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When Simon walks into Jay's bar for a drink, he never expects to find himself having an afternoon quickie in the back room. Although he's very attracted to the blond, blue-eyed bartender, he's never experienced a real relationship with another man and isn't ready for the commitment that it would entail. Jay is ready for Mr. Right, and when he meets hot, hunky Simon, he belWhen Simon walks into Jay's bar for a drink, he never expects to find himself having an afternoon quickie in the back room. Although he's very attracted to the blond, blue-eyed bartender, he's never experienced a real relationship with another man and isn't ready for the commitment that it would entail. Jay is ready for Mr. Right, and when he meets hot, hunky Simon, he believes he's found his match. But convincing the reserved man that their brief encounter could evolve into something more will take all his considerable persuasive skills. Jay is blue collar, Irish-American. Simon is an African American from a society family. Can two men from such different backgrounds find common ground? Undeniable magnetism draws them together, but only love can keep them that way. [Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.]...

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Undeniable Magnetism Reviews

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-03-07 08:25

    Jay, working class bar owner from an Irish catholic family and Simon from an affluent African American family.Jay is out and thinks with enough effort his family will accept him, Simon doesn't want to come out. And there is where it gets interesting. I liked that these guys are normal, no abuse, no trauma, no stalkers, no evil females, just two guys trying to figure things out.What kept me from loving this was Simon! I felt as if Jay made it work, Jay gave in, Jay made the first move. Jay was willing to take what ever Simon was willing to give...and every time Simon retreated when it got tough. I also wasn't sure I liked how Simon handled things with his parents, but all in all it was a nice story with nice regular guys.

  • Kassa
    2019-03-03 09:30

    This is a cute, fun story about opposites attracting. There is stubborn, pushy Jay who meets Simon, an uptight closeted ad exec one day in Jay's bar. A brief sexual encounter leads to more, which causes Simon to have to reevaluate his closeted life. There are quite a few sex scenes and lots of tension about whether Simon can come out to his wealthy parents and live the life he wants. There is also some good tension regarding the fact that Jay is white and Simon is black. This race difference is handled well and nice to see since often books forget this aspect. There are some cliches such as the typical family issues and everything is resolved incredibly easy. But for a quick, nice read with a lot of sex, this isn't bad and I enjoyed it breezing through it. Unfortunately it's also one of those books you'll forget the minute you put it down.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-02-22 03:38

    This was a cute MM love story of opposites attract. Jay and Simon pretty much differ on every thing- race, socioeconomic backgrounds and personalities. Jay is out and proud. Simon still buried in the closet. But together, these two men...they just work. It's angst light and sweet (but not overly sugary). I recommend to MM romance fans definitely.

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-02-24 10:44

    4 Undeniable Magnetism Stars - ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I am so glad I listened to this book, the last few MM romance I have listened to they were very predictable and this wasn’t! I loved that Jay is very comfortable with who he is and wouldn’t accept what his family thought he just kept coming around. Who does that! Jay that’s who, and his reasoning awesome!Simon didn’t surprise me that he wasn’t “out” yet but I really liked that he trusted Jay and even though he pushed him a little it was all for the good. This book just made my heart happy and who doesn’t love a book that does that. Also, the narration was really well done.*You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  • DarienMoya
    2019-03-22 10:40

