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A Stalker From Hell May Northcott is a woman at the end of her rope. She’d almost gotten used to her employer, the ex-demon lord Magoth, spending his days hanging around her home and interrupting her private moments with her lover, Gabriel. Then trouble appears on her doorstep in the form of a nearly dead man.With May fighting to control the dragon shard, Magoth wranglingA Stalker From Hell May Northcott is a woman at the end of her rope. She’d almost gotten used to her employer, the ex-demon lord Magoth, spending his days hanging around her home and interrupting her private moments with her lover, Gabriel. Then trouble appears on her doorstep in the form of a nearly dead man.With May fighting to control the dragon shard, Magoth wrangling to regain his position and powers, and a mysterious and deadly dragon bent on their destruction, Gabriel has his work cut out for him. Now he’ll have to claw his way through all the distractions and convince May that their love is strong enough to conquer all enemies....

Title : Me and My Shadow
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ISBN : 9780340993002
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Me and My Shadow Reviews

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    2019-01-26 18:26

    This review contains a few spoilers for the previous book.This book was so long in coming (a year), that I had pretty much forgotten all the plot details from the previous one. I couldn't remember why Magoth had been expelled from Abaddon or why he had lost his powers. I certainly couldn't remember how he ended up living with May and Gabriel - though I suppose that's because he's bound to May. I couldn't remember how the dragon shard had ended up in May and, oh, lots of other little things. But it didn't really matter. I soldiered on, and was soon caught up in the story again.May Northcott is a doppleganger, created by a demon lord and Prince of Abaddon, Magoth, from a water naid, Cyrene. Cyrene sacrificed her common sense to have May created, and is now a silly twit - but she's still May's twin and she'll do anything to protect her. She's also bound to Magoth, who used to send her out to the mortal world to steal things for him - which is how she met Gabriel, a silver dragon and wyvern (leader) of a sept. The silver dragons had been cursed to never have a mate born to them - but May wasn't born, she was made, and she and Gabriel are happily in love.If only things could be that simple. May is still bound to Magoth, only now the arrogant, sex-crazed and annoying ex-Prince of Abaddon is living in their home and there seems to be no way to get rid of him. May is being hunted by Baltic, a black dragon who was supposed to have died centuries ago but now seems to be back - with a vengeance. Because May carries a dragon shard inside her, the same one that Baltic's mate Ysolde once carried, he's determined to have May and the dragon heart itself. They need to find Baltic's old lair to get his dragon shard, then negotiate a truce between the other septs so that they can bring the dragon shards together, draw out the one from May, and re-shard the heart.With all the threats to her life, May and Gabriel get little time together. If they can form and re-shard the dragon heart, and put at rest the animosity between the silver and black dragons, maybe, just maybe, they could have some peace together. But it means stopping Baltic, and this returned dragon has some very unusual powers that he shouldn't have.This and the Aisling Grey: Guardian series (the first series about the dragons) are great fun, and the fantasy world overlaid on our own is well fleshed out. Some of the banter grates on me after a while - I can really only take so much of Magoth's blustering, Cyrene's shrieking and Jim's quips and whining. But I love May, she's one of those rare paranormal heroines you can really identify with and feel for - paradoxically, as Other as she is she also comes across as the most human. I also love Gabriel, though I'm with May on the foreplay thing.Speaking of, there's only one sex scene in this book, which isn't that unusual for MacAlister but, dare I say it, was a little disappointing. I like the intensity and the building chemistry that comes with it, though there's a lot of that in many of the other scenes as well. Instead, this one is very plot-driven: fast-paced, rarely quiet, often with three things happening all at once, it was actually a bit exhausting. I think that's why I like the sex scenes (or one reason anyway): they provide a bit of calm from the plot, a moment for the characters to be themselves: a glimpse of what could be, should the dastardly plot be resolved. That's the Romance side of things. The Silver Dragons series leans more heavily towards Urban Fantasy.But it is inventive, and rollicking, and has some great deadpan moments - and there's May, who's worth it. It's so nice to have a heroine who isn't annoying! Even Aisling, in the first series (and who has a small side role in this one), could get on my nerves. Always arguing and protesting! So loud. May is capable, resourceful, thinks before she speaks, embraced her feelings for Gabriel, and has real but not irritating flaws. Refreshing.Now, there are bound to be a few very small plot holes - details that get forgotten - and some convenient coincidences. What with everyone being so noisy - and really, this is a deafening book - it's easy to get confused by the plot and sub-plots. I had to just shrug off my confusion a few times, but since this is a more plot-driven urban fantasy than a romance, the plot could have been a bit tighter and clearer. If you're thinking about giving this series a go, my recommendation is first, start with Aisling Grey, and then wait till all four books in this series are out - it helps to read them close together.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-19 16:20

    The third book in The Silver Dragon Series and it is really starting to pick up steam. I wish I didn't have to wait a year to find out what is going to happen next - so many details will slip through my mind about this book (and the last two as well) before the fourth one arrives. I feel like this book was the pivot point for our main character May Northcott. Let's face it - she has way too much going on and it makes sense that she would feel a bit lost with having to divide herself between all the factors in her life. I was very pleased that May was able to close a few doors in this book and gained a better sense of herself to boot. Add in one or two new twists to look forward to in the next book (like the big revelation at the end of this book...shhhh...)and book four will be exciting!

