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Renowned psychic, spiritual teachers, and #1 New York Times bestseller author Sylvia Browne leads readers on an adventure of the spirit and gives them a surprising glimpse into the next world. Filled with stunning revelations and stories of those who have visited "the other side," this uplifting book is the ultimate guide to finding peace in the afterlife....

Title : Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife
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ISBN : 9780451206473
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Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife Reviews

  • Karolyn Sherwood
    2018-11-16 21:04

    In the interest of anyone who's not open to what psychics have to say, let me just cut to the chase: Five Stars to Life on the Other Side.For those of you with more curiosity... This book blew me away. A tiny bit of backstory: I had never heard of Sylvia Browne until last week, had never seen her on the Montel Williams Show, nor ever heard of her "theories," but I have long believed that certain people come into your life at a certain time for a reason that's not usually understood until you've learned something vital from them. Often, you won't realize this until you look back on that time/person/knowledge with 20/20 hindsight. The last six months of my life have led me directly to this book.I am not the person to tell you that all of what Ms. Browne says is true and that you must believe her, but I can tell you that my beliefs, rough as they are, match identically with what she says is true based on her sixty years as a psychic. She sites thousands of interviews with people from all over the globe who have had "weird" things happen to them, and from those experiences plus her own, she "knows" what the Afterlife holds. I think my agreement with her would come as no surprise to Ms. Browne. Good news for any skeptics: Religion really plays no part in her beliefs, other than there definitely is a God. After that, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Protestantism, et al, are Earthly interpretations that have no distinction in the Afterlife as long as you "do good" on Earth. The book, co-written by Lindsay Harrison, is well-written, straight-forward, and very interesting. If you have the time and curiosity, I highly recommend this book... even if it's just to consider the possibility of the Other Side.

  • Joel
    2018-12-09 03:48

    Being very interested in the subject of life after death I read this book with an open mind, and found I needed it from the beginning. The author's description of life on the other side seemed quite strange and did not seem to line up with my personal beliefs or with other near death experiences I'd read about. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt because I believed she was honestly describing what she experienced. However, eventually my patience wore thin. There were some positive aspects of this book. Some of her philosophies of life expressed in the book are good, and some may even be true, but in the end I didn't believe everything she wrote. She may have expereienced some of these things but this book wasn't written from the point of view to describe her experience but rather as much as her explaining how life is after this if she were the all-knowing authority of all things that happen. For example, rather than saying she saw certain types of angels and describing what she saw, instead she listed all the levels of Angel and gave an encyclopedic description of each type. My gut reaction was that she must have made at least some of this up, even if she believes it and even if she actually has been to the "other side".

  • Leslie
    2018-12-02 04:47

    I read this book during the last few months of my father's life (he died of cancer). I have to say that although I don't agree with ALL of her views, this book helped me TREMENDOUSLY during a time when I might have given up on faith completely. She helped me to not fear my father's impending death, but to embrace it as just another phase of life. I knew that his journey beyond this earth would be a pleasant one, but the imagery Sylvia presents helped me to really envision my father living happily on the other side. Ultimately, her books have totally changed my view of death and the afterlife by presenting some unique ideas to ponder. I will definitely keep reading her books.Side note: I know there are people who think Sylvia is a quack, but as with anything, you have to decide what YOU believe and Sylvia does a great job in all of her books reminding you to make up your own mind about the ideas she presents.

  • Nanette
    2018-11-17 02:10

    This book actually changed my life, and I've passed it on to two dozen people. If anyone has questions about the life after life, this book is a must-read. I have no fear of death (because it doesn't exist.)

  • Julie
    2018-12-09 03:54

    Clarified some of my own visions of the Divine Realm and the experiences I have had.

