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What can Uncle Quentin be up to - all alone - on Kirrin Island. He won't let anyone visit - not even George and the rest of the Famous Five. But Quentin isn't really all alone on the island - somebody is watching his every move! About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid Blyton was born in London in 1896. She was educated in a private school and thought tWhat can Uncle Quentin be up to - all alone - on Kirrin Island. He won't let anyone visit - not even George and the rest of the Famous Five. But Quentin isn't really all alone on the island - somebody is watching his every move! About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid Blyton was born in London in 1896. She was educated in a private school and thought that she would become a musician until she realized that writing was her passion. She attended Ipswich High School where she trained to become a kindergarten teacher and eventually opened her own school for infants. Blyton's first poem was published in 1917, entitled "Have You-" which appeared in Nash's Magazine. In 1922, her first book of verses was published, entitled "Child Whispers." In 1926 she accepted a position editing the children's magazine "Sunny Stories" as well as writing the column "Teachers World." Blyton's first full length children's book was published din 1938 and was titled "The Secret Island." After working on the column for years, Blyton quit "Teachers World" in 1945 and also ended her stint as editor of "Sunny Stories" seven years later. In 1953 she started her own children's magazine called "The Edith Blyton Magazine" which featured stories about her characters and news on the clubs formed around them. Her most famous stories were those of the "Famous Five" The Magazine closed in 1959. In the 50's and 60's Blyton was criticized for the language in her book, for being to simple, but some 300 are still in print today. Blyton has published over 600 books in the course of her career. Enid Blyton died in her sleep on November 28, 1968. She was 72 years old....

Title : Five on Kirrin Island Again
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Five on Kirrin Island Again Reviews

  • Sunshine
    2019-01-07 09:38

    Uncle Quentin you really are the most infuriating and grumpy old fart. You angry up my blood to Hulk proportions! Anne although the others think you're a pointless, incompetent turd, I think you're brave and kind with just a hint of Snow White twee for good measure. Timmy, clever boy you appear to have learnt how to understand the entire English language so stop faking it and say something other than woof!Aunt Fanny, if Uncle Quentin can't remember to eat when he's hungry I say tough! Just make yourself a nice cuppa and sit in the larder eating all those spare cakes that seem to be hanging around in there all the time!George stop being a grumpus!Dick, don't let Julian take charge all of the time.Julian, stop patronising Anne, she'll turn one of these days. You have been warned!However... If you all change too much it won't be very Enid Blyton which means it won't be very Famous Five you were! Where to next gang?

  • Tammi Doyle
    2018-12-20 03:20

    Any book that simultaneously advocates developing an alternative fuel source (circa-1950) and suggests the necessary ingredients in the underground rescue of a 13 year old are shovels and brandy is ok in my opinion.

  • Paul
    2018-12-24 05:25

    This instalment in the Famous Five series seemed a little dull to me in comparison to the last two books, which were both pretty high on the excitement scale.Perhaps it was the fact that they were back on Kirrin Island for the third time... or perhaps it was because not a lot really happened until the third act, when things did start to pick up.Don't get me wrong; I still enjoyed the book... just nowhere near as much as the previous two.P.S. - I'm not completely mad; I do realise I'm not the target audience for this book. ;-)Buddy read with Sunshine Seaspray

