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The Famous Five are having a brilliant time - on holiday in horse-drawn caravans - and they've discovered a ruined castle nearby! The castle looked deserted from a distance - but is that a face at the window? Or is it a trick of the light? The Famous Five just have to find out! Just who is hiding in the castle? About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid BThe Famous Five are having a brilliant time - on holiday in horse-drawn caravans - and they've discovered a ruined castle nearby! The castle looked deserted from a distance - but is that a face at the window? Or is it a trick of the light? The Famous Five just have to find out! Just who is hiding in the castle? About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid Blyton was born in London in 1896. She was educated in a private school and thought that she would become a musician until she realized that writing was her passion. She attended Ipswich High School where she trained to become a kindergarten teacher and eventually opened her own school for infants. Blyton's first poem was published in 1917, entitled "Have You-" which appeared in Nash's Magazine. In 1922, her first book of verses was published, entitled "Child Whispers." In 1926 she accepted a position editing the children's magazine "Sunny Stories" as well as writing the column "Teachers World." Blyton's first full length children's book was published din 1938 and was titled "The Secret Island." After working on the column for years, Blyton quit "Teachers World" in 1945 and also ended her stint as editor of "Sunny Stories" seven years later. In 1953 she started her own children's magazine called "The Edith Blyton Magazine" which featured stories about her characters and news on the clubs formed around them. Her most famous stories were those of the "Famous Five" The Magazine closed in 1959. In the 50's and 60's Blyton was criticized for the language in her book, for being to simple, but some 300 are still in print today. Blyton has published over 600 books in the course of her career. Enid Blyton died in her sleep on November 28, 1968. She was 72 years old....

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Five Have a Wonderful Time Reviews

  • Paul
    2019-01-01 09:16

    Let's get this out of the way: Five Have A Wonderful Time is possible the worst book title of all time. It's not exactly indicative of excitement and peril, is it? I guess the author and the publisher figured that, by the time you get to the eleventh book in a bestselling series, people are going to buy it no matter what you call it. I suppose the modern equivalent would be J.K. Rowling releasing Harry Potter Teaches Ron To Floss.It's a shame, really, as this is one of the more exciting instalments in the series, with one of the Five even getting attacked with a whip at one point! (Anybody have any idea why my autocorrect changes the word 'point' to 'Poi the!'? It makes no sense to me.)They encounter their friend Jo from the last book again, so the Five become six for most of the book. Dick is very happy about Jo being back; I foresee a long and happy love affair in their future. There's everything you'd expect from a Famous Five book: espionage, kidnapping, vicious baddies and heroic kids. The main deviation from the norm is that they didn't seem to get through as much food as they usually do. Maybe their parents have put them all on a diet...

  • Archit Ojha
    2019-01-08 06:06

  • Read all the books
    2019-01-09 04:06

    Petualangan ke 11 Lima Sekawan!Setelah lama membujuk kedua orangtuanya George dan Timmy akhirnya diperbolehkan untuk menyusul ketiga sepupunya untuk menginap di karavan di bukit dekat sebuah peri kuno. Asyiknya lagi ada artis-artis pasar malam yang juga menginap di situ. Belum lagi mereka bertemu dengan kenalan lama, Jo. Seperti biasa dimana ada Lima Sekawan disitu ada petualangan. Petualangan dimulai saat mereka secara tidak sengaja melihat seraut wajah di jendela puri kuno yang seharusnya tidak lagi bisa dimasuki!Saya kembali membaca Lima Sekawan setelah berhenti cukup lama. Saya melahap buku ini dengan cukup cepat karena alurnya yang menarik dan cepat. Saya sudah suka dengan Jo dari buku sebelumnya maka dari itu saya cukup excited bertemu lagi dengannya.Saya sangat suka suasana yang digambarkan Bu Enid di buku ini. Baik suasana desa dan perbukitan serta purinya juga dengan pertemanan yang unusual antara Lima Sekawan dengan para artis pasar malam (dan Jo). Seperti biasa di buku ini juga ada lorong rahasia, ruang rahasia, dll. Sangat menyenangkan!Salam Limun Jahe!

