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There are 294 pages that capture , in breathtaking pictures and unforgettable words the essence of the game, the players and the performances. It reviews the crucial moments. classic match ups, the enduring dynasties and the one of a kind characters....

Title : Sports Illustrated: The Football Book
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ISBN : 9781932994742
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 294 Pages
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Sports Illustrated: The Football Book Reviews

  • Jude F.
    2018-11-10 23:08

    This book is a football book. It's like the football bible. There are so many interesting short stories on certain players at certain moments in football history.This book runs from the beginning of football in the 1920's to the present day in 2012.This It talks about many football legends such as, Emmitt Smith,Jerry Rice,John Elway,Joe Montana, and many others.This book is fast-paced with all the action and the stunning moments. Not only are the stories amazing, the pictures as well. The pictures features both funny plays and heart-stopping plays like QB Mark Brunell doing a frontflip over two defenders for a touchdown. I like how every story is written by a different writer because I like all the different styles and perspectives of all these writers.This book makes me want to be a professional football player even more. I totally recommend reading this if you find Football interesting.

  • Jamison
    2018-12-10 16:31

    I loved this book. I enjoyed reading about the history of football, and I seen a lot of moments that I watched when they happend. To know that you watched history being made is crazy. I really enjoyed the stories about Emmitt smith and deon sanders. Those are two of my favorite players of all time and I felt like the author did a great job on these stories

  • Nicholas Montemarano
    2018-11-18 19:31

    One of the best football books you'll find. The photos are incredible - the visible exhales of thousands of fans at The Ice Bowl; the mud-splattered face of Packers great Forrest Gregg; the otherworldly leather kicking shoe of Tom Dempsey, who was born with half his right foot missing; the gaps between Jack Lambert's teeth. But the highlight of this book is the writing - some of the best sports writing you'll ever read. A description of Chuck Bednarik's infamous 1960 hit on Frank Gifford: he hit him "like a lifetime of bad news" (John Schulian). The wounds on L.C. Greenwood's hands that look like "old sores on horses" (Roy Blount Jr.). A teammate's description of Johnny Unitas: "He was from Pennsylvania, but he looked so much like a Mississippi farmhand that I looked around for a mule. He had stooped shoulders, a chicken breast, thin bowed legs and long, dangling arms with crooked, mangled fingers" (from a terrific essay by Frank Deford). Myron Cope's brilliant story about how The Immaculate Reception ended the Steelers' long tradition of losing. Vince Lombardi's piece (from his book, "Run to Daylight!") about the hours leading up to game time is nothing short of poetry. Robert F. Jones' description of his week spent boozing with Kenny Stabler: "At the end of it, anyone following in Stabler's wake would be ready for a body transplant: liver and lights, heart and kidneys, eardrums - maybe even a few new teeth." But perhaps the best writing in the book is Steve Rushin's touching piece about getting Alan Page's autograph when Rushin was a boy.

  • Jennie
    2018-12-09 18:15

    It is difficult to write a review of this book, since it is really one of those "coffee table" books you go back to again and again, not something you read from start to finish and then put away. The book is as big and colorful as the sport it covers. The articles are well-written and concise. It isn't a portable book, by any means, but is something you'll want to keep by your television during football season.

  • Manato
    2018-11-21 21:08

    I read this book in 8th period. this is about great american football players. i love football so i choose this book. I have many friends of NFL player. Heiz man winner, third Heiz man winners, Favre's O-Line, Rich Ganon's O-Line etc...... i have many autograph. RG3, Marc Bulger, Randy Moss, Ben Roethlisburgar, Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Terrel Owens, Donovan Mcnabb, Marshal Faulk, Troy Holt, Izack Bruce, Warren Sapp, Michael Vick etc.... i want to get more autograph!

  • Michael McLean
    2018-11-16 18:25

    A great coffee table book (even though it's not about coffee tables) with lots of pretty pictures and some of SI's best football stories ever. One big problem. They only print part of the story and it's not even edited it's just truncated smack dab wherever they are at the end of a page. I guess they don't expect you to actually READ the stories.

  • Devin Paschke
    2018-12-05 17:28

    I think its a great book very enjoyable and fun to read, I can relate a lot to this book witch makes it more fun to read. I have also learned a lot of different facts from this book. If you wanting to learn new fun facts about players, dates, and games that happened in the NFL, this would be a great book if you are interested in going deeper into the history! GREAT READ!!

  • James
    2018-12-04 18:23

    Read it and you'll find out

  • Ted
    2018-11-20 20:30

    This coffee table book has many great photos, but little real football information.