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Natalie Lindstrom was once one of an elite group of investigators with the power to interview the dead victims of violent crime. But now Natalie has had enough. Enough of the violence. Enough of the darkness that has already gotten too close to her five-year-old daughter. Yet as she tries to build a new life and protect her child from the world she has left, Natalie stillNatalie Lindstrom was once one of an elite group of investigators with the power to interview the dead victims of violent crime. But now Natalie has had enough. Enough of the violence. Enough of the darkness that has already gotten too close to her five-year-old daughter. Yet as she tries to build a new life and protect her child from the world she has left, Natalie still knows injustice when she sees it. And she knows that in a high-profile California trial, a young man is getting away with murder.The case against Prescott Hyland Jr. is airtight-until a corrupt Violet delivers devastating testimony against another man. Now Natalie is being drawn back into her former career and a danger far worse than she can imagine. For while one killer is being tried in a courtroom, another has gone horribly free: to unleash a storm of vengeance-aimed straight for the heart of Natalie's new life. Because, in the world of the Violets, sometimes your past can literally come back to haunt you. . . ....

Title : With Red Hands
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ISBN : 9780553586459
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With Red Hands Reviews

  • Carlos Reges
    2018-11-17 05:27

    Esperaba más. Estuvo mucho mejor la primera entrega.

  • Mort
    2018-11-25 04:28

    I have to confess, I wasn’t looking forward to this one and had to force myself to start it. The first half was difficult going and, to be fair, it may have been my attitude toward the novel rather than the story.But then I got into it and it took less than a day to finish the second half. I enjoyed it, was pleasantly surprised by the serial killer and his back story, as well as the cruelty of his murders.So, for the first half I thought it would be a three star book, at best. The second half went so fast and was so enjoyable, I was thinking that it deserved five stars. To split the difference, I was thinking I was going to rate it four stars.Until I got to the end. I’m truly sorry to say this, but I thought it was predictable and couldn’t bring myself to the four stars I was hoping for.***SPOILER***If there is one thing I really hate (most of the time), it’s a happy ending – the way things turned out, this was the only way it could have ended to achieve that happy ending. It makes me wonder if the author intended it that way or if it was done to placate the masses.Not a bad book, but not a good ending either. For entertainment value, I want to rate it better than average.

  • Barbara
    2018-12-08 02:22

    Very gripping continued story from Eyes.

  • Alice Chimera
    2018-12-09 21:37

    Usa, presente un poco passato per il nostro oggi. Natalie dotata dei portentosi occhi viola che le permettono di essere un tranfer per le anime dei defunti ha lasciato il Dipartimento Americano per la Comunicazione con l’Aldilà (o DACA) e sta cercando di vivere la sua vita da libera professionista con sua figlia. Dopo la morte di Dan, è rimasta sola incinta e la sua vita fuori dal mondo degli occhi viola non è così facile, come se non bastasse alcuni assassini sembrano essere assolti dalle stesse anime che hanno ucciso.Dopo anni dalla lettura del primo libro di questa saga (Occhi viola in Italiano o Violet Saga in inglese) finalmente sono riuscita a recuperare il secondo e purtroppo ultimo volume edito in Italia.Per chi non si ricordasse questa saga o peggio non l’avesse mai scoperta, ci troviamo in un mondo in cui poche persone, dotate appunto degli occhi viola, hanno la possibilità di comunicare con l’aldilà; questa capacità è al servizio della giustizia in quanto i transfer vengono utilizzati appunto per contattare le anime dei defunti morti per mano di assassini o peggio di serial killer. Ma questa dote non è così scontata: se si è certi del contatto con un’anima, non si è mai sicuri che essa sia quella chiamata, solo il transfer può infatti sapere chi realmente bussa alla sua mente.Questo volume ruota appunto intorno al ragionevole dubbio che nessuno si era mai posto: siamo sicuri che l’anima che sta parlando attraverso l’uomo o la donna dagli occhi viola sia quella realmente convocata?Sullo sfondo di nuovi omicidi e casi che hanno una dubbia risoluzione poi c’è la vita di Natalie che dopo i fatti del primo libro deve convivere con la coraggiosa scelta di lasciare il DACA per crescere la figlia e tenerla il più lontana possibile dalla scuola per ragazzi con gli occhi viola che è tutt’altro che un istituto ma un vero centro che a volte tortura e isola i ragazzi dalle famiglie.Devo confessare che questo libro è un po’ più scontato del primo, ma per lo meno è stato bello rileggere di Natalie e di questi casi polizieschi con una componente urban fantasy. Peccato che la serie in Italia sia interrotta e che non ci siano molte speranze perché possa riprendere, in ogni caso la consiglio perché benché siano solo due volumi (che hanno comunque un loro finale chiuso), sono molto intensi e offrono una valida alternativa al panorama attuale di questo genere.In definitiva quattro stelle e peccato che non si possa leggere altro di questa saga. La speranza non muore mai, ma in un paese come il nostro a volte è gettata al vento.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-12-04 02:39