  • Durdles
    2018-12-19 02:02

    More gipsies, kidnapped mad scientists, ruined castles, secret passages. But what was the favourite chocolate bar, the wrapper of which the Five recognised so well? I wanted to be told so that I could eat it and be like them too. Enid Blyton missed some lucrative product placement tie-ins there. "Five have a wonderful time is brought to you by Cadbury's". Oh, I hope it wasn't Galaxy, chocolate for wimps.

  • Ash
    2019-01-01 09:18

    I haven't reread this volume in the series I think. I did not remember much about this mystery. Usually when I start a Famous Five book, I already am aware of how it would end. So looks like I read this book again after 20+ years this time probably. Love it as always.

  • Michael
    2019-01-07 07:09

    This one is a lot of fun. The kids make do with only a small amount of vittles, for them at least. Was that a hedgehog in the stew - no problemo. All the fun of the fair and more.

  • Monish
    2018-12-18 05:23

    One of the best books in the world

  • Kirsti
    2019-01-07 02:01

    Ah, one of my favorite Five novels! Why? Because it isn't set in Kirrin, and they get to go and stay in caravans within sight of a castle. That sounded like a load of fun, I can tell you, to a young girl who loved caravans and castles both!I also liked that Jo made another appearance in this novel, she always makes me smile. She and Beauty used to make me giggle, thinking of the python tripping the men over in the tower together. Poor Quintin, once more having a mistaken identity and having a bad time of it all. I just wish I'd been allowed to do what these kids did, and have half the sense while doing it.Once more the Five solve a kidnapping, and once more Uncle Quentin is involved because it is regarding a scientist he worked with. They of course, spot a clue and from there it is merely putting it all together to solve the mystery. It's nice to see them come up against the circus folk at first, because too often they are handed the easy way out because they are well mannered middle class children, lol. Anyway, another Five book, almost finished reading them all now. A great book for kids and adults alike!

  • Sukant Jain
    2018-12-29 08:08

    Complete Paisa WasoolThe famous five I wish I could have read in my school days. This book is quite simple, adventurous, funny and true to the core even after being a fiction. People told me that it was kids book- I pretty liked it even now and would not mind reading the complete series of the same. For me- it’s better late than never. This kind of novel brings adventure in anyone’s life. They prepare you to have some adventure in whatever way possible. The love for the animals and help anyone gets from a pet is also narrated correctly. It also fulfilled my fascination of living somewhere away from home- in fields, with people from Circus who could fire eat, Have pythons as pet, and a rubber man, sitting around camp fires and, above all, wandering in Old ruined castle looking for the stories of them and Hidden passages. It was like a movie but because of the actual movies some things were predictable but the writing of Mr. Blyton covers this part.

  • Neja
    2018-12-30 07:10

    These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mystery …and those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memories..memories of first experiences with reading books.

  • Gina
    2018-12-23 03:24

    I'm not sure why this book is called what it is. I thought all the children were going to have an excellent time, and in some ways I guess they did. It was good to see Jo in this book, and while she's got her same spunk, she and George got along a bit better in this book. I didn't really see the twist at the end of this book, but it was sort of surprising for a Famous Five book. :)

  • Sunshine
    2018-12-28 10:08

    This one should be called 'Five Leave It All Up To Jo'. I really enjoyed it but the famous five were kind of background to Jo's heroics.

  • Grace Tjan
    2018-12-30 08:29

    Jess, my 7-year old little girl, gives it 4 stars.

  • Neel
    2018-12-28 02:22


  • Gurnam Sodhi
    2019-01-04 03:27

    Five Have a Wonderful time with adventures and I am having wonderful time reading famous five.

  • Sakshi
    2019-01-16 10:02

    This novel is the 11th novel of the Famous Five series and is written by Enid Blyton. It is a mystery-adventure novel for children above age 7.The main characters are the four cousins - George, Anne, Julian, Dick, and Georges’ dog, Timmy. They are spending their summer vacation in the town of Faynights in horse-drawn caravans, next to Faynights castle and have a lot to explore.One day, while watching jackdaws(birds) with Georges’ field glasses, Dick and Julian spotted something strange. A face was at the tower window, but how could someone have climbed up there if the staircase was broken? Could it be one of those two missing scientists that have been written about in the newspaper?My favourite character is Timmy, as he is loyal and is almost always there for the others when they need him. I enjoyed this novel as it is very interesting. My favourite parts are when it becomes exiting.I think this novel is for anybody over age 7, but sometimes the sentences are a bit hard to follow. I would say that this novel is for entertainment. It doesn’t really matter if you have read the other Famous Five books or not. The novel doesn’t have much related to the ones before, so you won’t get entirely confused.In short, I really liked/enjoyed this novel and I think almost everyone will, too.