    I am a fan of the opposites attract, and Simon and Jay couldn’t be more opposite. Simon the upstanding African-American with his society family and his job in advertising. Jay the Irish-American bartender, from the Surbs, and the only thing upstanding about him is when he’s hard (oh, snap I just went there).When Simon walks into Jay’s bar after a meeting with a client, he’s just looking to unwind with a drink. What he never expects is the flirty bartender, and the instant attraction. Seems alcohol won’t be the only stress relief for Simon, when Jay takes him to the back and swallows him whole. It was supposed to be a one-time hook up, but Simon can’t get blue eyed Jay out of his mind. Simon isn’t looking for a relationship, but he can’t deny attraction for Jay, so he calls him knowing that his life is about to change.In the beginning, it’s just casual hook-ups but Jay finds himself falling for Simon, but Simon is so deeply closeted that him and the boogieman hang out. Jay came out to his family and everyone a long time ago, not everyone was on par with his orientation but he was not gonna hide. He’s unsure if he can hide for Simon, but knows that the weight would be lighter if Simon accepts who he is.It becomes a battle of wills, Jay trying to point the positive in coming clean, and Simon pointing out he could lose everything if he does. The guys do start a beautiful relationship and it would have been a smooth book, but family drama from both side of the spectrum provides the right amount of angst.There is also a bit of racial issues, with Jay’s family being Irish-American. His brother doesn’t quite accept that he’s gay, but also brought home his black boyfriend. Shit became real in that part of the book, and I wanted Simon to be a bit more vocal about being called the N-word. I’m just saying, when you past that boundary, bitch deserves a smack down.Overall, I really liked this book. Jay and Simon were super sweet, it’s a romance and if you like romance? Then you will like this book. The writing is great, I really do enjoy the author’s writing style, and as a fan of her historicals it won’t be the last time I pick up some Bonnie Dee.More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWS

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    2019-03-04 09:47

    I understand race plays a factor in a lot of relationship, but this was really unbelievable at times. I didn't like it, felt like Jay was settling with "scary ass Simon", and Simon wanted people's approval to much. I'm surprised this man didn't have ulcers. I didn't click with them.

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2019-03-17 04:26

    When Simon walks into Jay's bar he was only looking for a drink. Hell, Simon didn't even particularly want to be in Jay's bar--let's just say it was clearly well below his tax bracket--but after an afternoon of trying to get one of his father's clients to not drop their ad firm, he really really needs a drink. What he gets is basically being dragged into the backroom by Jay and given a blowjob that might just blow his top off. But Simon does not do relationships, mostly because he has no intention of ever coming out of the closet, so he leaves Jay without even so much as a number.Jay knows all about how hard family can be after you come out of the closet. Especially when that closet is surrounded by a good ol' catholic family. But he has learned that if you want something you have to fight for it. He didn't let his family silent-treat him out of their lives, so he isn't going to let Simon go so easy. Granted, the dude will have to come back and give him his number or something because it is a big city and randomly walking the streets in hope that they'll bump into each other, isn't all that practical. But when Simon comes back...and he will...he's not getting away so easy the second time. Jay felt something a lot more than lust when he first laid eyes on the man, and he has no intention of letting Simon go until he can figure out just what it is that he is feeling.Overall this was a decent book. I love the it had an African American and a White MCs, as well as the desparagy between their incomes. It was interesting to see the two worlds collide. With Simon's rich Black Society upbrining, he has a hard time seeing a the world where Jay lives, and has an even harder time letting Jay into his world, but they do find a way to make it work. Eventually.The family aspect was also very well done. Not only with Simon's coming out, but with Jay's family as well. Jay's family already knows that he is gay by this point, and while they have mostly decided to just put up with it, very few are all that thrilled about his "life choices". No family is perfect in this story, which I loved, and every thing was pretty much compromises to keep the peace, but sometimes that is the way it is in real life. I did have some problems with how Simon did decide to come out, but maybe that was the only way he was sure he wouldn't back out this time.One of the things that really bugged me was how often Jay chose to simply close his bar to get laid. He is not exactly rolling in the money, so his tendency to treat his job like it is a hobby and not the thing that is keeping him just off of bankruptcy, was a little odd. This wasn't a bad book, but overall I don't think it left much of an impression with me. A lot of it I have seen before, so I was really hoping that I would maybe get a bit of Simon's life when he wasn't with Jay, since I haven't read all that many stories centered on high-society black community. There was something there that could have made this unique, but a lot of it was just rushed over in exchange for more hot sex. Which, to be honest, I never really against...except when it hurts the story.

