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Vamps in Chicago!You’d think headlines like that would have provoked the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends. Instead, ten months later, we’re enjoying a celebrity status reserved for the Hollywood elite—fending off paparazzi only slightly less dangerous than cross and stake-wielding slayers. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Public isn’t eVamps in Chicago!You’d think headlines like that would have provoked the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends. Instead, ten months later, we’re enjoying a celebrity status reserved for the Hollywood elite—fending off paparazzi only slightly less dangerous than cross and stake-wielding slayers. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Public isn’t exactly thrilled to be living side-by-side with the undead, but at least they haven’t stormed the castle yet.But all that will change once they learn about the Raves—mass feeding parties where vampires round up humans like cattle and drink themselves silly. Most civilized vampires frown on this behavior, putting mere mortals at ease with their policy of asking a person’s consent before taking a big gulp of the red stuff. However, that doesn’t make good copy for a first time reporter looking to impress his high society family.So now my “master,” the centuries old, yet gorgeously well-preserved Ethan Sullivan, wants me to reconnect with my own upper class family and act as liaison between humans and vampires—and keep the more unsavory aspects of our existence out of the media. But someone doesn’t want people and vamps to play nicey-nice—someone with an ancient grudge....

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Friday Night Bites Reviews

  • CarolynStorer
    2019-01-23 20:03

    2.5 StarsAfter reading Some Girls Bite, which I really enjoyed and thought was a great debut, Friday Night Bites is a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping to see the characters grow a lot more, relationships moved to the next level, more action. Instead I got a rather lack lustre tale.Merit has moved into the Cadogan House and is reluctant to leave her best friend and roommate Mallory, not to mention having to be in close proximity to Ethan Sullivan, her vampire master and maker, who she loathes and lusts after in equal measure.I found Merit difficult to like in this book - she's quite shallow at times, which is evident from the onset with her rather judgemental, if not a little bitchy, opinion of her gym instructor:"Although I loved to dance, hip thrusting under Barbie's bubbly instruction and ever-bouncing bosom involved too little actual dance and too much cleavage. I needed to respect my dance master. Respect wasn't exactly the emotion Barbie inspired."Really? Now, I know that this is probably meant to be light-hearted and in jest but it didn't give me a warm feeling about my heroine.I also didn't get to know any more about Merit than what I was told in the first book - there's no real background to her, nothing in her past that makes her interesting. It's all in the "now" and the only interesting thing is that she was made into a vampire, but even the animosity and anger she so rightly felt towards Ethan for converting her without her consent (even if it was to save her life) is now gone with the bite of burger & fries:"Thank you...because if I hadn't been changed, I couldn't eat this incredibly unhealthy food."Some of Merit's snarky dialogue, which should have made me chuckle, didn't, and what was meant to be funny didn't really work and felt forced.Ethan is an interesting character and there are moments when I think there's something quite special about him, but it's fleeting. He hasn't moved on in any way since Some Girls Bite. He's still grouchy, aloof, and not in the sexy, mysterious way.The relationship between Merit and Ethan is also static and hasn't developed in any way. There's still a fair amount of sexual tension between them but it's all a bit dull, although the delicious scene in the library nearly made up for it - but not quite.I really liked Morgan, Merit's other love interest. He was warm and sweet and said all the right things, that is until the second half of the book, when he became jealous and possessive - but then Merit was kind of leading him on. Flirting and kissing while wanting to be with another isn't cool and I can understand where Morgan is coming from.Merit's best friend and upcoming sorceress, Mallory is being sent away to hone her skills. I like to think of Merit having some friends but it's a shame Mallory's character isn't fully developed and feels a bit surplus, as though she's there just to flesh out what is basically a fairly thin plot, a plot which contains much of the same as Some Girls Bite: Ethan is betrayed by one of his own. There are moments when things liven up and my interest piques but it soon fizzles away.VERDICT:All in all, Friday Night Bites isn't a great second book. It doesn't include much romance, excitement or really that much of a storyline - there's no snap, crackle & pop! I was bored and disappointed. I just wish there was either more romance or more action because in Friday Night Bites there's neither.Although I didn't particularly gel with any of the characters and found the plot to be lacking, the author does have an easy writing style that I like. I pray that things move on considerably in Twice Bitten, the third book in the series, otherwise it will be the end of the road for me and Merit..

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-02-08 22:05

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*This is not a good thing*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Re-read: 29.01.2018Ah man, I struggled a little bit with this re-read. I mean, I just to love it, and now... I'm just liking it enough to finish it. I really hope this doesn't continue throughout my re-read of this series. I'm gonna be pissed if this is the case, as this used to be one of my favorite series...The characters:— Caroline ‘Merit’ ‘Mer’ Merit (becomes vampire at 27, but is 28 in years), Sentinel of the Cadogan House.— Ethan ‘Liege’ ‘Darth Sullivan’ Sullivan (394, though became a vampire at 30), master of the Cadogan House.—Mallory ‘Mal’ Delancey Carmichael, Merit's bestfriend and a fourth-class sorcerer-— Charles ‘Chuck’ Merit, Merit's grandfather is the Ombudsman; a ‘liaison’ between the regulars and the sups.— Chuck's team: his secretary, Marjorie (50) (though we haven't met her), the computer prodigy and a shape-shifter,Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Christopher (21), and a fourth-class sorcerer, Catcher Bell (29). There's also a Housed vampire who works for him that not even his colleagues knows about.— Joshua Merit, Merit's dad sucky dad.— guard of the Cadogan House, Lindsey (115) and who is also a psychic, and a good friend to Merit.— Lucas ‘Luc’, the head of Cadogan House’s guard corps— Morgan Greer, now Master of Navarre House, (72, though looks 28) who's a love interest to Merit.— Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Keene, Apex of the Central North American, Jeff's pack leader.— Darius West, head of the Greenwich Presidium and Ethan's Sire (haven't met yet, though mentioned). — Seth Tate (36), the mayor.— Scott Grey, Master of Grey House.— Noah Beck, the leader of Chicago’s independent vampires.I wanted what most people wanted—love, companionship.I wanted someone to touch. I wanted someone to touch me back.I wanted someone to laugh with, someone who would laugh with me, laugh at me.I wanted someone who looked and sawme . Not my power, not my position.I wanted someone to say my name. To call out, “Merit,” when it was time to go, or when we arrived.Someone who wanted to say to someone else, with pride, “I’m here with her. With Merit.”I wanted all those things. Indivisibly.But I didn’t want them from Morgan.Quick basic facts:Genre: - (Adult) Paranormal Romance.Series: - Series, Book Two.Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Favorite character? - Ethan ‘Liege’ ‘Darth Sullivan’ Sullivan.Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Yes.Would I recommend this book/series? - Yes.Will I read this again in the future? - Yes?New Rating - 3.5 stars.First read review:God I love this series. LOVE IT! I WANT MORE! MORE ETHAN!4.5 stars!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2019-02-15 00:11