  • Farseer
    2019-01-06 05:13

    Five Have a Wonderful Time (1952)Brief Summary by Poppy Hutchinson (from Whilst caravanning in the hills beside Faynights Castle, the Famous Five are eventually invited into the company of some extraordinary fair folk who are camping in the same same field, and meanwhile learn of the disappearances of two well-known Scientists who have presumably fled the country to sell some priceless Scientific secrets. The adventure really begins when the children spy a face at the window of a tower belonging to Faynights Castle, and following further investigation – find that the tower is not open to the public... Who was it, and how did they get into the tower when it was strictly out of bounds?Random thoughts:The name of the book couldn't be less descriptive. Five Have a Wonderful Time? Could have been the title of any book in the series. Of course, Caravan is already taken... I don't know... Five and the Fair Folk?Listening to these books one after the other, you notice Enid Blyton having to introduce small variations in the beginning to avoid making all of them the same. After all, the books mostly start with the Five going on holiday together. When you leave a more reasonable interval between books, though, these familiar beginnings offer a re-encounter with old friends and the promise of fun times and adventure to come.In this case, we start with George, who has caught a cold due to swimming in the sea in April and was unable to join Julian, Dick, and Anne from the start on their planned caravan holiday. What a bad patient George is, so eager and impatient!As George writes to tell the others she's finally coming, the children learn that two scientists have gone missing. It's presumed that they are traitors, and have fled the country to sell secrets. Since EB wouldn't mention something like this unless it was relevant, we know they are going to have something to do with the Five's adventure. I had never noticed the Five paying attention to the newspapers at any other holiday. Maybe they did but it was not included in the book as it was not relevant.Again the children go on a caravan holiday! Only this time they meet fair folk instead of circus folk! OK, this setup does not feel very original after Five Go off in a Caravan, and the adventure itself, with the castle, the secret passages and the kidnapped scientists is not the most original either.On the other hand, the fair folk are colorful and delightful, easily the highlight of the book... along with the return of Jo!Jo's foster family is quite understanding, letting her go roaming the country on their own like that... if she even asked permission, I mean.The fair folk are not so delightful in the beginning, though. They are downright nasty to the children, quite the bullies, sneakily moving their caravans when they are away, sending them from person to person as they try to ask where they are, Bufflo the Whip Cracker taking some hairs from Julian's head with his whip... I'm quite happy that we can have people being rude and unfriendly without necessarily meaning that they are criminals, however. I thought for a moment that we might have an encore of Caravan, with some of the fair folk using their abilities to steal. It turns out that their hostility had nothing to do with them wanting to hide any crimes, however, but they wanted to get rid of the children because some outsiders had cruelly freed the birds belonging to one of the fair folk, causing the animals to die and him to lose his means of making a living.The amounts of food ingested by the Five is not as awe-striking as in other books.I know they are blatant comic-relief, but I had to grin at the huge Alfredo the fire-eater and his tiny, scolding wife.The pre-adventure part is quite long in this book, but it's very entertaining.Thankfully, Jo's arrival breaks the tension, as she colorfully scolds the fair folk for being so nasty to her friends. I can't blame Julian and Dick for still wanting to leave, though. Even if the Fair Folk are nice now, having all those previous unpleasant incidents kind of spoils the holiday mood.Fortunately, before they leave the adventure starts. The children spot a face in the window of the castle tower, where no one should be. The Five plus Jo decide to investigate. They find out some puzzling pieces of information and soon the events come one after the other.The adventure is nice but quite standard, until we get the fair-folk coming to the rescue. They are a force to be reckoned with, colorful and compulsively entertaining. Alfredo the Fire-Eater, Bufflo the Whip Cracker and his assistant Skippy, Mr India Rubber, Mr. Slither the snake man... What a group!Jo does tend to steal the show when she shows up, doesn't she? Here not as much as in her previous appearance, but she still got a lot of spotlight.When the fair folk capture the man who was asking so many question, I remembered that it was Uncle Quentin, and enjoyed the scene thoroughly, imagining his consternation and indignation.Really, couldn't the bad guys have found a better place to hide the kidnapped scientist than in an old castle that is open to the public?For once, Uncle Quentin was a good judge of character. He was insistent that his colleague could not be a traitor, and even went to London to tell the authorities just that.However, at the end when he was listening to the whole story and kept saying "Why, I never heard a story like that!" I was thinking "What about all the other adventures your daughter and her cousins got into? You were even kidnapped yourself!" Anyway, this one is not among the very best books in the series but it has a lot to enjoy.Next up: Five Go Down to the Sea (1953)

