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Who would deliberately lure somebody on to treacherous rocks on the Cornish coast? Somebody is flashing lights from the old tower on stormy nights - and the Famous Five sense danger. But can they solve this mystery safely? About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid Blyton was born in London in 1896. She was educated in a private school and thought that shWho would deliberately lure somebody on to treacherous rocks on the Cornish coast? Somebody is flashing lights from the old tower on stormy nights - and the Famous Five sense danger. But can they solve this mystery safely? About The Author: Enid Blyton, 1896 - November 28, 1959 Enid Blyton was born in London in 1896. She was educated in a private school and thought that she would become a musician until she realized that writing was her passion. She attended Ipswich High School where she trained to become a kindergarten teacher and eventually opened her own school for infants. Blyton's first poem was published in 1917, entitled "Have You-" which appeared in Nash's Magazine. In 1922, her first book of verses was published, entitled "Child Whispers." In 1926 she accepted a position editing the children's magazine "Sunny Stories" as well as writing the column "Teachers World." Blyton's first full length children's book was published din 1938 and was titled "The Secret Island." After working on the column for years, Blyton quit "Teachers World" in 1945 and also ended her stint as editor of "Sunny Stories" seven years later. In 1953 she started her own children's magazine called "The Edith Blyton Magazine" which featured stories about her characters and news on the clubs formed around them. Her most famous stories were those of the "Famous Five" The Magazine closed in 1959. In the 50's and 60's Blyton was criticized for the language in her book, for being to simple, but some 300 are still in print today. Blyton has published over 600 books in the course of her career. Enid Blyton died in her sleep on November 28, 1968. She was 72 years old....

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Five Go Down to the Sea Reviews

  • Paul
    2018-12-24 09:11

    In this book, the Famous Five go down to the sea. Whadda ya mean my reviews are getting superfluous???My wife and I sat in traffic jams for several hours today and this audiobook helped pass about four and a half of them. For this, I am immensely grateful.This is another corker of an adventure story, with smugglers and jugglers and wugglers aplenty. (Only one of those things actually appears in this book. One of them isn't even a thing.)The Five encounter a little boy called Jan in this story. He wants nothing but to be their friend and they continually tell him to bog off. I found this behaviour very unattractive and it made me want to give them all a slap. When Jan has a chance to get his own back, he doesn't even take it! He is clearly the better person here.While I'm still enjoying these books, I think I may be running out of things to say about them. If you enjoyed the first eleven books in this series, you'll probably enjoy this one too. If you didn't enjoy the first eleven books, why the Hell are you still reading them? If you have chosen to read book twelve in a series without reading the first eleven, you are clearly deeply disturbed; seek professional help.

  • Arush Ul islam
    2019-01-16 08:18

    Wonderful book!Never imagined that those barnies would turn out to be the main villains.One of the best mystery thriller I’ve read till now.

  • David Sarkies
    2018-12-18 03:23

    Discovering the foreign land of Cornwell12 November 2012 It seems that by this book, which is the twelfth in the series, Blyton is settling into a rhythm. The Famous Five are not aging and each year is merging into this one never ending year that seems to have an endless amount of holidays (sort of like the Simpsons, except without the endless holidays). This is not all that surprising since the Famous Five are quite popular and obviously there was a demand for the books. Fortunately Harry Potter never turned out like this, but then again Harry Potter has a plot and all of the books were moving towards that end. The story sees the Five travelling down to Cornwell, and we are suddenly confronted with the Cornish accents. It seems that we are being shown a foreign land which exists within the boundaries of England. Here outsiders are all referred to as foreigners and we are even being introduced to some of the odd ways that people talk. It also seems that the Five seem to have friends and relatives scattered all over England, as they are staying at a farm owned by somebody that somebody knows, and there always seems to be some sort of circus act that turn up as well. The story behind this story is that there was a group over fifty years ago known as the Wreckers. During stormy nights they would light a lamp and lure ships to the rocks where they would crash, and then the Wreckers would make their way down to the cove and pick up all the cargo that have come to shore. The cargo would then be taken inland and sold on the black market. The false lighthouse was set up where nobody inland would be able to see it, unless they knew where to look. It is also noticeable that we are introduced to boy name Yan. Basically nobody, but Timmy, like Yan, and for much of the book they are telling him to go away. The only member that seems to accept Yan as a decent person is Timmy, and we all know, at least all of us who have followed the books, that Timmy is not stupid. Okay, he has slipped up, such as with Ragamuffin Jo, but she turned out good in the end anyway. What put me off was that this group of children were actually so mean to Yan, despite the fact that Yan not only turned out to be good, but also saved them as well. I wouldn't necessarily say that the books are getting boring, they are not. The adventures are still interesting, and they still captivate me as I read them. However, I do sit down and wonder at times whether I will even have the opportunity of sharing them with children of my own. The answer probably is unlikely, but then again, who knows what the future may bring.