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-20 15:44

    A nice ending to the Silver Dragon story line. I am glad that May was able to keep Megoth from getting his powers and get unbound and de-consorted from him so that she can live happily ever after with Gabriel. Not happy that Cy ended up with Koysta; I was kind of hoping that she would be a casualty of the big fight. I am intrigued to find out what happens in the next book and whether it will be another spin off series or a stand alone book to bring everything to a close. I love that Aisling had twins, one boy and one girl. Drake was hilarious with the sterile gowns and appointment cards! And now that we know Tully is Baltics mate... Wow. Jim was hilarious, as always. I cannot stand the archimage, and was hoping that he would be a casualty as well. Looking forward to the next book.

  • Summer
    2019-02-15 18:47

    I feel kind of bad about it, but I skimmed around most of the book. I've really enjoyed the series so far but it seems like ages since I've read the previous books. I could barely remember most of what's happened. I was also sort of disappointed in the lack of Gabriel in this book, and in turn the lack of scenes with him a the heroine together. I still enjoyed the book but not as much as I'd hoped.

  • FlibBityFLooB
    2019-01-29 11:32

    Jim was his usual funny demon-dog self. May's consort demon lord stole the show in this book. He was hilarious :)I'm really glad I re-read book1 and book2 before reading this one. It helped me remember what was going on.If you are going to read this series, be sure to read the Aisling Grey series first. Otherwise, you won't appreciate this series as much.

