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A spark of hope ignites into a blaze in 12-year-old Mitsuki Koyama's life when a comical pair of magical beings appears to prove to her that dreams really do come true....

Title : Full Moon O Sagashite, Vol. 2
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ISBN : 9781421500362
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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Full Moon O Sagashite, Vol. 2 Reviews

  • Mike
    2019-03-31 13:01

    This series kind of reminds me of a pop song where the lyrics were chosen not based on their actual meaning, but based on how they sound with the music and the images they invoke. As far as I can tell, the story is kind of cheesy and slow-paced, but it doesn't matter to me, because I'm hardly paying any attention to it. The thing about those pop songs is that they're a lot better if you just ignore the lyrics, and focus on the music and the feelings. So that's what I'm doing here - I'm ignoring the semblance of a plot, and just focusing on the cutesy artwork and the faux-emotional dialogue. My reading experience would've been only slightly different if I were reading the untranslated Japanese version. It's kind of fun to read like that, but I don't gain anything from it - it's kind of a waste of time. So while I don't intend to continue with the series, I bear no ill will to the books I've read. And if you enjoy fluff simply for the sake of fluff, there's no reason for you not to read this book.

  • Sesana
    2019-03-22 14:11

    I love this series. There's a good bit of character development going on here, especially with the rival. And so pretty. The unrelated bonus story was ok, but it didn't quite live up to the main story. But at least it was just as pretty.

  • Nickyjen
    2019-03-30 15:02

    A short and fun read! But I'm a little disappointed cause it was kind of boring at times ...

  • Sabrina
    2019-04-01 13:53

    Team Takuto *___*

  • Daisy Tammer
    2019-04-02 20:15

    As seen on my blog www.amartians.nlReview for the entire series5 out of 5 starsFull moon wo Sagashite is a 7 volume manga series about the 12-year old Mizuki Kouyama who dreams of becoming a singer. The things standing in her way from this dream is her diagnosis of Sarcoma, a cancer that can only be cured by removing her vocal cords, and her grandma which hates music, not letting Mizuki audition. Mizuki’s dream seems unachievable until she’s visited by a pair of Shinigami, telling her she has only one year left to live. Mizuki and the Shinigami strike a deal; if Mitsuki promises to go quietly when her year is up, they would help her become a singer, so she could leave the world with no regrets.The story of Full Moon wo Sagashite is incredibly cute and inspiring which is conveyed through the amazing artwork of Arina Tanemura. Tanemura has her own very recognizable and unique drawing style, defined by the extremely big eyes (even for Manga standard), incredibly long hair on female characters and a lot of use of the halftone panels, which you either love or hate. The plot is well written, and slowly reveals more about its characters making you slowly get to know and fall in love with them. The only complaint I have about the plot is that everything seems to connect with a bit too much coincidence, but seeing the genre of the manga (Shoujo aimed at young girls) I’m looking past this.Pretty much all characters are relatable, likable and inspirational, expecially Mizuki who keeps appearing positive and happy through all the hardships, and yet it’s revealed that even someone like her feels bad about her experiences sometimes. The Shinigami are all fleshed out with their own backstories carrying some heavy messages I feel are important to teach the demographic the manga is aimed at.All in all Full moon wo Sagashite is a really cute, relateable manga which carries quite some heavy messages. I’d definitely recommend picking the series up if you like Arina Tanemura’s drawing style.

  • Caroline Torbjørnsdal Engeland
    2019-04-20 14:06

    Again, this feel so disjointed and messy that its hard for me to read. The text feels jumbled and the scenes shifts so often and abruptly is hard to keep track. And the romances feels so wrong like this 12 year old and the 17 year old... its just gross! I remember reading "Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne" and "Time Stranger Kyoko" and loving them when I was younger so I so confused that I hate this one and "The Gentlemen's Alliance †".

  • Em Mirra
    2019-04-09 15:50


  • Natalie
    2019-03-27 16:56

    Shinigami Izumi meddles with Mitsuki as well as the emerging love triangle in volume two. Rival singer Madoka's past is revealed and her character is developed a little beyond mean rival status. The love triangle further complicates things as Izumi declares his love for Meroko, and the past of the shinigami is expanded upon, giving the series a slightly edgier hue. Their situations are more developed and therefore much more interesting for me as a reader.It's a cute story, though it's full of the usual tropes and cliches. The terminally ill girl is perfect and selfless and wants everyone to be happy forever. Takuto feels bad for her and makes her dreams come true. Of course there's a love triangle (though it does create some character complexity). The artwork is beautiful. Younger YA fans will get the most out of this manga; for me, it was too childish and cliche to love.I liked the short bonus story at the end - maybe it's because I'm a pianist myself. It also had the ill yet bouncy female lead; it seems to be a theme for Arina Tanemura.