  • Grace Tjan
    2018-12-20 05:23

    Jess, my 8-year old little girl, gives it 4 stars.SPOILERS!Comments while reading:"I like it when Yan says things like "frit" for afraid, and "iss" for yes. Is he a special needs kid? But I like him.""Another character that speaks funny is Mr. Penruthlan. How could his wife understand him when all he ever said were "ocks" and "ahs"?""I knew it! Mr. Penruthlan IS the bad guy!""I love Clopper, the horse that can sit cross-legged. Of course I know that he's not a real horse! How could a real horse sit like that?""The funniest part is when Dick and Julian got into the Clopper costume and couldn't unzip it. They had to run around a bunch of people wearing that costume!"Why do they call the theater people the "Barnies"? Isn't that the same as that purple dinosaur that I used to like when I was a baby? Oh OK, it's spelled differently. Barney is so babyish!" "What?! Mr. Penruthlan is NOT the bad guy? Enid Blyton is so clever.""Oh, so that's why Mr. Penruthlan is suddenly able to speak clearly --- he put on his dentures. What are "dentures"?""But I think the story is a bit too short. How come we don't hear anything more about those men who were in the tool shed? Who are they? I wish that Enid had explained that."

  • Kirsti
    2018-12-19 02:18

    Another in the "Five series". By now, with the twelfth book we have come to expect a certain formula from these books. Four children with little supervision find out something mysterious, solve the mystery and get rewarded. There is excellent sounding food (Except the tongue, although I've never had it it still sounds gross) They are staying at Tremannon farm this time around, and suspect someone of smuggling in good on stormy nights. Their prime suspect is their host, Mr Penruthlan who disappears at night and seems to lie to his with about where he goes.They decide to do some exploring, and get trapped by the smugglers. Meanwhile, the Barnies who have been staying at the farm are out looking for them, and one of them might just prove to be the bad guy.I love Enid Blyton, there has never been any doubt about that. This book was actually one of the later ones I managed to get a copy of, so it has never held the love that others in the series hold for me, but it is still an excellent book.

  • Faith
    2018-12-23 03:06

    Reading Famous Five during lunch hour at work makes me remember my childhood. Everything is so cozy and familiar. But those gender roles, ugh, they annoy me so much now. I used to think that George was cool, but now I see she is the "boy" who is not quite as boyish and brave as the boys. I loved these books as a kid, but while I do get a certain sentimental enjoyment out of them now, I can't say I love them anymore. But formula fiction like this only addresses the child reader and therefore adult readers like me should leave the judging to their younger selves. But really, there should be new "Famous Fives" with updated gender roles. Probably/hopefully there are...

  • Neja
    2019-01-13 09:19

    These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mystery …and those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memories..memories of first experiences with reading books.

  • Namratha
    2018-12-31 08:08

    Five Go Down To Sea was no great shakes from the adventure-mystery point of view… A strange light flashing in a ruined tower -late night wanderings -suspicious characters -getting locked up -escaping - AND -ultimately tying up all the loose ends.I primarily liked this book for three characters:Mrs.Penruthlan : the bustling, jolly l’il house-wife whose main aim in life was to cook and feed everyone who came under her motherly wings. So Blyton indulged her love for the good ol’English food to the hilt. There were glistening hams, tureens of new potatoes gleaming with melted butter, drop-scones, cherry tarts, lashings of hard-boiled eggs, pickles, sauces, trifles, jars of cold creamy milk and what have you!! One of my earliest memories of a comfort-phrase was “a larder crammed with food”!! *s-igh*Mr.Penruthlan: The tall, magnificent farmer.....dark as a sunburnt Spaniard. Larger than life, he was an intimidating figure. His unique quirk was his inclination to speak in weird mono-syllables like Ah…Ock, thanks to his tendency to go without his set of false teeth! The Five couldn’t figure till the end if he was one of the bad guys or not. Yan’s granddad: I liked the way Blyton gave a description of the old shepherd. It went:“He wasn’t very big, and he seemed shriveled up, like an apple stored too long. But there was still a sweetness in him, and the children liked him at once. His face had a thousand wrinkles that creased and ran into one another when he smiled. His shaggy eyebrows, curly beard and hair were all grey, as grey as the wooly coats of the sheep he had lived with all his life”.And then ofcourse there was Clopper, the comical stage-horse who seemed to have a life of it’s own...the surly Guv’nor and the gay and happy bunch of performers…who all belonged to the almost-vaudevillian group called “The Barnies”.Simple plot…interesting characters…and tables groaning under an assortment of delicious eats! Blyton at her predictable-best.

