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Second in the delightful series featuring a vampire princess in the Sunshine State, adjusting to life, undeath, and that brutal Floridian sun. 228-year-old Francesca Marinelli thought her past was dead-then a stranger from the Atlanta vampire nest crashes her home looking for sanctuary. A budding stand-up comic, Jo-Jo's running from an undead superior eager to drive a stakSecond in the delightful series featuring a vampire princess in the Sunshine State, adjusting to life, undeath, and that brutal Floridian sun. 228-year-old Francesca Marinelli thought her past was dead-then a stranger from the Atlanta vampire nest crashes her home looking for sanctuary. A budding stand-up comic, Jo-Jo's running from an undead superior eager to drive a stake through the heart of his dream job. But Jo-Jo's bad jokes aren't the only dark clouds on the horizon. A psychotic vampire with a murderous agenda has followed Jo-Jo to Florida, putting everyone close to Francesca in danger....

Title : Last Vampire Standing
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Last Vampire Standing Reviews

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-04-26 10:04

    Nancy Haddock really smoothed out in this second installment of the series. It helps that the villains in this one were pretty straight forward, with clear motives and actions that made sense once revealed. It also helps that Francesca and Saber are together romantically, and trust each other deeply. That made it much more natural for Saber to share information with Cesca and for them to function as a team.Everything I loved about the first is present (and stronger) in this book—mainly Cesca's personality. This book also stuck with her perspective throughout. Cesca is now aware of the meta-story of dark doings afoot, at least enough so that Haddock wasn't compelled to include bits from some mysterious wizard's perspective, this time. I expected Jo-Jo to be lame or stupid or distracting, but that ended up a strong (though side) part of the story in a good way, as well.I enjoyed the book immensely and will definitely be looking for the next.A note about Steamy: Like the last book, there's only one real explicit scene and it's a short one. There are a lot of mentions of Saber and Cesca playing around, they are a sexually active couple, after all, but most of that is off camera or allusionary.

  • Sarai Weaver
    2019-04-18 14:16

    You can find my review of this book here, on Bitten By Books.

  • Shelley
    2019-04-07 11:26

    **Summary** 228 year old vampire princess Francesca (Cesca) Melisenda Alejandra Marinelli’s afterlife is looking up. She has a new home, complete with masses of villagers (minus the torches), good friends like Maggie O’Halloran, Mick, Janie, and Neil, and a hot boyfriend Deke Saber, a preternatural special investigator, and a former vampire hunter who she lost her virginity to at the end of the first book in this series. Her job as a tour guide for the Old Coast Ghost Tours is interesting, although she could do without her ever present stalker Victor Gorman (a Covenant Member who believes she is trying to build a vampire next in town). She has time to surf, and she is living in the town of her original birth St. Augustine, FL. (Turned vampire in 1800; Buried alive 1803).That is, until a vampire jester named Jo-Jo with a fondness for bad humor, gadgets, and overblown titles; shows up at her feet, and asks for sanctuary from the big bad vampire of Atlanta, Vlad. Complete with feet kissing ways, Jo-Jo is looking for the opportunity to carry out his dreams.**Review** I guess you could say that as a Floridian for the past 11 years, I'm a bit more swayed to go out and read this story. Especially since, it's centered in the oldest city in the USA, St. Augustine, Florida. The city itself has an amazingly long history under the Spanish, British, and now the US. I believe Ms. Haddock did a fairly decent job of getting the local scene correct, even though as of now, I believe the Lyon's Bridge is fully reconstructed and opened to traffic. *May have to take a road trip to verify these facts*This definitely is a paranormal romance novel, interlocked with the mystery of where Triton has been all this time, and why Cesca and he are expected to mingle their powers to defeat the Void which seems to be draining supernatural creatures. Yes, Triton does in fact make an appearance in this book (in a psychic connection with Cesca; coming to her aide killing Cesca's arch nemesis Marco, and again as a dolphin, which he shifts into during a full moon). It will be interesting to see if Ms. Haddock goes the way of other novelist and inter-mixing the three characters into some sort of rudimentary love triangle. I'm personally routing for Saber. I mean, come on ladies! Please read the part where he puts so much into his relationship with Cesca, that it absolutely melts your heart. Especially, on the 1 year anniversary of Maggie's unearthing of her coffin from her construction site she had been buried under for 200 years.Bottom line, not as much action as the first novel, but the mystery behind the void, and where Triton has been all these years, appears to be coming to a conclusion. Cesca’s constant livelihood is still taking a hit, when people continue to try to kill her, but she refuses to allow them to dictate her afterlife.Jo-Jo's addition to this story was more of a comic relief, than anything truly serious. He tries to teach Cesca how to fly, at Sabers urging; she's really horrible at it. In fact, the only real vampire powers she does have, is the ability to use a person’s aura to drain them, and vampire speed to run away when in trouble.For a vampire, Cesca is more human, than anything else. She doesn't hang around other vampires, mostly going out of the way to avoid them altogether. She loves Sweet Tea, which if you are from the south, you truly understand the addiction. She loves to surf, and play Bridge once a week. She may be a very wealthy woman after being buried with King Normand treasures, but she’s truly the most frugal person I know, driving a used truck and doing most of her shopping at Wal-mart.Next book in series: Always the Vampire (Releases May 3, 2011)