  • Eden
    2019-03-26 16:49

    Mitsuki is doing well as a singer, along with the help of two harbringers of death. Her music is doing well and she still hopes to find her friend, who she loves very much.I loved the first volume of this. Thought it was so good. This volume is not bad, but I didn't like it quite as much as the first one. This took a little bit to get into, but once I finally did get into it, I enjoyed it very much.I really like Mitsuki. I think she is a really sweet character and I liked that she explained more about why she wants to find her friend. Takuto and Mereko are interesting characters too. Overall, I did like this volume and I'll definitely read the next one.Also, the unrelated story in this volume was nice too. It was a sweet story.

  • Timothy
    2019-03-29 19:04

    Volume 2 consists of chapters 6 through 9, plus a standalone bonus story called "Gin-yu Meika".Overall, volume 2 is definitely an improvement over volume 1, as it feels as if the author is finally getting a handle over the story. Where as volume 1 felt very sporadic in story (as if there were no long term plans), volume 2 starts to flesh out the characters and what possibly might be the true story of the series. As usual, things get a bit sappy and cheesy, but this comes with the territory of shojo manga. As long as this positive trajectory stays the same, then I'll have hopes with the later volumes.

  • Kunori
    2019-03-22 11:57

    The art is absolutely adorable! The heart warming scenes between Takuto and Mitsuki are just... So cute! And the way Meroko gets all gun-ho about it afterwards! Hahaha.I definetaly reccomend anyone who hasn't read this before to read it. The tradegy, the drama and the love just makes you cry at some pages.

  • Jenni Noordhoek
    2019-04-04 15:48

    Still good. Second read reveals plot hole concerning the relationship between Takuto and Mitsuki (and the age difference that is probably about 10 years) but hey this is in a manga where the 12yo turns into a 16yo whenever she needs to for plot purposes and in his mind Takuto never lived past 16 so.... I deem it not squicky. Still a little odd but I think it works.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-26 12:59

    Wow, Dr.Wakouji, (her doctor) found Mitsuki, oh boy! and Takuto and Meroko talked to him, and turns out the boy Mitsuki loves - Eichi, might be the one to prevent her death, so they want to keep them from meeting, cuz Takuto and Meroko are supposed to retrieve her soul when the time comes. also Mitsuki is getting ready to release her next single for a commercial : )

  • Amethyst
    2019-04-03 18:03

    I'm pretty sure I read this one, but I don't think I was able to get passed it before I started reading other books and forgot to finish the amazing sags of Full Moon Cherryblossom (english translation)!!!:)

  • Louise
    2019-04-02 20:05

    Again, very different and more fast paced than the anime, but just as good in my opinion! I also enjoyed the short comic at the end of the book which was about playing the piano and why we choose our hobbies. All in all a very good manga with very good art as well!

  • sucker4synth
    2019-04-13 15:48

    Still trying to get into this series though it hasn't completely hooked me, yet. Takuto fights against remembering who he was. Mitsuki has trouble with a rival stealing her lyrics. I will keep going. The artwork is cute, the outfits are cool, just want to be grabbed a bit harder by the plot.

  • Joss
    2019-04-03 16:50

    August 2013: 5 StarsYet another cute volume (although there were parts that confused me)! Just one question: who's the guy at the end that makes Mitsuki gasp? Is it *the* Eichi??I can't wait to read volume 3!

  • Lynn
    2019-04-12 12:15

    This volume was good. Loved the illustrations, as usual. It's deeper into the story... (duh-duh-dum!)

  • Julie
    2019-04-14 18:03

    This series is getting a bit darker, but it's still really entertaining.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-07 14:07

    This series is one of a kind Mitsuki's journey to find herself and live out her dream is touching and with some quirky characters to fill the pages I never felt like there was a dull moment

  • Amy
    2019-04-12 17:01

    Full Moon Sagashite vol. 2 by Arina Tanemura (2005)

  • jenny
    2019-03-25 16:57

    3.5 starsA definite improvement from the last volume. I still don't love it, but I'm getting more interested in finding out how the story unfolds.

  • Ariana
    2019-04-08 13:01

    it was very exciting and good

  • Jess
    2019-03-21 20:12

    It was your typical manga. Not bad, but not amazing.

  • Epikaa
    2019-03-28 19:04

    While the first volume was alright, I dropped interest with the second volume. Maybe I'm just too old for this story..

  • ShinHyunRin 신현린
    2019-04-21 17:47

    i love the art and i love the story. oh, i love the male character first, i should be. yes, i love takuto kira. end of review

  • Ambar Nepomuceno
    2019-04-13 16:06

    Jamas había tardado tanto en leer un manga u_u´, seguiré con los siguientes tomos para hacer un review más objetivo porque hasta ahora me parece demasiado predecible y cursi.

  • Theresa
    2019-03-31 13:52

    the same 4 the first one

  • Vivi
    2019-04-10 15:54

    its soooo sad...

  • Miss Ryoko
    2019-04-19 20:12

    This volume was kinda meh in terms of storyline. I can hardly even remember what happened, that's how boring it was. But seriously.... two love triangles? Ugh, come on now.