  • Whitney
    2019-02-24 08:29

    I was originally drawn to this work because of the interracial aspect of it. The two main characters, Simon and Jay, are black and write respectively and come from different social and economical backgrounds and upbringings. Simon being from high society in Chicago, while Jay grew up in the inner city with his Irish family.I though Bonnie Dee did a good, realistic job of portraying their differences– race in particular– without beating like a dead horse. I didn’t find myself saying “okay, one’s black, the other’s white. I get it.” Jay’s laid back, non-sugar coating personality played well off of Simon’s straight-laced personality. The sex also wasnt long, raunchy or drawn out for a gazillion pages. All in all, the who novel was realistic and not over the top. I could see this couple existing in real life as well as their family and friends that fill the novel and their reactions to the two being gay and an interracial couple. I liked it a lot. It wasnt the greatest I’ve read, but I would read it again. I guess if I had to give it a rate I’d give it 3.5 out of 5.

  • Shelby P
    2019-03-15 02:42

    This book was recommended by a friend of mine. This is my first novel by Bonnie Dee and my first interracial m/m novel. It was a nice change of pace to have Simon, who is black, be upper middle class and Jay, who is white, be blue collar. It was nice to see Simon struggling with being in the closet. Jay was a fresh breath of air. Simon and Jay felt real to me. I enjoyed their story.

  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    2019-02-25 02:27

    I really like the way Bonnie Dee writes. I loved the challenges of race and economic differences. I enjoyed the love story. I did want more time with the family members. To watch them all come to terms with life as it changed.

  • Galatea only =')
    2019-03-16 08:41

    This story was "okay". The high point was it being an interracial MM romance, which is rare.

  • Cyndi Marie
    2019-03-23 09:43

    ***Audio Review***This book was so much more than I expected it to be. I chose it as a part of the Audible Category Challenge and I'm so glad I did. I love a good Love story! This book was so sweet, sexy and generally a feel good book. I enjoy M/M books a lot so when I was searching through the African American Romance category searching for a book and came across this one I thought I'd give it a try and it was a great choice. I loved how opposite Jay & Simon are in every way and they make it look easy. They deal with real life obstacles and do it with pride and mostly show a lot of maturity. I think that is what I liked so much, it wasn't a poor me look what I have to deal with kind of story but a this is me deal with it story. When it was over I was smiling and happy for these two.The narration was great! Richard Franklin really did an excellent job differentiating between the characters!

  • Dig
    2019-03-03 03:19

    3.5 rounded down. I thought this story had an interesting premise. The white guy grew up poor, is happily out, obnoxiously obnoxious w/ his family about being gay as in like "you're not getting rid of me that easily..." and punches his brother for calling his boyfriend the N word. The black guy grew up rich and privileged, and has basically lived a sheltered life in the rich suburbs of Chicago. I think the author went a bit over the top with the references to the African prince, etc... but all in all it was good plot. The first scene when Simon walks into the bar and Jay takes him back to his office was absolutely divine and I sort of enjoyed the way the author described their skin, their private parts, without sounding like an idiot or going over the top. Bonnie Dee's work is some of my favorite so I was kind of hoping for something stellar - worth writing home about. However, I do strongly feel that the plot was A+ the execution was kind of hit or miss with most scenes. I lost interest when Jay goes to Simon's home in the rich suburb and insists on having sex outside, near the goldfish pond, and then wants to take a naked picture of Simon - I honestly could have just lived without that entire scene - thank you very much. Also Simon's decision to come out so drastically was kind of stupid, as in unbelievable, and unnecessary, and seemed kind of pushed. Given that it was all done in the last 10 percent of the book and then the story abruptly ended. It was like the author didn't know what to do and just wrote a rushed ending b/c she wasn't feeling it anymore. If you're looking for decent sex scenes and some internal angst, this book is good for that, if you're looking for more, best move along.

  • KindleandBook
    2019-03-20 07:32

    ***Audio Review *** listened to this one for the audible romance challenge. It was short and sweet, really liked this one. I liked how it didn’t sugar coat anything when it came to racism or homophobia. Really loved both Jay and Simon.