  • Jen
    2019-04-11 13:04

    I was iffy on reading the first book, let alone the 2nd - just because the back of the book makes it look stupid. I actually put them back on the shelf at the library a couple of times when I found something else that I liked.. But this time - I was desperate after going through a couple of books that I just couldn't get into - so I picked up this series and started them. I am glad I did. The storyline is really cute. The first book I think was better - She was getting use to the now a days way of of life and trying to fit in as a human after being buried alive in a coffin for 200 years , using her vampire hearing to listen to the world evolve around her wasn't enough. In the second book - it gets a little more.. complex. Jo-Jo the Jester runs away from his Nest in Atlantas because his girlfriend leaves him for another guy. Jo-Jo was a court Jester back in the 1800's when he was funny :) Now he's a little out dated and wants to start working in comic clubs - but he's afraid Vlad (the head vamp in Atlantas) will come for him. So he seeks out Princess Cesca for protection and guidence. Of course Saber and Cesca are together now - REALLY together now :) and together they help Jo-Jo get his "act" together - all while Jo-Jo gives Cesca flying lessons , and to help her come into her new powers. Triton keeps coming in and out mysteriously like he did in the first book - but he does give Cesca a little more information - not a lot - we're still trying to figure out where he comes in during this series - but it's not the second book :) Pandora's still around and still mysterous in this book as well. But she does hang around protecting Cesca and even talks to her. Although she doesn't give her any useful informantion - she does a good job helping her out though. At the end , we also meet Pandora's ... handler? I don't think that's the right word - more like companion ? Human? and yes , he is full of mystery too , but promises to help guide as well as explain things Cesca in the near future (next book) This book was pretty good - but I'm only giving it 4 stars - The book took off great - the relationship between Maggie, Neil , Saber and Cesca were great - I fell in love with Jo-Jo and all his Royal titles for Cesca instantly.The story picked up and started getting intense with Marco (Jo-Jo's girlfriend's new boyfriend) and Laural (Ike's 2nd in command) and the newest ghost / energy that keeps showing up on video on Cesca's ghost tours. Wont go into details with that but read the book and you'll know what I'm talking about :) All the peices were starting to fit together - it started getting really good and I didn't want to stop ... then within 3 pages - it was over ... and I'm still not even sure what I was reading - I re-read it - but all the popping in and out and light shows and - yeah - I don't want to give it away - but I think she could have saved the day a little better then that. BUT then she has a little chat with Triton at the end and sets up for her next book in April - so I supose the cheap shot ending kind of fits in for the next book , giving her room to grow - but I still think it should have dragged out a little more. I will be in line to read the next book - Always a Vampire coming out in April 2011 :)