  • Azia
    2019-01-17 02:25

    George sebal sekali mendapat surat dari Ibunya. Pulau Kirrin akan digunakan ayahnya untuk percobaan. Ayah George seorang ilmuwan yang terkenal. Ia membangun menara disamping puri tua di pulau itu. Bagi George,Pulau Kirrin adalah pulau miliknya. Ia tidak suka ada orang yang datang tanpa seijinnya termasuk ayahnya sendiri. Rencana liburan paskah George akan berkemah bersama 3 sepupunya, Julian, Dick dan Anne pun gagal. 5 sekawan mengunjungi ayah George yang biasa dipanggil Paman Quentin oleh Julian dan adik-adik. Anehnya tidak ditemukan keberadaan Paman Quentin tidak Bagaimana bisa Ayah George mengetahui tempat persembunyian yang tidak mereka ketahui? Nampaknya belum semua tempat di pulau Kirrin diketahui oleh 5 sekawan. Selama percobaan,Ayah George akan tinggal sementara di pulau Kirrin dan tidak mau diganggu oleh siapa pun. Untuk memastikan keadaannya ia aman-aman saja di pulau Kirrin,ia akan memberikan isyarat setiap jam setengah sebelas malam dan setengah sebelas pagi dari menara.Sementara itu ada pendatang baru di daerah tempat tinggal George,Pak Curton dan anaknya,Martin. Martin memiliki bakat melukis. Walaupun dia agak membosankan,ia langsung semangat dan berseri-seri jika berbicara tentang seni lukis. 5 sekawan mengajak bermain di tambang batu. Tak sengaja Timmy menemukan lorong memanjang di tambang batu tersebut.Mereka ingin sekali menyusuri lorong namun waktunya belum pas sehingga menunda di lain hari. Ayah George mengirimkan sinyal tak biasa dari Pulau Kirrin. Ia merasa tidak sendirian di pulau Kirrin lalu meminta ditemani oleh Timmy. Belum pernah sekalipun George berpisah dengan anjing kesayangannya dengan berat hati George mengijinkan Timmy menemani Ayahnya. Ada yang salah dengan isyarat Ayah George. Lewat teropong penjaga pantai,ia tidak melihat Timmy. Kekhawatiran George membawanya menyeberangi laut di saat sepupu-sepupunya sudah terlelap. Benar saja ada dua orang asing di pulaunya,mereka menawan Ayah George dan Timmy!Dua orang penjahat ini bertujuan merebut catatan tentang percobaan Ayah George. Tujuan percobaan untuk menggantikan batu bara dan minyak sbg pembangkit energi. Jika berhasil akan disumbangkan untuk kepentingan dunia. Orang tidak perlu lagi menggali tanah untuk batubara dan minyak. Rupanya ada mantan rekan kerja ayahnya yang ingin merebut formula percobaan dan membayar penjahat untuk merampas dari ayah George. Mereka mengancam jika tidak diberikan akan meledakkan pulau Kirrin.George memberikan catatan tersebut ke Timmy yang langsung menghilang di goa bawah tanah puri pulau Kirrin. Timmy sampai tepat waktu di rumah George dan menemui anggota 5 sekawan lainnya. Catatan yang dibawanya disimpan di lemari besi. Namun bagaimana caranya Timmy bisa sampai ke rumah? Tidak mungkin Timmy berenang,bulu-bulunya sama sekali tidak basah. Ada goa bawah laut yang menghubungkan pulau Kirrin dengan daratan! Ujungnya berada di lokasi tambang batu. Julian dan Dick mengikuti Timmy dan mereka bertemu dengan Martin di tambang batu. Nah? Apa yang dilakukan Martin disana sambil membawa sekop dan senter? Martin berterus terang jika Pak Curton bukan lah ayah kandungnya, ia yatim piatu. Selama ini Martin harus mengikuti perintah-perintah Pak Curton dalam aksi kejahatannya. Ia tak punya pilihan. Martin bersedia membantu Julian dan Dick untuk menyelamatkan George dan Ayahnya.Kisah petualangan Julian, Dick, George, Anne dan Timmy tidak pernah bosan untuk dibaca. :)

  • Monish
    2019-01-15 03:17

    I love this book and uncle Quentin acted really weird.

  • Dave Johnston
    2018-12-31 05:08

    The kids are getting older, and there's still 15 books to go. Julian's gonna be 40 by book 21. Timmy and Dick are still my boy's favourites

  • Arush Ul islam
    2018-12-28 07:34

    Quite a thrilling book!At the beginning I thought that Uncle Quentin was the main culprit but at the end was twist and two unknown people begam the main culprit, Peter and Johnson.Enjoyed it very much

