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There's a ruined castle on Finniston Farm, but only the dungeons remain - and nobody knows where they are! The Famous Five are determined to find them - and whatever is hidden in them - but they are not alone. Someone else wants to know, too. The question is: can the Five get there first?...

Title : Five on Finniston Farm
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Five on Finniston Farm Reviews

  • Paul
    2018-12-27 07:21

    Back with the Famous Five again but this time Enid seems to have forgotten something. There's a distinct lack of conflict in this book.There is an antagonist, of sorts; a couple of them, actually, but they're so ineffectual that they're nothing more than comic relief. Without a convincing antagonist, you're left with a story that's not very exciting at all, unfortunately.This was definitely my least favourite F5 book so far.

  • Thomas Strömquist
    2018-12-22 10:15

    The "Famous Five" books gets the "It was OK" rating due to that they were among the books that made me a reader in the first place. They were soon replaced by Alistair MacLean and the Bond-novels, but did provide a stepping stone. I remember this being my favorite cover, but that I found the story a bit uneventful.

  • Kavita
    2019-01-09 02:24

    Hmmm, it wasn't even a mystery. No danger, no crooks, no fun. Also, I didn't enjoy the side characters.

  • Neja
    2018-12-18 05:21

    These books (Famous five) are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood. All those adventures and mystery …and those sandwiches they always packed! aww, just the best! I would love to read one of these again. To bring back those memories..memories of first experiences with reading books.

  • Kirsti
    2019-01-10 04:18

    Another in the excellent 'Five' series by the legendary Enid Blyton. Number 18 in the set sees George, Anne, Dick, Julian and Timmy off to stay at Finniston farm, a farm that is struggling with money and has had to take in borders. The children help all they can, but they are baulked by Junior and his Pops, Americans who are intent on snapping up items of historical significance to take back to America.While this book has less action in it than others, it is still an exciting, quick read. We get to see the generosity of the children, in helping the family, especially the overworked mother. We get exciting and historical discoveries down in the tunnels, and a nice bit of detective work. we also get to see them befriend the twins, who do not like strangers and wish to help their mother also.I love 'old grandad' in this story, and his holding onto the past. Perhaps that is what I do when I pick up one of Enid's books, this one a well loved dog eared copy. But Grandad is proven right, that hostory can help those in the present, and that is another reason I so love these books. They are a piece of my history, and the history of those who owned and loved them before me as every one of them came to me second hand.Another great Enid Blyton book; Parents, get your kids reading them to remember a simpler time, and possibly get them hungry for dinner. I salivate every time I read about those darn macaroons at the bakery, and I've never even eaten one!

  • Carmen Casanova
    2018-12-22 08:19

    My first book on famous five!! Oh, wait... might be my first long-page book i read :)

  • Wigati Ambar Pertiwi
    2019-01-09 07:16

    seru juga ya kalo masih bisa liat harta2 peninggalan abad 12 di Puri Finniston. tadi ada baju zirah, trus pedang juga. jadi kebayang drama2 abad pertengahan gitu. :DP.S. : disini Enid Blyton kayaknya ada sentimen sama orang Amerika yaa. Hmm 🤔

  • Sunshine
    2019-01-17 06:34

    Diet Famous Five anyone? Famous Five Zero? No? Not quite the same tempo as her other books, I think the middle must have fallen out. The famous five are on some weird diet in this one too, not the usual gargantuan stuffing of faces. Sarah Green reads brilliantly but it's Jan Francis who has the voices the same as they are in my head when it comes to audio versions. A small beige chunk of Famous Five fun but it Finniston a high note!

  • Gabriel
    2019-01-16 06:36

    The one that started it all. The first book I read of the series, found in my father's library when I was 9. The book that I read more times over than any other in my life so far (between 15 and 20, by my calculations). Simply superb.My version is a Spanish translation by Editorial Juventud.

  • Whitney Hallam
    2019-01-11 09:26

    cooooooool for anyone.