  • Brian Davies
    2018-12-06 01:48

    This is a truly compelling story of accounts from the- beyond or afterlife. The accounts question and contradict many of our religious conventions about heaven and hell. I have no problem approaching accounts of the afterlife with a truly open mind, after-all, there can never be any true eye witness accounts, therefor a high degree of subjectivity exists. We have, however, drip fed information through mediums, and this book truly gives an inspiring and uplifting account of what we may have to look forward to.

  • Kara
    2018-11-13 22:55

    now i know what to expect on the other side when i die. sounds way better than here so i can't wait for my trip home. checked this out @ the library one rainy day and liked it so much i bought myself my own copy.

  • Joleen
    2018-12-03 23:44

    You need to have an open mind when reading Browne's books. Don't criticize it if you've never read it. While some notions seem a bit far-fetched, she does make a lot of sense about a lot of things we cannot answer.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2018-12-07 03:09

    This is Sylvia Browne's book about what life is like on the “other side,” and it's very, very detailed.She has done numerous readings for people, and her picture of the other side is based on these readings plus what her contact, Francine, has told her. The information was pretty consistent from what she found the people were saying when she did their readings, and from what Francine was saying.In chapter 3 she deals with the origin of ghosts. She also comes up with something I have not run into otherwise, and that is the “Dark Side.” Those who are evil people, people who hurt others, etc, when they die do not go through the normal “other side” experiences so common in the Near Death Experiences (NDE's). Instead, they go through a dark area, through a left-hand door, and right back into human form (they reincarnate), without any reviewing their lives and trying to figure out what they did right and wrong as happens with “good” people.Eventually, these people will be intercepted by a spirit from the light side and might be able to change the path of their life.She describes in detail the types of buildings that people will encounter on the other side, and what they will be doing in those structures, including reviewing their own lives. She also talks about the subject of what happens with suicides, and discusses a sort of holding area where they're basically given some intensive help.People are mostly around thirty years old on the other side. They live in an environment of 78 degree temperature and it doesn't seem to rain. They don't have to eat or sleep, but can do so if they desire. The other side is also supposed to be a perfect mirror of the earth physically, but without pollution or erosion. Atlantis exists in the Atlantic ocean, and Mu (Lemuria) in the Pacific Ocean.Various places of famous architecture exist in a just-like-new condition there, including the Parthenon, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Pyramids. The great libraries of the world are there, including ones destroyed on this side, such as the Library of Alexandria.There is no sun or stars on the other side, nor is there a day/night dichotomy. Animals are present there, including extinct and mythological ones.Virtually everything that we use there is created by the power of our thoughts. We also travel by the power of our thoughts. There is also a multitude of things for people to do on the other side, so our lives there are actually quite busy. We also advance in our development from one reality to another.We communicate on the other side by telepathy, thus eliminating the problem of language barriers.There is no marriage on the other side, nor do families exist as we know them on Earth.There are such things as angels, although they are not and never were human beings.There is a group called the Council which is the government on the other side.Alien beings, people from other planets, have similar things happen to them when they die, but they have their own “realities” to go to.This is only a small part of the material in the book. It's incredibly detailed. It is also interesting to compare this to Susy Smith's writings There are some similarities and some significant differences.Both authors say mentally ill people are given intensive help on the other side. Both agree we are eternal spirits. Both agree the power of thought is used to create things on the other side. Their description of angels are fairly similar. Both agree Atlantis existed.A major area of difference is reincarnation; Sylvia Browne firmly says it exists, Susy Smith firmly says it doesn't. There's also a difference in what happens to evil people. Sylvia Browne says they reincarnate immediately unless a spirit from the light side is able to intercept them and get them to start to develop spiritually. Susy Smith says they remain in a nasty neighborhood until they are ready to start their evolutionary spiritual progression. Sylvia Browne also avoids Susy Smith's statements about people who are homosexuals or “morally or physically unfit” and that they should not reproduce.Her description would indicate a type of existence that would be extremely busy and yet with time for plenty of cultural activities. I wouldn't care for the temperature (I'd take at least ten degrees cooler), and I happen to like rain. She also does address one question of mine and that is the ultimate end of our efforts. It seems we can either lose our individuality and join a pool of energy (much simplified) voluntarily, or maintain our individuality and, as far as I can make out, help run things in the universe.She also has a theory about the “evil” people, and this would help to explain why so much evil still exists in our world.It's also a readable book; she doesn't lose herself in any kind of dry, fancy-professionalism that some books in the subject end up becoming. Whether she is correct or not in what she describes, of course, is not something we will ever know as long as we are alive.