  • 78sunny
    2019-02-15 17:30

    4,8 von 5 Sternen*Inhalt:*(Inhaltsangabe von der LYX Homepage)May Northcott ist mit ihrem Latein am Ende. Seit ihr Auftraggeber, der Dämon Magoth, all seine magischen Kräfte verloren hat, weicht er nicht mehr von ihrer Seite. Mays Geliebter, der attraktive Werdrache Gabriel, ist davon natürlich gar nicht begeistert. Da findet May einen schwer verletzten Mann vor ihrer Haustür - eine Warnung des gefährlichen Werdrachen Baltic. Ein Krieg der Drachen scheint unvermeidlich, und May fürchtet um das Leben ihres Geliebten Gabriel. *Wie kam das Buch zu mir*Ich liebe ja die Dragon Reihe an sich. Die Dragon Love Reihe (1. Reihe) war brillant. Die ersten beiden Bände der zweiten Reihe - „Silver Dragon“- waren dann gut, aber kamen leider nicht an die Dragon Love Reihe heran. Trotzdem musste ich unbedingt weiterlesen, da die Grundhandlung sich über beide Reihen hinwegzieht und wirklich gut ist. Diesen Teil habe ich bei ReBuy für 3,99 Euro ergattert.*Aufmachung/Qualität*Die Farbgebung gefällt mir sehr gut, aber es passt nicht zum Inhalt des Buches. Im Gegensatz zu den herrlichen freien Oberkörpern auf den Covern der Dragon Love Reihe, ist diese Reihe mit Gesichtern versehen. Das gefällt mir bei Büchern generell nicht, da ich mir meist ein völlig anderes Bild von den Charakteren mache. Auch hier passt das Model auf dem Cover wieder mal so gar nicht zum meiner Vorstellung von Gabriel. In Innenseite der Klappbroschur ist allerdings ansprechender gestaltet als bei der Vorgängerreihe. Sie ist jetzt farbig mit einem Drachensymbol.Die Frontcover der Dragon Love und der Silver Dragon Reihe sind deutlich als zusammenhängend erkennbar. Lediglich bei den Buchrücken unterscheiden sich beide Reihen sehr. Das finde ich etwas schade, da die Bücher doch alle zusammengehören und in einer bestimmten Reihenfolge gelesen werden sollten. Man hätte die verschiedenen Reihen einfach nur durch ihre unterschiedlich farbigen Titel trennen können. Naja, aber das sind nur Details für Sammler. Die Kapitel sind angenehm kurz – kaum ein Kapitel geht über 10 Seiten.*Meinung:*Ich werde dieses Mal nur wenig schreiben, da sich meine Rezis zu dieser Reihe sonst zu sehr ähneln würden. Sehr wichtig ist aber das ihr mit der Dragon Love Reihe beginnt und dann erst die Silber Dragons anfangt. Ansonsten ergibt die ganze Hintergrundhandlung um die Drachensippen und ihre Probleme keinen Sinn für euch. Meine Rezis zu den einzelnen Teilen findet ihr ganzen unter.Mir gefällt die Grundidee um die Drachensippen, ihre Politik und ihr ganzes Gehabe einfach extrem gut. Die Geschichte wirkt gut durchdacht und man verliert nicht den Faden obwohl sich die Grundhandlung über so viele Bände hinwegzieht. In diesem Band lösen sich sehr viele Dinge auf, aber trotzdem ist die Geschichte der Drachen nicht abgeschlossen. Man weiß jetzt zwar wer hinter was steckte, aber die Beweggründe sind noch genauso wenig klar wie das Schicksal bestimmter Personen. Trotzdem wirkte die Silver Dragon Reihe gut abgeschlossen und man hat durch die offen gebliebenen Fragen genug Anreiz mit der nächsten Drachen-Reihe „Light Dragons“ weiter zu machen. Der Schreibstil war wie immer sehr locker und humorvoll. Wer bis zu diesem Buch gekommen ist, weiß ob ihm der Humor liegt oder nicht. Ich fand, dass dieser Teil noch deutlicher auf Humor zugeschnitten war als davor, obwohl es sich auch um einen action/spannungsgeladenen Teil handelte. Der Humoranstieg ist eindeutig auf Jims und Magoths große Rollen in diesem Teil zurückzuführen, aber dazu später mehr. Die Spannung war in diesem Teil höher als in den beiden Vorgängerbänden. Ich habe mich an keiner Stelle gelangweilt. Es gab auch eine gehörige Portion Action.Wie ich schon in den Rezensionen zu den anderen Teilen der Silver Dragon Reihe erwähnt habe, konnten mich die Emotionen von Gabriel und May nicht so überzeugen wie die Charaktere aus der Dragon Love Reihe. Beide Charaktere waren mir oft zu abgeklärt und ihre Beziehung lieferte daher kaum etwas dramatisches. Wenn ich nicht durch die Dragon Love Reihe so verwöhnt gewesen wäre, wäre es mir vielleicht aber gar nicht so aufgefallen. Die Charaktere bleiben immer in ihrer Rolle und wirken dadurch authentisch. Dieses Mal gefielen mir May und Gabriel besser. Entweder hatte ich mich mittlerweile an sie gewöhnt oder ihre Art war wirklich überzeugender. Richtig gut gefallen hat mir, dass Jim dieses Mal wieder eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt hat. Durch ihn und durch Magoth kam es hier zu einer deutlichen Steigerung des Humors. Auch auf die Entwicklung der Beziehung zwischen Kostya und Cyrene wurde intensiver eingegangen. Mir ging Cyrene zwar immer ziemlich auf den Wecker, aber in diesem Band ging es. Kostyas Charakter finde ich dagegen sehr interessant und ich denke wir werden in der nächsten Reihe (Light Dragons) noch mehr von ihm hören.Ich weiß nicht ob es mir nur so vorkam, aber ich hatte das Gefühl, dass die sexuellen Anspielungen und auch die erotischen Szenen in diesem Band deutlich mehr in den Vordergrund gerückt wurden als zuvor. Nicht das es mich gestört hätte – die Szenen waren sexy und die Anspielungen meist humorvoll und nicht obszöner Art. An meiner Einstellung zur Liebesgeschichte zwischen Gabriel und May hat sich auch mit diesem Band nichts geändert. Ich finde sie passen gut zusammen, aber mir ist da einfach zu wenig Drama dabei. Beide wirken oft zu vernünftig und Vertrauen einander zu sehr. Grundidee 5+/5 Schreibstil 4,5/5 Spannung 4,5/5 Emotionen 3,5/5 Charaktere 4/5 Erotik 4,5/5Liebesgeschichte 4/5*Lesergruppe:*Alle die die Dragon Love Reihe von MacAlister gelesen haben und gut fanden sollten natürlich weiter lesen. Alle anderen sollten erst mal mit der Dragon Love Reihe anfangen.*Fazit:*4,8 von 5 SternenDieser Teil war ein guter Abschluss der Silver Dragon Reihe, aber doch offen genug, dass man unbedingt weiter lesen möchte. Der erste Band der Light Dragon Reihe liegt bereits auf meinem SUB. Sowohl Spannung als auch die Charakterdichte hat mit diesem Teil deutlich zugenommen, was mir sehr gut gefiel. Und mit Magoth und vor allem Jim kam auch noch eine gehörige Portion Humor dazu. Alles in allem der beste Teil der Silver Dragons, aber es kommt an keinen Teil der ersten Reihe (Dragon Love) heran. Reihe:Dragon Love - Feuer und Flamme für diesen Mann Dragon Love - Manche lieben's heißDragon Love - Rendezvous am HöllentorDragon Love - Höllische HochzeitsglockenSilver Dragons – Ein brandheißes DateSilver Dragons – Viel Rauch um NichtsSilver Dragons – Drachen lieben heißerLight Dragons – Drache wider Willen Light Dragons – Eine feurige Angelegenheit (erscheint im Juli 2013)...?(Links und Bild findet ihr auf meiner Rezi auf meinem Blog

  • Tealover
    2019-02-02 14:30

    Too many things happened here. Fast-paced and full of action. Looking forward to read the next series

  • WildAboutBones
    2019-01-22 18:24

    Laugh out loud funny! Sarcastic, irreverent and sometimes self-depreciating but always humorous. Katie MacAlister is a master at infusing her paranormal romance and urban fantasy stories with rib tickling humor to go along with all the action and sexy romance. This third in the Silver Dragons series is no different.This story takes place 6 weeks after the end of the second novel in the series. Aisling is in the late stages of pregnancy and Drake is driving everyone crazy with his over protective nature. May continues to be plagued by inappropriate feelings caused by the shard. Gabriel is busy making deals with the other dragon sept leaders to borrow the other shards. Additionally Fiat is causing more havoc.Magoth continues to be a thorn in May's side as she tries to keep from getting killed, kidnapped and taken over by the shard. Magoth is also an unending source of unintentional mirth. "I am a demon lord! I do not sneak" is a priceless line from him.This story ends with what becomes a tie-in to MacAlister's spin off Light Dragon series featuring Baltic. I know this because I actually read the Baltic books before reading this series. {grin}A thoroughly enjoyable book, I recommend this series to paranormal romance, urban fantasy and dragon fans.