  • Anne Marshall
    2018-12-29 08:42

    I really enjoyed this one with the two Harries and Snippet the dog as well.

  • Jake Collins
    2019-01-01 08:25

    This was always one of my favourite Fives, although I'm not really sure why. The castle, the chapel, the treasure and Old Great-Granddad must all feature somewhere in the reason.

  • Linneanorrlen
    2018-12-23 04:33

    Den är lättläst men ändå bra! Jag läser oftast svårare böcker men jag hade förmodligen älskat denna när jag var mindre!

  • Farseer
    2018-12-25 06:35

    Brief Summary by Poppy Hutchinson (from In this eighteenth Famous Five adventure, whilst spending the holidays at Finniston Farm, Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy encounter a brazen and tiresome duo of American guests. They also discover that the dungeons of an old Castle remain under some of the land of Finniston Farm – but nobody knows where they are! Of course: the Famous Five are determined to find them, and uncover whatever is inside them, but they are not the only ones...Random thoughts:OK, people are going to complain about another set of "identical" twins (although it's actually just the second in the series). These ones always talked together in the beginning, when they were hostile, but didn't do so later on. We could talk about how a boy and a girl can't be identical twins in the genetic sense, although they can look quite similar, just like regular siblings can look similar, and more so since they are the same age. And another of Enid Blyton's favorite tropes: yet another girl who dresses like a boy. Anyway, the bottom line is that it doesn't bother me. Yes, it's corny and maybe done too often, but it contributes to the atmosphere of the books. I enjoyed the initial hostility of the twins and how they became friends later.Having said that, and understanding the difficulties the farm was going through, once you decide to accept boarders you need to offer a good service. I mean, yes, Mr. Henning and Junior were unbearable, but the Five also received their share of hostility from the twins and even from their father ("more visitors?"). Then they became friends with the twins because they saw that they were willing to work and help with the farm work... and I know the Five did it willingly, but come on, paying boarders shouldn't have to do that to be welcomed.Having said that, it was nice of the Five to be so helpful. We do not see them going on their own to do their usual exploring. Their holiday at the farm seems to consist of working, mostly. Maybe they did other things too, but they were not shown in the book since they were not related to the story.Now let's talk about Junior. Thoroughly spoiled and irritating, I still liked the character. I mean that i enjoyed hating him. I liked the fact that, unlike other similar characters (like Edgar Stick in Run Away Together), Junior had agency in the story. He's not ineffectual, and his spying and the information he gets plays a major role. The reader of the audiobook made his voice very unpleasant (which is intended) and too loud (which bothered me in a bad way, since I use headphones). Like with Edgar, I did not mind the Five being mean to him, since he thoroughly deserved it (well, one could argue it was more his parent's fault, but whatever).At some point, Anne thought that it was peculiar that someone had the name of the town as last name (Finniston). Right you are, Anne Kirrin!There is no mention of myxomatosis. It fell prey to the modernization of the book, which is a pity, because I remember enjoying those references when I read it as a kid. Details like that give depth and a feeling of authenticity to the setting. Thinking about edits to the book: at a couple of points the children mention that they like Americans in general, they just did not like these Americans in particular. That's quite fair, but I had to wonder if it was in the original or if it was added later so as not to offend.I understand many people consider later books, included this one, as weaker than the first ones, but I have to say that I enjoyed this one a lot. It has some problems, mainly the fact that the adventure content is very light. The adventure this time is about as simple and light as in Go Adventuring Again (in fact, Finniston Farm is the shortest in the series going by length of the audiobook), but like in that book, there were other things surrounding the adventure that made me enjoy it.Mainly, this book seemed to me genuine and heartfelt. Yes, it has the typical elements, secret passages, twins, snotty spoiled boy antagonist, children allies with unusual pets, but for all of that, I got the feeling that Blyton's heart was in it, that she cared about the exploitation of the rich history and relics of Britian, by people who had no genuine understanding or appreciation of it. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the farm and the fields (as old as the hills), and the character of the grumpy great-granddad, obsessed with preserving the family heritage. There was real intensity and feeling in it, and it made the book memorable when I read it as a child. I remembered the details of this one, while for some other books in the series I did not remember that much.For once, the antagonists were not criminals. They were just unpleasant, rude and snooty. The consequence is that the children were never in any danger, except when they got accidentally trapped underground. On the other hand, that in itself was an original touch. I think it's the first in the series with no criminal antagonists. The adventure is very simple and straightforward, and also easy rather foreseeable, but since I enjoyed everything around it I did not mind. Other readers may be less understanding. One could say that it's incredible that the children could find so quickly what no one had found for centuries, and one would be right, but it's the kind of thing we need to suspend disbelief about in order to enjoy the series. Yes, the children easily stumble into adventure wherever they go. Deal with it, because otherwise there would be no series.The ending was really satisfactory for me, with everyone marveling at the treasure found, and great-grandpa waving the ancient sword, with fire in his eyes, feeling younger than he had felt in decades, and making Mr. Henning and company run away fearing for their integrity. Memorable stuff!Coming next: Five Go to Demon's Rocks (1961)