    Footsteps, and then he was next to me, his body behind mine, his lips at the spot of skin just below my ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck. The smell of him-clean, soapy, almost discomfortingly familiar. As much as the want of it disturbed me, I wanted to sink back against him, let him envelop me.Part of that, I knew, was vampire genetics, the fact that he'd changed me, some kind of evolutionary connection between Master and vampire.But part of it was much, much simpler."Merit."Part of it was boy and girl.I shook my head. "No, thank you.""Don't deny it. I want this. You want this."Welp....I don't see any reason to deduct a I won't. Like with all series I read, it's hard to write review after review for the same series with the same characters. Things change, they progress, but the idea is the same, isn't it? Well, in book two, I found that not only did the intensity increase in the severity with which Merit and her vampire brethren were threatened, but also, her attraction to the head vampire, Ethan, became such a tangible thing I choked on it. "Whatever the source, Sentinel, we have the information now. Let's use it, shall we?"I bit back a grin, amused that I'd reverted back to "Sentinel." I was "Merit" when Ethan needed something, "Sentinel" when he was responding to my snark. Admittedly, that was frequently.It's not easy, these days, to build the same attractions to book characters because, well, I've read so many books. I build these relationships with my book men and while that's all fine and good, time has passed since I've been on this site. Books have came and books have gone, and here I am in October having beat my 2014 challenge with over two months to spare. That's not to say I've loved them all-I'd like to think that because I've became picky that I'm choosing only the best these days. There are so many trigger words, phrases, ways of writing the blurb and reviews by friends that let me know whether to be cautious with a book or not. That's not to say that while my system is super awesome, I don't miss a few hidden gems here or there based on my bias of horrid covers (cough ^^^ cough). So, in essence, I've missed a lot of crap, but gained a lot more to swoon over. But with this success comes a price-The male or female lead has to work really hard for me to become obsessed with them now. What used to make my heart stutter now barely scratches the surface of my seasoned soul. I love my characters-almost always. But there has to be....oh, I don't know...something pivotal or memorable for me to fangirl or obsess or lose my breath over a look or touch like I used to so easily. Ethan stared at the menu. "I have no idea what to do here.""There's the proof positive you made the right decision by bringing me on staff."...When the Mercedes was full of vampires and fried food, he drove to the exit, then paused at the curb while I made a sleeve of the paper wrap around his burger. When I handed it to him, he stared at it for a moment, eyebrow arched, before taking a bite.He made a vague sound of approval while he chewed."You know," I said, biting into an onion ring, "I feel like things would go a lot smoother for you if you'd just admit that I'm always right.""I'm willing to give you 'right about food,' but that's as far as I can go.""I'll take that," I said, grinning at him.What I'm getting at? I fell in love with the two main leads at about 15% in book one. 15%. Really? How hard is that, for me, these days? Extremely difficult. That connection is fragile, and now, with the progression through book two, is a tangible, unbreakable thread. I love Merit and Ethan. Sure, Ethan's hair makes me want to gag (cut it off, Bro-for all of us!) but his persona is so strong that nothing deters or hinders me when I think of him. "I guess. And FYI, Darth Sullivan is putting a crimp in our friendship. I know you're living over there now, but you should still be at my beck and call."I snorted. "Darth Sullivan would disagree, but I'll do what I can."Merit, strong as ever, has dominated the vampire playing field. She's Cadogan House Sentinel, and she defends Ethan and those residing in the House and under the Cadogan name. But, her number one priority is the head master of the house-Ethan. One hand braced to keep my face from hitting the ground, tears spilled over, and I gripped my chest with my free hand, to rip out the pain, to rip out the vise that was squeezing the air from my lungs. I struggled for breath, and a wave of pain, a morbid aftershock, convulsed my spine.I really enjoyed Ethan in this one. They were forced, as Sentinel and head of Cadogan House, to go to events together in this one. But, and what Merit didn't see that everyone else sees, mostly they were ruses to spend more time together. He hides behind a perfectly placed facade and rarely lets it slip-but the closer he and Merit become, the more she starts to see the man, not the vampire, underneath. He's been betrayed, he has lived through his fair share of heartbreak and war and now supervising hundreds of those under him, but his greatest challenge yet is Merit and her stubborn attitude. Catcher dumped a cutting board of trimmed asparagus into a steamer pot. "It's lotion. I'm pretty sure science has advanced to the point that you can buy a single bottle that will take care of all that.""Missing the point," I said."He's missing the point," Mallory parroted. "You're totally missing the point."Now, not that this isn't present in every novel these days, the sexual tension in this story was so thick I could cut through it with a knife. The way he looks at her, talks to her, touches her makes me melt into a heaping pile of goo. Even when they dance, the way he looks into her kills me. Their chemistry is off the charts-he needs someone who can balance him out with his dominant attitude and tight-ass ways. And, in one scene in particular, my heart stopped. This kiss was...smoldering. It was nothing special, I mean, it was a kiss for chrissakes! But....the delivery. It's all about the delivery. A smile of triumph, a groan of desire, possession, the primal need to take what you've wanted since the beginning...Yeah. So, heart-attack inducing, as far as I'm concerned. "My point, Sentinel, is that you are more than a woman who hides in a library."..."Ethan," I said, a hesitation, but he shook his head, gaze dropping to my lips, then drifting shut. He leaned closer, his lips just touching mine. Teasing, hinting, but not quite kissing. My lids fell, and his hands were at my cheeks, fingers at my jaw, his breath staccato and rushed as his lips traced a trail, pressed kisses, against my closed eyes, my cheeks, everywhere but my lips."You are so much more than that."Like I said, it's so hard to write non-repetitive reviews about a series, but it seems I didn't have as hard a time as I previously thought I would, lol. But there's something so refreshing about this series-the idea that not everything revolves around vampires, their feeding, their need for blood, even though the whole story is, in fact, all about vampires and protecting themselves. I does one do that? Make a story that both centers around vampires but doesn't bow down to it for the story as a whole to make it work? I hardly even think about the fact that they're vampires-This author makes it so that it's extremely hot when it's brought to the surface. Like, for real. And this story wouldn't be possible without the snark of Merit. She's witty and funny and she doesn't let anyone boss her around (even her boss), but she knows her place. Her and Ethan's banter is so funny and I can't get enough...hopefully in the next one they take their clothes off-together. Just sayin'.I tightened sweaty fingers around the handle of the dagger.But then, standing there in the dark, the blade in my hand, my heart pounding with the rush of fear and adrenaline, I remembered something Ethan had told me about our predatory natures: For better or worse, we were the top of the food chain.Not humans. Not animals.Not the thing that roamed the woods beside me.Vampires.I was the predator, not the prey. So, in a voice that sounded a little too breathy to be my own, my eyes on the spot between the trees where I imagined it to be, I advised that animal in the dark, "Run."For more of my reviews, please visit:

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-02-14 20:15

    Still a good read. Just not as dynamic as the first book, imo. It felt a bit like a stepping stone to the next book. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Morgan thing. I think Merit is getting crapped on all the time, by all her friends and family. Everyone expects so much from her, and she doesn't really have anyone to watch her back for her. I'm hoping that will change in forthcoming books. I listened to the audio of this book and the narrator is perfection for me.

  • DarienMoya
    2019-02-18 21:46

    Let me begin by saying that I was late getting into this book but when I did, let just say it held me captive and I did not want to go. The second book in the Chicagoland vampire series is just a wickedly awesome as the first. Welcome to Friday Night Bites, and we all reserve Fridays for eating out.So Merit is back and kicking a**, a newly turned vampire her life just went from scholarly to fangtastic. After being attacked while walking home from her school campus she was saved by the change of vampirism, (first book Some Girls Bite). Merit is not taking so well to the life of vampire but what can she do this is her life now. Being named sentinel to Cadogan house one of the three vampire houses in Chicago, her responsibilities has just been raised to a high bar. A job to protect her house and all the vampires in it and of course her Liege the very sexy and infuriating Ethan Sullivan. Plus living in close proximity of him is proving difficult on her sanity and hormones.Life is getting complicated for Merit, seems that with vampirism comes a new celebrity status and everyone wants a peice of her. She then gets thrust in the high society life that she was born to and avoided as a human, hopefully being a vampire she can fake caring about the rich and famous. She needs info and Ethan has no problem with throwing her to the wolves to get what he wants, because their born enemy is on the loose and won’t stop until she has destroyed them both and lead the vampires to a takeover so I guess hanging snooty is the least she can do.Merit is also dealing with things that she dare not share with anyone. Seems there is something wrong with her vampire, and she realizes that she might not be like her species around her, just another thing to add to her chaotic life. Pasts are revisited and let’s just say the reunions are not at all pleasant, seems that her once close friends might not be human and carry a deep hatred for all that is vampire. Can her life get any worse? Yes it can. Shifters are introduced and I think will play an important role in the upcoming books and we might get a few surprises like Merit wasn’t human to begin with and that’s why her vampire is all the more powerful and problematic, but that’s just me getting carried away.So Friday Night Bites is ride filled with mystery and some smoking hot sexual tension, you could cut the air and use a fan to blow the steam right out of this book. Ethan and Merit make quite the team. Old characters are back and new ones are introduced and the balance of it all is well done. I am hoping that when an actual love scene does happen Miss Neill better make it good cus it was killing me how no one got naked. So go ahead and take a bite out of this and don’t wait until Friday.

  • Wealhtheow
    2019-02-17 20:02

    Merit was attacked by a master vampire in Some Girls Bite, and to save her life she was turned into a vampire. Since then, she's tried to figure out how to live as a vampire instead of a human, and as a warrior instead of a grad student. This is a terrible book. The author seems to think that if she just describes her main character as a fan of the Cubs and lots of junk food, Merit will be a well-rounded, relatable character. Sadly, she doesn't put any effort into making Merit's decisions make sense, or her interests consistent, or anything else. I know more about Merit's clothing than I do about the grad work she was supposedly so passionate about (admittedly, her clothing is mentioned ever scene). And the sexual tension just doesn't work for me, since her love interest is basically just Lestat in Armani (exhaustively described Armani). But what really annoyed me about this book is that it's supposed to be all about complicated, sophisticated back-stabbing manipulation, and yet the dialog and plot has all the subtlety of ten year olds trying to get someone to ask what PEN15 means. Not worth your time.

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-02-19 23:56

    “Awkwardness, thy name is vampire.” After Some Girls Bites introduced me to Merrit and her world, I was a little let down with this one.Merit has settled down in her new world without much issue - embracing her new vampire state (although there's some confusing bumps in there), aligning the new life with her old one including problems with her best friend, being a bit unfair to the current guy dating her, still flirting but resisting Ethan, juggling family issues with her father and trying to schmooze with her old family world considering her position in her House, and learning to fight and be prepared to battle the world as a Sentinel. The world building for the setting is well structured, I suppose, with Vampire clans ran by different "houses" - mainly politically aligned but with some disagreements. The book continued Merit's adventures in the world, but it didn't hold my interest as much as the first since not much was going on that felt new or particularly tense. You have a villain in the background still, but I felt sure the main character would be fine, so it's mainly filled with scenes of spending time with friends, learning to fight, and house politics. Yeah, not that interesting really.I'm liking the shapeshifter rivalry angle and wonder where the author's going with that - could be some good future stories. We'll see.Even though Ethan sounds appetizing, I'm just not feeling a convincing chemistry between the two that draws much devotion. I can't see that as a draw to the series yet since I don't care either way if they get together, but the author invests a lot of time with it.Merit is a decent sort but she's unrealistically talented. I like when a heroine in a UF world stands out as special, but she's hovering on the dull border. Usually that something special is dangerous, exciting in a forbidden way, or creates issues...when the 'special' fits in with everything pleasantly, there's not enough tension to keep it fascinating.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-05 19:12