  • Secretly Reading
    2019-03-21 05:22

    Originally Reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell: Excellent character-based romance with two stellar leads and a strong romance.The Set Up: Simon stops at a bar for a drink after a stressful work meeting and meets Jay. Jay and he end up having a quickie in the back room which shouldn’t mean anything to Simon. But Simon can’t forget Jay and Jay won’t settle for a sex-only relationship forever. Will Simon rise to Jay’s challenge of having a real relationship?Why I Read this Book: I am a Bonnie Dee fan and I hadn’t read this one, which she is re-releasing after the rights reverted back to her from Loose Id.What I Liked: I adored both Simon and Jay. Simon keeps rigid control over his emotions and his life but Jay is his total opposite. Jay is open, honest and isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants—Simon in this case. I loved these two men’s relationship which starts as purely erotic and then morphs into an emotional relationship where they support, challenge, and love one another. I have to also say how much I ordered the interracial, inter-socio-economic nature of their relationship. Jay is blue collar white boy who grew up poor and Simon is from black wealthy elite. This flips the typical white-black stereotype and it was handled with delicate deliciousness.What I Also Liked: I loved that Jay’s family and Simon’s play such huge roles in this book. Jay’s volatile family showcase why Jay is who he is and they were a perfect juxtaposition to Simon’s socialite, business-first family. Jay’s relationship with his family and Simon’s with his are just as much the focus of the book as the men’s relationship and I absolutely adored this.This book also has an element of realism to it, in my opinion. Simon and Jay aren’t perfect; they make mistakes and say things they shouldn’t, just like in real life. Simon and Jay’s relationships with their families aren’t fixed by novel’s end and things don’t wrap up perfectly with their families. I loved this realism as it showcases two men struggling with life choosing to do so together because it makes it all just a bit better.Finally, this is set in my adopted-town of Chicago, complete with Cubbie love and an understanding of the city. Charming setting for a stellar book.What I Didn’t Like: WRITE A SEQUEL ALREADY!IMO: Lovely characters in an erotic and emotional romance that I highly recommend to MM fans.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-02-25 04:48

    Some of the few eterosexual romance I read in the last year are by Bonnie Dee. In one, Finding Home, a young hustler, male, falls in love with a slightly older reporter who is writing a piece about underage prostitution. In another, a fantasy, a witty virgin heroine is given as sacrifical victim to a mythical warrior, only to discover that the warrior himself is a virgin and that maybe she can control him. So... not usual plot we can say? And for this reason I was very happy when I see this M/M romance by Bonnie Dee. As expected, the romantic and erotic aspect is very well dealt and perhaps it's more a "female" reading than a gay romance, but I like it a lot.Simon is a middle to high class African American businessman. He is also in the closet and unhappy. Jay is a blue collar Irish catholic pub owner. He is also out and jovial, friendly and nice as every bartender should do. They are at opposite, but like in all romance classics, opposite attract, and from the first casual encouter they began a passionate relationship.Even if Jay is a nice character, he is not the steady part of the couple. He is fire and passion. He is out cause he couldn't prevent himself to claim aloud what he was, and he tends to speak when it would be better to stay shout. But he is so right for serious Simon. Simon is living a dull life; he seems not to be able to find the right moment to talk with his parents. He seems not to have friends, cause he has banned himself from social life fearing someone could discover his secret. If something of big and uncontrolling doesn't break his safe shell, he would wither and die (figuratively speaking...). So Jay, with his instinctiveness, is the right man in the right moment.Actually the story is all here: Jay and Simon who struggle to find a common path together, who fight against prejudice both racial than sexual, but also cultural. It's kind of funny to see prim and proper Simon (and also big and broad...) watches Jay who fist fightes with his brother to defend Simon's honor... I can so see him with a Sydney Poitier's look!Undeniable Magnetism is a pure old style erotic romance and a very enjoyable reading.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-08 08:41