  • Kirsti
    2019-01-03 10:26

    I have been reading quite a few of these books lately, although not in any particular order. The book starts with George receiving a letter from her mother; her father is going to stay on George's beloved Kirrin Island, set up a tower, and conduct experiments there! Of course, George is furious, but Timmy is there to comfort her and make her feel better.The story progresses with the children returning from school to have their holidays at Kirrin cottage, and be in full view of the Island and their father/uncle. They meet with a mysterious boy, Martin, and his suspicious "father". Poor George suffers another blow, when her Father asks if Timmy can be left on the island with him as he suspects he's being watched!Although exciting, this isn't one of my favorite in the series, I think because by now Kirrin island has been the focus of other books and doesn't seem as exciting as somewhere new. I prefer when the five take off somewhere unexpected, and don't have Aunt Fanny or Uncle Quintin involved. The part I did enjoy though, was learning a little about Uncle Quintin's work, this shows more insight into his character than we have seen before.I can't highly enough recommend the Five series to both adults and children; yes, there are a few racial slurs, and yes there is class distinction, but all of this was occurring when the author was alive and can't really be applied to a modern reading without taking this into account. Just read them for what they are; exciting stories about four kids and a dog discovering secrets and treasure, and doing all of it with good intentions and having fun in the process!

  • Aicha Jwz
    2019-01-11 05:15

    I remember watching Famous 5: on the case again (show about the original five offspring) on Disney channel wen I was younger. Well, with the mystery, sadly, I prefer the TV show over the book.The summary a goes like this. The cousins: George (Georgina, she wanted to be a boy so everyone calls her George),Timmy (George's dog), Anne, Dick (I really dislike this name...), and Julian wanted to spend the holiday on George's island, but can't since her father is doing some. Secret experiments there. And later they found out that they might not be the only ones on there.There's nothing happening in the beginning really, and when one of the antagonist came I could immediate sense it was him who was the villain...It did pick up later, but fell flat then once again... There qanat a sense of adventure. I don't even know if younger me would enjoy this.And, don't know if it was me, but George annoyed me a little with her moaning about Her island at the beginning. Overall, it was just...'there done and nothing changed' kind of book.If I ever get my hands on the other books I wouldn't mind giving them a read, though.You can go ahead an try this. The writing is simple since it is a children's book.

  • Faa
    2018-12-30 09:32

    George was furious when Uncle Quentin request to borrow her island, Kirrin from her for some sciencetific experiments. She reluctantly agreed and later, when arrived home, she found out that Uncle Quentin had added up a glass tower for his purpose of experiments. Adventure began when Uncle Quentin asked George to leave Timmy with him, since he felt that he was not alone in the island. Later, the adventure began and they surprised to find out that it all had to do with Uncle Quentin experiment.

  • Neja
    2018-12-21 03:22

    These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mystery …and those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memories..memories of first experiences with reading books.

  • Frezanda
    2019-01-15 06:19

    One thing that confused me is why Alf became James here.

  • Hesty
    2019-01-10 06:18

    like the other Enid Blytons', the "ever be in my favorites memory since the very first i've finished reading it"