  • Sandy M
    2019-04-23 10:24

    When I actually got to this second book, I was slightly afraid, with the reading of the first chapter, that perhaps things would get a little too over the top with some silliness. I’m so happy to say I was totally wrong about that. We pick up with Cesca and Saber a year after the first book when Jo-Jo the jester appears out of nowhere. A vampire and former comedian, he has searched for Princess Cesca to ask for help in regaining his humor and timing to continue his career. From that, of course, all kinds of mystery and fun ensue.Saber and Cesca are happy and content in their relationship. He’s still nudging her to learn and use more of her powers, and with Jo-Jo’s help she’s learning to fly, but it isn’t going very well. Cesca has spent so much time trying not to be a vampire that it’s difficult for her to now try to be one. Thus, her powers so far only come to her when she doesn’t think about it, and she needs them now more than ever because she’s coming face to face with vampire leaders who want her dead.In the midst of all of this, she and Saber learn that a darkness is taking over these vampires, causing them to act abnormally. Another investigation begins and they end up going head to head with vamps while also trying to figure how an ancient friend of Cesca’s, who she hasn’t seen in eons, is involved in the whole crazy mess.There’s a whole new set of characters who take Cesca’s walking ghost tour who figure into the evolving mystery. We also get a few answers (but only a few!) to the overall future mystery involving the elusive wizard and do see more of the shapeshifting panther, Pandora. We also learn some unforeseen information about Saber, which had me a tad scared for a minute. I’m glad my sneaking suspicion that he was going to be killed off was just a suspicion. I love Saber and he’d better be sticking around for the life of this series!See my complete review at

  • Khalia Hades
    2019-04-14 14:18

    I knew with the very first chapter of La Vida Vampire (Oldest City Vampire, Book 1)that I had found something worth my book reading time, my patience and my cash. I don't think I had even actually finished this book before I was off and running recommending it to anyone that would listen to me. I just knew that here was finally an author that knew how to write a fresh, funny vampire mystery/romance series. Now with the release of Ms. Haddocks newest, "Last Vampire Standing (Oldest City Vampire, Book 2) I am positive that we have the making for a long running series; a wonderful roller coaster ride that has me chortling with glee, and already anxious for my next fix of Princes Francesca, or Cesca (rhymes with Fresca) as she likes to be called!All Cesca ever wanted from her underdead was to make up for the centuries of being buried. She wants to live her life like a semi-normal human being. She wants to blend with the humans, shop Wal-Mart, surf (yes; a surfing Vampire, who knew!) have a boyfriend and give her historic ghost tours. After all she is living history. But alas, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and what could she do when the fates brought to her doorstep Jo-Jo the Jester? Yep J J the Jester (Ms Haddock has a real creative imagination!)Then comes more trouble in the shape of Ike the head vamp from Daytona, his henchwoman Laurell (who braids her hair using human bones as decoration) and Vlad the head honcho from Atlanta (what mother would name her baby Vlad?) and Marcus, a blast form Cesca's past. Toss into the mix Cesca learning how to fly, helping J J with updating his comedy act, some new Vamp powers of hers coming on line, a prophecy starting to come true, an old very old friend helping her out, a shape shifting cat and a surprise from her boyfriend Deke--and you have the makings of a rollicking good read.

  • Deborah Ideiosepius
    2019-04-05 08:24

    Last Vampire Standing by Nancy HaddockThe latest (for me) takeoff in the ever increasing lists of modern 'vampire' stories. I did enjoy it as a light, pleasant, undemanding read. I would not buy it, but I am pleased I stopped for it at the library.I say 'vampire' stories, because in keeping with the current 'vampire' trend the main charcter is not noticably a vampire at all. She can go out during the day (although late, because she is a 'daywalker'), she displays human emotions, sex drive, desires and aspirations. We are told that she is old, but the character is %100 year 2000 contemporary with no characteristics suitable to the era that is attributed to her. At no point does she exhibit blood lust or any non-human urges unless you consider drinking a Starbucks a day non-human (I would, but most Americans seem to find it normal).So, a pleasant read in the current tradition of the 'modern vampire" beats Myers and her sparkly vampires, -who are really nice people after all- to death (pardon the pun, but there is not much death in any of them anyway). Nowhere near as good as Charlene Harris, (though obviously on the same wavelength with the bottled blood) give it a go when you find it at the library.

  • Martina the Book Fairy
    2019-04-19 10:23

    This series is a UF/PNR mix. The character gets her man at the end of book 1 and is still with him in book 2, but the same characters are in trouble yet again rather than being relegated to minor characters. The series is about Francesca Marinelli, a vampire who was buried for over 200 years and only recently dug up. She's still in the process of discovering her powers, but mostly just wants to live a normal (un)life in her home in St. Augustine, Florida. If you like your heroines a bit more like the girl next door with a little something special then you'd love Cesca. It's not her fault she keeps getting embroiled in murders and strange vampire plots of domination. In that way she reminds me a bit of Sookie Stackhouse or Georgina Kincaid. A great character! Book #3, Always the Vampire, will be in stores in May 2011 and I'll definitely be in like to pick it up!