    After the events of Through Violet Eyes, Natalie Lindstrom has left The Corps and is working freelance. Natalie is a Violet - a rare person who can actually interview the dead by channeling their energy. During the trial of a teenage boy accused of murdering his wealthy parents, Natalie's friend (the prosecutor) asks for her help with channeling the dead parents. The prosecutor thinks there might be something fishy going on since the defendant's lawyer is a little too overconfident given the evidence. To make matters worse, her 5 year old daughter, Callie is also a Violet and the Corps is doing it's darndest to steal her away from Natalie and indoctrinate her in Corps training. The Corps is all powerful, has no checks and balances and can basically do as they please uncontested. Natalie is terrified of leaving her daughter alone especially since helping her friend is illegal and can give the Corps a reason to take Callie.And we must not forget about Thresher. The violent serial killer who made her mother crazy...literally. Some how he's back and more dangerous than ever AND after Natalie and Callie!Serial killers and their actions don't usually creep me out but this one is a doozy. I found myself actually putting the book down between gruesome scenes. Stephen Woodworth has written some Stephen King worthy scenes in this one. I loved how the author seamlessly wove the serial killers horrible childhood into his current behavior. It makes you really understand where these murderers are created and who is to ultimately blame for their actions. Don't get me wrong saying "Mommy made me do it" isn't a defense but you can see why they are reduced to these actions. It's basically a way to shut up the voices in their heads temporarily since they are just not strong enough to actually kill themselves, though most of them have killed their "Mommy".If you like your mysteries creepy and science fictiony, this series is for you but I would recommend you read the series in order as characters and themes move from book to book.

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2018-11-16 02:24

    This is the second book in Stephen Woodworth's Violet series. In the first book, Through Violet Eyes, we met Natalie Lindstrom. Natalie is a Violet, born with violet eyes she's able to channel dead people and used to work for the NAACC's Crime Division. But she left several years ago to take care of her daughter. Callie is now five years old, and as much as she's tried to shield her from both the Corp's influence and what she is, everything catches up with Natalie in this installment.After deciding to help her friend and deputy DA, Inez Mendoza, Natalie finds herself thrown back into the life she's tried so hard to escape. The trial of a young man charged with his parents' murder hooks her back into the dark and dangerous world of the Violets and into the path of a dangerous spirit. While also forcing her to face a few personal issues from the past. Things that shaped the way she is now. Her father's reappearance in her life and all the resentment she felt towards him for dumping her in the Corps school, at the same time that she's dragged back into the life of her mentally ill mother, only add to the trouble brewing in her life.With Red Hands was another intriguing and very interesting book that enhances this alternate world of the Violets, while also opening up Natalie a lot more than she was in the first book. With her daughter to care for, everything becomes riskier and harder to deal with. Yet, at the same time, Callie seems to become her connection to others, especially family. A connection that she needs in order to stay strong and capable.Once again, this was a seriously great book that only hooked me further into the series.