  • Farseer
    2018-12-28 07:24

    Blurb: What can Uncle Quentin be up to - all alone - on Kirrin Island. He won't let anyone visit - not even George and the rest of the Famous Five. But Quentin isn't really all alone on the island - somebody is watching his every move!----Random thoughts:So, it's back to Kirrin Cottage and Kirrin Island. This is book six in the series and four of them have taken place there. At least we come from two adventures in a row in different locations, so I was OK with it. Also, I know that from here on we'll be seeing less of Kirrin Island. Apparently, Blyton had originally planned for this to be the last book in the series, and she wanted to close the circle coming back to where it all started. The last sentence of the book sounds like a definitive good bye, but fortunately she would change her mind and treat us to fifteen more Famous Five adventures.We start with a rare glimpse of the girls' life at boarding school. Not that we see much of it, but it's nice to see a bit of that aspect of their lives. The Famous Five adventures always take place during the holidays, which makes sense since it's the only time they would be together, since education was segregated by gender. George receives the news that her father is using her island for his experiments and doesn't take it so well. She spends a lot of time being moody in this book, but on her defense I have to admit that they hit all her triggers: her island and Timmy. Speaking of the island, it's back to being George's. That generous gift to the other children so that the island is shared by all of them seems to be forgotten. I guess Enid Blyton's editor was not very good. Oh well, it was a nice gesture, but George's possessiveness towards her island is fun. I don't find George annoying nor tiresome for being so moody, because she makes so much sense to me. I totally understand where she is coming from and what makes her tick. She's an excellent character, flawed but likable. Of course she gets sulky when life conspires against her like that. How could she not?Speaking of the island, Uncle Quentin's science keeps being weird. Why on earth would he need to work on an island? And how about that strange tower he builds on it? Just weird. Later we learn that he is working on a new, clean, cheap energy source for all mankind. He succeeds, too. It's a pity this is fiction, we could definitely use that.The pre-adventure part is enjoyable enough. It doesn't have the oppressive atmosphere of some books, but neither does it have the intoxicating freedom of the adventures where the children go on their own. It's just normal domestic life, which is made possible by Uncle Quentin not being at home. The adventure part is quite short, not as short as in Go Adventuring Again, but short anyway. It's rather satisfying when it happens, though.Alf the fisher boy is now called James the fisher boy. Seriously, did Enid Blyton have an editor or did they publish her manuscripts exactly as she sent them?It's mentioned that Joanna the cook is back to help during the holidays. I thought it was a full-time position? Or was she ill or something?When they meet Martin, George takes to him and offers to take him to the island. That seemed weird to me, because she had always been so reluctant to take people there, except for his cousins (and even his cousins initially). Besides, Martin does not exactly pass the Timmy test. The dog does not dislike him but completely ignores him. Well, perhaps George has grown a bit since the first book and understands the joys of sharing. Also, maybe EB realized that she couldn't have Timmy announcing right at the beginning who is a good guy and who is a bad guy, not if she wanted some mystery.Dick did not trust Martin and his father and had a row with George because she told them too much. Dick was right, but at some points he was a bit... well, dickish about it, what with the "just like a girl" comments, knowing how sensitive George is about that. Those were a bit off, although I have to admit that he was probably weary of George's moods and sulkiness in this book. Also, at other times his teasing was gentler and more brotherly and funny.Uncle Quentin is at his most distracted. He forgets to feed himself and wolfs down all the sandwiches his family brings when they visit him at the island. I'm surprised he remembers to give the luminous signals to indicate that he is fine. Also, George had a point when she worried that he would forget to feed Timmy once he asks for him to accompany him on the island. I know Uncle Quentin says that he might forget to feed himself, but never an animal that depends on him, but really, would you trust him, knowing him? On the other hand, Timmy can look after himself, either catching rabbits now that George is not there to forbid it or reminding Uncle Quentin that he is hungry. By the way, Timmy was too intelligent when he lay by Uncle Quentin to indicate he was OK with remaining on the island. He's as smart as a human, our Tim!I have difficulties imagining Uncle Quentin finding secret passages. Also, I don't seen a reason for him to hide where he is working... that seems just a plot device, to keep the intrigue. The moment when George realizes that she is under the sea and gets scared captured my imagination as a boy. Of course, her reasoning to calm down is sound: the tunnel must have been there for centuries, so why would it collapse right when she is there?Why on Earth would there be such a complex system of tunnels under the sea, connecting Kirrin Island with the mainland?Very lucky that the bad guys did not dispose of Timmy when they captured him. One would have thought that ruthless spies like those would not hesitate to get rid of a bothersome dog. Also, weird that they parachuted on the island but did not really have a mean of escape.George was the main character in this book, without a doubt. She gets the spotlight all the time, both before and during the adventure.Very nice that they helped Martin at the end. The coastguard was right: he is a lonely boy, but not bad at all.Anne had a funny moment when she berated Mr. Curton. Funny because of how uncharacteristic it is of Anne to be so fierce.Also quite a funny touch at the end when Uncle Quentin tells Aunt Fanny that the soup she left for him was awful. (He had consistently forgotten to eat it and Aunt Fanny told him many times that it must be spoiled by now and to please throw it away).All in all, not as good as Five Go Off in a Caravan, but very enjoyable nevertheless.Next up: Five Go Off to Camp (Famous Five #7, 1948)