  • Chantel
    2019-04-19 14:21

    I've had this book trilogy on my nightstand for months. I borrowed it from the library and renewed it multiple times. There were other "more important" books that kept bumping up in the queue like best sellers and book club selections or audiobooks or ebooks which were handier and more portable than these books. Additionally, I feel judged reading vampire books where others can see the cover and smirk at me and my hubby complains about the nightstand light so for all these reasons, I kept putting it off. A little over a week ago, I got the first book read and then I read the second one right after that. It just took a few days for both of them. This book was as good as the first one. I liked following the vampire's adventures again. It isn't anything to run out and convince everyone to read but I had a good day reading it.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-08 10:13

    Haddock has created a pretty enjoyable bunch of characters here. Francesca is a nice heroine and her love interest, Saber, fills the requisite sexy Alpha-man shoes nicely. Likewise, the secondary characters, such as Cesca's best friend Maggie and vampire-hater Gorman, are interesting enough. The problem is that nothing much in these two novels sticks with you once the book is finished.For what it is though, the novel is decently written. The plots are okay and the progression of the story arc is fine. As far as character development and world-building - there's not much to it......To continue reading this review, head over to my blog - Undercover Book Lover.

  • Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann*
    2019-04-10 09:24

    I felt like this was a much more streamlined book than the previous one, the storylines fit together well and the concentration on vampire politics made sense (in the previous book the plot could have been pretty much the same whether or not Cesca was a vampire) but Cesca still don't seem very vampirey, she's a bit nocturnal, can't eat or drink much normal food and has to have star bloods instead of starbucks, she just feels like a vampire lite, nothing about her really feels old.However it wasn't funny, I got the feeling bit's of it were supposed to be funny but they just weren't. Perhaps my humour doesn't match the authors but when I was being told this is funny (MC finding it amusing) and it really wasn't it was annoying.

  • Darcy
    2019-04-13 09:12

    Cesca is still trying to live a normal life, but her wishes don't always get followed. At her and Maggie's housewarming party a random vamp shows up, Jo Jo, the jester. There are all sorts of jokes that can be made just from that, but I will pass on making them. My first instincts were to not like Jo Jo, but he grew on me as the book progressed.With Jo Jo's appearance Cesca was sucked into the larger vampire world, something she has avoided. With Saber at her side they did deeper to help Jo Jo with his issues and found some new problems too.Cesca also managed to find an old family treasure and an old friend kept turning up at odd times. I was hoping for more with that, but it didn't happen although it looks like it will in the next book as Triton is most definitely back.

  • GamerChick
    2019-04-09 09:29

    This was such an amazing sequel to one of my new favorite books. Starts off shortly after the events of the first one building on everything it started. The main story arc continues to develop well still having a self contained story for this book. A few new supporting characters are added in and all have interesting personality's that are sure to be important in the future. The plot is more less mystery but still tells a compelling story that you don't always know whats coming next. The end is fantastic and finishes this books story very well but still leaves a lot of for shadowing to what is sure to develop in the next book, If you loved the first book as much as i did you're sure to love this one.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-19 08:03

    This was a second great novel in the series by Nancy Haddock. I once again enjoyed reading about an area where I grew up in (and the Florida Gators were acutally mentioned in this story!).The characters were the same that I loved in the first book in the series, La Vida Vampire, but a lovable Jo-Jo was added this go round. You couldn't help but laugh at his jokes, even if they were corny. And the plot was fun and had me guessing until the end. But I want to know more about Triton. I haven't seen where there is going to be another book in the series, but I sure hope there is going to be one!

