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It wasn't the first time Heydn Case had to transfer to a new school, but Acton-Pierce Academy was the prep school of choice for people with a lot more money than he had. As always, the good-natured Texan was hoping to find a friend; his assigned roommate was hoping to be left alone and said so rather bluntly.Heydn had never met anyone quite like Blue Barclay, the campus'sIt wasn't the first time Heydn Case had to transfer to a new school, but Acton-Pierce Academy was the prep school of choice for people with a lot more money than he had. As always, the good-natured Texan was hoping to find a friend; his assigned roommate was hoping to be left alone and said so rather bluntly.Heydn had never met anyone quite like Blue Barclay, the campus's resident eccentric loner, but the two young men soon find they have more in common than they might have imagined. Friendship quickly takes on a new dimension of physical intimacy accompanied by bewildering new feelings. However, Blue and Heydn are given little time to explore and understand what is growing between them before they're pulled apart.Heydn is chosen for the track team and befriended by a popular senior. Fearing, rightly, that their relationship would cost him the place he's won at Acton, Heydn turns his back on Blue. He feels he's made the right choice for his future, but when Blue finds a new friend, Heydn realizes he's made a terrible mistake. Is it too late for him to try to win Blue's heart again?...

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True Blue Reviews

  • Maggie Simms
    2019-03-19 09:09

    Elisa’s Rambling is spot on, on calling this Gossip Girl. That was exactly what I was feeling while I was reading it. Blue was Emo Serena and Heydn was Lonely Boy. With that said, it was an entertaining read even though it took me a bit to get into it. I didn’t quite get the Heydn-Blue chemistry at the beginning. I didn’t see them having much in common. They had sex and liked manga books. That was as far as I saw their connection. We were ‘told’ a few pages in that Blue was in love with Heydn but I failed to feel it.All the way until half the book, I felt that Astor was a much better fit for Blue. I mean, the guy would move the moon and stars for Blue. He even colored icicles for him! He was so romantic. And I could not help but keep asking as I read what did Heydn do for Blue that can possible compare as a grand gesture? Nothing.I am glad that Blue did not forgive Heydn right away. That would not have worked for me. I wish Heydn would have done more to show that he deserved Blue’s love. I also wish that things would have ended differently for Astor.Loved Peyton and Rolly. Again, an entertaining read.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-24 02:15

    This novel is a mix of "Beverly Hills" or "Gossip Girl" fiction that meets Yaoi World; I have the feeling that the author loves both.In a American prep school where all people seems to have a double surname, Heyden is the black sheep; it's not clear but probably his divorced parents decided that it was better for him to go to boarding school, since his mother works in Japan and doesn't have time to raise a kid. But Heyden is middle class, not even near to the old wasp wealth of his fellow schoolmates. When he first meets his future roommate he only tries hard to make a new friend.Blue is pretty and almost feminine, and all the school thinks he is gay, but Blue has really no experience regarding sex. He prefers to spend his spare time alone in his room, watching yaoi anime on his laptop. Yes, probably Blue is gay, but he has never had the chance to be sure.Put together two eighteen years old pretty boy with not real worries in their life, and it's quite obvious what will happen. The only thing that let me perplexed is Heyden's experience with gay sex; it would be not so important if it was only an hand job, or even a blow job, but full sex experience is something quite important that in the book is not really explained.Anyway, Heyden and Blue get along well since they are only two half of the same halves, but when they need to interact with the rest of the school, things are not so simple. Heyden is aiming to a full scholarship for sports merit and the jocks circle is not so accepting of gay in general, and of Blue and his friend Peyton in particular. And the other hand, Peyton, who has a little crush on his friend Blue, is not so accepting that Blue is suddenly pairing with one of the same jocks they understimated only the previous year.Heyden and Blue's relationship gives Blue the courage to finally admit who he is and what he wants, and with that he is blossoming to his newfound seductive power. The new Blue can't stay confined in their room, and Heyden is both jelaous and afraid to be pointed at as gay. Heyden and Blue draw apart, and both of them have the chance to experiment a different type of love, something that maybe could be make they reconsider what they had.The story is a nice coming of age, in a rich man world very few people could live on. From my perspective it's unreal, but I don't doubt that somewhere in the world there are schools like this one; and then, maybe the setting is richer, but the problems are the same: the desperate needs of the misfits to be part of a group; the need of a lonely boy to be loved, doesn't matter who loves him, only that there is love; the prejudice against who is not like all the others, maybe he is more clever, maybe he is better in sport, maybe he is gay.There is a lot of sex in this story, the type of careless sex only very young boy could do. At eighteen yeard old the concept of exclusivity is something lame, but Blue tries to be faithful to himself; his body knows who he loves even if his mind maybe in that moment is a little clouded. And then, even Heyden in his little, isn't a saint, and you have to consider that he was the first to betray Blue when he hadn't the courage to claim his love for him. But they are so young, that you can only forgive them for all, and enjoy the fairy tale ending.Nice supporting role for Peyton, the best friend who always see things in the right way, the Jimmy cricket who no one wants to listen to since his words are too true. It's a really good character considering that he would have his reason to lie to Blue, to finally have a chance with him.