    She wasn't nearly as frustrating this time around, but that didn't mean I didn't call her stupid multiple times, but at least I liked this one enough to continue the series, and am interested to know what happens next.~~~~~~~~Full review to come

  • Jo
    2019-02-01 20:55

    “But before you alienate everyone who cares about you, Mallory or Morgan or whoever, remember who you were before this happened, before you were changed. Try to find some balance. Try to find a place in your life for the things that mattered before he changed you.” Merit is still struggling with her vampire, who feels apart from her, which is not the way it should be. But she’s too afraid to mention it to anyone, too afraid of the consequences. So she’s constantly battling against her vampire side, trying to keep her in control. Then there’s the Raves – the mass feeding parties that are frowned upon by most civilized vampires but that some vampires still do, and that one reported is threatening to make public to humans. So Merit is ordered by her master, Ethan Sullivan, to reconnect with her high-class family, to act as the liaison between vampires and humans. But someone doesn’t want the humans and vampires to get along, and they have plans and people in place to carry out their methods.I was very frustrated with Merit in this book. Where in the first book she was feisty and sassy, that side of her seemed lesser. She alienated so many people, Mallory and Morgan, who cared about her, who wanted more for her than Ethan Sullivan, who doesn’t deserve all the unconditional loyalty she’s suddenly giving him. I was disappointed that she didn’t even try to give Morgan a chance. A guy who wanted her from the first moment they met, unlike Ethan who said he wanted her, but after she refused him, slept with Amber. Ugh. Merit is an idiot. “We’re going to change. This is going to change us both. There’s no guarantee that we come out the end of it still liking each other.”Merit and Mallory’s friendship is suffering because of all the changes both of them are undergoing – Merit with her new vampire life and Mallory with her new sorcerer life. But most of the problems are because of Merit, and her inability to get over Ethan, to realise that she deserves better, and she didn’t handle it well when Mallory tried to tell her so. I really hope that in the next book Merit will start acting more like herself. “And lest you forget,” he added, “my interest in your personal life is wholly Cadogan-motivated.”Oh, right in the numbers with that one.“My concern is about alliances,” he said, “about the potential of putting Navarre alliance insignia over our door. Don’t mistake it for anything else.”Ethan is still an ass who thinks he’s superior and entitled, and I still dislike him intensely.This was an enjoyable book, despite my problems with Merit and with Ethan. I’m glad that we got to meet more shapeshifters, and Merit’s dad, who is a real jerk.

  • Mitticus
    2019-01-21 18:00

    2.5First thought : where is the rest of the book?I push myself to finish this book because I included it in a challenge.It's you Ethan, the fault. And Merit for be so speshul that from a lit scholar suddenly is a kickass flamante martial art specialist just because she is a vampire.No me gusta que Ethan considere tan de mal gusto que una mujer prefiera estar en la biblioteca y usar zapatillas deportivas, que usar el vestidito negro y hacer cosas más 'encachadas'. Que desgracia sinsentido.Y no me trago esa explicación de que después de tantisimos años de conocer a alguien, no sepas esos pequeños secretos familiares, todo el mundo sabe lo tremendamente intrusos e indiscretos que son los cabros chicos; sobre todo cuando ella jugaba todo el dia, comia, dormia alli en esa casa. No, no me lo creo que pudieran mantener un secrto asi para una niña .Lo mejor sigue siendo la amiga mágica y su novio.

  • Felicia
    2019-02-13 19:11

    I feel the same about this book as I did the first in the series: If you liked Buffy, are looking for something totally from familiar UF Romance territory, and are ok with the slightly YA-ish tone (VAMPIRE DORM ANYONE?!), you will like this book. My patience with the whole setup was moreso and I enjoyed it more than the first one for some reason. Most people, judging on reviews, felt opposite, so I dunno.SPOILER:I really got confused with the whole Morgan thing. I thought Merit was super not sympathetic the way she was treating him, and I totally didn't get why Eric was trying to c$%#-block them the whole time when in the last book it was set up that HE was the one who wanted them to be politically together, for the good of the house! It made no sense. SO basically, I was yelling at the book a lot but still couldn't stop reading.

  • Gary
    2019-02-18 16:56

    Not as good as the first book but still an ok read four stars I think

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-02-19 22:45

    I enjoyed Some Girls Bite, which was a great debut in Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires Series and I was looking forward to Merit’s next adventure.I am not sure if I am totally into this series…..Friday Night Bites was a bit of a disappointment for me.Nothing exciting or new happening here….…it’s once again:The House of Cadogan is betrayed by one of their ownMerit continues to irritate me to no end……so many times I wanted to tell her…”grow up!!” The relationship between Ethan Sullivan & Merit doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. He’s still irritated by her (ooh I can so understand you Ethan!!) and Merit goes from hating him to the next moment of lust for the gorgeous vampireMerit can’t make up her mind between Ethan and Morgan, the other vampire master from Navarre House. I did like Morgan in the beginning but near the end, he become so petulant...okay, I get it’s not so great that Merit keeps him “dangling”…but his behavior is so childish a times.I felt a lack of character development, action with a very long drawn out storyline.I was looking for a bit of romance, which there is none whatsoever.It's not that I hated this book, just not loved it....But there is something that keeps me interested in this series and I am going to read the next book and hopefully it will be a bit more exciting for me.

  • valee
    2019-02-19 21:56

    I'm still tremendously happy I made this re-read. Here goes my second review.The book picks up right where book 1 ended. In this installment we get to know Merit and some other characters better.The writing style of the author is amazing. The plot is even better. I love how Chloe Neill gets to mix the old vampire world with modern times. It seems so real. That's what I like the most about this series. Even though they are vampires, they look totally normal and the interactions between them are really ordinary, at least when we are not talking about Merit and Ethan together,lol, that's a whole other point.Merit is just this awesome heroine which you never get bored of reading about. I could read hundreds and hundreds of pages about her. It has been a while since I had picked a book and read till I finish it without caring how many straight hours it took me. Well that happened with both of the 2 books in the series. I read them in a day. I loved this book.And the constant tension with Ethan gets me hooked, really hooked. I love them. I was happy to see how everything worked out. Can't wait to read the next one. Seriously now I'll be counting the days,lol.I just need more Ethan in my system,lol.