  • Bartolomeu De Bensafrim
    2019-01-11 03:35

    1.uma tristeza afiadamassaja os corações dos rapazes.não porque Timmy desapareceu massimplesmenteporque um sentimento de indiferençapreguiça e confusãosaltou sobre eles e aterroude pés juntossobre as suas consciências.não têm vontade de continuar -querem mesa fartabanho quentee cama perfumada.masuma vez maisa prostituta intervem:vejo nos vossos olhosramelas que pertencem a outros -responsabilidadesvontades mesquinhasvergonhosasmedrosasque vos fazem querer seguir a normalidadeque vos fazem perguntarporque não estãoa trabalhara estudara comprar casaa comprar carroa viver o sonho de outros.vocês têm vergonhade andar a procurar um cão.a vida é poucacomo um odre de águaem travessia de longo deserto.vão beber pela bocacomo o resto dos bichos?ou vão ouvir os loucosque envenenaram os seus poçosque propõem planos para a vossa preciosa águaque nada têm a ver com beberou sobreviver.esqueçam o pensar dos outrosesqueçam os preceitos -há telhados e camas por todo o lado.mergulhem nas águas sadiasdo fresco e poderoso ribeiro.deitem-se a dormirnaqueles apetitosos fardos de palha.ajudem o generoso lavradore aceitem a sua suculenta fruta.roubem duas garrafas no supermercadoe celebrem a vossa juventudee caguem nos olhos alheiosesobretudonão sejam putos ingratos -salvem o amigoque vos salvou tantas vezes.que importa se a vossa missãonão tem valor para mais ninguém?o que importaé agarrar o bem pelos tomatese dar-lhe um beijo na boca.2.nenhuma das criaturas circensesadmite a existência de Timmy.Julianfuriosodesafia um dos caniches fritospara um duelo com duas lâminas.a luta é renhidamas Julian prevaleceensanguentadoe grita:contem o que sabemou mato-vos a todosum a um.o homem da Papuadecide dar um passo em frentemas uma massa disforme antecipa-see rebola para a arena -é o trapezistaainda moribundoquem aceita o calor da refregaJulian escorrega no próprio sanguee estatela-se ao alcance da fulgurante lâminado tetraplégico adversário -mas a única coisa que este desfereé um luminoso segredo:o vosso amigo está na ilha.a adrenalinanão permite a Julian vacilar -espeta as duas lâminasno estômago do pobre trapezistatorce-as com malíciae deixa-o a agonizar.apenas mais tardeenquanto emborca imperiais e come bifanasJulian se apercebe da providencial ajuda.caminhaapressadoe aproxima-se do corpoabandonado mas ainda pulsantedo pobre trapezista.dá-lhe um beijo na testasussurratudo que recebeste em felem breve receberás em mele envia-o para o sítio bom.3.quando chegam à ilhaGeorge assobia e Timmy vem a correrrabo a dar a dar.fim.

  • Clarissa
    2019-01-11 09:29

    Ahh... Lima Sekawan bukunya cukup menyenangkan dan ringan untuk dibaca... tdk teralu bertele-tele deskriptif dan cukup to the point... yg membuat pembaca dpt betah untuk terus membaca bukunya meskipun endingnya selalu happy ending namun dalam setiap seri lima sekawan tokoh penjahat dan cara anak2 melawan penjahat sering kali susah ditebak dan mengasyikan... Untuk seri kali ini yaitu Rahasia di Pulau kirrin, saya mula-mulanya merasa penasaran dgn apa yg sebenarnya dilakukan paman Quentin di pulau Kirrin tersebut. Bagi saya, salah satu bagian novel yg cukup unik di novel ini adalah ketika paman Quentin memberikan sinyal pada anak2 bahwa ia baik2 saja tinggal di pulau dengan cara memancarkan sinar sebanyak enam kali tiap jam 11 siang dan jg 11 malam.. menurut saya cara itu unik sekali krn kesanny traditional bgt... saya sempet mikir kok repot amet ya pk musti tungguin jam 11 siang dan 11 malam tiap hari dgn mengirimkan cahaya sebanyak 6 kali.. knp ga pk HP aja trus SMSin or Whatsapp gt loh.. hehehehe tp setelah dipikir-pikir mungkin saja krn novel ini kan settingny taun 1940an gt makany carany masih traditional dan jg mungkin krn di pulau jg biasany ga ada signal telpon (out of coverage areas).... Suatu hari, paman Quentin mengirim sinyal sebanyak delapan belas kali dan ketika lima sekawan menjenguk paman Quention, ia berkata bahwa ia tidak merasa aman di pulau Kirrin krn sptnya ada yg sedang "memata-matainya" trus abis itu di novel ini si lima sekawan bertemu dgn anak yg sangat pemalu dan agak aneh bertingkah laku bernama Martin Curton.. Dia dan bapaknya baru saja pindah ke kota baru dan anehnya mereka berdua sangat tertarik akan informasi2 pulau kirin... dari pertama kali membaca ttg perilaku mrk, saya jg uda mikir kayaknya mata-mata yg dimaksud paman Quentin mungkin mrk kali ya dan ternyata (view spoiler)[ memang benar.. namun hal lain yang mencengangkan adalah ketika mengetahui kalo Martin sesungguhnya adalah anak angkat dan walinya tersebut sring memaksa Martin untuk ikut melakukan kejahatan bersamany yg membuat Martin sring gugup dan kurang percaya diri.. Di novel ini jg bnyk berlatar secret passage ways yg sring menjadi ciri khas karya Enid Blyton...(hide spoiler)] ingin tahu kisah selengkapnya? bacalah buku ini!! buku ini adalah bacaan ringan yg menghibur dan mengasyikan...