  • L
    2019-01-29 13:19

    I was happy to finish this book. It kept my attention but a lot of the time I was just waiting for the wrap up parts... and MacAlister delivered on wrapping it up - yet still leaving a little open to make way for the next series with Baltic. I'm not sure how I feel about Baltic so I'm not sure if I'll continue...but probably cause I'm a sucker! I loved Jim, Drake, Aisling and the rest of the characters from the Gaurdian series that make an appearance. Still hate Magoth but now that his story line is sorted - or at least I think it is sorted - I'm happier with the overall arc. I'm glad Gabriel and May got the ending they got... it was sweet and their love was really fun to watch. The park scene was super hot. The final scenes all about the birth of Aisling and Drakes baby was super cute too. Overall, I'm happy with the way it ended and I'm glad to have read them but I think I'll take a break before moving onto the Baltic story line... these books have so much action that they are tiring!

  • Pamela
    2019-02-19 18:18

    After reading the first two books in the "Silver Dragons" series, I was really looking forward to the third one. It was no where near as good as the first two. In fact, it lacked quite a bit of passion between May and Gabriel. The author seems to have tied up a couple of things but has kept the dragon plot going in which seems to be a new series entitled "Light Dragons", therefore making me wonder if there is more to come between May and Gabriel. I also found that for a simple book, there were too many characters and I found myself losing interest as I honestly couldn't keep track of all the dragon themes and who was doing what to whom. As always, I enjoyed the character of Jim and Magoth, both of whom made me laugh. In my opinion, I find the author starts off with her series on a high note but by the third book just seems to fall big time. This is evident in both the "Silver Dragons" and "Aisling Grey" series.

  • Camille
    2019-02-12 11:43

    I really liked MacAlister's dragon books but she is the queen of creating annoying side-characters. It seems her idea of funny means obnoxious and they just get worse that by the 3rd book in the series you're begging for mercy. If these characters were real people you'd want to scream "shut the *&%$@ up!" if you were unfortunate enough to know them. Thankfully narrator of the Silver Dragon series, May Northcott and her man Gabriel did not fall into that category unfortunately their charm was not enough to save this book. I wish MacAlister could lay off the constant wisecracking or whiny outbursts and just tell us a good story. If I wasn't so intrigued with Baltic I might quit reading her all together, but I'm still hopeful enough to continue on... for now.

  • Sweeta
    2019-02-15 18:24

    I really liked all the new findings in this book. Also, sometimes when I'm reading MacAlister's books, sometimes I have to check and re-check to make sure I'm clear on who all the characters are because there are a lot of them. This book continues May's quest to reunite the dragon heart and free herself fromt he shard within her. Gabriel gets to strut his kick ass-ness in this book, which I love. Sometimes, I find him a little soft. Drake stands out as a leader amongst all the wyverns in the weyr. Aisling and Drake have a wonderful surprise, and Magoth, Cyrene, and Jim are all bat shit crazy and hilarious all the way through the story. You're gonna love this one!

  • Jan
    2019-01-29 19:28

    Hey what can I say.... I LOVE IT!!!!! Started reading it at 6pm wed and finished at 4am thurs a 10 hour reading marathon... there were just so many good scenes in the book, but I gotta say Magoth "stole the show". the scenes in the woods getting whacked with May's tail and the nakid "butt cheek" leather pants/chaps... oh and him and Drake's mom talking kinky sex toys... LOL

  • Loretta
    2019-01-19 13:46

    ROFL! I could cheerfully throttle SEVERAL of these disastrous, and outrageously flabbergasting, characters! Dragons! Such a dramatic group of individuals so quick to the draw and slow to hold their impulses!

  • *Kyhm*
    2019-02-15 13:45

    This book is great but best read back-to-back with the other silver dragon books. If I had to describe this book in two words, they'd be ASSLESS CHAPS :)

  • samantha d serie
    2019-02-14 12:17

    Love the varied characters in Katie MacAlister's books. Fun quirky personalities. And in this book, Me and My Shadow lots of fun with Magoth and Jim, two of my favorites. I've read all of Katie's books and haven't been disappointed yet....

  • Josephine
    2019-01-31 17:29

    The silver dragon story ended on a surprise, to usher in a new story line but other then that this book was unremarkable.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-01 16:46

    Registered on Bookcrossing - wonderful paranormal romance from Katie MacAlister. Fabulous and funny story with great characters.