  • Didi
    2019-01-30 22:45

    This was so, so, so, SO GOOD. So good. I LOVED IT.The layers of love I have are so intricate and complex, like this fine specimen of a book. There was more action, more intensity, more political intrigue between the supernaturals, more growth, more Ethan and Merit and more cut-the-tension-with-a-knife sexuality. WOW!I love Merit. She is the model image of the perfect, strong female heroine. She is brave and intelligent, loyal and giving, emotional and reserved. I'm enjoying this series so much partly because of her, largely because of her relationship with Ethan, and whole-heartedly because this series is kick-ass!I'm glad I got to see more beneath the quiet, reserved Ethan. He is a complex character with even more complex aspects to his behavior and thought processes. Half the time I'm figuring out his intentions but slowly understanding what makes him tick and learning to read what he really is trying to hide.Together Merit and Ethan are like a bomb waiting to go off. They dance around each other so much I want to pull my hair out. There were times Merit confused me, especially when Ethan was more, shall we say, open, but I understood her reservations and reasons for delfecting his advances. But still, something needs to give. And soon, because you can't deny your feelings forever, especially as a vampire.The secondary characters are incredibly interesting as well. Morgan is back as the new master of Navarre, and forced love interest to Merit, but his intentions are shady. But that might be because they were always shady or because of being on the receiving end of Merit's humiliating rejection of him. Celina just won't go away but she adds an element of promised vengeance that just lures you in, and Mallory and Catcher are improving their craft within the realm of magic.But the shifters are what is grabbing my attention. The promise of a more complex involvement in future story lines is exciting, especially in regards to the ruling vamps of Chicago.Such a fantastic book in what's shaping up to be an amazing series. I love, love, LOVED this!! On to the next!

  • Mariana
    2019-01-30 22:08

    4 starsI read this book like a maniac. I neglected my studies (oops), held my breath, and just read. But I can't really pinpoint any particularly amazing moments, besides the ending. Holy moly, those last 10% were explosive!As far as relationships are concerned, Merit's got a lot on her plate.She's got a horny, magic-ridden best friend occupying her flat with her beau. None other than Catcher Bell, Merit's ruthless physical coach. Can you see how that particular intersection could be troublesome?Besides, her gloriously attractive boss is progressively toning down on the frost. Translation: they're getting more handsy and trusting of one another. Which is good.However, Ethan basically ordered Merit, as his loyal subject, to engage in a relationship with Navarre's new Master, Morgan, who happens to have the hots for her. Not only that, he's actually nice to her. Not like her very annoying Liege. Their relationship has potential. And I don't mean the make-Ethan-jealous kind of potential, I'm saying they would be good for each other. The banter comes easily, and so does the chemistry.Humans crave what they can't have. Apparently, vampires subscribe to this too. Because Merit wants Ethan. Badly. Even though he systematically resorts to a distant treatment towards her, that he doesn't hesitate to show her he doesn't trust her fully, Merit is drawn in. Every inch of himself that he reveals enthralls her, makes her expect more, prevents her from giving up on the possibility of a "we". And I can see he wants to let her in as well. Sullivan: Please do.Plot-wise, this second installment wasn't very strong. In fact, the first book wasn't very elaborate in that aspect either, but it made up for it through the world-building. Maybe the lack of a more complex mystery relates to the fact that this is merely the beginning of the series. I hope it does.I have high hopes for this third book, what with the alluring cliffhanger-ish ending and promise of further Ethan-Merit developments. We'll see.

  • Flannery
    2019-02-16 23:14

    I'm totally addicted to this series. Cheesy? Maybe, but I don't give a s*$t. Too many people with "bright, blue eyes"? Definitely. Sexy vampires? Check. And a sense of fun? I'm sold. I'm so ecstatic that I got the three books in the series from the hold list at the library around the same time--I'm just a little worried how long I'll have to wait once I finish the third one tomorrow! :-( To those of my friends that are wondering what the heck this series is about, here you go: A grad student from an extremely wealthy Chicago family is attacked in book one and made a vampire. In this world, vampire society is run like college Greek life and (almost) everyone is assigned a house and a master. Merit (the rich now-vampire) is (unsurprisingly) a badass and every dude she comes in contact with is obsessed with her. (sadly cliche but not as annoying as it could be) Oh, except for the ONE hot dude who gets with her best friend/roommate. Merit trains to be even more badass, more people fall for her, and she helps resolve problems for the vamps in Chicago. Fin.