  • Nicola
    2019-01-02 07:01

    "George's has caught a cold due to swimming the sea in April, and as such, is unable to join Julian, Dick, and Anne on their planned caravan trip. The other children have already set up their caravans on a hill opposite Faynights Castle. George is on the mend from her cold, so she writes a postcard to let Julian, Dick, and Anne know that they should meet her at the train station the next day. That day, the children learn that two scientists have gone missing. .."I absolutely adored Famous Five as a child. I trawled through secondhand stores and slowly acquired all of them. For some reason in my childhood, there were lots of British books and comics widely available and back then they were sold for the mighty sum of 10 cents. Seems funny now when some of the secondhand shops charge $7-10 per book! I still have all of them safely saved in storage for when Little Miss grows up.

  • Dianeh
    2018-12-18 06:11

    Another great adventure or two really! First the problem with the fair-folk and then meeting up with Jo to straighten it out. Next, on to the castle and all it's rooms and passages. Uncle Quentin shows up and gets caught in the jumble!! Lots of fun!

  • Clarissa
    2019-01-15 05:17

    biasa saja..Lima Sekawan dan Sarjana Misterius... ketika saya membaca judulnya, terbenak dalam pikiran saya..., kok pake kata sarjana ya? Emang transletan dari bahasa Inggrisnya apa ya kira2? Setelah saya baca2 di buku ini, saya baru menyadari kalo seharusnya judulnya Lima Sekawan dan Ilmuwan Misterius... untuk seri kali ini, lima sekawan menyewa karavan di suatu tmpt dan disana mrk tak sengaja bertemu dgn Jo si gadis gelandangan dmn mrk prnh bertemu sblmny... Bersamanya, mrk mengalami petualangan yg ujung-ujungny mempertemukan mrk dgn 2 ilmuwan misterius yg telah hilang selama ini.....

  • Nina
    2019-01-05 06:28

    Saya senang membayangkan nginap di karavan. So oldies dan jadul banget kisah ini, jadi nostalgia. Zaman segitu karavan masih ada, ditarik kuda dan ada kaum pengelana.

  • Wendy Sparkes
    2019-01-06 02:18

    A favourite that got listened to over and over!Well narrated by Nanette Newman.

  • Bethsheba Meliala
    2018-12-26 04:18

    This one was very enjoyable. I also love that we have Jo back. I love her..