  • Bronwyn Rykiert
    2019-04-05 12:11

    I found out when I started this story that is book 2 of a sereis. It is a good stand alone story but I want to read the earlier story to do some catch up on the characters.This is a different take on vampires yet again and it was a pretty good read.Francesca (Cesca to her friends) had been buried in a coffin underground for 200 years when she was rescued by Maggie O'Halloran, who became her best friend. Cesca has a sexy boyfriend, Deke Saber who is a special agent for the Vampire Protection Agency.In this story there a few rogue vampires, Cecsa meets up with her childhood friend Triton and finds out Saber's secret.A good read

  • Sunshine✰✰✰
    2019-04-22 12:03

    As with the first book, this was a very easy relaxed read. In this book, the different relationships Francesca has are more familiar and easy. It is more about her learning about and coming into some of her powers. We do get to hear the full story about how Cesca was found and brought into the 21st century. A new thing about Saber was brought up, which I thought was unnecessary for the story. It was only a blip in the story anyway and unless it is a foreshadow for something happening in the third book, there was no need to add it. Overall, still a decent series.

  • Mary
    2019-04-08 06:19

    book three/fiftytwo, It was a long time ago when I read the first book of the series, but I remember liking it so much and I couldnt wait for the second book.Well it wasn't worth the wait or all the expectations. The book didn't amaze me a bit, it was too much lovely dooey with saber and too little action. And therefore a very slow-read indeed. Book three now finished, I hope this isnt a routine thingy, with every other book being easy/hard to read.

  • Mary (BookHounds)
    2019-04-18 14:16

    As soon as I finished this book, I wanted another installment. This is a good solid paranormal-mystery. The characters of Cesca and Deke are a great couple and the additional of J0-Jo was wonderful comic relief. Parts of the story reminded me of Christopher Moore and the author keeps the pages turning. Now, how long do I have to wait for more?

  • Manda
    2019-04-25 13:25

    2.5 stars. it was ok. I couldn't totally get into it so it seemed to drag on. There were some fun spots towards the end that gave me hope for a better book 3. Some far fetched cicumstances of why a main character is what he is...I kind of rolled my eyes. After reading new releases by Patricia Briggs, Chloe Neill, and some other fantastic reads, this was not on the same level.

  • Rachel- Goodbye Borders
    2019-04-09 07:21

    I liked this book quite a bit. Love Cesca. My big issue is there are still unresolved issues at the end of the book. From what I can tell, no 3rd book out or upcoming to wrap up the story lines in a nice, neat, little bow. Thankfully, no cliffhanger ending. Just left me kinda wondering and......?

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-04-04 12:07

    First one a bit better but this still kicks out loads of fun. Saber is still drool-worthy, Ci still funny and quirky, and the intro of Jo-Jo rocked, he's hilarious. The resolution with a big baddie at the end seemed a little anticlimactic; however, I'm looking forward to the third (and last) book to see who the Void ends up being.

  • Adele
    2019-04-22 09:22

    I loved this book. Francesca "Cesca" Marinelli is a vampire that got locked up by her sire for 200 years. now she is out, she makes the most out of her life. this book has some elements of sookie stackhouse in it(all the Vampires drink bottled blood).

  • Gem
    2019-04-26 06:29

    I liked it. I was a little lost on some of the back story but thats because I didn't read the first book. I thought the author did a pretty good job of filling in as the story went though. It was an easy read and I enjoyed it. Would recommend it and will probably read it again.

  • Anne
    2019-03-28 08:04

    The adventures of St. Augustine vampire Princess Cesca continue as an evil force sucks energy from and begins controlling vampire nests around the country, bu hits closest to home with the Daytona Beach vamps.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-15 11:01

    I thought this book was an excellent read. The plot kept me interested, the leads were great together, and the ending left me looking forward to more from this series. If you see it in the bookstore pick it up and buy it. It was a wonderful use of my time.

  • Jolene Macfadden-kowalchuk
    2019-04-12 10:27

    First in the series and it had me hook from the beginning. Who wouldn't want to read about a nice vampire just trying to live her afterlife in one of the oldest cities in the U.S. St. Augustine, Florida not only has ghosts they now have their very own perky, crime solving vampire/tour guide.

  • Patrícia
    2019-04-13 09:07

    RATING: 2.5 starsWell... maybe I was not in the mood for paranormal romance, but I couldn't get into this book. Which is a shame, as I loved "La Vida Vampire". :|

  • Lynn Calvin
    2019-03-29 06:03

    Amazon preorder

  • Sara
    2019-04-05 10:17

    Still had the same life and heart of the first. Didn't feel old and laid ground work for book 3.

  • Missyb
    2019-04-05 07:26

    better then the first book. Action packed, lots of humor, lots of twists and mystery. Great book. Cannot wait till the next book.