  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    2019-01-21 00:13

    ✮✮✮✮ 4.5 Merit's a badass stars ✮✮✮✮✲I must warn you that this review will be more the expression of my feelings towards the book and especially the characters' development, because, hey, that's difficult to review several books from the same series in a raw.✲❝ You know," I said, biting into an onion ring, "I feel like things would go a lot smoother for you if you'd just admit that I'm always right. ❞As I said in my review of Some girls bite, there is something which truly and profoundly appeals to me in these books - I tried to put my finger on it - because yes, I have a brain and all that stuff - and reached the conclusion it could be the fact that the writing brought just the good level of tension I need to be hooked in a story. I mean, I was either worried or childly excited - a lot of giggling and clapping hands were involved, I must admit. If I take an honest look to my favorite shelf, here's why books are on it - of course my precious usually hold concurrently different reasons.While here? I enjoyed each single page of that book. That's just it, no need to seek out too long. I didn't love all the characters, didn't agree with all their reactions, was sometimes upset, disappointed, angry. But I enjoyed my reading fully, I laughed, I felt, I was never bored. That says it all, right? A word about the characters though.As in Some girls bite, I really appreciated the fact that Merit could have real girl friends - especially Mallory whose funny repartee never fail to crack me up. ❝ You know," she said, "you and Ethan should get one of those necklaces, where half the heart says 'friend'. You could wear them as a sign of your eternal devotion to each other. ❞What can I say about Catcher, the sorcerer but not Dumbledore Katana coach? Change nothing, I love when you play the male.❝ It's lotion. I'm pretty sure science has advanced to the point that you can buy a single bottle that will take care of all that.""Missing the point," I said. ❞Now let's talk about the relationship between Merit and Ethan. Saying I'm conflicted would be an understatement. Why?❝ I prepared for Ethan's outburst, predicting quietly, "And the shit will hit the fan in four... three... two... ❞Ethan, hottie, I love the fact that you bring such a sexual tension in that book and I'd lie if I said that I wasn't waiting for your apparitions and literally breathed through your interactions with Merit but I must warn you. Just one thing. The next time you say that freakin' word, "dismissed", Because I know you are the Master of that House and all that weird medieval vampire stuff but I do have a rebellious side in me which begins to seriously struggle not to throw my reader when I read that. Yes, he says it all the freakin' time. Frankly, for now I'm not feeling he deserves Merit. Look, we have a strong and trust-worthy heroine who is continually trying to prove her value as a Sentinel, to keep some healthy relationships, to win his affection and above all that, his respect, and a four hundred years old Master who isn't able to man-up. Of course his behavior improves a bit, of course. But you know what?So, Ethan, you have eight books to become a male lead I can love - oh. my. god. eight books. I'm scared right now. I'm already trying to forget that you have freakin' blond hair and that we met another vampire who is seriously better in my opinion - aka. the adorable and sexy Morgan - so don't push too far. Please.Don't get me wrong : I root for the must-be explosion a relationship between Ethan and Merit can offer. I really do. But while I'm really proud of Merit, who proved again that with her we don't have to suffer through dumb indecisions like many heroines, Ethan must be careful to not stand on a slippery slope too much time - being hot isn't an excuse for everything. Actually, I totally agree with Merit's statement, here - ❝ I closed my eyes, suddenly exhausted by Ethan Sullivan. ❞Just sayin'.

  • The Flooze
    2019-02-19 00:11

    **3.75**::blink::Wait a second! You can’t just leave off there! Mid mysterious message! That’s not fair!Harrumph…Friday Night Bites began on rocky ground. At first, it lacked the flow that made Some Girls Bite stand apart from the crowd. Neill seemed to be trying too hard to recap the events of the first book. She also put way too much focus on staging the scene, giving so many minute details that the movie in my head kept grinding to a halt. Gradually, I stopped noticing the overabundance of details and became engrossed in the story. This installment focuses on connections. Merit’s ties to her family, her House, her friends, and to society at large are all tested; she’s only been a vampire for two months and she’s still adjusting to her new place in the world. Although there is a mystery to solve, the central theme is change--and with it, character development.Merit was frustrating at times. She harbored some concerns throughout the story and I don’t understand why she didn’t voice them to someone, anyone. Well, no, I do understand. However, her worries were important enough that her newfound sense of duty as Sentinel should’ve driven her to bring her concerns to Ethan, since they could’ve impacted her ability to do her job. Her moments of little-girl trepidation were irksome. I wanted her to suck it up and ask someone more knowledgeable what the heck was going on.That irritation aside, Merit’s political maneuvering was fun to watch. Ethan takes advantage of his Merit-family acquisition, using her as an entrée to the upper echelon of Chicago society. She proves quite adept at ingratiating herself with the hoi polloi--for all her hatred of societal trappings, she’s shaping up to be a public figure for Cadogan House and a great asset to Ethan. Ah, Ethan. The wily Master vampire should be careful what he asks for. This book incorporates a lot more development for Ethan Sullivan; I’m finally seeing the appeal. His cool and collected façade is beginning to suffer some cracks. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the true personality lying beneath. The supporting characters bring an added layer of drama to the story--in certain ways the drama was necessary and inevitable, but I couldn’t help wishing Merit had been more honest with herself from early on. She keeps complaining that others don’t place enough faith in her. The real problem is she lacks faith in herself. Hopefully, the changes wrought in this book will inspire her to be more confident and decisive in how she runs her life. Otherwise, immortality is going to be a bitch to handle.

  • AJ
    2019-01-29 16:56

    Book 2 in the Chicagoland series finds new vampire, Merit, embracing her immortality and moving into Cadogan House with her fellow vamps, including enigmatic House Leader, Ethan Sullivan, in order to ‘connect’ with her kind, and fully take on the role of house Sentinel.She is continuing to learn about her new world, a world in which humans are still coming to terms with the existence of vampires, but when a threat is received from within the rich circle of Chicago’s elite – the circle that Merits’ family are very much a part of – she is thrust back into her old life once again. Needing to make use of her old connections in order to investigate the threat, Merit strides back into the formal social life she abhorred, but this time as a vampire, and with Ethan by her side.I really like the continuing build-up of tension between Merit and Ethan. He makes no secret of the fact that he still wants her, but she is unwilling to go there. Add to that the fact that she is ‘sort of’ dating Morgan, the head of Navarre House, and her love life is a bit of a mess. On top of the direct threat to vampires that they are investigating, there is also the reappearance of a deadly danger from the past. And through it all, Merit is battling an inner predatory instinct that is threatening to overwhelm her.One of the things I like best about this series are the dynamics between the characters. I love the sarcasm and snark that forms a part of Merit’s interactions with pretty much everybody. As well as the teasing banter that seems to go on between all of the characters. The relationships form a big part of the overall storyline. But overall, this series doesn’t have the level of intensity that I generally look for in a pnr. I enjoyed the book, but it didn’t really hold my interest and it took me a while to read as I’d put it down to read something else, come back to it, then put it down again. But things are still falling into place as Merit and her new world take shape. I like how the storyline seems to be continuous from one book to the next, with plotlines building, and throughout this book there are hints dropped for new challenges to come, so I’m still keen to read on and see where the story goes from here – if for nothing else but more Ethan Sullivan and the sizzling chemistry he and Merit share.I liked it, but I didn’t love it - 3.5 stars.

  • Annika
    2019-01-21 22:09

    I can't help it - I just really love these books, and I love Merit, and I hate Ethan but at the same time he's absolutely and completely delicious and I need more and basically all the characters are perfect.