  • Dani Noviandi
    2019-01-11 08:28

    Cerita diawali oleh George yang merajuk pada orangtuanya untuk ikut sepupu-sepupunya berkelana dengan karavan ke dekat puri Faynights. George tak bisa mengikuti saudara-saudaranya sedari awal dikarenakan dirinya sakit, sungguh liburan paskah yang mengecewakan untuk George. Untungnya, ia sembuh tepat waktu, dengan segera ia dan Timmy menuju tempat sepupu-sepupunya berkaravan. Di tempat lain, dari koran yang dibaca Julian dan kedua adiknya, dikabarkan bahwa ada dua orang sarjana yang menghilang secara misterius. Kedua sarjana tersebut masih kenalan dari Paman Quentin, makanya itu Julian sempat salah sangka mengira bahwa sarjana yang hilang tersebut adalah pamannya. Dengan berkumpul kembalinya George bersama ketiga sepupunya, berkumpullah kembali Lima Sekawan yang selalu berhadapan dengan petualangan-petualangan seru.Petualangan seru mereka kali ini terjadi dengan tidak sengaja, diawali dengan keasyikan mereka bermain dengan teropong baru George guna melihat-lihat puri Faynights yang telah mulai runtuh. Sekilas, di sebuah jendela di puri itu, terlihat sesosok wajah laki-laki disana. Yang membuat mereka heran, puri itu hampir sudah tak bisa dimasuki gara-gara banyaknya reruntuhan yang menutupi jalan menuju bagian-bagian dalam puri tersebut, dan salah satu bagian puri yang tak bisa didatangi gara-gara terhalang reruntuhan ialah jendela tempat mereka melihat sesosok laki-laki tersebut. Tanpa pikir panjang, anak-anak pun langsung bergegas menyelidiki rahasia tersebut, sampai akhirnya terjadi sebuah hal yang lazim dialami anak-anak ini, mereka terjebak dan ditawan oleh sekelompok orang yang juga ternyata berkaitan dengan hilangnya kedua sarjana yang sedang ramai dibicarakan.Selain petualangan tadi, anak-anak pun mendapat hiburan dengan hadirnya kelompok sirkus pasar malam yang ternyata berkemah dan berkaravan di lapangan yang sama dengan mereka. Berbagai atraksi seperti manusia karet, si penelan api dan pawang ular membuat kawanan ini penasaran. Sayangnya, kelompok pasar malam ini kurang menyukai orang asing, apalagi anak-anak. Hingga suatu saat, anak-anak bertemu dengan kawan lama mereka, si gelandangan yang diceritakan pada petualangan mereka di buku sebelumnya, seakan inilah jalan bagi mereka untuk mulai dekat dengan kelompok pasar malam ini dan menyaksikan atraksi-atraksi dari kelompok ini. Ada untungnya juga mereka kemudian berkawan baik dengan kelompok pasar malam ini, karena kawanan ini pun akhirnya berkaitan dengan petualangan anak-anak Lima Sekawan di dalam Puri Faynights.Masih dengan ciri khas Enid Blyton sejauh 11 buku ini, berkemah, lorong-lorong sempit, seorang kawan, makanan enak, serta tentu saja sebuah konspirasi kejahatan yang lumayan besar. Hal ini seolah menunjukkan bahwa penulis memang tak jauh-jauh dari hal-hal itu ketika menuliskan petualangan Lima Sekawan ini. Tetapi ada satu hal yang agak membingungkan di buku ini, yaitu penggunaan karavan. Jika anak-anak tak memiliki kuda, lalu bagaimana mereka bisa menarik karavan ini ke tanah lapang di dekat Puri Faynights? Sebab menggunakan mobil pun agaknya meraka masih terlalu kecil untuk mengendarainya. Memang, agak mengganjal di bagian ini. Satu hal lagi yaitu penggunaan kata “Sarjana” sebagai judul. Di judul aslinya, tak ada kata-kata yang memiliki arti sarjana, karena judul aslinya ialah Five Have A Wonderful Time. Apalagi, hampir tak ada ciri-ciri sarjana dalam kedua orang yang menghilang tersebut, karena lebih cocok kedua orang ini disebut sebagai ilmuwan. Mungkin saja ini pengaruh pertama kali buku ini diterjemahkan pada tahun 1980, yang mungkin saja pada zaman itu sarjana diidentikkan dengan ilmuwan dan begitu pula sebaliknya, padahal kita tahu sendiri arti kata sarjana akhir-akhir ini sudah mulai meluas, tak sekedar ilmuwan saja yang disebut sarjana. Tapi hal tersebut tak masalah, karena buku ini tetap menghibur, apalagi bagi anak-anak, terutama usia 10 tahun ke atas, guna menumbuhkan sifat petualang dari diri mereka, karena jujur saja, Lima Sekawan ini mampu menyihir anak-anak untuk ikut menyukai petualangan, seperti tokoh-tokoh di buku ini.