  • Bailey Peyton
    2019-01-24 11:19

    OK. I finally finished my modern-ish romance faze. I'm glad I gave the genre a go, but in the end, despite a few raves, it wasn't for me. I feel like the silver dragon series went downhill in this novel in some ways, but also breathed new light into the meaning of love in romance in others. I'll start with what I liked: May and Gabriel's love cooled down; there was even a direct reference to the fear that May had that the "honeymoon is over". This was quite refreshing, in that it mirrored real couples. A lot of what you see in this sub genre of romance are couples who cannot keep their hands off each other, even in the face of adversity (pick your poison on that one) hump sessions must commence! But Gabriel and May function outside the sheets. They have their own tasks to complete (true, they benefit their couple-dom, but still) and are actually only together in the tail end of the novel. Speaking of tails... Did anyone else get a Godzilla vibe from May smacking Magoth around when she transformed into a dragon? Yes, I know Godzilla isn't a dragon, but you get my point. The dragon chasing also made me think of those cheesy 60's monster movies that were more funny than frightening. The struggle of May to become her own person beyond Magoth, Cy, and even Gabriel is what made the novel stand out to me; love, even true love, isn't rainbows and sunshine everyday. You have to be your own person before you become a "we". And now... The cons! There were too many side projects/characters happening. I kind of lost track of how much time had passed between the gang going to Latvia to search for the phylactery, May getting Magoth's powers, Fiat capturing them, Gabriel's return, as well as the out dragon fight mixed in with Aisling giving birth. All of that pushed into the last hundred or so pages was a bit off putting. It was almost like Ms. MacAlister was told May as a character hadn't taken off, so she needed to wrap up her time as a main protagonist and FAST. Cy and Kostya will always be cons to me, but I did feel for her when he didn't want to admit he loved her beyond the confines of sex; just tell her she's the one so she can stop claiming everyone else wants her. Seriously, everyone from Gabriel to Fiat is "into" Cy in her own self fulfilled delusion. Like I said, I won't be reading anymore from this author or any other historical/urban fantasy/adult romances. It was a fun ride with Gabriel and May; they were the tops.

  • Cat Lewis
    2019-02-15 12:46

    Inhalt:Das Schicksal scheint es nicht gut mit der Doppelgängerin May Northcott zu meinen.Erst verschmilzt ein Stück Drachenherz durch unglückliche Zustände mit ihrem Körper, dann verliert ihr Boss, der ehemalige Dämonenfürst Magoth, den größten Teil seiner Kräfte und weicht nicht mehr von ihrer Seite und der für tot geglaubte schwarze Drache Baltic hat es auf sie und das Drachenherz abgesehen.Als wäre dies nicht genug, muss sich ihr geliebter Gabriel, der Wyvern der silbernen Drachen, mit der Suche nach den anderen Stücken des Drachenherzens, der Verfolgung von Fiat Blu, dem ehemaligen Wyvern der blauen Drachen, und einer grausamen Mordserie in Frankreich herumschlagen.Von einer glückseligen Beziehung kann man da wohl eher nicht sprechen.Das Stück Drachenherz macht May schwer zu schaffen, da es in ihr Gelüste hervorruft, die sie nie für möglich gehalten hätte.Dadurch gelangt ihr Glauben an die Liebe von Gabriel zu ihr schwer ins Wanken, da das Drachenherz die Beziehung der beiden sehr zu beeinträchtigen scheint.Fazit:“Drachen lieben heißer” ist der dritte und somit letzte Band der “Silver Dragons”-Reihe von Katie MacAlister.Mays Beziehung zu Gabriel scheint nie langweilig zu werden, da sich immer wieder neue Probleme anhäufen, die die beiden auf Trab halten.Diese Probleme beginnen in diesem Band mit dem schwer verletzten Mann, der plötzlich auf der Türschwelle von Gabriels Haus liegt.Die Situation unter den verschiedenen Drachensippen spitzt sich immer mehr zu, da in Frankreich immer mehr blaue Drachen getötet werden und der für tot geglaubte Baltic einen Anschlag nach dem anderen auf May und ihre Freunde ausübt.Ihr Boss, der ehemalige Dämonenfürst Magoth, treibt May mit seiner promiskuitiven Art in den Wahnsinn und auch das Stück Drachenherz in ihr scheint unter starken Geschmacksverirrungen im Bezug auf Magoth zu leiden.Ihr Zwilling, die Najade Cyrene, hat mit ihren eigenen Beziehungsproblemen zu kämpfen und ist immernoch der Meinung, dass sich die Welt ausschließlich um sie dreht. Somit ist sie ihrer Doppelgängerin May auch keine große Hilfe.Die Beziehung zwischen May und Gabriel leidet in diesem Band ein wenig, da sie die meiste Zeit getrennt sind. Außerdem bekommt sowohl May, als auch der Leser ab und an das Gefühl, dass Gabriel nur dem Drachen in ihr verfallen ist und sie nicht so liebt, wie sie als “Mensch” geliebt werden sollte. Auf ihre Vorlieben scheint er gar nicht so rechr einzugehen. Von Romantik keine Spur.Im Hintergrund werden immer wieder Drake und Aisling erwähnt, die ihren großen Auftritt bereits in der 4-teilgien “Dragon Love”-Reihe hatten. Aisling ist mittlerweile hochschwanger und steht kurz vor der Entbindung. Drake ist fürsorglicher – und auch anstrengender – denn je und kümmert sich sehr um seine Aisling. Für einen Lacher nach dem anderen sorgt der Dämonenhund Jim, der sonst immer an Aislings Seite verweilte, in diesem Band jedoch mit May unterwegs ist, da er die arme Aisling sonst zu sehr aufregt.Ein wirklich liebenswerter Charakter Insgesamt hat mit die “Silver Dragons”-Reihe leider nicht so gut gefallen, wie zuvor die “Dragon Love”-Reihe. Von Katie MacAlister ist man deutlich mehr gewöhnt. Nachdem sie mit ihrer “Dark Ones”-Reihe und der “Dragon Love”-Reihe regelrecht mit einem auf und ab der Gefühle, sowie lustigen aber auch actionreichen Situationen geglänzt hat, war Mays und Gabriels Story eher schwach.Mal von den ganzen Strapazen mit Magoth, Baltic und dem Drachenherzen abgesehen, ist die Beziehung zwischen Gabriel von Anfang an beinahe perfekt gewesen, während Aisling und Drake 4 Bände lang ein ständiges auf und ab hingelegt haben.Trotzdem “Drachen lieben heißer” bildet einen oftmals witzigen und zugleich auch actionreichen Abschluss der “Silver Dragons”-Trilogie.Lustige – manchmal jedoch auch sehr anstrengende und nervige – Charaktere sichern das Lesevergnügen und auch Fans von Aisling und Drake kommen voll auf ihre Kosten.