  • Maurean
    2018-12-01 05:39

    In “Through Violet Eyes” we are introduced to an alternate present-day world where a small percentage of people are born with violet irises and who also have the ability to channel the dead. “With Red Hands” brings back Natalie Lindstrom, a Violet herself who was once one of an elite group of investigators, but who is now trying to build a new life for her and her five-year-old daughter. However, when a teenage boy is put on trial for shooting his wealthy parents, another well-known Violet takes the stand and channels the dead parents to clear their only son. When Natalie examines the evidence she discovers the Violet might be falsifying the postmortem testimony, something previously thought impossible. To make matters worse, her daughter, also a Violet, is being persued by "The Corps" who wants to train her as they did her mother, and grandmother before her; They are just waiting for Natalie to slip up and let her guard down.I’ve enjoyed both this installment and its predecessor, and I will look to read “In Golden Blood” in the future. Woodworth creates compelling characters, and this sort of paranormal thriller tale offers just my kind of escapism. I would, however, suggest the series be read in order, as that would better layout the storyline for the reader, and allow one to get “more involved”…well, it did for *me*, anyway.(sci-fi/thriller; 307pgs.)

  • Dora Okeyo
    2018-11-23 22:49

    ' I can see how he's going to kill again.' If you are looking for a book that will send shivers down your spine whilst saving you some time to try and find your way through, then this is it. The story opens up with a young boy, Scott Hayland, whose rich parents have been murdered and it's made news. Scott is hesitant when he's told by his lawyer that they will summon his dead parents, courtesy of a Violet named Lyman. Violets are people who can summon dead souls. They are called Violets because of the color of their eyes. We are introduced to Natalie, who was once a Violet working under. NAACC, but quit to be able to offer her daughter, Callie, a normal life. The story goes on to introduce, Inez, an attorney who believes that Scott is guilty of murder and Lyman is lying. There's a lot more that's told about Natalie's past given that she hails from a family of Violets, and her mother has long been tormented by an evil soul called 'The Thresher.' Having murdered so many women, and used their body parts as trophies, the Thresher, is back and in so doing inhabits a body, to commit crimes, by going after Natalie's family, question is whose body is he inhabiting? The pace is right. Nothing feels rushed or out of place. I also liked the way the Writer introduced Natalie, it's like he let me know her, through everything that was happening in the story. It's not as scary as the cover, (that's why you should not judge a book by its cover) but when the Thresher is at work, you can get some goosebumps. I like the idea of 'Violets' it's an original twist of Clairvoyants.

  • Mika Dennis
    2018-12-10 00:25

    This book surprised me with how fond I grew of it. I went from thinking it was dull and cliche to thrilling and heart-throbbing. Which each chapter I grew more and more enticed, like I was a part of the investigation myself. From the beginning I wasn't very interested, then Woodworth impressed me with the realism of the court scene, which I found fascinating through every paragraph.He made the phantom like idea seem plausible in his story, something I was very skeptical in the beginning. And the serial killer's scene was shocking in many ways...It was horrifying but perfect at the same time. Woodworth knew exactly what made a killer and molded it into one sinister character. The history of the killer was sickening but oh-too-realistic with the strong connections he made from the Threshers past to his future actions. The mentality of the characters were molded together very well and I could relate them a lot. Overall, it's an engaging book that introduces a new era of thriller with an idea that everyone has pondered before when looking over a case, "If only we could SPEAK to the victims, then we'd have the missing puzzle pieces." "With Red Hands" answers this question in a way that seems too real to be fiction.

  • Teresa in Ohio
    2018-12-01 23:28

    The second Violet book, starts 5 yrs later, Natalie has been free lancing her job and raising her daughter. Only now it seems guilty people are going free and innocent ones are being thrown in jail. She is pressured by an old friend to take a look at what is going on and she also has to confront her father about her mother's mental condition for the last 20 yrs. With her husband Dan dead, but with her ability to summons him at will, she is comforted during this time. During the course of this book, her mother is killed by the man known as THRESHER, who tormented her in her mind for 20 yrs, her stepmother is brutally killed by this creature and Callie her daughter is kidnapped by this man also. I couldn't read this book fast enough to see how it was all going to end. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long this time to read the 2nd book, can't wait for the third From Black Roomsto be avialable at the library to be read. I highly recommend this book for a great mystery and pyshocological terror.