  • Kat Kennedy
    2019-02-07 23:50

    Review to come, bitches. On a more personal note: cat + ceiling fan + squirt gun. Not for the faint of heart but could be made into an Olympic sport.

  • Bry
    2019-02-05 22:58

    Freaking cliffhanger! I want to get my hands on Twice Bitten now! How can you end it like that?! This book was great. I was furiously reading it as quickly as I could to solve some of the mysteries and ended up reading it all in a day. What really shone in this book though were the relationships - their rises, falls, crash and burns in some cases.Merit is a really great heroine. She's totally relate-able while still supernaturally out of reach. She has family problems, friend problems, boy problems - everything in this book. You really see her grow through this book as she is placed in all sorts of different social environments and situations. All that said she did annoy the hell out of me at times throughout the book! Why didn't she ever just talk to someone about any of her several issues?? Ethan gets the same treatment in this installment too. We get glimpses into his past, his emotions, his thought reasonings. He is definitely proving his potential as an interest for Merit. He is still annoying me with his and Merit's crazy attraction, but I am definitely liking him more than Morgan, which I could not have imagined at the end of the first book. Morgan in this book totally backfired for me with his jealousies, and jumping to conclusions. I am not buying that he is in league with Celina but who knows. Maybe that boyish smile is hiding more than I can see. Poor Mallory. She really stood next to Merit during his insane transition but I think Merit totally missed the friend boat on reciprocating there as Mal tries to adjust to this whole magic thing. True Mallory has Catcher but you could tell what she also needed and it seemed like Merit failed her. This book is slower than the first, and good lord the info dumps and recaps from this first book were overwhelming. Overall though the plot of this book was just engaging as the first with the political intrigues, interactions between the supernatural species, betrayals, and fights. Chloe Neill has a great writing style that keeps you engaged even during the action and fight sequences, and then segways perfectly into characterization scenes. I love the simplicity how easy it feels to supplant yourself into the story, and really get sucked in.

  • Fran
    2019-02-13 19:03

    I'm typically an apologist, but I just find it funny that now every guy seems to be infatuated with Merit. Hmm.

  • Kara
    2019-02-10 16:14

    “Friday Night Bites” is the second of many Chicagoland Vampires books, each featuring strong-willed Merit, the newest vampire in town.For a 28yo former PhD candidate in old english literature or something, Merit has quite the adjustment to make as a kick-ass vampire heroine. At 11 hours, 45 minutes in length, book 2 gives us lots of opportunities to participate in Merit’s adjustment. Unfortunately, much of the book kind of plods along as Merit and her Sire, Ethan, investigate an alleged threat to vampires by someone whom Merit knows, because of course she’s part of a fabulously wealthy socialite family and she used to date the guy’s brother.Merit’s interactions with her former roommate Mallory, and Catcher, Mallory’s boyfriend and Merit’s weapons instructor lack focus for the reader. Merit’s interactions with her mother, sister and father are dull. Merit’s interactions with would-be boyfriend Morgan are frustrating. He’s a nice decent vampire who wants to date her. She was directed to date him by Ethan, after she refused Ethan’s offer to be his mistress, much like a daughter would be married off against her will years ago. So, naturally, she treats Morgan poorly and continues to allow the chemistry between Ethan and herself to simmer, despite Ethan treating her like a whore. Not nice.Finally, about 70% into the book, things speed up and the mystery becomes more interesting, the newest traitor is uncovered, and Merit reveals to Ethan that she never fully merged with her vampire, whom she has been suppressing as the vampire tries to become dominant. Oh yes, Ethan insults her before trying to seduce her (what is this, fourth grade with the boy pulling the hair of the girl at the desk in front of him to get her attention?) and Mallory and Merit have a fight before Merit and Morgan have a fight before Merit and Selena fight before Merit and Ethan fight.I’m used to slow burn romances in lesfic, but the will-they-won’t-they relationship and tension between Merit and Ethan just doesn’t feel real. In her former life, Merit was rather dull, and she’s adapted too quickly to being the hot tease that all the guys want. Ethan is just a jerk, even after giving him some credit for being 400 years old and living in the political and manipulative world of vampires for all that time. It makes absolutely no sense for Ethan to have basically given Merit to Morgan, with the intent of creating a link between two vampire houses, and then to get in the way of Morgan romancing Merit…creating a nice wedge between the houses. So much for Ethan’s vaunted skill at political maneuverings. Overall, Merit continues to show potential as a character, but she switches too often between being strong-willed and subservient, and between wanting to retain her humanity and being a jerk to her human friends. Also, Ethan and everyone proclaims her as being an usually strong and fast vampire, yet so far she’s filled with self doubt and basically follows Ethan’s orders without any resistance other than being flirtatiously sassy.After 23 hours of listening to her voice, I’ve actually gotten to like the Narrator. The first part of the book is 2*-3* material, and the last 30% is 3*-4* material. This book is included in the Audible Unlimited Romance collection, so it won’t cost you more than your 12 hours of listening time. It’s not lesfic, and it’s not really much of a romance. It’s a bit on the YA side of the scale. My conclusion: 3* - meh, but the ending teased toward a more interesting book 3 in the series.