  • Susan Laine
    2019-03-22 04:04

    I liked Something for Nothing more than True Blue. However, Ms. Bailey's wonderful witty, snappy, snarky dialogue is just amazing. And her grasp of the teenage mentality is impressive. I see everything she writes right in front of me. The characters on a page leap out at you, and the same is true here too.Now, I do have to say that I didn't really feel the connection between the main guys, Blue and Heydn. They have chemistry, oh yes, but as far as I saw it, they just didn't seem meant to be. But... as the story began to unfold, I could see how reminiscent of real life it was. People made huge mistakes, they let their fear and hatred rule them, they let others control their happiness and their lives. This has a constant melancholy feel to it, mixed with an upbeat hopefulness I found so charming.Blue and Heydn are thrust together as roommates. They find they have things in common despite their dissimilar backgrounds. Heydn coaxes Blue out of his shell, and they come together fast, hot and heavy. Then Heydn falls in with the wrong crowd, and becomes a bigoted hypocrite for a step up on the social ladder. Blue gets involved with Astor, a popular kid with a bad past and serious self-esteem issues. Then Heydn reealizes his mistake, and wants Blue back. That's when things really start to go awry.It sucks when the person you love doesn't love you back the same way. In essence, that is always true, but some people mesh better than others. I honestly didn't want the two guys to get back together at all. I didn't trust Heydn's motives, and I thought Blue was either too forgiving or not forgiving enough. And what's worse is wanting to be with a person--when you're already with someone new. It's bad for everyone, and that's the mess involved here.One can be of two minds about the ending: Is it happy, or sad? Maybe both.What I love about Ms. Bailey's writing is that despite the main couple, all characters have equal depth of personality. They are as fully fledged individuals as Blue and Heydn (though the latter is less deep, since this is Blue's story). Blue's best friend Peyn comes through the clearest, while his nemeses, the rich bullies, mixed together into one super-bully. For Peyn and Astor, this story shines more because they don't get what they want, and how life turns out for them is bittersweet.For the repartee alone, I highly recommend this! And for all the other stuff too ;)