  • David Sarkies
    2018-12-22 10:15

    A troupe of carnies and a mysterious castle10 September 2012 Sometimes I feel a little silly sitting on a train or in a bar reading an Enid Blyton book. In a way it makes me feel as if I am not capable of reading anything more solid and thought provoking, such as Plato, but when I see all of the commentaries on Goodreads by other readers who have returned to the Enid Blyton books in their adult years it makes me realise that I am not the only person picking up the books of my childhood and rereading them. In any case, when I was I child I simply loved the Famous Five, and really wanted to actually do some justice to them when adding them to my list. In a way there are a lot of other books that I have read that simply don't receive the same special treatment. This one starts off a little differently to the other books in that it begins with George at home with a cold and the other three off somewhere in some caravans that had been leant to them by some friends at school. However, it is not long before George's bags are packed and she is sent off to spend the holidays with her cousins. However things seem to turn a bit sour when they first hear of some famous scientists going missing, and then have some carnies turn up in the paddock and kick them out. Blyton was really clever with this because I immediately suspected that the adventure was going to involve the carnies, but it soon becomes apparent that they are not actually the villains of the piece but rather simply a group of people that do not seem to be able to relate to many others. I guess that is the nature of the travelling players, they are mistrusted by society because they are different. Due to this they become quite insular, which only serves to increase the animosity with the wider society, so when the Five try to make friends with them they are rudely sent away. However, when Ragamuffin Jo makes an appearance, it quickly becomes obvious that the carnies aren't the villains, but rather misunderstood people, and they soon begin to warm with each other. While Julian has decided that the Five will move on, a mysterious face that looks like one of the scientists appears in the window of a nearby castle, which catches their curiosity and the Five decide to try to get to the bottom of another mystery, and this time with the carnie's help. One thing that I wondered about in this book is the python named Beauty. When they are playing with her Blyton tells us that they should hold the python's tail at arms length so that it does not wrap itself around you, and we even see a picture of Jo doing such a thing. Hopefully children who read this book won't decide to play with pythons (or other snakes for that matter) because while they may not be poisonous, they are still incredibly strong, and no doubt could crush us without a second though. Still, it is quite amusing to see that the python decides to upstage Timothy in this book, namely because he wants to have an adventure as well, and while a dog can be silenced with a gun, when a python comes at you out of the darkness all hell is likely to break loose. It must have been very difficult to actually film this book when they made the TV series as I doubt a python would have been anywhere as easy to train as a dog. One thing they say in the film industry though is never work with children or animals, because they are the most difficult actors to actually get to do what you want them to do (however I will leave my thoughts on ADHD for another time).

  • Shounak Reza
    2019-01-15 05:12

    Five Have a Wonderful Time is the eleventh novel of Enid Blyton's ''Famous Five'' series. I liked reading this children's adventure/mystery novel. It was a quick and smooth read filled with suspense and adventures!The Famous Five- Georgina (George), Dick, Julian, Anne, and the intelligent dog, Timmy- go to stay in a carnival for their holidays, near an old castle. A fair is to be held in the place, and the people of the fair- some very strange people, a fire-eater, a person with two pythons, etc- arrive. They are not friendly and are quite mean to the children. To the surprise of Dick and the others, Jo, a traveling girl whom they had met at one of their previous adventures, makes her appearance. It turns out that Alfredo, the fire-eater, is the girl's maternal uncle. As a result, the fair people change their attitude towards the children and treat them nicely.One day, the children see a face at one of the towers of the castle. They are surprised. No one is supposed to be at the castle at this time. They come to suspect something. Two famous scientists have recently disappeared and it is suspected that they will fly to another country and sell their secret experiment. Because of resemblance, the kids think that the face could belong to one of those scientist. And they investigate, going to the castle, checking around, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get up to the tower...It was an enjoyable and pleasant read. I like spending time with Enid Blyton's characters. Her novels, filled with creepy adventure and fun, are very imaginative and well-written. The mystery is not quite deep in this book. What is deep is the suspense. The adventure as well. Another reason I liked this book is that I am fascinated by old castles, hidden paths, dungeons. The book provided me an oppurturnity to be thrilled by these. The investigations were also engrossing and made me curious. In the end, I was satisfied because I read it. It's a smooth and pleasant suspense novel, and yes, recommended! Review by: Shounak RezaThe review was originally published in my blog: Shounak's book reviews