  • Titan
    2018-12-14 21:25

    I have tried time and time and again to push past the invisible barrier of disinterest to get to the meat of this story where I know good things await, but I simply cannot. One of the things I can't get over is the huge gape in time between this book and the previous. I don't know why, but it bothers me to no end. And though we return to some familiar faces, they seem like entirely different people - hardly the ones I grew to love in the first book.So I won't be finishing or rating - my buddy-reader ensures me it gets better, as they managed to push past the barrier where I simply cannot - but I'll just hold on to the memory of the fulfilling adventure that Through Violet Eyes left me with.

  • Dana
    2018-12-06 05:29

    This is the second Natalie Lindstrom mystery, following up on Through Violet Eyes. Though Through Violet Eyes could probably have been a stand-alone novel, it is interesting to see how Natalie's life has developed since the end of the last book. Though she has now left the NAACP, she once again finds herself involved in a murder investigation at the request of her DA friend. This one hits close to home, though, because it appears that a copycat killer has struck, in the style of the killer whose case drove her mother insane. In solving this case, it may be possible for Natalie to save her Violet mother. But can she protect her daughter, also a Violet, as well?

  • Drucilla
    2018-11-26 00:52

    A worthy follow up to the original. This time the danger is much closer to home. The author uses something mentioned in the first novel and expands upon it. The villian of the piece is much more scary and dangerous than the Violet killer of the first novel. You're really scared for Natalie and Callie, especially as Dan isn't physically there to protect them. I really appreciated how the reader gets much more resolution at the end of this novel, although it was a bittersweet. Bridges are re-built for/by both the dead and the living. The villian of the piece gets his just desserts even though he's dead. Heroes are rewarded for their sacrifice and the Corps gets taken down a notch.

  • Beth Kluesener
    2018-11-26 23:32

    As with the first book (it has been quite a few years since I read that one...) the premise is so interesting. I found the writing to be a bit overdone and clunky at times, but the story keeps upir attention and had me binge-reading to find out what happened. Something that bothered me was the many implications of the NAACC that are never addressed; like their blatant violations of rights, cover ups, etc, etc. Seemed a little too unrealistic, made me question how they were formed and how they ended up with carte blanche to do as they pleased. I know its not the point of the book, and it is still a fun quick read, but it is something that took away from the book as a whole for me.

  • Cmoore
    2018-12-16 05:30

    Stephen Woodworth's "bad guys" are some of nastiest characters I've ever encountered in print (very creepy!). In this the second installment in the series, Natalie (a Violet) has broken from the government and it's rigid control and has gone freelance with her special ability (to speak with the dead). Little does she know that she will have to reopen a case that drove her mother insane — and in the course of the investigation, she has to face her mother's enemy, without losing her life or jeopardizing her daughter. Woodworth is already working on the next two stories in the series, and I, for one, can't wait!

  • Laura
    2018-11-21 00:49

    Fans of Minority Report, Silence of the Lambs and Fallen will enjoy this book, which tested the limits of my tolerance for very dark, very creepy stories. It reminded me most of the Denzel Washington movie as the main character eventually realizes to her horror that the serial killer who drove her mother insane has returned by possessing another psychic, with plans to get further revenge on her and her 5-year-old daughter. This was a riveting thriller that was great to read - once - but was almost too intense for my taste. Fans of dark, dark fiction will want to give this series a try.

  • Linda
    2018-12-15 22:32

    The rating was hard to give this time. Sometimes it deserved a 3 and sometimes a 4. The concept of the story is interesting. They are called Violets and they can interview dead victims of violent crimes. There eye color is where they got their name. I'm not sure where the book fell short. Possibly because there is some strange things occurring with a young child. About 1/2 way through I got a little more into it. I am glad I read it although I don't think I'll read any more. This was the second in a series and I wonder if I would have read it if I had read the first?

  • Reecie
    2018-11-17 23:31

    Natalie Lindstrom was once one of an elite group of investigators with the power to interview the dead victims of violent crime. But now Natalie has had enough. Enough of the violence. Enough of the darkness that has already gotten too close to her five-year-old daughter. Yet as she tries to build a new life and protect her child from the world she has left, Natalie still knows injustice when she sees it. And she knows that in a high-profile California trial, a young man is getting away with murder.