  • Jilly
    2019-01-21 23:53

    These books are fun. Just like the perfect summer vacation - light, easy, fun, hunky men, beautiful water and sand everywhere.. okay, maybe not exactly like it, but fun!oh yeah, isn't summer the best?What?? Oh, yeah, the review thingy... So, Merit is a new vampire and she has had an eventful beginning.My first few weeks as a vampire had been inordinately busy. Like "The Young and the Restless", but with slightly dead people.This time, there is a reporter who is looking to expose the vampires as blood-sucking killing machines. How dare they? Just because they suck blood doesn't mean they kill people!!... usually...Conveniently, it turns out that the reporter is the brother of Merit's high school boyfriend. Maybe. Or, it may be that it's actually the high school boyfriend. (Gosh, I hope he isn't still mad about the Herpes!) So, Ethan, Merit's boss, decides that Merit needs to start toting him around to society events so that they can get access to her old world. And, Oh-Lucky-Day, there is a party at the ex's parents house that week for some sort of charity that rich people use as an excuse to dress-up and act better than everyone else. Let's say it's the "Polo Horse's Retirement Fund" charity this time. No glue factory for Flicka! Oh, excuse me, that's Mr. Flicka Beauriguard, the Third...Anyway, turns out that the ex IS still pissed about the Herpes because he is a total douche to Merit. Some people are so touchy about life-long STD's. (Okay, Okay, there is no actual herpes mentioned. I am just guessing, based upon this guy's extreme douchiness. He must have some sort of raging genital boils to act like this much of a jerk!)So, Mr. Herpes, the Douchebag tells Merit and Ethan that vampires have threatened his brother and if they don't find out who it is, he will write a scathing expose' on vampires.we'll find your stupid brother-stalker, but we won't be happy while doing it. Dick!In the meantime, there are a lot of conflicts between Merit and others because of her relationship with Ethan. She is trying to be a good guard, she is attracted to him but knows it's a bad idea, and she has pledged her loyalty to him. It's causing trouble with her supposed boyfriend, Morgan - who seems kind of dreamy, but he's one of those guys who you wish you could fall in love with but just can't seem to do it. (We've all been there, ladies, huh?)But, with Ethan's girlfriend from the last book cleared out, and Merit's relationship crashing and burning, it looks like we might just get a romance out of this series yet. Maybe. Someday. I'm okay with waiting because Ethan is definitely improving and getting less assy. The scene of them going through a drive-through and eating junk food was really funny and cute. If he can get into the 21st century (or at least the 20th), he might just make a good book boyfriend after all. I mean, come on, his description is tall, blond long hair, green eyes, beautiful.... sound like anyone I obsess over mildly like?

  • Bonnie
    2019-02-12 19:00

    4.5 stars (pretty damn close to 5)The second addition to Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire Series picks up where the first left off (and it’s recommended you read the first before diving into this one.) Merit is still learning to adjust to her new status as a vampire but as Sentinel to Cadogan House. News that vampires are conducting raves where humans are practically slaughtered causes Merit to have to become reacquainted with her family members in order to act as a buffer between vampires and humans. Merit’s ‘separation’ between her and her vampire starts becoming more and more problematic. The Relationship(s)So slowly but surely we’re heading in the love triangle direction and I am not all for this… however it’s not the most painful one I’ve encountered. Merit and Ethan obviously have the hots for each other but neither seems willing to act on it… but the tension is still definitely present. Merit and Morgan were practically forced into a courtship at the end of the last book but the emotions aren’t exactly forced, I’m not talking arranged marriages here; however, Morgan certainly has far more feelings for Merit than she does for him.So I was all for Ethan in this book (as most of you are)… especially after the scene where he (view spoiler)[gives her the library after he finds out she loved books so much. (hide spoiler)] I mean way to touch the squishy parts of my heart. But there’s just something I really like about Morgan… maybe it’s the tall, dark and handsome thing he’s got going for him. I went to Chloe Neill’s website and she has a picture posted of her interpretation of Morgan and … oooh. I like him even more. Hahaha Up until then I’d be imagining Morgan along the lines of this: [image error]*Swoon*I actually enjoyed this one even more than number one… it was funnier, far more interesting, and way more exciting. Believe it or not I’m actually moving straight on to book 3! :)Interested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Treece
    2019-02-03 15:52

    Rating: 4 1/2 starsWhere do I start?There were some unexpected changes in store for Merit. Things started off sparkly and shiny, and got interesting. Not in a bad way, just in a more changes, extra-extra sauce kind of way.In this run--I do like Ethan more. Morgan less and less. Lindsey more and more. Mallory less. Joshua Merit more..slightly. The Breckinridge the verdict is still out.However,Nick Breckenridge is on my hit list.Otherwise, **spoiler alert**I liked that Merit let her inner vampire loose. (Not that she has a choice, snicker) Inner vamp needs a name. It was only a matter of time when it happened. And we should keep Selena around because a good villain makes the hero stronger in every way that counts. Merit is gonna get plenty of tests with a formidable bitch like Selena. The fact it is another female makes it all the more enjoyable. The "showdown" between Selena and Merit in this one was a little cliched. Still I enjoyed but not as much as the fight scenes with Peter and Ethan. Maybe cuz she got her ass kicked with one, well, kick. *wince* The appearance of Gabriel Keene at the end rocked my world. Too bad he's taken. Damn. *spoiler end**I got the next book lined up and ready with both barrels cocked and aimed. Disc one is sitting in my player in my vehicle. Can't wait to hear it after work today. Yeah!

  • UKSandy
    2019-01-24 21:08

    A definite 5 STARS FROM ME!So Merit has now moved out and Catcher moves in (MALLORY IS ONE LUCKY GIRL!). Merit moves into Cadogan House to fulfill her role as Sentinel, which she does very well.Again in this book we get the great relationship between Merit & Mallory, Mallory is just so BRILLIANT and I love their friendship.The sexual tension between Merit & Ethan is sizzling and The Library scene had my tongue hanging outside my mouth, my heart pumping and obviously a *knicker change* was involved! In fact one of my g/r friends say I might as well go commando and yep I believe that to be true!One point: my heart did ache for Morgan, I felt so sorry for him but I'm not sure whether there is more to Morgan than we know about.I'm hoping the next book has some more Catcher Bell in because that man is seriously SEXY! I would also love to read about Mallory developing her skills.Oh and I want to know more about Gabriel & Merit - Involving family?There wasn't any sizzling sex scenes but sometimes when reading a book you don't need all the details, this author makes the sexual tension very, very REAL!I am desp to find out who is sending these notes to Merit and will be straight onto the next book as soon as I have finished this review.

  • Vered
    2019-02-10 20:06

    I’ve enjoyed this book very much. Chole Neil writes UF drama, emphasis on relationships and politics, and she does so with great wit and care for her characters. The relationships are intense, which I like, the dialogues are sharp and often funny, and the world she created sucks you right in.I’ve especially enjoyed Ethan development as a character, and his relationship with Merit.Chole Neil does have a tendency to overwhelm the reader with details. It was very hard for me at first, but I got used to her style and stopped noticing it at some point.Highly recommended.