  • Afifah Mazaya
    2018-12-21 03:28

    Walaupun waktu kecil saya belum menyukai cerita semacam ini, saya rasa buku ini memang buku anak. Petualangannya sangat khas anak yang serba ingin tahu dan belum mengenal takut. Maksud saya setidaknya anak 4 SD, ya. Anak yang lebih kecil dari itu mungkin akan kurang tertarik.Dalam buku ini, kita disajikan cara-cara berkomunikasi zaman dahulu. Berlibur beberapa hari saja mereka menulis surat. Dari sini, saya pun tahu bahwa tanpa alamat lengkap, kita bisa menulis surat asalkan orang yang dituju rajin mengecek kantor pos. Ibu George menulis surat untuknya padahal mereka tinggal di karavan yang tentu tidak memiliki alamat, tapi George mengambil surat itu di kantor pos. Telepon pun masih jarang digunakan. Untuk menelepon, mereka harus menggunakan telepon umum yang jaraknya tidak pendek dari karavan. Hal penting dan genting saja mereka ungkapkan melalui surat atau telepon. Sekarang, kita pasti sudah ketar-ketir kalau melihat orang mencurigakan dan kita tidak membaca ponsel.Sepertinya, terjemahannya tidak berubah dari dulu. Versi cetak ulang tidak mengoatak-atik versi lama. Kalau pun diotak-atik, mungkin hanya sebagian kecil yang menurut penerbit perlu diperbaiki. Gaya bahasa terjemahannya sangat terasa gaya bahasa yang belum kekinian.Kata "sarjana" pada novel ini, saya rasa mengacu pada ilmuwan atau orang pintar. Bukan orang pintar yang suka melihat "hal-hal lain" tentunya. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana versi asli novel ini. Satu hal yang saya tahu, "sarjana" mengalami pergeseran makna. Dulu, "sarjana" berarti imuwan atau orang pintar. Sekarang, "sarjana" adalah penyebutan gelar bagi orang yang lulus strata 1. Begitulah kira-kira yang saya ingat dari pelajaran bahasa Indonesia SMP atau SMA. lengkapnya:

  • Redfox5
    2018-12-24 02:06

    It's been a very long time since I read a Famous Five book and I remember not being that keen on them as a kid, which doesn't make much sense as they are having the kind of adventures I longed for when I was younger. Maybe I thought it was a too dated back then, which it is but I can appreciate it more now I'm older.I like how this book was written in the fifties but my edition was published in the eighties and they've given the kids on the cover an eighties make over.No one nowadays would let their kids go off on holiday together. The Famous Five are staying in a couple of Gypsy style caravans when a bunch of fair-folk show up and take and instant dislike to them. They even tow their caravans to another field. For me, this would have been it. I would have been on to the police like a shot!But like a happy coincidence a girl called Jo, who knows the gang from a previous adventure is related to the fair-folk and they are suddenly all on friendly terms. After seeing a face at the window of a ruined castle, the real adventure starts.I really enjoyed this step back in time and it was helped that it was a beautiful day today and I got to read it all in the garden.

  • meeners
    2019-01-15 03:28

    for the most part i haven't been recording these on goodreads, but for the past few weeks i have been DEVOURING enid blyton's books out of misplaced nostalgia - misplaced because i did not actually read these books as a child but feel like i would probably have loved them if i had. caravanning on the moors! camping out on a deserted island! living in a half-crumbling castle! thwarting evildoers! and - most important of all - going on picnics and drinking lashings and lashings of ginger beer!**fact! the phrase "lashings of ginger beer" is attributed to enid blyton but it actually comes from the 1982 famous five parody (five go mad in dorset). i watched the parody years ago but sort of accidentally and before i had even ever heard of enid blyton, so of course it fell flat. now i think it is rather brilliant and its criticisms still socially relevant. hurrah for the comic strip - they are positively wizard!i always read for a bit before going to bed, and i've found that these books are a nice easy way of getting some reading time in while still keeping one's brain in idle mode.

  • Yasmine Alina a
    2019-01-07 10:28

    Adults like myself can also enjoy children's books. :)I must admit that the beginning of this book was quite boring and all the puzzle bits seemed to go nowhere and I missed that sense of excitement, word used in many chapter titles and I was getting ready for it each and every time and yet, I was not there, in the middle of the adventure. It took some time but it came eventually. However, the last 70 pages were the best as I felt again that sense of "I am really curious to know what is next and how they will manage to get out of that situation". Again, Enid surprised me by giving a reason and the perfect place to all the puzzle bits mentioned earlier. Many times I am wondering how she planned writing all her books because nothing is left outside, everything comes together in the end and each character is there for a good reason. Her description is extremely visual, not too much and not too little so you can picture clearly every scene of the book without losing your patience and yourself into unnecessary details.I am definitely a fan of Enid Blyton.