  • Cristinne Edwards
    2019-01-13 08:17

    Its the story about the five teens going over to the Finniston's farm as visitors. They are extremely annoyed by the two Americans staying there.The Americans made it a burden for poor Mrs. Philpot but the five tried their best to help her out.In the meanwhile,a visit to an old antique shop down the lane opens their eyes about the farm.There are dungeons underneath with cellers filled with something unexpected.The five is getting way close to the cellers but someone else is trying as well.Who will get there first?The five gets trapped in those and its a hard way to come out.And next what happens find out.

  • Jane Irish Nelson
    2018-12-23 08:13

    The four children and Timmy the dog are paying guests at Finniston Farm, and find themselves shocked at the behavior of the other guests, and American and his son, Junior. (Enid Blyton must have really disliked Americans, from the way she portrays them in her books; as an American I rather resent this.) The Five like the Philpot family, who own the farm, and are trying to make ends meet — even the twins, Harry and Harriet, who resent having to take in guests. But when the four children volunteer to help out, the twins become friendly, especially after George and Timmy teach Junior a lesson. But Junior's father, Mr. Henning, is searching for old English treasures to take back to America, and just maybe there are some on the farm, beneath where the old castle once stood. Can the children find them before he does? INO, Mr. Henning is not a true villain, but merely rich and unlikeable.

  • Nicola
    2019-01-04 10:36

    Finniston farm, ancient ruins, a medieval castle, and twins!I absolutely adored Famous Five as a child. I trawled through secondhand stores and slowly acquired all of them. For some reason in my childhood, there were lots of British books and comics widely available and back then they were sold for the mighty sum of 10 cents. Seems funny now when some of the secondhand shops charge $7-10 per book! I still have all of them safely saved in storage for when Little Miss grows up.

  • Katie Grainger
    2019-01-04 09:37

    Pretty disappointing this story from the Famous Five series! The build up was long and then the actual adventure itself was pretty tame to be honest! Given that it is the eighteenth book I kind of understand that ideas might have been running thin but this one was a little dull. I am hoping that the last few books will be better than this one!

  • Dianeh
    2018-12-19 08:21

    Another great adventure!! Loved little Junior and his Dad. There have been lots of castles to discover and this one had valuable treasures!! Maybe I’m just getting used to the books but I’m liking these last ones more and more!

  • mitarafortunadow
    2018-12-23 09:27

    Compared to the rest of Famous Five books, this one is not really as exciting. I feel that the characters are lacking, and so is the conflict. Although not one of my favourites book from the Famous Five, it is still a quick, good read.

  • Asuka Mai
    2018-12-22 07:17

    Lumayan mengobati mood baca. Pas kelar baca Paper Town yang boring abis.^^

  • Natascha
    2019-01-07 10:21

    Eigentlich mag ich die "Fünf Freunde" Bücher total gerne, da sie mich auch immer an meine Kindheit erinnern. Dieses Buch fand ich allerdings recht schwach. Es kommt keine Spannung auf, Gefahren gibt es hier auch keine, die "Fieslinge" sind seicht und kaum der Rede wert. Nettes Kinder-/Jugendbuch, welches aber leider nicht mit den anderen "Fünf Freunde" Büchern mithalten kann.