  • Henrik Havighorst
    2018-12-26 04:11

    Another outing of the Famous Five, this time leading back to Kirrin island and once again, an ludicrous plot is foiled by the gang of kids. It features the usual elements that make the book so exciting and comfortable. Secret tunnels, evil agents, a mysterious invention and struggles to come to terms with the family. The interplay between the kids is not as strong as in previous entries in the series and the "re-used" setting also makes this one of the weaker entries thus far (as compared to Five go off in a Caravan for example). Solid family fare.

  • Nicola
    2018-12-25 07:38

    "What can Uncle Quentin be up to - all alone - on Kirrin Island. .."I absolutely adored Famous Five as a child. I trawled through secondhand stores and slowly acquired all of them. For some reason in my childhood, there were lots of British books and comics widely available and back then they were sold for the mighty sum of 10 cents. Seems funny now when some of the secondhand shops charge $7-10 per book! I still have all of them safely saved in storage for when Little Miss grows up.

  • Asuka Mai
    2019-01-08 07:12

    Kali ini 5 sekawan kecewa tidak bisa berlibur di Pulau Kirrin, pulau kesukaan George dan pulau yang dianggap miliknya. Karena Paman Quentin mengirimkan surat kepada George untuk memakai pulau tersebut sebagai tempat penelitian nya.Namun ada hal aneh dimana lima sekawan tersebut tidak dapat menemukan keberadaan Paman Quentin, pulau tersebut banyak yang belum diketahui rahasia nya oleh Lima sekawan tampaknya.Petualangan kali ini lumayan tapi tidak seseru biasanya ^^

  • Linhnd
    2019-01-11 08:20

    Mình đọc bản tiếng Việt chứ kp bản tiếng anh đâuHuhu vẫn hay như ngày nào, k có lời nào để chê ngoài việc Nhã Nam mắc vài lỗi in nhỏ nhg vì mua đc e nó với giá hời nên thôi hài lòng bỏ qua :)) Vẫn luôn là no.1 truyện thiếu nhi trong lòng mình

  • Inga
    2018-12-27 06:16

    "Fünf Freunde auf der Felseninsel" ist die sechste Folge der beliebten Reihe von Enid Blyton und besonders bei dieser Geschichte, bei der Onkel Quentin die Felseninsel besetzt, um Experimente zu machen, deren Ergebnisse ihm natürlich gestohlen werden sollen, hatte ich die Hörspielfassung deutlich im Ohr. Ganze Dialoge und Erzählpassagen sind fast wortwörtlich aus dem Buch entnommen, so dass mein Gehirn noch die Soundeffekte der sirrenden Drähte im Turm und Timmys Gebell im Tunnel dazu einblenden konnte. Wunderbare, unterhaltsame Wiederbegegnung mit einem Buch, das im Original erstmals 1947 (!) erschien.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-01 10:35

    Not one of my favourites in this Famous Five series, I always find myself ploughing through to get to the end. More one-book characters introduced, Timmy is a hero (again), revolvers are involved. Obligiatory secret tunnels and a (not so-surprising) villian! You get the gist!