  • John
    2019-01-17 09:13

    As with all Famous Five books, this is of the same trusted and successful formula. I loved these books as a child and I am delighted that my girls loved them as children too.The stories are adventures of a byegone age, yet still hold the attention of children, around the world...... they have stood the test of time well - and for a great reason.The stories are plausible, fun, adventurous and contain an excellent mix of young characters... with a little bit of everyone in each of them - something that children have obviously known for decades.

  • T
    2019-01-03 09:05

    This book is set in the Cornish coast. Overall the book gave a nice English country side feel that made a real pleasent read. As an adult, most of the mysteries in themselves are not that exciting as the general feel good about the innocence of children, the enjoyment of simple joys of life and the camaraderie. The caves and secret passages were all interesting but for a regular reader of Enid Blyton they tend to become common fare.

  • Sunshine
    2019-01-03 04:21

    I enjoyed the quick pace. Loved the lashings of lunches, even The Five couldn't manage snacks in between in this adventure. Poor little Jan though, I do wish the five didn't treat him so meanly, goodness knows what he did to deserve that - at least Anne gave him some sweets!

  • Sara
    2019-01-11 07:19

    Revisiting my all time favorite childhood series - I enjoyed them as an adult too - it was like taking a break from adulthood for a few hours :-D

  • Gurnam Sodhi
    2018-12-17 04:15

    Not so exciting this time.

  • Nicola
    2019-01-15 09:10

    "The Famous Five decide to spend their time at a lonely and desolate farm in Cornwall suggested by Uncle Quentin and encounter Mr Penruthlan. They hear strange stories of the long-ago wrecking business. But lights are being shone at night directing ships to the rocks. Is there a mystery on the way?"I absolutely adored Famous Five as a child. I trawled through secondhand stores and slowly acquired all of them. For some reason in my childhood, there were lots of British books and comics widely available and back then they were sold for the mighty sum of 10 cents. Seems funny now when some of the secondhand shops charge $7-10 per book! I still have all of them safely saved in storage for when Little Miss grows up.

  • Tina
    2018-12-28 07:08

    My favorite childhood writer is Enid Blyton. Her collection of Famous Five accompanied me through a considerable part of my childhood - her books were often picked up from the library's shelves.I have probably noticed other elements of the story at the time, than I notice them now. At that time I really liked George because she was more boyish. Her Timmy is still very dear to me. I probably did not notice before, how strongly the author emphasizes the differences between a girl and a boy, even if George wamts to be a boy...In my memory are these book a little bit longer... Now I read it very quickly, and the story itself quickly ends. The introduction is rather long in relation to the whole story, the resolution and the conclusion of the whole situation are quite short.

  • Read all the books
    2019-01-02 04:58

    Petualangan ke 12 Lima Sekawan!Kali ini Lima Sekawan melancong ke sebuah pedesaan kecil dengan tujuan untung bersenang-senang di luar rumah, berenang, melancong, dll. Setelah sempat berjanji tidak akan mau melakukan petualangan menegangkan Lima Sekawan harus mengingkari janjinya karena seperti biasa Lina Sekawan kembali harus berhadapan dengan petualangan yang menegangkan.Seperti biasa saya sangat menikmati tulisan Bu Enid. Saya menyukai deskripsi desa yang ditinggali Lima Sekawan, kehidupan desa yang sederhana namun menyenagkan, keindahan alam yang menyejukkan serta orang-orang yang bersahabat dan baik hati.Salam Limun Jahe!

