden won't even talk to him. Izzy and Maria, the Assemblywoman, have a few intimate chats and Maria, the sexy, hot babe, puts the moves on Izzy. She all but flat out asks him to marry her. She is on the move politically and needs a family.

  • Wendy
    2019-01-01 07:05

    I have to say that Suzanne has done it again! She not only wrote an intriguing nail biter, she kept me awake all night because I just had to see what would happen next. (Jeez! I can't afford to lose much sleep.)Our favorite of all of the characters that she has written about are again featured in this one, but there is a new romance that starts and one that you wish could find some happiness. Alyssa Locke has been determined to find the killer that left a woman in the freezer of a home in New Hampshire, where she and Sam found her a few years ago. Alyssa, Sam and their team of Troubleshooters are in New york to keep an eye on an assembly woman that has been receiving threats. But when a human heart turns up in the assembly woman's office, they must protect her and those around her from this new threat. The clues keep adding up and they are against the clock trying to find the killer. In the mean time Dan Gillman is drawn to one of the personal assistants working for the assembly woman. But Izzy is there to drive him crazy as usual. Lopez is there to keep him sane, while the assistant Jenn continues to drive him nuts. This is very high suspense with the tender moments that Suzanne is known for. You find yourself torn about your feelings for each character. You just can't put this book down. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.