  • Jenny Delandro
    2019-01-27 12:29

    MAY IS PRACTICAL AND RESOURCEFUL AND INTELLIGENT - Are we sure she is the heroine because that is not the usual traits we see! She is not whinging and constantly doing the wrong things, blaming someone else for her problems or sulking or trying to avoid responsibility.She just pulls up her sleeves and jumps straight in. I love her!So many things to like about this book.Jim is back and he is with May because Aiesling is nearly at the end of her pregnancy with Drake's babies and Jim kept telling her she is going to explode if she gets any bigger... Not the niciest thing to say to a pregnant woman....Magoth (the former demon) is in the mortal world but without his powers (during the book May gets them and then passes them to Cyrene(who is no common sense and will never use them))Mayling has a shard of the first dragon heart inside her (read previous book) and she resents it at first then she is grateful for the opportunity to see the world from a Dragon's perspective ..... something that is important because she is Gabriel's mate. There are 5 shards and the only way to get it out of her is to reform the heart then reshard it into crystals. There is a great quote from the book when she is joining the heart and I will find it and write it in here. The shard inside her lets her know things and is sentient. She realises she will miss it when the shards are joined.... May sees the first dragon and she happy to call herself a dragon even though she will never be able to change form after the shard leaves her ......but there is a surprise at the end of the book ... don't miss it! May is talking to Rene....She is finally her own person - someone unique - not just a doppolganger or a copy - and wait for it ...she is a silver dragon with red claws! and she is keeping it a secret from Gabriel and will tell him when the time is right! Hi honey surprise~!!!Aiesling has twins (boy and girl) right near the end of the bookCyrene and Kostov finally decide to become a couple... she is not a dragon mate but she is someone he wants to spend a lifetime with. This only happens after many fights and walk outs...A wizard comes to help fight the bad dragons and he brings 2 apprentices (boy and girl) no-one can work out 'what' the girl is.... Gabriel's mother Kaawa sees her for the first time after the babies are born and she identifies the girl TULLY as Bastian's mate Ysolene(??).... but Tully has a nine year old son Brom...she does not believe that she is anyone else except Tully.. her story is next.Fiat killed 40 blue dragons and the blue dragons have inprisoned him after May captured him. He is quite insaneMay had finally found a way to get free of Magoth (after he is banished back to hell) and she offers a trade .... he releases her from being bound to him and he can come back to mortal world. Sally (??!) (read previous book) helps out she is supposed to be bad demon lord but is always doing good....May sends Magoth to LA to search for Sally but Sally is in Germany.LOL Magoth used to be in many good times and more to come in the next book ....Smiling now-

  • Sabine
    2019-02-15 15:30

    Es ist wie auch schon in der Aisling-und-Drake-Reihe: Im letzten Band passiert alles auf einmal um alles aufzulösen und zu klären.May trägt den Schatz der Drachen noch immer in sich und hat zunehmend das Gefühl von ihm beherrscht zu werden. Magoth wurde von Bael aus dem Abbadon rausgekickt und ist kein Prinz mehr - leider wurden ihm seine Kräfte nicht komplett genommen, so dass er noch immer einen Rest dafür zur Verfügung hat, May zu nerven und sich ihr immer wieder aufzudrängen. Vor allem nun, da er in der menschlichen Welt festsitzt. May und Gabriel brauchen die Unterstützung der anderen Drachensippen um May von dem Drachenschatz zu befreien, der mehr und mehr versucht die Kontrolle zu übernehmen. May muss alle Kräfte mobilieren um nicht die Gewalt über sich zu verlieren. Und immer wenn sie in die Schattenwelt taucht, ist da der mysteriöse Drache von dem alle glauben es sei der auferstandene Baltic. Was will er? Und warum gerade jetzt? Hat es mit der Zusammenkunft der Drachen zu tun, welches Kostya einberufen hat, um seine Anerkennung als schwarzer Drache zu ersuchen?Wahnsinnig komisch - vor allem als Gabriels Haus in die Luft gesprengt wird und plötzlich alle in Drakes Haus landen, das selbst schon durch den Besuch von Drakes Mutter aus allen Nähten platzt. Zu komisch ist auch der exhibizionistisch veranlagte Magoth und sein "cursed penis" mit dem Tattoo, welches alle immer wieder unfreiwillig zu Gesicht bekommen. Ich lag am Boden, als er mit Drakes Mutter über bevorzugte Foltermethoden im Zuge der sexuellen Befriedung fachsimpelte! Lustig auch, wie Cyrene - Mays Zwilling - dem armen Kostya auf die Nerven geht mit ihren Liebesbezeugungen. Und die Kirsche auf der Sahne ist natürlich wieder der liebe Jim, den May in Pflege hat um Aisling zu schonen und er sich natürlich für keinen Kommentar zu schade ist und dafür von allen Seiten den Unmut auf sich zieht.Kurz und gut: Der Knaller schlechthin und wer sich, wie ich, gefragt hat, wer oder was die Light Dragons sind, um die sich Katies nächste Dragon-Reihe dreht: Es gibt eine interessante Wendung zum Schluss, die ein prima Übergang zum nächsten Buch ist, das zum Glück bereits im Mai erscheint. Jeden der Angst hat, dass mit Dragon Love Band 4 Schluss ist kann ich versichern: Alle lieb gewonnenen Charaktere tauchen auch in der Reihe um die Silberdrachen wieder auf und werden uns wohl auch bei den Light Dragons weiter begleiten. Könnte ich mehr als 5 Sterne vergeben, ich würde es sofort tun. Diese Reihe ist eine meiner Lieblingsserien.