  • David Crespin
    2018-12-18 09:12

    Lashings and lashings of jolly good japes! I first read this series of books when I was a kid in the mid 70s and thought I'd have a trip down Memory Lane by re-reading this one.To tell the truth, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the excellent Comic Strip Presents series of parodies put out by the BBC as I wound my way through its smugglers' caves and tried to get to grips with mountains and mountains of wholesome tucker.All good clean fun!

  • Russell Taylor
    2019-01-14 05:57

    More good fare from the Famous 5. Much the same sort of stuff as in previous encounters but always fun to read. Nice to see them get it wrong with one of their conclusions towards the end - shows they are human, but of course they managed to work everything out by the end. Looking forward to the next...

  • Vishy
    2019-01-12 07:25

    Not bad.

  • Dianeh
    2019-01-10 06:25

    Another fun adventure with the Barnies (traveling players) and smugglers! The Famous Five foil the bad men again.

  • Alisha Mistry
    2019-01-11 03:21

    Awesome one.. love it.

  • Farseer
    2018-12-20 04:13

    Five Go Down To The Sea (1953)Blurb: The Famous Five decide to spend their time at a lonely and desolate farm in Cornwall suggested by Uncle Quentin and encounter Mr Penruthlan. They hear strange stories of the long-ago wrecking business. But lights are still being shone at night directing ships to the rocks. Is there a mystery on the way?Random thoughts:The Five are not paying much attention, and the driver needs to look for them and tell them to get out of the train, that they are at their stop. In addition to that, they don't have to worry about luggage, because it's been "sent ahead". I suspect this is just Blyton not wanting to lose time with luggage and logistics.By now, a favorite expression of Anne is saying that she does not really like adventures (bad luck having such brothers and cousin if you really mean that, Anne!). This time the others agree to steer away from any adventure. We all know how that's going to end up.After a weak showing in the food department in the previous book, the Five are in good shape again. This time they are going to spend their holidays, as usual with no adult supervision, in a farm in Cornwall. Why? Are they particularly interesting in the scenery? Not quite! They like being near the coast and the lonely natural setting well enough, but what really attracted them was that they have been informed that the owner of the farm serves alarmingly copious meals. She really fattened an absent-minded scientist friend of Uncle Quentin's when he went there to work in peace. However, they are outshined by Mr. Penruthlan, the farmer, who eats even more savagely than the Five. The children probably will grow up to eat as much as him!Mr. Penruthlan is another character in this series who speaks in unintelligible grunts. However, we find out that it's only when he doesn't have his artificial teeth on.By the way, I love that Blyton used misdirection on us again. Mr. Penruthlan seemed guilty. It's good that the mysteries are not as obvious as I had feared at the start of the series. Although I don't know why Mr. Penruthlan needed to lie to his wife about what he was doing.I loved Clopper the Horse. The boys were uncharacteristically naughty, borrowing it against the owner's wishes. I also liked the Barnies' lifestyle in general. Blyton has a lot of those romantic, nomadic characters.I liked Yan, even if he was a bit of a pest. He more than compensated for it by saving the Five when they were trapped in the secret passage. A rather scary situation, that one, although the bad guys make a point of saying they'll free them tomorrow. I guess Enid Blyton did not want to make the situation too upsetting for young readers! Speaking of Yan, I love how Timmy sometimes likes people that George doesn't like, and how cross that makes George. Yan0s grandfather was interesting too, although it seems he doesn't feed poor Yan properly. :(The wreckers... I remember reading this as a child and being astonished at how evil they were, purposefully leading ships to their destruction and causing the death of many people just to see what spoils they could recover on the shore.There are some lovely scenery descriptions at the beginning, and the adventure is a good one, although I agree with those who say that it's starting to be repetitive. The light signals, the itinerant performers, the secret passages... Still, I'm glad we have so many books in the series. I want more of a good thing.Julian and Dick are mean by going exploring on their own without telling George :( After telling her it was not a good idea to go with the storm and all, too. To be fair, they make the decision afterwards, when they are in bed and can't go to sleep and the storm has already clown over. Also, it's kind of necessary for the plot that Timmy isn't there, so that they can have the scary encounter with Mr. Penruthlan.And then the following night the boys go exploring again! Without George making a major row. George is a bit tame in this book, unfortunately. I like fiery George, as good or better than any boy.Mr. Penruthlan had a nice way of announcing he was giving the Clopper costume to the boys. He obviously had a sense of humor. I would have liked to see the boys doing a Clopper the Horse performance at school.All in all, a solid but not particularly remarkable entry in the series.Next up: Five Go to Mystery Moor (Famous Five, #13)