  • Shirley Revill
    2019-01-10 03:31

    Loved by myself my children and Grandchildren. In fact loved by all children big or small.Pure nostalgia

  • Kyli Dodds
    2019-01-13 03:09

    It's wonderful!

  • Dianeh
    2018-12-27 04:30

    Another adventure! George certainly showed her obstinacy! Luckily, it all came out right in the end!

  • Marcus
    2018-12-27 06:34


  • Jenna
    2019-01-13 04:20

    Not quite as entertaining as the rest. Also didn't seem to emphasize food as much as I recall, but I suppose they were busy worrying about Uncle Quentin. Dick is slightly horrible to George..

  • Emu
    2018-12-26 04:36

    The plots are getting at bit repetitive - there's also a lot of tunnels in the area that they live in.The gender roles are more old-fashioned in this book.

  • Natalie
    2018-12-29 10:15

    Back to Kirrin Islandddddddddd <3Loved this, as always, and highly recommend it c:

  • David Sarkies
    2018-12-24 09:11

    Uncle Quentin experiments with Tidal Energy12 June 2012 The Famous Five are on holidays again, and this time it is Easter, however I never realised that in England the Easter Holidays last at least a couple of weeks. It doesn't here in Australia, usually being only the Monday and the Friday (and sometimes Anzac Day falls around the same time). However, I am now working so the nature of holidays have changed, and since the school terms changed from three to four, one of the school holidays does fall over the Easter period. That is not really the point though, but it is an interesting observation. The Five have returned to Kirrin cottage for the holidays and much to George's dismay her uncle has taken over the island for an experiment that he is trying to keep secret. So, they decided to while away their time exploring the moors and the cliff tops. In their travels they meet a boy named Martin who wants to be an artist, and his 'Father' who doesn't want him too go down that path. They also find a hidden cave in a local quarry and make friends with the coast guard. However, it cannot be a Famous Five book without them falling into an adventure, and it turns out that there are some nefarious business interests that want Quentin's experiment. It is interesting that Blyton talks about atomic bombs in this book, particularly since this powerful and destructive weapon had only just been developed. Obviously the five do show some concern about the weapon in this book, however Quentin insists that he is not interested in developing weapons. It turns out that he is experimenting with tidal energy, which is theoretically an unlimited source of clean energy. However, things have not necessarily worked out that way, and while there are companies experimenting with it, the economic will of the business community is not interested in waiting too long for such developments to come to light. I have explored energy companies that are experimenting with clean energy sources and the catch is that you have to be prepared to lose a lot of money and to wait a long time to see if the idea actually works. If you have some spare money that you wish to throw into a risky venture such as that, I am all for it, I just have to warn you that with developments like this there is always the possibility that they will simply run out of money before they can get to the finished product. My recommendations (which is not financial advice) is that you invest the absolute minimum and write off that investment. Further, keep an eye on their announcements so if, and when, they attempt to tap you for more money (as will inevitably be the case) you will need to consider whether you want to front it up or not. People have commented on the idea of the endless holidays of the Famous Five, however they are not the only group of detective children that Blyton has created. In fact there are quite a few of them: the Secret Seven, the Adventurous Four, the Five Finder-outers, just to name a few. I guess the one thing that sets the Famous Five apart from the rest is the fifth companion: Timmy. I cannot comment on the Secret Seven just yet, however it is noticeable that Timmy plays a much more significant role than many of the other dogs (they seem to always have dogs with them; I suspect Blyton liked dogs). In the other groups the dog simply seems to tag along, and occasionally do something, whereas Timmy is always in the thick of the action. If he is not attacking and capturing bad guys, he is leading the five around dark tunnels. The best use of Timmy though I thought was inFive go to Smuggler's Top. Here he was hidden in a secret passage which entered into an underground cave system (the Five always seem to find extensive cave systems, but then as a kid I loved exploring caves) and Timmy spent most of the time in the background. We knew he was there and we knew he was doing stuff, but we were never quite sure what. Further, he would disappear and the re-appear just in time to save the Five when they got into trouble. Personally I thought that was a wonderful use of Timmy, and it will be interesting to see if he continues to play such an important role in books to come.