  • Violet
    2019-01-28 11:47

    Some bits were funny, especially with Magoth, the overthrown ruler of Hel.., ups Abaddon, but overall - meh. Sad. I like dragons. And demons. Shadows and doppelgangers - not so much.

  • Lilyan
    2019-01-27 17:22

    I wanted to give this book a 2 star. There were some scenes that deserved a 1 star. In the end the complete absurdity of it all just made me laugh rather than frustrating me. This series is just too ridiculous. The characters dialogue and actions have been on repeat for all the 3 books.May and Gabriel:Run around looking for objects, pause to have sex, contemplate having foreplay, it doesn't work out, proceed with sex, run around some more.Aisling:I'm so pregnant the baby is almost a year oldDrake:NO ONE TOUCH AISLING OR ANYTHING IN HER VICINITYKostya:I'm so broody, I'm so moody, no one understands me. I'm supposed to be a thousand years old, but I act like a teenager. I'm a Black Dragon god damn it and want to be recognized as one! *Throws Tantrum*Cyrene:Whines and throws tantrums with Kostya. "Surprisingly" they end up together.Magoth:One minute it's:The next it's: Jim: I'm supposed to be comic relief, but really everyone else is so silly that I just come off as annoying Baltic: Am I Baltic? Am I someone else? Who am I? Can you guess? Hee Hee. I'm a dragon mage hybrid creature that can do all sorts of awesome tricks but I lose at the end anyway, cause, you know, good guys always win. And I'm kinda lame.Everyone else: We're not sure why we're here, but we'll try to be as obnoxious as the rest, just causeAnd they all live happily ever af..... Wait... Hold on! But of course, a cliffhanger to set up the story line for the next series (Light Dragons). Tum da daaaaa!It is really stupid. But I didn't expect anything else and it did entertain me somewhat. So meh, it can have the 3 stars.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-03 17:29

    This is the 3rd of a series, where I didn't read the first two, (not in the library)... so I was playing catch up... Mayling is 'twin' of a long lived water sprite, consort to a banished demon prince (did they have sex before Gabriel claimed her? the clues were not clear, sometimes I thought yes, and sometimes I thought no)... and mate to Gabriel, wyvern of the Silver Dragons - cursed to not have a mate born, but as she sprung forth, she was not born, and therefore can break the curse... she can move into the shadows for safety... Drake's brother Kostov, reuintes the black dragons and wants back into the fold (and it happens)... bad Fiat is struggling to be Red dragon wyvern, but loosing, and he is joining forces with Bastian - one who died, but resurrected and has more than just dragon powers... his mate also died, except at the end, she is alive - but unaware of who she was - reborn? amnesia? hmmmm Mayling, from a previous book, has in her breast a shard of the 1st dragon's heart... there are 5 pieces, one held by each clan... the dragon shard allows her to shift to dragon - which is Gabriel's preference when making love to her... and she is learning to control it's influence at other times... she succeeds in uniting the 5 pieces - and the dragon heart finds her worthy, and a part of its spirit continues to live in her, and the heart splits again into 5 shards...story ends with Aisling giving birth to twins... with Jim, Rene, & Nora in attendance... Bastian is free, and his mate is alive... fiat is imprisoned by the blue dragons because he killed 40 of them...2nd reading... after reading the 1st two... things made much better sense... I like how the author took the stereotype of the dragon wyvern (strong, controlling, autocratic) and made Gabriel softer & more responsive to Mayling (as compared to Aisling & Drake)... Bastian's story is next? hmmmm

