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Natalie Lindstrom has a gift: the power to speak to the dead, to solve crimes by interviewing murder victims. But now Natalie wants to escape. Escape from the voices that fill her head. Escape from the organization that has used her as a crime-solving tool; and now wants to recruit her daughter. So Natalie takes a job as far from crime and punishment as she can get: with aNatalie Lindstrom has a gift: the power to speak to the dead, to solve crimes by interviewing murder victims. But now Natalie wants to escape. Escape from the voices that fill her head. Escape from the organization that has used her as a crime-solving tool; and now wants to recruit her daughter. So Natalie takes a job as far from crime and punishment as she can get: with an archaeologist in the mountains of Peru. Her job: to find a trove of priceless artifacts by channeling those who lived and died at an ancient Incan site. But in the towering Andes, Natalie enters a 500 year old storm of betrayal, murder, greed, and rage; and she cannot silence the voices of the dead. The slaughtered reach out to her. The slaughterers boast of their crimes. Alone, cut off from her family, Natalie faces a chilling realization: every truth she uncovers is leading her one step closer to a terror beyond imagining....

Title : In Golden Blood
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In Golden Blood Reviews

  • Stacy Simpson
    2018-12-09 04:52

    Iw was a well researched book but not the kind of thing I like to get into...Mediums bore me....But if I did get into this book I would reccomend it.The other thing that ticked me off was that I found out it is book 3 of a series....NUMBER THE DAMN THINGS OR SOMETHING!

  • Drucilla
    2018-11-22 23:01

    This entry in the Violet series departs from the previous two books in a big way. Whereas the previous books had been centered more on murders, crime, and serial killers from a Violet's perspective, this entry focuses more on the archaeology aspect of Violet work. There still is crime and murder so don't worry. The path that this book took was really good for the series. I had been curious from the first book about this side of Violet work and another 'crime' centered book would have been stale at best. Besides the change in aspect, I really liked the author's treatment of Natalie. At the beginning of the novel, you can tell she is desperate for money, for family, for a normal life. In this third entry, you just want the world to cut her a break, she's been through enough. By the end of the novel, she may not be out of the woods yet, but she's definitely on her way. Hopefully, we'll leave her in a good place in the next novel (which is the last). There were some really interesting characters introduced as well. Though I have to admit, I was a little confused about the bad guy, Nathan Azure. He wants to find this treasure because it's a dream of his, but does he want to keep it or just find it? Because of some of his activities, you'd think he is keeping it, but it doesn't quite fit.

  • Barbara
    2018-11-15 01:52

    Can't wait to read the last one.

  • Debra
    2018-11-14 21:59

    It got a little bogged down in the middle. Otherwise it was good

  • Wesly
    2018-11-26 00:07

    A quick and enjoyable read, but loses some (or much) of the oomph of earlier entries in the series. Unfortunately Woodworth here falls into the Dan Brown/Da Vinci Code trap of having characters narrate and explain extensively to one another, for the reader's benefit of course, while on the run from the bad guys. This is patently ridiculous if you stop to think about it at all. If an author can't convey historical or other backstory needed by the reader in order to understand what's going on or why it's important, without resorting to talking-head monologues, he or she should probably have told a different story.It seems to me that a better way to approach this dilemma would be to present a brief "historical preface", with just enough information for readers to understand and keep up up with the novel that follows; readers who already know the relevant history can skip the preface. A bibliography and/or other recommended references for further reading could also be included; readers who aren't interested can ignore these. This seems far preferable to embedding extensive historical narration in the body of the adventure itself, for everyone to struggle through (or skim in frustration). People who already know the history in question will be bored, and everyone who realizes what ridiculous behavior it is for the characters in context will be rolling their eyes.

  • Dana
    2018-11-18 01:02

    Natalie Lindstrom is a violet, a person who can talk to the dead. She has stopped working for the government and is watched constantly. This makes finding any work almost impossible as this type of work is only sanctioned by the government. Natalie is a single parent and now her father has had heart surgery and has mounting medical bills.When she is approached by a professor wanting her expertise in the Peruvian Andes on an archeological dig, it sounds too good to be true. She is to find the unrecovered treasures of Francisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador. Azure, the man funding the dig is obsessed with finding the treasure and Wilcox, the professor is not who he says he is.Natalie finds dealing with the slaughtered Incans almost unbearable. This is a tale of greed, betrayal, murder and mystery.I find this series fascinating. In this book the ability to talk to someone in the distant past and learn more about history was most interesting. Some of the book read more like a movie script but it was still a great read

  • Dina_s
    2018-12-04 22:50

    Now that I have reached the third book in the series I have finally been able to suspend all belief vis a vis this alternate scenario. The story focuses more on Natalie and all her failings, wants and weaknesses. We get to see her more "naked". Hounded and blacklisted by the NAACC Natalie must rely on her wits to eke out a meagre living and keep her daughter away from its evil clutches. A too good to be true offer presents itself in the guise of a handsome, geeky archaeologist (cue Hugh Grant), and before you know it Natalie is knee deep in intrigue, greed, betrayal and murder. Ridiculous plotline yet thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. Very much like Indiana Jones' appeal I would think!