  • Claudia Loureiro
    2018-12-11 00:13

    Este é mais um livro sobre a espiritualidade, que nos ensina sobre o outro lado da vida, o mundo dos espíritos que nos cerca, nos impressiona, nos acalenta ou que por vezes nos aterroriza.Esta obra orienta-nos sobre as noções básicas do espiritismo, traz definições sobre anjos, guias espirituais e ente-queridos que já partiram. Fala-nos sobre magia, milagres, coincidências, sonhos, viagens astrais e sinergia. Mostra-nos a visão espiritual sobre relacionamentos, família, almas gémeas e filhos. Apresenta algumas dicas mediúnicas para a saúde da mente e do corpo. Explica-nos sobre a vida após a morte, fala de temas da vida, marcas de nascença e vidas passadas. Define o que são assombrações, fantasmas, espíritos, impressões e energia cinética. Ensina-nos a protegermos-nos do lado negro que nos cerca e a usar ferramentas de proteção. Enumera algumas coisas que tememos, como a rejeição, o abandono, o fracasso, o sucesso, a traição, a solidão, a doença, o envelhecimento, a perda e a morte.A autora cita ainda exemplos vividos como médium e conselheira espiritual, disponibilizando exemplos de textos hipnóticos para que possamos fazer nossas próprias regressões, textos de motivação e orações, e fala-nos também de Deus.

  • Mansi
    2018-12-07 04:01

    Started reading this book with much enthusiasm to know about the "life on the other side", just to feel disappointed with the content and the presentation of it. The "facts" given in the book is a very mediocre and any one with extensive reading on the subject would know it.One doesnt need a psychic to tell u these simple facts.. It is more like an autobiography of how she sees the spirits and ghosts, rather than an effort to share some information with the world.For example,even a simple phenomenon of Silver chord is written with half a page of personal experience and no real light on what is silver chord and what is the function of it.Personally, I have read thousands book which are far accurate and better then this one, try life after death by Deepak Chopra or The Conversation with a spirit by Dolores Cannon if one really want some genuine information and has a lot of curiosity.It is indeed very easy to mislead the audiences just to promote oneself,you can avoid these kind of books altogether. Sure, this author may be a clairvoyant but with power should come a lot of responsibility and humbleness.Sadly I found none.

  • Tumchenmamentumlein
    2018-12-12 02:54

    Secondo la scrittrice Sylvia Browne, l’Aldilà si trova più vicino di quanto pensiamo ed e’ composto da un pianeta molto simile al nostro che si suddivide in sette continenti: in più abbiamo Atlantide e Lemuria. Ogni continente è suddiviso in quattro quadranti.Nel momento in cui moriamo, arriviamo in uno dei quadranti che corrisponde alla costa occidentale dell’America del nord: arriveremmo sempre li’ qualsiasi sia il nostro luogo di morte.In questo posto verranno ad accoglierci angeli, spiriti guida ed altre persone.Il primo palazzo che vediamo è il Palazzo della Saggezza, in esso si trova la Macchina a scansione: la macchina che fa scorrere gli eventi piacevoli e non della nostra vita per darci un riepilogo di ciò che abbiamo fatto e non abbiamo fatto o avremo voluto fare.