  • David Sarkies
    2019-01-14 05:12

    Five go after some profiteers9 June 2014 Well, this one was a little better than the previous Famous Five adventure that I read, however once again there is a little shift in the nature of the story, which is always a good thing because, since this is book number 18, Blyton no doubt has settled down into a pattern that seems to work (and I suspect the pattern will continue with the last three books in this series). Basically the pattern goes like this: the Famous Five are on holidays so they meet up and go to somewhere together (this time it is a large farm); the first half of the book has them running around having fun, and this part usually involves them meeting somebody that joins their adventure (in this book it is the twins); they then meet some rather unsavoury characters (the American and his rather annoying son); they discover that there is something nefarious going on; without the help of anybody they end up solving the mystery and saving the day; the Five, and their new friends, then finish the holidays having, well, more fun. The thing that differs with this particular book is that there aren't actually any crooks, just some really annoying characters that are attempting to get a good deal so that they can profit from the transaction. Basically the 'bad guys', for want of a better word, (though in the end I would probably have to say that that description is actually quite apt for this particular people) are simply profiteers, and purchasing something at a bargain price because they know that they can make a huge profit from it. I believe that these type of people may be known as carpet baggers, a term that came from a group that after the American Civil War went from the North into the South to assist in reconstruction, but in doing so would make a substantial profit off of the people in doing so. What the antagonists in this book are doing is that they have descended upon a farm that is struggling to get by on the rumour that there may be treasure buried somewhere on the farm, and paying what appears to be a substantial sum of money, but in reality is not all that much, to search for this treasure without actually telling the owners that the treasure is there. Thus, by offering them a small sum for the property they hope to make a large profit from it. Technically there is nothing wrong with the practice, however seeing it from the Famous Five's point of view, one can see an essence of exploitation going on. The current owners are in financial difficulty and along comes an angel to bail them out, but the thing is that the angel is not all that angelic because they known that they can profit immensely from the transaction, it is just that they are not revealing the whole truth, and thus when the truth comes to light it is too late. However they are not actually doing anything wrong, which is why the police do not become involved, though these particular characters are painted badly so as to turn us, the reader, against them. The one thing that I did not particularly like about the book though was the fact that they suggested that a castle that had been destroyed seven hundred years ago would still have traces left. I probably should not be so sceptical since one of my interests is archaeology. In fact suggesting that this is unrealistic when numerous sites that are much older have revealed even older objects inside then finding stuff well preserved in a cellar under a old Norman Castle is not so surprising.

  • Natasha
    2018-12-23 03:22

    The eighteenth instalment in the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. Five on Finniston Farm sees George, Anne, Dick, Julian and Timmy off to stay at a struggling farm which has had to take in borders to put food on the table. The children help all they can, but find themselves hindered by Junior and his Pops, American visitors who are intent on buying items of historical significance to take home, much to the objection of ‘old great-granddad’.An exciting and quick read aimed at those aged around 10+. Throughout the book we get to see the children’s generosity and manners as they help out with chores around the farm. As always, the children have fantastic adventures, discovering the cellars and dungeons of a medieval castle; long-lost having burnt down in a fire many years ago. These adventures explore the detective work of the five, leading to historical discoveries down in the tunnels that will save the farm from deprivation.Alongside the detective work the children love, we are able to witness friendship’s being built with the ‘two Harries’ (unison speaking twins Henry and Harriet who are deemed ‘very unfriendly’ by most visitors). The twins, and their dog Snippet, join the five in their adventures and the six children show teamwork and strength in their relationship.I am yet to talk about this book with someone who has not enjoyed it; whether they’re 10 years old or 50. These classics have been around for years and are gripping stories, Five on Finniston Farm included. A great, easy read and one that can be enjoyed time and time again.