  • The Romantic Cynic
    2019-01-21 11:42

    "But Romantic Cynic Katie MacAlister's books are nothing more than wish-fulfillment smut good for a rainy day. How could you give this five stars?"Every once and a while I need some good guilty pleasures. Ever since Aishling Gray came along, I turned to MacAlister for that. Yes, all the males are annoying Alpha and perfect and overbearing and feminisim runs from the sight of them, but let me defend myself here with the Silver Dragons. I thought MacAlister couldn't top the Aishling Gray series and, for the first two books of Silver Dragons, I was right. Then this came along and I was just like: I LOVED IT.Why, you ask? That can be summed up with one character: May. I loved May. Next to Aishling, May is like the frickin' terminator. At the beginning of the series, she's smart, resevered, flawed, and all around a more decent heroine. She continues to dazzle us throughtout the series and then in this book completely owns it. I love it at the end of the series where a character grows. May grows. She learns to stop hiding in the shadows. She learns to embrace who she is, every piece of her. She learns to trust Gabriel. She learns that being a doppleganger doesn't mean she's any less of a person. She grows as a character adn isn't who she was at the beginning. And I loved that. So, yes, while this book does have plot, it's thin and yes the book is mostly humor and sex and supernatural romance, and certainly this book doesn't hold a candle to Shakespeare or any of the great classics, but for a guilty pleasure for a rainy day? It's pretty damn good.Edit: And then Love in the Time of Dragons comes out and completely corrupts the respect I once had for MacAlister. I'll just pretend that that book doesn't exist, that this was the last book she wrote about the dragons. DON'T MAKE ME FACE REALITY; LET ME HAVE THIS.

  • Martina the Book Fairy
    2019-02-02 12:41

    (3.5 stars) This series is what I'd call light, romantic, urban fantasy. The couple is formed in the first book, so you have your HEA, but the same couple continues to grow over the course of the series, which has a complete story arc to itself.In this case, the Silver Dragon series is a branch off the Aisling Grey series (which is about the Green Dragons). So, read that one first if you're going to start. And the Light Dragon series is a spin off of this one, so you'll want to read that series last.If you've read anything else by this author, you know that she does funny quite well and this book was no exception. With the demon-dog, Jim, and the demon-lord, Magoth being the two biggest comic relief characters, as well as old friend from the Aisling Grey series.This series mostly features, May, a doppleganger and mate to Gabriel, the leader of the silver dragons. May is the (temporary) keeper of a dragon shard and faces the task of getting all the other shards from the other dragon septs and magically reuniting them. And, since it's never easy, she has to do so while keeping herself out of the reach of the various parties keen on the destruction of the shards, or better yet, May herself.A fun read, but not terribly deep. And while romance/sex is present in the story, you aren't whacked over the head with it as you are in so many other books. It's just a generally fun, upbeat, and interesting book. I'll definitely be continuing my reading with Book 1 of the Light Dragons sometime in the near future.

  • Janis Hill
    2019-02-09 16:28

    Now, don't let my slightly lower rating fool you, this is still a great read.My reasons for doing so are this... it wasn't really the same as the other books in the series. Gone was most of the light, mildly comical encounters for May (as well as the steamy get togethers with her Mate Gabriel) that I grew used to in the first two books. But that didn't mean it wasn't a good book. It, like the last of the Aisling series, deviated slightly from said 'fun and frolics' and focussed more on building up more background history of this world and the dragons to lead as smoothly as it does into the next series. But as it did so it helped build May and allowed the 'Dragon world' as a whole to grow and create its own new history of characters we already knew, as well as tie up loose ends started in the other two books. (Yeah, I made SO much sense right then didn't I?)And, to be honest, the amount of ground work put into this book makes it just as good a read as the rest of them! You're learning more about the world these stories are set in, while May is still finding herself and finding how she fits in to it all. I really want to emphasise it's still worth a read. The style just changes slightly, but does NOT in any way detract from being an interesting and entertaining book and a nice end to another Wyvern series.Light dragons, here I come!

  • Paige
    2019-01-30 11:45

    Not sure how I exactly feel about the ending of this series. I liked it, but there were some aspects of it that I just never got into, nor did I understand the significance of it. I want to think there were just too many characters and dragon clans, that I just couldn't keep straight. I've enjoyed opening up and reading about a world with dragons and I loved Gabriel and May, but I felt that after Playing with Fire, the their relationship took a backseat in books 2 & 3.For the most part, this book follows May solo as she tries to piece back the Shard heart. Her and Gabriel are hardly together and when they are, they aren't alone.The characters also got on my nerves in this book. I was never a huge fan of Cyrene to begin with, but she really did me in while reading this book about her relationship with Kostya. Drake also got on my nerves with his overbearing bossiness with Aisling the closer she got to due date, when it passed, as she was in labor,and after the babies were born. Ending with more questions to be answered in the next series, to me, wasn't the way to end it. Gabriel and May's story has more to tell.

  • pianogal
    2019-02-01 18:20

    Oy! Is it bad to want to Miss Piggy HI-YA every character in this book? Everybody in this book is WHINY! May and Gabe hung in there, 'til right at the end, but then they started whining too. And don't get me started on Cyrene. I would lock her in a trunk and dump her in a really deep spot in the ocean where no one would ever have to here her whining, retarded voice again (except that she's a naiad and probably can't drown - darn it).I think this is the last book in the series I'll be able to endure. I can't even say the plot redeemed the characters, because I can't even remember what it was about because I was so pissed at the stupidity of the characters. Maybe at some point in the distant future every other book on the planet will suddenly disappear and I'll be forced to read them...but we'll see.So yeah, umm, I'd pass on this one if I were you...(And yes I understand the irony of my whining about whiny people, but at least you only had to endure it for 2 paragraphs...I had to read over 300 pages of it...)