  • Robin
    2018-11-28 20:48

    L just love her writing anyone that has a strong belief in the spiritual world and how it connected to us and its waht we encounter after the afterlife this is our time its our new age I even did a book about vibratory fields and how our mind and body works its my Bio One Single Thought thats all it take it just like her writing she will definitely lave you thinking shes such a great writer so many facets in this book how things were created now and waht we endeavor after it gets you thinking what life is on the other side Are we all afterlife it could be anyone she definitely opens up book of a healing sunrise.

  • Nichola Wojcik
    2018-11-22 00:05

    This book brought me comfort when I lost my uncle whom was like a father to me. I really hope everyone can open there mind to a book like this. If your trying to understand life, this may help. Also remember she explains clearly, take what you like and leave the rest. Some people's minds seem so clouded in negativity that it may not be possible for people to really enjoy.... Hopefully people can be open about her idea of the afterlife and to be honest look at the point she makes about religion. I think it's a positive way to really appreciate everyone and everyone's beliefs. Enjoy!!

  • Satriyo
    2018-12-07 02:56

    Sylvia Brown has a unique experience of the life 'beyond' as she has experienced herself, being a psychic, but surely it is just her version of it. She has no way of really knowing what it was, or is she is really experiencing. Quite captivating.

  • Angela
    2018-11-15 03:48

    Started off really good and then just got silly!!

  • Laura
    2018-12-06 02:47

    Tried a little too hard to please the religious folk and spiritual folk alike - so while she may be seeing true things, it rings more like a 90’s telenovella about ghosts rather than a clear channeling. There are better books. Did not appreciate, for example, the oversimplification of good and evil or the lack of includsion of aliens. Was too religious and earth-egocentric for my tastes, as in coming from her religious upbringing more than a clear channel.

  • Julie
    2018-12-02 01:05

    I finished reading this, at first I thought wow this is a great book. But atfer reading further,I honstly don't believe I charted this life I'm living. Why would I put myself through so much loss, pain & turmoil? What "lesson" could I be learning through all this?

  • Vivian Sitze
    2018-12-11 20:46

    Inspiring readMakes you laugh and cry. Keeps you interested in each chapter, wondering what the next chapter will bring. Keep reading

  • Mary Lou
    2018-11-20 04:45

    Not what I expected. I appreciate Sylvia sharing her ideas and beliefs, but they don't fit with what I know and believe.

  • Sara
    2018-11-18 03:52

    3.5 stars

  • Stacy
    2018-11-25 04:09

    This is the second time I've read this book. Still fascinating; still leave me with a million unanswered questions, which is somewhat frustrating.

  • Carrie Snider
    2018-12-10 04:51

    An interesting read. Some things she talked about resonated with me, and others did not.

  • Shelly
    2018-11-23 22:10

    Sylvia Browne is a psychic who claims to know what is it like in the afterlife or on the Other Side. Heaven I suppose. First of all she claims that we are the ones who chart our lives on Earth. Everything from who our family will be and everything that ever happens to us. We have been to Heaven and back to Earth in the form of reincarnation many times and when we go to Heaven we will remember every life we ever lived. And each life has a purpose. Most interesting to me is her vision of what Heaven is like. Everyone in Heaven is 30 years old no matter how old you are when you died. Also the temperature is an even 78 degrees and it is daytime always. We move around by simply thinking ourselves where we want to go. The Other Side is 3 feet off the ground of Earth.Every person supposedly has a spirit guide here on Earth and in Heaven who helps us. Each person has an angel or angels with them. Also, she says that some of us have the ability to travel outside of our bodies astrally and can visit the other side from earth. There is also a left door on the Other Side where dark entities go. Apparantly dark entities can change their ways and rejoin us in reincarnation. After living a successful life on Earth they can enter Heaven normally. The Other Side is supposedly a mirror image of Earth and our physical appearance on Earth is a mirror image of us in Heaven. So that in Heaven our organs would be on the opposite side. Sylvia also claims that there are beings in other galaxies and that they have their own Other Side but all are children of God. She describes a mother God named Azna who is a great healer and can answer specific prayers for help from us on Earth. She describes in detail spirits, ghosts, angels, and psychics. I found this book very interesting. While I don't exactly believe everything, I did find that somehow it brought me closer to my spiritual self.