  • Dani Noviandi
    2019-01-16 03:20

    Petualangan keduabelas bagi anak-anak Lima Sekawan. Kali ini mereka menuju daerah Cornwall, sebuah daerah yang mempunyai adat dan kebiasaan yang berbeda dari wilayah Inggris lainnya. Memang, di buku terjemahan tak terasa bedanya, entah di teks aslinya, apakah logat Cornwall dicirikan oleh penulis. Daerah Cornwall yang ereka kunjungi kali ini sangat sepi, kebanyakan berupa pertanian, dan itulah tujuan mereka, Tremannon Farm. Sepi disini juga dapat berasosiasi dengan sepinya hiburan daerah ini, bahkan pedagang es krim pun tak ada! Untungnya, liburan anak-anak kali ini bertepatan dengann kunjungan The Barneys, sebuah kelompok sirkus yang selalu mengadakan pertunjukan di Tremannon apabila sedang berada di Cornwall. Maskot The Barneys yang sangat terkenal ialah Clopper, sebuah kuda yang dibentuk dari dua orang dan bisa melakukan gerakan-gerakan mustahil, seperti barongsai apabila deskripsi ini kurang jelas. Clopper inilah yang menjadi kunci petualangan anak-anak kali ini.Kali ini, anak-anak ditemani Yan, seorang anak kecil dekil dan kotor, serta sedikit aneh. Ini akibat Yan selalu membuntuti anak-anak tanpa berkata apa-apa dan kerap kali berada di tempat anak-anak bermain dan berjalan-jalan tanpa disadari. Yan ini mempunyai seorang kakek (tepatnya buyut Yan), satu-satunya keluarga Yan juga, yang hidup di atas bukit dekat laut. Konon, ayah kakek Yan ialah seorang pencoleng, yang pekerjaannya merampok kapal laut yang berlayar di laut dekat bukit tersebut. Caranya, mereka menyalakan lampu suar palsu sehingga kapal-kapal itu tersesat dan akhirnya terdampar di karang-karang yang berada di sekitar bukit, untuk kemudian harta yang dibawa kapal-kapal ini dijarah oleh kawanan pencoleng ini.Melalui cerita Yan serta kakeknya, anak-anak mendapatkan kabar bahwa lampu suar palsu kadang-kadang kerap kali menyala, apalagi apabila cuaca sedang buruk-buruknya. Anak-anak, yang mempunyai rasa penasaran yang amat tinggi tergerak untuk menyelidiki cerita ini. Ditambah, anak-anak curiga kepada Pak Penruthlan, sang pemilik Tremannon yang kedapatan keluyuran malam-malam menuju bukit tepat ketika cahaya suar palsu menyala. Seperti biasa pula, bahaya mengintai anak-anak karena mereka terlalu jauh menngetahui hal-hal ini. Tanpa sengaja, mereka terkurung di sebuah tempat yang disebut menara pencoleng, hingga akhirnya anak-anak menyadari bahwa Lorong Pencoleng yang juga diceritakan oleh Yan serta kakeknya ternyata memang ada dan terhubung dengan Tremannon Farm, hal inilah yang makin menambah kecurigaan anak-anak kepada Pak Penruthlan.Bahaya yang dialami anak-anak ini lagi-lagi bukan bahaya yang main-main. Gembong narkoba kali ini menjadi musuh dari anak-anak, sungguh sebuah masalah yang pelik yang belum seharusnya dialami anak-anak seusia mereka. Untungnya, tak ada ancaman pembunuhan kepada anak-anak kali ini, walaupun tetap saja bahaya terbunuh masih ada ketika mereka terkurung di menara pencoleng hanya dengan makanan seadanya tanpa mengetahui siapa yang sebenarnya mengurung mereka disitu. Lagi-lagi pula, bantuan dari anak lain (dalam hal ini Yan), yang kali ini menyelamatkan Lima Sekawan dari marabahaya. Memang, lama-lama alur cerita dari Lima Sekawan ini mulai terkuak karena memang hampir serupa di tiap bukunya, tentunya dengan tokoh dan kadar petualangan yag berbeda-beda. Walaupun begitu, tetap menyenangkan dan menegangkan membaca kisah Lima Sekawan ini, seperti biasa, aroma petualangann dan terutama aroma makanan yang dihidangkan penulis sungguh sangat menggiurkan. Well, masih seperti buku-buku sebelumnya, tetap umur sepuluh tahun ke atas yang saya rekomendasikan untuk membaca buku ini.

