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An attraction fated to go down in history if they survive.Liar. Thief. Con man. James Hyde keeps these labels well hidden under the veneer of a high-class gambler. He knows how to charm his way to where the money is, and right now it s aboard the world s must luxurious ship, ripe for the taking. From the moment he locks eyes with Will Woods, though, James is tempted. TemptAn attraction fated to go down in history if they survive.Liar. Thief. Con man. James Hyde keeps these labels well hidden under the veneer of a high-class gambler. He knows how to charm his way to where the money is, and right now it s aboard the world s must luxurious ship, ripe for the taking. From the moment he locks eyes with Will Woods, though, James is tempted. Tempted, for once, to be the kind of man that another can trust with his heart.Will is sailing toward everything he s ever wanted: marriage and family. His instant attraction to James is a complete surprise and too powerful to ignore. In his arms, Will rediscovers passion he s kept long buried. And it tempts him to abandon the safety of wealth and position. Perhaps even his family s good graces. All for James a man who is only now beginning to understand the meaning of honor.Then there s the last obstacle standing in their way. Their ship of dreams is the Titanic."...

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Ship of Dreams Reviews

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-12 05:09

    I have to confess that I have never seen Titanic before. Why should I witness to a story that is domed since the beginning? And then, truth be told, I cordially hate both Leonard Di Caprio than Kate Winslet. And so when I realized that this book, Ship of Dreams, was about a story on the infamous Titanic, and that the two main characters resemble so much the characters of Di Caprio and Winslet (even if Winslet in this case wears trousers...), I hesitated. But I'm glad that my hesitation lasted only a moment, since the book is very easy to read, and flows smooth, without any "iceberg" on the way, if not the famous one.James is a young man who tries to gain his day one per one. He is a gambler, a liar, probably also a thief. But he is not a real evil character, he is more like so many men of that period, that if lucky managed to build a good life for themself, and if not, well, they didn't remain in the history books. James is not a real criminal, he hasn't real malice inside.Will is the only son of a widow who has only him to whom lean on. Probably Will knows who he really is, who he really likes, but it's not an option for him: he needs to marry a good woman, someone that can help him to take care of his mother, someone with whom he can walk among the good society. His late father and now his mother have great expectations for him, and he needs to be up to them. But when he meets James, he is even more sure that he is living a lie.Will and James's relationship is easy and simple from the start. They recognize each other as twin souls, even if from the opposite side of society, they are similar; there is no need of words, they are like two magnets. But strange is, there are no words at all between them: they don't talk of the future, they don't analyze the consequences of their acts, they don't think of possible ways to be together... it's almost like they know that there will be no future for them, that their story is domed, and not only for the obvious reason. The ship is like a small world outside the time, and the people in it behave as if their life is only the one they are living on that ship. I have this feeling not only for the two main characters, but also for the other supporting characters in the story, in more chances than one, there is someone who is asked about the future, and he/she didn't answer in a right and clear way, but remains vague.There is a suffused sadness during all the story, but in spite of this, the book is not tragic; even when they reach the climax, the moment when they are forced to take a life change (or ending) decision, the characters, and the story with them, continue to have this quite and sad behavior. Yes, all in all, this is not at all an happy story, but I like the feeling, it gives peace and hope at the same time.Side note for who likes the historical accuracy: of 329 First Class passengers, 199 survived, 60% of them (all the story is setted in First Class, no hint to Second or Third class whatsoever).

  • Hector Himeros
    2019-02-24 05:05

    Honestly, I'm having mixed feelings about this novel. While I do love to read gay version of Jack-and-Rose's Titanic love adventure, at the same time I wish to read something different. I have also read several other Titanic stories and I hate to say that they all sound so similar that many times I get mixed up who wrote which book. The basic plot for Titanic M/M romance is ALWAYS about gay-in-denial or already-married/soon-to-b-married man. Without reading it, we already know how it will end (mostly tragic but sometimes happy end). I found nothing new in this novel. The sex is... err... too little for my taste. But then again, I'm a man (a member in GR asked me not to complain about too-little-sex in every romance review I wrote LOL). I see nothing wrong if the writer explored the sex more. Readers would b able to understand the explosive passion and the depth of their true feelings. Someone told me emotional sex has more value than "mechanical vulgar" sex. I have the opposite opinion about that. I mean, everyone HAS sex! So why should sex be labeled vulgar when it's transferred into words??? Many people though roll their eyes when they hear anything Titanic-related romance novels. They say it's predictable, it's sappy, and so on. Even when I announced to my friends I would write similar story, they asked me not to coz they had already known the ending! Seeing such fact, all Titanic writers should have anticipated that... They should try to present something new... instead of re-telling "Jack-and-Rose" story all over again.Despite my complains above ^_^ I still like this novel.

  • Heather
    2019-03-21 07:10

    I have to admit that the characters of Will and James didn't exactly grab hold of my heart as I hoped they would. After all, it is the Titanic so we know what happens to the ship and so many of it's crew and passengers, although we don't know what happens to the characters in this story. The tale is well written as is the characters, I just didn't find the connection I often do when reading a book. Once I begin a book I never give up on it and as so often I'm glad I didn't. As the story progressed, I found myself being pulled into the story deeper and deeper. If you enjoy historical fiction then I definitely recommend adding this to you list. As I said, I would have loved to have had Will and James grab me more but even so, the story is worth the read.

  • France-Andrée
    2019-03-07 06:08

    I really liked it... it didn't have an ending that was very surprising, but then again I liked the ending so :P. What I really appreciated is that the two main characters are not on an Island (metaphorically, obviously, they're on a ship), the other characters are also interesting and well developed and a that's often missing in a m/m romance. I thought that the meetings between the two lovers were too often the fruit of luck, I mean the Titanic was HUGE, would two persons meet over and over again without appointment? That's the only thing that bothered me and I'm sure that you can see how small a problem it is... I really enjoyed the read.

  • Shanna
    2019-03-16 02:46

    I thought that it would be hard to attach to characters who were pretty much doomed but the author did a great job of creating memorable characters that really pulled the heart strings. Knowing what was going to happen and still seeing these characters go through their daily activities was really poignant. This author does a wonderful job of recreating a moment in time with out being overly maudlin or melodramatic. There are some obvious moments of for shadowing but they aren't heavy handed and very well done. Over all I think the author did a great job mixing fictional elements in with a real event.

  • Laura
    2019-03-02 05:04

    You have no idea what I went through to find this book. I once read the blurb at the back of another novel and then months later when I wanted to read it, I couldn't remember the name or the author. The worst part however was my inability to FIND the fucking book I read it from. I had some help from a goodreads friend and finally we found it. It was a pretty good novel. The romance was hot and sweet at the same time but sometimes the characters were jerks. Overall, I'm glad I finally found it.

  • Misty
    2019-02-21 04:07

    ** 3.5 Stars **

  • Matt Yazdi
    2019-03-02 07:54

    This is the first Titanic theme romance I've ever read.and I loved it.

  • Jenn
    2019-03-18 03:00

    Great potentional with characters but the author went too far down the TITANIC path even down to the end...a little too much like Kate Winslet with extra parts. The POV jumped a bit as well.