  • Christine
    2018-11-30 21:12

    Although I agree with Sylvia in many ways I find her description of the after life to not match mine... but in many ways it's similar, so I can forgive some decorating differences.My big issue with Sylvia is that she brushes off the idea of soul mates as completely ridiculous. While I agree, if on the other side you know thousands and if in those thousands there are a few "soul mates" she says the likely hood of your running into them here completely randomly AS your romantic partner might be very very rare... OK I buy that...But what she never addresses is while you script your whole life out, you probably script out some relationships as well. And for some of us, we scripted out experiencing a healthy, happy committed relationship. Could it be that feeling of soul mates is just that pang of recognition? OH RIGHT! Here I am, we planned to meet & do this and now we are! She's undoubtedly very talented. I mean she charges $850 for a phone session!

  • Pam
    2018-11-23 01:04

    I'm usually not one to read this type of book, but when audible had it on their sale list and I was desperate for something to listen to, I decided to give it a try. Full disclosure, I am very skeptical of psychics/mediums, etc, but I do find some of the stories of communicating with the dead to be fascinating, so I thought this book might be entertaining. The beginning of the book was rather interesting. The author begins by explaining how she has always been able to see spirits and that she has a relationship with a spirit guide, who helps her to understand the spirit world. Far fetched, but still interesting. However, when she moves away from this topic that is when she loses me...COMPLETELY. The main point of this book is to describe to the reader what the other side (heaven) looks like and what life is like there. She goes into great detail and all I can say is - she has a vivid imagination. She's either a charlatan or nut. Either way, she's made a fortune.

  • Chris
    2018-12-11 01:13

    Overall it was an interesting book. I really just read it because Wendy kind of made me read it. It paints a fairly idealistic portrayal of what heaven could be like and it would be great if that's what really happens after you die. It's kind of hard to believe that everything in the book is true though. I would mostly recommend it as entertainment value, although I did like that the book suggests that reincarnation is true. The Goodreads description of the book is quite accurate, so I'd recommend reading that review as well before you read the book. "These kinds of glowing accounts of the other side cause skeptics to snicker, believers to feel comforted, and thousands of fans to keep on buying her books". I guess I'm one of the snickering skeptics!

  • Rexanna Ipock-Brown
    2018-12-06 22:01

    I believe much of what the author describes is based in reality, however I would have been more comfortable with her allowing others may see things a bit differently. As a long time trance medium I've seen and experienced many of the things she describes with spirit guides, etc, however, when she started in with the angels and the color of there wings, she lost me. She presented it as fact, rather than her interpretation of that realm. There is a difference.She is positive and constructive in her information and the book is well-organized. But, read it with a grain of salt.

  • Zoe
    2018-11-22 21:50

    I've had an obsession with psychics and the afterlife since I was 12 or so, and I used to watch Sylvia Browne on a weekday morning TV show in the Bay Area called "People Are Talking". She's co-written dozens of books since then and is now a regular on Montel Williams. I don't like her as much as I used to... I don't so much think she's a hack as that she's too pop culture for her message to come across in any meaningful way. But I love it when the philosophies I read in disparate sources coincide, as they do in this book.

  • Suzanne
    2018-12-02 22:54

    I didn't connect with Sylvia Browne like I have with several other psychic mediums when I've read their books. I read these types of books to help find some sort of peace and understanding after losing my son Blake. Unfortunately, I didn't achieve that with this particular book.There were some interesting details about life on the other side but for the most part I found this book to be more of a biography of Sylvia's life and her near death experience. She goes into great detail about the other side and perhaps it's because it was so detailed that I found it hard to believe.