  • Jasmine
    2018-12-14 01:07

    Huh.This was... fun to read, I guess. I think it would have been more fun if I hadn't realized it was part of a series halfway through.If I can find it, I'll read the first book in the series (Through Violet Eyes, I think?), but if I do I feel like I might not want to read the second one, because the second book in a series is often not up to the standard of the rest of the series.I'd have to describe this as a cheap waffle cone that someone forgot to put the chocolate and sprinkles on. Still good, especially with ice cream, but not what I want when I go to get ice cream.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-12-01 03:47

    I think I might have enjoyed this more had I read the previous books in the series. I own them but I needed a book set in Peru so I grabbed this one first. I like characters who channel the dead and Natalie was a very likable person. Even without knowing her back story, I felt bad for her situation with the Agency and poor Callie, her nightmares are horrific. I liked the concept of the Violets and disliked the Agency. The villain Nathan was a horrible person and I cheered when he met his fate. At some point I will read the first two books in this series as the writing is good and the Violet concept is interesting and different.

  • Dana
    2018-11-25 20:57

    In the third Violet book, Natalie finds herself desperate for cash due to her increasingly illegal status as a Violet not working for the NAACP. She ends up taking a job in Peru, supposedly to confirm the age of a conquistador artifact, but once she arrives, things go from bad to worse. Her employer is a treasure-hunting madman, what was supposed to be just a few days absence from her emotionally fragile daughter has now turned into weeks, and she must rely on ghosts with their own agenda to help her escape.I ranked this one down one star because I really started to find Woodworth's emphasis on how much the NAACP wanted to control Natalie's life and that of her daughter irritating.

  • Christal
    2018-11-19 03:46

    This is a review of the series as whole. I really enjoyed these books. They were all fast-paced with a good central mystery. The world building was unique and aptly described. Natalie, a Violet, is our main character throughout the series and she can contact the dead. Mr. Woodworth created great mysteries and infused the books with tons of suspense. Following Natalie's life and adventures was really fun and I am sad there isn't a fifth book.

  • Julia
    2018-11-27 21:57

    Golden Blood was a little far fetched for me. Yes, I can accept that in this world there are violet eyed people who can summon the dead but the whole Peruvian escapade was a bit much and a little crazy even for the likes of Natalie Lindstrom. I find that the deaths in these books are getting much more graphic with each new installment. BUT I did enjoy the story and I will be reading more of the about the Violets.

  • Gloria
    2018-12-06 03:13

    This is the first book I've read of Stephen Woodworth. I must say it was a refreshing story, different from any I've read in a long time. Natalie goes to extreme lengths to prevent her daughter from being recruited by the NAACC. It's so maternal. The ancient civilisations really interest me, so obviously I liked the way the author incorporated the Incas into his story. Although I haven't read the first two, I am hooked and would love to read From Black Rooms.

  • Sarah Spelbring
    2018-11-20 22:46

    I don't remember if I bought this one or if my mother bought it for me. In theory this is a great book, but in practice something ends up missing. It just doesn't have enough suspense even though all the right things happen. I've no idea what it is. I did like it enough to read it, but I did forget about it on my shelves for about three years.

  • Beth Kluesener
    2018-12-12 22:02

    Maybe 2.5 stars. As I was reading it, I felt that it was better than the 2nd book. But now that I am looking back, I am not feeling overly impressed. But the concept of Violets is still so intriguing.

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-16 23:02

    "In Golden Blood" is a mix of history's mysteries and the paranormal sci-fic. I specifically enjoyed the descriptions of Inca history and the travel to The Andes to find Inca gold. Good guys and bad guys come in all flavors and work across diminsions in this very quick read.

  • Dascha
    2018-12-02 02:56

    3rd in the series. Fast paced action as people seek to control Natalie who has known paranormal abilities and use them for their own means. Interesting concept. Thrilling read! I'd love to see another book in this series!

  • Becky
    2018-11-27 04:46

    This third in the series takes the story in a very different direction than the two previous installments. Leaves lots of room for expanding the series beyond the initial storyline. This one involves Incan treasure.

  • Wendy
    2018-11-12 23:00

    Not nearly as good as the first two in this series. I like the character, and I like following her adventures, but the "villians" in this book were nothing like the challenges she faced in the first two. I'll still try the fourth book.

  • orannia
    2018-12-01 03:05

    It's a 3 1/2 star book actually. I wish GoodReads have the half star option. It's a good book, I just realized part way through that I was hanging out to read something else. And yes, I'll be reading the fourth book in the series.

  • Amy
    2018-11-15 21:44

    I've read this book, however, can't remember when.....:(

  • Michelle (meshe)
    2018-11-20 01:52

    so I didn't really finish this one, because when I started reading it, I realized that I'd read it some time ago. Is there another after it. Off to check that out.

  • Cynthia
    2018-12-08 04:47

    Just found out there is a fourth book. This is one of those series that holds it's own through every volume, but are best read in sequence.

  • Will
    2018-11-25 05:12

    Set in Peru.

  • Sandy Jacobs
    2018-12-10 21:55

    Loved it. Such a great twist.

  • Susan
    2018-11-23 20:50

    re-read 11/16/2013

  • Misty Atkinson
    2018-12-08 04:01

    A page Turner.This was a pretty easy read but it kept me interested. There were a few plot twists that were predictable but still fun.

  • Estelle Miller
    2018-12-01 22:55

    This author does the same thing as the author of "The Giver" where they basically rewrite the same damn story - they just change a few genders and a couple areas. It was still an okay read though...

  • Amanda and tony schmidt
    2018-12-05 05:05

    number three and even better the story kinda takes a twist in this one but it really fits and turns out really well, definately rocks!!

  • Sasha Brown
    2018-12-08 23:08

    Not as good as the first two