  • Ravyn
    2019-03-23 04:59

    I'm a total sucker for young love/coming-of-age type stories, so I was really looking forward to this novel. All in all, I enjoyed the book well enough, but I had a few specific problems that kept it from rising above the generic middle ground of "it was alright" in which most books reside for me. My first problem was with the uneven writing style. The story flow just felt somewhat disjointed at times, like all of a sudden there would be this extra information given out of nowhere which would stop and force me to have one of those "What does that have to do with anything?" moments. Additionally, I had a real problem with some of the boys' dialogue, in that it just didn't feel very realistic to me.My second major problem was with the somewhat awkwardly delivered moral message given in this book. It's pretty obvious by the end of the novel that the author was trying to convey the cliched moral lesson of "stay true to yourself" - or else suffer the dire consequences. While it certainly is a worthy and valid sentiment, its delivery in this case was neither subtle, nor particularly moving. Specifically, one secondary character (who is gay), decides to live his life according to his parents' expectations, and so gives up his boyfriend and gets married. The consequences of these choices are that he is completely miserable and ultimately dies a tragic death. Conversely, the main character (called "Blue") decides to make his own path in life, staying TRUE to himself, and thus lives happily-ever-after with much success both personally and professionally. All these ultimate "consequences" are laid out much too neatly and with little real feeling in the final chapter, making this moral message all too transparent and heavy-handed, in my opinion.Bottom line: I liked the book well enough, but probably more for the whole teenage/coming-out theme I so love, more than anything else. Overall, I thought it was pretty average.

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-03-06 07:19

    This book was just okay. I liked Elisa's description of it being Gossip Girl meets Yaoi. As such it was entertaining, but it just wasn't that perfect, sweet coming of age romance that I was hoping for. There was a little too much melodrama. I also didn't like how she introduced Blue as being an aloof goth boy and Heydn as the sweet, naive new kid and then completely flipped around and turned Blue into a girl and Heydn into a sexually experienced jock jerk. Astor was a much better choice for Blue, but then he turned into a jerk too. Overall, this book was just okay.Oh, one more comment: The epilogue is not the place to write a paragraph long description of a banquet of designer food.

  • M.J. O'Shea
    2019-03-06 07:16

    I liked it! The love story between the two characters was flawed and realistic and both of them were likeable.

  • Jen Wilson
    2019-03-14 06:08

    This was a sweet book. I have to admit that that there was a disturbing stupid things in it but it only shows some of the things people have to deal with.

  • Aredhel
    2019-03-01 02:18

    The main problem I had with this book was the characters..and its overall predictability. I couldn't care less about what was happening to the characters - none of them was likable enough.Blue seemed like an emo-ish passive type, while his "other half" was of a cowardly kind - and here comes the second problem - the predictability of the book. The development of their relationship was believable, but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that this whole personal struggle on the part of Blue's partner became too obvious from the first page, and "am I really going to read this book to the end knowing already what the ending will be like?". Consequential problems that their relationship bred were also nothing special.The only character who got some kind of emotional response from me was Peyton. Though he also couldn't make this book any better.

  • Victoria Zagar
    2019-03-20 08:21

    [This is my Amazon review from 2009. I may re-read and provide a full review in the future.]True Blue reads like the best of the yaoi fiction genre, only set in an American boarding school for wealthy boys. Yet they always come across as real and have the same troubles as the rest of us. This book deals with gay love, homophobia, being in the closet, denial and all sorts of issues, but never weighs down the story with these messages. They're just part of the lives of these young men. The romance is satisfying, the sex is hot and doesn't sound awkward at all. Overall the story is a deeply enjoyable read that any lover of gay romance or yaoi will enjoy investing their time in.

  • Lynnebaby
    2019-03-09 07:55

    2.5 stars. I felt like the first half and the second half of the books contained two totally different main characters. I failed to see the development of the changes in initial characters and was suddenly hit with personality changes or inconsistent characters with no explanations for the change of heart. It was all too easy for me and not my favorite.

  • Tailtiu
    2019-03-18 09:58


  • Indigo
    2019-03-17 08:11

    For the story telling

  • Amy
    2019-03-22 03:04

    4.5! :D

  • Wusswoo
    2019-02-26 05:03

    I really like this one - angsty and hot!

  • Gale
    2019-03-01 10:23

    The best gay romance I've ever read! Makes me blush thinking about it, if you know what I mean :">

  • Pierre
    2019-03-02 06:55

    I loved this book - thought the topic and writing were handled well, the story was interesting, and the characters likeable.

  • Fernanda Parente
    2019-03-23 06:58

    very good

  • Joy
    2019-03-20 09:59

    Soap opera-ish prep school romance. I think the wrong love interest got the boy...