  • Dina_s
    2018-11-25 02:32

    A much better book than the first in the series. We rejoin Natalie as she struggles to protect her Violet child from her powers and the twisted souls out to destroy her. The climax went flat at the end, but the overall pace was good. I still don't totally buy the premise and would think that with a proven certainty of the afterlife humans would either be reckless in their behaviour or drowning in religious fervour. There is a lot about the fabric of society in this alternate scenario that the author isn't exploring.

  • Angie crosby
    2018-11-28 05:29

    Good book, though in no way a realistic one. While I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I would have liked to know how exactly having violet eyes means you can talk to dead people, how it became okay for using the words of dead murder victims as summoned by the violets, in court. Perhaps that is covered in the first book of the series. This was the second. The ending was suddenly over. Seemed a bit hasty. Still a good read

  • Dascha
    2018-11-19 02:33

    The 2nd in a series, although I have yet to read #1 and I still really enjoyed this one. Violets are conduits to the dead. The government has a "Violet Members" group for whom they can control and have available as needed for investigations. Natalie has chosen not to be part of this controlled group which makes her dangerous.I found this story an exciting thriller with a paranormal twist. Fast pace and hard to put down.

  • Christal
    2018-12-10 00:34

    This is a review of the series as whole. I really enjoyed these books. They were all fast-paced with a good central mystery. The world building was unique and aptly described. Natalie, a Violet, is our main character throughout the series and she can contact the dead. Mr. Woodworth created great mysteries and infused the books with tons of suspense. Following Natalie's life and adventures was really fun and I am sad there isn't a fifth book.

  • Sara
    2018-11-24 23:25

    MY TAKE:I really enjoyed this book – fast paced crime novel reminiscent of Grisham, with an interesting sci-fi twist. I would be really interested in the possibility of people truly being able to channel the spirits of the deceased. Great premise, interesting characters, engrossing and encompassing story line. The character relationships were well developed and wonderfully balanced. He’s a solid writer, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Violet Eyes series.

  • Lucille P Robinson
    2018-12-09 04:37

    This isn't a review. I will review later and add to my own review blog.Another book in the Violet Eyes series written by Stephen Woodworth and another book worth reading.This is the second book, I think, in the series. The reason I'm not certain about the order is mainly due to the fact that I only learned just yesterday that Stephen had written the books as a series. I have yet to read the other two books.

  • H3yd00
    2018-12-07 02:37

    I really enjoyed Through Violet Eyes, and this was a very solid sequel. Fast paced, once I hit 100 pages, I couldn't get enough. Unique characters, very likeable and believable. Hope the third book is just as good...

  • Trish
    2018-12-03 01:40

    This book takes place five years after the first book and it's much less enjoyable than the first. Yes it's a quick read but it falls short. What could have been a great series is reduced to James Patterson like writing. Easy and quick story lines with, what seems to me, not much follow through.

  • CriCra CriCra
    2018-11-21 21:49

    Anche questo secondo appuntamento, mi ha lasciato molto soddisfatta. Ritroviamo la protagonista "Natalie" alla prese con una nuova avventura, che la metterà di fronte stavolta, a cercare con tutte le sue forze, di salvare ciò che di più prezioso, gli abbia donato la vita : sua figlia Callie.

  • Jennifer Daniel
    2018-11-24 02:47

    Not bad considering I usually do not like sci-fi. It reminded me of the movie Minority Report. They used telepaths to solve crime in this book. Written very convincingly so it didn't seem too far fetched and idea.

  • Grace
    2018-11-20 04:32

    Good follow-up to With Violet Eyes. It’s five years later and Natalie is a free-lance Violet supporting her daughter while trying to keep her away from the NAACC. When a prosecutor friend asks her for help in case, Natalie is drawn into a serial killer case.

  • Kelly Marie
    2018-11-24 22:37

    At times it was so detailed that I had to put it down for a few minutes because the images the words form in the brain are strong and graphic and at times very disturbing. But all in all a very good book. I admire an author who can create such strong images for the reader.