    I was told that I was really going to like this one, and I wasn’t disappointed. This was the first book by Bonnie Dee that I’ve picked up and I’m sure it won’t be the last.This couple was fun to get to know. I think the best way to describe them would be real. Neither one of them were perfect… not by a long shot. They each had their moments, but they got over them. I liked way Jay handled his family issues. He took everything head on. Sometimes he went a little overboard and pushed a little too hard, but he knew what he wanted and he stood up for those he loved. He could have easily been shut out of his family but he wouldn’t let them and I really liked that about him. (His mom was my favorite by the way.)Simon handled things in the exact opposite way. Watching his transformation with Jay was fun. It was no surprise that he would crumble, but the way he did and the eventual steps he took to ‘come out’ were a lot more daring than I ever expected from him. Yep, these two men changed a lot from the time Simon first walked into Jay’s bar until the end of the story and those around them changed a lot too.Nothing was easy. Everything wasn’t tied up nice and neat at the end. But I liked where everyone ended up. The epilogue was perfect and even though it was obvious that there story is over, it would still be fun to see where Jay and Simon end up a few years from now. Wishful thinking I know, but I love it when a book like this makes me want more. I won my copy of Undeniable Magnetism from J9 @ The Book Vixen.

  • Pam
    2019-03-01 03:34

    These two likeable guys are perfect to each other, and Ms. Dee has done a wonderful job in Undeniable Magnetism of making them come alive through realistic situations and witty dialogue. Jay is loud, happy, self-assured and passionate, while Simon is quiet, reserved, refined and logical. Their attraction is immediate, the passion intense and their sex life blistering hot. Yet theirs is a clear case of opposites attracting which is what makes this well-written novel sing with passion and promise. Most of all it’s a story of fear ruling a man’s life and how he comes to grips with the terror of being hurt and rejected by his family if they learn the truth about his sexuality. Add in the differences between Jay and Simon’s socio-economic backgrounds, and a little racial prejudice by both family’s and you have all the things needed to tear the men apart. But the best thing about this gem of a story is how the men rise above the adversity of the situation with tolerance, love and affection to form a lasting emotional and physical bond. And when Simon steps out of the closet with Jay at his side…watch out for the fireworks.

  • Daanquai
    2019-03-15 02:23

    I just love this author!!! And opposites-attract stories are one of my favorite types of books. And boy, are the guys in this book opposites. Simon is black, white collar, closeted, and comes from not just a privileged background but apparently a "society"-type background. Jay is white, blue collar, out, and comes from a "inner city"-type background. It could have gotten angsty but nope! This was a definitely a light read. I had a couple of minor issues: I thought the photo session in the gazeebo was weird and out of place and I definitely didn't like Simon's decision in the end about how to handle his own future and his father's business. Actually this really, really bothered me because it made me like Simon a little less. But, it didn't bother me enough for it to lose a star because this book was fantastic.

  • Nile Princess
    2019-03-13 07:23

    I've read this book 4 times now, and it's still my 'go to' when I'm in the mood for interracial M/M romance. Something about an unpretentious, blue collar, Irish bar owner, who refuses to accept his family's prejudice and rejection of his sexuality, and an upper class African American ad exec in the closet, and living in his father's shadow, finding their way to each other makes my toes curl every time. I loved Jay! What you saw was what you got with him. He knew what he wanted the moment he saw Simon and he didn't let anything stand in his way. Simon was a great character as well, willing to grow and step out on a limb for the man he wanted.I'm sure I'll read this book again, in a couple years when I get the urge again.

  • Anna
    2019-03-08 07:43

    It is a couple of weeks since I read this book and I haven't rated it because I don't really know what I think. I wanted to read it because one of the characters is black. Seriously were are all colored people in books? You come across latinos and some asians from time to time but african americans is rare. Well the story was allright I guess, I wasn't overwhelmed but I didn't dislike it either.

  • Chris
    2019-03-21 02:20

    Good m/m romance about two men who are very different (black/white, closeted/out, white-collar/blue-collar) who may or may not be getting involved with each other.

  • Rosemary
    2019-02-25 03:43

    I enjoyed this story and just adored Jay.

  • Laura
    2019-03-12 08:33

    Undeniable Magnetism

  • CB
    2019-03-04 06:18

    A very sweet and lovely romance. Perfectly imperfect characters, interesting story, hot sex and humor - this story has it all. Very entertaining!!

  • Arzu
    2019-02-26 07:33

    3,5 stars

  • Tailtiu
    2019-03-02 03:21


  • Gwengwel
    2019-02-21 06:32

    3.5 stars.

  • Katyna
    2019-03-22 03:37

    Nice character development, interesting take on the "coming out" story.