  • Devina
    2018-12-25 05:17

    George, Anne, Dick, Julian dan gak ketinggalan Timmy, berkumpul lagi. Liburan kali ini mereka ngabisin wkt di Pertanian Finniston. Keluarga Finniston lagi butuh uang, makanya mereka nyewain kamar buat tamu yang mau liburan dipedesaan.. Disana mereka ketemu dg Anak2 Finniston yang jutek abis ama mereka pada awalnya..tapi setelah kenal dekat, jadi berteman baik deh.. Sesuai dg judulnya, ceritanya seputar harta karun gt.. Konon ditanah Finniston dulu ada puri, waktu diserbu ama musuh, Puri itu roboh gt..tapi katanya ada ruang bawah tanah dipuri itu yang masih selamat dan tersimpan byk harta karun disitu.. Lumayan seru.. Berebut harta karun Finniston dg Pak Henning yang jahat dan anaknya yang super manja plus licik.. Eeww..pengen banget nyekek Junior.. :| kalo akhir cerita mah tentu aja happy ending.. :))Dipikir-pikir enak banget ya jadi Dick, Julian, Anne ma George.. Kerjaannya ngelancong, piknik, jalan2, makan enak.. Petualangannya juga seru2..Hehe.. Zaman dulu asyik deh.. Bs melancong ke desa-desa tetangga, nginep di pertanian orang..kaya di seri atu ini, George dkk ngisi liburan dg bertamu ke Pertanian Finninston.. Tapi kok bisa ya orang tua mereka ngizinin anaknya bepergian sendirian aja, tanpa ditemenin org dewasa gt? Jadi mikir deh, ini cuma seputar cerita atau emang di Inggris tuh hidupnya kek gni? Enak banget deh kalo emang kaya gt.. Tapi ya sekali lagi nama nya juga cerita.. Believe it or not lah.. :)

  • Stacey
    2019-01-13 04:23

    This is the eighteenth installment of the Famous Five series. It isn't my favourite but close to.The five, Julian, Dick, George, Anna and Timmy the Dog, visit Finniston farm. Slowly they make friends with the "two Harries" (unison speaking twins Henry and Harriet).They have to deal with stereotypical arrogant, rude and rich Americans Mr Henning and his spoilt rotten son Junior.The children discover the buried and hidden ruins of an old (medieval) castle.

  • Thomas Johansson
    2018-12-29 06:20

    Fem-gänget är ooooootroligt helylle och präktiga, mycket mer än vad jag minns från barndomen när jag läste många av böckerna om dem. Men det funkar. Det är rapp handling, kvick och naturlig dialog. Allt är jävligt mysigt och feelgood och när något dåligt händer eller verkar hända så vet man att det kommer att vändas till något positivt i slutändan. Kul nostalgitripp.

  • Filipe
    2019-01-06 08:35

    Normal book , really fast .. Famous Five go to the farm and get to know some awesome people and then they discover a huge thing , and help the farm people .. Very little book , 1 hour and 5 minutes on audiobook , althought really enjoyable because the audiobook had a lots of sounds ( birds, walking on grass, dog barks) behind the conversation .. Read it if you love Enid Blyton :)

  • Noora
    2019-01-15 05:20

    Ihan ok viisikko, mutta kuten muutkin viisikot, toistaa tämäkin samaa kaavaa kuin ennenkin. Lähdetään lomaa viettämään jonnekin, löydetään salakäytävä kaninkolon avulla, taistellaan pahiksia vastaan ja lopulta pelastetaan salakäytävästä löytyneen aarteen avulla jotakin. Ja se jatkuva syöminen... Mutta ihan luettava kuitenkin, kuuluuhan kaavamaisuus kuitenkin sarjakirjojen lajiin.

  • Greg
    2019-01-15 04:42

    A fun book! Though short, I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm keen on reading the rest of the books in the Famous Five series, for I got hooked to this book, every page keeping me interested as I read. A good read indeed!