  • Edisty Friskanesya
    2019-01-07 02:27

    Seperti biasa, lima Sekawan yang terdiri dari Julian, Dick, George, Anne, dan anjing mereka Timmy berencana menghabiskan waktu liburan mereka di tempat yang baru. Bibi Fanny,ibu George merekomendasikan Cornwall, tepatnya Tremannon Farm, untuk tempat mereka berlibur. Disana ada kenalan teman Ayah George yang akan memanjakan mereka dengan makanan yang enak-enak! Disana juga cocok untuk anak-anak yang suka berpetualang seperti lima Sekawan. Menurut petugas stasiun, tempatnya sunyi dan liar! Hmm, dengan pulau yang sunyi, sepi penduduk, sejarah Dan jejak-jejak pencoleng yang tertinggal, Pak Penruthlan yang mencurigakan, Clopper jenaka yang dijaga layaknya harta karun, serta Bos The Barneys yang senang menyendiri, petualangan seperti apa yang menanti mereka?*** Setelah sekian lama pun, ternyata saya selalu jatuh hati pada Lima Sekawan. Enyd Blyton masih mampu membuat saya merasa tegang dan penasaran mengikuti petualangan mereka, dulu maupun kini. Enyd Blyton jenius! :)

  • Finger Painting
    2018-12-27 05:25

    I read five go down to the sea. It is about four kids who go to a vacation spot in a little town. The kids loved to have adventures. This time they say they won't do any adventures. Eventually they do. They go down to a lighthouse every night but they go no where near it. then Barnies. The barnies are performers who perform in farms. After the Barnies show they feast and sleep. Later they go in the old lighthouse . they check the place thouroughly to see if anything is there, unfortunatley there are many things wraped and folded. The people they stay with the Penruthlans at their farm. The farmer can't speak because he has no teeth. So the farmer gets trapped in a pass piled with thing that are nearly impossible to lift and or move, but the farmer moves it without a sweat. Then they find out who was in the lighthouse that led ships to their doom.

  • Conley Morris
    2019-01-12 10:05

    It was a good book and I really liked it.The kids in this book learn some historicalstuff about the place there staying at.They live in england and are visiting a little village near their home. They always seem torun into an adventure where ever they are at.This time they are so caught up in their sleuthing that they get trapped.Finally in the end theyfind the bad guy. It was a great mystery.

  • Milley
    2019-01-08 05:08

    I am re-reading these as an adult. so far i like Five fall into Adventure the best and gave it 4.5This is number 2 at 4 maybeFive Get Into Trouble i would rank 3rd with 3.75And last is Five in A Caravan at 3.5.This one had the usual ragamuffin. It had the barnies which are like the gypsies, caravaners, circus folks. I think I ranked this one higher for the wreckers story and the Cornish setting.

  • Durdles
    2018-12-22 04:02

    Re-read this one more than some of the others and it ticks all the Enid Blyton/Famous Five boxes. Summer holidays; Rail journey after nearly missing train (puncture); Welcoming farmhouse with rustic attic bedrooms (waking up not knowing where they were for a few seconds - luxury) and massive meals; Strange local boy (Jan); Eccentric circus types; Secret passages... Inspired.Enjoy this then read Jamaica Inn for the source material.

  • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    2018-12-18 10:00

    Five Go Down to the Sea and discover drug smuggling! Rather racy for 1953. She really does have a bit of a bias with simple country folks, travellers etc. But once again my son was very excited about crumbling towers, secret smuggler ways and lights shining in the night. A bit ho hum for the adult reader.

  • Jane Irish Nelson
    2018-12-30 03:24

    The four children and Timmy the dog are on vacation in Cornwall, expecting nothing more than good food, swimming, and exploring the countryside. But first there is the excitement of the arrival of the Barnies, a group of traveling actors. Then strange lights appear at night. And the children hear old tales of wreckers and smugglers, and wonder if any are active today. Exciting and quick-moving.